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1. Vernado – Vortex AVH10
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Best Electric Heaters Reviews & Ratings

The cold season is occasioned by very drastic plummeting of temperature levels and unless you take necessary precautions to warm up your living room, bathroom or bedroom, you and your loved ones risk spending a better part of the season shivering in the cold. The best precaution you can take during the winter is purchasing  one or more sets of durable, high-performing, functional and practical electric heaters for effectively stopping the multiplication of the chills. Electric heaters will supply your room with a constant flow of gentle and warm air throughout the season and at a fraction of the cost you’d otherwise incur if you were to run a central heating all through the day. Other than being economical, the modern electric heaters are safe and easy to use, lightweight and compact, long-lasting, and most importantly, better priced compared to traditional two-bar heaters or central heating systems.

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Given that proliferation of several electric heater brands, the market is full to the brim with all sorts and kinds of electric heaters, all optimized for different room sizes and circumstances and temperature levels. The secret to landing the best or rather a more appropriate electric heater is understanding the purpose for which you need an electric heater. In this respect, you’ll have to take several factors into consideration such as the type, power rating, its suitability for the task you intend to undertake, and the level of performance. The decision can be daunting and laborious, especially for novices or prospective first-time buyers. To make such a decision easy, we’ve put together a list of the criteria you need to take into consideration and a list of ten of the best electric heaters in the market currently.

10 Best Electric Heaters


1. Vernado – Vortex AVH10

1. Vernado – Vortex AVH10
For homeowners and office occupants looking for a high-performing and durable electric heater loaded with several convenience and safety features, look no further than the Vernado – Vortex AVH10. The machine has everything a homeowner look for in an electric heater, in addition to several others that make it the first consideration for a large segment of the domestic market. To give you an overview, the heater for once has an automatic shut-off features for promptly turning it off in the event that you tilt it to more than 30-degrees.

It is similarly equipped with a useful thermostat incorporated with an automatic climate control to provide you with an off-the-charts precision for keeping your room warm in the freezing temperatures of the winter. The fact that it comes with a patented ‘Vortex Action’ airflow technology means it’s capable of raising the temperature of a room to a conducive level within the shortest period possible while conserving your energy at the same time. Now, let’s delve a little deeper into the features and specs that make it the best electric heater on the market today.
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The tip-over protection makes it one of the safest electric heaters on the market, and will go a long way in ensuring the safety of both yourself and that of your loved ones. Another equally important safety feature is the spring-loaded sensor that entirely shuts of the electric heater in the event that any of the edges are lifted to more than an inch from a flat surface. The tip-over protection feature gives you a peace of mind, considering that you’re assured that in the event the heater is tilted by clumsy and playful children or pets, the likelihood of your housing or office going up in flames are very remote.

Consequently, if you have children or pets and are worried about your safety, the Vernado – Vortex AVH10 is the best electric heater to award yourself this cold winter season. As with most durable and top-quality products, it comes with a considerably high price tag, which others might consider to be a deal breaker. A careful consideration of the product’s features and safety record quickly reveals it is justifiably and reasonably priced and will prove to be economical in the long-run as you won’t have to look for replacements each and every year.

As already mentioned, it is a high-quality electric heater that’s passed some of the most vigorous quality checks to provide you with a smooth, trouble-free and reliable operation over the next several years. And to sweeten the deal, the manufacturer provides you with a sufficiently long 60-month warranty to cater for any defects resulting from the manufacturer’s use of low-quality products or faulty manufacturing process. Another positive aspect is that the thoughtful design makes it possible to hold the product at any given point even after an hour of full operation.

This heater is no slouch when it comes to performance, either. It has an impressive heating capacity that allows it to comfortably, quickly and evenly heating up both large and small spaces. With a heating capacity of 900 cubic feet, this electric heater is ideal for both light-duty and heavy-duty use around the office and the house. While its performance is not at par with other premium electric heaters in supplying you with immediate direct heat, its specialty lies more in spiralling air for the sufficient generation and distribution of heat all through a room. The compact and lightweight design also means you’ll have no difficulties moving the electric heater from one room to another with you or keeping it away when it’s not in use. In all the important aspects, the electric heater really shines.

To recap, the Vernado – Vortex AVH10 has a modern design with sleek and aesthetically appealing appearance. The feature-rich electric heater comes with several convenience features like the useful Auto Climate Control for automatically adjusting and maintaining a specific temperature to make your house or room warm and conducive. Even at full blast, the product has a Cool-touch body to protect your hands against the excess heat and a tip-over protection feature to prevent clumsy children and pets from tipping it over. With its “Vortex Action”, it circulates fast, warm and gentle heat evenly throughout the room. Choosing between the two heat settings is also made easy with the product’s LED screen and strategically placed push button controls. With a long 60-month warranty, you can never go wrong with the Vernado – Vortex AVH10 electric heater.
  • Even distribution of heat throughout the room
  • Has an easy to adjust thermostat for adjusting temperature
  • The heating element is non-glowing
  • Equipped with a safety shut-off in case the unit is tipped over
  • Comes with a cool-touch housing to prevent accidental burns when touched
  • Operates quietly and therefore ideal for use in the bedroom
  • Lightweight and compact design


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2. Lasko 754200

2. Lasko 754200
Very few electric heaters espouse convenience, durability and reliability like the Lasko 754200 does, especially with its ceramic heating element. The lightweight and compact characteristics of the electric heater means it’s highly portable and long-lasting, as already mentioned, and quite easy to use so that even the most clueless, aged, and not so technologically-savvy novices can use it comfortably and effortlessly. As far as versatility goes, it comes with dual heater settings according you the freedom of choosing between a 1500-watt full power and a lower power setting of 900-watt. The implication here is that you can choose a heating setting in accordance with the temperatures prevailing in your area of residence or office.

In the event that the temperatures improve, the Lasko 754200 simply doubles up as a fan, so you don’t have to fold it up and put it away. By simply turning off the heat, you can use the machine to keep the house or room aerated, thereby greatly improving your living conditions by keeping unpleasant odours away. A major selling point is that it has a quiet design and works without producing any loud noises or disrupting vibrations, as is the case with a vast majority of electric heaters. If you need a hassle-free and straightforward operation in your endeavour to keep yourself and your loved ones warm in the cold weather, the Lasko 754200 will come in handy for the next several years.
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A second highlight is the incorporation of a thermostat on the side of the product for guaranteeing that your room maintains a pre-set and desired temperature irrespective of the temperatures prevailing outdoors. The automatic shut off feature will promptly switch off the electric heater when the room temperature exceeds that set by the user and immediately powers it back on if there’s a sudden plummeting in the temperature levels. However, it is an entry-level electric heater and conspicuously lacks all the blows and whistles of the more premium models.

The absence of mounting holes, for instance, means there is no way of hanging it on the walls, and out of the way. Another drawback is the lack of a digital display and programmable control which adversely limits its ease of use. The design restricts it for use on flat and level surfaces like floors, even though this may take up significant space if you have a particularly small room. The Lasko 754200 offsets the disadvantage with its exceptional performance.

Other than being lightweight and compact, the design makes it relatively easy to move it from one room to another and even transport it from one location to another in the trunk of your car. Its small stature ensure it doesn’t take up too much storage space. There’s a carry handle for moving it around the house, which is also ergonomically designed to make it easy to handle without risking straining your muscles or suffering body fatigue. Plus, you won’t have to assemble it together or fine-tune it so it performs optimally. The product arrives ready-to-use out of the box and you can get it up and running in no time at all.

The Lasko 754200 efficiently and smoothly draws in cool air through the inlets at the back, quickly heats it up, and releases it at the front. Because of the design, it’s important that you take care not to barricade either of these openings as doing so, accidentally or otherwise, would adversely affect its performance and even its durability. Also, to get the most out of the heater, ensure to allow a good amount of clearance.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, compact, easy to use, and fairly priced electric heater, the Lasko 754200 is the product for you. Its professional and ingenious construction allows it to effortlessly meet and exceed all performance expectations. The aspects that make it greatly appealing are its ability to quickly heat up a room, evenly distribute heat to even the most hidden corners, ease of use, durability and versatility. With a 1500-watt rating, it is at par with other top-model electric heaters when it comes to performance. Its small size makes it an ideal choice for use in small rooms.
  • Wide coverage and distribution of heat
  • Lightweight and compact enough for easy portability
  • Portable from room to room, thanks to lightweight nature
  • Great value for money
  • Doesn’t come with a tip-over protection
  • Relatively loud compared to other electric heaters
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3. DeLonghi TRD0715T

3. DeLonghi TRD0715T
Another close contender for the top position is the Delonghi TRD0715T from the customer-trusted brand of Delonghi, whose products are renowned for their high-quality production. The preference for the electric heater is informed by its ability to gradually but steadily release warm air to thoroughly raise the temperature in even the largest room to a level that you and your family members will find most conducive. Such smooth and seamless performance can mainly be attributed to the product’s oil filled portable radiator, one of its kind in the industry.

Filling up the radiator with oil before sealing it permanently so there is no drainage and no need for refilling whatsoever allows the electric heater to perform efficiently and without subjecting the user to several unnecessary mechanical or electrical issues. Couple the trouble-free design of the Delonghi TRD0715T with its quite design and you have an electric heater you can comfortably use to fill your bedroom with warm and gentle air while resting. If the safety of your family is your first priority in keeping your house warm during the winter, know that the Delonghi TRD0715T is equipped with all the features to ensure they don’t come to any kind of harm in the cold season.
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First off, the automatic shut off feature will promptly turn the electric heater off the moment the room temperature reaches a pre-set value. The continuous blowing out of hot air eventually will considerably raise the temperature and without this feature, the room could be too hot for your comfort. Unlike one of the products reviewed above, it lacks a cool-touch body meaning that it can cause some serious burning in the event that it comes into contact with the human skin, which therefore calls for some caution if you have young children and pets. Because of its diminutive profile, don’t expect it to instantly blow out warm heat: it takes some time to heat up.

The heater is designed for use in different settings and rooms in the house. It’s both lightweight and compact weighing just 25 pounds and a compact design to take up the least storage space in the garage or bedroom. The ergonomic design also eliminates the possibility of straining the muscles on your hands or fingers when moving it from one room to another or of throwing your back out when dragging it around. To further increase portability, it is fitted with four sturdy wheels, making it possible to move with the least effort, even when taking it upstairs.

The ease of using it endears it to a vast majority of homeowners and office occupants. It comes with two well-placed knobs, one for setting the temperature to a level you’ll find most desirable and the second one for controlling the power level. In the event of overheating, there’s thermostat knob that helps with shutting off the electric heater, thus helping preserve its delicate internal components. The thermostat control will similarly shut off the unit in case of tipping over or if one of the air inlets our discharge chutes are obstructed by something.

Overall, it’s going to be a little daunting and bordering on futility any attempt to find an equally or even more versatile electric heater. The Delonghi TRD0715T has several useful features, starting with its energy efficiency, smooth performing oil-filled radiator, and versatility. Its design and engineering make an ideal unit for warming up small to medium-sized rooms as it releases a steady flow of warm air. The best part nonetheless, if the fact that it’s reasonably priced. Despite coming with a conventional oil-filled radiator that’s incapable of instantly heating up a room, it nonetheless lacks the warm air fill of its modern counterparts, and will therefore keep your room warm and toasty for much longer. Definitely a worthy consideration.

  • Effectively and efficiently heats up small to medium rooms
  • Has a quiet design and does no overheat
  • Easy to use controls
  • Does not necessitate refilling
  • Thermostat has an automatic shut-off feature
  • Very portable
  • Takes longer to raise room temperature
  • Doesn’t distribute heat uniformly through the room
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4. Mr. Heater MH18B

4. Mr. Heater MH18B
The winter season brings with its jaw-shatteringly cold temperatures, and this will most likely put a damper on such outdoor expeditions as camping and get-togethers. In such occasions, what you need is a practical and functional electric heater to slowly and steadily raise the temperature to make for a good experience and here is where the Mr. Heater MH18B Portable Propane Heater enters the scene. Other than being pocket-friendly, the electric heater comes with several other attractive features, most of which until now have been a preserve of top-model electric models. Now, let’s scratch the surface to reveal the features that make it really tick.

Mr. Heater MH18B comes with an astounding reputation, no wonder it’s one of the best sellers on customer-trusted seller sites like The electric heater is the first unit on this list to be running on propane. The first and most obvious advantage to running on propane is that you’ll be making considerable savings on running costs as you won’t have to depend on the electricity grid, and it is a convenient choice for persons living off the grid.
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It gives you a choice of two power settings: a low-speed 4000 British Thermal Units (BTU) and a high-speed fan setting capable of generating an impressive 9000-British Thrust Units. With the high-speed setting activated, you’ll be able to raise the temperature of a 225-square foot room or space in a matter of seconds, as compared to the several minutes you’d take with a cheaper electric heater. Because it uses propane as opposed to electricity, it’s ideal for both indoors and outdoors, providing you with nearly the same level of efficiency in both cases. The package comes with a swivel regulator for attaching it, with relative ease, to a one-pound liquid propane cylinder. In case you have a bigger room to heat up or are planning on using the machine for a prolonged period of time, you have the option of hooking it up to twenty-pound cylinder with an optional hose and filter.

The heater also has the advantage of being easy to use. All you have to do to turn the unit on is simply rotate a knob placed right next to the handle before pushing it in, after which the factory-fitted Piezo igniter takes over all the subsequent operations. The smooth and trouble-free running of the unit, devoid of performance hiccups prevalent in most electric heaters is largely lacking in this option, thanks to the inclusion of automatic safety modes.

The first safety feature is the automatic shut-off feature that will promptly switch off the machine if it’s tipped over. In case of overheating, the high temperature wire guard safety feature gets to kick in, thereby protecting you and your family members from the possible threat of a fire. The low oxygen safety shut-off (ODS) feature, as the name suggests, will completely shut the unit if there’s an interruption to the normal supply of air.

In addition to its diminutive stature, it comes with several other features aimed at increasing portability, making it easy to move with it from one location to another or just around the house. The inclusion of a fold-down handle ensures the machine takes up the least storage space and will consequently fit snugly into different spaces like the garage, trunk of your car, and the bedroom floor.

Weighing just 10 pounds, it is one of the lightest electric heaters on the market and can be carried around the house and up the stairs relatively effortlessly without the worry of possibly throwing your back out or suffering fatigue. The combination of ceramic burner tiles and shock absorbing insulation makes the Mr. Heater MH18B Portable Propane Heater apt at handling different size bumps occasioned by travelling over different types of terrains.

In all, while the Mr. Heater MH18B performs as good as other electric heaters, it nonetheless lacks a thermostat, which essentially means it lacks self-regulating capabilities like other top-of-the-line electric heaters. Nevertheless, it’s propane-powered and therefore capable of performing to a level that its electricity-powered counterparts just can’t match. It also lacks some of the perks of other premium electric heaters like digital controls.

The unit nevertheless offsets most of these drawbacks by offering you incredible versatility, durability, portability, and trouble-free performance. With dual fan-speed settings, the versatile Mr. Heater MH18B allows you to choose a temperature setting that best meets your heat requirements, whether you’re indoors having a good time with friends and family in the winter or camping outside.
  • Ideal for indoor heating of small spaces and camping
  • Easy to mount to the wall and baseboard
  • Has easy to use temperature controls
  • Comes with an automatic low-oxygen shut-off feature
  • Has an easy-carry handle for moving it from place to place
  • More on the expensive side
  • Lacks an built-in thermostat

5. Dr. Infrared Heater Portable

5. Dr. Infrared Heater Portable
If you’re not willing to settle for nothing short of exceptionality in all the impact aspects that include but not limited to durability, performance, versatility, flexibility, and ease of use, the Dr. Infrared Heater is the right product for you. The product is packed to the brim with several essential features, most of which are aimed at making the product easy to use among various homeowners, campers, and even those who work in confined spaces like offices. With its several features, it’s no wonder the product is the go-to tool for the mainstream of the population and is highly recommended for people who want to keep their rooms warm in the course of the freezing temperatures of the winter season. To familiarize yourself with the features that makes it a worthwhile consideration, read further.

The digital thermostat included turns it into a handy electric heater for keeping your room warm by ensuring you have a constant supply of gentle and warm air when it gets a little too cold for human comfort. You can adjust the thermostat in response to the changes in temperature so that when it plummets you get to easily adjust it upwards and vice-versa in case of a reverse scenario. To further make it convenient to use the heater, the manufacturers include a clear to see digital display to help you monitor temperature changes, and its placement at the front makes it easy to see without straining your eyes.
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And it is very easy on the eyes, in case you were wondering. The use of wood as the main construction material gives the product a vintage and attractive look, making it the preference of individuals who place great emphasis on aesthetics. Consequently, in addition to getting a high performing electric heater, you also get one that looks exceptionally great, and will immediately be the focal point of your bathroom, living room, or bedroom.

The Dr. Infrared Heater will do a great job enhancing the looks of your room, besides providing you with a cosy, comfortable, and powerful amount of warmth. The fact that the electric heater comes with infrared properties means in will help you conserve energy a great deal while giving you great value as it reduces the avenues through which heat gets lost to the air. Sitting in front of the electric heater will provide you with maximum benefits as you will be in the direct path of gently infrared waves that will slowly but steady warm you up, ensuring you don’t shiver in the cold.

Weighing a paltry 24 pounds and compact, you’ll have no difficulties whatsoever moving it from one room to another or even dragging it up the stairs. Because it has no exposed hot-spots, you can use it in the bathroom, knowing fully well that there is no possibility of suffering an electrocution. The product comes with a wide range of settings and modes to make easy to customize, plus the dependable thermostat happens to be very accurate.

If you have children and pets in the house, you might be concerned about the possibility of the heater getting knocked over accidentally and causing a fire. To preven such a possibility, the manufacturers included a tip-over protection feature, a cool-touch body, and an automatic shut-off which are further aided by the fact that the electric heater is oil-filled. Consequently, they don’t get excessively hot to a point of putting your kids at risk of burning their fingers or other parts of your body. Another major highlight is the fact that it has a quiet design allowing it to run quietly all through the night without interfering with your rest.

With a relatively short break-in period, an astounding ease of use and exceptional performance, the Dr. Infrared Heater is one of the best electric heaters to give serious consideration for those out shopping for a new electric heater or looking to upgrade. No matter how cold and unwelcoming your bathroom, living room or bedroom is, this electric heater will get it cosy, nice and toasty in less than half an hour. With its automatic shutoff feature, tip-over protection, and several other features, this option is one of the safest electric heater you’ll come across in the market.
  • Safe to use with its overheating and tip-over protection
  • Economic use of energy with its auto energy saving mode
  • Provides you with a super quiet operation
  • Provided with a remote control to allow for easy use
  • Professionally constructed to make it durable
  • Has a twelve-hour automatic shut-off timer and thermostat
  • Has a dual-heating system for convenience and versatility
  • A little heavy at 23 pounds
  • Not ideal for outdoor use

6. Holmes Digital Bathroom

6. Holmes Digital Bathroom
One of the several astounding features of the Holmes Digital Electric Heater is that it is equipped with a wall-mountable capability, meaning that it won’t take up too much space in your bedroom or living room during the cold winter. You can adjust its position on a wall relatively easily so that it’s at a height that's most conducive and that maximizes the efficient and even distribution of heat or warmth throughout a room. The lightweight and compact design similarly allows you to use it in confined spaces like the bathroom, where you can mount it to the wall and still have sufficient room to do your business. Despite all of these impressive features, the one that stands out the most is the fact that the Holmes Digital Bathroom Electric Heater Fan lower-priced, which is quite a surprise considering it offers you several premium features.

As is the case with nearly all electric heaters, it has its fair share of drawbacks though none of them is reason enough to look elsewhere. The fist drawback is the lack of a tip-over protection feature, which might pose as serious if you have clumsy children and pets. Another glaring drawback is the absence of an automatic shut-off feature. Consequently, in the event that the unit overheats, it could expose you and your loved ones to serious danger. These drawbacks are clearly inconsequential when compared to the benefits of owning the Holmes Digital Bathroom Electric Heater Fan. The unit gives you the freedom of entertaining guests and undertaking several outdoor activities without worrying about the possibility of freezing to death.
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The energy efficiency makes it an ideal choice for individuals looking to keep their electricity costs down, as you won’t have to resort to dialling up the settings on the thermostat. The product is very adept at creating a cosy, warm, and comfortable environment in the house as it steadily and slowly discharges a gentle and warm air that effectively keeps the cold at bay. The inclusion of a preheat timer with the unit means you can raise the temperature in the bathroom by a few degrees before going in in the morning. And you don’t have to worry about the possibility of electrocution while using it in the bathroom since it’s equipped with a useful ALCI plug that prevents the delicate internal components and wire from coming into contact with the water. And that’s not all.

The LED digital controls are paired with a programmable thermostat to ensure the temperature never exceeds the pre-set temperature. Inevitably, the unit will get hot after several hours of continuous use. To prevent against the possibility of overheating, the manufacturers thoughtfully installed an overheat protection feature. Also, the unit comes with a Cool-Touch housing which guarantees that if you touch any part of the unit even when it’s blowing out high temperature air at full blast, you don’t risk the possibility of burning your fingers.

Using this heater is as easy as turning it on and activating the single heat setting of 1500-watt. So easy is the operation that you don’t need to be technically savvy or inclined or have previous experience with electric heaters. With the product’s 12-month limited warranty, you can use it comfortably and with a peace of mind knowing all defects resulting from the manufacturer’s use of substandard components or poor workmanship will be catered for by the manufacturer.

Overall, it is an easy to use, high performing, easy to install and durable electric heater to use in the bathroom. It gives out a constant supply of warm hot air to make your bathroom cosy, warm and welcoming in the morning. The inclusion of a preheat timer means you can set the unit to warm up the bathroom before you go in. It has an ALCI plug which makes it convenient to use in the bathroom as it protects the internal components from water. The single fan speed setting, lightweight and compact characteristics of the unit, overheat protection and sufficiently long 12-month warranty makes it an ideal choice for the mainstream of homeowners.
  • Wall mountable to allow for convenience
  • Has premium features despite being fairly priced
  • Ideal for even distribution of heat in small to medium rooms
  • Provides for exceptional warming of small to large rooms
  • Has a life-saving ALCI plug to allow for use in the bathroom
  • Lacks an automatic shut-off feature for when it’s tipped over
  • Single setting of 1500-watts
  • Has no oscillatory properties

7. Lasko 755320

7. Lasko 755320
If the Lasko 754200 reviewed in this list does not strike your fancy, you might want to take a closer look at its sister product, the Lasko 755320. The latter products beat the former and several others in the industry in numerous performance and convenience aspects. To begin with, it is considerably taller, as is suggested by the ‘tower’ name. It is the first tall oscillating tower electric heater to appear on this list and is renowned for its even distribution of heat all through the room, irrespective of whether they are larger or smaller.

Performance-wise, it is equipped with an industry-standard but still quite powerful 1500-watts of power meaning that however far away you are sitting it, the heat will eventually get to you. Gone will be the days of making yourself several cups of tea to keep yourself from shivering in the cold. The fact that the electric heater offers a wide angle of oscillations, as already mentioned, will ensure that the heat gets to every corner of the house uniformly to prevent a situation where everybody fights for space in front of the electric heater. A second advantage to having the oscillating feature is that there’s a considerable reduction to the number of hot and cold spots and does a wonderful job maximizing comfort for each and every member of the family. So if you have a big family and would like to share the heat with everyone, the Lasko 755320 is definitely the best unit to go with.
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To ensure an ease of use, it comes fitted with a cool digital display to make it easy to track temperature changes as long as it is running. All the push button display are within easy and quick reach so you can turn it either on or off whenever you want. One of the most convenient features is the incorporation of a programmable thermostat allowing for the effortless and hassle-free setting of a temperature level you find most accommodating, depending on the temperatures prevailing outside. The programmable thermostat feature does not restrict your choice to a low and high fan-speed setting, as is the case with most standard electric heaters. The thermostat feature gives you a lot of versatility and flexibility, allowing you to conveniently toggle between the on and off states so that your room is always at the desired temperature throughout the day.

There is a handy timer option feature allowing you to set the time up to eight hours in advance. If you are retiring to bed, for instance, you can use the thermostat to set a desirable temperature before instructing the timer to run for a specified duration, allowing you to go to bed with a peace of mind. After the expiry of the stipulated time, the automatic shut-off feature will kick in eliminating the need to leave the comfort of your bed in the morning to shut it off yourself.

Plus, there’s a remote control bundled with the Lasko 755320 to enable you operate it with ease. The one drawback that you need to be aware of while making a purchasing decision, is that it lacks a fan only feature, which is not a deal breaker per se considering its off-the-charts performance.

Overall, the Lasko 755320 provides you with the much needed high performance in the cold winter when the need to keep yourself and other members of your family, guests or friends warm is even more paramount. Despite being a fully featured electric heater packing several essential premium features, it nonetheless comes with a surprisingly low price. The oscillating base is a major selling point allowing for the heat to cover one particular corner to the next, ensuring the even distribution of warm heat in the process.

The sturdy, solid and durable construction of the electric heater are a huge plus, in addition to being lightweight and compact so it takes up the least floor space. You can easily program the thermostat so the temperature level best matches your requirement in real time. The cool-touch housing means there are literally no possibilities of the electric heater burning you or your loved ones when it’s in use.
  • Produces great amount of heat to keep cold temperature away
  • Safe and convenient to use
  • Comes with wide range oscillation to cover the entire room
  • Has a quiet design
  • Compact and lightweight for easy use
  • Safe to use with an impressive 1500-watts of power
  • Has an undependable thermostat
  • The controls are a little noisy
  • Just a single fan setting therefore not as versatile as other electric heaters

8. Honeywell Energy

8. Honeywell Energy
For those working on a budget or just need a functional and practical electric heater for everyday use around the house but don’t want to settle for something mediocre, the Honeywell Energy Smart Cool Touch is just the product for you. The reliable and high performance of the unit coupled with its wide corner-to-corner range means it is at par, if not better than most electric heaters currently flooding the market.

In spite of the machine’s Darth Vader striking resemblance, it has a quiet design and will not produce any discernible or destructing sounds even with the activation of the highest power setting. Consequently, it is more suited for those families or individuals who put a lot of emphasis on a quiet operation and need a hassle-free and straightforward operation. A second feature that makes it easy to use, even for novices who have never encountered an electric heater ever before in their lives, is the extension cord. The cord allows you to place the machine at any point of the house, even in those rooms with no power outlets. And when you are not using the cord, the conveniently added spoon at the bottom of the machine allows for the easy holding of the cord so there is no entanglement and to enable you keep it away safely during the summer without it taking up too much storage space.
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Like the previous electric heater we reviewed, it oscillates at the base to guarantee there is an even and uniform distribution of comforting, gentle and warm air all throughout the room. The even distribution is important in ensuring people to not sit around the electric heater in a way that would obstruct the normal air flow or prevent the heat from reaching all corners of the room.

It is fitted with a life-life tip-over protection feature which immediately kicks in to shut if off if its tipped to more than two-inches. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about playful children or pets playing with it. And the name suggests, it comes with a cool-touch body whose function is preventing the external or exposed parts and components of the electric heater from getting hot and will as a result not lead to any burns when touched by playful children and pets.

The aesthetic properties are another consideration that are likely to sway your purchasing decision. Placing it in an open space in the living room will immediately make it the focal point of your living room, bedroom or bathroom and definitely turn your friends green with envy. Coupled with the product’s rosy cheerful glow, you have a product that will immediately bring warmth to your heart.

In conclusion, the Honeywell Energy Smart Cool Touch is an ideal choice because it comes with easy to use controls and a level of performance that will immediately put other electric heaters in its price range to shame. Its quite design means you can sleep peacefully throughout the night. Bring together its tip-over protection feature and cool-touch body and you have a product you can use safely around clumsy and playful children without worrying about the safety of both. If all you need a is functional, reliable, durable, and high-power electric heater for keeping your bedroom, bathroom or living room during the shattering cold of the winter, this heater is more than enough.
  • Offers powerful performance by raising room temperature quickly
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Durably constructed to last a lifetime
  • Cost-effective
  • Works quietly and effectively
  • Capable of heating up anywhere between 500 and 800 square feet of space
  • Tips over easily
  • A little noisy

9. Honeywell HCE200W

9. Honeywell HCE200W
The powerful performance of the Honeywell HCE200W coupled with its cool retro design makes it a lightweight and compact electric heater capable of fitting into the smallest and most confined spaces without taking up too much storage space. This is one of the aspects of the electric heater that a vast majority of campers and homeowners find most appealing and which has largely been responsible for its astronomical sales record since its introduction.

With its 1500-watts of power and its ceramic heating technology, the Honeywell HCE200W UberHeat is capable of quickly warming up the largest rooms or spaces within a few minutes, allowing you to escape the shivering temperatures of the cold winter season. The two features that makes it one of the best electric heaters on the market and definitely worth giving serious consideration is the fact that it is equipped with a useful thermostat and additionally comes with two power settings. The implication here is that the Honeywell HCE200W can be pre-set to a specific temperature and it will maintain it throughout its running period. In the event that it overheats, the adjustable thermostat kicks in and regulates the heat settings by shutting off the machine. And conversely, in case the temperatures outside suddenly plummet, the thermostat kicks in a raises the temperature to a level the house inhabitants will find most conducive and accommodating. And in the off-chance that it overheats, the cool-touch housing ensures it doesn’t get to burn your children and pets in case they accidentally come into contact with it.
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Additional features include a 6-foot long power cord to make it easy to reach every corner of a majority of large rooms without having to move it from one place to another. Even in those rooms without a power outlet, you won’t have any difficulties using the electric heater. To further increase the convenience of using the electric heater, there is an auto-off tip-over switch for immediately shutting it off in case the machine is tipped to more than two-inches in any directions. The feature will go a long way in keeping you and your loved ones safe all through the day, whether it’s tipped over accidentally by children or pets.

Before delving further into the features and specs that make the Honeywell HCE200W an astounding electric heater, it’s worth bringing to your attention the fact that even though the product comes with dual heat settings, there’s a glaring absence of a fan meaning that it’s not one of the best to use in a bathroom setting.

In spite of its diminutive structure, it packs an incredible amount of power, thanks to its 1500-watts power. Consequently, whether you’re thinking of camping out in the cold, hosting guests or family and friends, you can rest assured it will supply you with an instantaneous burst of air. The accuracy and ease of using the thermostat mean it will maintain a specific temperature for as long as required and to the level that you find most convenient. Another interesting feature is the inclusion of an oscillating feature responsible for spreading a gentle yet warm stream of air in the room in a manner that is both efficient and quick so that even the people at the furthest end can feel the warm.

The quiet design also means you and your loved ones will have a great night, sleeping quietly and comfortably with the knowledge that the auto-off tip-over switch will keep all of you safe. The lightweight and compact design of the Honeywell HCE200W allows you to use it on different spaces that include but not limited to offices, table tops, and desks. And one of the best aspects of the machine is that it comes with a long 36-month warranty for cater for defaults resulting from the use of defective materials or poor workmanship.
  • Operates quietly and exceptional well
  • Comes with a clean modern design
  • Has an overheat protection for safety
  • Very easy to use controls
  • Provided with a sufficiently long 36-month warranty
  • Thermostat is not very accurate
  • Power cord is a little too brief
  • A little noisy

10. Lasko 6462

10. Lasko 6462
The first thing that strikes you about the Lasko 6462 Ceramic Heater with Remote is the fact that it’s among a handful of other electric heaters, and the only one on this list, to come with a full 360-degree oscillation. Consequently, compared to other standard electric heaters on the market, this one is more apt at heating up large spaces within a very short span of time. In spite of its exceptional performance in warming up your room, making it cosy and comfortable enough to live in, the Lasko 6462 nonetheless comes with its fair share of drawbacks, particularly with regards to safety. That’s enough overview, now let’s delve a little deeper to reveal the features and specs that make the electric heater a worthwhile consideration.

First, it comes with a considerably wide 80-inch heating radius, meaning that it’s ideal for use in the largest homes without the need to sit too close to it and obstruct the warm heat from reaching the other occupants of the house or office in the process. Because of its diminutive size, however, you’ll have to wait approximately 60 minutes for the ambient temperature in a relatively cool room or space to rise by just 5 minutes. Even though it also comes with a single speed setting, it nonetheless gives you the liberty of toggling between a low speed setting and a high-speed setting which you can choose in accordance to the temperatures prevailing outside and how cosy and toasty you want your room to be. Its versatility is yet another advantage likely to sway your purchasing decision. During the warm months, the unit comes with a handy fan for cooling your room so it doesn’t get too hot.
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To keep you and other members of your family safe, the Lasko 6462 is equipped with a life-saving cool-touch body to enable you touch any part on its exterior without risking the possibility of it causing any burns. The cool-touch feature is a godsend considering that the machine, unlike a majority of domestic homeowners, comes with handles to allow for easy handling and moving from one room to another. It also has a factory-installed sensor for turning off the unit automatically in the event that the temperatures exceed a normal level, which, could easily cause a fire or lead to malfunctioning of vital internal components. The product’s total weight of just 7.7 pounds means you’ll have no difficulties dragging it up the stairs. However, unlike other electric heater in its price range, it lacks such features like an automatic shut-off and tip-over sensor for turning it off in case someone or something tips it over.

For those who’d die for a quiet and hassle-free operation, you’ll be pleased to learn that the fan has a noise level of 62 decibels, which is pretty standard for an electric heater of its size. Another major highlight is its factory-installed digital thermostat that enables you set a temperature level you find most accommodating. The second it attains the set temperature, it automatically turns itself off so there is a possibility of exceeding the set temperature and it will conversely turn up the discharge of gentle, warm air when the temperatures plummet suddenly.

The adjustments are quite easy to make, especially considering that it comes with a remote control to allow you make all the necessary changes from the comfort of your bed or sofa. And while there’s an absence of a dedicated cord storage area for safely and securely storing the power cable, you can similarly use the product’s tapered base for the same purpose.

To conclude, there are significant differences between this option and other electric heaters currently flooding the market. It’s the only one on this list with a full 360-degree oscillating fan and exceptional spot-heating competences. Transporting it from one room to another might prove to be a little cumbersome as it lacks carrying handles in spite of being lightweight and compact.

The Lasko 6462 might also not be the best choice for people looking for a little convenience, particularly with respect to safety features. With the electric heater, you get a sufficiently long 36-month warranty and you have the option of using email or telephone if you want to receive any servicing or troubleshooting. If you want effective and uniform distribution of heat especially in large spaces with the use of simple and intuitive controls, this is the best product to consider.
  • Gives you value for your money
  • Lightweight and compact for use in minimal spaces
  • Easy to use temperature settings
  • Comes with several safety features to keep you safe
  • Produces an impressive amount of heat
  • Lacks a tip-over sensor
  • Thermostat is not as accurate as required

Criteria for Choosing the Best Electric Heaters


One of the most important consideration when out shopping for an electric heater is the ease of moving it from one place to another or from one room to another. If you intend to use your electric heater in one room without moving it around, consider getting a wall or baseboard mountable heater since they will provide you with superior convenience and safety. If, on the other hand, you a relatively big house or large spaces to keep warm all through the winter, a portable electric heater would suffice because they’ll be easier to move around. They are purposefully made lightweight and compact to ensure they’re easy to move around without much ado.


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The preference for electric heaters with oscillating fans is informed by the fact that they are more competent at heating up a large space quickly and effortlessly while ensuring there is a uniform distribution of the heat to every corner of the house. The fans force out the gentle, warm and cosy heat to all corners of the house so that there is no point sitting in front of the unit in a way that would prevent the heat from reaching other occupants of the room or office. Electric heaters with a fan are more versatile than their counterparts without a fan as they can double up as oscillating fans during the summer when the heat feature is switched off. If your area of residence is prone to extreme temperature fluctuations, an electric heater with a fan could save the extra cost of procuring a separate fan.


Whether your house has a confined space or is liberally space, you still need an electric heater that can effectively raise the warmth levels to a desirable level within the shortest period of time and for as long as required. To this end, pay attention to the heat output when shopping for an electric heater. While others are more suited for spot heating, others are ideal for the even distribution of heat over a considerably wider space meaning that they’ll take no time at all in raising the temperatures of large rooms. Take into consideration the type of heat you want and the place you intend to use the product. If you need lingering heat, you’re better off with oil-filled and ceramic heaters as opposed to the standard ones.

Ease of Use and Safety

To make them easy to use, virtually all modern electric heaters are equipped with a thermostat to keep the temperature at a specific temperature. If the temperatures plummet, it kicks in and raises the temperature and conversely lowers the room temperature if it gets hot outside. Some units have useful timers to allow you to specify a time when it starts automatically and the duration over which it runs. Consequently, to make the bathroom ready for use in the morning, rather than wake up early to start the unit, you can conveniently set the time to get it running before going in. Most of the portable ones are also lightweight, compact and fitted with carrying handles so there are no difficulties moving it from one room to another.

To keep you and your family members safe, some electric heaters are equipped with such features as a tilt protection that will promptly turn it off the minute it’s tilted over to more than a specified degree. Others are safety protection features for preventing the likelihood of the unit overheating. And in case it does, those with a cool-touch housing ensure your hands don’t get burned in case you, your loved ones or your pets come into contact with it.


Q: How do I best position my electric heater to get the best out of it?

A: The decision on where to place your electric heater will have to take a few factors into consideration so you get the most out of it. Two of the most important are clearance around the machine and the safety of the house or office occupants. As common would dictate, unless your unit is a wall or baseboard mountable, it needs to rest on a flat and smooth surface to minimize the likelihood of being tipped or tilted with ease. Secondly, it needs to have a lot of clearance so there is no obstruction to the normal air flow. The common practice is to place it anywhere between 2 and 3 feet from the nearest wall. In case you have clumsy children and pets, it would be advisable to go for a wall or baseboard mountable version and ensure none of the air inlets or outlets are obstructed by anything. Because they are electricity powered, it would also be prudent to ensure they are as far away from moisture as possible and that you have a clear path for walking around without knocking them.

Q: My electric heater emits a burning smell after a few minutes of use. What is the likely source of the smell and how do I resolve it?

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A: The most likely culprit response for the emission of the offensive smell is the accumulation of dust particles when they comes into contact with the heating element. The problem is easy to resolve and simply requires swiping the surface of the product’s grates with a vacuum’s hose attachment. Doing so will immediately resolve the problem as there will be no more dust on the delicate internal components of the unit. Doing so every few weeks, will ensure your electric heater maintains an optimal performance condition for the next several years.

Q: How different is a ceramic heater from a fan-based heater?

A: The main difference between the two is in terms of performance. The former emits a nice, uniform heat and generally cool down a lot faster than the latter.


When it comes to choosing the most suitable electric heater for your home, to keep you and your loved ones warm during the cold temperatures of the winter, there are several brands and types you can choose from. Whether your heart is set on a lightweight and portable variant, a wall or baseboard mountable variant or one powerful enough to heat up a wide room, our list of the best electric heater features the best choices. Irrespective of your choice, we cannot stress enough the significance of taking precautionary measures when using an electric heater.  Adjust the thermostat to a more appropriate level if you want to save on costs. No matter your choice, never compromise on effectiveness, efficiency, and safety. Some of the features you might want to pay attention to are automatic shut-off, tip-over protection, ease of handling and portability, effective heat distribution, and an ease of use. Keeping all these factors in mind will definitely unit you with the most suitable electric heater.