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1. URPOWER 150ml Essential Oil Diffuser
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Best Essential Oil Diffusers For Your Home in 2024

In your homes, one of the finest methods of improving the quality of air is by spreading essential oils. It’s as a result of its usefulness. Essential oils are ideal for enhancing the sleeping patterns of both children and adults and for removing allergens, it’s likewise perfect. Also, you might sometimes catch the flu or you have a cough which is persistent? In that case, an essential oil can be used also.

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Those points made, before you can start using any oil, the perfect essential oil diffuser is what you need. In stores like Amazon, there are several brands of diffusers available that provide good value for money.

Still, although the different diffusers in question might be valuable, they all have their advantages and disadvantages. And in order to get one which will serve you well, you should check its capabilities. For example, is it big or small? And if you choose big, a large diffuser will pacify you through the night if you have difficulties sleeping. In addition, you should opt for a model which is safe and has a soundless system which you can use in most parts of your home. Such brands are slightly difficult to identify and might also be time-consuming on your part, so we have revised 10 essential oil diffusers for you that’ll definitely keep up with your demands.

10 Best Essential Oil Diffusers


1. URPOWER 150ml Essential Oil Diffuser

1. URPOWER 150ml Essential Oil Diffuser
URPOWER has become very well-known for producing some of the best quality oil diffusers available on the market. This particular one is the 150ml Essential Oil Diffuser from URPOWER and with its small volume, it is a very portable diffuser.

Moving on, the diffuser does not come with any essential oil, but as you can purchase any essential oil that you prefer and spread (a few drops of the oil will do) the scent throughout every corner of the home, the complaints can pretty much be skipped.

The diffuser has a few safety features to protect it from damage and in turn, saves you any extra cost which may be incurred due to repairs or replacement. One of the key safety features is the automatic power-off feature. This feature is triggered any time it runs out of water, so it won’t just continuously operate without its essentials.

The device is made out of a durable PP Hard plastic, and it has seven different lights for aesthetic and relaxation purposes. The diffuser can also be manually set and adjusted to reflect your particular mood at any time. In light (pun intended) of that, you can choose from the colors Red, White, Pink, Green, Light Blue, Yellow, and Dark blue.

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Easy to open top for refilling water
Comes with a measuring cup
It is portable
Exciting 7 color light options
18 months warranty
Works perfectly with any natural essential oil
Lights can be adjusted to a steady, dim, or bright setting
Helps improve protection against flu, allergies, cold, and also humidify the air around the home


A very cheaply priced diffuser when compared to others on the market. It is even better since it comes from a reputable manufacturer with years of experience.


A very small diffuser which is most suitable for small spaces due to its low capacity. It has all the features you can expect from the best diffuser and is designed for easy portability.
  • Moving the diffuser is quite easy as it is very small and light
  • Multiple lights to brighten the room for a child
  • Clears the air of congestion

Small tank means there will be a need to refill very often

2. URPOWER 300ml Ultrasonic

2. URPOWER 300ml Ultrasonic
There are various oil diffusers by URPOWER which come in a 300 ml capacity and the major difference between them is the design. This particular 300 ml diffuser offers an aesthetically pleasing design both in shape as well as the materials used. It has a beautiful wood grain finish (actually made from plastic) which can match the design of any room excellently.

Amongst some of its excellent features include the quiet ultrasonic technology which aids comfortability. So, using it in your offices and homes without getting troubled by the buzzing noise which is common with other diffusers is entirely provided. Continuing, there are LED lights on the diffuser that can brighten the home colorfully with 7 beautiful colors.

On another note, the diffuser can run up to 10 hours on a full tank of 300 ml and it can effectively cover an area of 269 square feet. In cases where the water runs out and you are not present in the room, there is an automatic shut-off feature which ensures that the diffuser stops operation immediately to avoid any damage to its components.
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A 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, and an on setting available for timer settings
Excellent wood grain exterior finish
Noiseless operation
300 ml water capacity
Use in an area of 269 square feet
Runs up to 10 hours when the tank is full
No heating of oils
Enjoy 7 LED light colors
Auto-shut off when tank is empty


URPOWER diffusers are well known to grant users a lot of cool features at an affordable price and this diffuser carries on that tradition. Enjoy a larger capacity at the same price of other diffusers with a smaller tank.


Noiseless operation, 7 color-changing LED lights, and 300 ml capacity—there are so many features that make this diffuser a great choice for any budget. It is also durable and has a long operation time which seems to boost user experience (well, we liked that factor).
  • The wood grain finish makes it a great addition to the interior décor
  • Excellent auto power off setting
  • The timer has four different settings
  • It can cover up to 269 square feet area
  • The water reservoir with a 300 ml capacity
  • Quiet Ultrasonic technology for an enjoyable noiseless operation
  • Light needs to be controlled manually

3. Wood Grain Aromatherapy

3. Wood Grain Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy, as already discussed, is just to scent a room in a particular manner that it offers benefits. In light of that, this is another product provided by URPOWER which is excellent for use/as a treatment device in both home and at work.

The 200 ml diffuser is a portable option with a high-quality wood finish. It brings a natural feel to any room it is placed at which is why it’s even a favorite of ours.

It has a multiple function feature which includes its use as a diffuser, humidifier, as well as a fun night light for kids. There is also an automatic power off which is triggered anytime the tank runs out of water. Additionally, the device is also quite portable with a 200 ml tank and the design language is appealing. That said, one shortcoming of the tank occurs during use as it allows for an operation time of only 5 ½ hours. This means you cannot enjoy non-stop operation throughout the night which might be a turn-off to people after that ability.

On to the features, the 7 color changing LED, automatic power off and a fine mist output make this diffuser a great choice for everyone. Complementing all of the above is that the diffuser is also safe for use around children since it is made from high-grade plastic. It also operates at a very low noise level of around 36dB.
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A portable diffuser
Powers off automatically
Humidifier function
A high-grade plastic material with a wood vinyl
It has night light option
Fine mist output
LED lights with 7 colors
4 different timer settings


This is one of the few option which come at a reasonable price at just a little above average. So, suitability for various budgets is ensured.


Other than the reasonable price, setting up the diffuser is also easy—and although it is not a pure wooden exterior, it still offers a nice durability that should lead to a long lifespan.
  • Can work as a humidifier and diffuser
  • Comes in a light or dark color option
  • It is safe for use around babies
  • Aesthetically appealing and colors look good in any room
  • It is not made from a pure wood finish

4. ASAKUKI 500ml Premium

4. ASAKUKI 500ml Premium
The ASAKUKI oil diffuser is not just a diffuser since it also functions as a humidifier in any location of your choice. This is great in areas where air is continuously dry. The device can be used to remove dust particles, micro-organisms, smoke, dust, and pet dander in the air. As a result, there is a massive improvement in the quality of the air which circulates the home.

Overheating is a serious problem which causes a lot of damage in electronics. This problem often occurs in diffusers if they run on an empty water tank. Thankfully, this diffuser comes with a 500ml water tank which is sure to last a while. As a safety precaution, there is also a feature to turn off the power automatically when there is no water available in the tank. This is helpful if the tank runs empty during operation at night.

There are also other cool features which this diffuser offers such as the LED light which changes between 7 colors. This can serve as a nightlight for children and can also enhance relaxation. It is made from eco-friendly high-quality PP material with the inside of the tank being easy to wipe and maintain.

Buying this diffuser may be one of the most risk-free purchase you may be making in a while. And one reason that complements that fact is because the diffuser is sold with a 6-months money back guarantee to the customer (Amazon). This shows the level of faith which the manufacturer has in this product.
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1-year warranty
Made from PP material which is of high-grade, eco-friendly, and safe for use in the home
Excellent LED color changing light featuring 7 individual colors
Shuts-down automatically when water tank is empty to prevent damage
Works excellently as a humidifier
Different modes for releasing the fine sprays of oil
Money back guarantee for 6-months
Quiet ultrasonic feature with 2 different levels for the mist control function


This option is really one to get considering that it sells at an average price. The fact that it comes with a 500 ml tank capacity and eco-friendly materials just boosts that factor.


There is really no complaint as this diffuser offers the best features while still offering buyers a money back guarantee in case it doesn’t satisfy their needs. So, if any of the supposed experiences appeal to you, then this is a good buy.
  • It comes with a warranty and money back guarantee
  • Excellent light option
  • Can last a night on the water tank
  • Oil drops last long
  • Works as a humidifier
  • Rings form around the lid when you use some essential oils

5. URPOWER 2nd Gen

5. URPOWER 2nd Gen
What makes this URPOWER diffuser amazing? Well, it comes with a 300 ml capacity which can go a while before it needs refilling while also functioning as a humidifier, ionizer, and a diffuser. And on the note, let’s talk about the ease of use. The product is easy to work with and this touches all of its functions. All you need to do is add in essential oils to get it to function as a diffuser, then simply operating it without the essential oils turns it operation into that of a humidifier.

The technology used in the production ensures that during its operation, the essential oils remain intact by avoiding the use and generation of heat during the process of diffusion. This allows the essential oils to last longer and also spread with excellent efficiency. Running on the 300 ml capacity tank, you can get up to 8 hours of non-stop operation—which is an excellent quality for use at night. You also enjoy an auto shut-off feature so there won’t be any damage to the components of the diffuser.

Similar to most URPOWER diffusers, this particular one likewise features an LED light with 7 colors that are displayed at different intervals. There is also a timer which can be set for the diffuser which includes a 1 hour, 2 hours, or a 6 hours setting.
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7 LED light colors
8 hours working time
18 months warranty
Single color light selection or rotation of lights option
300 ml water capacity
Automatic power-off function
1, 3, or 6-hour timer setting
Functions as a humidifier
The device beeps twice when it powers-off
Portable device
45 days Money Back Guarantee


Hovering around the average price point, URPOWER gives users another 300 ml diffuser with a more elegant and modern design.


It's excellent for use in rooms with a size of 200 square feet and is also portable so you can move to different locations. Complementing that is the 45 days Money Back Guarantee, which at the very least, allows you to decide whether or not you like the device.

  • Physical design shows durability and is also no slouch in the looks department
  • Works as a humidifier in addition to a diffuser
  • Oils are not broken down since no heat is used in the diffusion process
  • Diffuser runs on a 300 ml tank and shuts off when this tank is empty
  • The loud beeps it makes when it powers off can be annoying at night

6. URPOWER Ultrasonic

6. URPOWER  Ultrasonic
With just 2 or 3 drops of any essential oil of your choice, you can enjoy the effects of aromatherapy in your home or office. The diffuser utilizes an ultrasonic vibration to convert the mix of water and essential oil into mist which is released into the air. Unlike the use of heat, the oil is not broken down which makes this a more efficient mode of diffusion.

If you have a small room which you want to freshen up and also beautify at the same time, this is one of the best options you should consider. Those points discussed, we found refilling the diffuser easy and moving it to a new location is straightforward since it is very portable and lightweight. The exterior is a wooden grain which blends well with any room of your choice.

You can also choose between two modes which are the continuous diffusion mode and the sporadic mode. The former can run for up to 4 hours uninterrupted while the latter can run for 6 hours with the mist being sprayed in an on and off pattern with a 30 seconds interval. Regardless of which one it is though, using the diffuser at night is a bit underwhelming.
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Two buttons for a simple and straightforward control
An intermittent and continuous mist spraying options
Wood grain exterior
Colour Changing LED with 7 colors
Portable Diffuser
130 ml capacity
Shuts off automatically when the tank is empty
Has a coverage area of 215 square feet
Can function as a humidifier
It has a quiet operation


A very small capacity diffuser, it also has a very low price. Though it is more expensive than the first URPOWER diffuser on the list. Nonetheless, this is a great choice due to its design language that shows a lot of versatility.


This option is great for anyone who moves around a lot and needs something that can easily be put in a bag during a trip. It is quite durable and effective for individual rooms.

  • Runs quietly which helps enhance rests
  • Design is durable and looks good
  • Price is good enough
  • Has preset safety features
  • Not suitable for essential oils containing ketones or phenols

7. Tenswall Square Diffuser and Humidifier

7. Tenswall Square Diffuser and Humidifier
If you are out to get a diffuser which offers a large capacity so you do not have to refill very often, then the Tenswall Square Essential oil diffuser is a great option with a capacity of 900ml. In addition, it also has an excellent appearance with a marble texture which blends well with any environment, be it a gym, studio, office, bedroom, or spa.

It has been perfectly designed for use in the home and around children with its whisper quiet ultrasonic technology. Like most of the best diffusers available on market, this one also offers an automatic shut-off feature. This offers safety; that is, the feature kicks in as soon as the water in the diffuser runs out.

You can also pick from various time settings which include a 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, and a continuous diffusion setting on the device.
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Automatic shut-off feature
Easy to control with touch keys
Large water capacity of 900ml
Choose from four-time settings for the diffusion rate
Enjoy a noiseless operation with the Whisper Quiet Ultrasound Technology
Excellent square design with a marble texture
There is a measuring cup to ease the refilling process
Materials used are BPA free
Up to 21 hours operation on the large tank capacity


This is a slightly higher priced diffuser when you compare it to the others on this list but with the high capacity it offers, we see this as a good trade-off.


Of all the diffusers available, this one ranks high when you consider the capacity of the tank. There are also some great features like the measuring cup to ensure you do not go over the maximum level, longer operating time and more.

  • Touch key control
  • Design is different which is good in this case
  • Comes with a measuring cup to make it easier to refill
  • A large capacity tank of 900 ml for longer operation time
  • On some occasions, it may spill water around

8. Aiho Diffuser for Home

8. Aiho Diffuser for Home
The diffuser is designed in the shape of a wave with a 7 color changing LED light to make it excellent as a décor item. In-depth, the LED has an adjustable setting which includes a dim and bright option depending if it is in use at night or during the day. It can also be set to a color changing option which continuously moves through the different options available.

Nonetheless, the fact that the device runs on a 200 ml tank means it will need to be refilled often. There’s an auto power-off feature which ensures it isn’t in operation when there is lack of water. This protects the diffuser from damage and also prevents unnecessary expenses. The product comes with a timer with adjustable settings, so you can choose between four modes.

Finally, another quality that makes this an ideal choice in diffusers is the ultrasonic technology, that allows it to run quietly and hence, cause no disturbance to the silence.

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Tank capacity of 200ml
Timer with 4 unique settings
Made from a Bisphenol-A free material
Specially produced using an ultrasonic technology
1-year warranty
Two mode settings for a 7 color changing LED
30 days money back guarantee
Quiet operation


The diffuser is averagely priced to meet the requirements of any customer shopping on a budget. It also uses high-quality materials with the promise of a money back guarantee to anyone making a purchase.


A lot of people like to have a quality misting output and with the Aiho diffuser, what you get is a 30ml/h diffuser which should be suitable for most home conditions. Still, it is a small diffuser but as it offers a lot of features that make it an excellent choice for trips, we can’t complain much on that front.

  • No beeping sound when it powers off
  • Can work through a night
  • Lights can be turned off
  • Buttons for easy control
  • Mist is not very powerful

9. InnoGear 2018 500ml Aromatherapy

9. InnoGear 2018 500ml Aromatherapy
This diffuser is one of the latest on the market and it has a lot of features which make it ideal for purchase (we back it). It has a 500 ml water tank capacity that makes it suitable for most rooms in the home. Still, for an efficient performance, the diffuser should be used in an area of 269 square feet.

The product boasts of a 15 hours operation time, that you can enjoy during the day with the need to refill just once. Using it through the night is also feasible thanks to the long runtime.

That said, the diffuser has different settings which you should use if you want to get the most out of the device. One of such settings is the mist mode, that is divided into two (weak and strong). Also, you can enjoy four timer settings in the form of a steady mode as well as a 1, 3, or 6-hour(s) timer. All these settings are easy to input thanks to the touch control which is as straightforward as a few drops of oil into the diffuser.

Seven color-changing LED light is another cool addition that brings this device to life and if used during the night, sleep is thoroughly enhanced.
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45-days money back guarantee
15 hours runtime
A 500 ml tank capacity
Strong or weak mist setting
LED lights displaying seven changing colors
Shuts off when there is no water
269 square feet coverage
It is an Ultrasonic-whisper quiet diffuser
12 months warranty
Touch control


This diffuser sits on the high side of the price spectrum for diffusers but can be trusted for quality features thanks to its trusted manufacturer.


What you enjoy on this diffuser include easy to use touch controls, noiseless operation, moderately large coverage, and a relatively large tank capacity. Although it does not function as a humidifier, you can still get a lot from the two mist release rate options.
  • Very sensitive touch controls
  • Has its measuring cup
  • Operation time is long and welcomed
  • Easy to use the plug on the side
  • A quiet operation
  • Not a very durable diffuser

10. TABYS Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser Cool Mist

10. TABYS Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser Cool Mist
There is so much to gain from a diffuser which also doubles as a humidifier and this particular diffuser gives you that option. We mean, when you add any preferred essential oil, then it functions as a diffuser while running the device without any oil results in the function of a humidifier. This helps to treat dry skin, prevent coughs, and also improve your night rest.

The diffuser is suitable for use in various rooms like the living room, bedroom, study, classroom, as well as a yoga class. An example is when you make use of the device in the children room. You can use the 7 color LED light feature in that regard to make the room more comfortable for the kids. The lights can also be dimmed so it can be left on through the night without hurting comfortability.
Like with lots of diffusers on the market, this one also offers the auto shut off feature which reduces the possibility of damage any time the humidifier runs out of the water. And with its 300ml tank, you can expect about 10 hours of non-stop operation which means this is a great choice for a good night rest.

Other features which you can enjoy include the device’s quiet operation and a time setting option which gives you the option of 3 modes in addition to a steady on mode.

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Wood grain finish
2-in-1 function of a humidifier and diffuser
7 changing LED light color
Adjustable time settings
Bright and dim light options
A whisper quiet operation
It can shut off automatically when water tank is empty
45 days money back guarantee with a 12-month warranty
A 300ml water reservoir


Seeing as it is a little above the average price, this might be a turn-off to some people. Nonetheless, the features and multiple functions that it offers make it a great option for anyone.


The TABYS diffuser is a cool mist ultrasonic diffuser which still works as a humidifier when needed. It also has a nice exterior which should fit right into the decoration of the home.
  • Multifunction diffuser as well as a humidifier
  • Suitable for use around kids
  • Beautiful design with an excellent wood grain finish
  • 10 hours operation
  • Comes with a cleaning cloth
  • The tank is small compared to some other diffusers

Criteria for Selection/Things to Consider

The best diffusers are always durable, aesthetically appealing, and functional. So, to choose the best diffusers, we carried out a little test and pinpointed the best features users could ever want before we used some specific methods of our own to streamline our choices.

In that regard, below are a few things to consider.

Size and Shape

The aromatherapy oil diffusers of today are lovely to look at and they add flair to your spa, offices, salon décor and homes. The shape, colors and style are fashionable and are in vogue for the perceptive and classy buyer. Some of the shapes are modern in designs, say, pyramidal shape, disc, and candle shape and freeform in shape. Buy the perfect one for your place and you won’t be disappointed. Size really matters and it is reliant on movability if that’s an important aspect of your everyday life. A more compact style is perfect for you if you would like to move around with the diffuser in purse or bag.

Room Coverage

Before purchasing a diffuser, read the specifications. This will inform you of the parts it will cover. You will be let down if you buy a diffuser which is not able to cover the area you want. Stylish diffuser covers 200-300 square feet and some can cover up to as much as 500 feet. For a better understanding, you can read the customer reviews on the different websites where the diffuser can be purchased. It will benefit you a lot.

Automatic Shut-off

People love this feature because it is a safety net against the burning out of the unit. When you are busy, you won’t have to worry because when the diffuser is out of the water, it shuts off by design. It’s a very good feature especially when you are sleeping at night.

Warranty and Guarantees

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Many producers offer a one year warranty for their merchandises and some warranties may be for a longer time. Also, most of these manufacturers offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their products.

Take that into consideration like we did when selecting any product (not limited to essential oil diffusers).

Operating Time

Some diffusers function for 3-4 hours and some can run for 6-10 hours. Consider this feature for the number of hours you’d want your diffuser to operate. If you prefer your diffuser to operate through the night when asleep for its medicinal benefits, then you need to pick a diffuser which can operate for longer hours.

Noise Level

A number of persons don’t care about the noise it brings and some do. If you are someone who doesn’t like noise of any sort, check the diffusers who carry Whisper Quiet Technology or any other like it. With diffusers like that, you won’t hear the water dripping or the minor buzzing in other cases.

Timer and Program Options

Experienced diffuser users can explain the significance of the two functions. For the best outcomes when utilizing essential oils, diffusers are really operative when producing your preferred outcomes in little amounts. A micro-fine vapor can be spread by a superior diffuser and also, it is not compulsory to allow your diffuser to run all the time (depends on you). If you want your dispenser to operate for a specific amount of time and then start again, then you need to buy a programmable diffuser with time cycle choices which will regulate the quantity of your essential oil enabling it to produce the best likely benefits.

Water Capacity

The water in the diffuser regulates how long it will keep working. If you want a diffuser which can function for several hours at a stretch, you need one which can conserve water. The choice ultrasonic diffuser can conserve up to 80-100ML (2.7 – 3.38 ounces) of water.

Variable Airflow Output

This is really similar to how fast you want a fan to blow. By regulating the air pressure, it allows the dispersing of the essential oils to encompass all necessary areas.

LED Light Effects

The best quality diffusers have a light in-built. They can be used as light at night (good for the kids also) and also for daytime amusements. You can pick the colors you like and most of the time, there’s an option of alternating the colors at a specific interval.

Benefits of Using a Diffuser

If you have attended gatherings that promote nature-based living, surely you must have come across a recommendation on the best-rated diffuser to use in order to help with sound sleep, improve your health or increase your vigor. Most models which are being produced as of today are performing several purposes such as humidifying the air and serving as an elegant night light.

Ease of Breathing

Nasal congestion and also inflammation reduces the moment the oils sink into our skin pores and when we also inhale them. To help in breathing easily, the recommended oils are Eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon, and peppermint.

Improvement of Brain’s Cognitive Function


A diffuser discharges the essential oils to charge the cells of our brain effectively. Despite the fact that the oils provide comfort when you are stressed out, it also enhances our brains when we are tired. It boosts focus because the essential oil’s inherent healing properties stabilize our body’s hormones. Recommended essential oils that work like so include lemon, eucalyptus, pine, and peppermint.

Relieving Pan

Earlier healing method shows that we should spread over essential oils right on our skin in order to get rid of the pain. On the other hand, diffusers simply disperse oils and allow them to do what they do best. In other words, essential oil diffusers get rid of sore joints, muscle pain, and headaches. The most suggested pain-relieving essential oils are clary sage, bergamot, ginger, lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, and chamomile.

Insect Repellants

Diffused essential oils keep away mosquitoes and flies from your home. This, in turn, leads to enhanced comfortability throughout the day. Recommended insects repellants include; lemongrass, cedarwood, rosemary, and clove.

Warding off Illnesses

Essential oils assist in fighting off common colds, allergens, and flu. When these oils are released into the atmosphere by the diffusers, the chemical make-up of the oils naturally kills all of the airborne pathogens before they are passed into your body’s system. Also, these oils possess immune-boosting properties that strengthen your body against infectious germs. The suggested oils for this purpose include ones from; sage, thyme, rosemary, grapefruit and tea tree.

Mood Elevation

Improving your mood is one of the many advantages of using essential oils which are known for their anti-depressant properties. They encourage attitudes where they are released, regardless if that is in your home or the office. In addition to that, you can also set good and classic environments with your significant other. If this appeals to you, mood elevating essential oils include ones from; jasmine, sweet orange, sandalwood, scotch pine, rose and vanilla.

Relaxation and Sleep

This is perhaps the most common amongst essential oil diffuser advantages. The oils have the capacity to deliver a relaxing atmosphere to assist you in releasing pent-up stress after a day’s work. Alternatively, we can say you’ll sleep better with an oil diffuser in your room.

If better sleep appeals to you, the suggested oils are based on Lavender and Chamomile.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is oil diffusers’ purpose?

Their purpose is to spread the fragrance and the therapeutic properties of the oil. This process is simply known as aromatherapy and it has a lot of benefits which are discussed in-depth above.

Which of the essential oil diffusers should I pick?


The oil diffusers above the top 10 on our list, which is pretty hard to make. So, we can only say that you should consider each individually and just pick the one you prefer the most.

Where should I buy the oils?

You can purchase the oils at an online store that with a host of user reviews and also benefits. An example we usually give is Amazon since you can find most of the oils you’ll need for the benefits above there.