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4. DeWalt DCF895D2
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Best Impact Driver Sets Reviewed & Tested

Impact drivers offer a level of performance, versatility and flexibility that completely overshadows and surpasses that of hammer drills, making them the go-to tool for carpenters, handymen, craftsmen and enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfers when a driving job comes up. Impact drivers are particularly suitable when dealing with dimensional lumber frames, giving you the accuracy and speed required to drive long and large sheet-rock screws and bolts. Similarly, they come with an incredibly powerful motor that delivers higher torques that efficiently handles nearly all types of materials, be it a brick, beams, hardwoods, and drywall, among others. With their high speeds (rotations per minute), impact drivers are quite efficient at drilling holes at different speed settings as some of them come with variable speed modes suitable for working various types of materials. Plus, they allow for one-hand operation as well as quick and easy changing of bits with their chucks.

Unfortunately, picking out the most suitable impact driver from a market flooded with them can be a little daunting, what with having to read hundreds of product reviews (no pun intended), compare features and specs, and understand one’s own needs before making a purchasing decision. That’s why we have put together a list of ten of the best impact drivers based on some crucial factors like performance, ease of use, battery life, driver size, versatility, affordability, among others.

Our Top 3 Picks

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Criteria for Choosing the Best Impact Driver Sets


There is a direct correlation between performance, the speed and torque an impact driver is capable of delivering. If you want to do a driving project in a fraction of the time it takes a hammer drill, then go for an impact driver offering a much higher speed and a correspondingly higher torque. You should have however exercise caution in this regard as higher speeds and torque can sometimes translate to overheating problems which, in turn, can cut short the life-span of the motor. Furthermore, a majority of impact drivers have variable speed settings allowing you to select your preferred speed in accordance with the type of material you intend to drive screws and bolts through. The three most prevalent modes are soft impact setting, medium impact setting and lastly, hard impact setting that is ideal for driving small screws, for general purpose driving and for larger and longer screws, respectively.

Ease of Use

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Driving screws and bolts for a protracted amount of time is a daunting and tiresome endeavor, especially if you’re performing overhead driving in tight spots and under not so favorable weather conditions. If the impact driver is not properly designed, you’re bound to develop blisters all over your hands, suffer from joint pains and the like after a few minutes of working. It is therefore important that manufacturers make their impact drivers user-friendly, comfortable, lightweight and compact to ensure users work comfortably and with a peace of mind. To this end, most impact drivers feature ergonomic designs on the handle grips in the form soft grips and additional layers of padding that prevent the growth of blisters and reduce exhaustion. Additionally, some units come with LED lights for additional illumination in dark and tight work areas and in some occasions the lights act as battery indicators, helping the user keep track of the remaining battery charge. There is also a key-less chuck system allowing for the quick and efficient change of bits with one hand.

Battery Life

A majority of modern impact drivers are cordless to increase their portability and maneuverability, allowing you to work as far away from power socket as you want. Being battery-powered, they depend on Lithium-Ion batteries for their supply of power. And over the years, these batteries have undergone tremendous improvements to increase their run time while reducing the recharge duration so you can spend more time driving with very minimal disruptions. In case you will be working further away from a power socket, make a point of getting a Li-Ion battery with a high power storing capacity and one that is slow-discharging. Ensure you check the compatibility of the tool battery with other power tools you may already have as it can allow you to order the tool bare and save some money in the process.



Some impact wrenches are more versatile than others and when paired correctly with the right tools, can be used for more than just driving screws and bolts. Making your impact driver an all-around tool fit for several other applications saves time and money, making it unnecessary to purchase additional tools for the same purpose. Other than its ability to drill, an impact driver is capable of functioning as a wrench when paired correctly with an all-in-one adapter. Additionally, pairing the tool with the right bits makes it a perfect hole driller. You may want to consider these factors before committing your money.

10 Best Impact Driver Sets



The Black & Decker BDC120C 20V Max Lithium Impact Driver is built for those looking for a useful and easy to use impact driver for driving screws and bolts around the house, with the occasional use on the job site. If you expressly want a workhorse for commercial projects you may want to shift your focus to top model impact drivers. It features a compact and lightweight construction to provide you with the comfort vital for efficient driving while significantly reducing strain on the hands. The lightweight also goes a long way in ensuring the tool is manoeuvrable and portable for use for prolonged hours in the most difficult-to-reach sports around the house. The ergonomic design of the machine similarly makes for a comfortable experience, particularly with the inclusion of a soft grip handle, which makes it considerably effortless lifting the machine’s weight of 3.6 pounds. While the Black & Decker BDC120C Impact Driver is definitely not the most powerful impact driver out there, it nonetheless sports a high power 20V motor providing it with plenty of power to finish most screwing and unscrewing projects around the house.
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The motor is capable of delivering fast speeds and an impassively high torque of 1375 inch-pounds, which means you will have to pay attention to how you're squeezing the trigger because you could end up driving screws all the way through the wall. Since the B&D 20V Lithium-Ion battery on the Black & Decker BDC120C Impact Driver is similar to those on other B&D 20V Max equipment, you can easily interchange them if you already have one, making it possible for you to even purchase the impact driver bare. And because of the battery's long-lasting performance. Similar to the Porter-Cable 20V Impact Driver, the Black & Decker BDC120C has a useful quick release 1/4-inch hex chuck that makes it possible for you to conveniently and quickly change the bits with just one hand. As a result, whether you’re an experienced craftsman, carpenter, handyman, professional contractor or a novice familiarizing themselves with their first impact driver, you will have no problem handling the Black & Decker BDC120C.

Even though the Black & Decker BDC120C Impact Driver is optimized for completing projects like installing shelves and decks around the house, it doesn't skimp on performance. The unit is equipped with a variable speed feature allowing you to take it up to its maximum speed of 3000 rotations per minute. As a result, you have the final say on power delivery which is important for when you're contemplating driving screws and bolts through soft and hard materials. As you would expect, lower speed settings are ideal for driving screws through delicate materials when you cannot risk any damages while higher speed settings are perfect for more robust materials like hardwood. The variable speed setting also enables you to finesse the screws in further by initially applying considerable amounts of force before gradually releasing the trigger.

The Black & Decker BDC120C Impact Driver comes with an irresistibly low price tag despite clearly outperforming some top model impact drivers. The only difference between it and top contenders is the lack of convenience features such as a belt clip and LED light. But that can easily be solved by investing in an LED light and belt clip if at all they will make you a more productive driller.

Featherweight and compact for increased ease of use

Comes with an incredibly powerful, durable, and long-lasting battery for uninterrupted driving

Lacks a cord making it very portable

Has LED lights helping in monitoring drilling progress in dark areas

Exceptional versatility for handling a plethora of projects other than driving

Comes with variable speed feature and chuck


Lacks a carrying case

The LED lights are a little off point

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2. Ryobi 18-Volt 1/4-Inch P236

2. Ryobi 18-Volt 1/4-Inch P236
Are you looking for a workhorse to use on some of the toughest and most challenging driving jobs at the construction site? If you answered yes to that question, then your search officially stops with the Ryobi One+ 18V 1/4-Inch Impact Driver P236. This rugged and robust built impact can effortlessly and precisely drive screws through hardwood like a hot knife going through a piece of cake. The performance of the impact driver easy outclasses and overshadows that of a hammer drill, so you may want to give yours away or just get rid of it because honestly, you won't be needing it anymore. The unit comes with a one-of-a-kind impact technology that is of great assistance in driving the longest and largest deck screws as well as thick headlock bolts through brick and other whatnot. It comes with a high power motor delivering approximately 1600 pounds of torque, which is more than sufficient to enable you to complete various tasks at home and work. It also comes with a quarter inch quick coupler allowing you to quickly and conveniently change bits.
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Additionally, the machine is equipped with an auto-load chuck so you can load and eject pieces and bits with just one hand. The implication here is that beginners and other novices will have no difficulties at all using the impact driver, as it offers you a smooth and hassle-free operation with a not-so-steep learning curve. Within minutes of receiving the impact driver, you shall have familiarized yourself with its working. The model has front-placed LED lights for lighting up dark working areas and getting rid of shadows during drilling, so you're always on top of things.

Similar to other impact drivers reviewed so far, the Ryobi Impact Driver P236 features a lightweight and compact design that you can effortlessly hold in your hands for a protracted period. And with its lightweight design, you won't have to fight fatigue to continue working. Its handle grip has anti-slip properties and is finished with rubberized components to ensure comfort and that the tool never slips from your hands when temperatures start rising. The weight similarly makes it easy to carry around the workstation and from one place to another since it occupies a minimal amount of storage space.

The only drawback of the Ryobi Impact Driver P236 is the timing of the LED lights and the lack of a variable speed feature. A better design would have the LED lights beaming down on the general screwing area for the entire duration rather than after. In this way, it becomes hard to monitor one’s progress.

In all, the Ryobi Impact Driver P236 is an ideal tool for a broad range of driving applications. Its ruggedness and immense power make it an excellent choice for handymen, craftsmen, carpenters, enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfers, and professionals. It comes with a 36-month warranty for the repair or replacement of parts that malfunction outside of natural use.

Made from industrial-grade and durable parts for longer shelf life

Has a powerful motor providing incredible torque and speeds for accurate and smooth drilling

Easy to use

Comes with a 36-month warranty giving a peace of mind

Lightweight and compact design minimizing fatigue and injury


Provides few features

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3. DeWalt DCF885B

3. DeWalt DCF885B
DeWalt is among a handful of power tool companies that have maintained a positive reputation for making durable, easy to use, and functional and provide you with a highly satisfactory service. Having been in the business for more than nine decades now, the brand appreciates the value of Research and Development, tirelessly endeavouring to enhance their products. Evidence of the brand’s commitment to quality comes from the fact that all their impact driver kits come with a three-month money-back guarantee, a 12-month free-of-charge service agreement and lastly a 36-month limited warranty for the repair or replacement of faulty parts. The DeWalt DCF885 Impact is a perfect embodiment of quality construction, coming in very robust parts allowing for smooth and effortless driving of bolts and screws into hardened materials. Its performance is so naturally powerful you won't suffer even the slightest twist of the wrist or hand, meaning that it is indeed an ideal impact driver for driving screws through different types of wood around the house and on the job site.
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It creates a perfect balance of power and performance by pairing its powerful motor with an equally reliable and powerful battery. The unit runs on a 20 Volt MAX rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that provides it with an endless supply of power. Recharging the battery takes a paltry 40 minutes off your project time, allowing you to resume your project in no time at all, and considering the energy efficiency of the unit, you may never actually need a recharge. The ergonomic design of the DeWalt DCF885 Impact Driver ensures it is not only lightweight and compact but also easy to handle, fitting with exact precision on your hands because of their slenderness. The inclusion of rubberized parts on the handle grip significantly increases comfortability and prevents the unit from slipping away in case your hands start to sweat. Because it weighs a paltry 2.8 pounds with a width of 5-1/2-inches, you can use it relatively comfortably to access hard-to-reach spots and tighten overhead screws and bolts without feeling fatigued or throwing your back out. Furthermore, the strategic placement of bumpers on the motor housing prevents the unit from accidental sliding when placed on a flat and soft surface.

However poorly lit your workstation or house is, or if you have to work in tight corners, you won't be daunted by the darkness or shadows as the DeWalt DCF885 Impact Driver is equipped with a set of three LED lights on the chuck collar for additional illumination. You can trigger the lights by just depressing the trigger, and you'll have adequate lights to monitor your screwing or unscrewing progress for an impressive twenty seconds when you're not using the impact driver. And when you're done with driving, sliding the forward and reverse lock button into centre position swiftly powers down the machine.

It features one of the most powerful motors in the home improvement and renovation industry, offering no-load speeds of 2800 rotations per minute with a corresponding torque of between 117 and 1400 inch-pounds. Additionally, it comes with a 1/4-inch hex chuck that is not only compatible with all types of short one-inch bits but also allows for quick and efficient one-hand operation as it is spring loaded.

In all, the DeWalt DCF885 Impact Driver is arguably the leading contender for the top position. It features a sturdy and robust construction that will readily take on the most challenging and intricate driving jobs thrown its way. They have a lightweight and compact which, other than making working on overhead projects an enjoyable experience, is also perfect for accessing hidden spots. Combine the useful LED lights, the one-handed loading mechanism, and its powerful motor, and you have a tool you'll hardly be putting down.

Offers the user a simple and straightforward operation

Has powerful, efficient and accurate driving capabilities

Handle grip features slip-resistant and comfortable bumpers


It’s a bare tool

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4. DeWalt DCF895D2

4. DeWalt DCF895D2
Another entry from the customer-trusted DeWalt brand is the DeWalt DCF895D2 that reeks of versatility and a ruggedness that’s ideal for lightweight, medium and heavy-duty driving projects. This beast comes with a quarter-inch brushless high power motor operating at 20-Volts and featuring a three-speed system. Couple the energy efficiency of the impact driver’s brushless motor and the accompanying rechargeable XRTM Lithium-Ion batteries and you have a tool capable of extending its run time by an impressive 56 percent while supplying you with an extra 33 percent of power. Additionally, the DeWalt DCF895D2 Impact Driver sports a robust yet lightweight construction giving you additional control and manoeuvrability particularly when undertaking intricate screw and bolt driving applications around the house and on the job site. Now, let’s delve into the features and specs that make the DeWalt DCF895D2 an indispensable part of any handyman’s toolbox.

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It has a limitless power supply with its 20-Volt Lithium-Ion batteries and brushless motor. The power significantly reduces the effort required to drive common loads and enables you to finish your project a lot faster and with professional precision. The reliability and sturdy construction of Lithium-Ion batteries mean you may never stop to recharge the batteries and the low-battery indicator may never go off. The impact driver comes with a three torque setting suitable for different circumstances. The high power brushless motor outputs an incredibly strong 1825 inch-pounds of torque with a corresponding maximum speed of 3250 rotations per minute with 3600 impacts per minute. Low speeds come with incredible torque perfect for tightening and loosening larger and longer lug nuts on trucks and other heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Higher speeds, on the other hand, are more suited for driving bolts and nuts into hardened materials like bricks, beams, and hardwoods. For those tasks that lie within both ends of the spectrum, you can always use a single intermediate setting to give the applications a perfect finishing.

Brushless motors are not only lightweight, which has the advantage of giving you additional control over the machine, but they are also cost-effective and time and energy saving. Unlike their brushed counterparts, they eliminate the stress and cumbersomeness that comes with having to replace brushes as they are resistant to abrasions constantly. The technology also considerably increases the shelf-life of the DeWalt DCF895D2 Impact Driver by eliminating the overheating problem plaguing most impact drivers without brushless motors.

As was mentioned earlier, the device's XRTM Lithium-Ion batteries provide the impact driver with sufficient power allowing you to keep on driving screws and bolts for extended periods of time. The compactness also makes working in tight spaces a joyful experience as you will be reaching areas that standard impact drivers and hammer drill cannot just reach, so you won't have to re-arrange things around the house. And once there, the darkness and shadows in the hidden spots won't affect your effectiveness and productivity as the DeWalt DCF895D2 is equipped with three energy-saving built-in LED lights for that additional illumination under poorly lit conditions. Consequently, you will actually have fun lifting a paltry 3.6 pounds in your hands without risking joint pains or suffering any adverse fatigue.

To summarize, the DeWalt DCF895D2 is the go-to tool for all your driving needs, delivering exceptionally high and reliable performance each time. The tool is at home both around the house and on the job site, allowing you to perform a plethora of applications with just a single device. It comes with 3-torque modes each optimized for a different driving circumstance, meaning that it is quite a versatile and flexible impact driver. The DCF895D2 comes with a powerful XRTM batteries that guarantee a continuous and uninterrupted work for several hours and yet requires just a few minutes of recharging. Finally, the impact driver is compact and lightweight, occupies little storage space and easy to carry around and manoeuvre effortlessly around hard-to-reach spots.

Lightweight featuring a compact design

Easy to use

Offers powerful driving and drilling



5. Milwaukee 2796-22

5. Milwaukee 2796-22
If it's sheer power you are looking for in an impact driver, then the Milwaukee Impact Driver M18 Fuel is your best. The impact driver packs incredible power being driven by an astoundingly reliable torque giving it the effortless capability of driving all types of screws and bolts into different types of surfaces. Even with just a few minutes remaining on battery life, the Milwaukee Impact Driver M18 delivers exceptional performance. The unit has three power control dials that you can use to achieve the exact precision you want, meaning that driving drywall screws and bolts with the lowest settings all the way through a wall is now a possibility. The first setting is ideal for precision projects and provides you with speeds of between 0 and 850 rotations per minute at 200 inch-pounds of torque. The second setting has speeds of between 0 and 2100 rotations per minute at 700 inch-pounds and is ideal for preventing damage to delicate materials while the last mode has speeds of between 0 and 2900 rotations per minute at 1600 inch-pounds and is perfect for completing more challenging and tough projects.
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The Milwaukee Impact Driver M18 Fuel offers you an incredible versatility, allowing you to even occasionally change car tires even though frequently using it for this purpose is not recommended. You can use it with exceptional ease and comfort both in and around the house as well as on the job site, and not even once will the unit disappoint you in terms of performance. Despite being an 18 Volt, the unit can effortlessly and smoothly outperform a majority of top model impact drivers, a fact that will can be immensely appreciated by professional contractors, craftsmen, and enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfers working on a budget. As already mentioned, the unit comes with three torque settings, making it possible to choose the speed at which you want to finish your project, whether that is installing new kitchen cabinets or decks.

Because it's cordless, it is powered by a top-rated red lithium battery pack giving users an additional 50 percent battery life which is more than sufficient to complete most projects around the house or on the construction site. Furthermore, the unit comes with a high-power brushless motor capable of seamlessly delivering 55 percent faster project speed and between 200 and 1600 of inch-pounds of torque. Such a high level of torque, as you would expect, translates to a top speed of 2900 rotations per minute.

It also comes in a lightweight and compact design, with a weight of just 3.1 pounds, which is quite impressive considering that it packs quite a mind-blowing power and a long-lasting battery. With its weight, the unit is quite easy to manoeuver and control, allowing you easy access to hard-to-reach spots and does not make you easily fatigued, which coupled with its ergonomic design, enables you to work for hours on end before taking a break. Its compactness means it occupies the least storage space in the trunk of your car so that you can transport it very efficiently from one place to another.

In short, the Milwaukee Impact Driver M18 is an indispensable part of any handyman's toolbox and will provide you with exceptional power and incredible performance even when the battery is running low. It has a three torque setting that makes it possible for you to match the speed with the type of surface on which you want to drive screws and bolts. Its compact and lightweight design increase your productivity by allowing to you work comfortably and for longer. However, the package lacks the battery and charger, meaning that you will have to buy those separately.

Has an impressively long 5-year warranty for repair and replacement

Small stature and light allowing for easy access to tight spots

Easy to use

Realistically and reasonably priced

Smooth and powerful driving capacity


Batteries take considerably longer to charge fully

6. Makita XDT08

6. Makita XDT08
Not everyone is yet to understand the efficiency and convenience associated with owning an impact driver, particularly when it comes the speed at which they effortlessly and seamlessly tighten, loosen, and drive bolts, screws, and other differently sized fasteners. The Makita Impact Driver Cordless 18V Brushless is one tool that makes loosing rusty bolts and nuts an enjoyable experience and can finish a project in a fraction of the time it would take hand wrench or ratchet. Given the versatility of this unit, its functions go beyond just loosening and tightening bolts and screws. It's an all-around tool with which you can complete a multitude of light-duty to heavy-duty projects around the house as well as on the construction site. And since it's cordless, you know that you have unlimited freedom moving around the workstation or accessing those hidden spots between cabinets. Plus, it comes from the Makita brand, which currently enjoys a positive reputation for making power tools that are synonymous with high quality, versatility, ease of use and durability.

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The Makita Impact Driver Cordless 18V Brushless is equipped with a rechargeable battery that due to its thinness, durability, and design, takes very few minutes to charge fully, meaning that your project will suffer any serious delays. Additionally, the unit is compatible with all batteries used by other Makita power tools which means that if you already own a Makita power tool, there is no point purchasing another battery. Since a whole kit comes with its own battery, you will now have two which you can then interchange without necessarily having to wait for the battery to recharge. The machine is powered by an 18 Volt battery with a small weight of just 3.3 pounds and capable of delivering lots of power for the quick and efficient completion of your driving needs. For convenience, the Makita Impact Driver Cordless 18V Brushless comes with a carrying case for conveniently carrying the unit while on the go, thereby making it one of the most portable units you will ever find on the market today. It also has a factory-fitted LED light, rubberized hand grips a rafter hook, a reversible and variable speed trigger all aimed at increasing ease of use and making your driving as comfortable as possible.

Very few impact drivers rival Makita Impact Driver Cordless 18V Brushless in construction quality. The unit is constructed out of industrial-grade steel renowned for being ultra-strong and durable as is heat treated. The implication, therefore, is that not only will the impact driver last for more than a lifetime with proper care but also that it can withstand the harshest drilling conditions. Combine the heat treatment of the steel with the unit's brushless motor capable of delivering a maximum no-load speeds of between 0 and 2500 rotations per minute and a corresponding maximum 3200 Impacts per Minute and you have a tool that will never overheat or disappoint. The unit can produce a torque of up to 1420 inch-pounds, ensuring you have all the leverage required in completing a plethora of drilling activities around the house and on the job site, too.

The Makita Impact Driver Cordless 18V Brushless sports a variable speed feature for adjusting the torque and force as dictated by the size, toughness, and condition of the bolts and screws you intend to fasten or loosen. And to make it even more versatile, the unit is compatible with all types of hex shaft screw, torx, and socket attachments.

Exceptionally lightweight and compact design ideal for demanding overhead driving

Ergonomic design ensures it is comfortable to hold and use for longer

Comes with the efficient brushless motor for longer motor life

Impressive driving speeds and torque

Provides powerful and effective performance


Relatively more expensive than proved models

Fast draining batteries

7. DeWalt DCF886D2

7. DeWalt DCF886D2
The first thing that really strikes you about the DeWalt DCF886D2 is its exceptionally high construction quality making it reek of sophistication and yet possesses the ruggedness vital for handling several difficult driving tasks with minimal effort. Holding the unit a few fleeting minutes is enough to cue you on the use of high-quality materials during the engineering of the impact driver. It comes with a fuel gauge to help you monitor the status of the battery and know with certainty the level of usage left before recharging. However, given the energy efficiency of the impact driver and the battery strength, we are sure such checks will be quite minimal as you will be spending most of your time driving bolts and screws into different surfaces. Considering that the impact driver comes with a powerful motor, it is ideal for a broad range of tasks around the house such as building sheds and decks. The DeWalt is equally capable of handling most driving tasks around the work site and is, therefore, a must-have tool for all professional contractors and carpenters keen on saving time and energy. The front of the machine has an aluminium housing that is of great assistance in distributing heat for longer motor life and ensuring the internal components are protected from overheating and hard impacts.
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Like most top model impact drivers, the DeWalt DCF886D2 sports a lightweight and compact design which is perfect for reaching hidden spaces such as between ceiling joists and irrespective of the number of overhead applications you will be doing with the tool, you won't feel any fatigue or joint pains. The DeWalt DCF886D2 offers you an incredibly impressive torque that makes driving or removing bolts and screws seem like a child's play.

The DeWalt DCF886D2 also comes with a bunch of other features crucial for the successful removal and tightening the toughest bolts. It is equipped with three LED lights with a twenty-second trigger delay for further illumination of your working area for those times when you are working under poorly lit conditions. There is also a chuck that you can quickly load with just one hand and a 0.25-inch hex compatible with all types of tips measuring up to 1-inch in length. Furthermore, with the impact driver's belt, you don't have to worry about leaving it on the floor or having to be mindful of where to temporarily put it during breaks.

In all, the DeWalt DCF886D2 is an all-around impact driver you can use on several projects. From installing decks and kitchen cabinets to driving countersink screws into the thickest pieces of wood, the impact driver just never disappoints. The unit brings together a powerful brushless motor and a long-lasting Lithium-Ion battery for that reliable and efficient performance that's been the envy of other brands for years. Its most notable setback is that despite its exceptional performance it lacks multiple speed and torque settings, making it necessary that you exercise caution if you're going to be driving bolts and screws into delicate materials. Alternatively, in light of this drawback, you can keep a regular drill nearby should you want slower speeds. Nonetheless, it offsets this disadvantage by offering you exceptionally smooth and effortless operation for longer hours

Comes with a pocket-friendly price tag despite its top-notch performance

Equipped with energy-saving brushless motor delivering 57 percent more runtime

Features a lightweight and compact design ideal for accessing hard-to-reach spots

Convenient LED lights for additional illumination in poorly lit conditions

Has 1/4-inch quick hex chuck for quick bit changing


The LED lights cannot be independently operated

8. Makita LXDT01

8. Makita LXDT01
The Makita LXDT01 18V Brushless Impact Driver Kit is a battery-powered machine with three torque settings constructed by professionals for other professionals. It's an energy efficient impact driver with a powerful and brushless motor that just takes its performance to a whole new level. First introduced in hammer drills and wrenches, brushless motors have been shown to consistently increase torque, efficiency, and power, making it possible to extend battery life by an astounding 20 percent for every charge. It comes with a three-speed power setting allowing you to dictate the delivery of power and driving speed according to the nature of the driving surface. The three various modes are soft impact setting, medium impact setting, and lastly hard impact setting. In the lowest setting, the impact driver can achieve speeds of between 0 - 1300 rotations per minute and between 0 – 13000 impacts per minute at a corresponding 220 inch-pounds of torque. The medium impact setting delivers between 0 and 2000 rotations per minute and 0 - 2800 Impacts per minute at an equivalent of 490 inch-pounds of torque. Lastly, the hard impact mode varies the speed between 0 and 2600 rotations per minute and 0 - 3400 impacts per minute and 1460 inch-pounds of torque.
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Soft impact mode is ideal for more intricate driving tasks and when you're dealing with small screws and bolts while the medium impact is for tightening or loosening bolts and screws off drywalls and for overall driving duties. Hard impact mode, as you would expect, is more suited for larger and longer screws and lag bolts. What makes the Makita LXDT01 Impact Driver particularly powerful is the fact that it smoothly delivers an impressive 1460 inch-pounds of torque without breaking a sweat, figuratively of course.

If you're considering the Makita LXDT01 for an upgrade, you'll be pleased to note that this new model has been re-engineered to make it substantially shorter than the old model. The new model has a length of just 5-1/2-inches with a weight of 3.3 pounds inclusive of the 18V LXT Lithium-Ion battery. Additionally, the versatility of the impact driver's design allows you take on a broad array of driving tasks, whether it is carpentry,

It sports an ergonomic and compact design to enable you to work comfortably and safely for longer. The handle grip comes with a rubber overmold that have anti-slip properties to ensure the machine stays put even after your hands start sweating. You can also easily access hard-to-reach spots you won’t otherwise reach with a standard hammer drill and comfortably work on overhead projects without your hands or back giving in to fatigue. To achieve more versatility, the unit comes with a factory-fitted LED light located at the base of the tool that you can switch on or off with the trigger. As a result, working with a standalone light is a thing of the past as the machine's LED lights do a fantastic job illuminating your work area and getting rid of unwanted shadows.

If fitted with a useful three-LED indicator to help you monitor the status of you Lithium-Ion battery. A full recharge gives an ‘Off' indicator and will immediately shift to ‘Flickering' when it hits 20 percent of remaining charge while low charge gives a ‘solid' indication. The moment your battery starts running low, a warning light and the LED lights will immediately flash. A flat battery takes about 30 minutes to recharge fully. Other convenience additions are the 1/4-inch hex chuck for easy and quick bit changes and a tool hook for attaching it to your belt. The accessories include two 18V LXT Lithium-Ion batteries, charger, belt hook, and a carrying case.


Efficient and easy to use for light-duty and heavy-duty driving operations

Versatile and high-performing tool

Cordless for unrestricted reach


Battery lasts for only three hours

9. Ridgid R86034K X4

9. Ridgid R86034K X4
If the incredibly high torque output of 1750 inch-pounds provided by the Ridgid R86034K X4 does not appeal to you, then you should probably stick to your hammer drill. This baby has what it takes to drive different types of screws and bolts, whether they are the large and long deck types or have the thickness of headlock bolts, through the toughest materials in a heartbeat. The Ridgid R86034K Impact Driver features a high power motor delivering no-load speeds of between 0 and 2400 rotations per minute and corresponding impacts per minute of between 0 and 3100. That is more than sufficient power to effortless and efficiently perform a wide range of driving tasks in and around the house as well as on the job site. As such, the impact driver is a perfect tool for carpenters, handymen, craftsmen, electricians, and even Do-It-Yourselfers who will have no difficulties whatsoever using the machine to drive bolts and screws into dimensional lumber and engineered wood.
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This model comes in a whole new shape that is nearly 15 percent more compact and lighter than the old model. The balancing of Ridgid R86034K is top-notch giving the user a comfortable feel when holding and using it. Furthermore, it features the brand’s patented Hex Grip innovative micro texture that ensures you have a comfortable and firm grip on the machine, so you’re able to work those overhead jobs without it slipping off your hands. The design gives you maximum control and allows you to manoeuvre the impact driver with relative ease especially when you have to access tight spaces.

Other than the ergonomic design, it comes with a bunch of other useful features aimed at increasing convenience and an ease of use. The first such feature is the machine's Quick-Load Bit Holder allowing for the quick and easy change of bits, which makes this impact driver an ideal for those looking for a hassle-free operation. Secondly, there's an LED light and a convenient "trigger switch" for turning on the light just before you begin driving. And unlike other models that necessitate a partial depressing of the trigger so the light comes on, the one on the Ridgid is a standalone design and is handy for monitoring your progress during the process.

To summarize, the Ridgid R80630K Impact is a professionally built and durable tool you can use on several projects around the house and the construction site. The device has a lightweight and compact design that won't require the use of excessive force either in holding or driving and can access hard-to-reach spots with ease. It has one of the highest torque in the industry and with speeds of between 0 and 2400 rotations per minute, it an ideal tool for working on any driving project.

Lightweight and compact

Has textured grip for firm and perfectly fitting grip

Dominant performance


Poor battery life

10. Porter-Cable PCCK640LB

10. Porter-Cable PCCK640LB
Are you looking to complete your collection of power tools by getting that one elusive impact driver which, in spite of having a lightweight and compact design, packs incredible torque and speed? If your answer to that question is a yes and we're sure it is because otherwise you wouldn't be reading this still, then we have good news for you: the Porter-Cable 20-Volt 1/4-Inch Hex Lithium-Ion Impact Driver. The impact driver offers you an impressive ease of use and comfortability due to its ergonomic design that just makes it a fun tool to use for extended duration for overhead projects like installing decks and shelves. If you had the intention of using the Porter-Cable 20-Volts 1/4-Inch Hex Lithium-Ion Impact Driver as a supplementary tool, you will certainly have a change of heart when you realize how effortless and smoothly it loosens and tightens even the hardest bolts and screws on abrasive surfaces. It will easily overshadow and replace any regular drilling machines you have in store.
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It sports an incredibly easy to use load chuck that allows you to quickly change bits with just a single hand. As was the case with the previous impact driver, the Porter-Cable 20-Volt also comes with a useful LED light for illuminating your work area that you can easily trigger by releasing your finger. Even though it is not a deal-breaker, in our opinion, the LED light would have been more useful if were to light up continuously during the drilling and driving procedure so one can better monitor their target. There is also a convenient belt clip for temporarily holding the impact driver during those times when you’re not using it or have to climb back and forth on a ladder to fix ceiling issues.

One unique highlight is its 2-bit magnetic holder that comes handy for safely keeping the additional bits and pieces you may need during driving so that your project does not suffer any unnecessary delays. Another thoughtful inclusion is a battery light indicator that promptly alerts you whenever your battery is running out of charge. Nevertheless, we doubt the indicator will be going off if you pair this impact driver with the right Lithium-Ion battery, especially the one durably built to continue supplying with immense power even after you start to develop back pain from very prolonged usage. With a quick charge time of just 40 minutes, you will be able to resume your drilling and driving in no time at all. And because the machine comes with a high-performance transmission, you will be spending considerably way less time on any project you're undertaking, no matter how challenging or demanding it is.

One thing we can assure you, however, is that you will not be experiencing any back problems from extended driving given that the Porter-Cable 20V Impact Driver sports an ergonomic and compact design. Its weight of just 3.6 pounds when coupled with its compact design means you will be working on those overhead projects way longer you’d have expected, and with the manoeuvrability and portability notoriously lacking in most impact drivers. And just in case you were wondering, the Porter-Cable 20V Impact Driver comes with a brushless motor capable of delivering an astounding torque of up to 1450 inch-pounds with corresponding speeds of rotations per minute.

The only downside of the Porter-Cable 20V Impact Driver is the lack of a variable speed feature. The implication, therefore, is that you will have to be cautious when pulling the trigger as it can produce great torque. While the lack of variable speed feature is clearly a drawback, it is also an advantage, allowing you incredible amounts of torque for seamlessly and smoothly driving screws and bolts through the toughest materials, including hardwood.

Comes with two batteries and fast charger for a longer runtime

Has a high power motor for efficient driving of screws and bolts

Has a functional LED light for illumination in dark and shadowy spaces

Handle grip has rubber bumpers for added comfort and ease of use

Compact and lightweight design for increased manoeuvrability and control


Experiences occasional charger problems

Difficulty handling with two hands


Q: Between an impact driver and a drill driver, which one is better placed to drive deck screws?

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A: While the jury is still out on which is more qualified to drive deck screws, the general agreement among professional handymen, carpenters and craftsmen is that an impact has far better driving ability compared to a drill driver. There are two main reasons given to support the assertion, the most important of which is that using an impact driver results to considerably less cam-out, irrespective of the nature of screw leading to quick completion of driving projects. Secondly, impact drivers come with a lightweight and compact design and are ergonomically designed hence the user suffers minimal fatigue.

Q: What is a brushless motor and what is its significance?

A: Motors come in two types, brushless and brushed and they are responsible for powering an impact driver. A brushed motor uses ‘brushes’ to ensure electricity gets to the rotating rotor. With time, they suffer wear and tear leading to a reduction in the performance of the impact driver. Brushless motors, on the other hand, have a design that eliminates the need to pass electricity to rotating components. Consequently, the possibility of friction and overheating occurring are significantly reduced, thereby translating into energy efficiency and increased motor shelf-life.


If you pay attention to the factors discussed under the “Criteria for Choosing the Best Impact Drivers” section and do an honest assessment of your needs, you should have decided on your impact driver by now. All the impact drivers featured in this article have stood the test of time and continue to attract enormous attention from professional carpenters, craftsmen and even Do-It-Yourselfers. The first step to achieving the accuracy and effectiveness you want is to get the right tool. We wish you all the best, of course.