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1. Eco-Defense
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Best Bed Bug Sprays Reviews & Ratings

Bed bugs are elusive animals, so small that you might not see them and unless you know the signs and symptoms to look out for, they will go undetected and multiplying exponentially right under your nose. Living in am infested house exposes not only you but also your loved ones and colleagues to great danger. Over the course of the infestation, they will inflict numerous blotch, red and unsightly spots all over your legs, arms and even around the abdomen. In such a situation, your best and last resort is immediately investing in an effective and practical eradication killer spray to rid your house of the frustrating invertebrates. The killer sprays are all over the market, and a majority are reasonably priced, not to mention that they don’t require any special skills to use. Simply point them toward a targeted area and spray.

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Even though shopping for the most suitable killer spray is not an exceedingly nerve-wracking endeavour, it necessitates conducting thorough research to get a product that best meets your needs. You’ll want to consider several factors, the most important of which performance and safety. No one wants to expose their loved ones or colleagues to toxic and life-threatening fumes in the name of eradicating bugs and other stubborn household pests. Keeping your family safe is without a doubt an important consideration, and as such, it would be prudent to go for those that are manufactured purely using organic and natural ingredients. In this article, we’ll try to simplify the process of looking for a most suitable killer spray by taking an in-depth look at some of the best ones on the market today.

10 Best Bed Bug Sprays


1. Eco-Defense

1. Eco-Defense
An infestation exposes you and your loved ones to serious health hazards, and unless you take the necessary precautions to deal with the menace, it can quickly spiral out of control. One of the best natural and organic killer sprays currently on the market, and one that has and continues to receive rave reviews on such customer-trusted seller websites such as, is the Eco-Defense SPRAY, Natural Organic Formula Fastest. The main difference between the product and other killer sprays on the market is that it is made from non-toxic ingredients that quickly and effectively get rid of pests in various stages. Irrespective of the insect's life stage, whether they're fully grown, in the nymph stage or just eggs, the spray will put an end to their infestation on contact.

Aside from its prowess at killing pests and featuring all natural and organic ingredients that are harmless to the occupants of the house, the spray has yet another keynote feature that separates it from its closest competitors. The product leaves your bedding at their initial level of cleanliness, neither staining nor dirtying them any more than they already were. Such an assurance from the manufacturer allows you to use it liberally and generously on your bedding, confident that other than killing the frustrating pests on contact, it won't stain your cover mattress and sheets. You will be able to resume your sleep, confident in the knowledge that it is made purely from natural and organic materials and is consequently harmless to human health.
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An infestation exposes you and your loved ones to serious health hazards, and unless you take the necessary precautions to deal with the menace, it can quickly spiral out of control. One of the best natural and organic killer sprays currently on the market, and one that has and continues to receive rave reviews on such customer-trusted seller websites such as Amazon, is this option. The main difference between the product and other killer sprays on the market is that it is made from safe ingredients that quickly and effectively get of bed bugs in various stages.

Irrespective of the insect's life stage, whether they're fully grown, in the nymph stage or just eggs, the Eco-Defense Killer will put an end to their infestation on contact.

Aside from its prowess at killing bed bugs and featuring all natural and organic ingredients that are harmless to the occupants of the house, it has yet another keynote feature that separates it from its closest competitors. The product leaves your bedding at their initial level of cleanliness, neither staining nor dirtying them any more than they already were. Such an assurance from the manufacturer allows you to use it liberally and generously on your bedding, confident that other than killing the frustrating pests on contact, it won't stain the sheets or mattress. You will be able to resume your sleep, confident in the knowledge that the Eco-Defense Killer is made purely from natural and organic materials and is consequently harmless to human health.
  • Does not stain the furniture or any other surfaces
  • Completely safe to use around children and pets
  • Guarantees almost immediate action
  • Reasonably and fairly priced
  • Kills bed bugs at all stages
  • Allows you to sleep securely without irritating your skin
  • Produces a smell that’s a little too strong
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2. Bed Bug Killer by EcoRaider

2. Bed Bug Killer by EcoRaider
The second killer spray to make the list, known as the Killer by EcoRaider, comes from the highly-reputed EcoRaider brand. The product comes with a formulation of glycerol monooleate, silica hydrate, and water that make it an ideal choice for homeowners looking for an effective way of eliminating bed bugs from their homes with 100 % efficiency. And these are results that have been confirmed time and again by such well-established published publications as the Entomological Society of America’s Journal. Several research entomologists took it upon themselves to ascertain the infections eradication prowess of the spray by conducting extensive tests. In their conclusion, they noted the effectiveness of the product and highly recommend it for use in sensitive environments such as the bedroom.

Other than the high recommendation by research entomologists, the spray is also very popular with professional exterminators both in the United States and various parts of the world. Such high preference is informed by, among other things, the product’s exceptional effectiveness in killing bed bugs at various stages of growth. Such effectiveness is also observed when used against those that have developed resistance to the chemicals and pesticides conventionally used to manufacture killer sprays. As was the case with the first product reviewed, the spray by EcoRaider doesn’t hesitate even slightly when used against adult ones, nymphs, and eggs – it gives impressive results every single time.
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The spray is highly recommended for use on pests that have become resistant to traditional means of eradication. If you’ve helplessly noted a multiplication of the bed bugs on your property and is understandably concerned for the safety and health of your loved ones, the effectiveness of it will go a long way in giving you a peace of mind by eliminating the entire colony threatening to take over your home.

Homeowners and professional exterminators find it to be an indispensable infestation eradication alternative because it also features a dry residual protection. The implication here is that even after having dried up, it continues to protect you and your loved ones from the possibility of being freshly attacked by a new colony. This is in addition to the fact that the spray, like the previous product, is dermatological safe and won’t harm you, your children or your pet. If the situation demands it, feel free to apply the product on the cover mattress and box springs of your bed.

Because it is made from purely natural ingredients, it comes with non safety issues whatsoever, unlike the vast majority of pest control products that rely heavily on the use of pesticides and chemicals. It features an ingredient capable of quickly penetrating the exoskeleton. The micro-scale ingredient then immediately paralyzes the bug which eventually dies.

For people looking for an effective way of eradicating a growing colony in sensitive environments such as public housing, hotels, and other commercial establishment, the ideal solution would be the spray by EcoRaider. It is made from all-natural ingredients and is therefore safe to use, without the risk of exposing yourself, your children or pets to any health or dermatological harm. With a drytime of two weeks and zero pungent fumes, it is far more effective than pesticides on the market, in addition to also being fairly and reasonably priced.
  • Features a non-toxic chemical formula making it very eco-friendly
  • Non-potent to children and pets in the house
  • Kills bed bugs quickly and effectively and for longer
  • Offers fast action with a long residual protection
  • Kills adult bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs
  • Non-harming to children, adults and furry friends

Lacks the potency to stop deep infestation

  • Produces an unpleasant smell
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3. Harris Toughest

3. Harris Toughest
The one gallon Harris Toughest Killer, Liquid Spray with Odorless and Non-Staining Extended Residual Kill Formula is a perfect choice when there is an extensive infestation, and you have quite some area to cover. The product boasts a strong and effective formulation that will kill adult bugs, nymphs and eggs in an instant. The quick action formulation helps you to save time and effort you would have expended if you had decided to go with traditional yet ineffective means of controlling pests. An added advantage is that it works effortlessly even on those Pyrethroid Resistant Bugs that have since become resistant to the numerous insecticide formulations on the market.

When all other means of ridding your house of bed bugs are quickly failing, your only source of hope is this spray. The main difference between the product and other killer sprays on the market is that it has an extra-strength formulation. The exceptional formulation gives you residual control that's handy for stopping the continued multiplication of the few surviving bed bugs sixteen weeks after the initial time of application. The first application will effectively clear approximately 97.5 percent of all pests, leaving the residual control to take care of the rest in the course of the next sixteen weeks. After the expiry of this period, expect your home to be completely free from any bed bugs, nymphs, and even eggs.
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Unlike some equally effective spray killers featuring on this list, the spray produces to repellant or unpleasant odours, which means you don't have to apply it really early to allow an adequate window for the smell to dissipate. In light of the strong formulation of the killer spray though, you'll have to ensure ample ventilation just so that you and your loved ones or colleagues are on the safe side. Similar to other killer sprays on this list, it is also safe to use for spraying your floor, walls, and even furniture given that it does not leave any unsightly marks or stains.

To register the best results you’re going to have to apply it on a regular basis, or as frequently as possible. Keeping in mind that it is only effective when it comes into contact with the targeted bed bugs, successful eradication requires flexibility, the ability to spray those hard-to-reach spots that pests normally like to hide during the day. Not doing so might give you a false sense of security while the colony is multiplying exponentially right under your nose.

As is the case with all other killer sprays, you need to take the necessary safety precautions before, during and after spraying. Powerful sprays like this one contain deltamethrin designed specifically for killing bed bugs, lice and several other pests on contact. Recommended measures include but not limited to covering any exposed body skin and temporarily removing fabric materials from the room.

Overall, the Harris Toughest spray provides the user with a powerful performance and can eradicate the toughest of bugs, provided they come into contact with the spray. The product features an extended residual kill formula of up to sixteen weeks from the day of application, does not produce any odours and does not leave any stains on the bed, floor, walls, or bedding.
  • Ease of use does not require professional assistance
  • Won’t stain furniture, fabrics, beddings, and other surfaces
  • The product is EPA approved
  • Instantly kills bed bugs, eggs and nymphs it comes into contact with
  • Has a long residual protection
  • Produces a strong smell
  • Excessive use may make bed bugs develop resistance to deltamethrin
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4. Ortho Home Defense

4. Ortho Home Defense
For individuals who need to an immediate stop to bed bugs' exponential multiplication in their home or office need not look further than the Ortho Home Defense spray. The beauty of the unit is that it's not just limited to killing adult ones; it also kills the nymphs and the eggs, so you don't have to deal with a newer and more adapted generation of them. Also, in addition to killing bed bugs, the killer spray all deals effectively with other equally dangerous pests such as fleas, dust mites, and stink bugs. The spray, therefore, gives you value for money, as you don't have to purchase yet another pest eradication product to deal with the last two.

Its powerful performance means all bugs won’t be able to put up much resistance – they’ll be paralyzed and dead within seconds. The spray acts fast and swiftly, and with repeated application in the most confined and hard-to-reach spots around the house, such as the frame and the seams of the mattresses and sheets, you’ll be enjoying a pest-free stay in just a month.
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The versatility is yet another of its essential features, and one that's mostly responsible for its inclusion on the list of the best killer sprays to check out. Aside from your sheets, floor, mattresses, and furniture, the formula is similarly suitable for use on your suitcase, which significantly minimizes the likelihood of inadvertently bringing the beg bugs to the house after a night spent in a hotel or at friend’s. Irrespective of the spread and magnitude of the infestation, the spray works hard all around the clock to stop and quickly eliminate the continued growth of the bug colony. It is indeed one of the best killer sprayers out there, and the best part is that you don’t have to dig deeper into your pockets to get one.

The ingredients they guarantee a house free of bed bugs, fleas, dust mites and stink bugs as long as the user strictly adheres to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. The best results are of course registered by those who take immediate action on the first sign of infestation presence. Dragging your feet only gives the pests more ample time to multiply in number, becoming a big colony that can quickly overwhelm you and prove to be very expensive in the long-run.

The Ortho Home Defense spray is an odourless and harmless eradication product made from purely organic and natural ingredients and without the slightest trace of chemical components such as pesticides. As a result, feel free to apply it generously around the house from the beddings, surfaces like walls and floors, to the darkest and hard-to-reach cracks in the bedroom. It comes with an impressive residual protection that ensures its killing prowess lasts another two weeks from the initial date of application. Given the extreme toxicity of the killer spray and the resulting residual protection, it would be prudent to cordon off the sprayed room, allowing for a window of between 3 and 4 hours before reusing it.

To conclude, this option is among the best, fast-acting killer sprays you can find on the market today. Despite being a budget-friendly choice, it offers you a distinct and powerful formulation that uniquely qualifies it for killing those stubborn and pyrethroid-resistant pests trying to monopolize your home.
  • Guarantees instantaneous and fast action with longer residual protection
  • Kills bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs
  • Ideal for use on different surfaces and materials like cracks and bedsheets
  • Works effectively even on bed bugs that have developed resistance to other chemical compounds
  • Dries slowly and might not be safe to be around
  • Produces an unbearable and discomforting smell

5. Bye-Bye Bed Bugs

5. Bye-Bye Bed Bugs
Eliminating the most stubborn and pyrethroid-resistant pests has never been easier, more effective and quicker as it is with the Bye-Bye Bed Bugs - Powerful, Natural Killer Spray - Home Defense Treatment - Eco-friendly and Safe for the Family. The product completely takes the effort and time away from the endeavour to eradicate your home of pests. Aside from being highly rated and recommended by most homeowners and professional exterminators and receiving rave reviews on Amazon, this formulation is similarly friendly to the environment.

Lastly, the formulation with several active ingredients such as alpha-cyclodextrin, ethyl lactate, distilled water, cedarwood, sodium lauryl sulfate and Geranium oil. Together with other features, the ingredients are all natural and harmless, meaning that you can safely spray the product even in the presence of children and pets and on different surfaces that include beddings, floors, walls, seams of the mattress and the frame in addition to sheets and covers. Enough with the overview. Now, let’s delve into details of the features that makes it awesome.
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To begin with, it is made in the United States, which inevitably means it has undergone thorough quality checks to comply with local and international safety and quality standards. Quality aside, the product is no slouch when it comes to performance. Its potent and toxic chemical formulation that also includes the aforementioned active ingredients enables it to perform powerfully and effectively to remove the most stubborn and pyrethroid-resistant bugs from your house.

Like already mentioned, the spray is made from natural and organic materials and is, therefore, both safe and harmless to use around young children and pets, in spite of its toxic and potent formulation. Its powerful formulation prevents bugs from moving from one hard-to-reach corner of the house to the other considering that it immediately kills adult bugs, nymphs, and their eggs within seconds of coming into contact with them. It also boasts a considerably short residual protection of four hours compared to the weeks offered by other top-notch killer sprays on the market.

You, however, need to note that it is a top-end killer spray, it nevertheless carries a considerably strong and unpleasant smell that slowly dissipates with time. You might want to consider taking necessary precautions before applying it to prevent the accumulation of the smell in a small room, like leaving the windows open for some time.

According to the manufacturer, the spray is a non-staining solution. The assurance gives you the freedom of using it on all sorts of surfaces, and does not limit you to the frame of the bed and floors, as is the case with other products. Because it's non-staining, feel free to go all the way – spray in generously on the furniture, beddings, mattress seams, sheets, and covers in addition to other surfaces you see fit. The manufacturer, however, recommends that you get rid of clutter from the targeted treatment area and vacuuming it thoroughly before you apply it on the different surfaces mentioned.

The design of the bottle increases ease of use and gives you the ability to use it directly from the spray bottle. Ease of holding and squeezing the bottle is further augmented by its ergonomic design that ensures comfort all throughout the process. The freedom of changing the handle spray to a spraying pattern of your choice is yet another versatile and attractive feature that makes it an ideal choice for those on the move.

For users who need a result-oriented and powerful solution for stopping the migration, spread and multiplication of pests in the house and the office, this spray is an ideal choice. Its all-natural ingredient formulation makes it safe to use both in and outside the house and office. You can comfortably and confidently use it on your white sheets, covers, furniture and floor because it doesn't leave any ugly stains or markings. Plus, it's very cost-effective.
  • Acts fast and effectively
  • Safe to use around members of the family and your furry friends
  • Very friendly to the environment
  • Stops the migration and multiplication of bed bugs in their tracks
  • Safe to use human beings and adults
  • Easy to use
  • Does not stain
  • Longer residual protection
  • Guarantees a bed bug-free environment in days
  • Not ideal for use with wall paint
  • The smell is a little unpleasant

6. Bed Bug Spray By Killer Green

6. Bed Bug Spray By Killer Green
There is everything to love about the spray By Killer Green – Best Non-Toxic All Natural Killer & Treatment. From its exceptional performance, versatility to ease of use, the product is a perfect balance of all the essential features professional exterminators, and experienced homeowners look for in a product. To begin with, the killer spray is a toxic and potent blend of only natural ingredients, which gives you the freedom of using it on all sorts of surfaces around the house.

Is it the curtains or the seams of the bed you're suspecting to bear the brunt of the infestation? No problem, simply point the bottle then squeeze out a sufficient amount on the surface. The fact that it is manufactured using only the best ingredients means it won't interfere with the aesthetic appeal of your sheets and covers, and neither will it decolourize your floor or wall surfaces.
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Since the spray is harmless and therefore safe to use in both indoor and outdoor settings, you don’t have to make any special arrangements before using it. You can confidently leave the baby sleeping comfortably on the bed when applying the product. It won’t expose you, your loved ones, or your pets to any harm during and after application.

Whether it is early in the morning, in the afternoon or at night, you can quickly spray around the house, paying particular attention to the cracks on the walls and being careful enough to thoroughly cover all the hard-to-reach and tight spots around the bedroom. Neither do you have to be concerned about any unpleasant smells since, unlike traditional means of controlling that rely heavily on pesticides, the spray produces an extremely light non-toxic smell that dissipates within the first few seconds of its application. You can, therefore, take comfort in the knowledge that you'll be breathing in a safe aerosol chemical free setting.

After you're done spraying around the bedroom hotspots, you'll be able to see results within five seconds, which makes it one of the best eradication alternatives on the market. You don't have to wait for as much as two hours or even a week to monitor the success rate of the product. And the best part about the product is that you are at liberty to store it in any part of the house or office because as previously mentioned, it is neither toxic nor flamer. On the contrary, it is biodegradable, environmentally sound and performs very powerfully. According to several laboratory tests done around the world, it's been established that the product is capable of eradicating as much as 99 percent of pests in just 11 minutes. Plus, it comes with a sufficiently long two-week residual effect.

For individuals looking for fast action, look no further than this spray. It is among a handful of eradication products that promise you positive results in under five seconds from the time of application. Additionally, it is safe to use on various surfaces and delicate items. Its safe to use around children, pets, and house plants and it won't cause any severe eye irritation, like other cheaply manufactured products on the market.
  • Capable of drying in very few minutes
  • Non-flammable
  • Friendly to the environment
  • Made from natural and organic ingredients
  • Safe to use around other human beings and pets
  • Does not produce any bad smells
  • Takes time to kill all bed bugs in the target area

7. Bed Bug Killer 100% Environmentally Friendly

7. Bed Bug Killer 100% Environmentally Friendly
This spray is yet another powerful, fast action eradication product from the highly reputed Patrol brand. Like all its siblings, the product has been confirmed time and time again to contain only natural and organic ingredients capable of eliminating a vast colony with 100 efficacy and within the first ten minutes of contacting it. Unlike the majority of traditional elimination methods currently in use, the spray does not produce any unpleasant or repellent odours, just a nice peppermint and clove one. The absence of chemical ingredients in its formula allows you to confidently use it around other pets and people and even indoor plants.

It also goes without saying that since it features an all-natural formulation, you don't risk staining or leaving ugly marks and stains on your most delicate and expensive household items while liberally spraying it around the house. As such, feel free to use it on the floor, furniture, beddings, sheets and covers, the seams of the mattress and most importantly, the frame. One advantage of going with this option is that the company offers you a refund if the performance of the product does not meet your expectations. Very few reputed companies in the industry offer such a guarantee.
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The company's confidence in their product is further demonstrated by the fact that other than guaranteeing effective functionality, it also offers you a generous two-month 100 % risk-free period. At the end of the period, the company will be more than willing to give you back your money if their product does not put an end to the infestation menace. We can, however, guarantee that once you gather the courage to plunge into those waters, there'll be no looking back since the spray has very few competitors when it comes to fast and effective performance in the way of eradication.

The pleasant clove and peppermint odour is only complemented by its fast action, killing pests within minutes of contacting into contact with the offending invertebrates. For best results, you have to think like bed bugs literally, something along the lines of "Where would be the perfect and most conducive place to hide and breed during the day?" And the answer would invariably be the cracks on the walls, beddings, floor and wood surfaces, beneath the bed among other hard-to-reach spots.

In summary, the Spray is a perfect fit for individuals looking to eradicate bed bugs from their homes quickly and effectively completely and without spending too much time and effort on the endeavour. The chemical-free formulation of the product enables you to use it confidently in all kinds of spaces and tight spots around the house that would normally provide pests with a safe breeding ground. And if it's your first time dealing with bed bugs, the manufacturer thoughtfully supplies you with a 22-page e-book to walk you through the essential steps of stopping infestation and the best way of eliminating them.
  • Made from natural and organic ingredients therefore safe to use around children and pets
  • Economical choice
  • Is non-staining to furniture, beddings and other surfaces
  • Money back guarantee
  • Works quickly
  • Has a pleasant clove and peppermint smell

Has to come directly into contact with bed bugs to work

8. Dead Bed Bugs

8. Dead Bed Bugs
The Contact Killing Spray is an all-around killing spray which, other than killing bed bugs, is also ideal for killing mice and lice and several other insect varieties trying to make a home for themselves in your home. The bug killer is environmentally friendly and does not release any harmful substances or chemicals into the environment. It is also safe for use around human beings, considering that it is made using organic and safe ingredients. You'll love the spray if your number one priority for ridding your home of bed bugs is keeping your family safe throughout the process. These are just a few of the outstanding features of the killing spray and if they are not sufficiently concrete, read on to discover the features of the pray that separate it from other products on the market.

The spray is made from organic and safe ingredients, like all other killing sprays on this list, which also means it is ideal for use in a variety of settings. It is safe for use in various sensitive environments that include but not limited to nursing homes, hotels, and around the house. The product is very effective, and the results are almost instantaneous. The second an insect comes into contract with the spray, it immediately becomes paralyzed and dies a few seconds later. It effortlessly penetrates the skins and the exoskeleton and immediately begins attacking their neuron receptors. Because the targeted receptors are specific to invertebrates like bed bugs, what follows is the aforementioned paralyzing and death.
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Its quick and effective performance makes it the go-to bug killer for a majority of professional exterminators working in commercial establishments and for homeowners committed to ridding their homes dangerous invaders. Just so you know, the product is not only effective on young and adult bugs: it also kills nymphs and eggs, ensuring total eradication of the frustrating insects. Rather than basing its formula on pesticides and chemicals, the product’s ingredients are all made from natural and organic materials, which means that it lacks the pungent and repellant smell for which most killing sprays are notorious. Additionally, it conveniently lacks harsh carcinogens and pesticides and is therefore dermatologically safe, meaning you can safely sleep on your bed even after applying it generously on the cover mattress and box springs of your bed. Consequently, it comes with a pleasing peppermint smell that allows you to use it confidently for both indoor and outdoor projects.

Complementing the spray with an All Stop Kit makes it one of the most complete eradication alternatives currently available. The product comes with four active and two inactive ingredients all of which together give you and your loved ones or colleagues the best protection one can hope for.

The brand understands that you’ll be using the spray in environments most likely shared with children and pets, hence the need to keep them safe. You don’t have to worry about using the product around the house occupied by children and pets as it is 100 % safe. You consequently have the freedom of using it all settings and around different people, whether it’s around senior members of the society, the sick, in the room, at the place of work, and even as you go to sleep.
  • Safe to use around human beings and your furry friends
  • Uses natural and organic ingredients
  • Eco-friendly
  • Has a friendly peppermint smell
  • Instantly kills eggs, nymphs, and adult bed bugs
  • Ideal for use both indoors and outdoors

Low quality package

9. $averPak

9. $averPak
Completely ridding your house of stubborn and pyrethroid-resistant pests can be a frustratingly slow endeavour requiring plenty of patience, persistence, effort and time, or at least that’s the case with a majority of traditional elimination methods. If, on the other hand, you require quick, swift and effective action against the exponentially growing colony of pests in your house, office or other property, your best bet would without a doubt be the $averPak Single Pump Spray.

Irrespective of the extent of the infestation, the product will be of tremendous assistance in stopping the growth of the parasitic invertebrate and quickly eliminate them entirely within a couple of weeks. Some of the hotbeds include but not limited to sheets, headboards, walls, furniture, cracks on the walls and floors, seams of the mattress and the frame. Concentrate your efforts on the mentioned spots, and your house or office will be pests-free in just a couple of days. The beauty of this option is that in addition to killing bed bugs, it also gets rid of other rampant house pests like ticks, chiggers, and mosquitos. These are the same pests responsible for spreading such life-threatening diseases as malaria, Zika virus, the West Nile one, and Lyme disease. It also does not matter whether the tick, mosquito or bed bug is an adult, a nymph or an egg: the product kills them nonetheless.
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The spray, like all other eradication products featured on this list, is made from 100 % pure natural and organic materials, thereby lacking in the chemical composition for which other products are known. The advantages of this are manifold. First, it is totally safe to thoroughly spray the different rooms in your house, including the bedroom, without having to worry about the safety of the children or the pets or your indoor plants. Consequently, you are at liberty to apply the product at any time of the day, whether the children are sleeping comfortably on the bed or relaxing on the couch watching their favourite TV programmes. The product, therefore, presents you with an eco-friendly, budget-friendly and effective means of dealing with bugs, ticks, and mosquitos.

The second advantage to being made from materials extracted from natural plants is that it does have any strong or repellent smells. The likelihood of it interfering with the cosy natural smell of your house or contaminating uncovered food or transforming the colour of any of the objects in your house, including the sheets and covers, is literally non-existent. Additionally, it will leave your sheets, fabrics, plastics, finished surfaces and outdoor gear in their original condition – stainless.

An added advantage to using the spray is that it is dermatologically safe and as such you don’t run the risk of triggering any skin allergies or suffering from rushes, blisters or boils. Another of its great features is the long-lasting residual protection. The product will be actively killing bugs, mosquitoes, and ticks for up to four weeks from the initial date of application, thereby preventing the migration and multiplication of the offending pests even when you travel.

In conclusion, the $averPak spray is an ideal choice for users looking to bring infestation in their homes to an end real quick. It is a versatile solution that also helps in terminating mosquitoes, ticks, bees, and fleas. The product is safe for use for both indoor and outdoor applications, and it will neither harm you and your loved ones or cause any skin infections or trigger allergies. The product is one of the best on the market and is value for money.
  • Capable of repelling and killing 55 different varieties of insects and house pests
  • Has a long lasting residual protection
  • Does not produce any unpleasant smells
  • Approved as safe for use for killing bed bugs
  • A little expensive

10. Hot Shot 17.5 oz

10. Hot Shot 17.5 oz
The last entry on the list of best killer sprays is the Hot Shot 17.5 oz Aerosol Killer. The fact that it comes last should however not be construed to mean it is the least effective or interpreted as having more drawbacks that the previous nine killer sprays. Contrary to such expectations, the product boasts of a level of performance and versatility that meets or even exceeds some of the earlier units reviewed here. For instance, it comes with a powerful and toxic formulation of ingredients that quickly and effectively puts a stop to the multiplication of pests in your house. Aside from being ideal for indoor use, it has the capability of killing adult and young ones in addition to their eggs and nymphs.

The main difference between the Hot Shot 17.5 oz Aerosol-Killer and other killer sprays is that it's optimized for use spot treatment kill as opposed to being used on a variety of surfaces. Such a specification limits your use to bed boards and cracks on the walls, crevices found on floorboards, nightstands, drawers, frames of pictures, door, and window casings, as well as other hangings commonly found on the wall. For best results, ensure the sprayed surfaces dry completely before a subsequent application. Re-application is recommended after two weeks of initial use when they are no discernible results.
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Another major distinction between this option and other eradication products currently flooding the market is that its two active ingredients, the permethrin, and cypermethrin, are actually modifications of chemical compounds already being used significantly in conventional treatments. The variation gives it the requisite potency and toxicity for effectively killing common household pests that have become resistant to traditional potent chemicals such as deltamethrin. The bottle contains 32 ounces of potent killing fluid in it, and because it is ready to use, you can get to spraying the very next minute after receiving your package. However, since this product is renowned for lodging into fabrics, the manufacturer highly recommends that you keep away all clothes, curtains, and linens. Within two weeks of after the initial spray, you should be living comfortably in a room free of pests.

Overall, the Hot Shot is another pocket-friendly aerosol spray that completely covers the target area, filling it with a potent mist of eradicating liquid. Being a spot treatment kill, it is ideal for use on boards and cracks on the walls, crevices found on floorboards, night stands, drawers, frames of pictures, door, and window casings, as well as other hangings commonly found on the wall. It is eco-friendly, won't stain your delicate objects, and comes with no trace of CFCs or other substances that are harmful to the environment. Its keynote feature, though, is the pocket-friendly price tag.
  • Has permethrin, capable of killing bed bugs resistant to insecticides
  • The 32 oz capacity bottle can be used for longer and is therefore economical
  • Works on ticks and fleas
  • Ideal for spot treatment
  • Produces unbearable smell
  • Not ideal for use on soft fabrics

Criteria for Selecting the Best Bed Bug Sprays

Nothing is more frustrating that the knowledge that related pests are having the best time of their lives making your home a haven for exponential breeding. Aside from wreaking havoc on your body and driving you insane, they are also capable of ruining your social life, keeping your friends and prospective visitors away when word gets out that you are having a pest problem.

Irrespective of the stage of infestation, you want a quick and effective resolution to the problem, but you can never do that unless you take some essential factors into account.


The sprays are made from a wide variety of ingredients. While some are 100 percent natural, others are variations of several chemical compounds that among other things, are capable of infiltrating various objects around the house used by children and pets, thereby exposing them to various health hazards. To ensure safety, make a point of buying only those products that are formulated with non-hazardous ingredients so that your furry friends and loved ones are kept safe from toxic chemicals. You want a product that will be gentle to their skin and hair.


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To keep your various household items safe and in their original condition, make a point of going for those eradication products that do not stain the target. It would be frustrating to generously apply your spray all over the place only for it to leave unsightly stains and marks all over your sheets, covers, furniture, walls and other surfaces. On a similar note, pay attention to the ease of using a product. Do you have to seek professional assistance or is yours a completely Do-It-Yourself project? Check the weight to ascertain the number of ounces in a bottle of the spray. If the bottle is too heavy, it might compromise your access to hard-to-reach spots around the house.


A good spray should stop beg bugs from migrating or breeding, which spares you the trouble of dealing with yet another colony in the future. If you need value for your money, look for a product whose performance far exceeds expectations. Other than killing the adult and young ones, a versatile product should also be able to eliminate the nymphs and eggs. This way, you have the assurance that the future won’t be spent dealing with yet another infestation. The elimination product needs to take care of other pests like ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes, though this is not a mandatory requirement. Also, the product should have a sufficiently long residual protection to continue eliminating bed bugs and other pests even after it has dried up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I best control the spread and growth of bed bugs in my house using a killer spray?

A: Getting yourself the best killer spray is the first step towards completely ridding your house of bugs and other stubborn pests. It’s a fight that requires patience, persistence, time and effort. However, removing them from your house need not be a necessarily tough task, especially if you know where to concentrate your efforts. By their very nature, they thrive away from the light and as such prefer to hide in the cracks on the wall, on the frame of the bed, mattress seams, and covers. Also, because they’re capable of living for months on end without food, controlling them can be a little frustrating. Consequently, make a point of generously and frequently spraying the aforementioned areas to ensure a complete stop to the menace.

Q: How do I keep myself and those around me safe when using killer sprays?

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A: While some methods of eradicating are made entirely out of natural and organic ingredients, and therefore safe to use around children, pets, and indoor plants, others are made from pyrethroid and other pesticides, which can be toxic to humans. No matter the ingredient used, make a point of using only those that are approved by the relevant authorities or organs. Also, only use a product in the area in which it was intended. It could be catastrophic to use a product indoors when its approved explicitly for use outdoors. Similarly, keep yourself safe by wearing the recommended body gear to prevent exposing your body to harmful chemicals and pesticides.


It doesn’t matter whether your house is already heavily infested with bed bugs or yours is a proactive endeavour to keep them away at all costs; a functional and practical killer spray is an indispensable and very efficient product to keep within easy reach. Affordability is not really a serious consideration seeing as the vast majority of killer sprays are reasonably and justifiably priced, and you can get several high-quality products for a pittance. Consequently, it would be imprudent to pay top dollar for an expensive eradication product when there are several available for a few bucks. All the products featuring on our list of the best eradication products are high-performance, reasonably priced, and above all safe to use around children, pets, and plants around the house.