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1. Dewalt DWHTTR350
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Best Staple Guns Reviewed and Rated

A staple gun is a must-have tool for professional contractors and enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfers intending to carry out any project around the house or in your workstation. Staple guns are maximized to tackle a wider array of demanding projects compared to office staplers. Consequently, they are not only more versatile, but they additionally more durable, more powerful, and stronger. You can choose between electronic, pneumatic and manual staple guns, with the latter offering a perfect balance between affordability, convenience, and versatility. In the next sections, we do our best to walk you through the process choosing a staple gun that is most suitable for your project.

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10 Best Staple Guns


1. Dewalt DWHTTR350

1. Dewalt DWHTTR350
Very few staple guns come close to the performance and versatility of the DeWalt DWHTTR350 staple gun. It an exceptional performer and offers great safety features for those handling minor Do-it-Yourself projects around the house such as installing kitchen cabinets.
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The fact that it is rated for heavy-duty use means it is more than capable of smoothly handling all types of massive projects. The staple gun is neatly designed and does not compromise on longevity. Despite having a plastic finish, you have the manufacturer’s assurance that its sturdiness is capable of withstanding even the harshest of beatings considering that the underlying parts are constructed out of aluminium and are therefore ultra-strong and very durable. The choice of aluminium is also informed by its being reliable and lightweight.

As already mentioned, it does not prioritize physical appearances over performance. When you combine the staple gun's robust construction with its top-notch firing mechanism, you end up with a tool that exceeds quality and performance expectations of both Do-It-Yourselfers and professional contractors alike. The sturdy construction of the handle means you can use it for the next several years without worrying about it breaking. The handle features an ergonomic design that makes it both robust and comfortable to handle. Additional comfort is achieved by coating the handle with rubber. Pushing the lever is an effortless endeavour thanks to the inclusion of the easy-squeeze technology meaning you will be able to use the staple gun for an extended period before experiencing fatigue. Another very useful feature of the staple gun is the anti-jam system that does a wonderful job by reducing the frequency of staple jams, ensuring you resume jamming in no time.

On a negative note, it does not come with an ergonomic design. The meaning of this is that you will have to make a conscience note to hold firmly to the handles or risk slippage, which could put your life at risk. After only a few hours of stapling you are most likely to run out of energy. Taking breaks between projects is not only time-consuming but also a laborious and demoralizing endeavour. The stiffness of the lever is the only major weakness of the staple gun, though.

That drawback is nonetheless overshadowed by the fact that the staple gun is compatible with nearly all types of 18-gauge staples and nails. As a result, the easy accessibility and affordability of these cartridges are another reasons to consider purchasing the staple gun. Plus, because DeWalt is a trusted brand name that is synonymous with manufacturing high-quality and industry-grade products, you do not have to worry about the staple gun malfunctioning.

As demonstrated, the staple gun can smoothly perform a majority of light-duty to heavy-duty projects with no difficulties at all. It is not surprising, therefore, that the staple has comes with a premium price tag, which, in our opinion is perfectly justified, considering its exceptional performance and impeccable design.

Requires no prior knowledge or experience to use


Lightweight and compact design

Top-notch performance

Sturdy and durable construction


Jamming even with a full reload

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2. Stanley TRE550Z

2. Stanley TRE550Z
As far as power and effectiveness are concerned, the Stanley TRE550Z is undeniably in its own class. Given that it is electricity-powered, it provides power sufficient to complete a wide range of heavy-duty Do-It-Yourself projects including upholstery and several other smaller projects within the house.
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You have the freedom of fine-tuning the staple gun in accordance with the material you intend to staple since the tool features a dual power level. Thicker materials will obviously necessitate the use of more than compared to thinner materials.

The popularity of the staple gun among professional contractors and Do-It-Yourselfers is because of the tool's simplicity, making it relatively easy to use. A large percentage of people are hesitant to use tools running on electricity that is not the case with the staple gun as it does not mandate having prior experience or knowledge of its operation. The simplicity guarantees that you will not encounter any difficulties using it provided you adhere to all the rules. It features an eight-foot long cord, allowing you to move freely within your workstation. However, the staple gun still lacks the portability of its cordless counterparts implying you may want to purchase an extension cord if your project requires that you move around a lot.

You have a choice of between Sharpshooter TRA700 Series and Arrow T-50 staples to use in addition to brads with measurements of either 1/2, 9/16, or 5/8 inches, all of which you will be able to access easily as they are reasonably priced. On that note, we cannot stress enough the importance of considering affordability and construction quality of a product before making a purchase. Consequently, you need to note that the staple gun has a pocket-friendly price tag in spite of its superior quality and impressive performance.

Jamming is a prevalent problem with electricity-operated staple guns, explaining why most professional contractors and Do-It-Yourselfers don’t buy them. The staple gun is however different in the sense that it comes with a Quick-jam-clear mechanism which is both time-saving and convenient. In light of the efficiency and innovativeness of the staple gun's Flush-nose design, you will have an easy time reaching and stapling in hard-to-reach spots. To makes it even more convenient, the manufacturers included a low-brad window features which promptly notifies you whenever your magazine is running low on staples. The feature eliminates a situation where you have to constantly monitor the number of remaining staples and brads.

It has one minor drawback that while according to us, is not a deal breaker, and is still worth pointing out. In spite of the resolute construction of the staple gun, it is not ideal for use on dense woods.

One of the safest staple guns in the market

Fast and effortless

All-round tool for a multitude of projects

Lightweight and sturdy construction


Staples get jammed at the nose

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3. Porter-Cable US58

3. Porter-Cable US58
Some projects are not only intricate but also quite challenging, especially in the absence of the requisite tools. The unpopularity of upholstery, for instance, is informed by the fact that most staple guns either lack the power or sturdy construction necessary for the successful completion of upholstery projects.
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Most staple guns pack too much weight and lack the simplicity or ease of use necessary to satisfactorily finish a project. That is until you lay your hands on the Porter-Cable US58 staple gun. The compact design of the staple gun significantly increases its ease of use, eliminating the need to have prior experience of the working and handling of staple guns. The staple gun may also be the preference of professional contractors and Do-It-Yourselfers with an interest in preserving the environment as they are air-powered.

It features a lightweight design that conveniently makes it easy to carry around while performing various tasks around the house or within your workstation. It has a weight of just two pounds. Professional contractors interact with several tools on a day-to-day basis, and they understand best the significance of owning a lightweight tool and how forgiving they are on the arms and joints, not to mention they allow one to work for an extended period without experiencing fatigue. With a light weight you will be able to accomplish more and within a relatively short period without getting your arms and hands sore.

It is compatible with 22-gauge staples measuring between 1/4-inches and 5/8-inches, and their versatility ensures you can finish a variety of projects with the tool, irrespective of the density of the material you intend to use. While jamming and misfiring are common problems with staple guns, the superior engineering and expertise of the Porter-Cable brand mean they are barely an issue. Furthermore, you can minimize the frequency of jamming and misfire by restricting the use of the staple gun to household project or strictly for upholstery projects considering that they are not meant to for use in the construction site. The staple gun features a one-inch nose extension increases your accessibility to hard-to-reach spots around the house where a standard stapler would do you no good.

Additionally, it is capable of firing more 185 stable before requiring a reload hence you can work for longer hours. However, the tipped nose of the staple gun lacks a safety feature. The implication of the absence is that it starts shooting the moment you squeeze the trigger. Consequently, we strongly recommend not pointing the gun in anyone's direction when it is loaded with staples. The premium pricing of the staple gun is entirely commensurate with its performance and versatility.

Very easy to use

Proximity of staple gun head to the tip for perfect placement on materials

Ideal for upholstery projects

Compact and lightweight construction


The nose lacks a safety feature

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4. WEN 61720

4. WEN 61720
If you are looking a tool that is as versatile as it is powerful and combines all the interesting features you can possibly find in a staple gun, then your search ends with the WEN 61720 staple gun. The manufacturers opt for ultra-light aluminium for the construction of the stable gun thereby giving it a lightweight and compact design perfect for both industrial-grade and medium-duty projects.
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The aluminium material is reinforced with plastic parts to provide additional protection to the internal, delicate components of the staple gun. Thus, the staple is most durable and strong staple guns you can find.

As was the case with the previous product, it has a rubberized handle which eliminates the likelihood of the staple gun slipping from your hand and possibly harming you. An injury resulting from the use of a staple gun could seriously affect the speed and quality of your work, not mention slow you down.

It comes with a wide variety of auxiliary features making it an ideal tool for tackling a multitude of applications. It is capable of impressive depth penetration irrespective of the density of your stapling material, be it planks or heavy wood. Additionally, you have the freedom of choosing your preferred depth level by changing the adjustment level. It comes with a quick release magazine whose objective is ensuring the flow of staples is not interrupted at all and on the off-chance that the tool suffers a jam, the quick release mechanism comes in handy in solving the problem. The feature, therefore, saves you a lot of time and nerves.

The exhaust port is a thoughtful and useful addition that allows you to determine the direction the outputted air will follow. The implication is that you can fully control several aspects of the air flow other than direction, for instance, the speed, which is very important in pneumatic staple guns. The manufacturers also aim at keeping you safe as you work. In this regard, the staple gun comes with a contract trip whose aim is to maximize your safety while eliminating the possibility of the gun misfiring. Coupled with the staple gun’s ability to flawlessly fire up to one hundred staples measuring between ¾-inches and 2-inches before requiring a refill, and you have a tool with exceptional capabilities.

Lastly, it is relatively easy to use as it features one of the simplest designs among all staple guns. Irrespective of whether you are a veteran or just starting out, the simplicity of the tool means you will take a matter of seconds to familiarize yourself with its working. Nevertheless, don’t forget to wear protective gears when handling any type of tool, including staple guns, to keep yourself safe and injury-free.

Lightweight and compact design

Ease of replacing air compressor

One of the most portable staple guns on the market


Not ideal for heavy-duty projects

5. Stanley TR150HL

5. Stanley TR150HL
The Stanley TR150HL is one of the few staple guns in the market today featuring modern and innovative designs, which also it packs the latest features that go a long way in increasing performance and convenience. Professional contractors and Do-It-Yourself who value aesthetics need to take a look at the modern-looking staple gun.
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The most impressive aspect is its longevity. Despite its modern look, it is more than capable of tackling even the most massive projects quite smoothly without giving even the slightest indication of wearing out. The specs of the staple gun are especially ideal for dense wood and should you engage it in upholstery projects, you will immediately come to appreciate the magnificence of its penetration depth.

The staple gives you more control with its Hi/Lo dual power settings, enabling you to choose per the density of the material you intend to staple. Hardwood, for instance, would necessitate the use of higher settings compared to stapling together a few pieces of paper, which would not require as much power.

The manufacturers used aerospace aluminium in making the gun's case meaning that it is ultra-strong and very durable. Other than being durable, it features an ergonomic design on the handle to make it easier to firmly grip it without slippage. As you may be aware, a firm grip is important in ensuring you are safe and able to properly handle the staple gun. Moreover, the staple gun comes with an easy-squeeze handle that you can continually press on for extended periods of time without suffering any fatigue on the arms or shoulders. You can, therefore, use this tool on a multitude of projects without taking a break, saving you both time and energy.

Also, contrary to most staple guns with malfunctioning anti-jam mechanisms, this staple gun's anti-jam mechanism works like a charm because of the brands top-notch engineering and experience in the industry. While the mechanism does not eliminate the problem entirely, it does an impressive job keeping them to a bare minimum.

With these features, you would expect the staple gun to one of the most expensive in the market. However, professionals and DIYers can easily access this tool due to its considerate pricing.

Jam-resistant feature for continuous, uninterrupted use

Dual power settings perfect for differently dense materials


Misfiring problem

6. Arrow Fastener PT50

6. Arrow Fastener PT50
All Do-It-Yourselfers take pride in owning a tool that is both useful and affordable. And the Arrow Fastener brand has come up with a perfect tool that ticks both boxes, meeting the needs of people in search of a practical device and does not break the bank. While the features of the staple gun are maximized for medium-range projects around the house, it can withstand an occasional exposure to the harsh conditions synonymous with constructions sites.
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Consequently, its durability and performance would not be affected should you decide to use it for roofing.

Irrespective of their budget, needs, or profession, people pay particular attention to versatility when shopping for a new tool. Fortunately, no other staple gun deserves the title of the most versatile tool as much as the stable gun does, especially concerning compatibility to the sizes of staples. The stable gun is compatible with as many as six different staples, a fact that justifiably earns it praise as the most versatile entry-level staple gun. The wider the range of staples a staple gun can use, the more alternatives you have.

It lacks the complexity of most top model staple guns. It is one the simplest ones you will come across and using it is quite straightforward. First-time users of a staple gun will not encounter any difficulties whatsoever as prior experience with staple guns is entirely inconsequential. The staple gun is delivered with all the fittings you need. You can practically start using it within a few seconds of receiving it without having to stress over making several other adjustments or getting the settings right. Nevertheless, to stay on the safe side, assuming you are a first-timer, it highly recommended that you first familiarize yourself with the staple gun by perusing through its user manual before engaging in any massive projects.

Another admirable feature is that it comes with an affordable compressor to power it. Almost all pocket-friendly compressors capable of delivering around 120 (Minimum Recommended Pressure) PSI of pressure will do the job of powering the staple gun as it only requires between 60 and 100 PSI of pressure to perform to its full potential. Also its compact and lightweight design make it convenient to use for long durations.

Problems of misfiring and jamming are common problems inflicting staple guns. Nonetheless, the staple gun has an anti-jamming mechanism that keeps such problems at bay. Should they occur, however, the mechanism can resolve the problem in seconds. Other than this one minor drawback, the staple gun is perfect for a wide array of projects around the house.

All-steel construction for extended lifespan

Anti-jam mechanism

Practical and convenient shot meter for tracking remaining staples

Compatibility with T50 staples


Jamming despite addition of anti-jamming feature

Not ideal for use for long periods

7. Arrow Fastener T50

7. Arrow Fastener T50
The one feature that sets the Arrow T50 Heavy apart is the fact that it is built completely out of steel while almost all other manufacturers of staple guns have a notorious preference for aluminium because of its durability and lightness. Steel offers you a sturdiness and level of durability that aluminium just does not.
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The staple gun comes with an excellent casing with a chrome finish which makes it both aesthetically appealing and durable. Also, the staple gun features a jam-resistant mechanism that keeps the frequency of jamming to a bare minimum.

It is also quite user-friendly and will only take a matter of seconds to set up and start using it. The softness of the lever implies that you will use considerably less effort on the lever while stapling and this translates to less fatigue for extended use. With a weight of 1.4 pounds, the use of steel as the primary construction material does not make the staple gun bulkier or heavier than most models. Using the staple gun to staple hard or soft wood feels like cutting a piece of cake with a hot knife.

It comes with an attractive curvaceous grip whose sleek design is hard to resist pressing. The ergonomic design will not lead to the accumulation of any lactic acids following hours of continuous use, and so you won't feel your forearms ache, irrespective of your age. The roundness of the grip together with the use of rubberized materials on the handle substantially increases the ease of use and comfortability. Additionally, the grippy rubber reduces the likelihood of the stable gun slipping from your hands.

With its all-steel construction that does not sacrifice on performance, the staple gun has a reasonable price. Price-conscious buyers will find the staple gun particularly appealing. Both the gun and its suppliers come with fair prices that are bound to suit a majority of budgets.

Robust and long-lasting construction

Jam-resistant capabilities

Shot meter window for tracking amount of remaining staples

All-steel construction


Requires the use of a lot of effort to operate


The BOSTITCH T6-8 is an all-rounder staple gun that can smoothly handle a multitude of projects in various environments, whether it is within the house or on the construction site, without the slightest hesitation. The staple gun is not deterred by even the toughest heavy-duty applications such as affixing roofing felt, installing carpeting, and re-installing new window screens.
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The staple gun has a very practical and functional design. The construction of the handle, for instance, is done out of steel which makes it ultra-strong and long-lasting and is very unlikely to break following hours of intensive use. The design of the handle is aimed at providing you with as much leverage, controllability, and manoeuvrability as possible.

It is also a top performer, capable of delivering a tremendous amount of force that drives nails right through even the densest hardwoods like they were a piece of cake. Chances of jamming are few due to the plating of the staple's core and magazine with nickel chrome so that staples have a smooth and long-lasting surface over which to slide.

It has an easy-pull trigger to accommodate professional contractors and Do-It-Yourselfers with weak grips and can easily reach its optimal performance even with the application of minimum pressure on the trigger. Should you encounter difficulties gripping and squeezing the trigger, it would be prudent to consider investing in an additional pneumatic staple gun to address the shortcomings.

It is worth noting that the staple gun is purely a stapler and is incompatible with nails. Also, it does not use the standard staples sold in the market. Instead, the staple gun uses specially designed supplies. Your choice is therefore significantly limited.

Trademarked easy-squeeze mechanism thereby avoiding fatigue

Rubberized grip for comfort and firmer grip

Lightweight design thanks to the use of ultra-light aluminium


Considerably more expensive

Incompatible with standard staples

9. Dewalt DWFP12232

9. Dewalt DWFP12232
The Dewalt DWFP12232 is especially aimed at those professional contractors and Do-It-Yourselfers with a keen eye for a professionally constructed staple gun to add to their collection. As its name suggests, the staple gun is compatible with 1-1/2-inch staples featuring an 18-gauge narrow crown construction. The affordability and wide availability of these types of staples mean you have a wide collection to choose from.
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The versatility of the staple gun means it is perfect for those professionals who work on a multitude of projects around the clock and even for light-duty to medium-duty projects around the house. It does not hesitate when put to various projects such as constructing or repairing a staircase or building shelves, its performance remains exceptional throughout. Since you have the ability to make adjustments to the depth of penetration, you can work with several materials of varying thicknesses. The depth adjustment feature is quite straightforward, requiring you to only push the easily accessible thumbwheel. Consequently, you will not be daunted by the thickness of different materials. In spite of its complex name, adjusting the depth of the staple gun takes a matter of seconds, and you will be ready to work on your next project.

It is a perfect compromise between a battery-operated and electricity-powered staple guns since it is operated by air. Being an air-power staple gun, it offers soft levering synonymous with most manual staple guns, and you don't have to install several power sockets around your workstation to increase your access to electricity.

Using the staple gun is as simple as unboxing it, loading it with staples, making necessary adjustments to the air pressure within the air compressor and getting to work. Considering that the staple gun is powered by air, getting the pressure right can mean the difference between fully driven and half-driven nails. In other words, the successful completion of your project rests entirely of properly setting the pressure.

The lightweight and compact design keeps its weight at just 5 pounds, which is perfect for carrying around while installing new cabinets. In case you have problems with the weight, it would be advisable to firmly hold the staple gun as you fire so as to lessen the effects of recoil. The staple gun comes with adjustable exhaust channels that you can turn a full 360-degrees so as to your work surface clear of dust and other workstation debris. Lastly, the staple gun features a very useful and practical shot meter that dutifully monitors the available staples to avoid abruptly disrupting your progress. To keep you safe, the Dewalt brand included a trigger lock feature that you can use to stop the gun from accidentally firing staples.

Solid built



Great for upholstery


Jamming following long hours of use

10. Makita XTS01Z

10. Makita XTS01Z
If you have an eye for top-performing and professionally-built staple guns perfect for almost all types of heavy-duty you can through its way, then you need to seriously consider the Makita XTS01Z. The secret to Makita’s success is creating a perfect balance between design, performance, versatility, and durability, which is largely lacking in a vast majority of staple guns.
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Considering that it is powered by electricity, it provides way more stapling power that instantly drives staples into the densest surface by simply squeezing the trigger gently. Because of its trademarked brand engineered motor, most current and previous users note that the gun is too powerful and versatile for its price tag. Consequently, the staple gun has more than enough power to effortlessly fire 3/8-inch crown and flat staples without the slightest hesitation. The power is perfect for working with several materials of different sizes, irrespective of their abrasiveness. The depth adjustment features enable you to decide how deep the staples are driven, so you avoid breaking thinner materials when firing staples through them.

Apart from effortlessly driving nails through all kinds of materials, the staple gun features a useful jam-resistant mechanism to prevent it from jamming. The tool is capable of crushing the staples that would otherwise cause the jam and consequently do not interrupt your work. Nevertheless, users recommend that it is important to apply adequate pressure on the staple gun while firing so there is no recoiling, which would only drive the staples halfway through the material you to be stapled.

Additionally, the staple gun comes with a rubberized grip to ensure a firmer grip even when your hands become sweaty from long hours of continuous use. Lastly, the entire body of the staple is constructed out of long-lasting plastic that you sure will not wear out even after years of intense use. The magazine, on the other hand, is constructed out of aluminium which, because of its lightness, significantly eases the process of loading and firing staples.

Ergonomic design eliminates forearm and hand fatigue

Ideal for a wide array of dense and thin materials

Renowned for its reliability and versatility


Motor produces audible noise

Evaluation Criteria

The following evaluation criteria were used when choosing the top 10 items featured on our list. We recommend the same criteria to be used by any buyer of a staple gun.

Hand Grip

Staple guns vary greatly in size and shape, and these differences extend to the design of the hand grip. There is a very close correlation between the design of the handle grip and comfort. Staple guns with an ergonomically designed grips, for instance, offer far more comfort that can encourage use for an extended period without the user suffering from fatigue or soreness of the hands. Consequently, you should base your choice on the design of the handle and whether they aim at minimizing the negative consequences occasioned by prolonged use. The construction material of the hand grip is an equally significant factor, considering that grips with rubberized parts greatly increase your grip even when your hands are sweating. Lack of rubber on the hand grip leads to lack of traction which could lead to the staple gun slipping from your hands. In such an event, there is a high possibility of shooting yourself.


Other than safety and performance, durability is the third most important factor to consider when buying a staple gun. While you don’t want to end up with a tool that is ineffective, expensive, or uncomfortable to use, it would be equally bad to settle for a tool constructed from cheap materials and therefore lacking the much-needed longevity assurance. A versatile tool is one that you can use for a considerable amount of time without worrying about it breaking or needing to replace components every so often. It is worth noting that cheap staple gun models compromise on durability in a bid to offer lightweight and pocket-friendly products. However, our selection of the best staple guns creates an almost perfect balance between durability, performance, versatility, usability and other important factors.


Comfort and Convenience

For a staple gun to be considered as convenient, it has to have a lightweight and compact design, thereby making it quite effortless to use on a multitude of projects and under various circumstances. A perfectly designed staple gun should be able to give you the feeling that it is part and parcel of your hands whenever you are using it. The significance of convenience and comfort is informed by the fact that both massive and small projects involving staple guns typically last for several hours and involve firing several staples.

Sizes of Staples

Another significant factor to take into consideration is the size of the staples and their availability. Manual staple guns, unlike electric or pneumatic guns, are compatible with standard staples measuring 1/2-inches. Should you settle on a powered gun, you will have at your disposal several alternatives to choose from. The beauty of a majority of fully-featured guns is that they can take various staple sizes.



Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a manual staple gun?

A: Manual staple guns contrast sharply to their electric counterparts in that they demand considerably more arm power to hold them down firmly so as to prevent them from recoiling. Also, being manual, they lack a cord which makes them more portable than the electronic ones which will compel you to be close to a power source. The portability of the manual guns implies that you can comfortably work outdoors for as long as you want. Additionally, other than being considerably cheaper, reloading them with fresh stable is a straightforward and easy activity, taking a matter of seconds.

The most obvious drawback of using a manual staple gun is that you get to experience fatigue a lot sooner than if you were operating an electronic one. It is also unforgiving on the arms and joints. Lastly, manual guns frequently experience jamming.

Q: What should you be aware of when using staple guns?

A: You should understand that your safety comes first when using staples guns. Consequently, users need to take protective measures such as wearing eye protective goggles and gloves whenever they are handling any tool, especially staple guns. If a gun accidentally misfires and the staple lands on your eye or hands, it could cause serious harm. Wearing loose clothes is also discouraged as you may inadvertently end up stapling the cloth to the material you are stapling. Another important do is making a point of strapping the gun to your body with the help of a waist belt so as to prevent the gun from falling, which could either cause major damages or misfire staples towards you or those around you.

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Your decision on the best or most suitable staple gun to purchase should be determined, first and foremost, by the projects you intend to perform. Other important factors to look into are performance, the safety features it offers, and its durability. Heavy projects necessitate the use of staple guns maximized to adequately handle the demands of the job. Lastly, we cannot stress enough the importance of protecting yourself as you work, so you don’t get injured. Goggles, gloves and tight clothing are a must. Stay safe.