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1. Porter Cable
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Best Wood Jointers Reviews and Ratings

There’s a lot of advantages for a serious woodworker to invest in a functional, easy to use, and high performing wood jointer, irrespective of whether they’re operating a small, medium, or fully-fledged workshop. It’s a worthwhile investment, and despite its high initial acquisition cost, a little hard work will enable you to pay off the cost in a year or two. So indispensable is a wood jointer that at some point during your woodworking life, you need one and considering that you’re reading this right now, it’s my guess you’re already there. The preference for wood jointers is primarily informed by their ability to smoothen out wood which is an essential first step towards putting two pieces of wood together. Additionally, some pieces of wood are either bent or twisted and need to be flattened or the edges given straight edges for efficient woodworking. Here’s where a wood jointer comes in.

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Unfortunately, choosing the right wood jointer is not as simple as it sounds given that there several brands, types and sizes on offer in the market. The situation, therefore, calls for you to exercise a little caution and familiarizing yourself with the different types before making a purchasing decision. To assist you to make the right choice, we’ve put together a list of the best ones.

The situation, therefore, calls for you to exercise a little caution and familiarizing yourself with the different types before making a purchasing decision. To assist you to make the right choice, we’ve put together a list of the most practical, high quality, easy to use, high performing and yet affordable wood jointers on the market. In the next section, we’ll take a look at some of the factors to take into consideration when looking to buy your first wood jointer or upgrade an existing one.

The Best Wood Jointers


1. Porter Cable

1. Porter Cable
This jointer shoots directly to the top position for a good reason. To begin with, the design and engineering of the wood jointer create a perfect balance between versatility and performance, plus it is one of the most pocket-friendly wood jointers in the market today. And in spite of its imposing frame, the Porter Cable features is easy to use and that endears to a large section of the population. Now, let's delve a little deeper into the features and specs that make this wood jointer stand out.

It packs several unique and really cool features under its hood. The machine is equipped with a speed motor which is variable to give you an exceptional control, allowing you to choose a specific speed that best suits the type and characteristics of the piece of wood you're handling. With the variable speed feature and its five-speed settings, you can effortlessly vary the cutter head speed between the minimum 6000 rotations per minute to a maximum of 11000 rotations per minute. The 110-Volt 2-HP single-phase 10 A motor provides sufficient power to enable the cutter head, with its two high-speed steel straight knives, to reach between 12000 and 22000 cuts per minute.
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And varying the speeds is not as complicated and daunting as it probably sounds. All you have to do is flick the strategically located speed control button to match the speed you want, and the Porter Cable 6-Inch Variable Speed Bench Jointer responds swiftly and smoothly to those speed adjustments. Be careful though so you get the settings right.

While this is coming in the middle of the document, it's still worth mentioning right off the bat that the jointer has a cutting efficiency comparable to no other wood jointer out there. The efficient cutting is primary aided by the fact that the fact that the wood jointer is fitted with a cutter head with 2 knives. The result is an unprecedented ease of adjusting the position of the knives and still simplifying the process of replacing the knives when they reach the end of their useful lives.

Controlling the depth of the cut is just as easy as replacing the knives. You only have to loosen one knob to allow the table to move before proceeding to turn yet another knob, so the allocated changes. The whole process is so simple and so straightforward that novices can familiarize themselves with the working of the jointer in practically ten minutes.

It is not a slob when it comes to performance, either. The wood jointer yields very consistent and equally impressive results when you engage the cutting head. To further make the process smooth and efficient, the Porter Cable is equipped with a centre-mounted fence that does an incredible job providing you with the all-important accurate support during the whole cutting process. Consequently, the centre-mounted fence boosts your confidence as a woodworker by giving you the assurance that at no time during the cutting process will the lumber come under any undue stress or wind up with marks all over.

And you don't have to worry about safety and efficiency while using it. The reliability and ingenious design of the wood jointer's collection of dust area ensure all the resulting shavings are efficiently collected in a single place with every pass. The result is a clean and conducive environment free from wood and dust particles, which goes a long way in encouraging you to work harder and further. In spite of its budget-friendly price, it features quite a satisfactory construction quality.

The wood jointer has a very sturdy and robust design and an all-steel table capable of handling the hardest and toughest pieces smoothly and efficiently. The additionally tastefully and carefully constructed to be as straight as possible, going a long way in assisting you to achieve accurate and superior cutting results. The Porter Cable is lightweight and compact with a table that just 30-inches long and an accompanying 19.5-long fence. Storing it for future use shouldn't be a problem at all.

In all, the Porter Cable offers a satisfactory performance providing you with a 6-inch bed width and an impressive cutting depth of 1/8-inch. Both the cutting depth and fence are adjustable to a level that best matches the characteristics of your cutting material. With its impressive cutting speeds of between 6000 and 11000 rotations per minute, no material will be challenging to cut through. Plus the machine features quality and sturdy construction and should last for the next several years with proper use.

Comes with a budget-friendly price tag
Easy to use

Exceptional cutting performance with variable speed motor

Gives very accurate results with easy depth adjustment

Efficient dust collection system for tidy and conducive workplace


Flimsy aluminium back

Steel is prone to rust

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2. Grizzly G0725

2. Grizzly G0725
Grizzly is widely renowned for manufacturing products and equipment synonymous with high quality and exceptional workmanship. The company's success in the field further underscores its proven track record, which translates into years and years of skyrocketing sales and profit. The brand is known the world over, and its products come highly recommended. One of its famous products is the Grizzly G0725 6 by 28-Inches Benchtop Jointer that features a superior design quality and comes with a bunch of other unique features.

The jointer is equipped with a powerful 110 Volt single phase 1-1/2-horsepower motor perfect for various domestic applications. With such immense power, the cutter head smoothly and effortlessly achieves maximum speeds of 10k rotations per minute. It consequently packs more than adequate power to sufficiently meet all your cut requirements. One drawback of the wood jointer, nevertheless, is the lack of variable speed adjustment feature which makes it a less efficient choice compared to our nunmber 1. The absence of the variable speed feature, therefore, means you have less control over your cutting speed, and you can't adjust the speeds to be commensurate with the thickness or toughness of the material you intend to cut, whether that is wood or otherwise.
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All the same, it has a bevel that you can easily adjust within 45-degrees. The wood jointer's knives are similarly relatively easy to change in either direction, and you won't have the slightest problem replacing them when they wear out after hours of continuous use. A few reviewers have however expressed their disappointment with the process, noting that adjusting the bevel and knives takes some practice. Another advantage is its ease of setting it up.

There's minimal fine tuning to do, and the entire process is explicitly explained and even visually illustrated on the user manual. If you're a total novice, on the other hand, you find the process of setting up the machine a little cumbersome, what with having to make adjustments to a handful of components upon getting the wood jointer. However, the difficulty of putting the machine together is not at all an issue considering that you can always seek professional assistance.

The user manual, however, comes with an oversight that could severely affect your ability to use it properly. In case the wood jointer arrives with the tables not aligned, it may be a little frustrating getting them to align since the user manual lacks instructions on the same. More experienced folks have fortunately stumbled on an effective solution which is simply to use a 6-1/3-inch and allen wrench of 5 mm to make the adjustment. You'll, however, have to get these from someplace else as they don't come with the Grizzly G0725. If your tool doesn't come with these few complications, you should have a lot of fun using it.

Like most wood jointers in its class, it is fitted with an efficient and useful dust port measuring 2-1-2-inches and a collection system, both of which work like a charm. They efficiently collect all the cutting debris leaving your table and workstation free or dust and wood particles, thereby ensuring your environment is safe and clean at all times. If the prospects of working in a clean and conducive environment didn't sway your purchasing decision may the fact that the G0725 features a sturdy and heavy design. The wood jointer has a rugged and formidable table and fence both of which are constructed entirely out of cast iron and with the latter mounted at the centre. The robust construction of the two components ensures they last well into the future and the chances of them developing mechanical issues during the lifetime are practically non-existent.

In the jointer, you have a tool packing incredible power and feature excellent construction not to mention it boasts proven excellence. Its powerful 1.5-HP motor enables the cutter head to rotate comfortably and smoothly at speeds of up to 10000 rotations per minute. The tough construction of the wood jointer using cast lets it withstand the toughest workloads relatively easily. With its dust collection port and system, you're sure of a clean and conducive working environment free of cuttings. And if you're having difficulties adjusting and aligning the tables or fence, using a 4 and 6 mm hex wrenches will get the job done in no time.

A very pocket-friendly wood jointer

Features a heavy-duty design that lasts for years

High-performing motor for outstanding performance

Ingenious dust and chip collection system


Requires exhaustive fine tuning to work optimally

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3. 40160H-CT by Cutech

3. 40160H-CT by Cutech
The fact that 40160H-CT comes third on this list means it packs top-tier and very impressive features. Should the Cutech brand decide to make a few changes and adjustments to its design and performance in the future, we see no reason as to why it should not ease its way into the first spot. The 40160H-CT comes with one-of-a-kind spiral Cutterhead whose exceptional performance and ruggedness should immediately attract your attention to this woo jointer.

The recent complete overhaul and redesigning of the wood jointer's spiral Cutterhead has resulted in a significant increase in the easiness of use and capacity of cutting of the Cutech 40160H-CT, making the number one preference of carpenters and other professionals around the world. The machine’s simplicity and ease of use, on the other hand, continues to appeal to novices and enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfers keen on getting started on a few domestic projects or just pursuing their dream of working with wood or lumber.
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Redesigning the spiral cutterhead has similarly resulted in an increase in performance. The new model comes with twelve 2-sided inserts ensuring that your material comes out a lot smoother compared to those done by traditional cutting heads. Coupled with its powerful 10-Amp 120V motor, you have a machine for all kinds of heavy-duty carpentry work as well as hobby-level woodworking.

The new design also aims at making your work conditions more favourable. The machine comes with a collection system for dust featuring a 2-1-2-inch dust port that serves two primary purposes: one, the system guarantees you a clean and debris-free workstation, and secondly, it significantly reduces the likelihood of tear out since the resulting cutting chips are better evacuated.

The awesomeness doesn't stop there. The infeed and outfeed tables feature an all-cast iron construction to make them both long-lasting and adequately robust to smoothly and amply handle the densest lumber you throw at it. The ingenious design and sturdiness of the tables make it quite a popular choice among woodworkers, craftsmen, and other professionals. The ease of levelling the tables coupled with the ease of adjusting the spring tension and you have a wood jointer that will yield very accurate results each time, no disappointments.

A fence is very critical to the overall performance of a wood jointer, and no one understands this better than the Cutech brand. Consequently, the 40160H-CT 6-Inch Benchtop Spiral Cutterhead Jointer is equipped with one of the most sturdy and properly designed fences you'll find in the industry. The fence is also compact with dimensions of 4-3/8-inches by 19-5/8-inches and you have the freedom of adjusting and tilting it anywhere between 90 and 135-degrees without experiencing any problems.

The fact that it provides you with a cutting capacity of 6-inches and 1/8-inch width and depth-wise, it is perfect for carrying a wide range of wood and lumber cutting tasks both at home and on the work project. To add to its incredible versatility, the machine has a table measuring 30-inches in length and capable of handling just about any piece of lumber or wood that comes its way. As already mentioned, using the Cutech 40160H-CT is no hassle at all. The unit comes with all tools required for the effortless replacement or rotation of the machine so it won’t be necessary parting with a little extra money to separately purchase additional special tools for the job, as is the case with other wood jointers.

It is deceivingly compact and going by the first impression it doesn't strike you as the type of a wood jointer to pack the kind of incredible power it boasts of. All its features and specs make the perfect wood jointer to add to your growing collection of power tools. The durable and skilfully designed infeed and outfeed tables are relatively easy to level on the fly. To save you from recklessly spending extra money on special tools, the manufacturers included all the tools you may need to adjust and replace the cutter tips on the Cutech 40160H-CT 6-Inch Benchtop Spiral Cutterhead Jointer.

Has a helical spiral cutter head for better cutting performance

Features a robust construction quality

Quite versatile performance

Lightweight and compact


Helical cutter head is not as efficient

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4. W1829 by Shop Fox

4. W1829 by Shop Fox
The Shop Fox has been in the business of manufacturing top quality power tools for decades, and if your job involves using some of them, then there's a high chance you may have heard or used one of their tools. A majority of their tools target those working on a tight budget but shouldn't be construed to mean they lack the premium features of their more pricey counterparts, as this Shop Fox W1829 will prove to you shortly. If anything, it's because of the machine's ability to hit a sweet spot between affordability and functionality that we even considered it as a contender for the top position. Now let's figuratively scratch the surface to see the features and specs that make the W1829 stand out.

To begin with, it houses a powerful and reliable 1-1/2-horsepower, 110V, 12-Amp motor under the hood making it an ideal choice for both domestic and commercial purposes. The motor supplies you with more than adequate power to be able to run the machine’s two-knife Cutterhead at a maximum running speed of 10k rotations per minute. Most top-notch wood jointers have speeds comparable to that of Shop Fox W1829, so performance-wise, the machine is not left out, despite its pocket-friendly price tag. While the machine lacks the variable speed feature like that of Porter Cable's, which is quite advantageous as it gives you additional control to efficiently match your cutting speed with the hardness and density of your wood or lumber, it still manages to provide you with a speed of about 20kcuts per minute. With such speeds, even the densest lumber will give very little resistance to the Shop Fox W1829.
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Like most wood jointers in its class, it is equipped with an infeed table knob allowing you to effortlessly and smoothly adjust the cutting depth to a height of your choice and up to 1/8-inches.

Additionally, you can take advantage of the machine's knife design for bevel jointing up to forty-five degrees. And the beauty of the process is that you won't even need any special tools such as a knife setting jig like is the case with some poorly made wood jointers. All these features and capabilities when put together make it one of the few machines that will reliably provide you with unprecedented accuracy and control and therefore ideal for those cutting projects that require excellent motor skills.

The other feature that's definitely worth mentioning is the fact that it is equipped with a useful and convenient mini impeller that does an amazing job cleaning the resultant wchips of wood from the Cutterhead, efficiently blowing them into the dust port. The feature will always leave your workplace clean and free from chips.

With regards to construction quality, it is as sturdy and rugged as they come. The use of cast iron in the construction of the machine makes the machine ultra-strong yet lightweight and compact enough to transport with ease from one location to another. The machine's table, also made from cast iron, measures 28-1/2-inches by 6-1/4-inches and brings the total weight of the machine to about 80 pounds, which is on the light side and will be relatively easy to mount on most workbenches and tables and doesn't take up much space at your workstation. With its immense power, the Shop Fox W1829 Benchtop Jointer is ideal for edge jointing, surface planning, bevel cutting, among other uses.

To summarize, it is lightweight and compact wood jointer that will with relative ease on most benchtops and tables and provide you with smooth and accurate results every time. Both the table and fence feature cast-iron construction for longevity with the latter capable of adjusting to 45-degree and 90-degree levels for increased versatility. The high power 1-1/2-motor gives off 10,000 rotations per minute and a corresponding 20,000 cuts per minute for the two-knife Cutterhead. The factory installed mini impeller helps you maintain a clean working environment by efficiently blowing dust and cutting chips through a 2-1/2-inch dust port. Lastly, the Shop Fox W1829 Benchtop Jointer has dimensions of 29-1/2-inch by 19-3/4-inch by 12-1/2-inch, making it one of the most compact and lightweight wood jointers that won't take up most of your workstation space and is quite easy to mount on benchtops and tables.


Ultra-strong cast iron build lasting years

Ability to adjust fence and choose desired depth

Easy to remove and readjust knives


Arrives with some components misaligned

5. Delta Power Tools 37-071

5. Delta Power Tools 37-071
If you were looking for a perfect embodiment of simplicity and accuracy when it comes to woodworking, your search ends with the Delta Power Tools 37-071 Bench Jointer. The quality construction and exceptionally superior performance of the wood jointer prove the unwavering manufacturer commitment to producing top-notch power tools without sacrificing on other important aspects either. The elements of the Delta Power Tools 37-071 Bench Jointer that appealed to us the most are its pocket-friendliness and its efficiency. Now let us take a thorough look at the features and specs this wood jointer is promising you.

As already indicated, it features a high quality and durable construction to enable you to use the machine for several years into the future without needing a replacement. In fact, with proper use, we don't see any reason as to why you won't be passing the wood jointer down to your kids in an excellent working condition. The body including the fence is constructed from industrial-grade cast iron known for being rugged and ultra-strong yet lightweight and compact enough to allow for convenient use.
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The use of cast iron, therefore, ensures the machine is sturdy and highly durable and capable of taking on the most challenging wood cutting tasks out there. So you're unlikely to experience any serious mechanical issues should you mount this on a benchtop or table in your fully-fledged workshop. Cast iron is also sufficiently heavy enough, and its use in the construction of the jointer results to a machine that has impressive stability as it absorbs most the resultant vibrations, thereby allowing you to work more efficiently and accurately.

Another major highlight is the fact that it is fitted with a heavy-duty fence that's also made entirely from commercial-grade cast iron, providing you with unmatched accuracy irrespective of the density or hardness of the material you're intending on cutting. The robustness of the fence goes a long way in reducing vibrations while jointing wood that would otherwise adversely affect your productivity. The fence together with the table are precision-machined for accuracy.

The machine's fence provides you with positive stops at 90-degrees and 45-degrees (outward and inward), and you'll experience no difficulties whatsoever changing the angles of the fence. Additionally, it is equipped with a high performing 12-Amps, 120 Volts, single-phase motor capable of reaching maximum speeds of 10,000 rotations per minute while the cutterhead has two straight knives with a maximum capacity of 1/8-inches and provide corresponding speeds of 20,000 cuts per minute. With a table and fence measuring 28-1/2-inches and 22-7/8-inches in length respectively, you can effortlessly joint lumber or wood measuring about twice the length of the bed. The implication here is that it is capable of smoothly jointing a maximum of 5-inch long materials without requiring any additional support.

It provides you with unrivalled ease of use, and whether you have used a wood jointer previously or not, you have no difficulties whatsoever setting it up, making the few necessary fine tunings and getting started on jointing some wood. And from our assessment, adjusting some of the features should work like a charm, making it possible for you to get around the Delta Power Tools 37-071 Bench Jointer with ease and speed.

The Delta Power Tools 37-071 Bench Jointer comes with a few drawbacks that you need to be conversant with before you commit your money. While the overall performance and convenience of the wood jointer are out of this world, the unit, it's a little cumbersome adjusting the fence due to its heavy-duty construction using cast-iron.

The performance and high-quality construction make it an ideal wood jointer for those with few woodworking projects to work on and don't have a fully-fledged workshop. In spite of its affordability, the machine is non-assuming when it comes to performance, coming in a compact and lightweight design and offering a fantastic 6-inch cutting capacity. With its heavy-duty superior construction, there's no piece of wood or lumber that can resist its power and versatility. The Delta Power Tools 37-071 Bench Jointer comes with a sufficiently long 60-month warranty, two push blocks, and factory-fitted dust blower and most importantly a rugged construction to give you exceptional jointing experience at just a few bucks.

Comes in a stable and sturdy construction

Easy to assemble and use

High quality and durable

Provides you with smooth, clean and efficient cutting of wood

Lightweight and compact and saves on space


Bulky and heavy and therefore difficult to move

6. Powertec BJ600

6. Powertec BJ600
The Powertec BJ600 is yet another top-tier wood jointer that is both affordable and provides you with a satisfactory level of performance. The features this wood jointer offers you are a lot similar to those of other wood jointers with just slight differences in performance and design here and there. For instance, like most other wood jointers, the Powertec BJ600 has a cutting capacity of 6-inches. It is equipped with a sturdy fence made entirely from cast iron to make it sufficiently robust and ruggedness to hold the most hardened and densest pieces of wood and lumber.

While the use of cast iron makes the machine pack a little extra weight, the advantage to this is that the additional weight acts as a solid anchor as it improves stability by absorbing of the resulting vibrations. Consequently, your wood jointing endeavours will always yield reliable and very accurate results. The fact that the fence is easily adjustable to 45-degrees inward and 45-degrees outward make the Powertec BJ600 an ideal wood jointer to use for performing the most delicate tasks like chamfer and bevel cuts.
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Other than the fence, the other part that features a robust cast iron construction is the infeed and outfeed tables, a fact which implies the Powertec brand is committed to manufacturing high quality and long-lasting products. For purposes of convenience, the jointer also features a convenient and useful dust collection system for the quick removal of wood chips into a standard dust bag. The feature is especially valuable for people who like their working environment free of dust and other cutting debris, thereby leaving your workstation clean and tidy. Working in a clean surrounding also considerably reduces the chances of stumbling upon a piece of equipment left lying on the floor, meaning that the chances of harming yourself or those around you are minimal.

Still, on the topic of safety, the manufacturer of Powertec BJ600 Bench Jointer go a step further in ensuring you don't come to any harm while using their power tool. To this end, the machine comes with a safety power switch lock for preventing any inadvertent starting or operation of the machine.

The design ensures you don't run into any complication while using it. To make the tool easy to use as possible for novices and enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfers around the world, the machine comes ready to use out of the box, and the fine tunings you'll have to do are kept to a bare minimum. Assembling and operating the Powertec BJ600 is quite easy and straightforward. You won't need any additional special tools to adjust any of its settings when working on wood or lumber.

With its high performing and universal 12-Amps 120 Volts 1-horsepower motor, it can cut through any piece of wood without much resistance. Couple the power with the machine’s cast iron fence measuring 4-3/8 inches by 22-7/8- inches and cast iron table with measurements of 28-1/2-inches by 6-1/4-inches and you have a versatile wood jointer perfect for both lightweight and heavy-duty wood jointing purposes.


Provides you with dependable cutting performance

Fence is easy to adjust

Ultra-strong and long-lasting cast iron build

Equipped with dust collection system


Not ideal for heavy duty woodworking tasks

Difficult to set up

7. Powermatic 1791317K

7. Powermatic 1791317K
The Powermatic 179131K is among a handful of wood jointers that assist you in achieving exceptional accuracy and makes an otherwise laborious and repetitive process effortless and smooth. The machine comes with an all-steel base construction with dimensions of 21-inches in width and 13-inches in depth and whose function is increasing stability by suppressing most of the vibrations generated during wood jointing. The unit features a 1-horsepower 115/230 Volt motor for powering the Powermatic 1791317K through some all types of woods and lumbers, however thick, dense, or abrasive they might be.

For purposes of convenience, just like other wood jointers, is equipped with a dust collection chute for efficiently directing debris generated during the cutting process from the cutterhead to a 4-inch diameter dust collection port strategically positioned at the machine's side. During our more than two-hour evaluation of the performance of the dust collection chute, it yielded outstanding results, leaving the work area free from debris and other cutting chips.

It is one of a few woodworking machines sporting an incredibly powerful 3-horsepower, 220 Volts, single phase motor that reliably supplies the machine with plenty of power to cut through the toughest, densest and hardest lumbers or pieces of wood. The immense power of the motor is channelled through the belt system and directed to driving the cutter head itself and the feed rollers. Shifting between wood jointing and planing is relatively easy as there's the strategically positioned handle which, upon activating, engages the feed rollers efficiently converting the Powermatic 1791317K 54HH 6-Inch Jointer with Helical Cutterhead into a planer and immediately after deactivating, disengages the feed rollers thereby reverting the machine back to a wood jointer.
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A remarkable feature of the cutterhead inserts is that it's constructed from industry-grade carbide and is accompanied by four similar cutting edges. The implication here is that in the event one edge develops dullness, you jointing project still gets to continue uninterrupted as all you have to do is index it to the adjacent cutting edge. While the entire process sounds daunting and complicated, it is in fact quite straightforward and easy. All that's required is cleaning the inserts and mounting pads before screwing it down. The process is so simple it won't take you more than twenty minutes to figure out.

It is factory-fitted with a 3-knife cutterhead that accords you the freedom of using cams to set the height of the critical knife. Setting and getting to use the system is relatively easy and its design eliminates the necessity of continually readjusting the height of the knife whenever you change or reverse them. The knives are constructed from industrial-grade steel and have a length, height, and width of 6-1/16-inches, 3/4-inches, and 5/64-inches respectively.

Both the infeed and outfeed tables are made from cast iron and are precision-machined to give you accurate results while alignment is achieved by mounting the tables on dovetailed ways. Adjusting the heights of both the tables is made easy with the inclusion of a handwheel placed below the table. It comes with a sturdy and heavy-duty fence that is also made from cast iron for purposes of accuracy. You have the freedom of tilting the fence up to 45-degrees inward or outward with adjustable stops at 90-degree and 45-degree positions.

The top-notch design of the Powermatic 1791317K makes it ideal for jointing various types of wood such as oak, walnut, poplar, maple, and even pine and not even once will the wood jointer misbehave. The exceptional durability and ease of use make it understandably appealing to a vast majority of woodworkers including carpenters. The ruggedness of its performance, the accuracy of its fence system and ease of use ensures it remains unrivalled in the power tool industry. The dust collection system, the high performing motor, and the helical cutterhead all work without the slightest hitch. And to make it even more attractive to the buyer, the Powermatic 1791317K 54HH 6-Inch Jointer features quite a budget-friendly price tag.

Sports a top-notch spiral cutter head

Superior construction quality

Easy to use

Cuts clearly and accurately

Easy to set up and assemble


A little bulkier and bulky than standard wood jointers

8. JET JJP-12

8. JET JJP-12
A majority of woodworkers today do their craft in relatively small shop spaces, which is not to say the lack of adequate space or working on a budget reduces one’s need for a functional and high performing wood jointer. The JET JJP-12 helps you save on both space and resources by providing you with dual functionality, offering you with the services of a wood jointer and planer. The financial and space savings resulting from the machines’ dual functionality will prove to be massive over the long haul while the loss of capability or capability can be said described as negligible or all-together non-existent.

You might be worried that combining two core woodworking machines into one is likely to result in a heavy and cumbersome machine that is also difficult to use. Surprisingly enough, though, it is a lightweight and heavy-duty machine with the weight just coming under 500 pounds and featuring a sturdy all-cast iron construction. The high-quality construction and thoughtful design are likely to surprise you. Let's dive deeper into the features and specs that make this machine worth paying serious attention to.
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It is one of a few woodworking machines sporting an incredibly powerful 3-horsepower, 220 Volts, single phase motor that reliably supplies the machine with plenty of power to cut through the toughest, densest and hardest lumbers or pieces of wood. The immense power of the motor is channelled through the belt system and directed to driving the cutter head itself and the feed rollers. Shifting between wood jointing and planing is relatively easy as there's the strategically positioned handle which, upon activating, engages the feed rollers efficiently converting the jointer into a planer and immediately after deactivating, disengages the feed rollers thereby reverting the machine back to a wood jointer.

The thoughtful design aims at ensuring you’re able to use the machine securely and safety without coming to any harm. To this end, the jointer planer features a magnetic switch to offer protection to you and the machine itself. The magnetic switch does a wonderful job preventing any electrical fluctuations that may occur in the course of using the machine from irreparably damaging the motor even before you know it. The magnetic switch does this by cutting out the flow of power in the event of an unreliable power supply. An additional advantage to having the magnetic switch is that there's a power outage, the magnetic switch immediately reverts to its default Off setting and will prevent the machine from immediately restarting when the power comes back on.

For exceptional performance, the Powermatic 1791317K 54HH 6-Inch Jointer with Helical Cutterhead comes with three superior quality knives fitted in the 2-3/4-inch diameter cutter head to allow for smooth and efficient jointing and planing exercises. Similarly, for the dual operations, the cutter head maintains a maximum speed of 5500 rotations per minute and a corresponding 20 feet per minute feed rate, which is about half the speed offered by most wood jointers. The high-quality construction of the Powermatic 1791317K 54HH 6-Inch Jointer with Helical Cutterhead eliminates the possibility of the knives falling off during operation as they are reinforced with traditional wedge bars, and you can easily adjust their height using the handy jacking screws. The arrangement of the screw jacks makes it easy to adjust the height of the knives to allow you achieve the precision you desire.

The Powermatic 1791317K 54HH 6-Inch Jointer with Helical Cutterhead has a table that's 55-inch long and provides you with adequate room for jointing accurately. While the general misconception is that 55-inches are too short, that observation doesn't hold true for the jointer planer. With the right woodworking skills, a 55-inch-long table should be adequate to make straight edges on pieces of wood and lumber longer than 110-inches. If you, however, lack in fine motor skills a longer table won't help the situation much. You can easily adjust both the infeed and outfeed tables to a maximum cutting depth of 1/8-inches. Additionally, there's a sturdy aluminium fence that 6-inch tall and 43-inch long to give you sufficient room for jointing, and you can adjust the angles up to 45-degrees inward or outward with adjustable stops at 90-degree and 45-degree positions.

To conclude, the Powermatic 1791317K 54HH 6-Inch Jointer with Helical Cutterhead is perfect for individuals working on a budget and have limited space from which to do their craft but have plenty of work and in need of a versatile, heavy-duty, and powerful wood jointer and planer. The machine is packed to the brim with useful features and specs and in spite of its dual functionality, is surprisingly easy to operate. It’s a lightweight and compact machine that will save you greatly on storage space and operational expenses. The Powermatic 1791317K 54HH 6-Inch Jointer with Helical Cutterhead offers you a smooth operation, sports a powerful motor, gives accurate results, and endeavours to keep you safe and secure throughout the wood jointing and planing process

Cast iron construction ensures longevity

Easy to assemble and use

Stable and grounded base for stability and accuracy

Comes with a sufficiently long 60-month warranty


Lack of a very smooth fence


9. JET 708457DXK JJ-6CSDX

9. JET 708457DXK JJ-6CSDX
The JET 708457DXK JJ-6CSDX 6-Inch 1-HP comes with a quick set knife system offering you an impressive cutting capacity of 1/2-inch. The long, heavy-duty, and rugged fence has stops at 45-degrees and 90-degrees and is adequately long at 33-1/8-inches. The heavy-duty cast iron frame houses its powerful 12-Amps, 1-horsepower single phase motor that sports push button controls to give you additional control over wood jointing. Aside from the body, the machine's fence also features an all-iron cast construction and is precision-machined, so you get the most accurate results. Enough with the overview now let's take a detailed look at the features and specs.

It sports a convenient 4-inch dust and chip collection port to ensure your workstation remains clean and free from other debris generated during jointing. Aside from maintaining tidiness, the dust and chip collection port keep you safe by making it easy to see all the other equipment and tools lying around the workstation thereby preventing accidents and unintentional harm. For additional safety reasons, it is equipped with an automatic limiter for purposes of securing the safety of your workplace and in case the system malfunctions you have the freedom of overriding it manually without affecting the performance of the wood jointer.
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The cutter head has three high-quality steel knives that are powered by the motor through the belt system and capable of running at up to 6000 rotations per minute. After repeated jointing of woods of different sizes, density, and toughness, the three knives will inevitably reach the end of their useful life in which case you'll have to look for replacements. Aside from being readily available in the market, the knives are relatively easy to change as it is equipped with a quick set feature to allow for the hassle-free and effortless replacement. The thoughtful design and ease of operatingit make it ideal for light-duty and heavy-duty jointing operations.

The jointer comes with a one-piece stand for mounting it to the ground, so it remains stable during wood jointing. And with a weight of 256 pounds, the wood jointer is sufficiently heavy and sturdy to absorb most of the vibrations generated during the process. And just so the heat generated during the process doesn't affect performance, the fan of the JET 708457DXK JJ-6CSDX is concealed inside a stand and kept cool using a fan to prevent the likelihood of overheating.

Features a high-quality construction

Ideal for light duty to medium duty wood jointing applications

Provides you with solid performance

Offers you accurate, quiet, and smooth operation

Efficient dust collection system ensuring clean working environment


Difficult to make adjustments

A little heavy

10. JET - JJ-6HHDX

10. JET - JJ-6HHDX
The JET JJ-6HHDX features robust base cabinets are made from the ultra-strong, yet ultra-lightweight steel for stabilizing the wood jointer and ensuring its table surface maintains a height of 31-1/4-inches above the ground. The height is appropriate in helping you save your back from all the bending and straining while jointing wood. And just to allow you easy access to the motor so you’re able to effortlessly and amply change a worn out belt, the JET JJ-6HHDX 6-Inch Long-Bed Jointer comes with a large door on the rear.

It sports a 1-horsepower, single phase 115/230 Volts motor is housed within the base cabinet and which supplies you with plentiful of power capable of consistently spinning the cutter head at speeds of up to 6000 rotations per minute. To ensure the efficient operation, the motor is totally enclosed fan cooled to ensure it operates within optimal temperatures to prevent overheating.
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Also housed within the base cabinet is the angled dust collection chute that starts from below the cutter head all the way to the sides of the cabinet. The dust and chip collection chute ends in a 4-inch diameter port that you can easily pair with a normal-sized dust collector hose without having to use any adapters. As with all dust chutes, that of JET JJ-6HHDX conveniently allows you to keep your workstation clean and conducive and reduces your exposure to health and physical hazards.

Additionally, it features cast iron tables with dimensions of 54-3/4-inches in length and 7-3/8-inches in width and 6-1/16-inch maximum width cut. Aside from their aesthetically appealing surfaces, the wood jointer has handwheel mounted in the front to allow you quickly adjust the heights of both the infeed and outfeed tables. With a range of 1/2-inch, the infeed table is equipped with a precise scale that's adequately transparent and won't require any straining on your part to take the measurements.

The infeed table comes with a useful and convenient automatic limiter to stop you from dialing in a cutting depth that is deeper than 1/8-inch. Of course, you are liberty to override the limiter with ease, but you'll have to pull a pin for the same purpose to allow you deliberately achieve a cut that's deeper than usual. The jointer sports a true helical cutter head that makes use of twenty-seven, four-sided carbide inserts.

The precise machining of the cutter head themselves and their corresponding seats means you won't have to adjust the cutters in any way, a fact which significantly increases the ease of using it and ensuring that both novices and experienced woodworkers have an easy time operating the machine. Couple the angling of the inserts and the cutter head and the overall efficiency of the JET JJ-6HHDX and you have a wood jointer capable of extraordinarily tidy cutting action, leaving your wood or lumber with clean, smooth surface.

The inserts used are made from industrial-strength carbide and feature high-quality construction to ensure they retain their sharp edge for much longer than standard cutters. In the event of dullness, simply indexing it to another identical cutting edge solves the problem, allowing you to quickly resume your wood jointing project in no time at all. A major highlight of the inserts is that in the event they come into contact with a hidden abrasive material, the resulting damage is limited to that specific insert. The implication here is that you don't have to replace or index all the five inserts which in turn translates into considerable financial savings over the long run.

Lastly, it is fitted with a cast iron fence measuring 32-5/8-inches in length and 3-7/8-inches in height, making it one of the most spacious fences you find around. For convenience, you can comfortably adjust the angles of the fence to between 45-degrees in and out, making it possible for you to make delicate wood jointing exercises requiring exceptional motor skills and accuracy. And you don't have to use any special tools to adjust the positions of the fence or the bevel. Plus you can tilt the fence through different adjustment levels: 45-degrees inward, 90-degrees, and another 45-degrees outward.

To sum up, the JET JJ-6HHDX 6-Inch Long-Bed Jointer is specifically targeted at individuals who're serious about woodworking and therefore in need of a wood jointer that doesn't compromise on any crucial performance aspects. The features and quality construction of the JET JJ-6HHDX 6-Inch Long-Bed Jointer make it an ideal wood jointer for a wide range of light-duty and heavy-duty woodworking applications. With a bed width of six-inches, the wood jointer provides you with a commensurate maximum cutting depth of 1/8-inches. The helical cutting head also sports industrial grade carbide inserts that offer you a quiet operation and ensures your cutting material comes out with a clean, smooth, and refined surface.

The machine’s 1-horsepower single phase motor packs plentiful of power at 6000 rotations per minute which is more than sufficient for most woodworking projects and honestly there isn’t any wood or lumber that’ll be able to resist its such immense power. The adjustable fence with stops at 45-degree both inwards and outwards significantly improves accuracy and to ensure an ease of use, the machine sports a dust and debris collection system to make sure your work area remains clean and conducive.

Offers you steady and reliable performance

Rugged and heavy duty construction absorbs vibrations for a quiet operation

Inclusion of helical cutter head reduces chipping of wood

Easy to set up and use


Difficulty adjusting the fence

Criteria for Evaluation

Length and Width of Table

The length of the table has substantial performance implications. Working with wood or lumber that’s more than double of the length of the table is most likely to decrease your accuracy and to a larger extent – your productivity. Going by this observation, it would be prudent to consider going for a wood jointer sporting a table that’s at least 36-inches in length if your project involves working mostly with 6-inch pieces of wood. Also, you should take into consideration the spatial restrictions of your workstation while mulling on the issue of table length.

Also, the table’s width restricts the width of wood you can joint on the machine. A table that’s 6-inches wide should be enough if you have boards with dimensions of 2-inches by 4-inches. Anything more extensive will necessitate the use a wider table, somewhere around the neighborhoods of 8-inches.

Depth of Cut

Varying the distance between the height of the infeed and outfeed tables determine how deep the cutter head will cut. The more significant the difference, the deeper the cut and conversely, the smaller the gap, the shallower will be the cutting depth. Most wood jointers have a cutting depth ranging from a minimum of 1/8-inch to a high of 1/2-inch. To increase controllability and achieve a smooth finish, it is recommended that you set a cutting depth of less than 1/8-inch.


Cuts per head are determined by the arrangement and number of knives in the cutter head and the speed at which they’re spinning. A typical wood jointer with speeds of 6000 rotations per minute and a cutter head supporting three straight knives is capable of making approximately 18000 cuts per minute. If your desire is a smooth finish, what you need is more cuts per minute which on the other hand translates to a shorter shelf life for the knives. As far as knife arrangement is concerned, most wood jointers feature either twin or triple knife cutter head with the latter being more apt at retaining its cutting edge for longer.

Also, wood jointers feature one of two cutter head types: a helical and straight knife. While the latter offers you better performance, it is nonetheless expensive. A helical cutter head, on the other hand, features a budget-friendly cost price and operates more quietly. Another vital performance worth paying considerable attention to is the adjustment system. A combination of easy calibration of the wood jointer and robust construction critical to maintaining pre-set settings while jointing leads to high quality surfaced wood. With this in mind, you might want to turn your attention to a wood jointer reeking of quality construction.


Q: What is the difference between a wood jointers and planers?

A: The design of a jointer aims at making it an ideal tool for squaring edges or flattening and straightening twisted or bent pieces of wood or lumber. Planers, on the other hand, aim at creating uniform thickness all along the length of a board while ensuring both sides are parallel to one another.

Q: What are the three different categories under which wood jointers fall?

A: Wood jointers fall under three categories: bench top, long bed, and lastly closed stand jointers. Benchtop jointers are the smallest of the three and used by woodworkers for flattening and levelling out wood. The long bed jointer is a little bigger than benchtop jointers and are used for the same purpose. Because of its size, it’s perfect for small workshops. The last category of wood jointers is the closed stand jointer. The jointer is much bigger than the former two and because of its weight, provides more stability and a wider work area. Aside from the spacious table, closed stand jointers also feature extra motor power and superior cutting depth, making them an ideal choice for woodworkers operating in fully-fledged workshops where financial and spatial limitations don’t exist.


It’s our belief that this buying guide has dutifully served the purpose for which it is intended: equipping you with all the critical and essential information to help you decide on a wood jointer that best meets your needs. We’ve looked at a few of the most important factors likely to sway your purchasing decision and provide you with a list of the ten best wood jointers. They have all the features and specs to make for exceptional wood jointing, and you don’t have to break the bank to own any of them. Some combine the functionalities of a wood jointer and planer meaning that they’ll help you save on space and operational costs and they all offer you exceptional performance, solid construction, and versatility.