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1. Invisible Glass Premium Glass
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Best Window Cleaners Reviews & Our Ratings

Are you bothered about streaks on the windows of your cars? Or the windows of your homes are dirty and you’ll be doing them a favor by cleaning them? If your reply was yes to all of these questions, then this might just make your day since we have compiled some information in regards to that.

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Cleaning windows is a chore that everybody would rather avoid and as it seems menial, the thought itself turns you off. In that case, you should imagine how the windows of a new car or house look like. If you like the way they look and you would want yours like that, then the compiled list of the best window cleaning products will appeal to you.

We have found 10 of the best Ammonia free cleaning agents which are certain to suit your requirements. That said, we shall be taking a detailed look at all of these cleaners as well as their advantages and features so you can have an in-depth idea before making a choice.

10 Best Window Cleaners


1. Invisible Glass Premium Glass

1. Invisible Glass Premium Glass
This window cleaner is produced in a way that is certain to provide you with the best cleaning at all times. It does not consist of any soap content and it does not contain any dye as well. It also does not consist of any toxin or Ammonia which makes it safe to use at any point in time.

When this is utilized, it does not leave any unpleasant scent neither does it provide any foam. Any glass you utilize this cleaner on, regardless of if it is your home, office, car, or bike glass, you would be left with a completely clean glass that does not leave any streak, haze, or residue. This is just a part of how great this cleaner can be. The main significance of the cleaner is the fact that it is invisible (as the name implies). Additionally, when this cleaner is used in cleaning glass, it efficiently does so until there's no sign of dirt left.

This glass cleaner can be utilized on films, bugs dirt, oil, grease, and various forms of droppings and pollutants all with the same effect.
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Consists of one spray can with a 19-ounce size
It is free of ammonia
It is the leading glass cleaner for trucks, cars, boats among others
The cleaner leaves no residue as well as streaks after cleaning
It is a no-drip, fine mist spray
It can safely be used on tinted glass without any worry of damages


This option comes at a very affordable price. This is a great choice if you are working on a tight budget but still want the best in a cleaner.


If you are in search of a cleaner that can be used to clean glass (simple), and also leaves no streak or residue, free of ammonia, and comes at an affordable price, then look no further than the Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner.
  • It consists of no toxin and ammonia
  • Does not damage tints on glass
  • Completely eradicates all forms of dirt on the glass
  • It makes dirt and glass invisible
  • Has a budget-friendly price
  • It is not ideal for cleaning polycarbonate plastic.

2. Sprayway 443331

2. Sprayway 443331
This Sprayway 443331 Ammonia Free Glass Cleaner, promises to leave you with a streak-free window. Although it does not consist of ammonia, some individuals might not choose this glass spray because it consists of perfume-grade alcohol.

Unlike some other cleaners that slide easily once sprayed, this cleaner sticks to the glass surface and a clean cloth would be needed to spread the foam and clean the glass surface. The product can also work for a variety of windows asides that of your car. It can be used for your truck, boat, home, and bike glass as well. It can also easily be used to eradicate very tough grime and dirt from glass.

One of the major things to note about this cleaner is that it has a clean and fresh smelling fragrance which anyone is certain to love.
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It does not consist of ammonia
It leaves a fresh and clean smelling fragrance
It comes with a foaming action which clings and dries
It can easily eradicate tough dirt and stains


The product does not come that cheap especially if you are purchasing a single can. To cut cost a bit, you can purchase in packs of 2 and above. Nonetheless, if you are in search of cheaper alternatives, it's best you check out other options. But if you have no issues with spending a few extra on purchasing a glass cleaner, then this is certainly your best choice.


If you are in search of a glass cleaner which leaves a fresh scent while also efficiently eradicating dirt, then the Sprayway 443331, is worth having a look at.
  • It has a fresh smell
  • It does not leave films behind on the surface
  • It does not consist of ammonia
  • It eradicates very tough dirt with ease
  • The smell can be a bit too much for some individuals

3. SprayWay SW050-12

3. SprayWay SW050-12
If you are in search of a cleaner which is easy to use on your greasy or dirty glass, then the SprayWay SW050-12 is an ideal pick. It can be used without issues as all you are required to do is to spray the glass and wipe it off.

You don't have to be worried about not being able to stand the product as it consists of perfume-grade alcohol which ensures that you are left with a wonderful smell as well as enhanced performance. Well, that's if you don't mind the alcohol contained. The glass cleaner can be used by you—in as much as features like Ammonia-free composition appeals to you.

There is additionally no running, streaking, or dripping with this glass cleaner. And it dries up fast, without requiring rinsing.
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It does not leave any film behind
It is free of ammonia
For the best performance, It consists of perfume-grade alcohol
It is ideal for various glass surfaces like windows, windshields, and mirrors among others
The foam sticks to vertical surfaces for ease of cleaning


The SprayWay SW050-12 seems expensive but it really isn't. This is due to the fact that the product comes in packs of 12. Still, this might not be a great choice for individuals working on a tight budget.


If you want a great window cleaner which you can utilize with ease and would ensure cleaning is as stress-free as possible, then the SprayWay SW050-12 is definitely a good pick for you.
  • It is certain to leave no streak or film
  • It has a great scent
  • It does not contain ammonia
  • It comes with perfume-grade alcohol for peak performance
  • The scent may be too strong for some individuals

4. Ettore 30116 Squeegee-Off

4. Ettore 30116 Squeegee-Off
The Squeegee-Off Window Cleaning Soap is a great option for cleaning windows and glasses effortlessly. It can be used effectively to get rid of dirt and grime as well as grease. The product is also safe as there is no ammonia or any such ingredients in its production. Additionally, the product is biodegradable, which means it can be decomposed.

As a result of this, it can be used without any worry of it causing issues to your health or the environment you live in. Additionally, you can utilize the product without having to worry about it leaving streaks behind. The glass cleaner also does not pass of any strong scent, making it great for individuals who have a strong sense of smell or are allergic to perfume-based products.
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It is a 16-ounce cleaning soap for your windows
It is free of biodegradable ingredients as well as ammonia
It does not leave streaks behind
It easily eradicates grime, dirt as well as grease


This product is luckily budget-friendly and doesn't even sacrifice any feature or power. Hence, if you are interested in enjoying the benefits of a cheap window cleaner, then this is a good choice.


If you desire a product that is ammonia free and easily breaks down very tough grease, grime, and dirt, then the Squeegee-Off is an ideal option. Couple that with the fact that it's cheap and it's an excellent performer.
  • Can be used with ease
  • Easily clears off the toughest of stains
  • It does not consist of harmful ingredients
  • Leaves windows sparkling clean
  • Cleaner is biodegradable
  • There have been complaints from individuals that it tends to leave streaks

5. Meguiar's G8224

5. Meguiar's G8224
The name Meguiar is bound to come up when it has to do with auto-cleaning. This is as a result of how popular the manufacturer is after serving in the industry for years. Also, their level of experience in the production of high-quality products is excellent.

The Meguiar's G8224 is a high-quality product that is ideal for eradicating dirt, dust, grime, smoke, film, and a host of others. It can be utilized in various kinds of windows and users do not have to be bothered about utilizing it at any point in time even under the sun.

This is a great cleaner which easily cleans your windows without leaving any streaks behind. The high-quality formula makes sure even the dirtiest windows can be cleaned without issues. It can also be utilized efficiently on tinted glass without being worried about any damage to the tint. All these features make it a great choice for lots of users.
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The superior anti-hazing formula brings about long-lasting clarity
It can safely be utilized on all tinted windows
The high-level formula does not leave behind streaks on the glass after use
It can be used to clean tree sap, smokers film, grime and bird droppings among others
The formula can completely clean the messiest glass


Compared to some of the other options, this glass cleaner does not exactly come cheap. But the 24oz sized bottle makes it a good buy for its price.


If you are in search of a high-quality glass cleaner that can make even the dirtiest glass seem new in nature—and also works without leaving any streak behind, then the Meguiar's G8224 is a great choice.
  • Uses a special formula to provide safety
  • It can deal with even the worst dirt
  • It does not consist of harmful ingredients that may be dangerous to you
  • It can be utilized with ease
  • When dried, it is difficult to eradicate spots

6. Glass Plus

6. Glass Plus
The Glass Plus Glass Cleaner is a great glass cleaner and despite the name, it can be used on other materials in addition to glass. The cleaner can likewise be used to wipe computer screens, Plexiglas, windows, clear plastic, fiberglass, mirrors, and glass.

Moving on, using the cleaner is simple since it is easy to spray on the surface and can be wiped with a paper towel or a cloth which is lint-free. Another great quality of the product is the streak-free quality when used on any surface.

And on the part of scent, the product is free from ammonia which means that it does not give off an awful smell when sprayed. The product can also be used on many materials which includes granite surfaces and stainless steel. Nonetheless, it is not a good match for surfaces which have been varnished.
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It does not include ammonia in the ingredients used
Not suitable for varnished surface
Can be used with clear plastic, windows, Plexiglas, mirrors, glass, computer screens
Excellent for use on glass surfaces
It cleans without leaving any streak mark
Wipes away grime, dirt, as well as grease
It comes at an affordable price


One of the most affordable cleaners on this list, this option offers a lot of features which can be found on the cleaners which come at higher prices.


The price of the Glass Plus Glass Cleaner is one of the most attractive aspects of the cleaner. This is in addition to some other excellent features like its effectiveness on multiple surfaces and streak-free effect.
  • It shines surfaces when used
  • It is free of ammonia
  • Can be used on surfaces made from granite
  • Using the cleaner does not leave any streak
  • Excellent for use on stainless steel
  • It is an affordable cleaner
  • It gives off a mildew odor

7. Windex Original

7. Windex Original
One of the oldest manufacturers of glass cleaners, this Windex original Glass cleaner is also regarded as one of the best in America. It also comes with the ammonia-d, which is an ingredient patented by Windex. The effect of this ingredient is the ability of the cleaner to begin to take action against grime and dirt before you begin using a cloth to wipe the surface of the material.

Moving on to the part of comfortability, the cleaner comes in a bottle which is easy to grip. The cleaner also does not leave any streak and the solution can be applied without any stress, as the bottle comes with a trigger that makes it possible to spray the cleaner. Still, be careful of that feature since the spray trigger may fall off or break at any time due to its quality.

Finally, like any cleaner with ammonia as part of the ingredients, the odor of ammonia can be slightly noticed with the use of the cleaner.
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Uses the ammonia-d which is patented by Windex
It cleans without any streak on the surfaces
Dirt, stains, and grime start to clean off as soon as the solution is applied
The bottle is an easy-grip plastic bottle
Works excellently on glass, vinyl, chrome, etc


This is one of the few cleaners which has a very accommodating price. Although, that might be as result of the fact that the cleaner is in low quantity. Still, it is quite effective and functions rapidly.


As a very affordable and budget-friendly cleaner, the Windex Original cleaner is well known by lots of customers and is also trusted for its effectiveness. The history of the company makes this cleaner an easy pick for most buyers.
  • The bottle can be held with ease
  • Works well on glass and other materials
  • Takes effect as soon as you apply the solution
  • The plastic bottle packaging breaks easily

8. Diversey Glance Powerized

8. Diversey Glance Powerized
A streak-free clean is one of the most desirable features on any glass cleaner nowadays and the Diversey Glance offers this feature. It is an ammonia-based solution which dries fast when applied and wiped to ensure that there is no residual streak mark after use.

The solution is suitable for glass surfaces as it cleans them easily without any residue. It may also be used with other surfaces such as chrome, vinyl, and so on. The cleaner additionally ships in 1-gallon containers which can be used to refill spray cans for easy application. Though, do take note that buyers need to get a sprayer container on their own as this cleaner does not come with a sprayer attachment.

The window cleaning is suitable for kitchen surfaces like faucets, microwave, and countertops. Applying the solution to bathroom walls and tiles is also quite an effective means of using the solution. Another key factor which makes this cleaner desirable is the affordable price at which two gallons of the product is shipped.
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Cleans glass as well as other surfaces
It is a fast drying solution
Streak-free cleaning formula
Ammonia-based glass cleaning solution
Works on tough grime and grease stains
Easily cleans off haze, smoke film, and fingerprints


This cleaner comes at a price which is above most of the other cleaners on this list. Though, that might be as a result of the cleaner being shipped in two separate 1 gallons containers.


The Diversey cleaner is a very powerful cleaner which ships in two separate gallons that can be poured into smaller spray bottles. Still, the price is quite high, but as the quantity being delivered is surplus enough, it can be considered a suitable trade-off.
  • It dries off rapidly
  • No streak after cleaning
  • Fingerprints, haze, and smoke film are easily wiped away
  • Works effectively no matter how tough the stain
  • It sells at an affordable price
  • Often needs to be applied twice for the best result

9. Earth Friendly Products with Lavender

9. Earth Friendly Products with Lavender
One of the more eco-friendly cleaners available, this cleaner is made from natural ingredients with a majority of them being plant-based. Its biodegradable feature also makes it safe both for use by you and to the environment. You can additionally be sure that there have been no tests carried out on animals as is common with all ECOS product.

The cleaner can be used on vinyl, chrome, linoleum, and stainless steel. You can also use it on shower tiles and walls which are likely to accumulate stains and slime over time.

An ingredient of the ECOS cleaner is the tea tree oil which gives a soothing feel while keeping the shower clean and fresh. The product can additionally be used with greywater and septic systems without any adverse effect.

A very effective cleaner which acts rapidly and is capable of removing fingerprint marks, dust, and grime from various materials. It functions on plastics without causing any damage and can be on window film.
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Fast acting cleaner
It is plant based
It does not leave any streak
Free of ammonia
The cleaner is biodegradable
Can be used on mirror, crystal, and dust resistant glass
Suitable for linoleum, stainless steel, chrome, vinyl, and plastic materials
It does not contain dye, chlorine, enzyme, or phosphate
Containers can be recycled
Natural ingredients which include lavender and does not include petroleum products


This cleaner also comes at a slightly high price, although it is not the highest on the list (especially when you consider the amount). In other words, the price of the cleaner still falls within the range of a budget-friendly window cleaner.


As one of the few eco-friendly cleaners, this plant-based glass cleaner has a lot of use in addition to cleaning glass surfaces. Free of ammonia, can be used with septic systems, and also comes in a recyclable container to ensure the safety of the environment.
  • It is a non-toxic cleaner
  • Ingredients are renewable
  • The container used in packaging the cleaner can be recycled
  • Made with plant-based natural ingredients
  • Excludes ingredients like chlorine, dye, Phosphate, and enzymes
  • Smells like vinegar

10. Zep Commercial 1041684

10. Zep Commercial 1041684
The Zep glass cleaner sells in a 1-gallon bottle which means it can be distributed into smaller quantities for use. As a glass cleaner, it is suitable for surfaces like windows and mirrors but can also be used on other surfaces like bath and kitchen surfaces.

In-depth, it is an ammonia-based formula which works well to remove fingerprints, smudges, and grunge from shower doors and other glass surfaces. It also gives a streak-free shine to surfaces to which it is applied for use.
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An ammonia-based solution
It is versatile and can be used on glass, bath, and kitchen surfaces
Does not leave any streak mark
Easy to use in removing fingerprints, dirt, and grime


Still another affordable cleaner, which comes at a good price among the rest of the cleaners on this list. It ships in a 1-gallon container which (the quantity) most likely plays a role in the price of the product.


Purchasing this cleaner for use on your glass surfaces is great and applying it to your kitchen surfaces can also give desirable results. It does not leave any streak and if used effectively, can reduce the time spent on cleaning a particular surface.
  • Can be poured into spray containers
  • It comes in a reasonable quantity
  • It is affordable
  • Works on mirrors, shower doors, and various glass materials
  • Streak-free clean
  • Gives off an ammonia odor

How Do I Choose the Best Glass Cleaner?

A glass cleaner can come in handy when you have mirrors and windows which constantly get stains from dirt, grease, sand, insect remains, and even droppings from birds. This may also be the case with your car windshield and you need a solution to wipe these stains without any residue or marks. This is where the importance of a good glass cleaner comes into play. These cleaners are solutions made from different chemicals which clean stains on glass surfaces as well as other surfaces in the home like chrome, hardwood, aluminum, and so on.

So, having a glass cleaner is important since it can be used in the regard above. That said, there are also a few glass cleaners which are effective enough to attack and kill off bacteria and germs on the surfaces they are used to wipe. All these features are great but it is quite difficult to get the right glass cleaner to buy due to the amount present on the market. As a result of that, below, we have given the criteria we put into consideration before selecting any of the products listed above.


The quantity of the glass cleaner, the effectiveness, and the power of the cleaner are factors which play a vital role when determining the price of different glass cleaner products. The more budget-friendly cleaners can be sold for prices around $10 while others which can work effectively on multiple surfaces can go for around $30. There are also special orders which can be placed for some products to get them in larger containers. These can then be divided into smaller containers, diluted, and then used.

Construction and Design


The ingredients used in making the glass cleaners are the most important aspects since the cleaners are all solution-based. Each product has its unique combination of different chemicals and compounds. The common ingredients are those which can be found in various products. You will need to identify these common ingredients and the effect they have on the cleaners. And one of the most common ingredients is ammonia. It is quite usual in cleaners made for home-use since it has the ability to rapidly evaporate and also work without producing any streak. Still, ammonia has a lot of disadvantages. Firstly, ammonia is a flammable substance and it can also lead to skin irritation and respiratory problems. The substance also reacts with bleach.

Continuing, another ingredient which is common to cleaning substances is Glycol Ethers. Like ammonia, this ingredient has its benefits and demerits. Benefits of this ingredient include the ability to act on scum, dirt, and grease rapidly. The bad side is that inhaling it can lead to sores.

Fragrances have in addition, become common in all glass cleaners. This is necessary to eliminate the odor which these cleaners give off. Going in-depth, the fragrances usually contain phthalates—which are capable of damaging lungs, liver, and kidney and other medical issues.

Performance and Ease of Use

When you mention glass, there are lots of materials which fall within this class. Mirrors in the bathroom, windows, and car windshields are a few. These materials are likely to retain stains from fingerprints, dirt, etc. With most of the glass cleaners available, there are those that will need the user to apply a lot of pressure before they can work effectively while others do not need any effort at all before the stains come off. Another determining factor for the level of effort which a cleaner will require is the type of cloth. For most cleaners, microfiber cloths are the most effective. For people that have used lots of different glass cleaners, it is easy to come to the conclusion that they give off a bad odor – and this is true. This is especially true for those that are made using ammonia. To reduce the odor that is left behind by the glass cleaners, fragrances are added as an ingredient to reduce or eliminate the odor where possible. Nevertheless, we hand-pick window cleaners with exceptional performance (i.e. efficiency).


Aerosol sprays and plant-based are a few of the available glass cleaners which can be gotten on the market. The type of cleaner you decide to get is an excellent pick as long as it can be used on multiple surfaces while still retaining the ability to rapidly remove the stains, germs, as well as dirt on these surfaces without any streak.

Although the above is very important, the following should also be considered when making deciding on what glass cleaner would be the best choice.

  1. Ingredients

Depending on the manufacturer of the glass cleaner, there are various ingredients that can be used. Some cleaners will contain glycol ethers and ammonia while others may have just one of the two. Fragrances are also ingredients which can be added.

  1. Spray bottle and Aerosol Can

The use of any of these containers makes an excellent cleaner. The only benefit which aerosol holds is the formation of a foam-like substance which helps spread the cleaner over a wider surface area.

  1. Residue-free

A good cleaner should not leave any residue after the stains have been wiped off.

  1. Non-toxic products

Avoid any cleaner which contains ingredients which are harmful to both humans and the environment.

  1. Packaging

Depending on the type of container, you will often get a better product. Recyclable containers are placed above standard containers in this regard.

How to make Your Own Glass Cleaner

If you would rather make your own glass cleaners from home ingredients that you most likely have in your cupboard as opposed to purchasing off the counter products, then this is an easy fit. Which, we have in turn, broken down for you to go through.

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If you desire a glass cleaner which is natural without chemicals, additives, and fragrances you do not fancy, these can be left out as you do not require them to get clean windows. In light of that, below are two ways to create your own glass cleaners. They include:

Vinegar and Alcohol Glass Cleaner

Ingredients you require:

  • 1 Cup of water
  • 1 tablespoon of vinegar
  • 1 cup of rubbing alcohol
  • A spray bottle
How it is made

Mix one cup of water alongside a cup of rubbing alcohol, as well as one tablespoon of vinegar. The mixture should then be filled in the spray and used as a glass cleaner. Ensure it is stored in a cabinet which is cool and dries away from any source of heat as the mixture is made flammable as a result of the alcohol.

Vinegar Glass Cleaner

  • Ingredient you require
  • Water or rubbing alcohol
  • Few drops of dishwashing liquid
  • White vinegar
  • Microfiber cloth, newspapers or squeegee
  • An empty spray bottle
How it is made

Firstly, combine all ingredients and gently mix them by shaking, then utilize a microfiber cloth or fold a few newspaper sheets. Then you spray the glass and clean it off.

Benefits of making your own glass cleaner

  • Making your own glass cleaner does not consist of any harsh chemicals or fumes
  • Additionally, it is a cheaper alternative to the ones on the market

We hope this guide helps you in finding the window cleaner that fits best your needs.