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1. Freud 91-100 13-Piece Set
Test Winner: 1. Freud 91-100 13-Piece Set

Best Router Bits Reviews & Ratings in 2024

Setting up a woodworking workshop is understandably a time-consuming and tasking endeavour, what with having to invest in the most versatile and handiest tools to help you save time and energy. It does not matter whether you are a seasoned woodworker or a novice eager to learn the tricks of the trade; you have to get the most time and energy saving tools the market has to offer. The router, for instance, is part and parcel of any workshop. It’s a multi-purpose tool that you can use to decorate edges, trim laminates and cut a wide range of woodworking joints, in addition to routing hinge mortises. For you to fully appreciate its versatility and ease of use, however, it is necessary to invest in most suitable router bits for the woodworking projects.

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In this buying guide, we’ll meticulously walk you through the process of choosing the most suitable router bits for your woodworking project, a process that’s made difficult by their proliferation and ubiquity in the market. There is a plethora of styles, types, functions, and qualities to consider. To simplify the process, we list and discuss the five most essential factors to keep in mind during your search. These are the material from which router bits are manufactured, the quality of the router bits themselves, the size of the shank, the design of the router bit, and lastly affordability. These will assist you narrow down your search, and refine it further until you zero in on your most suitable router bit set. Let’s get started, shall we?

10 Best Router Bits


1. Freud 91-100 13-Piece Set

1. Freud 91-100 13-Piece Set
For users looking for nothing but the best performance and construction quality when it comes to router bits, let’s introduce you to the Freud 91-100 13-Piece Set. The construction of the set aims to provide the user with the best of all words. The professional and accurate craftsmanship of the set’s tip, for one, puts it way ahead of the competition. As for convenience, every package comes in an attractive glass case that you can use for storing the bits, thereby guarding against the possibility of misplacing them. Now, let’s dive into the specs and features that make the Freud 91-100 13-Piece Super Router Bit Set stand out.

As already indicated, it comes with a distinct shadow box case that houses all the thirteen bits. Hanging the case on a strategic part of the wall allows the user to reach them quickly and with ease, in addition to minimizing the likelihood of you or your colleagues misplacing them in they were to be left lying around on a busy workstation. And when it comes to performance, it easily and quickly cuts through different varieties and categories of composition materials. Whether you’re dealing with plywood, hardwoods, or softwoods, none of them can present the router set with any real challenge. The design of the pieces enables you to work with hand-held and table-mounted portable routers without any difficulties at all. In addition to their exceptional performance, the Freud 91-100 also represent the best mid-level to top-level router bits for the money. The implication being that they are your best for undertaking a wide array of professional-quality projects both around the house and in the busiest industrial settings. Build by professionals for other professionals, they stand up pretty well against any rigorous tasks thrown their way.
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It is such versatility and resilience that makes them the go-to tool for the millions of professional woodworkers all around the world. For the seasoned woodworker who absolutely knows their way around router tables, and who understands perfects what needs to be done, and who appreciates the significance of investing in nothing but the best quality router bits, you need to reward yourself with a top-notch quality router bit set like this one.

As for affordability, it is undeniably an expensive router bits set. And expected to be considering it packs several innovative and time-saving features and specs. The fine-tuning and precision machining of the router bits together with the fact that the construction of the bits is done using high-quality materials makes the set one of the most superior router bits on the market. Being a top-level set, it is made with the professional woodworker in mind. Learners and novices just getting started with woodworking projects may not fully appreciate its performance. Seasoned users with a skilled hand, on the other hand, will be surprised by the exceptional performance of the set.

The set contains 13 of the commonly used bits, and while this may be a small number, they are enough to meet any woodworker's needs adequately. All the pieces an enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfer might need are contained therein. Consequently, you won't have to go out of your way to purchase extra bits to get the job done. Since the pieces come with a non-stick perma-shield coating, they are highly resistant to heat and high temperatures and are equally capable of reducing the accumulation of pitch, unlike the vast majority of off-brand router bits.

If you're looking for a router set that comes with all your favourite bits, look no further than the Freud 91-100 set. Some of the bits it comes with include "V" grooving, flush trimming, chamfering, and dovetailing and all come with 1/2-inch shanks. You also get an aesthetically appealing wooden box for keeping them all in, so that you don't lose or misplace any vital pieces. It is an ideal choice for users planning on cutting different varieties of composition materials such as plywood, hardwood and even softwood. It is recommended that you use the set on hand-held and table-mounted portable routers for best results.
  • One of the best quality router bits on the market
  • TiCo construction ensures a lifetime of smooth and trouble-free use
  • Produces smooth and flawless finishes even with hardwoods
  • Ideal for woodworking
  • Perma-Shield provides exceptional heat and wear and tear resistance
  • The user gets padded, wall-mountable storage for safekeeping of pieces
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Lean more on the expensive side
  • Package lacks additional bearings

2. Yonico 17702 70 Bits Set

2. Yonico 17702 70 Bits Set
If you've ever wanted a router bit set that you can confidently and comfortably use to take on any project around the house and on a commercial scale, we have just the right one for you. We present to you the affordable, versatile, durable, and easy to use Yonico 17702. Rather than purchase different pieces separately, which would be expensive in the long run, the set comes with all the vital and frequently used pieces, making it an all-around router ideal for undertaking a broad range of woodworking activities both domestically and commercially. And in spite of the sheer number of pieces in the box, you won't have the slightest problem identifying or differentiating the piece you want from other bits contained therein.

The first thing you will notice about the set is the considerably long shanks. Unlike previous models, the current model comes with long 1/2—inch shanks. Couple that with the fact that all the pieces are carbide tipped and made from industrial-grade materials and it's easy to see why it allows the user to smoothly, quickly, and efficiently cut through any materials in the workshop. The careful and thoughtful assortment of several varieties of fundamental router bits means you have at your disposal a tool that's versatile enough to take on any cutting project thrown its way. The long shanks, for one thing, allow the user to either mount the portable router bits on a table or hold them in their hands while working.
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Again, we'll reiterate that the set is the ultimate choice for any woodworkers who cares for a smooth, straightforward and hassle-free operation. In addition to being long, the shanks accord the user a lot of room for making adjustments. And you don't have to worry about looking for a place to keep all the 70 pieces safe and secure while working. You get an attractive wooden box with two keyholes on the back to allow you and your colleagues to safely hang the box on the wall in a place you can reach quickly and easily. The fact that the Yonico 17702 delivery package features a full-sized molded blisters ensures you get all the 70 pieces intact and that the box does not get loose in the course of transportation. Furthermore, the wooden box is enveloped by a thick, high-density foam to provide additional cushion and protection.

Even the hard-line critics of this set have a hard time discounting the economic value of the router bits. Nevertheless, the manufacturer goes a step further and sweetens the deal by offering the user a limited lifetime warranty. The warranty gives you the confidence and self-assurance to work on a wide range of projects knowing all defects resulting from the manufacturer’s use of substandard materials or poor workmanship will be rectified without additional charges to you.

For woodworkers and enthusiastic DIYers working on a budget but who want a taste of premium features and hassle-free operation, this set comes highly recommended. It is like nothing you’ve seen or used in its price range. Because of the heat resistance of the bits and the fact that they are all carbide tipped, they have a much longer shelf life and will provide you with several years of faithful and trouble-free service. You also get a nice looking wooden case that's completely encased in foam for that additional protection while in transit. In all, it is one of the best router bit sets on the market today that is economical, easy to use, and durable.
  • Resistant to heat
  • Router bits feature durable and robust Micro grain carbide tips construction
  • Almost indiscernible vibrations
  • The bearings are completely enclosed
  • Comprehensive assortment of router bits for versatility
  • Comes with 1/2-inch sized-shanks
  • It’s an expensive model

3. Neiko 10115A

3. Neiko 10115A
The market is sure full to the brim with all types and kinds of router bits, but only a handful have what it takes to capture the attention of a seasoned woodworker. One such sturdy, reliable, high-performance and practical router bit set is the Neiko 10115A set. Coming from a highly reputed organization that has over the years carved a path for itself in the industry, the set provides the user with the much-needed versatility for taking on a wide range of woodworking projects both domestically and commercially. Without much ado, let's jump into the technical features that make the set a worthy consideration.

To begin with, all the YG8 tungsten carbide pieces are precision machined to ensure they are sharp enough. Consequently, the user - whether a novice, a beginner just learning their way around router bits, or the seasoned woodworker – will be in a position to accurately make the cleanest cuts. That’s irrespective of the type of wood you’re planning on cutting through. A major highlight of the Neiko 10115A is the fact that all the bits are resistant to heat and all its related aspects.
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In terms of construction, the manufacturer utilized hardened solid alloy steel in making it. The direct implication of this is that you can use the router bits in the set for hours on end without the slightest indication of wear and tear. No matter how abrasive the wood or material you’re using is, you won’t suffer any precision issues, as is the case with the vast majority of off-brand router bits. Another unique selling point is the power coating finish of the set. It significantly increases the longevity while enhancing performance, making it possible for the user to take the most challenging and toughest projects without a care in the world.

Another biggie, and we should have probably opened with this, is the fact that the user gets to enjoy smooth and aligned operations, thanks mainly to the enclosing of the bearing roller. Also, whether your routers are mounted on a table or the hand-held design, the package comes with high-quality and durable 1/2-inch shanks for all the bits whose universality and compatibility provides for a hassle-free and stress-free operation. Consequently, whether you're a novice or an expert woodworker, you'll immediately come to appreciate the ease of using it within the first few minutes of owning it.

It might be a bit of a problem organizing and safely storing all the 80 router bits without losing one or two every now and them. To guard against such a possibility, the manufacturer generously provides the user with a heavy-duty aluminium index case that will ensure all the pieces remain neatly arranged and organized so finding the one you need becomes a quick and easy affair. Should a user have difficulties, they can always resort to the labelling on all the sets and refer to the accompanying images to make the process quick and effortless.

For professional carpenters, Do-It-Yourselfers and homeowners in need of a router bits set that’s perfect for edging, trimming, veining and grooving on different types of woods, both smooth and hard. The set includes all the bits a woodworker would need. They are all durable, robust and yet lightweight and manoeuvrable, thanks to the use of high-carbon steel in their construction. They are similarly high resistant and capable of withstanding speeds of up to 20,000 rotations per minute, which is quite impressive considering the set’s modest pricing. Together, all the 80 router bits ensure you have nuanced control over the cuts and styles you'll be attempting, thus providing productivity and inspiring confidence.
  • Package includes various bit profiles
  • Fairly and reasonably priced
  • Come with a sturdy carrying box
  • There are variously sized bearings
  • Remarkable heat resistance
  • Padding on the storage box ensures the safety of the pieces
  • Short, 12-month limited warranty
  • Storage box is small

4. MLCS 8377 15-Piece Set

4. MLCS 8377 15-Piece Set
It goes without saying that the first step toward creating masterpieces out of wood is the decision to invest in a practical and usable tool. In the world of router bits, that decision is the MLCS 8377. With its comprehensive assortment of the most popular tip styles, the results you get with the bit set will be astounding. It is also an economical choice as you get all the essential bits in a single package and at a budget-friendly price rather than taking the more expensive route of securing them separately from the market. The MLCS 8377 represents the best value for novices and starter looking to get started on various woodworking projects.

The list of best router bits on the market would not be complete without mentioning this set. Users find the high-quality construction of its bits quite appealing. Like the vast majority of router bits featuring on this list, all the bits are constructed out of top quality Carbide tips. Couple that with the fact that they are ergonomically designed and are heat treated to increase resistance to high temperatures and you have bits you can use continuously for several hours on end making the best pieces. The set also contains all the bits that professional woodworkers and enthusiastic DIYers commonly use. And the best part is that they come in different sizes and styles, making it a versatile set ideal for undertaking a wide array of woodworking projects both around the house and on the job site.
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As mentioned earlier, its flexibility is not in doubt. Users who undertake several woodworking projects at a go will immensely appreciate the set. Irrespective of the complexity of the project you're planning to undertake, the set has the strength, durability, and size to help you complete your project effortlessly and quickly and with the precision you need. In addition to four straight router bits, the MLCS 8377 also contains one of each of the following bits: rebating bit, V-groove, round over, roman ogee bit, 45-degree chamfer bit, hinge mortising bit, flush trim bit, cove bit, panel pilot bit, a dovetail bit, and round nose bit.

Other components are the Allen Wrench and a bearing that allows for the easy and quick conversion of round bits to beading bits. In spite of its budget-friendly pricing, the user gets all the router bits neatly arranged in a heavy-duty and durable wooden box. The box ensures all the pieces that are not in use are in one place, stored securely and safely to minimize the likelihood of misplacing them. The box also gives the bits protection against damage both during transit and during movement from one work site to another.

For novices and beginners in search of an ideal starter set, it is without a doubt one of the best alternatives on the market. Aside from representing the best value for money and housing a versatile collection of router pieces, the set is also very economical, high-performance, durable, and flexible. And while they're not the very best on the market, they produce very high-quality finishes for a set of its price. Compared to top-quality router bits out there, the MLCS 8377 wears and dulls much quicker, but it's still a perfect and lasts considerably long thanks to the carbide tip construction. Plus, you get to use a classy and attractive wooden box for keeping all the bits, so you don't misplace or lose them if you work in a busy setting.
  • Has more than router bits for experimentation
  • The user gets an attractive and sleek wooden box for greater portability
  • Moderate pricing of router bits
  • Top-quality carbide tips
  • Lacks the durability of its similarly priced counterparts
  • There is just a single bearing

5. CMT 800.505.11 1

5. CMT 800.505.11 1
A professional woodworker who works with different types and sizes of wood, both soft and hard, attaches great value to the durability of his or her tools. And so should you. Considering the high temperatures that working with abrasive woods generate, it is prudent that the user wisely invests their money in a durable router bit set. One of the toughest and most durable sets on the market currently is the CMT 800.505.11 13-Piece Set. All the bits come with 2 SinterHip Hi-Density Industrial chrome carbide cutting edges whose sturdy and professional construction significantly increases their useful life, allowing you to them for several years on end without the need for replacements.

However, because of their top-quality construction, they are more intended for professional use only by seasoned woodworkers. Enough with the overview. Let’s jump right into a detailed description of the features and capabilities of the CMT 800.505.11 13-Piece Router Bit Set that make the go-to tool for the vast majority of professional woodworkers from around the world.

First off, the CMT 800.505.11 has all the router bits a professional woodworker can need. There are three double flute straight bits and one of each of the following bits: mortising, round nose, V-groove, dovetail, cove, rabbeting, rounding over, roman ogee, chamfer, and lastly a bearing flush trim bit. The collection is both flexible and versatile and allows for effortless and hassle-free woodworking with several materials that include but are not limited to plywood, softwood, and hardwood.
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The bad news, however, depending on the perspective from which you look at it, is that the set is considerably pricier than most of its rivals. However, seeing as it comes with a comprehensive and versatile assortment of all the commonly used router bits and that each of the 13 feature high-quality construction, we think the premium price tag is commensurate. All the pieces have high-density 2 SinterHip Hi-Density Industrial chrome carbide cutting edges, ensuring that the sharpness of the tips and edges of the bits, and to a large extent their performance, does not suffer any setbacks with prolonged use. Plus, the price is a lot lower than if you were to go out of your way to buy all the thirteen pieces separately.

The construction and engineering aim to provide the user with the easiest possible time and convenience so that their work is both seamless and quick. To this end, a few of the router bits have an anti-kickback feature that works by providing safety to the user and cushions him or her against jerks that would otherwise lead to hand fatigue and strain. More importantly, the anti-kickback design is for controlling the depth of the cut, so the user achieves the precision they were hoping for.

The design similarly increases comfort and ease of use, providing for a smooth operation for prolonged periods of time. Some, on the other hand, come with bearings that drastically ease such endeavours as templating. Not to forget the fact that like most high-end router bit sets on the market, each purchase comes with a unique and long-lasting case made from hardwood. The case allows the user to keep all the thirteen router bits neatly organized and safe when working and also when commuting from one place to the next.

The set is indeed a cut above the rest. It is as convenient as it is a high performer. The comprehensive collection of 13 of the most frequently used router bits means you have everything you need to start making beautiful pieces economically. The bits are durable, the shanks professionally balanced, while the bits’ resistance to fatigue and abrasion, coupled with the robustness of the steel bodies makes for efficient and trouble-free cutting. Also, you get to enjoy the anti-kickback design which makes it possible for you to work safely and conveniently for longer. You’ll thank yourself for deciding to invest in the versatile, durable and high-performance CMT 800.505.11 13-piece set.
  • Very durable carbide tips
  • Exceptional sharp edge retention capabilities
  • Safe to use, thanks to anti-kickback make
  • Some bits have bearing for effortless templating
  • Comes with a very long-lasting hardwood case
  • Another expensive router bit set

6. Whiteside Router Bits 401

6. Whiteside Router Bits 401
While it may lack the solid reputation enjoyed by the vast majority of top-of-the-line router bits manufacturers in the industry, the Whiteside brand still gets to make some of the most outstanding router bits on the market. One of its most superb creations, the Whiteside Router Bits 401 Shank provides the user will all the essential requisite router bits for completing any woodworking project that comes their way. The ability to withstand both soft and abrasive wood varieties stems mainly from the fact that the router bits all come with reliable bits suitable for use by both novices and seasoned woodworkers. The uniform weight distribution and the subsequent balancing enables the vast majority of woodworkers to use them accurately and effortlessly.

As is mentioned in the previous paragraph, it provides you with all the router bits you need to start woodworking right away. There are seven router bits in the package. These are the same router bits that professional woodworkers use on an everyday basis, but the Whiteside Router Bits 401 provides you will all of them economically and in one convenient box. No point pouring a lot of your hard earned money in a 70 or 80-piece router bit set when you'll only be using just a tenth of that on a daily basis.
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There is very little difference, in terms of construction quality and therefore durability, between the router bits made by the Whiteside brand and those offered by the more established brands on the market. The premium carbide construction of all the seven pieces ensures they remain robust and long-lasting irrespective of the challenge and difficulty of the project you intend to undertake.
Another selling point is the precision grinding design of all the pieces. The design ensures the router bits maintain their exceptional balancing even at high speeds, which in turn minimizes costly errors. As you would expect with such high-quality and high-performance router bits, each purchase comes with a long-lasting and heavy-duty carrying case for conveniently storing all the seven pieces. With the case at your disposal, portability and transportation from one workstation to another will be a breeze, and you'll have a peace of mind knowing your router bits are safe and secure.

For a product that's both versatile, durable, and high-performance, the set sure is cost-effective. Coupled with the fact that you're getting seven router bits featuring premium carbide construction and precision ground for proper balancing at high speeds, we think the set is quite a steal. Top brands would have offered you similar quality for way more money. Their high performance eliminates the need for sanding after completing the routing procedure. Apart from providing you with a smooth surface, it is similarly quite easy to use, with no steep learning curves as is the case with some products on this list. With this set, routing has never been quicker, simpler and painless.

The one accomplishment of the set that makes it a little hard to beat is the fact that it has won several awards including "Best Overall" and "Best Value" awards organized by the highly reputed Fine Woodworking magazine. That's beside the fact that the user gets a lifetime warranty to cater for defects resulting from the use of poor quality materials or just poor workmanship, which, despite the brand's admittedly limited experience, you'll never get to use anyways.

The long and short of it is that in spite of being a relatively unknown brand, the Whiteside Router Bits 401 is without a doubt one of the best manufacturers of router bits. All seven are made from high-quality, industrial-grade premium carbide that together with the precision grounding makes withstand high temperatures and speeds with ease. They will also last much longer, thanks to the professional construction. You also get a lifetime warranty against defects in manufacturing. For satisfying and high-quality work, the set more than suffices.
  • High-quality and long-lasting carbide router bits
  • Ideal for heavy-duty woodworking projects
  • Precision ground to guarantee superior balance at high speeds
  • Offers moderate heat resistance
  • Has a sturdy and rugged storage case for safe keeping of router bits
  • The 1/2-inch sized-shanks provide for smooth and trouble-free operation
  • The router bits are few
  • The package does not have size labelling
  • Leans a little on the expensive side even with few router bits

7. MLCS 6077

7. MLCS 6077
For the lovers of woodwork, we present you with yet another practical and durable router bit set that makes short work and quick work of any woodworking project. The MLCS 6077 set, is the closest you're ever going to come to mimicking the work of professional woodworkers, if you're not already one. Like the previous MLCS router bit set, this one also features only the most frequently used router bits, all of which boast the highest quality construction and tipped with carbide to considerably increase their shelf life.

The set comes with straight bits and one the following bits: round over, dovetail, Roman Ogee, rebating, hinge mortising, a chamfer, round nose, flush trim, cove bit, V-Groove, and panel pilot. In addition to these 15 router bits, the MLCS 6077 Woodworking 1/4-Inch shank Carbide-tipped Router Bit Set also contains within it a bearing and a wrench for the easy and quick conversion of round bits to beading bits, thus saving you time in the process. As is pretty standard nowadays across the industry, all the 15 router bits are arranged neatly and kept safe by the heavy-duty carrying case that the user gets with every purchase. Gone are the days when you had to buy a storage box separately to ensure all your router bits are safe and in one place.
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It might come as a surprise though that the MLCS 6077 set has very sharp bits. However, considering the long years of experience and expertise the MLCS brand boasts in the industry, it would have been a surprise if they were anything less than sharp. Coupled with the fact that the bits are constructed using tipped carbide, they are capable of retaining their sharp cutting edge for much longer. It also boasts a moderate heat resistance and an ability to withstand high speeds and will sustain the least possible wear and tear irrespective of the intensity of the project. Consequently, with proper use in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, you should be able to use the set for the next several years on a wide range of domestic and commercial applications.

As you can deduce by now, there are no significant differences in performance and longevity between this set and other top-notch router bits on the market. The packages all come with a thoughtful and comprehensive assortment of commonly used router bits, all of which are made from tipped carbide. Also included in the package are an Allen Wrench and a bearing. Nevertheless, the one area where the router bit set breaks ground with its competitors is in terms of pricing.

It is the best value for money. You get all the router bits you need affordably and in one durable wooden box for easy and comfortable storage and transportation. Take care not to use the wrong bit for the task though as it might prove to be a costly mistake that could entirely ruin your woodworking project. Also, before starting the machine, check to see if the bit fits safely and securely to avoid any inadvertent damages.

If you’re looking for the best router bit set for the money, your search ends with the MLCS 6077 set. It is an ideal choice for enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfers and novices who are just getting started with woodworking. While the 1/4-inch bits are not long enough, they are nonetheless strong and durable enough to take on the toughest and most challenging woodworking projects. They are also affordable and come in a convenient wood storage box. You’ll be hard pressed find a better deal elsewhere.
  • Worth every buck
  • Durable and professional construction of router bits
  • The router bit set is multifunctional or versatile
  • Arrives with a wooden storage box for easy storage and transportation of bits
  • The package also contains an Allen Wrench
  • The 1/4-inch shank is not ideal for some woodwork projects

8. Freud 99-036

8. Freud 99-036
The Freud 99-036 Bits is one of the best router bit sets on the market that's perfect for undertaking the most complex and challenging projects in the industry. It comes handy for such projects as fitting together tongue and groove joints for which they are renowned for producing a perfect fit. In spite of such projects being physically and mentally demanding, the set makes short and easy work out of them, allowing the user to finish in a fraction of the time it would take with conventional methods.

All the router bits in the set come with a unique feature that largely accounts for its rave reviews on such customer trusted seller sites like opposing shear angles. The feature eliminates the need for smoothing your cuts as the resulting finish is both flawless and smooth. Trying to find a better deal to beat that would mainly be futile.
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Also, if you’re working with any stocks whose thickness lies between 1/2-inches and 1-1/2-inches and grooves widths ranging from 7/32-inches to 3/8-inches, you’ll be pleased to learn that the design allows you to make adjustments in increments of 0.002-inches. To adjust, all you have to do is insert shims between the cutters and all the bits have their shims to further ease the procedure. It is such versatility and ease of use that makes it the go-to tool for the vast majority of novices, beginners, and expert woodworkers from all around the world.

For additional versatility and flexibility, it happens to be compatible and therefore accepting all types and sizes of composition materials. As a result, you can choose to work with plywood, hardwoods and even softwoods. This is in addition to the fact that you can use the router bit set on portable routers that are mounted on a table, thanks to the 1/2-inch shanks featuring on all the router bits.

The Freud brand is renowned for producing some of the highest quality router bits, meaning that when it comes to quality of construction, this set has very few real competitors on the market. With their carbide tips and high-quality overall construction, the router bits can certainly last for several years on end with proper use. Like all other router bits coming from the Freud Company, these router bits also spot the Red Perma-Shield non-adhesive coat in addition to the TiCo high-density carbide. Together, these materials provide the absolute best wear and tear resistance and heat resistance, implying that you can use the bits for the toughest jobs and at the highest possible speeds without having to worry about any significant depreciation.

Overall, the Freud bits is indeed a cut above the rest, both in performance and construction quality. Being an industry leader for more than five decades means the Freud brand's name has deservingly become synonymous with quality, precision, and exceptional craftsmanship. The manufacturer uses the best materials to make the router bits: TiCo high-density carbide. As a result, the router bits get to maintain their sharp cutting edge for years on end. Coupled with their professional balancing, there isn't a single project the user cannot handle smoothly and quickly. That's beside the fact that the bits have superior heat resistance and can considerably reduce the build-up of the pitch, making simple and easy to use for longer.
  • Perma-Shield provides exceptional heat and wear and tear resistance
  • Design prevents accumulation of pitch
  • Ease of use and assemble
  • Outstanding cutting of a wide range of both soft and hardwoods
  • Can be reground repeatedly

Instruction provided are hard to follow

9. Bosch RBS010

9. Bosch RBS010
In spite of the strong temptation to extol the instrumental features of our 9th pick on a list of ten of best router bit sets, we do precisely that. Judging by physical appearances, the Bosch RBS010 set does not look any different from its competitors. That's until you take a peek under the hood, or scratch the surface if you will. As the name suggests, the router bit set is truly all-purpose. You can easily, and comfortable embark on a wide array of woodworking projects with just the set at your disposal, which is further buoyed by the fact that it packs both 1/2-inch and 1/4-inch shanks. You might want to look for a router bit set with thicker style if your work mainly restricts you to that because the Bosch RBS010 also comes with thinner tips. Read on for the benefits of going with the router bit set.

The first obvious advantage of choosing this set over its equally competent competitors is that you get the best assortment of all the router bits professional woodworkers commonly use for their woodworking projects. Seeing as you get all ten is a single package, you’re spared the agony and frustration of searching for the bits yourself and the extra expense as the complete set is much cheaper.
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The second advantage stems from the use of industrial-grade and long-lasting Micrograin carbide tips for the construction of the bits. Because the tips are further precision ground, they boast greater resistance to wear and tear and much more competent at retaining their sharp cutting edges for longer compared to off-brand models. Consequently, aside from the durability, you’ll be producing a very precise, smooth and flawless finish, which is more than we can say for the off-brand models currently flooding the market.

Because of the quality of their construction, the router bits in the set offer the best value for the bucks. The shanks are for one, uniformly hard and their bodies are more resistant to breakage even when you're working at high speeds. You don't have to worry about making a mess of your woodworking project like you would with cheap brands. The 1/2-inch shank bits are similarly more stable, and their levels of vibrations are considerably much more indiscernible, making them more fun, safer and easier to use for longer. You also have the 1/4-inch shanks to use with thin profiles. The ten router bits that come with the package are two straight bits, a dovetail bit, a roundover bit, a Roman Ogee bit, a chamfer bit, a 45-degree chamfer bit, a trim bit, a mortising bit, a core box bit, and lastly a V-groove bit.

Carrying all the ten pieces with you from one workstation to another is an understandably tricky endeavour. You risk losing or misplacing one or more them. To simply transportation and ensure you have all the pieces together in one place at all times, the manufacturer thoughtfully provides the user with a heavy-duty and long-lasting reusable storage case. The bottom features solid wood construction while the top is made from transparent plastic for easy identification of the router bits.

From the beginner just getting started with woodworking to the seasoned woodworker, the Bosch RBS010 is one of the best router bit sets on the market today. It is an ideal set for undertaking a wide range of woodworking applications including but not limited to straight, trimming, decorative edging, and dovetail joinery, among others. The 1/2-inch shank bits are considerably more stable and reduce vibration at high speeds while their 1/4-inch counterparts are a perfect choice for undertaking thin profile jobs. You will never know the true meaning of a consistently smooth and tight-fitting joint until you try the Bosch RBS010 set. It's the best quality there is.

  • Economical pricing makes one of the cheapest alternatives on the market
  • A wide assortment of differently sized router bit pieces
  • Manufacturer provides a convenient storage case for the safety of router bits
  • Very portable
  • Packs both 1/2-inch and 1/4-inch shanks for greater versatility
  • Generates very minimal vibrations even at high speeds
  • The learning curve is a little steep

10. Stalwart Set-24 Piece Kit

10. Stalwart Set-24 Piece Kit
Coming in at the 10th position on the list of ten of the best router bits is the Router Bit Set By Stalwart. The fact that the router bit set comes last should not be construed to imply it is of low quality. Contrary to such expectations, the set offers the user remarkable smoothness and allows them to work with very minimal vibrations. Reduced vibrations mean superior precision, which means you'll be avoiding costly mistakes while woodworking. In light of the set's ease of use and versatility, the kit with ¼” Shank and Wood Storage Case By Stalwart is an ideal choice for novices aiming to gain some proficiency at using the frequently used tips. Plus, being an entry-level set, the price is quite affordable.

Being an entry-level router bit set, the quality of construction, ease of use and durability is significantly enhanced to provide room for novices and extreme Do-It-Yourselfers to make mistakes without severely affecting the performance of the set. To this end, the manufacturer uses carbide tips to make the router bits. As a result, they are not only competent at withstanding heavy use but also offer exceptional resistance to heat and wear and tear. With proper use that strictly adheres to the manufacturer's directions, the kit should last more than a lifetime.
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True to its name, the Router Bit Set- 24 Piece Kit with ¼” Shank and Wood Storage Case By Stalwart is a versatile router bit set with 24 different pieces. The comprehensive and careful assortment of the different pieces allows you to face heads on any woodworking project that your line of work throws at you. The subsequent all-around characteristics of the set make it ideal for, among other things, woodworking, edging, trimming, grooving, and veining wood projects. In addition to being one of the best choices for carpenters and hobbyists from all around the world, the design and engineering of the set also easily accommodates different experience levels. You don’t necessarily have to be a beginner to use the Router Bit Set- 24 Piece Kit with ¼” Shank and Wood Storage Case By Stalwart.

If you're worried about how difficult it will be to carry all the 24 router bits and move about with them, don't. Like all other top-of-the-line router bit manufacturers, the Stalwart brand provides buyers with a robust and long-lasting wooden case for conveniently keeping all the 24 router bit pieces together. As a result, the likelihood of misplacing or losing any of the vital bits is virtually non-existent, thereby sparing you the agony of having to look for an expensive replacement online or in nearby stores. The wooden case also enhances portability by allowing you to move or commute comfortably and effortlessly between different workstations.

Are there more versatile and easier to use router bits on the market? Yes. Is this kit the most powerful of them all? Definitely no. Is it the cheapest there is? Of course, not. However, the router bit set stacks up pretty well against its more formidable competitors. Like them, the set has router bits that are very versatile and that both amateur and professional woodworkers will find easy to use for prolonged periods. Also, the set comes with universal 1/4-inch shanks and durable bits constructed from industrial-grade carbide tips for sharper cutting edges and longer edge retention.

The set also comes with a strong wooden case for conveniently keeping all the 24 router bits safe and secure in-between uses and during transportation. Everything considered, the kit is an exceptional router bit set ideal for both novices and professional woodworkers searching for a high-quality set of bits. They cut exceptionally and are worth every penny.
  • Provides exceptional heat resistance
  • Gives you value for money
  • Comes with 24 different router bits for the ultimate versatility
  • An economical choice
  • You get a wooden box with every purchase to allow for portability and provide safe storage
  • High-quality construction means they’ll last more than a lifetime
  • Produces the most flawless and smoothest finishes in the industry
  • Ideal for undertaking a wide range of woodworking projects
  • Works well with both soft and abrasive woods and materials
  • Comes with just one bearing size

Criteria for Choosing the Best Router Bits

Construction Material

The significance of the construction material is informed by the fact that it has a significant bearing on the performance of the router bits and their competence at maintaining a sharp cutting edge. To provide the user with the best of both worlds, manufacturers tend to rely primarily on three different materials: carbide tip, solid carbide, and high-speed steel, each having its inherent strengths and weaknesses. In deciphering these, let’s begin with the carbide tip.

The vast majority of router bits are constructed from carbide tip, and for a good reason. First off, the material is renowned for its strength and ruggedness. Unlike the other two, carbide tip is more adept at cutting abrasive woods and metals and equally capable of maintaining their sharp cutting edge for a lot longer. Router bits made from carbide tip are, as you would predict, however, considerably more expensive. Solid carbide, for its part, boasts incredible robustness and durability compared to the other two. As a result, they are your best bet for undertaking heavy-duty woodworking projects that involve working with hardwoods. They are moderately expensive.

High-speed steel, on the other hand, is the most cost-effective and softest of the three materials. Consequently, it is a perfect choice for the weekend warrior who’s not in search of an expensive or long-lasting router bit. Your choice of the most suitable router bits, therefore, needs to consider these three materials so you don’t skimp on quality if you’ll be working with tough materials or don’t pour money into an expensive router bit you’ll occasionally be using.

Construction Quality

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The second pertinent factor you need to take into account is the quality of router bits you intend to invest in. Invest in a high-quality router bit set, and you won’t be rereading this trying desperately to look for a more formidable replacement after one or two years of heavy use. If, on the other hand, you choose to skimp on quality and settle for the next cheapest available set, and you’ll be back combing the internet for this buying guide in a matter of months. The quickest and surest way of gauging the construction quality of a router bit is feeling its balance and looking at the sturdiness of the material from which it is made.

For the users with eyes firmly fixated on quality, you want a router bit made from carbide tips, and that is both sharp and precision to provide you with a superior cutting experience. They should also be thick to withstand being reground severally. More importantly, the bits need to have more body mass as it goes a long way in reducing kickbacks risks resulting from woodworking. Also, the higher the body mass, the more efficiently will your router bits dissipate excess heat, meaning that they’ll be able to maintain their sharp cutting edge for much longer.

Size of Shank

Router bits come in one of two sizes: 1/4-inch or 1/2-inch, meaning that irrespective of the nature of woodworking project you’re keen to undertake, your choice is limited to the two sizes. Keep in mind that different router bits are only compatible with specific bit shank sizes, with a small number accepting both the 1/2-inch and 1/4-inch sizes. Between the two, it would be prudent and highly recommended, that you go for the 1/2-inch shank-sized router bits for self-evident reasons. For one, 1/2-inch shank bits are considerably more stable compared to their 1/4-inch shank counterparts. As a result, they are less prone to vigorous vibrations, which in turn enhances precision. Secondly, they are renowned for producing very smooth cuts. Lastly and more importantly, 1/2-inch sized-shanks last for much longer. The decision is yours, though.


In the router bits industry, the mantra “cheap is expensive” is unfortunately true. By choosing the cheapest router bits on the market, you’ll most likely be skimping on essential considerations like build quality and performance. That is also not to say that you should rob the bank, figuratively, to buy the most expensive router bits the market offers. Consider your needs and your budget before making a choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the procedure for changing router bits on the router?

A: The procedure is fairly simple and straightforward. Begin by removing the base of the router to gain access to the router bit. The second step involves loosening the collet, which securely and firmly holds the router bit in place. The next and last step is to simply remove the router bit, which frees up space for another router bit of your choice. If you still find the procedure to be too complex to follow, you can always resort to following the pictorial directions that come with the instructions manual.

Q: With the understanding that router bits made from carbide tips are the most durable, will they still require re-sharpening down the line?


A: With heavy use, all router bits, even those made from sturdy carbide tip, will eventually lose their sharp edge. It is inevitable, and when it finally happens you can re-sharpen them yourself or seek professional assistance. Re-sharpening is, fortunately, a simple DIY task. Let’s walk you through it. Assuming you have the requisite diamond paddles, you’ll need to make sure you maintain edge balance by sharpening uniformly. With this in mind, it would be prudent to do between five and ten strokes on the first side before shifting to the next. Keep alternating until you find the level of sharpness satisfactory. For the sake of ensuring safety, make a point of sharpening the pieces on a workbench.


On its own, a router is borderline useless. That’s until you pair it with the most versatile and durable router bits. Together, you can use these for shaping and decorating various workpieces. They also come handy for decorative edging, dovetail joinery, trimming, veining and grooving on different types of woods, both smooth and hard. In your search for the best router bits, keep in mind that no set is the absolute best. The router bit sets are optimized for various woodworking projects, which incidentally makes it a little daunting choosing the right one. Our list contains it all. The products featured here are the very best and are ideal for both amateurs and seasoned woodworkers. Plus, the vast majority of them give you a taste of the premium features at a pocket-friendly price.