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Best Carving Knives Reviewed & Rated

Woodworkers, carpenters, handymen and even extreme hobbyists understand that for one to carve a perfect masterpiece from any piece of wood, they need a perfect carving knife, and nothing less. The quality of your work is determined to a great extent by the quality of carving knife you choose to use. You need a knife that is both lightweight and compact for effective maneuverability and flexibility and yet with a pocket-friendly price tag. There is no point going for a costly option packed with premium features only to use it once every other month on softwood. Using the right one on the right piece of wood is a lot more productive and bound to give you a rare sense of contentment with your work.

Considering that the market is full of different brands offering you all sorts of carving knives, most of which are from brands you’re likely to have never heard of, it is prudent to conduct in-depth research to familiarize yourself with the available types. Most importantly, you need to understand why you need a knife and for which purpose. Once that is settled, you will have to take a few factors into consideration, such as brand name, efficiency, type, durability and the like. Lucky for you, we have dutifully put together a list of ten carving knives that should meet any enthusiastic carver’s needs. These knives are practical, lightweight, compact, comfortable and very solidly built. Unless you’re an experienced carver, keep reading because you’ll find this entry quite informative.

Our Top 3 Picks

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Criteria for Choosing the Best Carving Knives


As you will be dealing with carving knives, most of which are razor sharp and capable of retaining  their edge for quite some time, common sense would dictate that you take every necessary measure to keep yourself and those around you safe. On a similar note, a sharp and comfortable knife will be very instrumental in your endeavor to transform any piece of wood into a masterpiece. Sharp and comfortable knives significantly reduce the effort you use in carving, which in turn eliminates or greatly reduces the chances of making a mistake. Make a point of buying from reputable brands as their products always undergo vigorous quality check before being released into the market. Furthermore, go for a product with a high build quality. At least this way you are certain the blades are less likely to come lose or get stuck. Also, always use the right kind of knife for the right type of wood. However, the most important precautionary measure you can take is wearing protective gear while using one. Eye protecting google, gloves, fitting clothing like aprons and appropriate shoes are a staple.


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Carving is a demanding and laborious process and sometimes necessitates the application of a great amount of effort, especially during the initial stages when roughing a piece of wood. Also, there are some tough and quite dense types of woods that can quickly blunt a knife within a few minutes of carving. As a result, it is important that your preferred knife is adequately robust to take on some of the toughest types of wood without chipping. As professional carvers can attest, blades frequently get stuck in wood and should it lack the requisite strength, it can easily break as you try to force it out, which could cause you serious harm. Blades are primarily made from two materials, high-carbon steel and stainless steel, with each having its fair share of strengths and weaknesses. For instance, while high-carbon is ultra-strong and lightweight, it is prone to corrosion and rust. As a result, a carving knife made from high-carbon will require frequent cleaning and oiling so it maintains an optimal carving condition.


Using sharp blades is not only safer but also easier as you have to make far fewer strokes to make the cut you want. As was the case with durability, high-carbon steel, the material from which some knives are made, is not only easy to sharpen, but retains its sharpness for longer compared to stainless steel. With this in mind, you may want to pay a little extra attention to the blade your preferred knife is made of, as well as the quality of the edge. Just to reiterate, while high-carbon steel is not easy to sharpen and maintain, it nonetheless retains its sharpness for longer and is consequently easier to use. A good blade should be narrow from one end to the other to make it possible for you to effortless undertake more delicate and intricate carvings and should extend for a maximum of 15 millimeters.

Design of the Handle

They have handles that come is a wide variety of designs, all intended to make the knife comfortable and easy to handle for a prolonged period. Handles featuring an ergonomic design are especially quite comfortable, allowing you to use one more efficiently and for longer without suffering any fatigue or developing blisters all over your hand. The knives featured on our list have handles made from different types of materials such as Oiled Birch Wood, hardwood, RosePakka, among others. The intention is, however, to ensure your hand fits perfectly and that you maintain a firm grip throughout the carving process and to minimize the onset of fatigue.


Your last but equally important consideration should be the tang of the knife, specifically whether it has a partial or full tang or no tang at all. Most handles of these knives come with a tang, which is the manner in which the knife attaches to the handle. Carving knives with a full tang are a lot safer and come with a quality assurance. A knife with a full tang comes with a unique design, in which the steel material extends through the entire length of handle thereby significantly decreasing the likelihood of the steel loosening and falling off, as is the case with most partial tang carving knives.

10 Best Carving Knives


1. Morakniv 120

1. Morakniv 120
Also referred to as the Woodcarving 120 in some quarters, the knife continues to be a staple in several wood carving applications. Other than being a brand product, another very important factor that endears the knife to most woodworkers and handymen is its design. The curving knife has a length of 35 millimetres and features an all-laminated steel construction, ensuring that it is not only ultra-strong, but also capable of withstanding the most challenging and harsh conditions. The design of the Morakniv 120 especially maximizes it for making precise and sharp cuts in light of its narrow, pointed, and small edge. The design is very thoughtful, making such cuts an easy and straightforward endeavour, eliminating the need to strain.
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Furthermore, because of the use of laminated steel as the primary construction material, the Morakniv has a size and thickness that significantly increases its shelf-life, enabling it to effortlessly endure continuous use for several hours at a time, without requiring you to regrind it every now and then. Also, being a full tang, the blade of the knife runs throughout the length of the tool, thereby increasing its durability and safety.

While the whole Morakniv 120 is just fascinating in its design and delivery, its most outstanding feature is the handle. The Morakniv brand deliberately made the Morakniv 120 knife considerably oversized to give you more control on the grip, and it doesn't even stop here. Because the handle is entirely in birched wood, it gives you the feeling that it is a natural continuation of your hand, allowing you to work more naturally and expertly and with exact precision. The design of the knife also makes it possible for you to customize the handle so it fits firmly and adequately into your hands. Therefore, irrespective of the size of your hand, you can make changes so you achieve a perfect fit.

The Morakniv brand continues to exude confidence that the Woodcarving 120 will not only meet your expectations but also exceed them, which explains their decision to offer you a limited lifetime warranty with every purchase of their knife. Consequently, you are sure to be using the carving for your whole life without requiring a replacement.

Quite an impressive out-of-the-box sharpness with longer edge retention

Ergonomically designed handle for easy and comfortable use

Lightweight and compact design for flexibility, manoeuvrability, and portability

Easy to maintain

Provides perfect handling

Very cost-effective


Blade rusts without proper maintenance

Thin point requiring cautious use

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2. Opinel No. 8

2. Opinel No. 8
The Opinel brand has been in the business of making knives for more than a century now, which translates to years of knowledge and expertise in the field. And with each year, they continue to attract a more loyal customer base with the constant growth of their line of carving knives, which has seen them substantially outsell their closest competitors year after year. And for a good reason. The Opinel No 8 features a small and lightweight design, meaning that while it can easily pass for a pocketknife. The size also increases its versatility, making it perfect for a wide range of carving activities. The woodcarving knife features an all-carbon constructed blade measuring 3.25-inches in length whose industrial-strength ensures you are a productive and efficient carver. Carbon also increases the sharpness of the woodcarving knife, giving it the ability to hold its edge for a long period, and also makes it easy to re-sharpen.
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Consequently, you have a knife that offers you a hassle-free and straightforward use, requiring very minimal fine tuning yet providing you with exceptional woodcarving capabilities.

The Opinel No 8 is also quite a versatile tool capable of carving through all types of wood. The knife makes carving an unbelievably easy and safe endeavour, especially with the installation of Virobloc ring locking system. The main purpose of the Virobloc ring locking system is to prevent the blade from closing while it is opened, and conversely, keeping it closed so it doesn’t open.

It features a high quality and robust construction to provide you with the best carving experience with all types of wood. The handle, for instance, is made purely out of hardwood that is renowned for its ability to withstand the harshest carving conditions, which in turn makes it durable for extended intensive use. The lightweight design of the woodcarving knife increases manoeuvrability, making it possible to curve at your preferred angle. In spite of its superior carving abilities, the knife is more prominently recognized for its historicity and aesthetic appeal. As a matter of fact, Opinel knives have frequently been featured in lists of 100 beautiful products around the world. The model design of the Opinel No. 8 knife mentioned above significantly increases the ease of handling and ease-of-use, making the knife the best investment when it comes to carving wood.

Has a compact and lightweight design

Features an all-carbon constructed blade for durability

Virobloc ring locking system

High quality and robust construction

Ergonomically constructed handle encourages continuous use

Exceptional carving performance


A little costly

Prone to corrosion

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3. Flexcut Whittling Jack

3. Flexcut Whittling Jack
The Flexcut Whittling Jack Wood comes from the trusted Flexcut brand, which currently enjoys a reputable credibility as one of the best manufacturers of high-quality woodcarving knives throughout the world. This woodcarving knife is particularly quite high-quality, with a manageable weight of just 3 ounces and enclosed in a robust aluminium frame capable of withstanding the most intricate and complex woodcarving endeavours. The uniqueness of the Flexcut Whittling Jack Wood Knife is informed by the fact that it sports veneer inlays that stretche uninterruptedly for 4-inches from the base of the knife to its very top to shield the two blades. That's right! The Flexcut Whittling Jack comes with two blades with the first, measuring 1-1/2-inches in length optimized for detail carving while the second, which has a length of 2-inches is ideal for roughing. Furthermore, each of the blades is made from high- carbon steel, known for its durability and reliability. Therefore, if you're in search for a serious knife, the Flexcut Whittling Jack Wood Knife would be your best bet.
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Being a Flexcut product, you're sure this woodcarving knife is packed to the brim with lots of wonderful and practical features going beyond comfortability. The knife has a very sharp blade capable of retaining its edge in time even with repeated rough and detailed carving on the hardest woods. Consequently, you're spared the tediousness of retrieving your sharpening tools every now and then to keep it sharp, though, it would be prudent to use the Flexcut Gold Stropping Compound to sharpen it. It has an out-of-the-box sharpness of the blade, which without chipping, will require stropping the compound to maintain its edge. As previously mentioned, the Flexcut Whittling Jack Wood Knife has a 2-inch roughing knife and 1-1/2-inch detailing knife that are highly convenient.

Furthermore, the knife has a total length of 4-inches from one end to another when closed, making it sufficiently compact to comfortably carry around with you either in the pockets or a backpack without taking up too much storage space. The design of the knife also makes it aesthetically appealing, leading to the creation of a veneer inlay in addition to the slight bow construction makes holding the knife comfortable, especially when you have to carve a significant amount of time. Coupled with its lightness at just 0.188 pounds, you will be comfortable carrying it around with a lot of ease.

On a negative side note, though this should not be considered a deal breaker, you may experience a little difficulty with the Flexcut Whittling Jack Wood Knife when attempting to open the blade from the handle because of the shallowness of the nail nicks. Other than this trivial drawback, the knife is a wonder to work with and is ideal for light-duty to medium-duty carving applications. It is lightweight and compact and will not take up too much space in your pockets or backpack. It also has two blades, one perfect for roughing while the other is ideal for detailing.

Perfect handle for prolonged wood carving

Longer sharpness and edge retention for clean and efficient cuts

Lightweight and compact design, weighing just 3 ounces

Very portable


Blades don’t lock perfectly

Shallowness of nail nicks complicates opening the blades

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4. Morakniv 164

4. Morakniv 164
Having the most suitable knife is necessary for the full realization of one's carving potential, whether you are a novice, a professional woodworker, or an enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfer. The Morakniv Wood 164 Hook Knife is one such tool, coupled with the right passion, knowledge, and some hands on experience, can lead to the most beautiful and detailed wood pieces. Handymen, carpenters, and wood carvers continue to appreciate the unrivalled expertise of the Morakniv brand as demonstrated by this knife's handle.
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The handle of the Morakniv Wood 164 Hook knife gives you a comfortable feel which significantly makes the knife easy to use, considering that it is constructed out of Oiled Birch Wood. The soft and uniform texture of Birch augments the smoothness of the handle, and together with the tampering of the handle at both extremes, ensures your grip is both firm and strong for prolonged use.

It comes with a single-edged blade constructed entirely out of high-carbon steel, which is renowned for being ultra-strong and lasting for several years of intense usage. Unfortunately, unlike stainless steel, which is preferred over high-carbon steel by other brands due to its high resistance both rust and corrosion resistant, high carbon steel cannot be used in different weather conditions without worrying about the prevailing conditions having a negative impact on its structural integrity.

Additionally, in contrast to stainless steel, high-carbon steel is capable of maintaining its sharp edge for a considerably longer period, thereby reducing the frequency of re-sharpening. The high-carbon steel from which the handles of the carving are made are much stronger and able to provide you with longer, superior performance if they are properly maintained. Consequently, they will certainly maintain their integrity irrespective of the intensity of the curving progress they are subjected to.

The extension of the knife’s tang throughout its length works great by reinforcing the blade and maximizing its strength, and in the process, making it perfect both for roughing and detailing different types of woods. The blade has a length of 2-inches, which is pretty standard, with a diameter of 1/2-inches and weighs just 59 grams. These specifically make this knife a lightweight and compact model, appropriate for storing in compact spaces for increased portability. The fact that the Morakniv 164 is curved makes it especially ideal for carving small spoons and bowls.

It has a few weaknesses that you need to be aware of so you're able to make an informed choice. First, the unique curving of its blade can pose a bit of a challenge to novices and inexperienced Do-It-Yourselfers when it comes to keeping the blade sharp. Its question mark sharp is also likely to make it difficult when working on delicate and complex carves which may force you to spend a little more time on your project. Lastly, considering that high-carbon is not resistant to corrosion and rust, this woodcarving knife will need considerably frequent polishing and maintenance to maintain its sharp edge.

Lightweight and compact design allowing for extensive, effortless use

Exceptionally stable carving performance

Exceptionally sharp and ready to carve

Conveniently portable

Ideal for carving spoon


Prone to corrosion

Requires frequent stropping to maintain sharpness

5. Morakniv 106

5.  Morakniv 106
The Morakniv just can’t stop themselves from making some of the best carving knives, with the Morakniv 106 being their third product to feature on this list. While it shares a lot of features with the Morakniv 120, it is nonetheless slightly larger. The woodcarving knife comes with a tapering blade measuring an impressive 3.2-inches in length and yet manages to remain lightweight and compact to allow for hassle-free use. The Morakniv has dimensions of 0.8 by 3.2 by 7.4-inches with a weight of only 1.6-ounces.
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The Morakniv 106 features an all-laminated steel blade with a full tang running throughout its length. The blade is similarly tapered from one end to the other extreme end for additional versatility and flexibility. It comes with an out-of-the-box sharpness meaning that you literally dive into carving all sorts of woods from the second you receive. Because of the durability and strength of the knife’s blade, it maintains its sharpness and edge for quite a significant amount of time, thereby reducing the need to frequently re-sharpen it. The Morakniv brand is keen on having the knife perform very precise cuts by including a large blade allowing carvers to easily make liberal cuts.

Other than the blade of the Morakniv 106, the handle similarly features top-notch construction using premium-quality resources. Like the Morakniv 120, this knife has a handle made from Oiled Birch wood, making it possible for you quickly and effortlessly customize it in accordance with their needs. The factory pre-set grip should, however, be able to suit the average hand without requiring any modifications. Nevertheless, the ergonomic fashioning of the handle is aimed at ensuring a proper and firmer fit on a broad range of hands, which is achieved by slightly oversizing it to give different users improved handling over the blade.

The Morakniv 106 knife is ideal for use by enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfers and novices since its slightly large size makes adequate room for large and accurate cuts. The out-of-the-box sharpness of the knife accords the aforementioned groups the option of decreasing the need of exaggerating their cuts and in the process lessen the likelihood of injuring themselves.

As is the case with most Mora products, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. However, with proper use and thorough maintenance, you may never use the warranty cover at all.

Compact and lightweight


Comes with an out-of-the-box sharpness for effortless carving

Ideal for learning how to carve wood

Durable and robust handle made from Oiled Birch Wood


Prone to rusting and corrosion thereby necessitating proper care and maintenance

6. The Mora Companion MG

6. The Mora Companion MG
The Morakniv brand has tirelessly and determinedly built its reputation, expertise, and knowledge for about 125 years, producing some of the most-trusted and high performing knives through the years. One of the best the company has to offer is the Mora Companion MG Knife that offers you an extremely smooth and flawless performance, managing to maintain its edge and sharpness through some of the heaviest carving projects. And no matter how intense the project, you won’t experience even the slightest chaffing or development of blisters on your hands.
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The Mora Companion MG knife is bundled together with a plastic sheath and a belt clip, which brings its total weight to approximately 3.9 ounces without which it is a compact and lightweight knife with a weight of just 2.7 ounces. The light weight enables you to easily attach it to your waistline using the included belt clip while simultaneously allowing for effortless and hassle-free manoeuvrability.

It sports an ergonomically designed handle made from hard rubber to increase your holding grip and make the knife comfortable to use for a protracted amount of time on demanding projects. The ergonomic design furthermore ensures optimal precision cutting. The knife comes with a blade measuring 4.1-inches and made from high-carbon steel for an extended shelf-life and the ability to withstand the toughness of different types of woods. Consequently, you have a knife capable of taking on the toughest hardwoods without suffering any substantial deformations, but which will nonetheless require honing after every half an hour as you carve wood. Furthermore, in spite of its impressive edge resistance, we highly recommend honing the knife after every 20 minutes so as to get the most out it, and more importantly, to maintain the general health of the knife which goes a long way in minimizing the danger of chipping and injuries occasioned by using dull knives.

The blade has a 3/4 tang along its length allowing you to make exact and precise cuts with as few strokes as possible in addition to increasing the reliability of the knife. In spite of having a partial tang, you don’t have to worry about the blade coming loose even after intensive use.

Like most products made from carbon steel, this knife will definitely rust if not properly looked after. Keeping it in a moist setting for extended periods of time is most likely to trigger rusting, meaning that having a proper storage system goes a long way in keeping the knife safe from the damaging consequences of rust and corrosion. Another effective way of preventing rusting is by forcing a patina.

In conclusion, it offers you exceptional workability and an ease of use vital for roughing and making delicate curves. The tool comes with a very functional 4.1-Inch carbon steel blade with 3/4 tang for a highly reliable performance that is ideal for a multitude of carving application given that it is one tough and hard material. The knife sports a useful Scandinavian grind angled at 22-degree that considerably eases the whole carving process. Coupled with the comfortable handle, you have a tool that will never disappoint, no matter the situation.

Lightweight and compact design for easy manoeuvrability and portability

Cost-effective yet packed full of useful features

Razor sharp blade for efficient and smooth cutting

Offers an ease of use for accommodating novices

Robust construction for extended shelf-life

Easy to use


Requires thorough maintenance to maintain optimal carving condition

Application of excessive force could break blade

7. Flexcut Tri-Jack Pro

7. Flexcut Tri-Jack Pro
The Flexcut Tri-Jack Pro knife is yet another entry from the legendary manufacturer Flexcut, whose name has, over the years, become synonymous with excellent, long-lasting, and highly functional products, and against which exceptional performance is measured. As the name suggests, this knife brings together three distinct tools, making you not only a productive carver but also enabling you to achieve excellent woodcarving results. The Flexcut Tri-Jack Pro has the portability and lightness of a majority of pocketknives in the market and is an ideal alternative those who prefer to carve while on the go.
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All of the three knives are optimized for different functions with the first being a roughing knife measuring roughly 1-3/4-inches in length and whose primary function is to texture and create surfaces to which will later to added additional details. The second knife, as you would expect going by this narrative, is the detailing knife which measures approximately 1-5/16-inches in length. It is used to add details to a surface after having been created and textured by the roughing knife. The third knife on this list is the mini-cutting knife, which is about 1-1/16-inches long. Woodworkers and carpenters use this knife to make thin cuts and to give the respective surfaces additional detail. Together, these knives allow you to do a lot with a piece of wood, from getting it ready for carving to giving it the final look you want, all with a single tool.

All the three blades are made from high-carbon steel, providing for exceptional carving on just about any type of wood. The out-of-the-box razor sharp will only need occasional sharpening, seeing as high-carbon steel is very apt at retaining its edge for long even with prolonged and intense use. One of the highlights of the Flexcut Tri-Jack Pro knives is that they come with a blade locking mechanism, making them a lot safer than most knives to use, so you can work peacefully without worrying about coming to some kind of harm. Another significant difference between this knife and most is that the handle is designed into a Pistol Grip, which ensures your grip is not only firm but also very comfortable, allowing you to work for long periods of time without ever experiencing any significant fatigue or developing blisters on the hands. Additionally, because the handle is made from aerospace-grade aluminium, which is a lightweight and ultra-strong material, the Flexcut Tri-Jack Pro knife has the manoeuvrability and versatility of other smaller pocket knives and occupies quite a small amount of storage space either in your pockets or backpack.

To summarize, it is made by professional woodworkers to be used by serious hobbyists, and other professional woodworkers. The knife comes with a razor sharp edge allowing carvers to have optimal control. Also, because all the blades are precision-machined, they can maintain their cutting edge for longer. With a weight of 5.1 ounce and a length of 4-1/4-inches when folded, you will have no problems at all going from place to place with this knife.

Razor sharp blades for effortless and quick carving

Lightweight and compact for easy portability and manoeuvrability

Has three blades for roughing, detailing, and cutting for exceptional versatility

Has blade locking system to ensure your safety

Comes with Pistol Grip to increase comfortability and encourage prolonged use


Difficult to open and close

8. Flexcut Carvin’ Jack

8. Flexcut Carvin’ Jack
The Flexcut Carvin' Jack knife is a true definition of versatility and flexibility and guarantees you a level of performance and functionality that other knives just don't. The woodcarving knife comes with six blades, allowing you to carry out a wide range of carving activities with just a single knife, from making large cuts to detail work. For whatever carving need you may have in mind, you are sure one these blades will adequately address that need.
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Furthermore, all the blades are made from high-carbon steel, which is renowned for its durability, strength, and the ability to cut through wood like it was butter. The blades also come with an out-of-the-box razor sharpness and capable of maintaining their carving for a significant amount of time. Even after repeated hours of roughing and detailing hardwood, the blades do not get deformed or chipped. Additionally, the ingenious design of the Flexcut Carvin’ Jack carving knife ensures the nice and smooth folding of each of the blades into each other, meaning that you can carry the knife comfortably in your hand, clip it to your waist, or keep it in your backpack and it won’t occupy any significant space.

As is the case with all other Flexcut products, this carving knife sports an ergonomically designed handle to ensure a perfect fit on your hands and to make it comfortable to use with ease and manoeuvre effortlessly. Plus, the Flexcut brand provides you with two choices, right-handed and left-handed versions. The knife is unique is several ways and is the only knife with six blades. The versatility of the woodcarving knife makes it possible for you to undertake any carving project and see to its successful completion within the shortest time possible. Its portability gives the opportunity to carve wood at any place of your choice and at your preferred time. With this option, you don’t need a work bench or additional tools as the Carvin’ Jack is a complete kit allowing you to carve any piece of wood into a masterpiece.

It comes with a few accessories to make your carving an enjoyable and hassle-free experience. Included with the knife is a sheath-like pouch, a slip strop, and polishing compound to enable you to sharpen it at your own convenience, ensuring they are always at top carving condition. Plus, the Flexcut offers you a lifetime warranty limited to the repair and replacement of factory defective parts only.

A complete kit with six razor sharp and durable blades

Perfect locking of blades on opening or closing

Small and lightweight with a length of just 4-1/2-Inch for easy carrying and use

Folding design

A very cost-effective carving knife


Difficulty opening some blades

9. Joy Enterprises - Fury Nobility Raindrop

9. Joy Enterprises - Fury Nobility Raindrop
If you are looking for a cost-effective yet functional and practical woodcarving knife you can never go wrong with the Fury Nobility Raindrop Razor Edge, manufactured by the consumer-trusted brand of Joy Enterprises. Other than the woodcarving knife being pocket-friendly, it does not sacrifice on performance and design, as you would expect. It's an aesthetically appealing woodcarving knife that will work great for veteran woodworkers, novices, and enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfers. The knife offers you an agility, price tag, and jaw-dropping beauty in its Pakka handle that makes it a serious contender for the top spot.
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It comes with an industrial-grade stainless steel blade that is perfect for carving woods with ease and comfort. The razor blade edge is capable of a making a clean and small inverted cut. In spite of its small design, the Fury Nobility Raindrop Razor Edge woodcarving knife sports a most robust construction that when combined with its sturdy blade, makes it the most adaptable woodcarving knife on this list.

The Fury Nobility Raindrop Razor Edge comes with a considerably smaller handle made from RosePakka hardwood and finished with stainless pins for a longer shelf-life. Plus, because of its lightweight and compact design, your hands fit perfectly firmly on the grip making it easy to handle for extended periods of time. Its small stature also means that it is quite portable, as it will fit perfectly comfortably in your pockets, allowing you to take it from one place to another with relative ease. It is similarly sufficiently large to be flexible for a multitude of carving tasks. The design and overall construction of the woodcarving knife means it is ideal for a wide range of carving projects such as working on the edges of wooden poles, in which it delivers a smooth and straightforward carving.

There are some drawbacks holding back the otherwise top model woodcarving knife that are worth bringing to your attention. In consideration of its lightweight and compact design, managing the Fury Nobility Raindrop Razor Edge could be a little problematic. The wood knife's rivets are little too smooth, there is no locking feature, and more worryingly, the blade loses its sharpness more rapidly, forcing you to re-sharpen more frequently.

This is an awesome choice for woodworkers looking for the sweet spot between quality performance and value for money. It is therefore highly recommended it to intermediate woodworkers and novices for their everyday carving activities. They, however, need to seek professional help in getting the knife sharp.

An aesthetically appealing woodcarving knife

Stainless steel blade that is perfect for carving woods with ease and comfort

Lightweight and compact design

Ideal for a wide range of carving projects


Lack of a locking mechanism

Quick loss of carving sharpness necessitating frequent re-sharpening

10. Flexcut Whittling Knife

10. Flexcut Whittling Knife
Even though the Flexcut only recently entered the woodworking industry and is yet to be an established brand, it nonetheless makes some of the most durable, versatile and high-quality woodcarving knives. You will therefore be doing yourself a great injustice by overlooking it, especially since it is already appealing to the mainstream in quality. This is one of its top model knives that comes with a high carbon steel blade featuring a razor sharp edge. Using it on a hardwood and other tough or abrasive materials gives you the feeling comparable to cutting a piece of cake with a hot knife. The honing of the handles by hand gives them an ergonomic design, making them exceptionally comfortable and easy to hold by hand for a long time without feeling fatigued or experiencing joint pains.
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Furthermore, it excels at performance as it does in design. The woodcarving knife comes with a versatile razor-sharp blade measuring 1-1/8-inches in length, ensuring the knife is an all-around carving knife. The knife is however specifically optimized for light-duty to medium-duty projects. For such an exceptional performance, you would expect the woodcarving knife to feature a premium price tag. Surprisingly, it is very pocket-friendly and considerably cheaper than most knives in its level.

It comes with its fair share of drawbacks, the most notable of which is the handle. The handle of this woodcarving knife is made from Ash, which is renowned for being lightweight but coarse. As such, it might not support continuous use, especially when you are undertaking demanding woodcarving projects. On another note, the woodcarving knife is fitted with a partial tang blade, which will definitely necessitate frequent strokes to get the curving you desire. Should the blade come loose in the middle of carving, all you have to do is epoxy it back into position. Other than these few drawbacks, which are, in our opinion, non-deal breakers, the knife will most certainly provide you with exceptional performance, and with proper care, will last more than a lifetime. It a realistically and reasonably priced woodcarving knife with more upsides than downsides and would make for a great carving experience.

Long-lasting quality high carbon steel

Ergonomic design for comfortability and ease of use

One of the sharpest factory-installed blades

Comes with very versatile blades

Cost-efficient woodcarving knife


Blades comes loose when under use

Poorly constructed handle not ideal for prolonged use


Q: How do I ensure my carving knives maintain their sharpness?

A: There are several ways of maintaining the carving edge and sharpness of your Flexcut knives, the easiest of which is to use a stropping compound. So that your project doesn’t suffer any quality setbacks, it is highly advised you sharpen the knife every half an hour. This is easiest and most hassle-free way of ensuring your knives maintain an optimal carving condition.

Q: Is high-carbon steel prone to corrosion and rust?

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A: Keeping any type of steel in a moist setting for a long time naturally predisposes it to rust. Which is why they require frequent and thorough cleaning after any carving project. An additional measure you can take to protect your knives from rusting is by keeping them in a cool, dry environment. Corrosion, on the other hand, can be avoided by forcing a patina.

Q: What do manufacturers mean by a tang?

A: In very simple words, a tang is the length of the blade that extends into the handle. It can either have a full or partial tang. While a partial tang means the blade reaches between half and three-quarter of the length of the handle, a full tang continues all the way. After undertaking strenuous and more demanding projects with a partial tang carving knife, there is a high likelihood of its blade loosening or falling off, which exposes you to grave danger.


The success or failure of your carving project greatly depends on the effectiveness, flexibility and build quality of your knife. While your chosen knife will only play a partial role, it is nonetheless instrumental in influencing the final results in either direction. As a price-conscious carver out to get his or her money’s worth, it is imperative that you choose wisely and that your choice is guided by other important factors beyond the brand name. One thing we can guarantee you is that all the options featured on our list are the best there is. They are quite handy, feature a lightweight and compact design and offer an impressive out-of-the-box sharpness that requires just an occasional stropping or sharpening.