Home Window Repair Guide | Issues, Costs, Services & Quotes

Our Window Repair Guide includes details regarding the issues you’ll come across as a homeowner and car owner, types of windows, repair cost estimates and you can receive quotes from local window repair services.

Windows are essential parts of our homes. Picturing a house without windows is hard. They secure our homes from outside intruders; provide ventilation by allowing air in and add an aesthetical appeal to our homes.

Once in a while, as a homeowner, you are likely to have a faulty window that needs a replacement, repair, or upgrading. Some window repairs can be easy, and DIY can fix the problem such as replacing some loose parts, fixing a latch, etc.

However, if the whole window has to be removed for repair, a professional will be needed for the task.

Common Window Problems

Here are some relevant common problems you are likely to face with your windows.

Faulty Windows

Sometimes windows may not open and may give you a hard time. You can try and look closely at the window to see the source of the problem. For hung windows, you can try and look at the sash support system to see if it’s causing your windows to stick or fall.

If you have awning windows or casement ones that open with a handle, the problem may be with the window operator that may need replacement. However, if you cannot identify the problem and the cause of the fault, getting a professional will help you solve the issue.

Drafty windows

The draft happens due to problems with a window seal or weatherstripping. This occurs on the outside edge of the frame, especially where the window panes overlap or the point where the glass and frame meet. It is better to replace the worn-down window weatherstripping than to trying to seal the gaps. Ask a professional to do a replacement for you.

Window glass repair

Broken glass and window glass repair is a common occurrence for most windows, and they can be replaced. It’s good to have them replaced immediately for security and safety reasons.

Foggy glass

Sometimes the insulated seal can break down leading to foggy glass in your window. The insulated glass window may need replacement.

Broken windows and Latches

These are widespread problems with most windows. They are easy to DIY. You can purchase the locks and the latches and do a replacement. However, it’s best to replace them immediately for security reasons.

Window screens

Window screens can get damaged. A professional can replace it together with its frame if it’s also damaged. Make sure you keep the old screen to be used for measurements for the new screen.

Common Types of Windows

If you own a home, several years down the line, you are going to do a couple of repairs and replacements for your windows. Whether your window is broken or worn out, it’s possible to have a professional fix it or advise you on the best action for the window.

Sometimes a window may need just a few parts replaced to take it back to its original state. The professional can also remove the whole window and repair it to improve its quality and fix damages. Some damages, like rotten frames, may force you to do a window replacement especially if the cost of repair exceeds that of getting a new one.

The type of windows you have will affect the cost of repairs. The structure and the construction of a window will determine the process of repair. Some windows repairs are easier than others.

Single sash window

It has two panels that are arranged vertically. The upper sash is well fixed in place while the lower sash slides up and down, to open and close.

Double panel sash window

They are very common and most widely used for most window types. It has two sashes that can move up and down, to open and close and let in the flow of air.

Casement windows

In this type of window, the sash is hinged on the side ( right or left) to enable it open outward like a door. They are best in controlling the free flow of air. The cost of repair for casement windows is likely to be higher since the casing has cranks and gears inside that allow it movement. The parts and the process of repair can be costly.

Awning window

The casement is placed vertically and hinged at the top, so the sash pushes out to open. They are best for allowing air in from left or right and the bottom without letting in debris and rainfall.

Bay windows

The extensions usually come out at an angle to allow maximum light and space.

Bow windows

These are curved architecture and use a lot of glass panes with some having close to eight panes.

Jalousie windows

They consist of thin strips of glass that open and close like window blinds. However, because of their inefficiency to retain heat, they are hard to see nowadays.

Picture windows

These are large and let in maximum light. Due to their large size, they allow a vast view of your outdoors. They are fitted into an arched top.

Skylights window

They are put on the roof to provide light to rooms that may not get enough light due to their position.

Sliding windows

They have two horizontally operating sashes that slide over each other to open and close. They usually have aluminum frames that are likely to get damaged with time. They are best placed over the counters or sinks.

Egress windows

They found in the basements. They provide an exit in case of an emergency like a fire or other disasters.

Glass block windows

These are mostly found in the bathroom and basements. They provide ample light and offer privacy to the rooms.

Transform windows

These ones are placed above the door to offer some little light and add aesthetic appeal to the room. They do not open.
There are many other types of windows, but the ones listed above are common in most homes. Depending on the type and size of a window, the cost of repair may vary to accommodate the two factors.

Window Repair Cost

Local window repair professionals can repair an array of window damages. They can repair your broken window, damaged frames, and casing. Glass repairs are majorly the most common type of damages, and their cost depends on the type of glass.

The type of windows you have will also influence the pricing. Some windows may need frame repair or replacement, double gazing, slide mechanism repair and many others. Depending on your type of window and damages, your contractor will diagnose it and give you a way forward.

Here are factors that influence the cost of repair and labor when doing home window repairs.

1. Broken Glass

Broken glass on window panes is a popular problem among many homeowners. The cost of replacing glass will depend on the following factors:

  • Type of glass – they include insulated glass, laminated glass, plate glass, tempered glass, plexiglass and many others
  • Size of the glass to be replaced
  • Location of the window
  • Number of windows

A single pane can cost around $3 per sq foot, but the cost of replacement can go up to $16-$22 if you factor in the other elements such as window putty, glaziers point, exterior caulk and the caulking gun. The cost is for a single pane that measures 24 x 25 inches. If you have a professional install it, the total cost of replacement will range from $50 to $100. However, you can get a discount if you are installing a large number of panes.

A double pane glass measuring 24×25 inches will cost you around $170-$180. The cost does not include the cost of labor. If you are using energy efficient glass, there will be an additional cost of $20 making the cost of replacing the glass to be $190-$200.

The cost of labor for the double pane with the above measurement will also depend on the type of glass:

  • Cost of replacement in a vinyl frame; including cost of labor will be around $185-$220
  • Cost of replacement in an aluminum frame; including cost of labor $190-$225
  • Cost of replacement in a wood frame; including cost of labor $230-$240

The size of the glass will automatically change the price. For example, a single- pane glass measuring 5×5 feet will cost you an average of $375, i.e., installation plus labor changes. The cost goes higher dues to the size of the pane, increased thickness, and more labor is required to handle the large size.

Expect to pay higher for a double pane glass measuring 5×5 feet. Due to the same factors; size, thickness, and increased labor, the cost of installation and labor charges will be around $485.

2. The Type of Window and Repair

There are several problems associated with windows such as windows getting stuck and won’t open or close, or there may be damages to the casing or sill. A professional will give you a price estimate after diagnosing the damage. Pricing will depend on the type of window, replacements to be made and the extent of the damage.

For a single pane, one window will cost about $50. However, if we include labor, parts, and cost of replacing balance springs the total of cost of replacement for a single pane hung window will come to around $185-$225. The price can, however, be lower if the number of windows being repaired is high.

Repairs to double hung windows, on both sashes, will have you paying around $350-$400 for two windows. This includes the cost of labor and the parts.

For a homeowner with bay windows, replacement and repair cost are also higher. A professional will charge you $500 to $1000 for three panes. The price depends on the size of windows you have. You can get a lower pricing depending on the number of windows being replaced.

Bow windows which come with a curve will have you paying $1000-$3000 for five windows and panes. The price is inclusive of labor and all the parts needed.

If you are having windows replaced, the cost of most windows will fall in any of the above categories. The repairs are likely to cost you between $148 and $509. Therefore, from the figures, the average price of a replacement will be $319. If the number of windows being repaired is high, a window repair professional on the site will be able to give a discount depending on the number.

3. Availability of Replacement Parts

Sometimes the kind of hardware required for particular windows may be hard to find. Some specific types of windows have been faced off with time or are rare to find. If the window repair contractor has to spend more time searching for a particular hardware, they might charge you more.

4. Other price considerations

Location of the window

Sometimes the windows being repaired may be located at places hard to reach like on the roof. If the contractor has to bring in some equipment like bigger ladders to reach the location of the window, you may pay higher for the cost of labor. Some charge an extra $10-$ 15 for the additional work.

Replacing the entire window

Sometimes the entire window may need a full replacement of the frame, glass, and other parts. If the window has to be removed for all the repairs to be done, you pay around $400-$450 for a standard vinyl 6×3 foot window. The price is for energy-efficient glass.

Customized panes

These require specific measurements that will get a particular shape. They will cost higher than regular standard panes.

Dual-pane insulation

If your windows require dual-pane insulation, you may pay extra charges for the injection of the insulating gas.


Sometimes the price may differ depending on the manufacturer. Some have special incentives such as warranties, repairs and replacement offers. These special offers come at a cost, but they may be beneficial in the long run. Others do not have guarantees, and their cost of materials may be cheaper. Depending on the manufacturer your contractor uses, the prices may differ.

Here is a table summarizing the common repairs on most windows;

Single pane 24x25 inches$50-$100
Double pane hung window 24x25 inches$170-$180
Double pane 24x25 inches with energy efficient glass$190-$200
Double pane 24x25 inches-in a vinyl frame$180-$220
Double pane 24x25inches-in an aluminum frame

Double pane 24x25 inches- in a wood frame$230-$240
Single pane 5x5 feet$375
Double pane 5x5 feet$485
Double hung window both sashes$350-$400
Bay window glass replacementthree panes -$500-$1000
Bow windows glass replacement 5 windows -$1000-$3000

The average cost of most window repairs

High end $509
Low end$148

Car Window Repair Costs and Services

When your car window gets damaged, or you notice a crack on your windscreen, your worry goes to the cost of repair. Despite the cost, you should never put off a repair or replacement of a damaged car window.

Driving around with a cracked window can pose a safety hazard to you and the occupants of the car. In fact, ignoring cracks can lead to more significant damages especially if debris and dirt managed to stick into the cracks making the damage harder to repair. Changes in weather can also make the crack expand making it more prominent.

Typically, a damaged window, especially if the damage involves the glass, will need a replacement and not repair. However, if the window has a small scratch, repairs can fix the problem.

The cost of repair will depend on several factors such as:

  • The window to be replaced
  • Type of glass your windows need
  • The model of the vehicle
  • Cost of labor
  • Whether electrically or manually powered

Most insurance companies usually cover some damages and repairs. If you choose not to file a claim, or maybe you do not have comprehensive coverage, you will have to get car window repair services near you. Depending on your damage, it would be advisable to get several quotes before settling for a specific car repair dealer to get a fair deal.

Average Cost of Repair for Various Car Windows

Cost of Replacing Front Windshield

The front windshield is essential in a car. It is usually made with laminated safety glass to provide a shield to the driver and the car occupants in case of a head-on- collision. It is meant to be strong enough to enable the roof of the car to stay in place in case of an accident, especially during a roll-over.

When the front windshield gets into a head-on-collision or its hit with significant impact, the glass shatters into small pieces stuck together.

It will cost you around $10-$ 150 to repair a crack on the front windshield if it’s big or extensive. However, if the damage is severe, your windshield will need a replacement. It will cost the vehicle owner around $100-$400.

Cost of Replacing Rear Windshield

The cost of replacing a rear window will depend on several factors. The make of the car, the model, the type of glass (whether original from the manufacturer or by other companies) and the qualities of the glass. Putting all these into consideration the cost of replacing a rear windshield can range from $100 to $1200.

Cost of Replacing a Standard Side Door Window

Replacing the car’s side window will also depend on various factors such as the make and model of your vehicle and the year of manufacture. It’s important to note that luxury, exotic, or rare cars can cost you more for the replacements. You can expect a range of $100 to $350 for the replacement of the standard side door window of your car.

Cost of Replacing the Small Triangular Side Windows

They are also called quarter glass windows, and if they move, they are termed vent glass windows. These types of windows are not common as the standard side door window, and they can cost you more to replace. The average cost of replacing them would be $100-$500 depending on the type of vehicle you have, sometimes, the make of the car can make the installment process difficult, which will cost you more.

Cost of Repairing Car Power Windows

Having power windows is very critical for a car owner. You can quickly move your window up and down with just a touch of a button.

They are like a safety feature in your car since they allow you to close your windows or open them when in danger quickly. However since windows are frequently used, the parts that power the movement of the window may need regular replacing due to tear and wear.

Here are the two components of the power window that need replacement.

  • Window regulator

The reason why your window is not going up or down could be that your window regulator needs replacement. A car maintenance specialist will assess the power window to see if the window regulator is the source of your window’s failure to open and close.

The cost of replacing a car window regulator can range from $100-$400 depending on the type of car you have. Luxury or foreign car owners will have to pay a larger amount.

  • Window Motor

A window motor powers the window regulator to enable a window to go up and down. This is how the motor works; when you press the control switch, the motor turns the regulator mechanism. In short, the motor is hooked up to the vehicle’s electrical system and powers the regulator to make the windows move.

The cost of replacement will depend on the quality of the motor. It could the original motor sold by the manufacturer or motors created by a third party also known as aftermarket motor windows. The cost of replacing a motor will range from $112-$125. If you have a luxury or rare car, the cost could go up to $300.

The table below will give you a summary of the average costs of car window replacement;

Front windshield $100- $400
Repair cracks in front windshield$ 10-$150
Rear windshield$100-$1200
Standard side door window$100-$350
Small triangular side window$100-$500
Window regulator$100-$400
Window motor$112-125

When your car window gets damaged, replacement and repairs are a must. Your car windows serve an important role. They provide safety and protection for you and your occupants. Besides, leaving your cracks for a more extended time can increase the amount of damage and ultimately double or triple the cost of repair.

Before you look for car repair services for your windows, it’s important to check if your insurance covers the broken windows. If you are not sure the extent of repairs they cover, you can call your insurance agent and inquire about what is included and covered in your policy.

In most cases, the insurance covers the windscreen and not the other windows. So make sure you confirm these details and see how much you can save from the repairs or the extra cost you need to cover from your pocket.

Once you clear with your insurance agency and you have to look for car window repair services, it’s essential you get several quotes. You will be able to make a price comparison and settle for the car dealer who will offer you fair pricing with quality services. Ask around for referrals to a good car repair company and negotiate discounts and reasonable deals.

DIY VS Professional Services

Sometimes the repair required may be easy for a homeowner to do. These are the common repairs that you can do at the comfort of your home include:

Replacing small broken panes

You can replace the small panes if they are broken. All you need to do is remove the broken piece and scrap the putty off. Then carefully replace the putty and fit the new pane into place. Most homeowners can replace small panes measuring 3×3 inches. However, for the larger panes, it’s a job left to a professional for safety reasons.

Rotten Wood

Sometimes due to exposure to weather elements such as rainfall, the wooden windows are likely to rot with time. You can cut the rotten part and replace it with wood putty. However, some rots may be diverse, and others may be as a result of insects. In such cases, it’s best to let a professional handle the rot, and determine the cause of it.

Sticking Windows

Several factors can make a window stick. Weather changes can make the wooden window expand, paint and dirt in the tracks for sliding windows. For dirty tracks, you will need to scrape off the dirty and clean the tracks. If the paint is making the windows stick, you can use a putty knife and break off the place where the paint holds.

If your windows have minor problems as mentioned above, you can assess the damage to see if a simple repair will resolve the issue. However, repairs that involve large panes and removal of the whole window are better done by a professional to avoid further damages and the risk of injuries.

How to Get a Good Contractor for Window Repairs

Finding a reliable local window repair contractor can be a daunting task for a homeowner. Some may charge you exorbitant prices, while others may not deliver to your expectations.

The horror stories you hear of questionable contractors who disappear with people’s money or do poor jobs may make your search a nightmare. You need a professional who will complete your repairs in time, charge you reasonably without having to break a bank, and most importantly reliable. All you need to do is take time and exercise caution in your search.

Here are tips to help you get the right contractor for your home window repair job;

Ask Around

Asking your neighbors and friends can be one of the easiest ways to get a reliable professional to work for you. People close to you will give you all the relevant information you need to know about contractors. You will be able to know the contractors to avoid.

While getting referrals make sure you ask about the quality of work the contractor delivers. Ask if they are reliable? Are they easy to work with? Would they hire them again for the same job? Make sure you verify all this information before hiring the contractor.

Research on the Internet

Most contractors have websites that have detailed information about their services and costs. Getting information on the internet nowadays is easy. Just enter a search for home window repair services near me in the search engines, and you will get multiple contractors.

To choose a good one, look at their ratings and reviews from past clients. Are they good enough? An excellent rating means happy customers. Make sure you read more articles about them just to be sure you are getting the right person.

Other online platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn can also be excellent places to search for a professional. Make sure you go through their pages and see what other clients are saying about their services. You can and contact the one who seems to match your budget and has a good rating.

10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Window Repair Contractor

Window replacement and repair may look like a simple job, but if done poorly, it may expose you and your loved ones to dangers. A poor window repair can lead to problems like loss of energy efficiency, falling panes, air seepage, etc.
As a homeowner, you need to be careful when hiring a contractor. Since window repair may involve other processes of getting the replacement parts, you need to have a reliable contractor who has good knowledge of where to get the best offers and offer excellent services.

Here are questions that you should ask a window repair contractor before hiring.

1. Ask If they Are Licensed

Most states require contractors to be licensed. It’s safe to work with a licensed contractor for it means they passed the standards necessary to earn the license. You need to know if the person you are hiring is competent, knowledgeable and professional. A reputable contractor will be pleased to give you a copy of their license.

2. Ask How Long They Have Run the Business

You can never underestimate the importance of experience. In fact, a longer service is better. It shows that the contractor is stable, knowledgeable, and more importantly, experienced. It’s true that everyone has to start somewhere, but you are safer working with someone who has been around for a while.

An established contractor is also likely to have established a strong relationship with suppliers and would able to advise you better on where to get fair pricing of replacement parts.

3. Ask For References

A contractor who has a record of excellent services will have clients who are willing to give good testimonies about their work. A reliable contractor will be ready to share contacts of past clients for you to call them. Ask for recent contacts of their clients and follow up with calls to get relevant details about the contractor’s work.

4. Ask For Insurance Details

You need to ask for proof of insurance. It’s important that your contractor is well insured and covered to protect you from any liability in the event of an accident. Remember that the contractor will be working on your property and injuries can happen anytime. If they have workers working for them, ask if they have workman’s compensation insurance. It’s safe to be protected to avoid incurring unexpected medical expenses. A reliable contractor will give copies of their insurance documents. Study the copies to see if the insurance details are up to date and comprehensive.

5. Ask If The Contractor Has a Written Guarantee for Their Services

Most manufacturers have warranties for their windows against defects. A contractor, on the other hand, should be able to give you a written guarantee for their services.

You need to know if you can rely on them for changes in case the repairs fail. A competent contractor will have no problem giving you a guarantee of their services especially if they are confident about the quality of their services.

6. Ask How Long the Window Repair Project Will Take

Having set timelines will save you from unnecessary delay contractors. It’s easier to follow up with a contract with a definite deadline. You will expect the repairs to be continuous to the end, so get someone reliable enough to stick to the stipulated time.

7. Ask For Total Costs of Repair

Discussing the total cost involved in the repair process is essential. Ask them to give you the price of everything including labor, materials, and some possible additions. It’s also better to have a plan for extra budget to cater to unforeseen problems while the repairs are underway.

8. Ask About Additional Costs

After you are given the total cost of repair and labor, it’s important to know if there are any other charges. Some contractors charge extra if the distance to your house is big. They may also charge for windows that are hard to reach, like the windows on the roof. Find out about these costs upfront.

9. Find Out What Mode Of Payment Is Acceptable To Them

It’s essential to know what mode of payment the contractor approves. Some contractors may not accept credit cards; others do not accept cheques or cash payments. Clear the issues of how payments are to be done beforehand.

10. Ask About the Process of Repair

Even though the contractor will be doing the repairs; it’s essential to know what they will be doing with your windows. Will they remove the frames? You do not want to come to your house and get shocked to see the whole window has been torn apart without your knowledge. Let them tell you what the process of repair involves. What type of equipment will they bring they be using?

The above questions will enable you to assess a potential contractor before you make a choice. A reputable contractor will be ready to supply you with all the answers. Make use of the information they give you to determine if they are reliable, honest, and professional enough for you to have a working relationship with them.

Let us know what you think of the information provided in this article.