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1. Rust-Oleum 238467
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Best Garage Floor Paints Reviews & Comparison

A garage floor is a safe haven for the most corrosive and contaminating agents whose unchecked accumulation of light will not only leave dark spots on your floor but will additionally lead to fading, peeling, blistering, and even cracking. Reading this is your strongest indication that you’re concerned about the state that your garage floor is in and you’re therefore looking for ways of protecting it against these destructive agents or just looking to enhance its current look. Fortunately, several paint companies are manufacturing a wide array of garage floor paints to help protect it from stains and fix cracks and divots.

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Unless you’re an experienced paint expert, you may be gradually coming to the sullen realization that finding a garage floor paint that best meets your needs is an uphill task that’s both laborious and arduous. The process requires investing several hours of your precious and limited time to go through literally thousands of garage floor paints – more like searching for a needle in a haystack. To make the process simple for you, we’ve compiled a list of ten of the best garage floor paints. Also included in this buying guide is a section detailing the factors you need to take into consideration before buying a garage floor paint and a section for the Frequently Asked Questions.

The Best Garage Floor Paints


1. Rust-Oleum 238467

1. Rust-Oleum 238467
If you were to randomly stop a professional expert on the streets and ask them to recommend to you one of the best coating worth your money, there are higher chances the answer will be the 238467 by Rust-Oleum. And for a good reason. The kit comes with resin giving it the brilliance and durability ideal for covering most garage floors around the world, irrespective of the number of cars in your garage.

Considering that the 238467 is not a water-based kit, you have the freedom of using it as a agent for waterproofing, which cannot be said for most garage floor paints you'll find out there. However, you'll need to exercise a little caution before using the paint as an agent: ensure the floor is as dry as possible and that there's perfect balancing atmosphere wise. One of the characteristics of any garage around the world is that they are a safe haven for contaminating agents and organic corrosive that include but not limited to grease, gasoline, oil and all different types of chemicals.
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Consequently, failure to give your concrete floor adequate protection using the most durable and ultra-strong floor paint means that with time, it will slowly lose its lustre and darken. Fortunately, the paint is entirely resistant to such corrosive and contaminating agents such that after several years of using it, your garage floor will continue to maintain its brilliance.

Another agent that causes significant corrosion and is mostly overlooked by garage owners is water. While it's innocent looking and appears to be innocuous to such strong surfaces as concrete covered by a durable and brilliant paint, water is known to gradually cause dampness to all floors coated with paint. So dangerous is standing water that left to its own devices over a significant period, may force you to replace the entire floor.

Aside from the features and specs already mentioned, the pack of Rust-Oleum 238467 is capable of covering a maximum of 190 square feet. The kit is, therefore, a sensible investment if you are a price-conscious consumer out to save a few bucks while giving your garage floor the most brilliant and durable protection against grease, oil, and gasoline.

A feature that for the most part appeals to most garage owners about the paint is its quick hardening properties. This garage floor paint is among a handful that you'll be able to walk on within 24-hours after application and within just four days, it'll be more than ready for heavy foot traffic. You're therefore spared the agony of waiting for frustratingly long periods before starting to use the garage, saving you the pain of having to look for alternative parking slots within your neighbourhood.

Another feature that’s likely to sway your purchasing decision is the fact that the garage floor paint comes with incredible adhesion capabilities making it one of the long-lasting epoxy kits you’ll ever lay your hands on. Its impressively epoxy means the chances of it easily scratching or peeling, irrespective of the level of foot traffic or equipment and machinery placed on it, are very low, if not non-existent. Such information should effectively dissipate any fears you have of parking your car in the garage after a long drive since the paint is highly resistant to high temperatures and won't peel. In spite of the durability, you should, however, keep in mind that this product lacks a brilliance if that's something you hold in high regard.

Everything considered the paint is one of the most durable garage floor paints that's resistant to most of the damaging, contaminating agents. It will give your garage floor a long-lasting protection, and because it's similarly affordable, you won't have to worry about replacing it in the future.
  • Easy to install
  • Has non-slip properties to keep you safe
  • Curing takes a short time
  • Comes with metallic flakes
  • Requires two coats
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2. Rust-Oleum 261845

2. Rust-Oleum 261845
Considering the spectacular performance of the 238467, it comes as no surprise at all that the second entry is yet another product from the Rust-Oleum company. The 261845 shares a lot in common with its sister product, from being much loved by a majority of homeowners to being a critically acclaimed product, purely on the basis of its performance. The special formulation of this water epoxy shield product ensures it is highly resistant to most of the damaging and corrosive chemical spills prevalent in all garages.

Unlike the previous product that covered up to 200 square feet on a single pack, the 261845 is capable of covering an additional 300 square feet of space, about 2.5 times larger than the previous product. Additionally, because of its chemical formulation, this epoxy shield product boasts of a considerably less odour. Consequently, you don’t have to worry about any repellent or pungent smells in your garage from frequent use.
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It leaves an incredibly beautiful finish, thereby creating a quality touch rivalling even the most spectacular floors in your house for magnificence. You get free flakes (metallic) with every purchase of the epoxy shield product for scattering randomly but relatively evenly on the floor prior to the application of a final topcoat layer. The flakes leave your floor so beautiful and attractive you may develop cold feet when contemplating passing with the car over it. You nevertheless hesitate to do so because Rust-Oleum 261845 is one of the strongest and most durable epoxy shield products on the product which, other than protecting your floor also enhance its beauty.

A feature that vastly sets the paint apart from its closest competitors is the fact that it’s equipped with anti-slip properties. The importance of the Rust-Oleums anti-skid additive is informed by the fact that epoxy floorings have the drawback of being notoriously slippery like ice before they are dry. Because of this slippery characteristic, it’s very easy for you to get involved in a nasty accident in the event that you trip and fall on the hard epoxy flooring. You could, for instance, twist your arm or hand, if you land on them or worse, injure your hip. Consequently, to protect you and your loved one by keeping such possibilities to a bare minimum, the 261845 comes with the aforementioned Rust-Oleum’s anti-skid additive, making it one of the safest epoxy shield products in the industry. You’re sure the feature will ensure you don’t lose your balance should you step on chemical or water spill.

Like most garage floor paints, all you'll have to do to keep it tidy is simply mop and sweep it now and then. There's no need for exhaustive maintenance tasks. With such toughness and ruggedness, the likelihood of ending up with an ugly chunk of missing dye on the garage floor after parking hot wheels there are a thing of the past. Like the previous product, it takes a paltry four days before it's fully usable, but you can comfortably walk on it after just 24-hours of applying the paint.

To summarize, the paint is a versatile epoxy shield product that offers you an unprecedented ease of installation, is very durable and high performing. It features a very grippy anti-skid additive that will make sweeping woodworking debris and chips an almost impossible task.

Nevertheless, it'll immediately transform the appearance of the floor, and will instantly give it the showroom-quality you've always wanted. The durability and toughness of the 261845 will make the floor look like your house floor. Definitely a worthy investment.

The end product is stunning and attractive

Protects the floor all around the clock

Long-lasting and hard working

Covers a substantially large area

  • Strong adhesive properties making it difficult for woodworking projects
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3. Rust-Oleum 238466

3. Rust-Oleum 238466
The fact that three of five epoxy shield products featuring are from Rust-Oleum underscores the expertise and experience of the firm and is a clear indication of their dedication and commitment to producing high-quality products. The 238466 comes highly recommended from professionals and Do-It-Yourselfers alike. While there isn’t much difference between this product and the first two featuring on this list, it nonetheless comes with a few distinct feature worth mentioning.

The first thing that will strike you about the paint is the beauty of its colour. The colour Dunes Tan is one of the most beautiful colours in the industry and if you genuinely want to give the floor that elusive showroom quality, then you should surely pay some serious consideration to this product. The stunning tan brown colour perfectly resonates with those of sand dunes found in the African Sahara desert, and immediately after its application, it gives your garage an amazing look – not bad for a place where most likely keep your second most expensive purchase, other than the house itself, of course. For extra beauty, the 238466 comes with a few metallic flakes bearing the attractive colours of brown, black and white. Scattering these evenly all over the garage floor, so it mixes thoroughly with the spectacular base colour leads to a gorgeous finish.
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Like most Rust-Oleum products, the 238466 is an attractive investment when you consider its other aspects. This epoxy shield product will work hard all around the clock to ensure the floor is safe from grease and oil spills as well as gasoline that would otherwise leave dark stains over time. The durability and toughness of the paint makes it possible for you to comfortably pack your car with its hot wheels without worrying about the tires leaving scratches or peeling off the paint over time.

With the incredible robustness of this epoxy, the floor will never show the slightest indication of aging irrespective of the weight of your cars or the foot traffic in the garage. The paint has anti-slip properties similar to other Rust-Oleum products already reviewed meaning that the paint endeavours to keep you in an upright position when you step on a slippery substance like grease or oil. Its exceptional resistance to stains and spills also has the advantage of keeping your garage safe by minimizing or eliminating in totality the possibility of you and your loved ones coming to any kind of harm.

Installing it is a straightforward and simple procedure and is clearly explained in the instructions manual. And unlike one of the products reviewed on this list, you don't have a brief window within which to roll out the garage floor paint before it hardens and becomes difficult to apply. All the tools you will need for the installation are included in the kit, and they include the two-part epoxy resin, a mixing stick, the white, black, and brown metallic flakes, user instructions, and lastly the anti-skid additive.

The 238466 paint reliably provides you with shelter and strength and resists the test of time by not peeling off or degrading quickly even after years of hot tire transfer. If you genuinely want a garage floor that not only beautiful but also hardworking in its resistance to several corrosive and contaminating agents and micro-dust, the paint is your best bet. The product will provide the floor with protection against heavy-duty commercial use, and because it is a two-part solvent-based paint, it dries much faster.
  • A long-lasting garage floor paint
  • Provides exceptional binding to concrete garage floor
  • Has exceptional sealing properties
  • Relatively costly
  • Difficulty with preparation and installation
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4. Valspar 81052

4. Valspar 81052
Based in the United States but with an international presence, the Valspar brand has been in the business of manufacturing high-quality products for more than two centuries now, starting in 1806 to date. That translates to more than two centuries of experience and expertise leading to the production of some of the most premium products on the market. One of the best garage floor paints on the market currently in the Valspar 81052. If its durability and that elusive glossy finishing that you're in search of, we're pleased to inform you that your search stops with the Valspar 81052.

The paint comes with an impressively higher adhesion capabilities compared to a majority of the other garage floor epoxies in the market. As a consequence, the likelihood of the floor peeling, scratching or efflorescing even after years of parking your car with its hot tires on it is quite minimal. Neither does a high foot traffic in the garage affect its durability. Due to these impressive properties, it is a perfect paint to install on a comparatively aged floor that is easily clogged by water and prone to get dirty from occasional oil, grease and gasoline spills.
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Additionally, because of its ability to completely transform a dull concrete floor by giving it a durable and attractive glossy finishing, the paint is ideal for use on various types of floors such as masonry floors, garage floors, sidewalks, concrete steps in addition to wooden surfaces. And because of its rugged and tough characteristics, the epoxy shield product is capable of preserving its glossiness a substantially protracted amount of time. The implication here is that the garage floor is economical and will, therefore, save you some substantial amounts of money over the long run.

As already mentioned, and known to most long-distance drivers, car tires tend to get considerably hot after covering a long distance and parking a car with such hot tires on any standard epoxy floor will inevitably damage the surface by peeling of the paint. Not the case with the Valspar 81052. Additionally, a majority if not all normal garage floor paints have very low resistance to such contaminating agents like oils, grease, and other types of chemicals meaning that within a short time the floor loses its new and fresh look and starts sporting dark spots all over. As a result, it gets damaged and loses it shininess. The paint is here to help in circumventing such negative and expensive consequences as it comes with superior protection capabilities that will efficiently resist such corrosive and destructive chemicals.

The other features most likely to sway your purchasing decision are the fact that the product comes with a pocket-friendly price tag and is, therefore, suitable if you're working on a budget but don't want to compromise on quality. The product is similarly easy to use on any type of garage floor, and it dries up pretty quality, compared to other products that force you to wait for at least a week before you resume using your garage again. And to keep you and your family safe, the paint comes with anti-skid properties aimed at preventing the family from slipping or falling if they step of liquids like oils and wet surfaces.

The only drawback is that it's a top coat. Consequently, it comes with some limitations the most notable being that you'll have to apply several coating so it provides you with a level of protection similar to other epoxy shield products in its class. Failure to do so might compromise its durability. Other than this drawback, the garage floor paint should work like a charm once correctly applied.
  • Features one of the most pocket-friendly price tags on the market
  • Has an attractive glossy finish with stunning anti-slip sand additive
  • Easy to install and has relatively lower viscosity
  • Needs several layers during installation
  • Not as durable as top-tier garage floor paints

5. Valspar (81020)

5. Valspar (81020)
The list of the best garage floor paints would not be complete without mentioning the critically acclaimed and outselling Valspar 81020 paint, especially considering that most of the products here are from Rust-Oleum. The product makes for a good balance even though it has a lot in common with other Valspar products. Nevertheless, it sports a few features and specs that are distinct and therefore make it stand out from the crowded competition. The first glaring difference between the 81020 paint and the 81052 is colour. While the Valspar is offered in two spectacular colours, the81020 comes in a more aesthetically-appealing epoxy.

It comes in two main colours: medium gray and brown. The tan brown is without a doubt the kit’s most popular colour and its slightly darker compared to sand and closely resembles Rust-Oleum’s tan brown. The second colour, the medium brown, is only slightly popular compared to the first and going by its marketing statistics, continues to outsell even those of more established brands. The beauty of the is that it has natural ability to blend and become almost inconspicuous effortlessly.
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The two different colour kits are accompanied by metallic coloured flakes just like most epoxy shield products which you can use to achieve that extra beauty reminiscent of showroom floors. Even though they lack the vibrancy and conspicuousness of top-tier epoxy shield products, they are nonetheless hardworking and will keep the floor protected from dampness and dark stains left behind by oils, grease, and gasoline. Unlike other epoxy floor products, the paint is relatively smaller considering that it houses a few items. The only items included in the kit are the instructions and epoxy. The kit noticeably lacks additional tools for installing the garage floor paint such as a stick for mixing and an anti-slip additive. You'll, therefore, have to spend some extra cash to get these separately from the shop.

Most consumers interpret low price to mean a dip in quality or as representing a lack of durability, which is not always the case, especially with the 81020. Despite featuring a budget-friendly price, the product is sufficiently strong and incredibly long-lasting. It will take several years of heavy-duty use before a floor finished with the paint starts showing even the slightest indications of wear. Because of its No hot-tire pickup feature, the garage floor will remain intact without any embarrassing or unsightly scratches or peeling of the paint.

Like most epoxy shield products, it comes with its fair share of drawbacks with the main one being installation. Because of its slow speed of curing, it will render your garage unusable for four straight days before it hardens enough to be reused again. However, this should not be a deal breaker considering that other top model epoxy products like Rust-Oleum take just about the same duration to cure fully. Another smaller issue is the difficulty of fully and thoroughly mixing the coloured pigments in the kit. Achieving showroom consistency takes some considerable stirring unless you don’t mind your garage flooring ending up with lighter and darker sections. To be certain of a consistent mixture, you may want to use a mixer attachment and drill.

To finish off, the paint features a cutting-edge technology that easily makes it the preference for thousands if not millions of homeowners all over the world. It promises an unprecedented cost effectiveness over the long run, an unmatched reliability and superior anti-peel qualities. With its durable, it won't come as a surprise if you repaint just once every ten years. To make the installation process easy, the manufacturers thoughtfully include a comprehensive instructions manual and a video tutorial to walk you through the steps, so the whole process is a success. You can never go wrong with this paint.
  • Comes with a budget-friendly price tag
  • Durable
  • Stunning and spectacular coating colours
  • Has metallic flakes for additional decorative purposes
  • Cures slowly
  • Difficulty mixing pigment

6. RustOleum 251966

6. RustOleum 251966
If you don't have a good relationship with paints and need something you can apply to the floor without any hassles, the Rust-Oleum Kit 251966 Tan is the best epoxy shield product for you. It is yet another product from the customer-trusted and critically acclaimed brand of Rust-Oleum, meaning that its performance is not only exceptional but far exceeds those of its closest competitors. You'll be able to apply the paint in just one easy coat. From then henceforth, you'll have a piece of mind and comfort in the knowledge that the floor has the best protection against all the corrosive and destructive agents commonly found there such as gasoline, motor oil, salt, and even grease.

In addition to guarding against anti-freeze and minimizing the possibility of the floor cracking over the years, the Rust-Oleum paint also does an impressive job preventing the floor from peeling whenever you pack your car with hot tires after covering hundreds of miles. The epoxy shield product features a useful No hot-tire pickup feature that effectively prevents heat transfer from the tire to the floor, thereby preventing the floor from peeling off or degrading quickly. For the next several years your floor will remain intact and won't show even the slightest indication of aging, irrespective of the intensity of use.
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Like most Rust-Oleum products, this paint comes with metallic flakes for brightening your garage. Combine this with the high quality of the garage floor paint and the floor will always have this clean and glossy appearance, reminiscent of showroom floors. Being a two-part water epoxy floor coating, the product will always protect your floor around-the-clock and all year round, and will therefore considerably prolong its shelf-life, which will, in turn, translate to significant financial savings over the years. So, if you're for you.

As already indicated, it offers you a hassle-free and stress-free installation process. You only have to apply a single coat, and that's it. The product's ease of installation is further informed by the fact that it does not necessitate the use of any primers or acid etching. The one-gallon garage floor paint will cover around 250+ square feet of garage space, which is more than sufficient to adequately cover an average household garage in most countries. And just in case you're not sure on the way forward or how to get started, it comes with a detailed instructions manual written in clear and easy-to-understand English. There's also a tutorial video to walk you through all the necessary installation steps which, together with the instructions manual make the process a truly easy and straightforward DIY.

Being water epoxy floor coating, the paint dries up relatively quickly and will be ready for light foot traffic between 12 and 16 hours. You'll have to wait for between 24 and 48 hours however before you're able to resume normal or heavy-duty commercial use of the garage floor. You have the freedom of topping the coating with Premium Clear Coating to ensure your garage floor has the ultimate protection against the aforementioned corrosive and destructive agents and also to give it a showroom quality high-gloss finish. It also keeps you and your loved ones or co-workers safe by extending its skid-resistant properties to the garage floor. Consequently, the likelihood of you and those who use the garage skidding and falling awkwardly from stepping on slippery liquids will be a thing of the past.

The paint will completely transform the appearance of the floor from a dull to a stunning blend, creating an immaculate semi-gloss finish when completely dry. It also offers you an off-the-charts durability, ensuring the garage floor remains intact and beautiful for the foreseeable future. It will add a stunning tan colour to the floor, and the installation process is one of the easiest for a product of its class. And just to make it more appealing, it comes with a pocket-friendly price, despite its exceptional performance.
  • Works very hard to protect garage floor
  • Comes with metallic flakes extra decoration
  • Does not require acid etching

May not be sufficient to paint a 2 car garage floor


As far as protecting garage floors go, the KiLZ 1-Part Epoxy Acrylic Interior/Exterior Concrete and Garage Floor Paint is one of the best garage floor paints money can buy. This epoxy shield product is a perfect option if you're in search of a waterproof paint to give your delicate and porous garage floor the ultimate protection it deserves, so it lasts for the next several years. It is also one of a handful of technologically advanced garage floor paints featuring nanotechnology infusion that effectively stops water from infiltrating the surface. The paint will consequently work all around the clock to ensure your garage floor is free from the dampness and efflorescence usually caused by the clogging of water in various parts of the floor.

The epoxy shield product also does an incredible job protecting your garage floor from the dangerous accumulation of mildew. And that's not all. Other than mildew and water, it similarly guarantees you a clear and smooth garage floor free from dark patches occasioned by the occasional and inadvertent dripping of grease, oil, and even gasoline from your parked cars. Considering its astounding strength, you can use it on different surfaces ranging from walls, to concrete, stucco, bricks, and cinder and literally any other surface as long as the surface is horizontal.
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It is made up of industrial-grade ingredient capable of lasting for several years meaning that with just a single coating, you won’t be needing another for at least another ten years. The special and high performing formulation of the epoxy shield product makes it highly resistant to hot tire pick-ups so that you’re able to park your car with its hot tires in the garage comfortably and with a peace of mind knowing that the floor will not fade, crack, peel, or even blister. And such will be the case for the foreseeable future irrespective of the weight of your car, the intensity of garage activity or the level of foot traffic.

You may be wondering how it performs against garage floor paints produced by more established firms like Rust-Oleum or even Valspar, or you could be falling prey to the misconception that cheap and relatively unknown products are poor quality. This product effortlessly debunks such misleading misconceptions seeing as it effectively waterproofs your garage floor thereby preserving its fresh and new look for numerous years. Plus, the KiLZ brand has been in the industry for more than four decades now and gained invaluable insights, knowledge, and experience in the field. And you surprised to learn the company beats worthy competitors to claim the Paint Brands of the Year in a ranking held by the Harris Poll Equitrend in 2015.

A single pack covers between 400 and 500 square feet on smooth surfaces and between 300 and 400 square feet on rough surfaces respectively, leaving behind a long-lasting finish without any scuffing at all. Being a water epoxy paint, the product dries up much faster than its solvent-based counterparts and seamlessly resists all types of chemical and oil spillage on the garage floor. Applying the paint is quite easy too. Installing it on the floors creates an even coating, and unlike other garage floor paints, it doesn't produce any unpleasant odours during the application process and after.

You will never regret going with the paint as it's easy to install and keep clean, and it provides the floor with a distinct level of durability, strength, and glossiness. You no longer have to worry about your floor cracking, fading, blistering or dampening. Due to its adhesive properties, chances of slipping or falling from stepping on oils, grease or wet patches on the garage floor are minimal while also preventing these agents from corroding or contaminating your floor. Keep in mind though that the manufacturer indicates you have to apply a second coat after four hours of installing the initial layer. The paint is, therefore, an ideal garage floor solution if you keen on an economical and durable product with an extensive coverage.

Another cost-effective product

Has 2-in-1 characteristics to save you time

Provides for a very wide coverage

  • Difficulty with preparation
  • Considerably longer drying up time

8. Aerocoat

8. Aerocoat
Aerocoat does not enjoy the same massive reputation like more established brands such as Rust-Oleum and is maybe even less known among homeowners whose purchases are hugely influenced by recommendations made by professionals. The Aerocoat brand nonetheless closely trails Rust-Oleum and strives to manufacture epoxy shield products that rival if not exceed the performance of those offered by the well-known epoxy companies. Having been in the business of manufacturing floor protection products for decades, they boast of immense experience in formulating solutions that are long-lasting, spectacular in appearance, not to mention an ease of installation. One of their critically acclaimed epoxy shield products is the Aerocoat High Build Epoxy Coating System. Let's walk you through its impressive features.

To begin with, it comes with an exceptional epoxy for garage flooring that's not only long-lasting but also has an attractive concrete style finish. The product works a lot harder than a majority of the water epoxy solutions. The fact that the epoxy shield product features a premium price tag is sufficient proof that it’s high performing and therefore a worthwhile investment for those with a keen eye for quality products.
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One of the features that you'll immediately find to be astounding is the fact that the product is a 93 percent self-levelling epoxy meaning that you spend considerably less time and effort while applying it to your garage floor. The ease of installation is estimated to reduce the installation time by an impressive 40 percent. Nevertheless, immediately after the combination of the two parts of the product, you have to be quick to lay the paint out over the garage floor within a reasonable short 45-minute window. Failure to do so will significantly compromise the quality of the finish.

It packs is sufficiently huge to ensure you have adequate materials to enable you successfully finish covering as much as 2.5 car garage which comparatively is a sufficiently large coverage compared to a majority of garage floor paints featured here. The kit contains all the equipment you'll need for a proper installation thereby reducing the time it would otherwise take to source different equipment from other places. The kit includes such accessories as rollers, mixing sticks, sand, gloves for protecting your hands, as well as a big bucket to ensure all the necessary components are thoroughly and evenly combined before application.

As previously mentioned, the installation instructions indicate that you have a 45-minute window within which to roll out the paint before it gets hard. While this may be seen as a reasonably long time, it might not be sufficient if don't have an extra pair of hands helping with the installation or if your garage is a little larger. If your garage is larger, you might be tempted to rush things up before the 45 minutes elapse thereby compromising the quality of your work in the process. Other than this one minor drawback, the installation process should go on smoothly, and you can make good use of the 45-minute window by preparing adequately before getting started. There won't be much time to go over the instruction manual once the chemicals start reacting with each other.

In all, the ingenious formulation makes it one of the best products to consider for protecting your floor from the darkening effects of gasoline, oil spills and grease. It gives your garage floor a concrete-like finish that will last for years, providing you with its incredible grippy qualities all along. The product is similarly easy to install over a two and a half car garage, and because all the requisite tools and equipment are provided, the process shouldn't take long.
  • Provides you with concrete like finish
  • Kit includes all tools necessary for installation thus saving you time
  • Has a considerably large coverage
  • Exceptionally strong and long-lasting

Once opened, it hardens rather quickly

9. Drylok

9. Drylok
Here is yet another high performing garage floor paint from the pace-setting UGL DRYLOK brand. The UGL DRYLOK E1 1-Part Epoxy Floor Paint features an advanced epoxy technology to provide your garage floor with superior protection and exceptional durability. The new formulation of the epoxy shield product makes it exceptionally resistant to such damaging agents like water and the chemicals. The paint is similarly capable of extending the lifespan of the garage floor while simultaneously retaining its colour and fresh look for several years. It seamlessly protects your garage floor from developing random lighter and darker patches from the inadvertent spilling and dripping of chemicals, oils, grease, and gasoline. You will also be spared the embossing and unsightly situation of the garage floor peeling and scratching as a result of parking a hot tire car in there from time to time.

The special and ingenious formulation aims at providing your garage floor with the best protection and beauty while making the product adequately flexible to be used both on the interior and exterior surfaces. Consequently, other than the garage floor, feel free to use the remaining portion on exterior concrete floors, basement floors, walkways and even patios. Only a handful of garage floor paints offer you such flexibility, with most ear-marked specifically for garage floors.
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Another highlight, and one that is common for garage floor paints in its class is its anti-skid properties which work effectively on different floor surfaces, whether they've been recently painted or new. In both cases, the garage floor paint vastly outperforms standard floor paints even with constant exposure to heavy foot traffic, thorough washings, harsh weather conditions, and even corrosive agents like acids and alkalis.

To make the UGL DRYLOK even more endearing, it's a latex-based epoxy which means that it dries up relatively quickly compared to solvent-based epoxies. It can withstand light foot traffic just four hours after installation, and after just five days you'll be able to resume normal, heavy-duty domestic or commercial operations without worrying about the possibility of the paint peeling off. A single pack has a broad coverage of approximately 500 square feet depending on the porosity of the surface you intend to apply it on.

The new formulation comes in two ready-mix colours of platinum, gray and tint base with the formulation for the former available in the following colours: natural sand, cobalt blue, harvest brown, sage, artic white, sky blue, chestnut, dark gray and lastly gray.

In all, this is a latex-based garage floor paint that is quite easy and simple to install on both new and recently painted floors. Unlike most garage floor paints, you have the freedom of applying this paint both on outdoor and indoor surfaces which makes it ideal for sidewalks, patios, garages, and stairs. It doesn't produce any repulsive odours during installation and even after thoroughly drying up. After successful application, it completely transforms your floor into a waterproof, chemical and moisture resistant surface. The floor will similarly be capable of effortlessly withstanding the heaviest washes, foot traffic and comes with No hot-tire pickup feature, so it doesn't peel, crack, blister even with years of parking your hot car tire in there years on end.
  • Dries up in a fraction
  • Flexible for both indoor and outdoor uses
  • Works great on both new and previously painted garage floors
  • Not ideal for levelling
  • The solid content is relatively low

10. Rust-Oleum 251965

10. Rust-Oleum 251965
Well, many homeowners think that having the garage dry and insulated is good enough. To the contrary, it is necessary to do more especially when it comes to the floor. Leaving the concrete plain without protection can make it dingy and unattractive. Rust-Oleum 251965 Best Garage Floor Kit offers a fantastic finish solution for your garage regardless of the intended use.

Garage flooring can be porous unless there is proper sealing that will absorb anything that spills on it. Rust-Oleum 251965 epoxy coating ranks among the best formulations you can apply to give your garage an elegant appearance. Produced in the USA by one of the leading brands when it comes to paints and resins, this product has been used by many, and the results have been up to expectations.
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As a creation of watertight standards and specifications, the kit serves to produce brilliant coverage. Your garage will no doubt get transformed with the high gloss finish on the floor. Furthermore, being a solid-solvent based epoxy, it is amazingly firm and lasting implying it will convincingly take whatever comes its way for many years.

The garage floor paint has impressive anti-skid additive property. The anti-slip element gives the product an extra edge over other substitutes available in the market. Of course, it makes no sense to have a coating that is slippery because it will cause accidents and injuries. To this end, the anti-skid capability becomes a huge selling point. Rust-Oleum 251965 solution has been specially formulated to withstand all kinds of spillage you are likely to face in a garage environment. For example, it is entirely resistant to hot tire pickup, protects against gasoline, motor oil, cracks and, salt among other chemicals. Also, it is simple to clean with soap and water, unlike other alternatives.

Simple usage instructions are another reason to consider the paint seriously. In the market today there exists an extensive range of coating kits. However, this stands out due to the simplicity of application manual. The detailed guide accompanied by instructional video makes it easy for any user to go about everything. In fact, it is lovable because the manufacturer puts all pieces of equipment necessary to execute the setting.

In conclusion, Rust-Oleum 251965 kit provides you with the balance of capabilities for a deserved change on your garage floor. The overall experience is nothing short of sheer magnificence. It guarantees a blend of decor, luxury and sense of style without much sacrifice on the part of the user. Go crazy with it, and you will never regret no matter what happens.
  • It guarantees durable protection
  • You will not need any primers or acid etchers
  • Reasonable coverage
  • Extremely beautiful- If you are looking for something to spice up the outlook of the garage
  • The kit also comes with black, blue, and white metallic flakes
  • Some will complain of the demanding floor preparation step before application

Criteria for Choosing the Best Garage Floor Paints


Everything considered, the most critical factor when choosing a garage floor paint is the durability – the extent to which the paint will keep your floor intact, fresh-looking and without unsightly cracks. The other factors to consider when choosing a garage floor paint won’t have much significance if your preferred brand is incapable of holding up under the demands of the garage use. Keep in mind though that people have varying requirements. One individual may just want to enhance the appearance of their floor while another may need formidable protection against the corrosive and destructive consequences of oil, grease and gasoline spills. Some of the factors that have a significant bearing on the durability of your floor are environmental conditions, heat, chemicals, and abrasions. What you need is a garage floor paint to amply protect your garage floor against all these agents and several others.


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The second most important consideration to pay attention to when shopping for a garage floor paint in the level of its adhesiveness – the extent to which it will bond with your garage floor. As far as adherence is concerned, the durability of the garage floor paint won’t amount to much if it doesn’t bond well with the concrete floor. Not even its ability to survive a nuclear blast without the slightest scratch. Interestingly enough though a few of the top-tier garage floor paints boasting of exceptional durability do not bond that well with concrete floors and your chances of falling for their durability while overlooking adherence is pretty high. In such a situation, you can circumvent such difficulty by preparing your garage floor thoroughly before installing the paint. If it helps, consider getting the services of a professional.


For a successful installation, first ensure you adequately prepare the floor before you can lay down the garage floor paint. The degree to which you prepare the floor rests squarely on the material you intend to use. For the most part the process is quite easy and straightforward and some manufacturers include video tutorials in addition to the detailed instructions manual, so the process runs smoothly from start to finish. Garage floor paints are either 1-part or 2-part. The former is relatively easy to install as it doesn’t require mixing any substances with the paint and it rolls out with a lot of ease. You still want to combine the 1-part with another considering that it’s weaker than a 2-part paint. 2-Part garage floor paints, on the other hand, are of superior quality but the process of installing them is labour and time-consuming. They require thorough stirring to achieve a consistent mixture, and due to their viscosity, they’re relatively harder to roll out.


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While most of the products featured on the list of best garage floor paints come with not-so-steep prices, a few have premium features and therefore sell at similarly high prices. For instance, high solid epoxy garage floor painting costs significantly more than water-based solvent paints. The most obvious reason for the price disparity is the fact that the former offers you incredible durability and boasts of an effortless ability to give your garage floor a showroom quality appearance. With this in mind, it would be very prudent first to access your needs to understand better what you need before ordering that product online.


Q: Is patching up cracks, holes and other openings on the floor before installing garage floor paint recommended?

A: It’s highly recommended that all holes, cracks, and other motor joints on the garage floor are properly sealed or otherwise patched up before applying the garage floor paint. Apart from the mortar joints reserved for movement, all other cracks and holes exceeding 1/4-inch in width need patching at least 12 hours before start the installation process. The flexibility and adhesiveness of acrylic caulk make it an ideal product for sealing and patching and it’s readily available at most local hardware stores around the country at a very friendly price. Failure to seal up the cracks and holes will result in damage and decolorization of the garage floor by such corrosive and contaminating agents as oil, salt, grease, and gasoline.

Q: How long should the installation process last?

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A: A typical garage floor paint installation should last somewhere between five and eight hours, usually covering up to two days, though this largely depends on the requirements and circumstances of the job. Nevertheless, most of the paints will be ready for light foot traffic after twenty-four hours, and you’ll be able to resume heavy-duty or regular use within 48-hours.

Q: How do I keep my newly painted garage floor clean?

A: You can never overstate the significance of maintaining your newly painted garage floor by regularly cleaning it. To ensure your garage floor lasts for years while keeping its superb and showroom look, you should learn to periodically and properly clean it. For most floors, using a dust mop will suffice. If on the other hand, your garage floor has strong anti-skid aggregate, a broom with soft bristle brush will do the trick. Just make a point of cleaning the floor at least once every week and whenever you feel it’s necessary.


As you may have learned by now, the use to which you put your garage dramatically influences your choice of garage floor paint which also implies that no single product is the absolute best when it comes protecting your garage floor. Most of the products featuring on our list cover common garage scenarios. There are items on the list meant for those keen on sprucing up their garage but do not undertake any woodworking projects. Some of the garage floor paints are ideal for protecting your garage floor against heavy-duty use. These products offer you impressive durability and adhesion and cover a considerable amount of garage space.

The products are relatively easy and straightforward to install making it possible for you to completely transform the look and feel of your garage floor in a couple of steps. Going forward, you won’t have to worry about the corrosive and contaminating repercussions of stains, cracks, and spillage. Your floor will always have that new and smooth showroom quality you’ve always wanted.