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Custom Leathercraft 125M
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Best Work Gloves Reviewed and Rated

For some professions, the place of work is an inherently unsafe environment, exposing you to all different kinds of injuries such as cuts, abrasions, shocks, cuts, punctures, dermatitis, vibration nerve damage, and even chemical burns. To keep your hands safe from such accidents, all it takes is to get a functional pair gloves. Whether you’re a gardener, welder, or an electrician, every pair of hands deserve some high quality work gloves and to back us up are the results of a study done by OSHA indicating that as far as industrial work is concerned, gloves reduce hand accidents by an astounding 60 percent. And you don’t have to worry about finding the right gloves suitable for your work. Nowadays, gloves are made from types of materials starting from bamboo to grain leather, spandex, goatskin, real leather, synthetic leather and much more. All you have to do is find a long-lasting, sturdily constructed, rugged and yet functional gloves to last you a couple of years.

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Fortunately, to save you the trouble of perusing through countless websites and reading hundreds of reviews online, we’ve compiled a list of ten of the best work gloves to help point you in the right direction. They vary vastly in the use of construction material, with some featuring leather, goatskin while other coming in thinner yet functional synthetic leather. Irrespective of your choice, they’ll give your hands the protection they need, and their high quality and ingenious construction ensure they fit perfectly and snugly in all types of hands.

Product Criteria of Evaluation

Construction Material

Make a point of ensuring your gloves of choice are constructed using the right material, and one that precisely matches the requirements of your occupation. Gloves are made from a wide variety of materials, meaning that they’re suited for different scenarios and mismatching them could expose your hands to danger in the workplace. The various materials from which a majority of gloves are made are Velcro, microfiber, and synthetic leather. Velcro is renowned for its durability and gloves made from them are most likely to outlast those made from the other two materials. The fact that they’re rugged and tough also means they’re ideal for lifting heavy loads or operating heavy-duty equipment and machinery in the factory and industrial settings. However, owing to their thickness, they’re not suitable for tasks requiring excellent motor skills as they limit the mobility of the hands. A vast majority of gloves on the market today are also made from microfiber, which is also made from a blend of different materials.

Because of their breathability, they can be worn relatively comfortably in warm settings and machine wash them without even the slightest shrinkage in size. Their anti-static and anti-torn qualities significantly increase their shelf-life. They come with extra padding in areas more prone to tear and wear such as the palms, knuckles, and fingers. Synthetic leather, on the other hand, is used in combination with either spandex or microfiber and commonly features on just the palms of gloves. Because of their thinness, they usually give the impression that they’re a second skin, making you forget you even have them on. They’re known for their dexterity and excellent tactile feedback and renowned for its astounding grip.


Protection is the main reason you’re contemplating getting a pair of gloves in the first place, so it’s an area you don’t want to SKIMP on. The extent to which a pair of gloves is capable of protecting your hands against abrasions, burns, cuts, and the cold depend hugely on its design, making all the more important that you get a pair that best suits your profession or task. To keep your hands safe, some will feature additional padding on the palms, knuckles, and fingers with the aim of protecting the parts of the hands that are most vulnerable.  Some designs aim at reducing the thickness on these parts to allow the hands to move freely within the gloves, a feature that’s important in performing activities requiring fine motor skills.

Padding features more prominently at the knuckles, the palms, and the fingers. Knuckle reinforcement aims at giving you exceptional tactical feedback in tactical situations. Nevertheless, thicker knuckle protections can cause marginal discomfort from chafing. Gloves with more palm padding, on the other hand, provide you with more protection around the palm while sacrificing on tactile feedback and are therefore crucial in situations where protection is everything. Lastly, finger reinforcement is when the fingers come with additional padding for greater protection but lessen your ability to feel through them.


Just like the first two factors, insulation is a crucial consideration when deciding on the best work gloves. Weather conditions change throughout the year, and you need a pair of work gloves to use during the cold season. Adequately insulated gloves ensure your hands are always warm even when temperature drop below zero. The most obvious drawback to insulated gloves is that they lack the mobility and dexterity of their uninstalled counterparts. And we really shouldn’t be comparing insulated and tactical gloves, anyway as the two are designed for use in entirely different settings.

10 Best Work Gloves


Custom Leathercraft 125M

Custom Leathercraft 125M
If you work strenuous and physically demanding jobs under circumstances that could be harmful and damaging to your hands, investing in a reliable pair of work gloves would be a prudent decision. Protecting your hands in the course of rough work should, in fact, come as a priority, considering that you'll be needing your hands for hands to work tomorrow and presumably for the next several years. The Custom Leathercraft 125M gloves are the best pair of gloves you'll come across out there, as they provide you with style, function, and quality. Whether you spend much hours picking up debris and other litters, dealing with rough materials like rocks and concrete, or just any other labour-intensive works both at home and on the work site, your skin is bound to get chafed and dry over time.
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These come with a soft yet robust padding to ensure you have an additional zone of safety, even though it, together with the reinforced finder pads, can increase the difficulty of getting a feel of the work you’re doing. Nevertheless, they have several amazing features that to give your hand the additional protection it needs against tasks that could injure your hands. The work glove comes with a Velcro wrist strap to ensure your hands fit firmly and securely into the gloves, so they don't slip, no matter how intensive and physically demanding the task is. Additionally, the Velcro wrist strap does an incredible job preventing the glove from getting chafed in places that crucial to the efficient functioning of the gloves.

In addition to its padded knuckle protection, the gloves are made from a combination of different heavy-duty materials that include synthetic leather, polyester, elastic band, and PVC, all which are responsible for its toughness and durability. The gloves get to maintain its softness and comfortability without shrinking, stretching, or harden even with constant exposure to harsh weather conditions and chemicals. The use of Syntrex synthetic palm material significantly increases the resistance to abrasion, which in turn improves its useful life. Because the pair of gloves is fitted with the copyrighted Stretch-Fit thumb feature, they can accommodate differently-sized and shaped hands with relative ease. One last feature that significantly endears the Custom Leathercraft 125M to most customers is the reinforcing of the fingertips with texture with the aim of making it easy to grab hold of wet and slippery items. It is worth drawing your attention to the fact that the padding has body heat retaining capabilities, particularly when working under hot conditions like summer. But that's only true for workers who'll be using the gloves for an extended period and on a daily basis.

The Custom Leathercraft 125M Handyman Work Gloves, like all products, has its fair share of weaknesses, the most prominent being its rate of depreciation. It's been noted that the gloves wear out a little faster than most gloves when subjected to the same amount of heavy use. Both the rubberized grip enhancements and the fingertips will wear off considerably quicker than the other glove parts when you handle lumber and stones more frequently. Additionally, the gloves are made from very absorbent materials, which may make it problematic to work with if you primarily deal with liquids and wet substances. Plus, the gloves soak up moisture relatively quickly meaning that in the colder months your hands will be cold for the most part.

In all, the Custom Leathercraft 125M are the best protection you can give your hands as you work those physical and sometimes labour-intensive jobs. The extra padding on the gloves increases the ease of use and comfort without weighing down your hands. The gloves provide you with a level of protection that boosts your confidence, making it easy to handle tough and abrasive materials without worrying about your fingers and palmed getting chafed or dry.

Reinforced and textured fingertips increases longevity

Exceptional dexterity for operating touch screens

Gloves fit perfectly and snugly

Knuckles and thumbs come with extra padding for enhanced protection

Flexible Spandex top

Protects the palm from abrasions

Comfortable to wear and take off


Quick deterioration of padding

Not ideal for heavy lifting 

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Mechanix Wear Material4X

Mechanix Wear Material4X
The Mechanix Wear Material4X is a pair of work gloves featuring the highest quality construction using the some of the strongest and therefore durable materials in the industry. The use of a new microfiber type known as Material4X in the making of the gloves means that your hands will always be protected from the exhausting heat as the material doesn't retain any body heat. Neither will the frigid temperatures chill your hands as the gloves aren't absorbent. The design bestows upon it all the attractive features of leather, like its comfortable feel, which are then blended with reliable quality, superior scratch resistance, and enhanced dexterity. The additional combination of Material4X with contracted polyester resulting to a material which is then stretched taut and heat-treated, thereby creating a thin yet long-lasting leather alternative.
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Material4X is the material solely responsible for the durability and ruggedness of the gloves. With a thinness of just 0.8 millimeters, it’s widely considered one of the thinnest materials you can find around the planet. Despite that, Material4X has a considerably longer shelf-life and enhanced dexterity and yet manages to retain its softness and flexibility. Consequently, you’ll have no difficulties whatsoever machine washing the Mechanix Wear Material4X Original, since there's literally no chance of its shrinking with each wash, as is the case with most work gloves. The gloves come with a triple helix polyester wrap that makes it possible to deal with objects of different types and sizes without fearing you may irreparably damage the gloves. The assured hand protection makes lifting blocks of cement and concrete, handling jagged edges or cutting or splitting wood and steel an unconscious rather than a deliberate endeavour.

In fact, so durable is the Material4X that it lastly nearly four times as long as other standard microfiber gloves, and even exceeds them in flexibility. The implication here is that the Mechanix Wear Material4X Original gloves are economical and will help you make significant financial savings in the long run, particularly if you're occupation necessitates the use of work gloves for protracted periods of time and on a daily basis. In our comparison tests that involved rough concrete and cement blocks, Material4X easily outclassed it's synthetic and actual leather counterparts in several performance aspects. The additional use of TrekDry material to make the fingers of the Mechanix Wear Material4X Original ensures your hands are always cool, dry and comfortable enough to perform all the tough tasks on the work site and those tricky ones like shooting guns at the gun range.

The only common complaint against and one that's echoed from one platform to another is the steepness of its price, compared to standard gloves. But since you'll be getting quality in exchange for the premium price tag, we don't see why anyone would complain.

In a nutshell, the Mechanix Wear Material4X Original provides your hands with reliable and robust protection against the skin drying and chafing consequences resulting from handling different abrasive materials like steel, cement, rough-cut wood, jagged edges, copper pipes, and cinder blocks, among others. The use of Material4X gives the gloves their superior durability, consistent quality, higher tear strength, and higher abrasion resistance compared to those made from synthetic and real leather materials. Material4X also makes the gloves very versatile, enabling you to carry out a broad range of professional and Do-It-Yourself tasks without worrying about the safety of your hands.

Offers exceptional abrasion and tear resistance for durability

Has form-fitting TrekDry material for keeping hands dry and snugly

Its hook & loop closure ensures a tight and secure wrist fit

Machine washable

Allows for good dexterity


Not as long-lasting as other work gloves

Weak protection against serious burns

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Custom Leatherman 125L

Custom Leatherman 125L
This is another top-tier work glove from the highly recommendable and reputable Customer Leatherman Company. Like the Custom Leathercraft 125M Handyman Work Gloves already reviewed, the design of this product aims at making it one of most comfortable and easy to use work gloves on the market. Its construction quality and choice of construction materials also reflect the company's commitment to high-quality workmanship. The 125M Handyman Work Gloves, for instance, come with a wing closing wrist strap allowing you to efficiently adjust them once you've worn them to ensure they fit you tightly and comfortably. A perfect fit is particularly important for professional handling very abrasive materials and items because the minute the gloves come off, your hands are immediately exposed to potentially injuring objects. They also feature elastic wrist cuffs to assist with keeping debris from reaching your fingers as you work.
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As you’d probably guess by now, they also quite comfortable to use for extended periods of time, and their design is mainly aimed at reducing fatigue and straining of the fingers whenever you clench your hands together. To this end, the product comes with padded palms and its construction is done entirely with the use non-woven fabric made from ultra-smooth fibres that share in the smoothness and aesthetically-appealing appearance of the soft leather. The advantage non-woven fabric has over real leather though is that it has a considerably longer shelf-life and is more lightweight. To use simpler words, the use of synthetic leather to make the Custom Leatherman 125L not only makes them stronger but also significantly lighter than standard gloves made from real leather.

They also feature padded knuckles to give your hands the additional protection needed for handling physically demanding tasks like carrying blocks of cement and concrete or working with jagged edges. Additionally, the stitching done on the gloves is hidden within them in a move apparently aimed at preventing snags. And the list features just keeps getting longer.

The gloves are also equipped with Lycra side panels for the sole purpose of improving the dexterity of the pair. And as proof of the expertise and the decades of experience of the Custom Leathercraft brand, the gloves have an ingenious spandex which, like the padded knuckles, aim at making the gloves more comfortable to use by stretching out to accommodate the entire length of your hand. Consequently, the Custom Leatherman 125L can fit firmly and comfortably onto different hand sizes of the average adult.

As already mentioned, they are pretty lightweight and compact, with a weight of just 3 ounces and dimensions of 4.5 by 11.5 by 1.5-inches, meaning that you'll have an easy time moving with them around the workplace either in your pockets, purse or transporting from one place to another in the glove compartment of your car. The Custom Leathercraft provides different sizes of the same gloves to make it easy for everyone to find their perfect fit. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the Custom Leatherman 125L Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves run on the small size so may want to order the next big size. The gloves are made up of 50% synthetic leather, 30% polyester, 10% elastic, 10% PVC and another 5% form, a blend that results in a long-lasting and comfortable pair of gloves whose versatility allows you to take on several tasks at different work sites.

The Custom Leatherman 125L gloves is one of the most popular gloves around the world, and for a good reason. They feature an elastic band and side foam that significantly increases dexterity, making them both sufficiently rugged and comfortable to use for protracted lengths of time. Other than offering you a perfect grip, the gloves also come with closing straps to prevent them from falling off. Consequently, they give you all the protection assurance you need to keep chopping woods or logs, without worrying about cuts and abrasions.

Made from tough and high-quality materials for longevity

They fit comfortably and securely

Machine washable yet doesn't shrink

Enhanced dexterity and versatility

Exceptional protection against sharp-cutting objects

Provides you with insulation during cold weather


A little expensive

Difficult to clean

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The Ironclad gloves are optimized for use in industrial settings and to perform -those work-related tasks that could undoubtedly lead to hand abrasions and cuts. They are ultra-strong and tough to ensure they're versatile enough to be used on a wide range of domestic and industrial projects. The gloves are made from tough and long-lasting materials which, by extension, mean that the gloves share in these qualities and yet are still comfortable to use for a prolonged period. The use of flexible fabrics ensure you have sufficient room within the gloves to clench and unclench you fingers while working, so breathing room is not a problem with these pair of gloves.
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The one feature that makes it different from other gloves is that it uses Duraclad to reinforce different crucial parts of the gloves, especially the thumb, saddle, and the fingertips. The reinforcement of these essential parts makes the gloves an ideal pair of gloves for doing construction works, operating different power and hand equipment, rigging, and just about any other activity, whether that is at home or on the work site. You can even pick debris and different litters lying around the house with these gloves.

The design and construction from the ground up are specifically aimed at ensuring they fit snugly and perfectly into different types of hands operating different machines and equipment in all types of industries. A perfect and snug fit not only protects your hands against abrasions and cuts but also gives you a peace of mind that goes a long way in making you a productive and efficient worker. And with their hook and loop wrist closure, you're definitely sure the gloves will not accidentally fall off while you're busy doing your thing. The one feature that's particularly responsible for the comfort is the seamless one-piece synthetic leather palm which when coupled with the pair’s double stitched reinforcement pads significantly increases the shelf-life and dexterity of the pair. The additional protection of the padded knuckles with foam and rubber makes the gloves ideal for operating the most dangerous equipment on the planet such as handling jagged edges.

The Ironclad brand understands that these being industrial gloves, the working temperatures are most likely not very conducive and you’re sweating is inevitable. To this end, they included Terry cloth sweat wipe along the length of the thumb to quickly and efficiently eliminate the sweat generated by the fingers while working. Unlike most hand gloves, the material used in the making of Ironclad General Utility Gloves makes it machine washable without the possibility of it shrinking, stretching, or hardening, however frequently you wash the pair.

To summarize, these are an ideal choice for those working in heavy-duty industrial environments and need to protect their hands from cuts and abrasions and flames. Likewise, they're perfect for those looking just to keep their hands warm. Their design and construction make them quite durable and very comfortable and form-fitting. The use of high-quality high tech, task-specific materials gives you the much-needed assurance that your hands are safe and secure from the perils of the workplace. The Ironclad General Utility Gloves is indeed an exception, rising to the occasion at a time when only a handful of gloves are as properly and snugly fitting and even fewer offer the protection required to perform technical and physically-involving jobs.

Features a very solid construction with high-quality materials

Fits snugly and securely

Thick finger and palm padding


Lightweight and compact for secure storage and transportation

Offers excellent grip and outstanding flexibility


Too thick for perming tasks requiring excellent motor skills

Mechanix Wear Winter

Mechanix Wear Winter
Harsh weather conditions can have severe consequences on your productivity, more so for people working in regions where weather conditions fluctuate dramatically between extremely cold and extremely hot. If you work in a predominantly cold environment, then the Mechanix gloves are meant for you. Irrespective of whether it's extremely windy or if it rains and frequently snows where you work, the Mechanixgloves Black has you covered. The gloves come with high neoprene cuff and Hook & Loop straps allowing the outer clothing to properly fit with the gloves, providing you with additional heat insulation. The gloves are made primarily from a micro fleece in 3D technology, a fact which makes it just 10 percent as thin as a synthetic fibre.
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The thinness makes the gloves Black effectively and efficiently stop air from flowing through them, thereby significantly enhancing its isolation properties. The gloves also feature a hipora layer for preventing humidity from penetrating the outer layer of the product to reach your fingers. Hipora has outstanding porosity qualities which also make it waterproof, thereby effectively adding another layer that cannot be penetrated by liquids and air while simultaneously draining sweat.

The fingers and fingertips feature a unique, Armortex guard with a 5mm EVA foam padding for absorbing and lessening the consequences of vibrations, which would otherwise lead to exhaustion in the long run if you’re operating heavy-duty equipment and machinery. The list of features and specs the gloves pack doesn’t stop there. There are also rubber TRP panels for protecting the hand’s skin from suffering shocks, abrasions, and cuts. The feature does an incredible job safeguarding both yourself and the gloves from getting damaged. And if you’re concerned about the possibility of the gloves slipping or falling off while working, you’ll be pleased to know they have anti-slip properties on the insides that ensure you fingers fit firmly yet comfortably even as the weather fluctuates between cold and hot.

The index finger and thumb have factory-fitted AX Double Connect touchscreen abilities to allow you to smoothly and seamlessly operate responsive screen of different devices, making the gloves quite easy to use in various settings without necessarily taking them off. The feature gives you the freedom of comfortably choosing your favourite song among a list of other songs on your mobile device no matter how cold the weather is, and you won't have to take the gloves off.

For purposes of convenience and ease-of-use, the use of Thinsulate microfibers to make the Mechanix Wear Winter gloves ensures they are machine-washable at a temperature of 30-degrees, as mentioned in the introductory paragraph, and they won't shrink in size during the process. And when you're done for the day and readied them for use another day, you can easily hang the gloves using their snap hook handle.

Extra knuckle padding for superior palm protection

Has insulation properties to keep hands warm and dry

Water and debris resistant

Comes with AX Double Connect for exceptional digital dexterity

Machine washable

Hook & loop closure ensures secure fit


Not for extreme cold weather conditions

Bionic Rose Gardening

Bionic Rose Gardening
The Bionic Rose Gardening Gloves is meant explicitly for women for gardening purposes, as the name suggests. That shouldn't stop any man from reading on, though. It might just be the perfect gift she's been waiting for all year long. The gloves are an epitome of expertise, experience and the ingenious creativity of the Bionic brand, seeing as they ensure you have a firmer grip on different garden plants and flowers while eliminating the likelihood of your hands and fingers suffering from blisters and calluses or being pierced by garden thorns. They are made entirely from goatskin leather, making the gloves robust and tough to effortlessly repel most of the thorns, sharp sticks, and other debris with piercing capabilities. A feature that makes the gloves stand out from its closest competitors is the strategic alignment of the gloves’ paddings and the natural peaks and valleys of the hand.
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There’s additional padding in crucial parts, especially along the joints where your gardening tools and the fingers would frequently rub together, and in the process cause blisters and calluses. Because these are similarly the areas that wear out more rapidly, the gloves are also reinforced with padded palm and silicone fingertips in such area to increase the shelf-life of the gloves. The gardening gloves come with sufficient room to allow your hands to breath freely. The use of Lycra on the gloves makes it possible for you to perform a full range of motion with your fingers and arms in addition to a terrycloth liner for the efficient absorption of sweat and moisture. As a result, you can clench and unclench your fingers easily and comfortably even on hot days. They also feature neoprene patches along the knuckles so your fingers can move with relative ease, and the zones between the fingers come with additional webbing to allow for the free flow of air through the gloves, ensuring your fingers don't retain much of the body heat.

Because they are designed specifically to be used for garden, their design goes a long way in providing you with protection against thorns in the garden. The gloves feature an exceptionally long gauntlet, at 8 inches, and additional padding on the thumbs to ensure your fingers are sufficiently protected from sharp thorns. Even if your yard work doesn’t involve roses, you’ll immediately come to love the extra padding, as it will reliably keep your fingers and arms from getting scratched. Because of the extra-long gauntlet, you can comfortably and safely trim hedges and even prune bushes with thorns, knowing your fingers and arms are out of reach for sharp and dangerous thorns.

To make thegloves easy to use, the Bionic brand included form-fitting neoprene closure to provide you and other members of your family with the wrist support necessary for keeping debris and other gardening trimmings or clippings from entering inside the gloves. Like most gloves, however, these gardening gloves run small, so it would be prudent to consider sizing up when you’re shopping for a pair. Because they are made from goatskin leather, you don’t have to worry about quickly tossing them in the washer after gardening through roses, poison ivy, and bougainvillea all day as they don’t shrink, like other gloves.

The Bionic Rose Gardening Gloves currently enjoy an enviable reputation for their ease of use and ergonomic design that's based on the anatomy of the natural hand. The strategic placement of motion zones along the knuckles and in-between the fingers allow you the effortless movement of the hands and fingers for efficient gardening of roses. The gloves also have anti-slip properties to ensure a firmer grip without using too much effort, lessening fatigue in the process. The fact that the gloves has neoprene wrist and wrist support significantly reduces the possibility of slip-off, giving the assurance that you’ll always be protected as you do your garden work.

Thumbs reinforced with Tough-Ex fabric for durability

Padding of palms for extra protection

Ergonomically designed to ensure comfortable and secure fit

Good dexterity



Not ideal for heavy-duty industrial projects 

Mechanix Wear Tactical M-Pact

Mechanix Wear Tactical M-Pact
Only a handful of work gloves on the market today have a durability and dexterity closely comparable to that of the Mechanix Wear Tactical M-Pact Gloves, considering their sturdy and robust construction using the highest quality materials one can find. With proper care, washing and drying the gloves as directed by the Mechanix brand and storing them in a cool, dry place, the gloves can practically last more than a lifetime. They’ll definitely provide you with the best service as you’ll be working on heavy-duty equipment, and they’ll reliably keep splinters, sharp objects, abrasions, and cuts at bay.
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The world over, the gloves are renowned for their ability to keep your hands warm in 90-degree weather while ensuring your hands have the extra protection they need to prevent hand bashing. All the while, digital dexterity won't present a single challenge as the design of the gloves allows you to effortless interact with different touchscreens without having to take them off.

They beat all other work gloves in appearance. They have this sleek and modern-looking appearance that would instantly appeal to individuals who hold aesthetics in high regard, and that's nearly all of us. In fact, you'd be forgiven for thinking their pretty awesomeness is largely responsible for their rave reviews right now. But that's until you take a closer look at the features and specs, or scratch the surface, as they say.

They offers you exceptional hand and finger protection in spite of their lack of hard shell armour. They are equipped with molded Thermal Plastic Rubber guards capable of instantly resisting any harmful impacts that could cause injury or harm to your fingers, and the feature doesn't hinder the flexibility of your hands even marginally. The palms also come with additional padding for the efficient absorption of shocks and they in no way affect your ability to grip on a piece of equipment solid and firmly. The plastic reinforcements on the fingers and knuckles do a great job protecting the hands from deadly blows and knocks that would otherwise considerably reduce your efficiency or even render your fingers incapable of working, at least for some time.

The tight grip is majorly because of the use of rubberized grip of the thumbs, index fingers, and palms as well as the sonic welded molded rubber on the knuckles and fingertips. Consequently, they're the best for operating heavy string trimmers, chainsaws, and blowers, among other equipment. As already mentioned, they offer you exceptional dexterity, allowing for the perfect and effortless handling of smaller items, opening and closing of container lids, and even smoothly operating zippers. Needless to say, the dexterity of your gloves will depend on other factors too like the size of your hands and that of the respective items you’re handling.

If you genuinely care about the safety of your hands, the Mechanix gloves would be your best bet. Whether you’ll be doing maintenance on commercial buildings, yard work, stacking cement and concrete bricks, handling abrasive materials like steel, rough-cut wood, jagged edges, copper pipes, or just about any other tasks that require protecting your hands, these are the way to go. Their ergonomic design coupled with the Hook & Loop cuff closure and two-way stretch Spandex top makes the work gloves fit comfortably and relatively evenly on most adult hands, allowing you to work for hours on end without feeling fatigued.

And true to their name, the gloves are genuinely tactical, allowing you to efficiently perform a detail-oriented task like shooting without you even noticing you have them on, more like a second layer of skin. Such is the versatility of the Mechanix Wear Tactical M-Pact Gloves. Also, because of their substantial ventilation, your hands will remain cooler for longer. They are likewise resistant, at least to some extent, to water and dirt and won't let the two in however intense your work is.

Off the charts padding for superior protection

Fits most hands securely and comfortably

Unrivalled protection on knuckles and fingers

Rugged and tough for all-around application

Machine Washable


Produces repellent smell due to sweat accumulation

Has a snug wrist

Not warm

Ironclad HUG

Ironclad HUG
The only reason you're reading this is that most of your work involves using your hands in an industrial setting, construction site setting or a setting whose demands closely resembles these settings and you're concerned about the safety of your hands. You're probably looking to give them the best protection from abrasions, cuts, and skin dryness and in the process become a better and more efficient worker. If that's true, and we bet it is, look no further than the Iron HUG Heavy Utility Gloves which, owing to their ingenious, durable, and tough design and construction, are the most ideal for performing a wide range of work-related tasks.
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The Ironclad HUG Heavy Utility Gloves have several crucial features that immediately stand out when you first interact with them, the most outstanding of which are the one-piece synthetic leather palm and the finger sidewalls. The areas that are most prone to tear and wear, like the palm and fingertip areas, come with double stitching for additional reinforcement. As a result, with proper use, they can effectively last more than a lifetime. The knuckles of the gloves also come with rubberized impact protection zones.

These are by far the most comfortable and easiest to use gloves in the industry. To ensure the gloves fit snugly and tightly into differently sized adult hands, the manufacturer included the industry-standard hook & loop wrist closure strap on the back side. The thumb also features a small touch that a majority of buyers rarely notice but nevertheless appreciate its work: the built-in and largely invisible terry cloth sweat wipe. Consequently, if you work in a warmer setting or just put a lot of effort into your work and subsequently sweat a lot, the thoughtful addition will tremendously make work more comfortable, allowing you to wipe the sweat off your forehead with the same pair of gloves. The same terry cloth sweat wipe absorbs most of the sweat within the gloves, leaving your hands cool and dry. Obviously, with time the gloves will inevitably get dirty and when they do, just throw them in the wash – they don’t shrink.

They also offer you exceptional dexterity – you don’t have to take them off to perform any detail-oriented tasks. You’ll be able to effortlessly scroll through your phone’s music library in search of your favourite songs without taking them off or noticing you even have them on – they have this tactile feel like a second layer of skin on top of your original skin. And not even once over the course of scrolling through different touchscreens will your hands lose their protection. From our own hands-on experience with the gloves, we’re convinced they’re better suited for performing a wide range of activities that include but not limited to handling materials, general construction, and operating power tools on the construction site.

In conclusion, the Ironclad HUG Heavy Utility Gloves are one of the toughest, most durable, and high performing yet comfortable gloves that will fit your hands like they were a part of it. The thinness and flexibility of the Duraclad palm and finger pads make the gloves very versatile, allowing you to take on a wide range of projects with ease. The terry cloth sweat wipe section efficiently absorbs the sweat from your fingers, leaving them dry and cool for longer so you continue working with fewer interruptions. Lastly, the gloves are fitted with the Snug Tug pull tab to give your wrist additional protection, ensure the gloves fit securely and prevent debris and other dirt materials from entering the glove.

Fits securely and snugly

Long-lasting construction

Stitched palm and fingertips for extra reinforcement

Hook & loop wrist closure strap prevents fall off 


The sizing runs small 

Maxiflex 34-874

Maxiflex 34-874
The design of the Maxiflex 34-874 Ultimate Nitrile Grip Work Gloves specifically aim at ensuring dexterity and that they’re sufficiently comfortable to use for longer on a multitude of projects on the work site. With their nitrile coating, the gloves assure you of an excellent and robust grip of all types of equipment and machinery in the warehouse, thereby reducing the time and effort it takes to complete a task. The Maxiflex 34-874 are equipped with ultra-strong yet breathable microfoam that align perfectly with the foam of your hand which, among other things, goes a long way in preventing fatigue while offering you improved comfort. The gloves' 360-degree breathability with the MaxiFlex AirTech technology is, therefore, a handy feature for those working in assembly lines, stocking products, or just dealing with different types of materials.
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The Maxiflex 34-874 are coated with nitrile, as you have been cued in by the name already, meaning that they are compatible with light oils to ensure your grip is not only snugly but also excellent. The gloves are fitted with knit wrists to resist abrasions around that area while preventing the entry of debris and other dirt into the glove. As a result, your hands will always be dry and cool, allowing you to perform to your full potential in tasks that require exceptional motor skills. The padding on the palms is kept to a bare minimum and is approximately 75 percent as thick as those of standard work gloves. The thinness significantly increases performance by making it possible for your hands to move unhindered within the gloves, perfect for performing detail-oriented tasks.

The nitrile coating in no way interferes with the digital dexterity of the gloves. In fact, the use of latest knitting technology to piece together the gloves results to these smooth and rounded fingertips that substantially improves sensitivity. Whether it’s adjusting equipment settings on a touch screen or searching for your favourite song in your smartphone’s music library, the Maxiflex 34-874 never disappoints. As the manufacturer indicates, all the products used to manufactures the gloves compliant with various environmental laws around the world and the laundering of the gloves before final packaging means they are clean and safe for commercial and domestic use. So there’s no point worrying about the gloves contaminating or infecting your skin with unknown diseases when it touches your skin.

In all, while wearing the Maxiflex 34-874 won't make you an invincible worker, they do come quite close. They use of micro-foam nitrile coating allow the gloves to provide you with unmatched tactility, ensuring your hands are cool, dry and sufficiently agile for performing the most complex mechanical work. Plus, they're quite durable and will maintain their liner softness no matter how intense your job is. Note that the gloves run small, so you want to consider sizing up when ordering.

Remarkable palm and finger protection

Features solid construction and impressive slip resistance

Reinforced fingertips for longevity

Comfortable to wear and take off

Machine washable


Runs small so consider sizing up

Mechanix Wear Tactical

Mechanix Wear Tactical
As the name suggests, the Mechanix Wear Tactical Original Covert are optimized for performing a broad array of tactical tasks with ease. They reliably keep your hands safe from otherwise harmful things on the work site like cuts, abrasions, and dryness of the skin. Thegloves additionally guarantee a firm grip on your equipment and machinery and keep all your fingers mobile however hot or cold your working environment is. The downside to the breathability of the gloves is that they're not waterproof which severely limits activities or tasks you can do with them. The generous inclusion of TrekDry form-fitting material at the palms and the fingertips works amazingly well by absorbing all the sweat and reducing the heat, thereby leaving your hands cool and dry and letting them breath freely.
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As was the case with the previous product, they have a considerably thin palm considering that it's constructed from a single layer of durable synthetic leather to give your fingers and hands sufficient room to wiggle and move about with ease, thereby ensuring both dexterity and mobility. The gloves come with thick yet seamless palms, so there is no possibility of them impeding the natural movements of your palms. All the gloves have strategically located nylon web loops near the wrists to allow for the secure attachment and alignment with the rest of the gear.

The gloves fit snugly and firmly into most adult hands and come off just as quickly as they are equipped with nylon pull loops. If you're worried about the possibility of them falling off in the course of your work, the can use the Velcro wrist strap to keep them tightly in position. In spite of the ample protection, they still allow you to use touchscreen devices very smoothly, and the fact that the gloves keep your fingers safe from possible light scratches and burns should give you a peace of mind when operating heavy machinery. And their dexterity does not stop there.

In tasks that demand fine motor skills, having the Mechanix gloves on really helps. Performing activities requiring excellent motor skills like firing shots at the gun range with the gloves is just as effortless as it is without them – they have this tactile feel that gives you the impression they are second but a natural layer of skin on your hands. If you're an avid shooter of guns at the range, you'll be pleased to realize that handling, drawing, and manipulating your gun with the gloves doesn’t present any challenges at all.

Because the gloves will inevitably get dirty and you may not be conversant with the best method of cleaning them, you’ll be pleased to note they are machine washable. And no matter how often they get dirty from dealing with debris and dirt, always feel free to throw them in the wash as they’re made from breathable fabric that just won’t shrink.

To summarize the key points, these are one of the few pace-setters in the hand safety and protection industry that consistently revolutionize the industry. The gloves feature a very versatile design allowing you to perform several tasks at the work site without worrying about the safety of your hands. They are made entirely out of tough microfiber materials that considerably extend their useful life. The use of breathable TrekDry forms near the rear efficiently absorbs all the sweat, so the gloves fit perfectly while maintaining superior dexterity. You'll have to conduct a more thorough, labourous, and honestly time-wasting search to find a pair of gloves matching the Mechanix Wear Tactical Original Covert Gloves in comfort, perfect fit, functionality, dexterity, and performance.

Machine washable

Seamless palm for natural hand movements

Breathable fabric keeps hands cool and dry

Features solid and robust construction for durability

Soft and flexible

Fits different hand sizes comfortably and securely

Incredible hand protection


Not water resistant 


Q: What is the best method for washing my work gloves once they get dirty?

A: Considering that different work gloves are made from a wide range of materials that include but not limited to synthetic leather, goatskin leather, microfiber, and Velcro, they similarly have different washing methods. A significant majority of work gloves are nonetheless machine washable in which case it’s highly recommended that you use cold water and a mild cleaning detergent. Once clean, air-dry the work gloves. Using bleach and solvents, machine drying, or exposing the gloves to an artificial heat source are highly discouraged as they could lead to shortening the lifespan of the work gloves or even shrinking, stretching or hardening them. If you’re confident your work gloves are machine washable, it’s advised that you do so frequently to discourage the accumulation of salt and minerals. On the other hand, there are delicate work gloves that can’t be machine washed, in which the best way of getting them clean is cleaning them with a damp cloth in a manner that best preserves their material quality.

Q: For how long should I expect my work gloves to last?

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A: The two most important factors that will significantly influence the shelf life of your work gloves are the construction material and the conditions under which the gloves are stored. To ensure your pair last for as long as they were intended to, and probably beyond that, make a point of storing them in a cool and dry setting, away from ozone and ultraviolet light. Work gloves made from natural rubber are notably prone to degrade dramatically with constant exposure to ultraviolet light, including the weak ones from fluorescent bulbs. Provided these conditions are met, you’re looking at a solid five-year service life for your industrial-type work gloves. Real leather work gloves, on the other hand, should last for approximately three years.

Q: How do I best protect my hands from conductive heat?

A: Coming into direct conduct with any hot surface inevitably generates conductive heat. In an industry setting, such surfaces range from high-temperature glass surface to hot metal stamping. There’s only one way of protecting your hands against such heat, and that is to purchase an additional layer of insulation. Work gloves designed explicitly for insulation are equipped with quilted fabric, foamed polymer liners or terrycloth liners to ensure heat resistance. They do so by creating an air space between the hands and the source of heat, thereby breaking the transmission of heat.

Decision Time

In spite of marketing claims that gloves are all-around and fit all types of hands, gloves are actually optimized for different tasks and for different settings. Before making any purchasing decisions, take a thorough look at the requirements of the job you intend to perform and find one pair that would be most suitable. Owning the right pair of gloves can mean the difference between working comfortably and painfully.

Choosing a pair of gloves that best meets the demands of your occupation doesn’t have to be a daunting and off-putting activity, especially now that you have a list of the best work gloves staring at you in the face. Gloves are your first line of defense against several work hazards from cuts to shocks, abrasions, and chemical burns. We wish you a most productive shopping.