How to Keep Stink Bugs Away
How to Keep Stink Bugs Away
There is no time of year quite like early autumn and markers that the season is on its way are distinct from any other. T...
How to Clean Painted Walls
How to Clean Painted Walls Without Stripping the Paint Off
Spring is upon us, and that means giving our homes the deep cleaning they so desperately need after a long winter mess ma...
Ventless Gas Fireplaces safety
Ventless Gas Fireplaces: How Safe are They Really?
When looking for fireplace solutions outside of a standard wood burning fireplace, homeowners are afforded the luxury of ...
how do wifi extenders work
How Do Wifi Extenders Work?
Wireless internet routers are as fundamental to the modern home as running water or a refrigerator. Often times though, i...
How to Turn Off Fire Alarm
How to Turn Off a Fire Alarm
Fire and smoke alarms. You have to have them, and boy will they come in handy if God forbid there ever is a fire in your ...
Bedroom Plants
Bedroom Plants That Improve Sleep
There is so little that we actually know about the science of sleep. In part, this is because in order to study sleep, su...
inefficient home appliances
The Most Inefficient Home Appliances!
We all want to leave as small an environmental footprint as possible, and let’s face it: energy costs are high. Usi...
Planning & Building Regulations
Planning & Building Regulations 101
When it comes to larger scale renovation projects, additions, or even the replacement or updating of utility systems, it ...
fix wood rot
How to Fix Wood Rot: Tips and Materials to Use
From door and window jambs to outdoor furniture, wood rot can not only be unsightly, it can compromise the integrity of t...
protective gear
5 Pieces of Protective Gear Every DIYer Needs
There is no denying the feeling of supreme satisfaction you achieve when you finally put that latest weekend project to r...
electrical faults
Most Common Electrical Faults to Watch Out For
Electric work is one of those things we as homeowners try to avoid at all costs when it comes to DIY. It is a massive pro...
saws guide
How to Choose the Right Saw for the Job: We Break it Down for You
Everyone has a fairly acute working knowledge a few iconic saws and their uses. Images of lumberjacks wielding chainsaws ...
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