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1. Sloggers Women's Waterproof
Test Winner: 1. Sloggers Women's Waterproof

Best Rain Boots Reviewed & Tested

Most people garden during their free time, either to provide vegetables and herbs for the family or as a hobby. As such we don’t put much thought into the gardening shoes we use. After all, why would anyone need a pair of rain boots just for gardening while you can use an old pair?

Our Top 3 Picks

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If you have your reservations about getting gardening rain boots, read on, please. In this guide, we have gone through the benefits of investing in gardening rain boots, a buying guide, and finally our top recommendations. We believe that this should be enough to convince you to get rain boots and help you pick the right product. However, if you are still doubtful, by the end of this piece, we welcome you to ask any questions in the comments below.

Why get gardening rain boots?

Unlike most shoes with insoles that suck up water and squelch every time you walk, rain boots hold up to getting soggy and ensure you are comfortable whenever you are gardening. Moreover, they are easy to rinse as most are waterproof. They also dry fast and can withstand repeated washes without sustaining any damage.

Most are also quite comfortable for gardening as they are designed for that purpose. Finally, they have deep treads to prevent falls and will protect you from dirt and murky water.

10 Best Rain Boots


1. Sloggers Women's Waterproof

1. Sloggers Women's Waterproof
Made of soft medical grade materials, the Sloggers Women’s are comfortable and 100% waterproof. They are also affordable which is unusual given the features. First, this is a mid-calf boot and measures about 11-inches from the ground to the top. It features a wide opening which can be a deal breaker but one that also helps as it makes pulling the shoes on and off a breeze. Moreover, it is made of recyclable materials for people concerned with the plight of our environment.

Another fascinating feature is the fun patterns. If you are in the market for rain boots that are not only functional but stylish, we recommend you pick these boots. They have animal print, polka dots and mid-summer patterns that will elicit reactions from friends and strangers alike.

Traction – This is where the Sloggers Women’s knock the ball out of the park thanks to their deep treads. They grip both wet and dry surfaces and even on steep angles.

Insole – The Sloggers are designed to be comfortable, and feature the company’s “All-Day-Comfort” insoles. The insoles are 5mm thick at the ball, feature a molded arch, and 7mm thick at the heel. Thus they cushion your feet and absorb any impact.
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Product Features

All-day-comfort insole
Height: 11-inches
Circumference: 16-inches
Made in the USA
Made of recyclable materials

Who is it for?

Sloggers are designed for light gardening tasks in light rain. Moreover, it is great for ladies looking for cute gardening rain boots, and environmentalists as it is made of recyclable material.

They are stylish

The traction is unparalleled thanks to the deep treads

They are affordable

They are 100% waterproof


The wide lip can let precipitation in, and they don’t do much to keep you warm

2. Hunter Women's Original

2. Hunter Women's Original
Designed for mild-weather, Hunter Original adjustable boots are well made and highly functional. The boot measures about 16-inches from the ground to the top of the shaft and thus you need not worry about water getting into your boot. Moreover, it has a slim profile with a smaller foot box, and hence we would not recommend it for people with thick feet.

This boot is highly durable thanks to the rubber and since it is handcrafted in 28 parts. Another fascinating feature is the narrow ankle as it results in a snug fit and better maneuverability. However, they are not difficult to take on or off. Finally, they run larger and thus it is best you get a size smaller if you are a half size.

Our best features though were the adjustability and traction.

Adjustable – Thanks to the rubber gusset, you can adjust the opening anywhere from 14-inches to 19-inches. The close fit increases the flexibility of the boot while keeping precipitation out. Moreover, it holds warmth better than our top pick. Another fascinating feature of the adjustable top is that it makes it easy to get into and out of the boots.

Traction – Thanks to the calendered-outsole, i.e., extended lugs with mini-shallow zigzags, the traction is excellent. It grips both wet and dry surfaces and any inclines.
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Product Features

16-inches tall
Platform: 0.25
Material: Latex

Who is it for?

The Hunter Original adjustable boot is a women’s rain boot designed for mid to heavy gardening in mild weather. It is especially suitable for farmers thanks to the durability and adjustable top that ensures you are dry throughout. They can also be used for dog-walking or short walks.

It is durable and handcrafted at 28 places

Tall, keeping your feet dry at all times

These have unmatched traction

They are cute


One drawback is the hefty price of the boots

3. Bogs Womens Classic

3. Bogs Womens Classic
If you are on the hunt for rain boots that double as winter boots, we suggest you get the Bogs classic. These units have high handles and are insulated to keep you warm in sub-zero conditions (more on this later). First, they are available from size 6 to size 12 and are true to size. If you wear a half size, we recommend you get a size up and make up with insoles or thick socks.

The boots are 15” high and will protect you even in deep snow, and have a 15” diameter at the top. The wide top makes it easy to take the boots on and off. Moreover, they are well-built and can withstand long hours of use and still be in mint condition. The rubber is natural hand-lasted and will serve you for more than 3-years. Furthermore, you will appreciate the 4-way stretch inner bootie increases comfort and is ideal for people with thick feet.

High Handles – One exciting feature of the bogs is the handle as it saves time when putting on these boots. The handles are especially handy when your hands or gloves are slippery.

Insulated – Unlike most options, the Bogs Classic will keep you warm in temperatures below -30®F.
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Product Features

Height: 15-inches
Circumference: 15-inches
Material: 100% rubber

Who is it for?

These are ladies boot and are great for gardening in cold areas as they are insulated. Moreover, we recommend them for full-time farmers owing to the durability and handles that save time when taking the boots on.

The boots include an Aegis odor protection inner sole that eliminates all scents

The soles are non-marking, self-cleaning and can be used indoors


They are 100% waterproof


They are pricey, and there are complaints of the boots beginning to wear after 3-years of use

4. Xtratuf 22490-CTM-080

4. Xtratuf 22490-CTM-080
Though the Extratuf rain boots are for people who work in water, they are also incredible for garden applications in mild weather. Though they are designed to be fashionable, they are highly functional and are designed for comfort and a fit that is specific to women.

They are also highly priced, but we believe they are worth the price. The boots are available from size 6 to 11, and half sizes aren’t available. We suggest you buy up if you are a half size. The boots too happen to be top-quality and will keep you safe as they are hand-layered and are chemical and acid resistant.

The traction could be better as they fall short on slippery rocks and ice, but given what they are made for, the traction should suffice. The chevron outsole is also non-marking and ideal for use on hard floors. Other fascinating features include the toe and heel guards. Nevertheless, our top features were the comfort and weather protection.

Comfort – The Xtratuf have light and flexible uppers which you can fold over to for a different look. Moreover, they have enough space between the rim and calf (14.75-inches diameter), so they are effortless to wear and take off. The neo-shaft is flexible, and the foot box is roomy to accommodate thick socks. Finally, the insoles are breathe o-prene and absorb moisture and shock and reduce the drying time.

Weather protection – Despite the flexibility, the Xtratuf are 100% waterproof. The soles are also thick for heavy-duty tasks.
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Product Features

Circumference: 14.75-inches
Height: 15-inches

Who is it for?

The Extratuf is designed for water applications but can be used for heavy gardening. We recommend it for people who are ever on the farm and will appreciate the flexibility of the uppers.

The insole softens every step reducing fatigue

The heel and toe guards protect against bumps and scrapes

The quality is exceptional, combining toughness with flexibility

They are light for use over long periods


These are pricey and don’t grip well on ice and slippery rocks

5. UGG Women's Shaye

5. UGG Women's Shaye
With glossy block color choices, the UGG Shaye is stylish and functional. It incorporates a UGG emblem in the side which is outstanding. Though they can be used to run errands, step into the office or attend family gatherings, they are also ideal for gardening on flat surfaces and in mild weather.

The UGG Women’s Shaye are 13.75” inches from the ground with a 15.5” rim. The wide top is both a strong point and a drawback; more on this later. The boots are true to size, and we recommend you buy up if you are a half size. You will also appreciate the comfort thanks to the lambswool insole and lining of the foot box. This is especially handy when working for more extended hours.

Finally, the boots are made in the USA, and thus better quality control. However, our best features were the PVC uppers and wide shaft.

PVC Uppers – Unlike rubber, PVC is lightweight and affordable. This allows one to work for extended hours without fatigue.

Broad shafts – With a 15.5-inch rim circumference, and a wide shaft, the UGG allow for a comfortable wear over trousers. Moreover, the foot box has enough room to accommodate thick socks.
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Product Features

Material: PVC
Height: 13.75-inches
Circumference: 15.5-inches

Who is it for?

Despite the sheepskin lining, the UGG Shaye are for use in warm areas, preferably above 50F.

Furthermore, it is for light work as PVC isn’t as reliable as rubber. Finally, they should be used on flat gardens, and rarely on inclines.


These are affordable

They are true to size

Comfortable thanks to the fur inside

Includes arch support for stability


The wide rim allows precipitation through and has a loud clap of the shaft against the calf

6. Kamik Women's Heidi

6. Kamik Women's Heidi
If you are looking for a garden rain boot that is ideal for the casual shindig, gardening, and traveling, we endorse the Kamik Heidi. These boots have a mid-calf height which is a strong point and are quite fashionable. The bright block colors increase the appeal and will have friends and strangers talking, while the reflective binding and patterns increase visibility at night.

Another exciting feature of this unit is the price. The Kamik Heidi are excellent bang for the buck, and we recommend it for anyone on a tight budget. These are a true bargain for the style and functionality. As for weather protection, these are 100% waterproof, but will not protect you in deep puddles or from splashed water. The comfort could be better, but it is enough for all day use. We recommend you get custom insoles for comfort over extended periods. Nevertheless, our top features were the shorter shaft and remarkable traction.

Traction – One would not expect the Heidi rain boots to compare to the Bogs, given the latter’s price and sporty look. However, despite their low cost they grip is excellent on wet inclines, on snow, ice, and slippery rocks. It was far better than most premium boots.

Shorter Shaft – The Heidi shaft only measures 12-inches from the ground. This can be a drawback but happens to be its selling point as they are easy to take on and off. Moreover, they shorter shaft makes it easy to tuck trousers in. Finally, the thin rim, at 13.75-inches traps warmth while keeping out cold.
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Product Features

Circumference: 13.75-inches
Height: 12-inches
Material: rubber

Who is it for?

This is a ladies boot for anyone in the market for a rain boot that can be used to travel or for family gatherings.

It offers excellent value for a fraction of the cost

It is fashionable and easy to spot in the dark

Easy to use, thanks to the shorter profile


The short profile is limiting as you cannot use the boot in heavy storms

Moreover, the comfort leaves a lot to be desired

7. Crocs Women's Jaunt Shorty Boot

7. Crocs Women's Jaunt Shorty Boot
For the casual jamboree, gardening, or for stepping into town, the Jaunty Shorty are an excellent option. The boots are available from size 4 to size 11. Crocs recommend you size up if you are a half size, but it is best you size down as the foot box is quite generous.

The Crocs Jaunty aren’t your typical rubber boots but are made of croslite, and thus lightweight (more on this later). However, the outsole is rubber for its superior water resistance. They are also stylish with bright colors, contra stripe on the midsole, a decorative logo button, and contrast pull circles on the side. The pull circles aren’t for mere decoration as they aid in taking the boots on. However, you will rarely need them, thanks to the generous (12.75-inches) rim circumference.

The Crocs Jaunty Shorty also happen to be warmer than other boots given that they are unlined. We would not recommend them for use in winter, but they can do for more than just mild-weather.
Nevertheless, our best features were the lightweight design and the roomy foot box.

Lightweight design – At 1.05 pounds, the Crocs Jaunty are the lightest of the boots on this list. Thus they are easy to pack, carry, walk and play in.

Roomy foot box –This gives you enough space to add customized insoles and wear thick socks without discomfort. Moreover, they are ideal for ladies with thick feet.
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Product Features

Height: 7.75-inches
Circumference: 12.5 inches
Material: Croslite uppers, and rubber outsoles.

Who is it for?

The Crocs Jaunty Shorty are for light gardening tasks. Furthermore, they are great for people on the hunt for rain boots that are easy to walk in and carry.

They are easy to take on and off, thanks to the large circumference and low profile

They are great to walk in as they are lightweight


The pull holes reduce the water protection to 5.25-inches in what is already a short boot

8. Muck Boot The Original

8. Muck Boot The Original
The Muck boots excel at light duty tasks, but they are not ideal for heavy jobs. Nonetheless, they have some features that rival premium gardening boots. First, you will appreciate the outsole. Seeing as it does not have deep treads it is self-cleaning, and easy to clean with should the former fail. However, what piqued our interest is how it wraps the entire perimeter for better stability and protection.
You will also appreciate the uppers as they are 100% waterproof and easy to clean.

They measure 14.6-inches from the ground which is enough to keep out splashing water and waves, and the neoprene upper is flexible for comfort. Furthermore, they include a versatile temperature range as they can keep you warm and comfortable between 25°F and 65°F. However, we would not recommend for use in extreme weather.

Finally, they are not fashionable but rather practical. However, the light green color is a nice touch. Nevertheless, our best features were the top line and the weight.

Lightweight – The Muck boots are likely to be the lightest mid-height rain boots available and thus enable you to work for lengthy periods.

Topline – The stretch-fit topline makes it easy to take the boots on and off, but snugs the calf to keep precipitation and splashing water out.

Moreover, it keeps warmth in and the cold out allowing you to work in cold climates. Couple this with wide shafts and you have unrivaled comfort as the shafts accommodate trousers and other clothing.
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Product Features

Rubber sole
Height: 14.6-inches
15-inch shaft circumference

Who is it for?

We can only recommend the Muck boots for intermittent gardening — nothing requiring extended hours of work. Also, they are for light tasks and use in mild weather.

They are comfortable for people with thick calves

Have extra room to accommodate thick socks

They are simple for people who appreciate simplicity

The insulation is unmatched and will keep you warm in cold weather


The traction could be better as you cannot use the boots on inclines, snow, or ice

9. Baffin Men's Enduro PT

9. Baffin Men's Enduro PT
If you are in the market for an option that are affordable put can withstand abuse, we recommend you get the Buffin Enduro PT. These are premium boots at a not so premium price.

First, these aren’t fashionable but functional. They are for heavy-duty work with generous outsoles. Moreover, they are ideal for heavy storms as they are high measuring 16.25-inches. The generous height reduces the likelihood of splashed water getting into your boots.

Another exciting feature is the generous foot box and the roomy ankle area as they leave enough space for thick socks. You will also appreciate the build as the chunky outside will not break down quickly. First, the uppers will not scratch thanks to Baffin special construction, and the company uses more than one compound to make the outsole. However, our best features were the traction and comfort.

Traction – The Buffin Enduro has numerous studs on the outsole for superior traction. They provide tremendous grip on steep inclines and wet grass. Moreover, the grip on snow and ice is unmatched. And these are surfaces that challenge most options.

Comfort – The Enduro is designed to be comfortable to use and cozy. The Gel-flex shock absorbing insoles absorb pressure and impact when walking on surfaces hard surfaces. They also include a generous circumference at 17.5-inches, so they are easy to take on and off. They are true to size, and we recommend you buy up if you are a half size. Finally, the lining adds comfort though it does not keep you warm.
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Product Features

Circumference: 17.5-inches
Height: 16.25-inches
ESR/EH certification

Who is it for?

The Buffin Enduro PT is an entirely functional boot and is for heavy storms.

They are true to size but still roomy

They are durable, and you will not need another pair anytime soon

Easy to take on and off as they are roomy

Though they are uninsulated, they perform well albeit with the use of some thick socks


They have a super ugly warning emblem on the side which is an eyesore

10. Muck Chore Classic Men's

10. Muck Chore Classic Men's
For all day gardening, we recommend you get the Muck chore. These are durable and have a bit more waterproof material for longevity. However, they are clunky which limits them to gardening and farm work.

First, they are effortless to get in and out. With a 17-inch opening, you can wear them over your pants with ease. Moreover, the shaft is wide and stretchy but more on this later. You will also appreciate the traction. Though they are not studded, they hold up well on steep inclines, and slippery rocks thanks to the deep treads. Finally, the insides are foamed neoprene which increases the comfort. Our top features though were the shaft, and fit. Well

Shaft – Most individuals with thick calves find it challenging to get rain boots that fit. Well, the Muck Chore Hi features spacious and stretchy uppers to serve such people. However, avoid using it with thick trousers or socks. Furthermore, the shaft measures 15.5-inches which will keep you dry why walking through puddles.

Fit – These boots are true to fit, and we suggest you buy up for half sizes. Nonetheless, you will need some thick socks of a pair of insoles for comfort.
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Product Features

Height: 15.5 inches
Circumference: 17-inches
One year warranty for defects

Who is it for?

The Chore Hi is a fully functional boot. If you intend to spend long hours gardening, we recommend you get the Chore Hi.

They are easy to get on and off thanks to the wide rim

They are flexible and with a bit of arch support for use over long periods

They have roomy uppers for people with large calves


Well, the boots are bulky and are pricey even for such a sturdy boot

Gardening Rain Boots Selection Criteria

Weather Resistance

Gardening rain boots take the brunt of extreme weather. They are subjected to harsh conditions and need to have the durability to withstand this abuse.

  • Waterproof – First, all options should be waterproof seeing as they are designed to keep your feet from coming into contact with mud and water. That is why rubber is a gardener’s best friend owing to its excellent water-repelling properties. Furthermore, it is flexible for comfort. Reinforced nylon is also waterproof and comfortable.
  • Lining – Consider the lining as well, as it will determine the difference between pleasant gardening, and a dreadful If you reside in a cold area, we recommend fur or any fluffy lining as it will keep your feet insulated. However, we suggest you get a rain boot with mesh or cotton lining for warm regions. Cotton and mesh wick moisture, are airy and prevent odors.


Consider how well the boots withstand abuse. Gardening shoes should endure long hours in wet, warm, and muddy conditions and thus should be made of quality materials, and the construction should be sturdy.

Rubber happens to have all the above qualities plus a firm grip. Nylon too is breathable and sturdy. We would not recommend a mesh rain boot as it cannot protect you from sticks and rocks, but it makes for excellent lining material.


61wOiS4eEpL. UY695

Gardening exposes you not only to water, and mud, but to sticks, rocks, and insects. Furthermore, you are at risk of being injured by gardening equipment. As such, we recommend you get full-cover gardening boots, with sturdy outsoles. The full cover, allows you to wade through murky water, without running the risk of infection or discomfort.


You should also consider the coziness of the rain boot. First, ensure that it fits close around your feet and ankles as then it maneuverable, and prevents water, mud, and debris from getting in. Furthermore, acquiring a pair with handles make it a breeze to pull the shoes on or off. This is especially important in case you have slippery gloves or sweaty palms and can save you time in the long run.

You should also consider the sole as it is the foundation of the boot. The outsole should be waterproof and long-lasting as it is the part that is ever in contact with the ground. It should have deep treads for stability. The midsole can either be soft or hard, and it is responsible for cushioning your feet and absorbing any impact. A soft midsole provides better cushioning but wears and tears faster than a hard sole. It is also lightweight and more flexible. Hard midsoles, on the other hand, are sturdy but lack flexibility.

Finally, consider the insoles as they are the footbed. Soft insoles cushion your feet but wear out faster and a less stable. Conversely, thick insoles are firm in durable but have poor shock absorption properties.

Now that you know what to look for, below are our top gardening rain boots.


How should I clean my boots?

Cleaning them will ensure they serve you longer. However, given the various materials used to make rain boots, cleaning will be different.

Leather uppers are the most difficult to clean. They also get scuffed and dirty faster than nylon or rubber. We recommend you get a leather cleaner and a conditioner for the best results. These are available at most footwear dealers, but it is best you contact your manufacturer to get an ideal product.

Nylon boots, on the other hand, should be hand washed using cold water and a mild detergent. Rinse them, and let them dry away from any heat. Finally, rubber boots should only be wipe clean using warm water and left to dry out in the open.

What is the difference between women’s and men’s shoe sizes?

A man’s shoe size 7 is not the same as a woman’s size 7. As a rule, a woman’s shoe size is two sizes smaller compared to a man’s shoe size. A lady’s size 8 is a man’s shoe size 6. Therefore for boots that are available in men’s sizes, a lady should get two sizes smaller. However, it is an unwritten rule to get one size smaller to keep it from running small.

Should I size up or down if I am half size?

71eJNxRdnJL. SL1500

Most options are not available in half sizes posing a challenge for people who wear half size shoes. The boots are too roomy when they size up, or they run small when they size down.

First, your rain boots should be the same size of your regular shoes, and as a rule of thumb, you should size up if you wear a half size, and especially if the boots have a thin profile. However, of the rain boots are roomy, such as the Crocs Jaunty Shorty, we recommend you size down.

What should I look for in an insole?

For extra comfort, we recommend you get insoles for your rain boots. First, they are denoted by the shoe range, and thus you should get insoles that are within your range. You can trim them if needed. Furthermore, get an insole that conforms to your arch type; neutral, medium, and low arches. Finally, consider the footbed type, which is heavily dependent on why you need the insole.


Gardening rain boots don’t have to be difficult, nor do they have to be difficult. They only need to be functional, and a bit fashionable should you need to step out into town or for a casual shindig on a rainy day.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you feel there is something we have missed.