Maid Service Near Me: Costs & Tips For Hiring

Our Maid Service Near Me guide includes the list of all services offered, costs of each service as well as up to 4 free quotes.

The only way to maintain a clean and organized home is through consisted and dedicated efforts. However, being able to squeeze in time within your busy schedule and lifestyle may pose a challenge. The average homeowner is caught up in between crazy schedules which involve working for extended hours, attending meetings, school work, watching over kids, and most weekends find you attending to family visits and many other social activities.

In short, your life can get hectic and leave you with little or no time to be able to do any meaningful house chores and cleaning. In most cases, you will find that cleaning and other home related tasks take a backseat. Obtaining maid services can be one of the best approach to help you reduce the workload of your strenuous and busy schedule.

What’s The Importance of Maid Service?

If you are out working or running errands, or, attending school, you will be more at peace knowing that everything in your home is running smoothly. It can be challenging and unsettling knowing that you have left behind a dirty and a disorganized house.

Getting maid services takes away all the stress of domestic chore and the demands of cleaning which linger in your mind most of the time. You have more time to do attend to your other lifestyle needs as someone else makes sure your house is in order, clean and organized.

The work of a maid is to make sure that your home is clean and vacuumed. They also cook, handle house chores and sometimes take care of the children. In fact, with their help, they will be responsible for relieving a homeowner from the household related stress.

Benefits of Hiring Maid Services

As a homeowner you might be wondering why you should hire a maid service. You may ask yourself if it is worth to pay someone to do your house chore. It is critical to note that, for some homeowners, due to their busy lifestyles and other limitations, they might be in a position to keep their house in order all the time.

House chores can be demanding and time consuming for some people and that’s why maid services come in handy. There are benefits that come with hiring maid services for your family and most importantly, your home. They include:

Regular Cleaning Services

Your house requires a regular cleaning routine. It can be overwhelming to keep your house clean on top of your daily activities.

Cleaning your home regularly is crucial and maid services will ensure that your home stays clean all the time. Cleaning chores such as vacuuming, dusting and mopping your floor can help keep allergens away and maintain general hygiene for home. The maid services maintain a cleaning schedule that ensures that your home is always clean and well maintained.

Works Well For Your Busy Schedule

Sometimes you might simply not have enough time to spare for cleaning and doing house chores. However, you busy life should not be a reason your stays untidy and dirt with dishes and laundry pilling up for days. Hiring a maid service can save you the time you may have to spend on cleaning and doing other house chore. You can continue with your daily routine without having to worry about house chores.

Professional Services

Maid services are offered by professionals who have been trained to specifically take care of home. These are people whose job is to make sure everything in your house runs smoothly and maintain your home clean and organized.

They are equipped with the right cleaning products, equipment and techniques. They will tackle your dishes, laundry, clean toilets and bathrooms, mop floors and generally put your home in order, all these done with a professional touch.

These are professional who will clean even the clean hard to reach places, take of your children as per your agreement, and generally perform all the agreed house chores effectively and efficiently. They will dedicate their and stay focused to accomplish the needs and demands of your home and ensure that everything runs smoothly to your satisfaction.

Consistent Results

When you hire professional maid services you will be assured of consistent results. All you the chores and cleaning will be performed as instructed regardless of how busy your life is. Your home will always stay clean, no piled laundry or dirt dishes. These are professional who have been trained to manage and maintain a home, it’s their work and they will always deliver as per your instructions and needs.

You Get To Have More Free Time

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a maid services is that you get to have more free time to spend with your family, friends or simply catch up with your favorite TV show or read your favorite book. In short, you get to spend time doing what you love most without having to worry about your house chores.

No Fatigue

Keeping up with the demands of your work and taking care of young children if you have any, might take a toll on you at the end of the day. If you top all these with house chores and cleaning, you will end up exhausted and overwhelmed. Hiring maid services will give enough time to rest as you enjoy your time with family instead of stressing yourself with the numerous house chores.

Services supplied

Having established that most homeowners lead a busy lifestyle that might leave them with little or no time to efficiently perform house chores, you might be wondering what kind of services will you receive if you choose to hire maid services.

The duties of the maid services will depend on the needs and requirements of your home and the initial agreement on what shall be done. It’s important to note that each these are general services, and some maid services may not do your laundry or look after your children while others will solely do cleaning services only. Therefore, before you get maid services, find out what the package entails and let the maid service company clarify to you services that are not offered by the maid.

Here services supplied by some maid service companies:

– They sweep and mop your floors for the entire house

– They handle the kitchen cleaning tasks such as arranging the cupboards, sanitizing countertops, dusting and making sure that the kitchen stays clean always

– Ensure that all your kitchen appliances such as the dishwashers, microwaves, refrigerators, cooking range, toasters and blenders are well cleaned and maintained always

– Ensure that dishes are washed, dried and arranged well in the cupboards

Wash, dry and iron clothes as per the homeowner’s instructions

Tidy up bedrooms and living room, make beds and change linen as instructed by the homeowner and generally make sure these rooms stay well organized always

Vacuum and shampoo carpets in accordance with homeowner’s instructions

– Ensure that all the waste is put away by emptying bins and ashtrays to maintain a clean environment around the home

Wash all the bathrooms and make sure there are enough supplies such as the toilet paper, soap and other necessities

Dust the windows and the blinds and ensure that the curtains are tied up well and complement the overall look of the home

Ensure that food supplies are adequate and report to the owner in case the supplies have run out. Also, make sure they check for expired food in the refrigerator and the pantry and dispose it appropriately.

– Ensure that all the silver objects in the house are polished and frequently wax the floors

– If there are any stains and mildew on the surfaces such as countertops, floors and in the basement they should ensure they are scrubbed

– Constantly check the alarm system to make sure it’s working properly working and report to the homeowner in case of there are issues

If the agreement between the maid services and the homeowner included child or elderly care, then they house maids should ensure that the- y are well handled and taken care of as per the instructions.

– Ensure that food is cooked according to the recipes given by the homeowner

Critical Factors to Consider Before Hiring Maid Services

Before you make the final decision of hiring maid service, there are critical factors that you need to put in to consideration. Remember that you are allowing someone in to your home to clean, cook and in some cases, take care of your children and belongings in your absence. You need to make sure you have before you hire, you have made the right pick.

Here is a list of critical factors that you need to consider before hiring maid services for your home.

What Do You Need Taken Care Of?

Before you decide to hire maid services for your home, it’s essential you take your time and make a list of the things that should be done by the maid. This list of tasks and services will enable your maid service company provider to know exactly what you want and determine the right maid to send to your home. It will also help them to determine if they are in apposition to provide you with the kind of services and at what cost.

A list of requirements also helps the maids know what is important to you and prioritize your needs. In this case, they will know the services that must be provided to you daily and the ones that you want done weekly.

Location of the Maid Service Company

This should be the first thing you put in to consideration. If you are to have a maid coming to your home every day, then, it only makes sense if they are located near your home. This will ensure that the maids make it to your home in time and also avoid unnecessary inconveniences and transport costs.

Cost of the Services

Before you hire, you should find out about the charges to see if you can afford the maid services. Different companies and individuals charge differently depending on trainings and qualifications. Find out how the maid service company charges; does it per house or on hourly charges? Are their rates average compared to the estimates you gathered in your research?

Also find out their process of payments; do they debit you? Or, do they send invoices instead? When it comes to costs, it will worth it if you got several quotes to help you make a comparison and also be aware of the average costs of maid service in your area.


Maid service can be considered one of the most sensitive area that needs total trust of the person you bring in your home. The maid is the one person who you give control of your home and trust them with your property even in your absence. They will basically access every corner of your home.

You trust them to carry out their duties and leave everything as they found it. For this reasons, the reputation of the company you enlist for the maid services has to have an excellent reputation. There should be no grey areas when it comes to reputation of a maid service company.

To know much about the company ask around from people close to you and also, do extensive investigation and make sure you have even the smallest of details about the company. Check with the company’s previous clients and find out about their experiences. The last thing you want is to have no background information about the maid service. The more details you have coupled with positive reviews and recommendations the better.

Follow Your Instincts

Choosing a maid service is a personal decision and a very sensitive one. Therefore, above all other measures, it’s essential to go with your instincts. These are people who will be around your belongings and they will interact with your family especially the children frequently.

If you feel that you cannot relate with the person allocated to you by the maid service company, do not be afraid to voice your concerns. You can always request for a different maid or simply look for another company. The most important thing is to make sure you are comfortable with the person to be send to home.

Cost of Hiring Maid Service

Hiring a part-time or regular local maid service for your home can be an excellent way of maintaining your home clean and organized. You will also be saving yourself time and energy to carry on with your daily schedule. Also, regular cleaning will keep your upholstery, wood floors, furniture and counter-tops in good condition for a long time.

The modern life demands hectic schedules, and so, maid services are no longer for the affluent families in the society. Most people are now relying on maid service to manage their homes as they carry on with other productive activities. However, you might be wondering how much do these services cost.

The cost of maid services will vary depending on various factors. The average cost of hiring maid service comes to around $165. Most homeowners spend between $115 and $235 for the maid service. Although some of the maid services will charge depending on the initial agreement, in general, cleaning services will charge per hour or square footage.

The costs per hour range from $25 to $75. The square footage charges will depend on the size of your home. For instance, to clean an area of about 1,000 square feet, you will pay an average cost of $90 while an area of around 3,000 square feet you will be charged $250.

The prices of maid services will depend on factors like the level of experience of the maids and the services to be offered.

Sometimes, the location of the maid service and your home will influence the cost also. The size of the company handling the maid services will also matter when it comes to pricing. For instance, a small business may have lower rates because they might not go an extra mile to perform extensive background checks on their maids, their cleaners may not have insurance or bond.

Also, another factor that could lead to different rates is the number of maids that are sent to your home for cleaning and house chore services. If for example, the company sends out two maids to do the cleaning at the same time, you will have to cater for both of them. This will increase the amount of money you pay per hour. Also, the extent of cleaning will determine how much you spend. For example, you will pay lower if the maid just tidies up the house instead of cleaning.

Most maid services charge an average of $130 to clean average family home. They will do a first time cleaning service per square foot to determine how long it takes to clean your home. These trial cleaning also allows them to know the needs of your house such as the special attention your house may require, e.g., fragile antiques, ceiling fans, etc.

The maid service charges an average of $100 to clean apartments and around $150 to clean business and commercial places. You can save on maid service depending on how often you use the service. Regular visits might come with discounts and savings of about $5 to $10 on cleaning. Also, you might save yourself around $50 to $200 if you sign up for a long-term maid service contract or pay for several cleaning services upfront.

Sometimes you may need maid service for a one-time cleaning. It could be that you want to have a thorough cleaning to prepare your home for viewing by house buyers, or you are expecting visitors for a house party, or maybe a tenant moved out of your apartment, and you need to clean it before the new one moves in. For such one-time cleaning services, expect to spend about $200 to $300 for a typical home.

Important Factors That Determine the Average Cost Of Maid Service

There are critical factors that will determine how much you will spend on maid services. This guide will break down each of these factors to give you a clear guideline on how much you should expect to pay for maid service.

Number of Rooms to Be Cleaned

Look around your home and make a list of the number of rooms you want cleaned. Estimate how long it would take to clean each of the room so that you can have a general idea of how much you are likely to pay for maid services.

The cost of cleaning will depend on the number of rooms you have; the higher the number, the more you will pay for the services. You can cut down on the cost of cleaning by rotating the rooms and having them cleaned on different days.

For example, if you have rooms that are hardly used and do not get dirty all the time, you can have them cleaned once in a while. You can then alternate the rest of the rooms by having them cleaned on different days per visit. This way, all the rooms will stay clean regardless of the timeframe, and you will spend less.

The Number of Bedrooms

How many bedrooms do you have and are they all occupied? An occupied bedroom needs more time to clean as compared to the ones that are not frequently used. Therefore the higher the number of occupied bedrooms, the more time needed for cleaning meaning you spend more on maid service.

For instance, if you have a large house that has only two bedrooms, you may pay less as compared to a homeowner who has a small house with more bedrooms. Also, some bedrooms may require extra services like vacuuming the carpet, the walk-in closet and also dusting. If your bedroom has furniture, it will also require dusting.

The Number of Bathrooms in Your Home

Bathrooms are demanding when it comes to cleaning. It will take the maids more time to clean the bathrooms and different cleaners. The cleaners used for the shower, are not the same as the ones used for the toilet and also the sinks need different types of cleaners.

For example, the shower door will require a type of cleaner that will remove all the tough stains of soap residues and water stains. The floors will also require special attention when being mopped to make sure they are clean with no soap residues that could make them slippery.

Therefore, it’s safe to conclude that bathrooms require attention to detail compared to any other part of the room in your home. They also require different types of products to make sure everything is cleaned accordingly.

Also, the size of the bathroom will also determine the amount of time it will take to clean it. For example, a master bathroom may have features like a bathtub, large shower, different sinks, several lighting fixtures and many other bathroom accessories which will require special attention when cleaning.

Considering the demands of cleaning the bathrooms and maintenance, you will find that there are maid services that specifically clean bathrooms only. The average cost charged to clean bathrooms comes to about $25 to $40 per hour, and this is per person.

The charges hugely depend on the cleaning products used and the size of the bathrooms.

Use of Standard or Eco-Friendly Cleaners

The choice of products you prefer used to clean your home will impact the cost of maid services. Most homeowners nowadays prefer to use friendly and non-toxic cleaning products. Before you hire the maid services, it’s important to clarify the type of products you prefer.

Some maid service companies will ask you to purchase your own cleaning products while others will ask you to pay for their products.

Here is a list of the cost differences between eco-friendly and green brands;

Types of cleaners and quantityDescriptionAverage cost
Window cleaner -32oz.Standard brands
Green brands
$5.50 -$8
Carpet spot cleaner-22 oz.Standard brands
Green brands
Floor cleaner -144oz.Standard brands
Green brands
Dish-cleaning soapStandard brands-24oz.
Green brands -220z.

From the chart, the eco-friendly cleaning products cost more as compared to the standard cleaners. If you prefer to clean your home with the eco-friendly products, it will be a good idea if you supplied the maid service with the products.

Special Circumstances

When it comes to cleaning homes, some circumstances may call for special attention or extra work. Some maid service provider may charge extra for these situations or not. For example, your home may have valuable antiques that require careful handling; you might have high ceilings that will require the use of a ladder to be able to dust the ceiling fan. In other cases, you may have pets or dogs that may interfere with cleaning process or shed everywhere.

Also, due to allergen issues, some maid services will insist on the use of green products and others will require special vacuum cleaner bags to contain the dust during vacuuming. All these extras can add to the cost of maid service. Make sure you are informed about any special charges that may come along.

Do You Have Areas That Are Hard To Access?

It’s also essential to assess your house and determine if you have areas that are not easily accessible for cleaning services. For example high ceilings, shelving, and windows. You are likely to be charged more if the maids have to use ladders and other equipment to access these areas.

You will find that homes that have high ceilings also have high shelving and windows which may pose a health hazard when cleaning. Also, if your home has rails and balusters, it will require more time to clean these two which also comes at an extra cost. Before you hire, it’s good to have the maid service company assess your house to avoid being surprised with extra chargers when the cleaning process is already in progress.

Trip Fee Charges

If your maid service is not located in your area, you might be charged a trip fee. The charge will depend on how far your home is from the maid service location. To avoid this charge, it would be advisable if you used a maid service that is within your vicinity.

Are You Using Independent Maid Service Or A Company?

The maid services can either be an individual looking to earn income by providing house chore services or; a company that has recruited maids and offer the services nationwide. The choice entirely depends on your needs and personal preferences.

The independent maid service operators charge around $9 per hour. Their charges are way lower as compared to the maid service companies. You are in a position to negotiate the rates with the independent maid server providers. They come with references to show their quality of work, capabilities, and honesty.

The maid service companies take time to recruit their maids, they vet them and are usually insured and bonded. Their services cost more, in a range of $25 to $45 an hour. The maid service companies are dependable when it comes to service provision. For example, if the particular maid who comes to your house is absent, they will promptly send another one to your home to ensure that your cleaning schedule will is not disrupted.

Common charges for maid cleaning services

A maid service will have to do assessment to determine the scope of the work needed and the cost of the services to be offered. However, there are common tasks and extras that are expected for a typical home. Here a few examples of the costs you may expect to pay for maid services.

Size of the houseFrequency of cleaning Average cost
A 2-bedroomed apartment with five rooms (900 sq. ft.)One time cleaning service
Bi-weekly cleaning service
Single story home with 7rooms (1,300 sq. ft.)One time cleaning service
Bi-weekly cleaning service
Two story 3-bedroom home with nine rooms (2,220 sq. ft.)One time cleaning service
Bi-weekly cleaning service
Cleaning and dusting WindowsInterior and exterior$35-$80
Cleaning the refrigerator$20-$80
Cleaning the oven$20-$35
Cleaning servicescost
Kitchen cleaning$20-$40
Bathroom cleaning$20-$45
Washing dishes$18-$35
Laundry and ironing$19-$40
Cabinet cleaning$21-$30
Carpet shampooing$20-$35
Attic organizing$21-$30
Cleaning pets$21-$30
Basement cleaning$20-$30

Cost of Maid Service When Cleaning a Whole House

There are situations where you may require cleaning services for the entire house. It could be you are preparing a house for sale, and you want it to look clean and presentable to potential buyers. Also, this is also the cleaning done to post-construction houses before they are occupied.

Cleaning a whole house takes a lot of time because it involves cleaning switches, lighting fixtures, air ducts, baseboards, tiles, upholstery, and other services that include scrubbing, vacuuming, dusting trim, etc.

The cost of cleaning a whole house will depend on several factors such as:

Square footage – a larger house will take a longer time to clean since it has more rooms, windows walls and many other features to clean. Therefore, it will cost more.

Story house – a multi-story house will also cost you more on maid service since it has more floors and places to clean including the stairs.

Tall ceilings – if your house has tall ceilings, it means that the maid service has to use ladders to be able to clean the ceiling fans and lighting fixtures. Expect to pay more for this kind of a situation

Carpets – maid services usually include vacuuming the carpet. However, when cleaning a whole house, the carpet will require more services such as extraction and shampooing which will cost you more

Furniture – In most maid services vacuuming the upholstery is usually part of the package. However, when cleaning a whole house, you may need to make the furniture more presentable by having stains removed and taking care of the odors. This service will also cost you more

Here is a list of average prices that you should expect to pay for maid services when deep cleaning a whole house.

Part of the roomDescriptionAverage costs
Living room$30
Dining room$30
Kitchen$75 and above
The home office room$15
A full bath$45
Half bath$15
Common areas$30
Stairs or halls$30
FurnitureInvolves vacuuming, stain and odors removal$50-$100
WindowsNormal windows
$5 per window
$ per screen
Cleaning the carpetWhole
Per square foot
Waxing/polishingPer square foot$0.25-$0.50

How to Hire the Right Maid Service Company

Many companies offer maid services. However, when it gets to selecting the right one, it might be tricky. When looking to hire maid service, your choice should not be based the cost only.

Maid service is a sensitive area which involves inviting a stranger into your home and trusting them with your belongings, privacy, and your entire home. Imagine a situation where you leave someone in your house cleaning only to come back and find out that they damaged your property and disappeared. This, and many other similar scenarios have happened to several homeowners, and that’s why it’s prudent you exercise caution when hiring maid services.

Here are useful guidelines that should help you in your search for the right maid service company

Ask For Referral from People Close To You

This can be one of the safest ways to get a maid service near you. If your neighbor seems to have a reliable maid who is always on time, you can proceed to request for contacts and information about the company they are using.

Getting a referral from the people around you will help you get a company or someone within your vicinity which helps in reducing transport charges and other related costs. Also, asking around will also help you get information on the maid services that you need to stay away from probably because of their bad services.

Search the Internet

If you type in the search engines such as Google for maid service near you; you will get so many results. The internet has made it possible to get any service you want. Most service providers have websites that list and give details of the services they offer.

Make sure you research for enough information before you hire an online maid service company. Read reviews and look at the ratings. Also ask around on the online platforms about the services of that particular company before you hire. Any information you get, no matter how little, it’s important.

Find Out About the Services the Company Offers

If you are looking for a reliable and established maid service company, then you better get one that offers full suite maid services. This will mean that the company offers an array of cleaning tasks and house chore services. From cleaning to laundry, sanitation, outdoor and indoor cleaning services.

Make a list of your requirements and find out from the company if they offer a comprehensive package that will cater to your home needs. If the maid service seems to avoid all the hard service like a whole house cleaning, then you need to be cautious.

There is no need of hiring a maid service company that may not tend to some of your house chores the day you need them. You will be safer with a one-stop shop where you get any maid service you need anytime.

Find Out if the Maid Service Company Has Trained Staff

Imagine a situation where you are being treated by someone who has never set foot in a medical school; would you be comfortable? The same way you should never settle for a maid service company that has not trained its staff.

You should get an assurance that the person doing the professional cleaning in your house has been trained on how to go about it and on knows how to handle each room and appliances in your home. Besides, if you are going to pay for professional services, you should get just that. A company that has not trained its maid service staff should be avoided at all costs.

Look For a Maid Service That Has the Right Certification

The maid service industry has standards that have been laid down and must be adhered to strictly. If you are researching the company online, make sure you visit their website and see if they have listed the required certifications and if they follow the set standards.

Similarly, if you visit them in their office, you should be able to see to their certification well displayed as required by most local authorities. These are certificates that show that the maid Service Company has passed all the vetting processes and that their operations are legal.

10 Questions Ask Maid Service Company Before Hiring

When hiring maid Service Company, you are expecting to have your home maintained in the best and most professional manner. It’s true that the process of hiring the best maid service company can be daunting and sometimes exhausting. However, you will need to be certain that the company meets your requirements and follows the right standards.

To find out more about the company and their way of doing things, you will need to ask the following questions before you hire:

1. Are You Bonded and Insured?

Find out from maids Service Company if they are insured and bonded. Do they have a workers compensation? A maid service company should have liability insurance and should have a policy that will cover your property should there be damages or if something went missing.

Also, the employees, in this case, the maids, they should be covered by the worker’s compensation cover in case they get injured while working in your home.

If even if you have insured your home and property, it is essential to make sure the maid service carry the proper insurance cover. There are some incidences where insurance may not honor your claims if they find out the maid company workers were careless or irresponsible and caused the damages.

2. Do They Have Documentation For The Maids?

The maid service company is responsible for making sure they hire trained maids and should have the documentation to support that they have vetted the maids. Ask to see this documentation to see if the maids are truly trained and also get some background information on the person to be sent to your home.

3. Have Your Workers Been Trained, Vetted And Screened?

When you are getting a maid service for your home, you need someone whom you can depend on to deliver excellent results. Has the company trained the maids sufficiently or have they hired someone who had the right qualifications of being a maid? Also, the company should vet and screen its employees before hiring. Find out if they carry out background checks which include checking for criminal records. Also, do the employees have references? Did they follow up with the references before hiring their staff?

All these questions will enable you to find out if the person being sent to your home is trained, reliable and understands their roles well.

4. Do You Have References?

When hiring a maid service, ask for customer references. These are contacts of their past and recent clients who can be relied on to give honest feedback. Call the references and find out if the company can be counted on to deliver quality services and if the maids can be trusted.

Find out about the conduct of the maids while working; are they professional? Are they courteous? Would they recommend the maid service to someone? Or would they use the same company again or they still using the same company for their home? The feedback you get from the references will help you determine if you are dealing with the right maid service.

5. Are They Flexible With Their Cleaning Schedule?

How do they handle a situation where the maid is absent? Do they reschedule the cleaning session or do they send a replacement to ensure your cleaning schedule goes on as planned? If you want to change your cleaning days, will they accommodate your new schedule? It’s advisable to work with a maid service that goes an extra mile to ensure that your cleaning sessions are not disrupted and they flexible enough to accept changes from your end.

6. Do They Monitor The Quality Of Services They Offer?

Find out from the company how they monitor the quality of their services. Do they have a checklist or survey that you can look at? Or do their customers leave comments on their experience and can they allow you to read them? Do they perform regular checks on their maids?

A maid service that has quality controls is the one you should be looking for your homes cleaning and house chore services.

7. How Are Your Rates?

This should perhaps be among the top questions you ask. Find out if they charge by a project or per hour. How much do they charge for the services you are looking for? Can they give you an estimate of how long it would take to clean your home?

Most maid services will charge per hour on the first visit and then give you a flat rate on the subsequent visits. Make sure you discuss the available packages and negotiate for discounts.

8. Do You Bring Your Cleaning Supplies And Equipment?

Some maid services come with both the cleaning supplies and equipment. Others provide the cleaning equipment, and the homeowner provides the cleaning supplies. Find out if you can supply maids with your cleaning products if you are not satisfied with the company’s choice of products.

9. How Long Have You Been In The Maid Service Business?

Find out how long the company has been operational and how long they have had their employees. A new company may not be the ideal one to hire. Also, a company with all new employees should not be your first pick.

10. Do You Provide A Written Contract?

When you are hiring maid services, you technically allowing a stranger in your home and sometimes, they will work even in your absence. It’s essential to have a written contract that is legally binding.

Avoid Getting Scammed

The maid service is a competitive industry that has both honest and dishonest service providers. In the wake of many scams, choosing the right company may not be easy. Some of these unscrupulous companies are ripping off unsuspecting homeowners.

You will find that a company claims to have trained maids only to come home later and find that your floors have scratches and other unimaginable damages. To avoid chances of hiring the wrong maid services and to be safe from scammers, read through this guide for a list of common maid service scams.

Extremely Low Prices

It’s that you get what you pay for. There are companies that quote very low prices to lure customers. Do not fall for this trap. Remember, no one goes into business to lose money. If a company has unbelievably low rates, it’s possible that its cutting corners by using untrained staff, or it’s not insured, or, it lacks the proper certifications.

Low prices could also indicate that the company is using cheap and substandard cleaning products which could have adverse effects on your belongings such as carpets and furniture, they might also be using cheap equipment which could also damage your floors and upholstery.

Also, a cheap quote could mean that the maid service has omitted cleaning of some important items (in most cases the skylights or the external windows) and you only find out when the maids are in your house. You are then asked to pay more for the omitted services to be done
To avoid this kind of scam, always get several quotes and make a price comparison. Avoid companies that have questionable quotes. Make sure the quote lists everything you are paying for and let the maid service indicate the items that are not to be cleaned up front.

Cheating on time

Since most maid services pay per hour, you might find some companies that give the wrong time estimates. You end up paying more for a session that could have taken a shorter time. For the initial cleaning, it would be advisable you stay in your home during the cleaning session and supervise the maids to see how long they will take to complete the task.

Cheap Products

Some maid service companies lie about the products they use for cleaning to save money. They will use cheap and harsh products that may get the job done quickly but later have adverse effects on your floors. Some of these cheap cleaning products may end up damaging paintwork and waterproof seals.
To protect yourself from this kind of a scam; purchase your cleaning products or make sure the company puts down in writing the kind of products they use for cleaning.


Hiring maid service is one of the surest way to get your house chores done efficiently and professionally. Today’s homeowners are busier than ever trying to earn a living or raising their families. Therefore, hiring a maid service will free up your time and give you an opportunity to carry out other tasks without having to worry about a dirty and disorganized house.

The maid service will thoroughly clean your house, maintain your home and also make sure your house stays organized and healthy. When hiring, make sure you research the maid service company extensively by calling the references, reading reviews and asking all the relevant questions mentioned in the guide.

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