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1. Jobber 6 Construction Calculator
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Best Construction Calculators Reviews & Comparison

A typical day for engineers, contractors, builders, architects and even carpenters involves crunching long strings of complex numbers. Depending on the method you use, the process can either be quick, accurate or hassle-free or time-consuming, tasking and indeed be tiring. The number-heavy characteristic of the construction industry, therefore, necessitates investing in a practical and functional construction calculator to assist with the math. Construction calculators have a myriad of advantages over conventional means of working out mathematics problems. To begin with, they are a lightweight and compact and can, as a result, be transported relatively easily from one construction site to another. Secondly, they come with several buttons and functions specifically dedicated to working out construction math problems. Whether it is bidding, estimating, or planning, construction calculators come very handily for use around the house, the office, the field, and most importantly, the construction site.

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Unfortunately, as is the case with all on-demand products, the market is flooded with numerous varieties and designs of construction calculators. Finding one that best suits your needs and requirements is of paramount importance. You’ll need to consider several factors in your search for the absolute best. Comparing features, capabilities, and specs is a regular part of the process. Other factors you have to take into consideration when refining your search are affordability, ease of use, portability, performance, among others. In the next section, we highlight and briefly discuss the factors the user will have to bear in mind while shopping for durable and high-performance construction calculator.

10 Best Construction Calculators


1. Jobber 6 Construction Calculator

1. Jobber 6 Construction Calculator
The Jobber 6 has a deceptively simple interface, and you'll be making a grave mistake by underestimating its performance. For contractors, architects, carpenters and builders in search of a powerful construction calculator for performing both basic and complex mathematical calculations, look no further than this calculator. Aside from taking the effort and time away from completing complex math, the unit also quickly converts between U.S. and metric units.

Users upgrading from a basic calculator may feel overwhelmed by the several buttons on the tool. However, the machine's keypad is colour-coded, with all the buttons placed in groups in accordance with their functions. The arrangement makes it relatively easy to locate a button when it's most needed, saving the user the struggle of running a finger deliberately over the entire keypad in search of a single button.
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There is however little difference between the Jobber 6 and other construction calculators when it comes to usability and practicality. If your work involves dealing with several long-string numbers that are hard to remember, and therefore make it difficult to make comparisons or analysis on the go, you’ll love this calculator. It has a recall feature that allows you to circle back to previous entries for purposes of checking for accuracies, doing analysis or just checking for inconsistencies. You can circle back to the last 16 entries. And as if that’s not good enough, you are still left with another six extra memory slots for storing additional entries.

The Jobber 6 weighs a paltry 8 ounces with corresponding dimensions of 5.5-inches by 0.8-inches by 3.3-inches. The product’s ergonomic design makes it possible for the user to use the product for several hours on end without feeling any hand fatigue or strains. It also fits perfectly and comfortably in a way that minimizes the likelihood of it falling off in the middle of an operation.

It is unquestionably one of the best construction calculators for working a wide range of on-site math. Whether you want to calculate basic measurements involving stairways, roofs, square-ups, or just do any other calculations related to the job site, you can do quickly and accurately with the construction calculator. The best part of the machine is that transitioning to more complex calculations is similarly easy and straightforward. With a numerical range starting from 0 all the way to 15, there isn't a single mathematical calculation relating to construction that you can't do.

In all, the Jobber is a lightweight and compact construction calculator that gives the user the ability to perform complex and mentally tasking calculations in a quick, accurate and effortless manner. Explicitly designed for contractors, architects, engineers, and even carpenters. Whether it's installing or repairing the roof or the stairway, the construction calculator will always come handy, helping with a wide array of mathematical problems including converting between U.S., metric, and decimal. Also, besides the easy-to-read LCD display and the 0-15 digit keypad, the Jobber 6 happens to be accurate to a remarkable 1/16 of an inch. Plus, it comes with a generous 6-month warranty and is fairly and reasonably priced.
  • Very usable and practical
  • Has a recall feature that stores previous 16 entries
  • Has a colour coded keypad for easy identification of buttons
  • Quickly, efficiently and accurately solves complex construction problems
  • Lightweight
  • Has an exclusive 0-15 numerical keypad
  • A little large
  • The keypad is cluttered

2. Calculated Industries 4065

2. Calculated Industries 4065
The Calculated Industries remains the undisputed leader of the construction calculator niche market. As a result, it should not come as a surprise if its products dominate the list of best construction calculators. While it has several high-quality and high-performance calculators on the market, the Calculated Industries 4065 is the clear flagship model. Time and again, it has proved to be a force to reckon with, continually setting the standards against which construction quality and performance are measured. Enough with the overview. Let’s jump head first into the features and capabilities that make it stand out.

Irrespective of the construction-related activity you would like to undertake, it has your back covered. It is a versatile and flexible construction calculator for completing all the complex and basic calculations that range from concrete work to framing. According to the manufacturer, the product comes with all the essential functions for framing.
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Its versatility does not just limit you to calculating measurements. You also have the freedom of calculating the quantities of materials required for the successful completion of a construction project. The icing on the cake, however, is its ability to accurately work out several excavation projects' volume, allowing you to compare different values, ensuring they are as accurate as possible. Additionally, with the machine at your disposal, you can go as far as working out the number of truckloads you want for the construction project, thereby eliminating guesswork from the whole endeavour.

Your unit conversion problems also end with this calculator. You no longer have to crack your brain or use piles of paper to convert between inches, feet, decimals. It gladly simplifies all that. Simply put, there isn’t a simple conversion the machine can’t do. Whether it’s converting areas and distances on building sketches and scaled maths into actual lengths and area, it is always up to the task.

The construction calculator comes with a time-saving and convenient "paperless" tape feature. The function makes it possible for the user to compare, analyze and even look for inconsistencies in the last twenty entries. Because you can double check the results before passing you begin implementation, accuracy is guaranteed.

Overall, the highly regarded Calculated Industries 4065 performs several functions beyond just helping with complex mathematic calculations. It provides contractors, architects, engineers, and builders with accurate and fast solutions to different complexities relating to construction, building, framing, and even concrete work. You can never go wrong with a Constructed Industries calculator. Irrespective of the complexity of the calculations you want to do, it will always come through for you.
  • Boasts a versatile and durable construction
  • Ideal choice for engineers, builders, designers, contractors, and carpenters
  • Provides quick and reliable solutions to complex construction problems
  • Comes with a time-saving cost per unit function
  • Converts between feet, inches, decimals, and even fractions
  • Easy to use
  • Time-saving and convenient “paperless” tape feature
  • A little expensive

3. Calculated Industries 4019

3. Calculated Industries 4019
This calculator is the second product from the highly reputed Calculated Industries brand. While its counterparts come with a few functions for estimating the number of materials needed for a construction site, this calculator goes all the way. Its exclusive focus is the estimation of the cost, number of truckloads required to accomplish the project, and the cost of the respective materials. Additionally, you can calculate board feet and the cost for each unit. Essentially, it is a lifesaver. The builder, contractor, architect, carpenter or homeowner will no longer have to worry about the possibility of wrongly estimating the quantity of materials required. Getting the estimation wrong is something you’ll want to avoid at all costs as its expensive and wastes a lot of time when you have to start the process all over again.

Struggling with complex or even basic construction calculations, as already mentioned, ends with the Calculated Industries 4019. Some of the buttons bear material names, ranging from concrete, gravel, tile, and others. In addition to allowing you to find the button corresponding to a specific material quickly, the labeling also makes it possible for the user to do accurate calculations in a heartbeat, with few keystrokes and even fewer errors.

By keying in the right values, contractors, architects, builders, carpenters and other groups of people in the construction industry can know with certainty the tile number needed. They can, for instance, base such calculations on the area total and grout width. Converting the figures to different units such as inches, fractions, feet, and even meters takes a fraction of the time it takes with conventional calculators.
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It also comes with the time-saving and convenient scrolling memory, meaning that it spares you the agony of having to memorize answers to different calculations as you go along. You can therefore analyze, compare, and check for errors in your calculations. For purposes of convenience, you also get a pouch for easy transportation from one workstation to another. The pouch guards against the likelihood of the user misplacing the calculator if they work in busy and crowded environments. Additionally, it has a handy 360-degree cover that keeps spills and dirt from reaching the calculator itself, which would otherwise prevent it from operating normally. Lastly, like the vast majority of construction calculators out there, the machine has an attractive and durable yellow case that makes it easy to find when it’s piled together with other tools in a toolbox.

Additional features that are worth mentioning are the display and power source. The display is large and can be viewed relatively well from different angles. It can accommodate a large number of figures and can withstand the filthy and dusty shop environment. One of its best highlights is the fact that you can easily key in different values without having to take off your gloves.

For professional contractors and tradespeople in search of a calculator to help them estimate the quantity of materials and the cost per unit of these materials, look no further than this option. Some of the materials you can work with include but not limited to decks, tile, fences, concrete, gravel, painting, and drywall, among other materials. The machine helps you get instant solutions to both basic and complex math calculations quickly and accurately. Unlike traditional calculators, it also helps the user reduce errors relating to costs and number of materials. Plus, it's user-friendly and cost-efficient.
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Works fast and precisely
  • Easy to use
  • Fits perfectly and snugly in the hands
  • Prone to dust

4. Calculated Industries 6025

4. Calculated Industries 6025
For users who need fast-action with completing take-offs while ensuring the highest level of accuracy, the right construction calculator for you would be the Calculated Industries 6025. Aside from its brand name and the fact that it draws from a long history of the expertise and experience of its brand company, the machine also packs several outstanding features that make it one of the best contenders for the top position.

The calculator is specially tailored to cater to all the needs and requirements of surveyors, engineers, and architects. Its design allows these users to accurately, straightforwardly, and quickly perform construction-related calculations such as linear, volume, and even take-offs. With the machine on your palms, you'll have the self-assurance and confidence to plan quickly, estimate, and bid various projects. We are positive you won't be needing any additional or backup calculators when you have it in your toolbox.
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The user also has the option of using the provided PC interface cable to connect the machine to the workplace desktop or your personal computer. The connection between the two enables you to quickly and effortlessly relay stored measurement readings to a spreadsheet, which the user can conveniently share with colleagues. The calculator, therefore, gives the user the assurance they need to work confidently, productively, and profitably considering that tasks that open the door to errors and typos are eliminated. Once you eliminate all the possible mistakes and typos that can occur during transcription, you achieve the much-needed accuracy.

Apart from the already mentioned features, it comes with several other flairs and auxiliary features that make it attractive to the vast majority of contractors, surveyors, fencing specialists, builders, and electricians, among others. The other unique selling point of the construction calculator is its ergonomic design, which makes it easy to use, and comfortable to hold in the hand for long periods of time without risking blisters or hand fatigue or straining your hand muscles. To make matters even easier, the even distribution of weight throughout the construction calculator ensures proper balancing whenever you’re doing your calculations.

Closely related to the usability point are the two easy to use and thoughtfully placed displays. With one placed above the other, there is not a single measurement readout you'll miss. The first and upper screen displays the scale the user selects using the large and easy to use dials while the lower one displays the accumulated measurements. The function keys make it easy for the user to configure it, customizing the different settings to match the demands and requirements of their project better. Whether you're planning, estimating, or just blueprinting, all the available 91 built-in scales should help you finish your project in a timely hassle-free manner.

If you’re a surveyor, architect, electricians, builder or contractor or just about anyone who needs to make quick calculations, it is your best bet. It has an abundance of time-saving and convenience features and is additionally built to last. It speeds up estimates, cuts down take-off time, improves on productivity while maximizing profitability and best of all, helps the user minimize errors. It's your best bet to achieving efficiency and productivity in the construction site.
  • Suited for estimating, planning and bidding
  • Provides the user with accurate and quick measurement readings
  • Comes with ten customized scales for making out-of-scale drawings
  • The battery lasts for much longer than conventional batteries
  • Does not calculate the area of unique shapes

5. Pipe Trades Pro 4095

5. Pipe Trades Pro 4095
Are you having difficulties figuring out particular pipe measurements? Given that you’re here reading this, we’ll go ahead and guess that you are, and that you need an easy way to do the mathematical calculations without scratching your head too much or using several pieces of paper. One of the best construction calculators you can find on the market today is the Pipe Trades Pro 4095. The machine is explicitly designed for use by welders, pipefitters, contractors and just about any other professional tasked with designing and laying out pipes in a construction site.

Like all other construction calculators, it is filled to the brim with a host of performance and convenience features aimed at giving the user the best possible experience with least hassles. For one, it comes with several advanced functions that guarantee accuracy in your calculations of complex piping dimensions. A few of the pipe layout and design problems you can figure out with the construction calculator include the thickness of the walls, the rolling offsets, the diameter of the pipes, and all aspects relating to pressure. The best part is that it lets you do all these with as few as three keystrokes.
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And once you have the results, there is just so much more you can do with them. You could, for instance, convert them between U.S., fractions, decimals, and even metric units. You can then use that information to get the best way to go about the project, eliminating errors and any other hidden expenses efficiently like a pro. Like some of the previously reviewed construction calculators featuring on this list, it allows the user to work out the best pipe materials for the project, choose between the different types and sizes and even figure out the exact quantity that would suffice.

To make your work even more manageable and less laborious, it is already pre-loaded with useful pipe data for up to 7 different material types ranging from brass, aluminium, steel, cast iron, copper, to steel. Users who want to quickly and accurately perform calculations of flow rates and pressure loss among others can take advantage of the built-in data. The pre-set and built-in data will considerably simplify your work, taking the time and effort away from dealing with long-strings of complex and mind-boggling numbers. Instead, you will be in a position to put the extra time to productive use, like working out solutions to drainage problems and the best way to install different pipes.

You get to use the provided trigonometric, dimensional, and circular mathematical functions to complete different building and plumbing projects both around the house and on the worksite. Additional features that make it stand out are the auto shut-off function and the user preference storage capability. To increase its shelf-life by several years, it is fitted with a durable case that does an incredible job resisting dust and all other weather-related conditions that would otherwise damage the construction calculator. Together, these features give the machine the ability to withstand rigorous use in all sorts of environmental conditions, which in turn keeps mechanical and performance issues at bay. Being a battery-powered model, the calculator uses dual 1.5Volt LR/44 long life batteries and comes with a generous 12-month limited warranty.

In all, we really didn't have to oversell this calculator as we did. It's one of those products whose versatility, high-performance, ease of use, and durability, makes it naturally appealing to the vast majority of pipe trade professionals. It allows the user to accurately and quickly figure out the outside and internal pipe diameter, wall thickness, weight per foot, among other problems in yards, inches, fractions, meters, square and even cubic formats. With its 12-digit display, the data you’re working with will be both clear, visible and easy-to-read. The Pipe Trades Pro 4095 is a perfect option for users who’ll be measuring different things and figuring out pipe design and layout.
  • Ideal for use by welders, pipefitters, contractors
  • Easy and straightforward operation
  • Has a 12-digit display
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Offers user trigonometric, dimensional, and circular mathematical functions
  • Comes with a durable case
  • Buttons are not as durable

6. Calculated Industries 44080

6. Calculated Industries 44080
If you're looking for the absolute best construction calculator that brings together all the time-saving features, convenience features, and performance in a lightweight and compact package, take a look at the Calculated Industries 44080. Whether you're faced with basic or complex construction calculations, the machine will always have your back covered. The versatility of the machine allows you to tackle head on several construction-related problems while minimizing inconsistencies, errors, and typos. It brings on board all the useful features of CI handheld calculators, together with several other trigonometric functions. With the machine in your toolbox, working out and converting virtually any dimensional format such as area and volume becomes an easy and straightforward endeavour.

By all measures, it is an ideal construction calculator for architects, builders, project managers, and professionals working the construction industry and in need of a way to accurately and quickly work with difficult and long strings of numbers. The built-in time-saving functions, together with its numerous but easy-to-use math functions and speed make it possible for the user to calculate solutions for circles, treads, length of stringers as well as incline angles. Additionally, you can effortlessly store all your preferred settings for easy use in the future. Similarly, the user can roll back to the previous twenty entries, comparing them with more recent results to guarantee accuracy and eliminate errors.
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It consequently allows the user to save costs by would otherwise result from making wrong calculations and estimations. There is even a function for accumulating memory, which lets the user double-check the totals worked out. And when you thought the construction calculator couldn't possibly have any more impressive features, it pulls out its large keypad with its conventional 10-key accounting style, allowing for the quick and accurate keying in of numbers and calculations. The keys are both large and easy to dial; you don't have to take off your gloves.

The design and engineering of it cater to the experience and comfort of the user. The user gets to use a multi-positional LCD display that they can raise or lower to give them better visibility for the measurement readings. And if anything, there won't be any problems with readability as the fonts used are large to eliminate errors and mistakes and to prevent the user from straining their eyes. In case there are typos or mistakes in the entries, you have the freedom of using the easy to access backspace key to quickly and conveniently make corrections.

Like the previous product and most on this list, it is a battery-powered machine that uses a long-lasting CR2032 battery. It also comes with an auto shut-off functions that kicks into action after between 8 and 12 minutes of inactivity, helping the user conserve significant amounts of power and battery in the long-run. Also bundled with the construction calculator is a long 12-month limited warranty to cater for repair and replacement of malfunctioning parts resulting from the use of substandard materials or poor workmanship.

Finding a construction calculator that incorporates as many premium features like this option does is obviously not going to be an easy task. Especially considering the product's budget-friendly pricing. It comes with an abundance of time-saving functions that take the time and effort away from working with large, complex numbers, making it an ideal tool for builders, architects, and engineers. The design, ease of use, and versatility leaves virtually no room for errors and mistakes, and will quickly prove to be an indispensable tool in your toolbox.
  • Cost and time saving
  • Has a large and easy-to-read LCD display
  • Effective and quick performance
  • Aesthetically attractive design
  • Quite comfortable for prolonged use
  • Not ideal for beginners

7. Calculated Industries 4060

7. Calculated Industries 4060
From the very beginning, the Calculated Industries has always set the bar high for other construction calculators in the industry. This time, we get to review another game-changing calculator from the highly reputed brand, the Calculated Industries 4060. The calculator clearly sets itself apart from the stiff competition in the industry with its several instrumental and time-saving features. Considering that it's from a dominant firm that faces very little competition because of its production of high-quality products and excellent customer service, you're sure the calculator to follows in the path of its bigger brothers. In the next paragraphs, we'll be taking an in-depth look at the Calculated Industries 4060 to reveal the exact qualities, capacities, and features that make it stand out.

If you were wondering how its performance stacks up against other construction industries in the market, rest assured that it does pretty awesomely. The machine comes with pinpoint accuracy and excellent versatility. While inputting and converting decimals and from fractions from 1/2-inch to 1/64-inches, you can simultaneously scale between the different pre-installed units like U.S. and metric units. The feature that contractors, estimators, engineers, architects, and other professionals in the construction will find really handy is the ease of shifting from relatively basic calculations to the extraordinarily complex dimensions. The power and convenience of it give the user the speed and accuracy for completing a wide array of construction applications ranging from bidding, estimating and planning.
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Getting a construction calculator that perfectly blends ease of use, versatility and high performance isn't going to be an easy task. You'll have to comb tirelessly through the market, burning time and resources in a fruitless endeavour. With it though, you get all these features in a pocket-friendly price. The user-friendly construction of the machine makes it highly appealing to construction industry professionals in search of a trouble-free and smooth machine. The ergonomics of the machine, for instance, ensure it fits firmly and comfortably in the hands. It is also lightweight and compact enough that it doesn’t burden the hands with too much weight.

The calculator also comes with a bright orange Armadillo Gear case that protects it from harmful environmental elements like dust and moisture, in addition to making it resistant to high impacts and shocks. The latter feature allows you to use it confidently in different environmental settings without worrying about it depreciating fast. The bright orange case also ensures you find the construction calculator easily and quickly in the toolbox. The display is yet another outstanding feature. You can clearly and quickly see and distinguish between the mathematical symbols and readouts. Even with the machine reasonably tilted at an angle, the user should not have any difficulties with the process.

The Calculated Industries 4060 is battery-operated. It incorporates an efficient auto shut off feature that kicks in when the machine has been idle for between eight and twelve minutes, which in turn helps you conserve your battery power for later or future use. You also get a 12-month limited warranty with every purchase of the construction calculator, as well a comprehensive user manual written in simple English.

To summarize, it provides the contractors, estimators, engineers, architects, and other professionals in the construction industry with a quick, efficient, error-free and straightforward way of doing complex and basic construction calculating. Whether it's planning, bidding, or estimating, or figuring out roofs, stairs, and even circles, the unit will always deliver. It's bundled with time-saving features for reducing costs, preventing re-works and maximizing productivity on the construction site. It is an unquestionably solid investment.
  • Has an auto shut-off feature
  • Cost effective pricing
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Effortlessly and quickly powers through the toughest calculations
  • The battery is not durable

8. Calculated Industries 8025

8. Calculated Industries 8025
Just to reiterate a statement we made earlier on in this buying guide, the construction calculator industry is predominantly dominated by one brand, and that is the Calculated Industries. With no serious competitors out there, it should not come as a surprise that the brand accounts for the vast majority of construction calculators on this list. Another one of their products to feature on this list of best construction calculators is the Calculated Industries 8025. The machine brings together all the features and specs that engineers, installers, pipe tradespeople, carpenters, and contractors among others prioritize in a construction calculator.

Like most construction calculators, it provides for the easy, quick and accurate conversion of units between imperial and metric measurements. That's beside the fact that it also comes with more than 60 U.S. and metric units pre-loaded already. Together, all the units give you access to at least 400 conversion combinations, meaning that you have at your fingertips a machine that smoothly and quickly all constructed-related calculations. With just a few keystrokes, you’ll be able to get the most accurate results to a broad range of conversion problems. This is a convenient and less cumbersome alternative to conventional methods that would require the user to memorize complex conversion formulas.
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You will also find its versatility and flexibility immensely appealing. Apart from using it on the construction site, you can similarly bring it with you to the office, use it for field work, and even school work. The group that will, however, benefit the most from the construction calculator are architects, scientists, engineers, students, contractors, students and many more. In addition to performing basic and dimensional math, you'll also have the power to converts between fractions, metres, feet, inches, centimetres, and even millimetres. For technical math, there is also cubic and square formats. Plus, you get to take advantage of several functions explicitly dedicated for working out things like linear and linear velocity, area, volume, weight, and weight per volume, the rate of flow, temperature, and several other frequently used functions.

All the buttons are large and clearly labelled, so you don't have to physically run your fingers on the keypad in search of a specific key as you would with a cluttered keypad. And because they are large, the buttons are similarly easy to dial, even without taking off your gloves. It also provides you with the option of saving your commonly used functions for quick and easy access in subsequent calculations. If you want to know the cost of each unit, you can use the cost per unit feature. The function, together with several more, are both time and money saving. They help you order the exact quantity of materials at a reasonable price.

Another auxiliary function that helps you save time and eliminate any room for making errors and typos is the backspace key. In case there are errors made in the entries, the backspace prevents you from starting afresh as all you have to do is eliminate the exact figure that bears the problem. The Calculated Industries 8025 also provides you with a way for saving the previous twenty entries. This way, you don't have to worry about memorizing long strings of figures. You can as well do the comparisons, double-checking and analysis much later, thanks to its large LCD display that's capable of accommodating up to 11 digits.

It is no slouch when it comes to construction quality and durability. The use of top-end materials in its construction, combined with the expertise and experience of the company's professionals, ensure the unit is both long-lasting and high-performance. It also has a long-lasting slide cover for preventing destructive weather and environmental elements such as water, moisture, and dust, from entering the construction calculator and interfering with its optimal performance. With proper use, it should easily last more than a lifetime.

The first vital step toward being productive is getting the right tool for the job. With the lightweight and compact Calculated Industries 8025 in your hands, and with its numerous convenience and high-performance features, no single dimensional or basic construction-related calculation will go unsolved. Whether it's working out the volume, area, linear, weight, linear velocity, flow rate, bending moment, or temperature, it invariably comes through. It comes with a “paperless” tape for quickly reviewing the last twenty entries, allowing you to do a double-check for errors and typos, thereby improving accuracy and productivity. The construction calculator uses one 3-Volt lithium battery and comes with a 12-month limited warranty and a slide cover for protecting it against harmful elements. We cannot recommend it enough to the engineers, installers, pipe tradespeople, carpenters, and contractors out there.
  • Ideal for engineers, installers, pipe tradespeople, carpenters, and contractors
  • Easy to use
  • Provides quick and accurate results
  • Cost-effective
  • Lacks an ergonomic design
  • A little bulky for small hands

9. Calculated Industries 4050

9. Calculated Industries 4050
This calculator has everything you need to accurately, quickly and precisely figure out all construction related math. No need to bring pieces of paper, a pen and written down formulas. It comes with built-in functions for solving linear, area and volume calculations. If you want to get technical, there are more functions specifically dedicated to determining right angles and for calculating roof, rafter, framing and stair layouts. In the same breath, it's relatively easy finding dimensions for circles, arcs, and several others by just as few as three keystrokes. The indispensability of it is further informed by its ability to complete plans, layouts, bids, and estimates in a few and error-free fashion. Consequently, it is a solid and prudent choice for individuals who want to save time and an extra buck while completing their construction project.

And when you're done with the complex calculations, and the results are in, you're going to need a way of converting them between different units. Luckily, it is a versatile tool that provides the user with the added functionality and ease of converting a wide range of dimensional formats including yards, feet-Inch-fractions, decimal feet-inch and metric. Its versatility and powerful performance eliminate the need to write down formulas on paper and convert the results between different units. In addition to the already mentioned functions, there is also a function for working out distances, volumes, and areas. This might come as a surprise, but the construction calculator also has a built-in Pythagorean Theorem function for quickly and accurately working out the right angles, allowing contractors and builders to install windows and trims exactly as required.
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The description gives the impression that the keypad is cluttered with random and hard-to-find buttons. Contrary to such expectations, however, it comes with clearly labelled buttons that are also placed grouped together in accordance to functionality, making it easy for the user to find them. Like all Calculated Industries calculators, this model also comes with a plastic sleeve in which you can keep it safely and securely, thereby minimizing the likelihood of misplacing for those working in a busy industrial setting. The sleeve also keeps off dust and moisture.

Additional features are pretty standard across the industry. For one, you can customize your preferences so that accessing them in the future is both easy and quick. Secondly, you get the backspace key for correcting typos and mistakes made in previous entries, ensuring your results are both accurate and truly indicate of real-life scenarios. On a similar note, you can easily work out costs and pricing per unit of different materials in addition to doing basic calculations. The last important feature shared with its pricier competitors is the automatic shut-off feature. Should you forget to switch it off the machine after completing your calculations, the feature will take over, helping you save your battery life.

To summarize, the Calculated Industries 4050 provides with several premium features that are both time-saving and convenient, taking the effort and time out of the calculations part of construction. Despite its ability to speedily, accurately, and effortlessly solve complex and basic mathematical computations, the product is similarly easy to use and versatile. You can confidently use it on the construction site, the office, in an industrial setting and on the field. For engineers, contractors, builders, and carpenters among others, it's an ideal tool for planning, estimating, bidding and layouts. Its accuracy and powerful performance significantly minimize expensive mistakes and the subsequent frustration. It is without a doubt one of the best calculators on the market.
  • Provides fast and accurate results for construction-math calculations
  • Minimizes expensive overestimation or underestimation costs
  • Fits securely and safely in the hands
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Comes with several convenience and time-saving features
  • Bulky construction
  • Some parts flimsy

10. Calculated Industries 4020

10. Calculated Industries 4020
Working with dimensions is a time-consuming and tasking endeavour, requiring that you memorize formulas and work out solutions to different problems on pieces of paper. Such traditional methods have several pitfalls, seeing as they are prone to mathematical mistakes and errors that can prove to be very expensive. Consequently, if you’re a contractor, architect, builder, carpenter, tradesperson, designer, or just about anyone who works with dimensions and needs accurate and fast results to complex mathematic calculations, it would be prudent to invest in the Calculated Industries 4020 calculator.

The calculator has a lot in common with its other construction calculator counterparts. Like the vast majority of them, it is equipped with a host of experimental features. You can, for instance, take advantage of the length, width and height keys to quickly figure out area, linear, volume and perimeter dimensions. In addition, calculating things like area, square yards, feet, inches, centimetres, metres, and millimetres is both a quick and effortless endeavour. Contractors working with weight will come to appreciate the product's built-in pounds, tons, kilograms and metric tons units.
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With this calculator in their hands, estimators will no longer have to scratch their heads when finding board feet for lumber and the cost of each unit of the material they require on the construction site. Another major highlight of the construction calculator is the inclusion of convenient and time-saving “Paperless” tape feature. It works by allowing the user to roll back the previous twenty entries, double-checking them for errors and typos to ensure they use only the most accurate results.

Craftsmen, designers, fabricators, technicians, and woodworkers will find the ease of use and versatility immensely appealing. Whether you want to plan, build or assembly a construction project, irrespective of the scale, the construction calculator will always come through for you. It is lightweight and compact and can slip relatively comfortably into the back pocket of your pants, the toolbox, the glove compartment of your car, and your backpack. The remarkable portability, therefore, ensure you bring it with you to all the construction projects you're involved in. Also, it comes with some extra features like the auto shut-off feature that conveniently switches of the machine after being inactive for between 8 and 12 minutes. The rugged protective cover of the machine prevents moisture, dust and other destructive weather elements from penetrating into the machine, rendering it unresponsive.

It is by all accounts a great construction calculator for solving virtually all construction related calculations. It packs a broad array of experimental features to make the work of designers, craftsmen, woodworkers, and architects both straightforward and effortless. Working in and converting between different dimensions, areas, and volume has never been easier. Because it is lightweight and compact, it will fit with relative ease and comfort in different storage spaces like pockets, backpacks, glove compartments, and toolboxes. Plus, it has a limited 12-month warranty and boasts a budget-friendly price tag. With such impress instrumental features, the Calculated Industries 4020 Measure Master Pro Measurement Conversion Calculator is definitely a must-have.
  • Compact design to make it more efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful performance with complex construction-math calculations
  • The buttons are delicate

Criteria for Choosing the Best Construction Calculators


Having the right tool or machine is key to succeeding in any endeavour, and this also applies to the construction industry. Construction calculators come with a wide range of performance features to allow the user quickly, accurately and efficiently solve virtually construction-related calculations. Whether it’s linear, volume, take-offs, linear velocity, area, volume, weight, and weight per volume, the rate of flow, temperature, or just about any other calculations, you need a product that will always deliver. The construction calculator should similarly be able to convert between different standard United States (U.S.) units like yards, inches, fractions, metres, centimetres, millimetres in addition to metric and decimal. You need a construction calculator that can do these and so much more quickly and powerfully.


Convenience features are those that take the effort and time away from doing complex calculations, and construction calculators, at least the worthwhile ones, come with a bunch of them. It should be both lightweight and compact to fit comfortably and securely in the hand without slipping off. Some buttons are dedicated explicitly for performing specific functions or mathematical calculations, which makes them easy to find on the keypad. Similarly, those that do closely related functions are usually grouped together, so you’re not looking at a massive array of confusing buttons. Third, some products come with the backspace key, allow the user to roll back to previous twenty entries using the “paperless” tape feature, and even give the user the freedom to save their user preferences.

Ease of Use


Usability encompasses a wide range of things. In the case of construction calculators, the user needs to pay attention the design. Lightweight and compact units are very portable, they don’t burden the hands with too much weight, and fit with relative ease in the hands. Also, the display should be visible so that you can see the measurement readouts without straining your eyes and from several angles even with the screen tilted. A practical construction calculator needs to as have several memory slots to spare the user the frustration of having to memorize long strings of numbers. The ability to roll back to previous entries allows the user to compare figures and result, do a double-check, and ensure accuracy.


The vast majority of construction sites where architects, designers, engineers, and builders use construction calculators are open settings. Consequently, they increase the product’s exposure to several destructive environmental hazards like dust, moisture, rain, ice, and several others. Additionally, a construction calculator can easily fall on an abrasive surface and break up instantly. To prevent such adversities, it would be prudent to invest in a rugged and durable unit made with high-quality materials so that it can withstand the heavy use in the busiest environmental settings. These and several more are some of the factors you’ll have to keep in mind to get the most suitable construction calculator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are construction calculators powered?

A: Virtually all handheld construction calculators are battery-powered. The difference, though, lies in the type and number of battery they use. While have slots for just a single battery, others, on the other hand, have two slots, meaning that they won’t work unless the second slot is taken up by a similar battery. Also, different construction calculators use different batteries. While we’re still on the issue of batteries, it’s worth bringing to your attention the fact that a battery typically lasts for a considerable amount of time. Depending on the intensity of use, you might have to change the battery just once or utmost twice in the course of the product’s useful life.

Q: Do construction calculators come with warranties?

A: Most construction calculators provided the user with a warranty. Typically, it lasts for twelve months on average and is usually limited. You’ll have to do for the particular model you intend to buy, though, as the length and provisions of the warranty differ from one manufacturer to another.


The first step towards being a successful and productive architect, builder, contractor, designer, carpenter or engineer is investing in the most suitable and high-performance construction calculators. They come handy when the user is faced with long strings of numbers whose calculation by conventional methods would be laborious, tasking and time-consuming. They should similarly be easy to use, versatile, and rugged enough to withstand heavy use. All the construction calculators featured on our list are those things, and even more. Plus, they are fairly and reasonably priced.