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The Most Pet-Friendly Flooring Options

pet friendly flooring The Most Pet-Friendly Flooring Options

We really do love our dogs. They are as much a part of our families as our spouses and children, and sometimes just as messy.

The dog mess, though is a different kind of a mess, and while you may be used to the hair that clings to couches and carpets, it can be difficult for non-dog loving visitors to your home.

Certainly you weren’t going to just concede to live in filth and dog fur. It would have been cleaned. In fact, it might already have been cleaned, just not as well as you had hoped.

The fact is, the seating and flooring in your home can be full of dog hair and wherever else our furry friends drag in from the yard. That is why it is always good to have some pet friendly options readily available so that your dog remains the star attraction and is not overshadowed by his or her mess.

Pet friendly does not just mean easily cleaned as with carpets. There are also hard surfaces that are equipped to withstand the scratching of too long nails across and the spills from food and water bowls.

In this article we offer up the best pet friendly flooring options, with a specific focus on carpets. These are the best on the market, and sure to stay actually clean and not just we have a dog clean.

What Can Pets Do to Floors

Before we get into the products, let’s first talk about what pets, especially dogs, can do to floors.

Pet nails are truly lethal to decorative surfaces. With carpets, those nails and claws can snag, pull, dethread, or even completely rip sections from your rub. Then of course, there is the obvious risk of scratches across newly finished hardwood floors as your dog, thrilled to greet you once you’ve arrived at home, excitedly spins his tires as his paws fight to find traction.

Then there is the damage left from bad dogs when accidents are had inside the house. We easily forgive them, especially if they are puppies when it happens, but the smell remains regardless.

So What Can I Do

In the face of these risks, there are some surfaces you can lay that will make your home slightly more durable to your pets.


The first flooring option is carpeting.

While it is difficult to find wall to wall carpeting that is completely pet friendly and also affordable, there are some solid area rugs that are affordable, stylish, and do the job of protecting your floors from doggy incidentals.

Silk and Sultans Agathe Collection is a great place to start your search. These come in four different sizes up to 5’ X 7’ and in eight different styles and colors. The rug is ¼ inch Low Pile, and yet still manages a soft texture that you and your pets can both enjoy.

Silk and Sultans Agathe Collection

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This particular product is made of enhanced high-strength polypropylene which means it is extremely durable for high traffic areas. The rubber backing means you will not need a pad, and best of all it is easy to clean. The Silk and Sultans Agathe Collection is antibacterial and antistatic.


Another great option for dog-safe flooring is protective laminate like Traffic Master’s line. Laminate is a fairly durable surface material regardless of whether or not it is marketed as pet-friendly, but this one in particular is definitely up for the job of resisting stains and scratches.

TrafficMASTER Handscraped Saratoga Hickory 7 mm Thick x 7-2/3 in. Wide x 50-5/8 in. Length Laminate Flooring

Get It Here

Traffic Master makes durable, vinyl planks that mimic the look and texture of real hardwood. They are water resistant and are easily installed over any base surface due to the GripStrip design. At only $1.69 a square foot, this is a viable option for your entire house.

Ceramic and Stone Tile

Probably the best option for your pets, however, is ceramic or stone tile. We will not propose one particular product here, mainly because the material in general is widely regarded as the go to for durability. That said, it is by far the most expensive and will require you to hire a contractor for installation.

The reason ceramic and stone tile is so great for pets is because they are inherently water and stain resistant. This resistance is due to the fact that these materials are natural. That said, they work well with scratching because, for one, they are hard, aggregate surfaces, but also because they are meant to highlight imperfection as part of their beauty.

ceramic and stone tile

The downside with ceramic and stone tiles (or the upside depending on how you look at it) is that they are sort of uninviting to pets. These surfaces are rough and cold, and so your dog will likely not spend much time sprawled out across these floors.


To sum up, there are a few options for pet friendly flooring. Carpeting can be one solution, but more so for small areas rather than complete surfaces. Laminate is another sound choice for surface protection as it is affordable and easy to install. By far the toughest, though, are the many ceramic and stone tile designs on the market, but this option on its own also has drawbacks.

What is ultimately true is that no one flooring type by itself is perfectly pet friendly. Instead it is the combination of a few solutions that will ultimately serve your home and your pets best.