10 Best Electric Hand Saws Tested and Reviewed

There’s no shame in making your life a little easier. And, sometimes you need to use a hand saw and get small cuts precise, which can be difficult in some small places while trying to maneuver a traditional saw around and back and forth to make the cut. So if making the task easier, it makes more sense to get the best electric hand saw you can afford. Not that they are ridiculously expensive, compared to other power tools.

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  • 5 out of 5
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  • Black&Decker
  • 4.6 out of 5
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  • Worx
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An electric hand saw has a more nuanced control over access to hand to reach foliage in the yard and  precision cuts in the workshop. For this reason, if you are someone working in a workshop and you want to  make your work easier and faster, you probably need to invest in the following best electric hand saws.

10 Best Electric Hand Saws


1. Rockwell RK3440K

1. Rockwell RK3440K
Our first item in this list is the Rockwell RK3440K that almost cuts anything except the corners while you can still control it with one hand. It cuts woods, tiles, flooring, slates, and even sheet metals; therefore, there is no need to sacrifice performance in an ultra-compact circular option.

To make professional-looking results in your woods, ceramic tiles, metals, and other materials requires an exclusive perfect tool that indicates a precise cutting line. It contains a laser guide that is an ideal feature. Also, to save your time, it has a high comfort balance and control design that improves the user's comfort and decreases fatigue. You may also consider having a look at the following features:

Compact size - it helps the equipment to go where others can't reach. It gives the user power and accuracy in performing the cuttings in tight spaces that cannot be easily accessed by regular circular saws.

Cut-line visibility - it contains a lock-off switch that prevents accidents happenings followed with a durable full metal inner and outer guard that is made to extend its product life.

For any personally desired length, this tools also contains depth adjustments that enable you to move the indicator to the desired depth and quickly lock in the blade.
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Product Features

Includes strong 4.0 amp, multi-functional circular saw
Has ergonomic design with slim grip
Built-in laser guide that is perfect for aligning the cuts
Has a dust extraction adapter
Has to pivot metal guard

Who is it for?

If your working space is limited and you have tried different equipment's but don't reach your required depth of cutting. We would highly recommend this tool to be in your to buy items.

Provides a clean environment to work

Extracts perfect cuts

It is stable and safe to use

Can be used with one hand

Cuts a wide variety of materials


A bit expensive


This tool is made of high-performance power and hand saw motor that is compatible with lightweight for a more natural way to use. It is also versatile enough for outdoor and indoor applications. It also features a patented tool with free blade change, with large capacity with metal cutting blade ideal thus making it easier to handle a variety of projects. Other features you would be interested in looking at includes:

Storage bag - this is one of the most outstanding features included in this equipment. After purchasing, it comes with a storage bag that can be used by the user to store the saw, blades and the cord thus keeping these items safe.

Lightweight design - for a more natural way to handle the tool, you must consider the weight of your equipment. Its lightweight makes it easier to use around the home for either indoor or outdoor DIYs projects. It also makes it easy to handle.

That is an ideal tool to use for straight cuttings in large materials due to its 4600 SPM contained for controlled cuts.
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Product Features

Versatile for indoor and outdoor operations
Comes with a storage bag for more accessible storage
6-foot cord
It also includes a large capacity blade and metal cutting blade
Powerful 3.4 amp, 4600 SPM motor
Patented tool-free blade changes

Who is it for?

Highly recommendable for people handling small cutting tasks for easier and faster results.

Easy to carry around

Easy to set and operate


Easy to change blades


Not suitable for cumbersome materials

3. WORX WX550L

3. WORX WX550L
If you have been working in DIY projects, you probably own this tool. Most people refer to this equipment due to its light weight that gives them a peaceful time to use compared to other options. It is an ideal tool for cutting metal, wood, ceramic tiles, plastic trees limbs, and other more materials. On top of that, it is a handy cordless tool that has the power to combine a reciprocating saw and jigsaw to tackle most of the DIYs without needing to separate the machine.

When you have a look at this machine, you will see that it is uniquely constructed with a pivoting design that converts from a reciprocating saw to a jigsaw in seconds and also contains a motor side location meaning that there is no slippage experienced thus providing a more smooth contact power for a sufficient cut.

Uses virtually any blade - its versatile axis accepts almost every type of blade, meaning that the user has the ability to cut things made of different materials easily. You do not need to buy different kinds of handsaws to perform different cuttings. It is one of the best tools to make quick cuts both indoors and outdoors.

Powered by 20v power share - saving money and time is one of the best achievement you can make any time you purchase a piece of quality equipment. The axis is put into action by a great Lithium 20v battery that's usable with other WORX tools thus helping the user save time and money.

We highly recommend you to consider having a look at its built-in dust Blower. Sometimes, cutting different materials using an electric saw can be a bit dusty. To prevent this, it contains a built-in- dust blower that instantly clears away the dust and debris thus increasing the user's visibility while cutting so they can power the jobs quickly. It also has an innovative design that is located on the side of the body of the tool to allow the motor and gears to rotate simultaneously. That eliminates the possibility of misalignment and slippage to provide a smooth and constant power for efficient cutting.
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Product Features

Contains a Built-in-blower
Has a pivoting head design
Comprises 20v power share platform
Axis has no load speed of 3000 SPD and ¾ stroke strength

Who is it for?

We would recommend this equipment for DIY professionals since it is portable and easy to handle with minimal problems.

It is compatible with any standard reciprocating device

Increases cutting visibility by removing the dust

It is not noisy

It is light thus easy to handle while using it

Can share its batteries with other tools


A bit pricey


SKILSAW has one of the lightest options in the market. This tool has only 11.5 lbs; however, it is rugged with magnesium construction that makes it stay strong and keeps it cooler while in use thus providing excellent performance with exceptional cuttings.

This model is a modified tradition of SKILSAW quality that has enough power to cut through tough cuts with a maximum cutting capacity of 2-3/8 inch at 90 degrees and a maximum bevel capacity of 53 degrees. Along with these features, you may also want to consider the following:

Indents of 0 and 45 degrees - these are designed on the footplate, behind and in front to assist in making comfortable and accurate cuts. That, therefore, provides the user with comfort the whole time of working.

Ready depth adjustments - this device gives a quick and easy adjustment for ¼ to ¾ ply meaning that you can smoothly go the most profound depth with your cuts without encountering problems.

Who is it for?

If you want to win this tool, make the best of it in reaching through difficult cuts that have been impossible to achieve.
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Product Features

Has anti-snug lower guard for smooth operations
Has the lightest magnesium construction
Contains 53-degree bevel level
15 Amp of power

Who is it for?

If you want to win this tool, make the best of it in reaching through difficult cuts that have been impossible to achieve.

Easily reaches to the deepest cuts

Lightweight thus easy to carry around

Provides smooth and easy cuttings

Requires less time to operate


Needs gear oil for lubrication

5. Genesis GCS545C

5. Genesis GCS545C
If convenient is the major feature you are looking for, we highly recommend this one. It quickly cuts through all 2x materials with an included Tungsten-Carbide-Tipped blade.

Therefore, you do not need to keep those larger blades for small DIYs to cut 2x materials. Besides, this is a circular option meaning that, it produces very clean, smooth cuts leaving behind smooth edges. Depending on the level you want to cut your material, it also can adjust the depth and bevel settings thus providing with maximum cutting depth at 90 degrees.

Sometimes, using the same blade over a long period to cut through materials can make the blades blunt or even wear out depending on the type of the material. This device has versatile replacement blades available for 24T TCT and 60 T HSS saw blade that you can easily insert.

It is incredibly versatile - this is entirely one of the best features. It means that this tool is perfect for drywall and subfloor and powerful enough to cut through copper and Aluminum. Also contains an optional 48 Rip cutting track system, 24T Carbide Tipped blade, and 60T High-speed steel blade. When combined, it makes your work easier and faster for quality results

Powerful control grip - this helps the saw to cut through the hardwood, softwood, and composites easily. On to of this, it has 5.8 AMP motor that is followed by triple gear reduction, and precision cut steel gear that helps rotate the tool smoothly thus leaving smooth cuts and perfect edges
For people who need accurate long cuts, this equipment has an included RIP Guide that is easily adjustable and has excellent cutline visibility with a dust collection which provides a clean work area for long cuts.
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Product Features

Compact lightweight design
Dust collection adapter
Ergonomic control Grip for one-handed operation
Has triple gear reduction
Has adjustable depth and bevel settings
Sturdy enough for copper and Aluminum

Who is it for?

If you are under a budget and you need to get those DIYs projects done, this device is the best for you.

Easily carried around

Provides a clean environment for working space

It has high optimal speed

Can be easily used to almost all materials

Powerful enough thus can serve for an extended period


Can easily lead to a lot of damage if not handled well

6. Chicago Electric 6 Amp

6. Chicago Electric 6 Amp
Searching for a device that will not only take care of your budget but also leave you with amazing results? This equipment is one of the cheapest options in Amazon. One of the primary reasons why it has received such a high score is because of its capabilities of providing a comfortable and controllable cutting from any angle. Also, its handle can rotate through 180 degrees, therefore, the user can be able to control the cuttings from any point. Some of the best features we found in this tool includes:

Shoe plate pivot - often, people look for items that will serve them for long. in order to cater for that, this equipment is made of shoe plate pivot with up to 30 degrees to increase the durability and also to provide stability while operating.

Variable speeds - some materials require faster speed while cutting while others need a bit slower rate. It, therefore, has variable speed triggers with switch lock button that enables the user to decide on the suitable speed required for the job.

In addition to these features, this equipment has rubber grips that prevent the outer cover from wearing out faster.
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Product Features

Has five positions
hand rotation of 180 degrees
Controllable cuttings
1/2twist-lock blades church for fast and easy blade change
Has a rubber grips

who is it for?

We would recommend this tool for people working on solid constructions due to its weight. It is not suitable for one-handed operations.

Easy to control the cuttings

Can serve for long without wearing out

It is stable while operating with it

Does not produce a lot of noise


It is heavier compared to other tools

7. Makita XRJ06Z

7. Makita XRJ06Z
Whether you are a professional or you are just a starter in the field of woodworking and carpentry, this is one of the equipment that we suggest to be on your to buy list. This option is number one when it comes to an innovative battery and brushless motor technology that is powered by lithium-ion batteries for 36v performance and power and also has an BL brushless motor that matches torque to the application.

This equipment allows users to stay in one battery platform using the same fast-charging 18v batteries. You might be wondering how comfortable is this equipment. Well, it contains a rubberized soft grip handle that provides the user with increased comfort on the job.

Imagine working with a piece of equipment that provides cutting efficiency with minimal vibration. This tool has a long 1-1/4 stroke length that provides increased cutting ability delivering a smooth and clean cuttings.

BL Brushless motor - this is one of the things that would probably make you purchase this device. The Bl brushes motor helps eliminate the carbon brushes, enabling it to run more efficiently and more relaxed for longer life. That also enables the user to have a clean and healthy working environment.

Tool-less blade change system - sometimes, you might need a machine that does not give you a hard time while installing blades. Well, don’t worry anymore, in case of faster blade installation, this device contains too-less blade change system that increases the rate of a facility and its productivity.

If these features have not impressed you, consider looking at its electric brakes that allow the equipment to work at its maximum productivity.
Therefore, you might not need to use a lot of energy and time while cutting through those hardwoods. Also, in case you work in harsh conditions, you do not need to worry anymore. It has extreme protection technology( XPT) that is engineered for improved specks of dust and water resistance for operating in harsh conditions.
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Product Features

Refined crank mechanism design that minimizes blade reflection and reduces vibration
Contains BL Brushless motor that eliminates carbon brushes
Has powerful BL Brushes motor for faster cutting
Long 1-1/4 stroke length
Two 18v LXT Lithium-Ion batteries

Who is it for?

Purchasing this tool means that you will be spending a lot of money. If you hate wasting your cash on fake things, this is the best investment you should make.

Easy to handle

Delivers quality results

More rapid and efficient cuttings

Has minimal vibration

Cooler while in operating

Long lasting


Might be a bit heavy to some people



One of the best features about it is that, compared with the other electric options, is designed with a laser Guide and Bevel lever which mean, you do not have to struggle to try to locate the best line to have your cut. With the inclusion of a scale ruler and a beam guide, it assists you in cutting straight lines especially when high precision is needed. These accurate cuts have assured by the parallel guide and laser light and angle adjustment of up to 45 degrees.

For better hand feeling while operating, it contains ergonomic soft handles with a compact body and lightweight that is perfect for one-handed operation thus delivering excellent cutting and line visibility for tight detail work. Apart from these features, some of the fascinating ones include:

Depth Gauge Lever and dust extraction system - this device allows adjustments from anywhere between 1-1-11/16 with the highest cut of 42.8 mm to deliver a better performance when cutting different materials. Also, a dust extraction system to leave your working area free from dust helping the user to focus more on tasks without a lot of mess.

4 -amp Electric motor - speed is a crucial thing in electric tools. This equipment delivers a load speed of 3,500 rpm that enables it to easily cut through woods at a faster rate compared to other devices.

If there aren't enough for you, this option also contains transparent blade guard design that is used to protect the blades from being destroyed under an operation. Also, it complies of a motor postposition that separates the gravity center of the saw to suit for your one-handed operation.
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Product Features

Has 24 teeth TCT blades
Transparent blade guard
Two switches control operation for safety
Adjustable bevel and depth cuttings
Left-handed blade design Dominant 5.8 AMP motor full-size performance
Allen wrench for easy blade change
Has dust extraction adapter

Who is it for?

Perfect for one-handed jobs especially for home projects since it also contains a few plastic parts.

Easy to set and operate


Suitable for any cutting length for one-handed operation

Can easily change the blades



It does not come with a replaceable battery

9. Makita XSLO5Z

9. Makita XSLO5Z
This option is directly powered by 18v LXT lithium-Ion battery with soft start that requires minimal motor maintenance to provides the users with experiences for smoother start-ups and constant power through-out their jobs. Also, electric brakes offer more convenience that have compatible linear ball bearing system that is meant to deliver dead-on proper cuts. However, our best featured are as follows:

See-through blade guard - for greater visibility of the blades, it contains a see-through blade guard that enhances the user to have clear and accurate line-of-cut for efficient results.

D-handle design - the ergonomic rubberized horizontals have a D-handle design that is efficient for better and fit added comfort
In addition to these features, this tool includes L.E.D light that helps to illuminate the line-of-cut. It is also ideal for baseboard and installation of crown since it has additional 0-50 degrees left and 0-60 degrees right thus providing different stops at different rotation degrees.
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Product Features

Powerful 10.5 direct drive motor
It delivers cuts for up to 12 at 90 degrees
Has a linear ball bearing system to provide smooth cuts
Has a handle bevel lock that is easily adjustable

Who is it for?

Recommendable for people working in general constructions for accuracy, capacity, and portability.

Provides smooth start-ups

Offers quick and easy cuts


It is powerful and durable


Its setup is a bit complicated especially for a starter


With only 12 inches and 3.4 pounds, this tool has the best features for DIY projects, demolition, trimming trees and cutting PVC pipes. It has a lightweight and compact design for superior control and versatility in tight spaces. It also can increase friction in operations that are easy to control the cut positions.

For better-controlled cuts, it also has a variable speed trigger that makes it easier for the user to use and control the cuts. The Tool-free blade change clamp offers easy and fast blade changes. Below are our best features in this equipment:

Clamping jaw - anyone would like to use a tool that provides the best results with more natural ways to operate. This tool is equipped with a clamping jaw that increases friction in operation, easy to control the cut position and provide sufficient security for the users.

One hour fast charge - rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows fast full charging within an hour and also provides a carrying case for easy transport from one job site to the other.
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Product Features

Variable speed trigger and battery indicator
Exceptional clamping jaw
Double safety design control system
Tool - free blade change

Who is it for?

If you have tight spaces at your job, then, this is the right pick for you.

Fast full charging within an hour

Has a quicker cut speed

It is safe to handle and use

Easy and quicker blade changes


Only suitable for DIY home light work


Types of Electric Hand Saws

Electric hand saws also come in many different forms. However, they can be classified into two distinct categories based on their motion. You should consider the following:

1. Reciprocating saws

These types of saws use the blades in a pull and push action. Often, people refer to these types of saws as Sawzall. Reciprocating saw are designed like jigsaw such that you can control the blade using the base shoe.  Also, these types of saws include a handle that can be used by either hand and have a second grip closer to the blade.

These types of tools are potent and having different types of blades, they may just cut any types of materials. However, they are more recommendable for rough cuttings.

2. Circular saws

Unlike the ones before, these produce straight and clean cuts and they leave behind very smooth edges.

For this case, they are less complicated when it comes to controlling thus being a better choice where strong kickback can easily cause damage. You should also be aware that there are types of blades used for cutting various materials.



Q. What are the proper safety measures should you use to extend the quality of an electric hand saw?

A. Proper caring increases productivity and also extends its quality. First, store your equipment away from moisture to avoid rusting of the blades. Also, after every use of the tool, remember to lubricate it to help keep off any rusting.

Maintain the wooden handle by oiling it unusually when it is dry. If your machine happens to have rusted from various reason, you can also remove the rust with razor or sandpaper on the blades paying close attention to the area it could have attached in the handle.

Q. What are the precautions while cutting?

A. While operating with an electric saw, be aware of staying away from any moving part. For that reason, never try to adjust or remove cuttings while still, the blades are in action. If there is an apparent disruption, put off the device and wait until it has completely stopped to run and even if the blade breaks while still running, never attempt to replace it before switching off.  Again, you should not allow anyone to stand in front of the tool when cutting.



With the right electric hand saw, you can be sure that acquiring those professional cuttings  is not a hard thing. Depending on your job, we recommend you to make the best choice from the above list but also remember that your budget matters. After that, make sure to recommend these tools for anyone working on the DIY projects and has not yet received the best results from his/her previous gears.