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1. Ororo Men's Soft Shell Heated Jacket
Test Winner: 1. Ororo Men's Soft Shell Heated Jacket

Best Heated Jackets Reviews & Cost Comparison

The winter season brings with it near-arctic, frigid temperatures, blizzards and drifts of snow and ice that threaten to numb your nervous system if you don’t pile up on those extra layers. To be even remotely as productive as you during the winter, you’re going to need to invest heavily and wisely on long-sleeved shirts, gloves, hats, scarfs, sweaters, and anything else that can keep you warm. Unfortunately, finding one capable of keeping you comfortable and toasty without reducing your mobility is quite a tall order. A majority have the disadvantage of being heavy, bulky, and thick.

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It’s at this point that heated jacket literally come to your rescue. They are the ideal sweet spot. They are lightweight and compact and have than enough room for carrying gadgets, GSP devices, compasses, and any other related accessories you’ll want to bring with you without compromising on free range of mobility. More importantly, though, is the fact that they have factory-fitted heaters for keeping the user toasty warm all through the winter.

To find the best heated jacket on the market, you have to conduct an in-depth research lasting several days during which you’ll be comparing several heated jackets to one another, evaluating their features, testing them out in different cold weather conditions, and perusing through literally thousands of online reviews. We understand you have neither the time nor the nerve considering how daunting and involving the process is. To make it simple for you, we’ve done the hard part and put together our list of the best heated jackets on the market

10 Best Heated Jackets


1. Ororo Men's Soft Shell Heated Jacket

1. Ororo Men's Soft Shell Heated Jacket
Our first choice for the best heated jackets is the Ororo Men’s Battery Heated Jacket with Detachable Hood, a choice that’s in no way made by mistake. The heated jacket has a richness of features and specs that trump over all other heated jacket on the market. Just to give you a quick overview, the heated jacket has plenty of warmth even prior to the user activating the heating system. Meaning that even when the heating power runs out, you’ll have formidable protection against the cold weather. Engaging the heating system immediately supplies you with an abundance of exceptionally toasty temperatures all through the heated jacket’s four heated levels. The fact it offers you a total of four heating levels or settings means it’s a flexible choice ideal for use in a wide range of environments, including in near-arctic climates.

The jacket is an ideal choice for the adventurers and out-door enthusiasts looking for a heated jacket that features a high-quality construction and is quite reliable to allow for trouble-free use in all types of settings. Aside from its all-polyester construction, heated jacket comes with a special coating gives it 100 percent resistant to water. The implication the waterproof properties of it is that it provide you with superior protection against the rain, ice and snow, all of which would otherwise make you even colder if they could easily penetrate the jacket. In addition to keeping out water, ice, and snow, the heated jacket also comes with tightly closing wrists and collar, which do a spectacular job keeping wind from entering the jacket. The unit has additional layers of insulation that make it naturally warm even when the user turns off the heating system. For such a high performing unit, you’d expect it to be heavy and bulky and therefore cumbersome to move around from one place to another. You’d be dead wrong though.
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While it has several impressive features, from a superior heating capacity, lightweight and compact design to exceptional portability, the jacket nonetheless has its fair share of drawbacks with regards to construction. While polyester is lightweight, it’s lacks the durability of other construction material alternatives out there. You’ll also need to exercise due caution when buying the heated jackets as the sizes tend to run a little big. On a positive note though, you have the freedom of machine washing the heated jacket when it inevitably gets dirty. And yes, the design allows for 100 percent machine washing without removing the heating elements, not that you can anyway. For the apprehensive user, keep in mind that it is fitted with several fail-safes to eliminate the risk of short circuiting when wearing it. Next, we take an in-depth look at the heating system of the jacket.

It relies on a 4400 mAh, 4-Volt battery for powering the heating system. You can recharge the battery using a USB cable that the manufacturer so generously provides with every purchases. When fully charged, the battery should be able to provide you with 8 hours of run time with the activation of the lowest heating system. You can choose any of the four heating settings, and adjusting between the different heating settings is made relatively easy and straightforward with the use of a factory-installed button. The strategic placement of the heaters on the chest and mid-back of the heated jacket ensures the even distribution of toasty heat all through the torso and down to your legs.

While the Ororo Men’s Battery Heated Jacket with Detachable Hood is clearly a pricier model, we feel that the pricing is both fair and justifiable, considering its quality of construction, versatility and off-the-charts performance. It’s capable of delivering reliability and warmth, in addition to boasting an incredible ease of use and versatility. For individuals planning on hiking or going for a walk in the forest in the cold weather or those who work in naturally cold settings, you’ll find the Ororo jacket to be a very solid and reliable investment.
  • Long-battery life
  • Offers wind and water resistance
  • Reasonably priced
  • Includes four heat settings which provides continuous heating in cold weather
  • Lacks lightweight and compact design
  • Not compatible with other battery models
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2. DeWalt DCHJ060C1-L

2. DeWalt DCHJ060C1-L
Everything about the DeWalt DCHJ060C1-L is just impressive. Its practicality, reliability, ease of use, performance and durability espouses DeWalt’s commitment and dedication to the production of high-quality products. And there is every benefit to be gained from the heated jacket, considering that it’s a brand product coming from a highly reputed organization. When it comes to keeping yourself feeling nice and warmth all day long if you live in a predominantly cold environment, the DeWalt DCHJ060C1-L never fails. Employees working outdoors for hours on end will find the 7.5 hours run time more than adequate for keeping the jaws from shattering all day. Because it has a powerful 20V battery, the heated jacket does more than just keeping you warm. It also has USB cable routing ports that allows you to charge your mobile devices on the go, meaning that you can bring your favourite music player along with you to keep you company. Now, let’s dive into the details.

It is a solid choice for people who want a professionally made heated jacket capable of lasting several winters without the slightest hitch in performance. As you would expect, the outer shell of the heated jacket is made from high-quality and long-lasting polyester, which is also resistant to water and by extension rain and snow. The construction quality therefore does not limit you to indoor settings. You can go for a walk or job in the winter without having to worry about encountering the heaviest downpour.
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Its rugged and tough construction also allows it to gracefully take any beating it’s subjected to, without the slightest damage to its outer shell or performance. The thickness of the shell considerably slows down any wear and tear, making it an all-time favourite of individuals and workers planning on venturing out into the jaw-chattering cold of the winter.

Industrial workers and outdoor enthusiasts will love it for its generous storage space. The heated jacket comes with five zippered pocket with an abundance of space for carrying a wide assortment of tools and gadgets. Even with pockets filled to the brim with all sorts of power tools, the heated jacket has a design that still promotes mobility, ensuring that you move about freely while keeping you warm and nice all the while. The several layers of polyester will still keep you toasty even with the heating elements switched off, so no worries about the battery running out on you while in the middle of an operation. The jacket is by all means a great choice for any professional looking to keep toasty as the winter season ravages on.

It is no slouch when it comes to performance, either. Unlike the previous product that had chest and mid-back heating zones, this heated jacket comes with four heating zones spread out evenly throughout the torso. You have on the collar, two around the chest, and one in the mid-back. The uniform heat distribution, as you would expect, guarantees that the heat effectively reaches every part of your upper body, keeping you warm and toasty no matter how cold it is. Unlike most off-brand heated jackets, it has a lightweight and compact heating system that doesn’t add any unnecessary weight to the jacket in a way that would hamper full mobility. And that’s just a tip of the iceberg. It also comes with a pre-heat setting to prevent a situation where you have to slip into a cold, unwelcome jacket. The jacket has two USB charging ports for charging your mobile devices while on the go.

Unfortunately, the battery running time is not commensurate with its performance and overall build quality. You’ll only have between 2 and 4 hours of warmth when you activate the higher heat setting and a paltry 6 to 7 hours on the lower setting, which pales in comparison to the run time offered by the previous product. Piling on the bad news, the battery on the DeWalt DCHJ060C1-L lasts for just two years before completely crapping out. However, considering its compatibility with 12V and 20V DeWalt, replacing a dead battery should not be a big deal. The short lifespan of the battery is in no way a deal breaker, though seeing as its benefits far outweigh the negatives. Just to give you a quick recap, the DeWalt DCHJ060C1-L is a lightweight and high-performing heated jacket with plenty of carrying space and two USB ports for charging mobile devices on the go. And the best part is that it comes with a budget friendly price tag.

Overall, the jacket is a perfect choice for anyone who wants an extremely rugged, versatile and long-lasting heated jacket for keeping warm in the cold temperatures of the winter. It has several well-placed heating zones that allow the dissemination of heat to every part of the body, thereby keeping you warm and comfortable all through the winter. The five zippered pockets make the unit a versatile one as it allows you to bring with you any additional tools you may need while on the job.
  • Incredibly simple to use
  • Comfortable to use for longer periods
  • Durable
  • Outstanding mobility
  • Stylish and slim- fit with lots of pockets
  • Composed of a well-insulated fabric which is both water and wind resistant
  • Has three different heat settings allowing you to adjust internal temperature in chilled weather
  • The battery has a short lifespan
  • Lack of heating elements in the pockets
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3. Bosch PSJ120M-102

3. Bosch PSJ120M-102
Individuals and workers working on a budget but still searching for exceptional heating performance and durability should look no further than the Bosch PSJ120M-102. Everything you need to start using the heated jacket off the box is included in the delivery package, so no point running around separately buying other equally essential accessories. To be honest, there is really not much difference between this heated jacket and the previous product, or any other top-model heated jacket for that matter.

Despite that, its flexibility stands out. The stylish design makes it an all-around jacket, allowing you to wear it comfortably and confidently whether you’re planning on venturing out to jog in the cold of the winter, or get some physical work done, or just attend a party next door.
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The tough and professional construction using polyester offers the user the best resistance against water and wind. By extension, such resistance means you can also use it in the rain and snow, and would therefore be a solid investment. The product comes with a 3-push button heat setting that range between low, medium and high, each suited for a different weather setting.

Because of its powerful Bosch 12-Volt Max battery boasting a longer run time, the heated jacket warms up quickly and with lots of ease thereby minimizing your expose to the cold weather. Like the previous product, this high-performance jacket has a total of five pockets to provide you with adequate space for quickly and easily storing different things. There are two hand pockets, one for keeping relatively large documents, another optimized for keeping a mobile phone, while the last one acts as a battery holster.

The high capacity jacket is capable of powering the heated jacket and charge other mobile devices like cell phones through the built-in USB port. Consequently, other than keeping you all warmed up and comfortable during the cold, it also acts as a secondary power source for keeping your electrical devices up and running.

Very few other heated jacket epitomise professional design and commitment to superior quality in the same way that this one does. The robustness and ruggedness of the outer shell of the heated jacket allows the user to essentially take it to all sorts of working conditions without having to worry about the cold or its longevity. You can use the product for light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty use without the slightest performance issue. It is also an extremely flexible jacket with a fitted waist and sleeves you can easily adjust depending on the degree of prevailing weather conditions. If it’s both windy, cold and rainy, tightly adjusting the collar, the sleeves and the waist will effectively keep you warm even with the heating system switched off. Plus, because the collar is considerably taller, you won’t regret forgetting your scarf at the house as it does a tremendous job trapping and keeping your neck warm.

It has three heat zones: two around the chest and one in the back. The thoughtful placement of the heat zones around the upper body area ensures that your entire upper torso is nice and toasty all through the cold season. Running the lowest heat setting gives you a maximum of 6 hours of warmth using the Bosch 12-Volt Max 4.0Ah battery but you always have the option of upgrading the battery to a full 4,000 mAh if you’re planning on being out for longer. Activating the lowest heat setting intermittently will of course earn you more than 6 hours of run time.

To conclude, the Bosch PSJ120M-102 is clearly a versatile heated jacket packed with several impressive features and boasting a quick heating capacity. It is a perfect fit for people working outdoor jobs or in heat on-and-off situations. The fact that it’s constructed from high-quality polyester and is properly insulated, it’ll still keep you warm even when the battery unexpectedly runs out on you. The heated jacket is quite versatile too. Because of its stylish design, you can hike, fish, walk, job, motorcycle, attend to social events and even work in it. Plus, you get 5 very spacious pockets for storing additional items without compromising your mobility. If you live in a particularly cold environment and are in need of a reliable, versatile, and fairly priced heated jacket, take a second look at the Bosch PSJ120M-102.
  • Provides of almost instantaneous start
  • Sufficient and generous carrying space in pockets
  • Comfortable and adjustable
  • Stays warm even with a dead battery
  • Has three heat setting for incredible versatility
  • Lack of heating elements in the arms
  • Not usable with backpacks
  • Battery doesn’t last for long
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4. Ororo Women’s Slim-Fit

4. Ororo Women’s Slim-Fit
For the female outdoor enthusiast or woman worker in search of a suitable cold weather solution during the winter, look no further than this option. The jacket allows for full mobility with every activity you’re undertaking, thanks to its slim-fit design and lightweight characteristics. The reliability of the product’s heating elements eliminates the need for additional layering when the temperatures drop considerably. For potential users looking for concrete reasons to go with the jacket, keep in mind that in addition to being lightweight and fully mobile, it similarly comes with three heating zones, three heating levels, and a powerful and long-lasting battery capable of providing up to 8 hours of continuous warmth. Last but not least, the heated jacket is equipped with carbon fibre heating elements and is both wind and waterproof. If such impressive features don’t sway your purchasing decision, we don’t know what will.

The jacket brings together two of the most important factors in a heated jacket: functionality and exceptional performance, not to mention that it also puts a great deal of emphasis of style. Consequently, other than ensuring your torso remains warm all through the biting cold of the winter, the heated jacket also comes with great looks. The implication is that it is a versatile that can also be worn casually to social events. Because it feature an all-polyester construction, it has the capacity to smoothly and effectively resist all the unwanted weather elements in addition to abrasion. The polyester is coated with DWR to give the heated jacket exceptional resistance against rain, snow, ice, and wind. Plus, it spots a convenient hood for providing your head with additional protection against the cold, rain, ice, and wind.
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The skilled and professional designing makes it one of the best lightweight top layers on the market, which allows the user totally unhampered movement without burdening them with too much weight. Thanks to the carbon-fibre heating elements, the heat will be distributed evenly to three different zones around the torso. There are two zones on either side of the chest and one at the mid-back. They are placed in such a way that the heat still gets to reach your legs and feet, ensuring your feet don’t freeze up while walking around in the cold. Adjusting or controlling the heat settings is both straightforward and quick, as you have at your disposal one easy-to-use switch button. With a full battery charge, you’ll be able to enjoy up to 8 hours of uninterrupted heat supply, which will of course, depend on the heat setting you activate and the prevailing weather conditions.

Like the vast majority of heated jackets on its price range, this one spots a total of three zippered pockets. The first two are maximized for keeping your hands toasty while in the cold while the last one comes with a USB plug for recharging compatible mobile devices on the go.

For women in need of a versatile, long-lasting and high-performance heated jacket at a pocket-friendly price, we’d encourage you to grab this option. It has all the blows and whistles to make it perfect companion during the cold winter season. Aside from being a lightweight, compact, and sportive model, it also has a powerful battery with a long run time of up to 8 hours. Being lightweight, it allows you to move freely without the slightest hindrance. You can choose any of four different heat settings which, coupled with the carbon-fibre heating elements, ensure the even distribution of heat on the chest and back. And when it picks up dust and dirt, feel free to machine wash it with its heating system intact.
  • Has a stylish design and fits to the T
  • Can be washed with machines
  • Versatile with four heat control settings
  • Very resistant to water and wind
  • Ideal for outdoor activities like hunting and hiking
  • Sizes are limited to just small, medium and large
  • The pockets are few

5. Makita DCJ200ZXL

5. Makita DCJ200ZXL
The Makita DCJ200ZXL has a deceptively modest and simple outward appearance, and doesn’t differ much from your average hoodie jacket. However, you’ll immediately begin to appreciate its heating process the second it goes through your head as it supplies the user with exceptional warmth, effectively keeping them from freezing in the jaw-shattering cold of the winter. Its exceptional heating capacity can be attributed to several factors but the main one is the inclusion of thoughtfully placed heat zones at the chest and the mid-back. Plus, it boasts a stylish and contemporary design that allows you to blend in when going out for social functions, a job or an office party.

This model, in particular, uses the long-lasting and powerful 18-Volt Compact Lithium-In and Makita 18-Volt LXT batteries. Both have an outstanding run time of up to 28 hours on the lowest heat setting, more than enough for you to wrap up your camping trip. The best part though is that the jacket is compatible with other 18-Volt batteries manufactured by Makita and you can quickly swipe them for these when or if the juice in yours runs out.
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Charging USB compatible portable electronic devices on the go is made easy and convenient with the inclusion of a USB power port. When it comes to versatility, it has your back covered. The heated jacket comes with three heat settings, allowing for the swift and convenient adjustment to the weather conditions prevailing at that particular time. The low setting is ideal for when its lightly cold, the medium setting for when the temperatures drop further, and the high setting is perfect when Mother Nature bring with it freezing temperatures, blizzards and drifts of snow threatening to numb your nervous system.

You also get four pockets generously spaced pockets for keeping all the items you want to bring with you on your job or outdoor activity. It could be one or two power tools, work documents or an MP3 player or the aforementioned mobile phone. Because one of the pockets is zippered, it’s safe for storing delicate items such as mobile phones. Other than the zippered pocket, it also has pockets on the right side, the left side and the sleeve pocket.

The design allows for free and full mobility, even with the pocket filled up with different items. The battery pocket, for instance, is strategically positioned at the back-left side of the pocket, which means you can access it quickly and easily. A unique feature is the smooth fleece-lined collar whose design and engineering considerably increases comfort and convenience, even after zipping it fully to the top. Provided you choose the right size, you’re guaranteed a perfect and comfortable fit, thanks to the knitting of the storm cuffs as well as the drawstring waist.

As previously mentioned, you get to enjoy uniform heat distribution with the product’s three core heat zones. There are two on either side of the chest and one at the mid-back. For convenience, there is an on/off heat controller and three LED indicators placed at the top of the heat elements. The design allows you to quickly and effortlessly convert it into a vest by simply removing the zip off sleeves without interfering with its heating capacity and prowess.

The Makita DCJ200ZXL is a solid choice for individuals who need a heated jacket to keep them warm and comfortable while performing their various outdoor cold weather activities. Whether you’ll be using 18-Volt Compact Lithium-Ion or Makita 18-Volt LXT battery, you’re guaranteed uninterrupted 28 hours supply of powerful performance at the lowest setting. The three heating pads are strategically located on the chest and the back and even though there is lack of dedicated hand warmer in the pockets, the heat will be distributed evenly all throughout the body, thereby keeping the cold at bay. It is constructed from waterproof polyester and comes with fully adjustable cuffs and waistline to allow for a comfortable fit. Plus, it’s lightweight and allows for full mobility even with the pockets fully loaded. You won’t regret any decisions to choose it over its competitors.
  • Has three heat setting for remarkable versatility
  • Even distribution of heating elements all through the jacket
  • You can zip off the sleeves
  • Has pockets with generous spacing
  • Comes with a soft fleece collar
  • The battery pack is bulky and heavy and may limit mobility
  • The heat generated is not comparable to other models


It’s rather pointless trying too hard to sell you on any products made by the highly reputed, and customer trusted DeWalt brand. All their products are the epitome of top-quality production, versatility, longevity and top-level performance. Time and again, they have set the bar high enough, following other players to follow along. And today we get to review one of their best, the DeWalt DCHJ062C1-L. With everything you need in a heated jacket, you’ll no longer be afraid of venturing out in the cold, no matter the time of day or the prevailing weather conditions. The heated jacket has the ruggedness, versatility, and the even distribution of heating pads to keep your whole body comfortable and toasty all through the winter. Plus, there are a mind-blowing total of seven pockets for safely storing all your equipment, gadgets and mobile devices.

The design and engineering makes it expressly ideal for the outdoor enthusiasts in need of life-saving heat during the winter. Aside from having a stylish outward appearance, the heated jacket also has a nice brown forest camouflage colour that does a great job concealing your location. The use of polyester for the construction of the outer shell of the jacket is also another plus considering that it does an outstanding job keeping water and other related elements from entering the jacket. The ruggedness and sturdiness of the polyester makes the heated jacket capable of withstanding wear and tear that commonly occurs when people work outside. The ability to resist the entry of water, ice and snow and the durability of the polyester makes it one of the toughest heated jackets on the market today.
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With 7 zippered pockets, you have more than enough room for carrying gadgets, GSP devices, compasses, hunting equipment and any other related accessories you’ll want to bring with you. The DEWALT DCHJ062C1-L won’t limit your mobility or flexibility even with the pockets filled to the brim with different types of gadgets. This is not to say that it’s so thin that it can’t keep you warm and toasty all through the winter, even with the heating elements switched off.

Unlike the previous product, it comes with four heating zones, on the back and the front, and all thoughtfully placed so that your entire upper body gets the warmth. The lightweight and diminutive characteristics of the heat elements are so designed that they don’t interfere with your freedom of movement. Another distinct features of the heated jacket is the pre-heat setting that gets it warmed up so you slip into a toasty, welcoming jacket. The versatility is yet another outstanding feature. The factory-fitted battery can be used to charge all USB compatible devices.

The downside to the product’s battery is that it drains out a little too quickly. It gets you a paltry 2 to 4 hours of service on the highest heat setting and anywhere between 6 and 7 hours on the lowest heat setting. Probably not enough to last you your entire night out on a camping trip. Also, you’ll have to contend with having to buy a new battery every two years because their lifespan is considerably short. Given its compatibility with other 12-Volt and 20-Volt DeWalt batteries, however, replacing it when it craps out shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Overall, it is one of the best heated jackets on the market, no debate about that. The heated jacket has a premium pricing though which in our opinion is fair and justified considering all of its high-quality features. It will prove to a wise investment and an indispensable part of the hunting and outdoor gear.
  • Comes with a charger and battery
  • Has several pockets for carrying personal effects
  • Has a USB port for charging compatible devices
  • Resists water and wind and other elements


7. Knap Cordless Heated Jacket

7. Knap Cordless Heated Jacket
The Knap Cordless Heated Jacket is a formidable, easy to use, versatile and high-performance heated jacket with legendary heat regulation prowess. Couple that with the fact that it efficiently and quickly heats up when turned on and the ability to stay warm for several hours and you understand why it’s the go-to heated jacket for a vast majority of outdoor enthusiasts. We’ve not even mentioned the fact that the unit is made with long-lasting, high-quality materials and that it fits comfortably on different body sizes. Plus, it has the kind of flexibility that allows you to wear it to the party across the street, while exercising, and when working. These are qualities that you just don’t get on any other heated jacket.

The jacket provides you with the surest way of beating the cold to its own game. The combination of 95 percent of polyester and 5 percent Spandex results to a material with several impressive qualities. First, it’s lightweight and reasonably thin that it will neither weigh you down when doing your thing nor will it restrict your mobility. Even with pockets full of gadgets, mobile phones, documents and the like, you still get to enjoy unprecedented freedom of movement. The resultant material is also resistant to wind and water, which by extension means that related elements like dust, ice and snow cannot penetrate through. The best part though, is the remarkable ability of the combination of polyester and spandex to keep you continuously warm even after switching off the heating system. Its unrivalled ability to make an outstanding thermal layer in the most unfriendly weather conditions means it’s the ideal heated jacket to don when venturing out.
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Its professional and skilled construction aims to provide the user with a considerably free range of movement. No matter your profession or favourite past time activity, we can’t recommend the jacket to you enough, especially at its price.

The heating system is powered with a 4400 mAh, 7.4-Volt Lithium-Ion battery. The battery comes with several advantages that included but not limited to fast charging time and the ability to power the jacket for a straight hours on with the lowest heat setting activated. The heated jacket lacks a user manual but has a pretty gentle learning curve. Nevertheless learning your way around it should take that much effort. Controlling it is incredibly easy once you know how to turn it on. With heating zones on the chest and the mid-back, you’ll almost instantly feel the warmth getting distributed all through your upper torso, keeping you feeling comfortable, warm and cosy all through the winter.

This is an undoubtedly solid heated jacket. The unit brings together all the qualities, feature and specs all outdoor enthusiasts look for in a heated jacket. It’s affordably priced, has remarkable heating capabilities and features an outstanding construction quality. On a full charge, the powerful battery will provide with 8 hours of continuous heating, no matter the setting. The construction material, a combination of polyester and Spandex, is both durable and lightweight and will keep water, snow, ice, and wind from getting to you. For greater versatility, it offers you three heat settings and heating zones at the front and back, to ensure the heat is distributed evenly all through the upper body. Hence, aside from the lack of an instruction manual and USB charging ports, the jacket is an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts and those who work in cold, outdoor settings.
  • Thermal layer keeps the temperature toasty
  • Battery lasts for longer than of most models
  • Cost effective
  • Excellent insulation
  • Thick and long-lasting outer shell
  • Resists water and wind
  • Lacks an instructions manual

8. Dragon Heatwear Wyvern 3-Zone

8. Dragon Heatwear Wyvern 3-Zone
For outdoor enthusiasts and employees who prefer the outdoors to the conventional office setting, another great winter cold solution comes in the form of the Dragon Heatwear Wyvern 3-Zone Heated Jacket. It is packed to the brim with all the essential features aimed at keeping you comfortable, warm and toasty as you navigate your way through the jaw-chattering cold of the winter. Being a lightweight model, it provides the user with the much needed versatility and flexibility to move about without the slightest hindrance. Its performance is especially remarkable in hunting expeditions and law-enforcement engagements.

Of all the unique selling points, the one that stands out the most is high-quality construction of the whole things. The heated jacket is stylish and reeks of sophistication in each and every aspect of its engineering. The outer shell of the unit, for instance, is constructed using top-of-the-line polyester and comes with a soft fleece lining. In addition to keeping you ultra-comfortable all throughout the day, the soft fleece lining also does an outstanding job increasing resistance to wind, water, abrasion and all other related elements. The implication of the latter feature is that the jacket is capable of withstanding the wear and tear, it also means you can use it in various extreme temperature situations.
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To ensure it fits the user snugly, the manufacturers thoughtfully included adjustable cuffs and hems with the use of Velcro and cinch bungees, respectively. The covering of the zippers and lining of the front zipper aims to achieve one main goal; keep the user as warm as possible by preventing the entry of wind, ice, snow and water or rain. You can as well additional measure to keep out these elements, such as wearing a scarf and gloves. Because of the strategic placement of heating zones on the chest and back, all the zippered pockets receive plenty of warmth and are therefore ideal for keeping the hands warm and cosy. You can easily choose between a low, medium and high heat setting using a convenient one-touch LED controller to ensure you have the right level of warmth depending on the prevailing weather conditions. This also means you have plenty of room for keeping your cold-sensitive electric devices such as mobile phones and gadgets. All these you can do without compromising your free range of movement.

As is the case with most top-end heated jackets, the Dragon Heatwear Wyvern comes in a contemporary, sleek and stylish design. What this means is that other than using it for your outdoor expeditions or law-enforcement duties, you can similarly wear it in a social context, going to get-togethers, family reunions, or parties confidently. With its powerful and long-lasting low-profile 4400 mAh 7.4-Volt battery, you’re looking at up to 10 hours of continuous and uninterrupted supply of warm and cosy heat on a single charge. And should the battery juice run out, no worries. The thick yet lightweight later of polyester will still keep you warm and sufficiently toasty. And when the jacket becomes dirty after using it for some time, feel free to machine wash it without worrying about the possibility of damaging. But, take care not to machine dry it. Let it dry naturally in the air.
  • Has three different setting, making it a versatile choice
  • Has a comfortable and warm fleece lining
  • Three heating zones keep you toasty warm all day long
  • Has several zippered pockets for storing valuables
  • Lastly an impressive 10 hours
  • A little expensive
  • Steep learning curve for learners

9. Milwaukee Jacket KIT M12

9. Milwaukee Jacket KIT M12
When winter brings with it near-arctic climates, and your conventional jackets do very little in the way of providing you with sufficient, it’s high time you started searching for heated jackets. And one best choices out there with the capacity to help you maintain core temperatures is this Milwaukee jacket. It’s an all-around unit ideal for participating in various outdoor activities and because it features a slender and flexible design, you’ll have a wide free range of movement irrespective of your favourite past time activity. Plus, it has distinct heating zones on the chest and the back that are skilfully placed so that the toasty temperature spread uniformly all throughout your torso, keeping you nice, comfortable, and cosy all winter long. Now, without much ado, let’s dive into the technical details.

Irrespective of your body size, you can easily customize the Milwaukee Jacket KIT M12 so it fits you maximally to ensure better heat retention. With regard to performance, the heated jacket is fitted with a total of five carbon-fibre heating elements in addition to an innovative fabric-layering technology that guarantees the uniform the uniform distribution and retention of the warm temperatures throughout the body. It is the only heated jacket on this list to have heating pads in the lower pockets in additional to the usual places like the chest and back, making it one of the most versatile products on the market today. Plus, all the three distinct heating zones are controlled by different settings, allowing the user to adjust the heat settings independently and in response to the prevailing weather conditions in different situations.
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Another unique feature is the incorporation of a heating panel on the chest. What is unique about the heating panel is that it’s capable of glowing brightly in various colours depending on the heat setting activated. The colour conveniently changes to red at the highest heat setting, and white with the activation of the medium heat setting and lastly blue on activating the lowest heat setting.

The construction quality is commensurate with its price range. The outer shell, for instance, has the ruggedness and robustness that makes it resistant to wind and water, which essentially means the unit is very effective at keeping the cold weather at bay. The heated jacket also comes with a thermal fleece lining for enhancing insulation by holding onto heat for much longer. The design therefore remarkably maximizes warmth while keeping to a bare minimum the number of layers required. The result is a product that doggedly keeps you feeling warm, cosy and comfortable at all times, even with a dead battery. Speaking of batteries, it is capable of providing you with some 8 hours of warm heat at the lowest heat setting using its M12 REDLITHIUM battery technology. You’ll also be able to charge all your USB compatible mobile devices conveniently on the go.

In conclusion, the Milwaukee Jacket KIT is undeniably one of the most reliable heated jackets on the market currently. The brand is renowned for manufacturing high-quality products, and no product is a better demonstration of the brand’s decades of experience and expertise than this jacket. The heated jacked ticks all the right boxes. It’s is stylish to wear to social events and does an amazing job keeping you warm and cosy throughout. The heated jacket is a guarantee of design and quality.
  • Comes with a contemporary, appealing design
  • Has a long 12-month warranty
  • Easy to use
  • Water and wind resistant
  • Gives user full and unrestricted mobility
  • Hand pockets have heating pads for quickly warming you up
  • Expensive
  • Battery doesn’t come with the delivery package

10. DeWalt DCHJ066C1-M

10. DeWalt DCHJ066C1-M
The list of best heated jackets would not be complete if it weren’t for the DeWalt DCHJ066C1-M 20V/12V MAX Women’s Heated Jacket. Anyone who frequently uses or has ever done the quickest search a power tool understands that the DeWalt brand is not one to be ignored. Their products are prime examples of quality at its best, and this heated jacket, like all its brothers, will prove to be a wise investment for users living in near-artic climates. The heated jacket has all the essential and premium features the outdoorsy girl needs to stay comfortable, relaxed and warm in spite of the biting cold of the winter. Considering that it is waterproof and wind-resistant.

Unlike conventional heated jackets, this option comes with four thoughtfully and skilfully placed heating zones. There are two heating pads on either side of the chest, one on the mid back, and another on the collar. The distribution of the heating elements allows for the uniform distribution of heat throughout the upper body and even down to the legs, allowing you to move briskly without feeling a numb. The jacket offers you four heating settings: pre-heat, high, medium and low. Changing from one setting to another is made relatively easy with the incorporation of buttons inside the zipper, and while it’s a little concealed, you can still reach it quickly and without much of a hassle.
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There are two options for powering the jacket. You can either use the freely provided 20-Volt 30-Watt Compact Lithium-Ion Max 1.5Ah DeWalt battery or separately buy a 12-Volt version. Both options are powerful and long-lasting sources of power that will provide you with at least 7 hours of continuous supply of cosy and comfortable toasty temperatures. Aside from the exceptional performance, the heated jacket features a commensurately superior construction quality. The construction of the outer shell using commercial-grade and durable soft shell polyester provides adequate resistance to water and wind. The construction quality therefore gives you the freedom and confidence to venture into the outdoor environment without the slightest worry about the prevailing harsh weather conditions. Neither do you have to be concerned about the wear and tear common to the vast majority of outdoor activities.

Additional features include the incorporation of USB charging ports for recharging USB compatible devices such as mobile phones and the like. You also get generously large pockets for keeping additional gadgets and equipment and even documents safe and secure from the rain, ice and snow. There is also a 12-month warranty provided with each purchase to cater for defects resulting from the manufacturer's use of poor-quality materials or shoddy workmanship. However, considering the level of professionalism and expertise that goes into making the heated jacket, we doubt if you’ll ever use the warranty.

In spite of its spectacular performance, the jacket has its fair share of downsides. The one that majorly stands out is the bulkiness and heaviness of its batteries. The batteries lack the sleek and compact profile of those used on DeWalt’s competitors. The weight and bulkiness can compromise the free range of movement or mobility of the user, depending of course on their size. Apart from this one drawback, it works like a charm and will keep you warm and toasty all through the winter.

Overall, the DeWalt DCHJ066C1-M is a perfect heated jacket that expertly balances all the important qualities like performance, ease of use, durability and versatility. It has four heating pads on the chest, mid-back and the collar to maintain the user’s core temperature even when Mother Nature wreaking havoc on the outdoor weather. Plus, it comes with three very flexible heat settings easily adjustable with the provided LED button. If you’re a woman looking for a comfortably fitting, stylish, versatile, long-lasting and cost-effective heated jacket to keep you feeling cosy, warm and comfortable this winter season, look no further than this option.
  • Comes in a long-lasting outer shell
  • You can swipe battery with those of other DeWalt products
  • Wide ranging temperature settings
  • Capable of charging USB compatible devices
  • The battery packs slightly restricts movement as it bulky
  • Battery doesn’t last for long

Criteria for Choosing the Best Heated Jackets

Construction Material

Heated jackets are tasked with one main objective; keeping the use insulated from the frigid temperatures. For superior performance, they have to similarly be able to prevent cold weather elements such as water, wind, ice, and snow from entering the jacket. Furthermore, they have to be abrasion-resistant, have some degree of heat retention capabilities and be able to distribute heat evenly throughout the upper torso. To do so successfully, they come with technical fibres, an inside lining for improving comfortability, and a tough outer shell or durable polyester construction. If you need a long-lasting jacket, make a point of choosing one that’s constructed from either of these materials or something tougher as they will wear and tear considerably slower when subjected to the tough cold weather conditions.

Source of Power

All heated jackets use batteries as the main source of power, which also means that they come with a battery pack and a charging alternative. Premium heated jacket varieties like those made by DeWalt are compatible with both 12V and 20V batteries which means you can bring along the battery packs used by the brand’s other power tools for that extra juice if you’re venturing far from home. In choosing a heated jacket, you’ll want to pay attention to the voltage and the milliampere hour. A battery with a higher voltage means that the heating system has a higher potential temperature with the activation of the highest heat setting.

The milliampere hour, commonly abbreviated as mAh, is on the other hand a measure of the battery’s capacity. The higher the capacity, the longer will be the run time and vice versa. Other than the mAh, the other factors that determine a heated jacket’s run time include the user’s preferred heat setting and the prevailing weather conditions. The battery drains out a lot faster in extremely cold conditions. To keep recharging to a bare minimal and get the most out of your heated jacket, consider going for a model with a higher battery capacity and one that’s also compatible with other battery packs.


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The two components that make up a heated jacket’s heating system include the heating zones and the temperature controls. For a vast majority of heated jackets, the heating pads are usually around the chest area and at the back. Units with multiple heating zones try to distribute them evenly all over the upper torso. Consequently, it’s common to find heating pads placed near the hand pockets and on the collar. While very few models come with heated sleeves, it is possible to retain the toasty warm by sealing the cuffs or having a fitted waist. Your preferred model should also a quick and easy way of adjusting the temperature. Most have temperature settings ranging between high and low and you can adjust the setting in response to how cold it is outside.

Closely related to the heating system is the heat elements. You can choose a heated jacket that uses steel plates or carbon fibre elements, keeping in mind that each has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. In spite of their impressive heating abilities, steel plates are rigid and therefore make jackets hard to pack or fold and also have to be washed by hand. Carbon fibre elements, on the other hand, have unprecedented flexibility and can be machine washed in cold water and left to dry naturally.

Availability and Size of Pockets

Pockets are yet another important consideration to take into account when you’re out there shopping for a heated jacket.  For users living in near-arctic weather conditions, consider going for a model with zippered pocket or those with textile flaps for that extra protection for your treasured effects. In all, the size and number of pockets you want in a heated jacket should be dependent on the type of past-time activity you intend to engage in.

Style and Fit

Your choice of a heated jacket will also take into consider your personal preference. In this regard, it worth pointing out that while Bosch offers the user only one style, other brands such as Milwaukee and DeWalt give you a choice of several styles. Finding the right style is really not that hard as all you have to do is decide on the manner in which you’ll be wearing the heated jacket and the type of clothes you’ll be wearing it with. It simply comes down to personal preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it safe to wear heated jackets?

A: The fact that heated jackets rely on battery-powered electricity to work naturally and understandably raises safety concerns, considering especially the real threat of electrocution, fire or burning. Nevertheless, the units are perfectly safe to use in different cold weather conditions. Aside from the manufacturer taking all necessary precautions to ensure they’re safe to use, the products also use substantially low voltage that exposes the user to no risk of electrocution at all. The risk of burning or electrocution is however real with off-brand models with substandard wiring, which makes it all the more important that you do your research before committing your money.

Q: Can I wash my heated jacket?

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A: A majority of heated jackets are machine washable after which it’s equally safe to use them with a dryer. This is only possible for products made with long-lasting fabrics and equipped with durable carbon fibre heating elements. You’ll of course have to remove the battery pack before machine washing your unit. There are some that have to be strictly hand-washed to prevent damaging the delicate internal components and to avoid electrocution. You’ll have to check with the manufacturer just so there is no confusion.


A heated jacket is a sure way of keeping yourself toasty warm and comfortable this cold winter season as you venture out in the extreme cold. Unlike traditional methods of keeping warm, the products come with enviable versatility, efficient performance, durability, flexibility and mobility. We of course left out the fact that they are lightweight, compact and lots of pockets for storing extra accessories. Our list features some of the best heated jackets on the market. They tick all the right boxes and will ensure you’re safe from the harsh outdoor winter conditions. We hope you find one that perfectly meets your unique requirements.