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1. Husqvarna 128LD
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Best String Trimmers Reviews & Price Comparison

There is nothing as pleasant, relaxing, and rejuvenating like the tranquillity the home provides at the end of a busy day spent of physically and mentally draining activities. In addition to giving you peace of mind, a welcoming and presentable home also regenerates one’s physical and emotional well-being, giving them the confidence they need to scale the heights and realize their potential. Unfortunately, maintaining the space around the house such as the yards, lawns, and gardens is a time-consuming and demanding endeavour, especially given the busy modern lifestyle. Left unattended, these spaces begin to be a health and safety hazard in addition to robbing you the much-needed tranquillity. They start to be home to tall grass, pesky shrubs, gnarly weeds and the thickest bamboos, which is why investing in a practical and functional string trimmer.

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The first step to having serenity and tranquillity while at home is taking the time to give your lawns, backyard, garden, sidewalks, and driveways a proper trim, cut and manicure. To help with the endeavour, there are several string trimmers out there on the market you can choose from. However, choosing is not as easy as it sounds. You need to look out for several factors that will guide you in your selection of the best model. Irrespective of your choice, it needs to be versatile, high-performance, durable and pack a host of convenience features to make the otherwise demanding and time-consuming procedure quick, effortless, and efficient. We discuss some of these features in the subsequent section.

10 Best String Trimmers


1. Husqvarna 128LD

1. Husqvarna 128LD
For users in search of a string trimmer that genuinely optimizes usability, practicality, affordability, and high-performance, look no further than the Husqvarna 128LD trimmer. Being the expensive and top-model that it is, it boasts a bunch of auxiliary features that enable it seamlessly outperform the vast majority of other string trimmers within its price range.

To give you a quick overview, the machine performs consistently and effortlessly, cutting down grass, weed, and shrubs of varying thicknesses without any discernible vibrations. The added protection of the delicate wires and cable from the otherwise harsh external environment ensures it runs smoothly and seamlessly irrespective of the nature of the task at hand. Also, the head and bevel gear are seamlessly jointed together, eliminating any possibilities of weed winding or dirt infiltrating to the critical internal components. An in-depth review of the string trimmer is continued in the subsequent paragraphs.
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We'll start from with the quality construction of the Husqvarna 128LD. Unlike cheap, off-brand models, it is constructed to the highest standards using some of the best materials on the market. Consequently, the machine is both lightweight and compact. It weighs a paltry 11.5 pounds, meaning that even the aged members of the society will have a breeze manoeuvring and handling it.

With dimensions of 12.2-inches by 10.2-inches by 40-inches, it fits comfortably and snugly in the hand, minimizing the chances of it slipping off the hand accidentally in the middle of an operation. Additionally, the weight won't put any unnecessarily too much pressure on your shoulders or hands, and because of the machine's ergonomic design, you can use it all day long without suffering hand fatigue. The excellent weight distribution furthermore enhances greater controllability and stability, allowing you to manoeuver with ease into tight and awkward spots.

It is not surprising that it is a pricy model. Its premium features together with the fact that it is a robust and long-lasting machine are, in our opinion, totally commensurate with its price tag. Plus, gas-powered models are usually more expensive as they provide the user with incredible power and versatility compared to the electric models. There is no way you're going to regret purchasing the product.

Aside from the expensive but justifiable pricing, it is by all measures one of the best string trimmers on the market today. Its performance, versatility, ease of use and practicality far exceed that of its competitors. Whether it is light-duty or heavy use, the product invariably comes through. That's beside the fact that it has an adjustable and ergonomically designed handle for comfortably handling and manoeuvring the machine. Plus, it has a generous 48-month warranty from the manufacturer to cater for the repair or replacement of malfunctioning parts and components resulting from the manufacturer’s use of substandard or low-quality materials or poor workmanship.

When it comes to performance, it carves out a path for itself. It has a powerful, high-performance 28cc engine ideal for tackling all light-duty to medium-duty projects around the house. With such immense power on your hands, you'll be leaving your landscape picturesque and presentable. The machine's reliable 2-cycle engine can support strong braided cable drive. And, irrespective of the prevailing weather conditions, starting it is a breeze. It comes with a smart Start recoil system and air purge feature that together take the time and effort away from bringing breathing life into the engine.

If it's time you're interested in saving, you'll be pleased to note it provides the user with a wide cutting path of 17-inches in addition to a bump feed head. The feature drastically cut the time, and effort, you'd otherwise spend on the trimming process if you were to use conventional methods. To make your work even more comfortable, the machine is fitted with a self-adjusting semi-automatic head that guarantees a smooth and trouble-free work. While at it, it's worth bringing to your attention the fact that the 128LD also has a dual-line feed. Among other things, the feature ensures that you cut both quickly and efficiently, which in turn translates to the least possible completion time.

The trimmer also boasts a straight shaft. The feature makes it exceedingly easy to trim and cut low bushes and shrubs without you having to bend all the way down, and of course without the added risk of hurting your back. For the particularly tall users, you'll be able to use the machine's extended reach to your advantage. After you're done cutting and trimming, you can quickly detach the shaft to allow you store and transport the string trimmer with ease as it can now fit the trunk of the car and take up the least storage space in the garage.
  • Engine starts effortlessly and performs powerfully
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Ergonomically designed to increase usability and comfort
  • Compatible with various attachments
  • Occasionally suffers reliability issues
  • Cutting swath needs to be longer

2. Greenworks 21142

2. Greenworks 21142
For homeowners, enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfers and professional trimmer who would go to extreme lengths to get that well-groomed landscape, we present to you the all-powerful, affordable and durable Greenworks 21142. It comes with several instrumental features to enable you easily and quickly tame the stubborn shrubs, and tall grass creeping on your yard. For one, it comes with a powerful brushless motor and boasts a design that considerably minimizes the noise generated during operation. Being an electricity-powered model, there is virtually no maintenance for you to do and it's an eco-friendly model as it produces zero fumes into the environment. Aside from being cost-effective, the model is similarly compatible with a broad range of attachments. Now, let's get a little technical.

The one feature that sets it apart from its closest competitors is the brushless motor, which comes with several advantages over its conventional counterparts. For one, it provides the user with remarkably great power and torque, allowing them to clear out a large area within a fraction of the time it would take ordinary string trimmers. The brushless motor also significantly prolongs the lifespan of the machine in addition to guaranteeing it works almost noiselessly and with minimal vibrations. For such an incredible feature, though, you’ll have to dig a little deeper into your pockets.
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For the line feeding process, it uses a sturdy and reliable bumping system whose smooth performance accounts for the product's strong appeal among homeowners, extreme DIYers, and professional trimmers. It allows the user to quickly and easily advance the cutting line. Some customers, however, indicate that the line feeding occasionally develops problems and recommend that users resort to using third-party trimmer heads instead. Other downsides are the lack of variable speed settings and the poor design and working of the safety switch. Because it is not ergonomically designed, it causes hand fatigue with prolonged use, which therefore calls for the use of good gloves.

As for edger and adjustments, it comes with a useful edger function which, nonetheless, fails to do an exceptional job. The safety guard, on the other hand, blocks the user's view and the absence of a guide for maintaining the right distance between the string trimmer and the group only complicates matters. Nevertheless, you get to take advantage of the attachment feature that comes handy for when you have compatible gas attachments. The feature makes converting it into different machines an easy and time-saving endeavour. You could, for instance, use the machine as a hedge trimmer, blower, brush cutter, among several other uses without having to invest any extra cash in standalone products.

Irrespective of your age, you’ll have a breeze assembling the string trimmer. The assembly is quick and straightforward as it’s tool-less and compatible with accessories from several brands on the market. Unlike the previous product though, you won't be able to adjust the height or length of it, but you have the freedom of setting the position of the handle in accordance with your liking to get the most productive balance.

To conclude, we'll reiterate that the Greenworks 21142 has the characteristic advantages and downsides of any typical gas-powered power tool. It has a cord that will obviously limit your mobility but offsets the downside by providing you with immense power for quickly and effortlessly cutting and trimming down grass, shrubs, and vines. It's also a versatile choice for individuals with idle attachments, which allow them to convert the machine into a hedge trimmer, a blower, and a brush cutter, among others. Plus, it is relatively lightweight and considerably budget friendly.
  • Provides the user with powerful and reliable performance
  • Accepts attachments
  • Has a wide cutting swath for saving user time and effort
  • Straight shaft increases controllability and manoeuvrability
  • Reasonably and fairly priced
  • Line feed is a little problematic
  • Not ideal for heavy use
  • A little heavy at 10 pounds

3. CORE GasLess Power CGT400

3. CORE GasLess Power CGT400
The vast majority of battery-powered power tools have a reputation for packing considerably less power than their gas-powered counterparts, with the notable exception of a few, of course. One of the few high-performance, usable and practical string trimmers is the Core Gasless Power CGT400. Unlike its battery-powered counterparts, it does not sacrifice performance in favour of environmental friendliness. The machine takes the effort and time out of cutting down the thickest underbrushes and vines with just three hours of charge. The unit is renowned for its lightweight and compact design that increases ease of use, reliability, and considerably longer runtime.

It is, without a doubt, a solid choice for users in search of a string trimmer for making quick and easy work of the jungle formed by unattended weeds, vines, and tall grass. It powers effortlessly and quickly through light-duty and medium-duty trimming and cutting projects, which also means it is the perfect choice for homeowners around the world. In addition to being eco-friendly and releasing no environment polluting gases into the atmosphere, the model is similarly grave quiet, and won't put you on the warpath with your neighbours or law enforcement authorities. Neither do you have worry about losing the sensitivity in your ears as it doesn’t have any negative repercussion to the same.
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Other equally unique selling points are the reliability of its performance and the uniform distribution of weight all through the machine. Consequently, you won’t break a sweat when controlling and handling the string trimmer, attempting to direct it toward previously inaccessible and hard-to-reach spots around the yard. The ease, speed and flexibility with which you’ll be trimming and cutting down weeds and tall grass will immediately make you the envy of your neighbours. After all, who doesn’t want a neat, presentable and picturesque back and front yard?

The trimmer closely rivals its gas-powered counterparts with its high torque and the efficiency of its motor. The machine comes with 25 percent more torque compared to a standard 25cc commercial 2-cycle gas-powered string trimmer. Among other things, such exceptional performance can only be attributed to the incorporation of the innovative new motor technology known as the Conductor Optimized Rotary Energy, abbreviated as CORE, and from which the name of the string trimmer is derived.

The CORE technology significantly pushes its performance, bringing it almost at par with the gas-powered models currently on the market. That's in addition to the fact that it's eco-friendly and doesn't discharge any harmful gases into the atmosphere. The motors of the workhorse are similarly air-cooled and lightweight to give the user superior control while ensuring comfort and ease of use over prolonged periods of time.

While on the topic of usability, now would be the perfect time to reiterate that it is both lightweight and compact and easy to use for long periods. With a paltry weight of 11 pounds and corresponding dimensions of 67-inches by 8.5-inches by 7-inches, every member of the family can use the string trimmer to trim and cut down the tall grasses and shrubs on the yard. It additionally comes with a trimming head with a bump feed function. The 0.095 line perfectly handles tall, tough and thick grasses and weeds on the yard.

As for versatility, you get to choose between two-speed modes, a high 7000 rotations per minute and a low 5000 rotations per minutes. Needless to say, each is suited for different occasions. The first-speed setting is an ideal choice for individuals who want to do some normal cutting and trimming. The latter is better suited for light-duty to medium-duty trimming and is a perfect choice for those with limited battery power. Changing from one speed mode to the other and using it are both simple and easy endeavours, especially considering that the string trimmer has a gentle learning curve.

The CGT400 attracts a considerably high price. However, considering its host of convenience and performance feature, and the fact that it is both rugged for heavy use and long-lasting, the price is commensurate. Surely, no one expects a string trimmer with an impressively large cutting path of 13-inches and with a lightweight and compact and easy to use design to come cheap.

It has premium features that make your cutting and trimming work effortless, quick, and hassle-free, and is perfect for light-duty to medium-duty jobs. Because it doesn't come with a power cord, you have total freedom of movement and mobility. It starts like a charm and boasts an ergonomic design to allow you work comfortably and confidently for long periods without experiencing fatigue. The dual speed setting makes it a versatile choice, allowing you to change the speed in accordance with the intensity of trimming and cutting you intend to do. It is a very capable string trimmer that will power effortlessly through all the work thrown its way.
  • Comes with a powerful, long-lasting battery
  • It performs solidly and reliably
  • Eco-friendly

Has an anti-vibration mechanism that minimizes hand fatigue

  • Takes long to recharge fully
  • High maintenance


While it may be tasking and demanding, homeowners appreciate the need for maintaining their property, ensuring it always looks presentable and neat. If you have a large property creeping up with weeds, traditional methods like slashers won’t do the job, or you might end spending the whole month on the project. It’s here that the Black & Decker LST136W enters the scene.

The preference for the stringer is informed by its versatility and flexibility as it enables the user to take on a wide range of projects around the house with just a single tool. Whether it is mowing the lawn, trimming the driveway, edging the sidewalk, whacking the weeds threating to take over your yard, or cutting hedges, you can do all with this trimmer. Read on for an in-depth review of the features and capabilities of the string trimmer.
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It comes handy for when your gardens, lawns, or driveways are running amok with thick covers of pesky weed, grass, and shrubs. Unlike the vast majority of lawnmowers, the string trimmer is lightweight and compact and can easily reach those awkward and hard-to-reach spots around the garden. The paltry weight of just 7.8 pounds significantly increases ease and convenience, allowing even the senior members of the society to cut and trim shrubs, grass, and weeds for hours on end without feeling fatigue. Coupled with the compact dimensions of 9.6-inches by 4.4-inches by 43.9-inches, it fits comfortably and firmly in the hand, preventing any likelihood of it slipping off while working.

Furthermore, being a battery-operated model, the LST136W allows you total mobility and freedom of movement. You don’t have to worry about the power cord getting tangled between tall grasses or having to switch to a nearby outlet to increase your reach. The user is additionally spare the frustrations of mixing oil and gasoline and having to deal with nerve-wreaking and tiresome noise and vibrations typical of gas-powered models.

In the same breath, it has a height-adjustable handle. Consequently, you are at liberty to make adjustments in accordance with your height and the reach of the grass and weeds, so you don’t have to bend all the way down if you are tall. With the height collapsed, vertically-challenged individuals will also be spared the agony of having to lift extra weight because of the additional length of the string trimmer.

The one area where it indeed breaks new ground is with its convenient and useful powercommand dial. It is capable of quickly and effortlessly telescoping 180-degrees from the trimmer mode to the edger mode, thanks to the incorporation of a quick-release button. To make it even easier to use, you don't need any tools or an especially dedicated mechanism to use it as it's tool-less. Consequently, other than enhancing convenience, the feature similarly saves you time, thus making the whole endeavour effortless and hassle-free. The feature allows the user to quickly choose the most suitable speed within a range of between 6500 and 8500 rotations per minute.

Obviously, the lower speed setting is perfect for cutting down softer weeds and grass while the higher speeds setting are more suited to trimming those pesky and tough ones. And you won't have to do any bumping as it comes with a useful auto-feed for advancing the line.

As for power, it relies on a powerful and long-lasting 40V Max Lithium battery. According to Black & Decker, the battery has an additional 33 percent high volt capacity on a single charge compared to the conventional 36-Volt battery. That translates to extra supply of power which in turn gives the user increased runtime, depending of course on the intensity of their usage. In spite of the impressive specs, the battery lasts approximately 60-minutes with medium speed settings and depletes much faster when the user takes on more demanding tasks. As a result, it would be wise to invest in a backup battery to allow you finish your chores on time. On the plus side, though, you have convenient battery release button and an LED indicator to help you monitor the amount of juice left.

Overall, the LST136W is a solid choice for individuals with small lawns, gardens or yards and need to quickly, neatly and quickly cut and trim grass, weeds, and shrubs. It comes with a pistol-grip and telescopic handle for user comfort and convenience. Also, it is a lightweight and compact design that manoeuvers easily into tight and awkward spots. Plus, it comes with a speed variable feature and a budget-friendly price tag. The two features that make it a must-have though are the power drive transmission and powercommand dial.
  • Has a variable speed feature for controlling the speed
  • Performs powerfully and for longer
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Has an automatic line feed for convenience
  • Cuts and edges precisely
  • Not ideal for heavy use
  • Battery drains quickly on high-speed settings

5. Poulan Pro 967105401

5. Poulan Pro 967105401
For homeowners, extreme Do-It-Yourselfers and professionals combing the market for a high-performance and reliable gas-powered string trimmer, take a look at the Poulan Pro 967105401. Like all other gas-powered models, the string trimmer is exceptionally powerful. You’ll be amazed what a diminutive and innocent looking product can do once it is equipped with a high capacity 25cc engine. The engine comes with a SureFire engine starting mechanism that's complemented by the confusion-free choke. Combined, the two features ensure you get the engine up and running with no more than three strokes, irrespective of the prevailing weather conditions. Apart from easy and simple engine start, the string trimmer also has a purge carburetor that simplifies the starting process even further by taking the effort away from the pulling process.

The 967105401 provides the user with a host of other equally critical features to make cutting and trimming quick and fun. For instance, you get to use the product's split boom shaft. The feature can accommodate up to 5 Pro-Link attachments that can transform the functions of the string trimmer. You could use it as a hedge trimmer, blower, brush cutter, among other things, all without the slightest drop in performance. Additionally, the string trimmer has a dual-line feed Tap N Go head for optimal performance in various settings and irrespective of the thickness of the grass, shrubs, or weed you intend to trim.
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Also, whether you don't have previous experience with string trimmers or a seasoned expert, you will be able to quickly and effortlessly reload the trimmer spool without calling for professional assistance or referring to the instructions manual. It is such ease of use and the modesty of its design that appeals to the vast majority of homeowners, handymen, and DIYers out there.

In addition to enhancing ease and convenience, its lightweight and compact characteristics allow for greater control and manoeuvrability. A handful of reviewers on, however, find the weight of 14 pounds to be a little heavy. However, the machine is professionally constructed by experts who, in their attempt to address the weight issue, have ensured a more uniform weight distribution all through the string trimmer, so it does not weigh down the senior citizens. Also, it comes with an ergonomic multi-grip handle that increases comfort and ease of use, allowing you to work for several hours on end without experiencing fatigue.

Couple the powerful performance and uniform weight distribution and you have a machine you can use to make short work of cutting and trimming under brushes, weeds, shrubs and grass covering a significant swath of land. And the best part is that it very affordable, despite its premium features and exceptional capabilities. It is quite a steal considering that the machine comes with a high-performance engine, a semi-automatic tap and a go trimmer head all of which guarantee efficiency and productivity.

For users whose hearts are set on efficiency, ease of use and hassle-free operation, the Poulan Pro 967105401 is the ideal product for you. The SureFire starting system provides for a smooth and stress-free start saving you significant time and effort. Also, you get to use a time-saving and convenient 16-inch wide cutting swath that significantly reduces the time and effort it takes to clear an average-sized yard, lawn or garden. Also, aside from the fear of it being a little heavy, it works like a smoothly, reliably and like a charm. Plus, you get a long 24-month warranty for repair and replacement of malfunctioning parts that can be attributed to the manufacturer's use of defective or poor quality parts or poor workmanship.
  • The height is adjustable
  • Starts easily and quickly
  • Compatible with up to 5 attachments
  • Spots a generously wide 16-inch cutting swath
  • Works efficiently, thanks to semi-automatic tap and go trimmer head
  • A little heavy to use
  • Lack of handle adjustment feature

6. Hitachi CG22EAP2SL

6. Hitachi CG22EAP2SL
There are several words we could to give an accurate description of the Hitachi CG22EAP2SL but suffice it to say it is a lightweight and extremely powerful string trimmer. And even though it is gas-powered, which brings to fore such downsides as a noisy operation, the time-consuming and cumbersome process of mixing oils and gases, and the production of environmentally hazardous fumes, it carves its own path when it comes to usability and practicality.

Unlike the vast majority of gas-powered string trimmers out there, it performs smoothly and effectively and without the characteristic downsides of gas-powered models. Its high-performance and reliable 21.1cc PureFire engine emits the lowest levels of fumes to accord the user with an accommodative and conducive working environment. Plus, it works with almost no discernible vibrations and an almost grave quietness.
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Its professional and expert construction makes perform smoothly and flawless, irrespective of the intensity of work the user throws in its path. For one, it has a robust and rugged 60-inch drive shaft constructed from industrial-grade and very long-lasting steel. The drive shaft largely accounts for the off-the-charts performance of the string trimmer by delivering optimal power to the gearhead, resulting in the generation of high torque. Consequently, it will power through like a hot knife cutting through a piece of cake. For an average-sized backyard, you'll be through figuratively in the bat of an eyelid.

The Hitachi brand designs the CG22EAP2SL with the comfort and convenience of the end user in mind, making it one of the simplest and easiest string trimmer to use on the market, thanks to the incorporation of a host of time-saving features. First off, you have the S-Start technology. With the feature, you'll be using the least force possible to get the engine up and running. Even though you still have to pull a cord, the endeavour is both quick and effortless because the machine is equipped with a purge carburetor that takes the effort, time and the subsequent frustration away from the process.

Another feature that makes it investment-worthy is the fact that it comes with a 4-inch semi-automatic head. Going forward, chopping down those thick underbrushes, weeds and tall grass from your property is going to be a stress-free and straightforward exercise. You will no longer have to incur the extra expense of calling a professional trimmer to give your land that well-groomed and picturesque look you’ve always wanted.

In addition to the semi-automatic head, it also is also fitted with a cutting swath that's 15-inches wide, enabling you to deal relatively easily and quickly with the tough and pesky weeds and grass growing on a large area. Additionally, you get a durable fuel tank that has a protective cover to provide resistance to the wear and tear occasioned by flying debris hitting the machine at high speeds while cutting and trimming.

The flairs, or rather its instrumental features and capabilities do not end there. Another icing on the cake is the fact that in spite of its blows and whistles, the string trimmer comes with a lightweight and compact design. The machine weighs just 11.5 pounds and has dimensions of 11-inches by 43-inches by 11-inches. Couple that with its even weight distribution and the incorporation of an anti-vibration system and you have a string trimmer that substantially keeps user fatigue at bay, in addition to enhancing effort controllability and manoeuvring into the tightest spots.

As for versatility, it can accommodate a wide array of other machines for tackling various landscape projects around the house. Plus, the user gets a 7-year warranty for that confidence and peace of mind they need to undertake any cutting and trimming project.

In closing, there is every advantage to be gained from owning the Hitachi CG22EAP2SL. It is lightweight, and the handle is ergonomically designed to ensure ease of use and comfort. Additionally, it has an anti-vibration mechanism, which, coupled with the proper balancing of the unit's construction, enhances ease of use and convenience. The rugged and high-quality construction makes it an ideal machine for undertaking light-duty to heavy-duty projects without the fear of quick depreciation, as is the case with most off-brand string trimmers. For users who care about longevity, dependability, and high performance, it is your best bet.
  • Powerful performance and extensive reach, thanks to the 60-inch shaft
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Easy and quick start feature
  • Comes with a self-adjusting semi-automatic sting
  • Minimal vibrations
  • A little noisy


For novices and beginners, an introduction to the DeWalt brand might be necessary. For the mid-level and seasoned users of power tools out there though, the brand needs little to no preamble at all. In fact, it is safe to say all DeWalt products are an epitome of simplicity, versatility, top performance and high-quality construction. Its performance, ease of use, versatility and all other crucial aspects are commensurate with its brand name. Like all other DeWalt products, it draws from a rich pool of experience, expertise and an unwavering commitment to the production of high-quality products. We feel we’ve already oversold the DeWalt DCST920P1 when it doesn’t need to be. Anyway, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at its auxiliary features in the subsequent paragraphs.

It provides the user with a powerful 2-speed performance and a long-lasting battery life ideal for completing all the cutting and trimming work in the garden, backyard, and sidewalks. The two factors that largely account for the machine's incredible amounts of power are the brushless motor and the industrial-grade string. While its power and performance are nowhere close to that of a gas-powered model, its performance nonetheless overshadows that of other off-brand models currently flooding the market. Whether it is tough weeds, shrubs, vines, or tall grass creeping up on your picturesque property, it has what it takes to quickly and effortless cut and trim them down in a heartbeat, figuratively of course.
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Like the top-end string trimmer that it is, it uses a bump feed to maintain its line feed. While the feature might lack the convenience and time-saving advantage of an auto-feed trimmer, its performance is nonetheless exceptional and only necessitates that the user taps it lightly on the ground. Also, unlike an auto-feed trimmer, the string trimmer goes through the line is a measured pace, allowing the user to complete their cutting and trimming project with exact precision.

As was indicated in the introduction, the DCST920P1 uses a long-lasting and dependable battery that supplies it with several minutes of continuous run time. On a full charge, the battery should be enough to cut and trim through the whole yard before requiring a recharge, a fact that makes it hugely appealing to homeowners, professional trimmers, and enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfers. A majority of users report between 45-minutes and 60-minutes of runtime on a full charge, depending of course on the speed setting the user activates.

You have the freedom of choosing between the high-speed setting and a low-speed setting depending on how tough the vines, shrubs, weeds, and grass are. Needless to say, a high-speed switch drains the battery much faster compared to the low-speed setting. Nonetheless, you can use the easily accessible trigger for fine-tuning the power settings to get the best out of the battery. For convenience, it comes with a useful battery indicator to help you monitor the status of the battery. You can as well interchange the battery with other idle DeWalt 20V batteries you have to provide with additional runtime for powering through the toughest and most stubborn weeds.

Its overall construction quality is at par with most other pricier string trimmers on the market. The rigidness of the shaft, for instance, prevents it and all other constituent parts from flexing about while in operation. On the other hand, you'll have to contend with having to use a small protective guard, and even though it accords you superior visibility, there be debris flying in all directions, including yours. Consequently, it would be prudent to take the necessary precautionary measures and don the appropriate gear. Fitting clothes, outdoor boots, and safety goggles become very basic when using it.

A second complaint levelled against the string trimmer, in spite of the proper balancing and the ability to move the handle along the shaft, is that it's a little too long to accommodate vertically-challenged users comfortably. On the flipside, the extra length makes it easy to reach under bushes in addition to allowing tall users some comfort.

Everything considered, the DCST920P1 is a perfect tool for medium to heavy-duty cutting and trimming projects. Its agility, comfort, durability, and usability allow it to stack up pretty well as pricier models, even though it lacks commensurate power for effortlessly handling the really tough and pesky weeds, shrubs, and weeds. And although the small debris guard leaves your legs exposed to clippings and other debris, it makes the string trimmer very manoeuvrable and controllable for prolonged use. It comes with a powerful and long-lasting battery which you can easily swap with other batteries from different Dewalt products. It is without a doubt a great choice.
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Provides solid power for effortless and quick performance
  • Durable and quiet operation thanks to brushless motor
  • Customizable speeds
  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • Small safety guard necessitates wearing safety gear
  • Not ideal for heavy use
  • You can’t adjust the edger

8. EGO Power+ 56-Volt

8. EGO Power+ 56-Volt
As far as power and runtime are concerned, the vast majority of string trimmers on the market pale in comparison to the EGO Power+. It packs the features and boasts the kind of specs and capabilities reserved for pricier and top-notch string trimmers. Besides being comfortable to use for prolonged periods, the machine similarly operates quietly and efficiently with minimal vibrations and noise. It's environmentally friendly and comes with a long-lasting and powerful battery which also recharges much faster than conventional batteries. To close the overview, it's worth pointing out that the EGO Power+ 15-Inch 56-Volt String Trimmer is also remarkable lightweight despite its sturdy and rugged construction quality, thereby providing you the best time with manoeuvrability and controllability. Now, let's dive into the juicy details.

When it comes to performance, it is the undisputed king of the playground. Saying that it packs incredible amounts of power is actually an understatement. One of the highlights of the machine is its ability to clear a large area off dense grass, gnarly weeds, and some of the thickest bamboos in a fraction of the time and effort it would take its closest competitors.
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The string trimmer's prowess at clearing unwanted and unsightly weeds and other overgrowths are harnessed by the fact that it incorporates an effective variable speed trigger that works smoothly and seamlessly. For the delicate and finesse cutting and trimming around the garden, the EGO Power+ 15-Inch 56-Volt String Trimmer makes the operation easy and quick, allowing the user to save considerable time and effort in the endeavour, and with high-quality precision lacking with conventional brute-force clear-cutting.

Depending on where you live, you might want to get a string trimmer that works quietly and smoothly without causing any unnecessary disturbance. Unlike most string trimmers on flooding the market, it produces a low-pitched hum even at optimal performance. While off-brand models will interfere with normal conversation, for you to raise your voice to communicate effectively with the person next to you, this won’t. You can have a normal conversation and avoid wearing any ear protectors as it does not emit a high squealing whine typical of the standard string trimmers.

To give the design a perfect finish, the manufacturer also put considerable into usability. The even weight distribution on it provides for easy control and manoeuvrability, especially into tight and awkward spots around the garden. The grips are rubberized and ergonomically designed to increase comfort and ease of use and to ensure the product fits firmly and securely in the hand, thereby minimizing the likelihood of it slipping off during an operation. Also, you get an easy-to-use bump-feed line advance. We would not be overstating by indicating that the trimmer offers the user nothing short of the best; it boasts incredible cutting power, exceptional finesse, and convenience and is very easy to handle for prolonged periods of time.

As was indicated in the introduction, it packs a powerful and long-lasting battery. With a full charge and at optimal performance, the machine should be able to blaze effortlessly and smoothly through a vast 3,400 square feet of space. That's assuming the space is densely covered by thick, pesky and gnarly weeds, grass, weeds, shrubs, and under bushes. It’s closest competitor managed just about 2100 square feet of space. And you don’t have to fret when the battery runs out; it recharges in a mere forty minutes. Or you could take the prudent step of investing in a backup battery to spare you the agony of waiting a whole 40 minutes if you work on tight deadlines.

Of equal significance is the fact that it is a dual-line unit and has a 0.095-inch trimmer line. Together, the two features give the machine its incredible cutting prowess and provide for quicker and more efficient operation. To add to the ease and convenience, the string trimmer also comes with a spool capable of holding approximately 15-feet of string, which ensures your supply is never interrupted thus allowing you to smoothly and stress-freely take on the more demanding and challenging trimming and cutting projects on the yard, garden, sidewalks, and driveways.

Not to root for the EGO Power+ but it is indeed one of the best string trimmers on the market currently. It comes with a dual-feed line, spots a very efficient and powerful brushless motor with a variable speed setting and long-lasting construction. To top it all off, it's practical, easy to use, convenient, versatile and blazes through large spaces with dense grass, gnarly weeds, and some of the thickest bamboos quickly and effortlessly. With its 15-inch cutting swath, it's one of a handful of string trimmers ideal for trimming, edging, and tapering.
  • Solid power
  • Battery lasts for longer and recharges quickly
  • Comes with a variable speed function, bump feed
  • Reasonably lightweight and compact
  • Long-lasting construction
  • Expensive
  • Lacks battery indicator light

9. Worx 32-Volt GT2.0

9. Worx 32-Volt GT2.0
The Worx 32-Volt trimmer is a jack of all trades. Other than the normal cutting and trimming duties, the string trimmer can similarly function as an edger and a mini mower, proving that it's as versatile and flexible as any other Worx power tool. In addition to being agile and versatile, the machine also has dual wheels for accuracy and superior portability and a tilting head to make your cutting and trimming projects easy and fun. Its performance is way above average, and it has a long-lasting and durable battery to provide the user with long runtime, enough to clear an average-sized backyard, sidewalk, driveway, or even the garden. In the following paragraphs, we take a comprehensive look at the features that make the Worx 32-Volt GT2.0 String Trimmer a worthy investment.

It comes with the characteristic advantage of battery-powered string trimmers. Because it is cordless, the user gets to enjoy unprecedented freedom of movement and portability. The design spares the user the frustration of dragging behind them a power cord that endlessly gets tangled between tall grass, weeds and under bushes. Plus, you can venture as far away from a power outlet as you want. The icing on the cake, though, is that the Worx 32-Volt GT2.0 String Trimmer requires no maintenance whatsoever, and it operates quietly and with minimal vibrations, which in turn minimizes user fatigue and strain.
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It is also one of the few string trimmers that epitomize simplicity in all facets of its construction. Assembling the product can’t take even the most clueless novice or beginner more than twenty minutes to figure out, even though some users report problems with setting up the shield. Furthermore, since it is lightweight and compact and comes at the right length, it’s incredibly easy to use for prolonged periods of time.

The ergonomic design of the handle and the fact that it's rubberized also increase convenience and comfort by preventing hand fatigue and strain, which is further aided by the even weight distribution all through the trimmer. Also, you can effortlessly adjust the length of the shaft as it's telescopic and angle of the shaft. Irrespective of your height, using it will prove to be a breeze.

Being a Worx product, you can bet it does not compromise when it comes to performance. The powerful motor provides solid power for making short work of the forest of tall grass and weeds in your garden, yard or sidewalk. While its performance pales in comparison to that of a gas-powered string trimmer, it’s still more than adequate for light-duty to medium-duty cutting and pruning jobs on the property. It incorporates an auto-feed feature for advancing the line, which spares the trouble of bumping each time before starting the unit. And while it does have a spool, it can only accommodate a paltry 10 feet of line, which regrettably means you’ll have to change it a lot more frequently.

As for power, it uses a 32-Volt battery that guarantees a long runtime. According to the manufacturer, a full charge lastly approximately half an hour for normal cutting and trimming. Users, on the other hand, reiterate that depending on your usage and the thickness of the weeds, shrubs, and grass on your properly, the runtime can be as short as twenty minutes and as long as a whole hour. The battery also takes long recharge. You'll have to wait for some three hours when it's completed depleted. To make matters worse, it lacks the industry standard battery light indicator to help you monitor the amount of power remaining.

The string trimmer nonetheless offsets the downsides mentioned above by offering the user room for making adjustments. Enabling the edger function, for instance, is as easy as rotating the head. Also, it comes with the aforementioned dual wheels and a metal guard for quick and easy manoeuvrability into tight and awkward spots like beneath under bushes and to protect your legs from flying debris, respectively. As for versatility, you can use the string trimmer as a mini mower. Even though it lacks the power and performance of full-size lawn mowers, it still gets the job done, albeit with some compromises.

Overall, it is a perfect machine for tackling all those light-duty to heavy-duty cutting and trimming projects around the house. Ergonomically, it is lightweight and compact and comes with a host of performance and convenience features and capabilities to take the time and effort away from the exercise. You won’t regret your purchase.
  • Easy to use, thanks to guide wheels and tilting head
  • Edger function works remarkably
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Battery lasts for much longer
  • Not the best for tall users
  • The battery takes long to recharge fully

10. GreenWorks 21102

10. GreenWorks 21102
Like its other sibling featuring on this list, the GreenWorks 21142 is one of those products designed to offer the user an out-of-this-world experience. It spots a high-performance and reliable 10-amp motor that, among other things, provides exceptional power and torque, prolongs the machine’s lifespan, and guarantees a quiet operation. Consequently, it is ideal for domestic and commercial-scale trimming and cutting projects.

However expansive your property is, the incredible power of the motor coupled with the machine’s 18-inch wide cutting swath allows it to blaze effortlessly and quickly through the thickest, toughest, and most pesky weeds, shrines, grass, and under bushes. The incorporation of a connect coupler allows for easy and quick connection of different attachments, effectively making it a versatile, multi-purpose tool.
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It is constructed with the user in mind. It is not only comfortable to use for prolonged periods of time but also easy to use. The handles or grips, for instance, come with over-mold to serve two specific objects. One, the design increases comfort by preventing hand fatigue and strain and increase traction to prevent the machine from slipping away. Secondly, the over-mold grips enhance controllability and manoeuvrability that's requisite for accessing awkward and hard-to-reach spots.

Similarly, compared to the vast majority of string trimmers on the market, it boasts a lightweight and compact design, so it doesn't put too much strain on the hands. With a weight of just 9.9 pounds, it is one of the lightest item featured on this list, and as such, it won't put pull you down while cutting and trimming.

Unfortunately, you'll have to dig a little deeper into your pockets to reward yourself this option. It features a quite a premium price tag that's commensurate with its features and capabilities. In spite of this, we think it's still a steal considering that there are several pricier models out with similar specs. The spring trimmer, therefore, works to reinforce the myth commonly held by the vast majority of consumers that a low price tag is indicative of low-quality construction. For small to large gardens and yards, its performance is nothing short of spectacular.

The 21142 comes with several beneficial features and specs that make it ideal for homeowners, professional trimmers, and enthusiastic DIYers. It rugged yet professional construction enables it to stand up to heavy and light use both in a domestic and commercial setting. With a powerful motor and a wide cutting swath, it whacks weed, shrubs, and overgrown grass effortlessly and in a fraction of the time it takes conventional string trimmers. However, it comes with a cord that limits your mobility and some parts are prone to wiggle about during operation. Aside from these, it works like a charm and will prove to be an indispensable addition to the toolbox.
  • Incredibly powerful
  • Accepts attachments
  • Cost-effective
  • Ideal for light to medium-duty cutting and trimming projects
  • Wide clearing swath
  • Problems with bump feed
  • A little heavy

Criteria for Choosing the Best String Trimmers


One of the most important consideration to keep in mind while shopping for a string trimmer is power. In this respect, you have gas-powered, battery-powered, and lastly electric or corded string trimmers. The latter is suitable for blazing through the few weeds, shrubs, and grass growing in a small lawn or yard. Also, because the vast majority of electric string trimmers are lightweight and compact, controlling and manoeuvring them is incredibly easy, which in turn cuts down the duration of the project significantly. Other advantages to going with corded string trimmer are their quiet and almost vibration-less operation.

Battery-powered string trimmers also come with their inherent advantages and downsides. Despite battery life apprehensions, the modern and innovative lithium-ion batteries can continuously supply the machines with solid power, sometimes for at least an hour depending on the intensity of the operation. They, however, have the disadvantage of being heavy but can be swapped with other power tools from the same manufacturer.

Lastly, you can also look into the possibility of going for a gas-powered string trimmer as the third option. The power and performance of the previous two categories pale in comparison that of gas-powered models, which make quick and effortless work of pesky weeds, tall grass, and gnarly shrubs. A few top-of-the-line gas-powered models even spot steel brush cutter heads capable of cutting through the thickest and toughest bamboos. On the other hand, though, they are the exact opposite of quiet and lightweight, meaning that unless you use a shoulder strap, the weight will most likely weigh you down.

Ease of Use

A string trimmer needs to be user-friendly. Some of the steps manufacturers take to achieve practicality and usability include properly balancing the machine so there is even or uniform weight distribution all through. Some machines have a little bit more weight concentrated at the top to provide more natural downward pressure on tough and thick weeds and grass. Also, some come with rubberized grips and hands to enhance user comfort and prevent inadvertent slippage in the middle of an operation.

Furthermore, because vibrations are an inevitable part of cutting and trimming, some manufacturer try compensating or offsetting the severity by using some kind of damping, ensuring the user does not experience the worst of it. Lastly, depending on your level of experience and upper body strength, you may want to look out for a lightweight and compact string trimmer that only requires a handle mounted at the top to give the user greater control and manoeuvrability. Bulkier and heavier gas-powered models, on the other hand, will necessitate the use of a shoulder strap for prolonged use.

Performance and Purpose

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Another factor you will have to consider in judging the suitability of your string trimmer for the job is the expansiveness of the area you want to cover and the intensity of the job. Needless to say, small spaces are much easier to maintain, require less effort and time. If you have a small yard, garden or lawn it would be prudent to get yourself a functional and practical machine for the job. Most mid-range electric or battery-powered models should do the trick.

If on the other hand, your lawn or yard is cluttered with tough and pesky weeds and tall grass, what you need is a string trimmer that packs some incredible power. And this is where the gas-powered weed eaters enter the scene. In addition to power, you want something fitted with a swivel head and double up as an edger. It should be able to handle tough weeds and brushes with ease and quickly.


It might sound trivial and almost irrelevant in the context of string trimmers, but you need to keep yourself whenever you are operating a power tool. Considering the speeds at which they trim and cut down weeds and shrubs, sometimes reaching as much as 7,500 rotations per minute, the machines stir up a considerable amount of debris. Make a point of religiously wearing the right safety gear that includes but not limited to safety boots, correctly fitting long pants, eye protecting goggles, and if you’re using gas-powered string trimmers, ear protectors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If they are characteristically noisy and heavy, why would some people still prefer the gas-powered string trimmers over the battery-powered and electricity-powered ones?

A: First off, the modern gas-powered models are considerably lighter, easier to use and maintain compared to the older models. Consequently, while they’re still a little cumbersome to use, they still closely rival the other two models with regards to usability and practicality. However, the actual preference for gas-powered string trimmer is informed by their exceptionally high performance and easy manoeuvrability.

They are also more comfortable to use for prolonged periods, thanks in part to the fact that their handles and grips are rubberized and cushioned to keep hand fatigue and strain at bay. Aside from ergonomics, gas-powered models also come with a level of flexibility and versatility that sets them apart from the other variants on the market. Whether it’s trimming along the fence, under brushes, on rough terrains, or to handle the toughest and thickest weeds, grass and shrubs, they have your back.

Q: Is it possible to swap the battery of the string trimmer with that of another tool?

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A: The vast majority of string trimmers on the list are designed to be compatible with batteries in their line of power tools and with those from different competing brands. However, some do not allow for the interchange of batteries across brands. It would be prudent to check with the brand before committing your money.


Choosing a most suitable string trimmer is obviously a daunting and time-consuming exercise. Our list of ten of the best string trimmers endeavours to take away the time and effort from the exercise by presenting you with the best of all worlds. The products featuring on the list are the epitome of excellent performance, versatility, durability, usability, and convenience. And while a few may feature premium price tags, most are budget-friendly and come with commensurate features and capabilities. In your decision, make sure to factor in the factors we discussed and most importantly, take into account your needs.