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Best Miter Saws Reviews And Ratings

For the vast majority of professional woodworkers and even enthusiastic DIYers, cutting, cross-cutting, and making corners with pieces of wood is a frequent task. The tool that makes these tasks easy is the miter saw; a circular saw mounted on a hinge that allows it to swing down to make cuts and pivot left and right, allowing angled cuts, known as miter cuts. Which one does the best job? Our buying guide of the best miter saws offers tips for choosing the best miter saws for your woodworking job.

Miter saws are versatile tools that allow you to cut through wood, including large lumber stock, baseboards, siding, crown molding, window casings, and trim, with desirable efficiency and precision. Their most prized trait is that miter saws make short and quick work of angled cuts and feature an ergonomic design with highly customizable blades. They are essential power tools for anyhow who does trim work.

Our Top 3 Picks

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Sometimes called a chop saw, the miter saw includes a table that pivots to the right and left so you can change the angle of the cross-cut you’re making. The blade drops straight down to produce a cut smaller than the diameter of the blade. The simplest chop saw – miter saw only makes blunt cuts. There are three types of miter saw: compound, dual compound, and sliding.

  • Compound miter saws have blades that tilt in one direction and pivot right or left to make angled cuts. By angling the blade on both axes, you can create, in a single pass, a compound miter cut with angled cuts on two different planes.
  • Dual compound miter saws tilt in two directions to create bevels cuts at any angle.
  • Sliding miter saws work like compound miter saws but have a slider that allows you to move the blade back and forth for a longer cut

Miter saws are one of the most indispensable tools in a workshop, which is why there are so many on the market. If you are looking for a miter saw to improve your ability to create perfect trims and moldings, our buying guide of the best miter saws will help you find the ideal one.

5 Best Miter Saws


1. DWS780 - DEWALT

1. DWS780 - DEWALT
The DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw quickly, easily, and precisely cuts miters horizontally and bevels vertically simultaneously to cut down work time. Equipped with a sliding feature, it offers you the freedom of cutting even wider pieces with relative ease and speed and without the need for flipping the workpiece.


Weight: 56 pounds
Size: 24" x 9" x 48"
15 amp motor
3,800 rpm
Dual-bevel system
Cutline blade Position System
Cut capacities include 6-3/4 inch vertical capacity, 7-1/2 inch nested crown capacity, 13-7/8 inch horizontal capacity, and exclusive back fence design that cuts up to a 2 by 16 at a 90° angle and 2 by 12 at a 45° angle.
Laser light
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The DWS780 is easy to use for beginners and seasoned professionals. Whether used for woodworking or deck building, the miter saw has what it takes to make short and quick work of it. For instance, it packs a powerful, high-performance 15-amp motor capable of easily reaching remarkable speeds of up to 3,800 rotations per minute.

Blade Size

The blade is 12," but the cutting depth is less. It efficiently cuts 8" and 10" boards to the desired angles. The tool cuts miters 60° to the right and 50° to the left.

Changing blades is as simple as loosening the two bolts holding the blade securely and firmly in place. On the other hand, the double bevel design makes for quick and effortless adjusting of the cutting angle. Plus, the scale is marked in black on a clear, durable surface to prevent you from straining your eyes, yet you can see the bevel angles clearly before and when making your cuts.

Positive Stops

The miter saw comes with preset 10 bevel and miter stops at common angles like 45° and 22.5° that reduce the time and effort when making repeat cuts. All you have to do is choose the angle you want before locking it using the provided cam-lock miter button. To make adjusting the angle even easier and ensure accuracy, the miter saw comes with a useful miter detent override feature. The professional design also eliminates the need for flipping over the cutting material whenever you want to cut bevels. Simply flipping the saw to either the left or the right works just as fine.

The DWS780 also comes with a see-through fence that enhances ease of use and gives you a clear view of the cutting piece. The blade guard is itself a handy safety addition that works exceptionally well and increases efficiency and convenience.

Dust Collector

A super-efficient dust collection system on the DeWalt miter saw captures over 75% of dust generated to keep the workspace and operator visibility clear.


The DWS780 offers an ultra-bright LED light in place of the more common laser. Unlike a laser that projects a line on either side of the blade, the LED lights cast a shadow of the machine's blade on your workpiece, giving you a clear view of the blade's cutting path. Aside from helping you avoid making costly mistakes, the XPS cross-cut alignment system also takes the time and effort away from cutting different workpieces as you won't have to recalibrate the miter saw after changing blades.

Overall, it is undoubtedly one of the best miter saws in the Tools and Home Improvement industry. For $629, it comes with a useful XPS cross-cut alignment system and a remarkable ability to accommodate working pieces of up to 16 inches. Versatility and rugged construction make the machine easy to use.
  • Has a generous 36-month warranty
  • Lightweight and compact for superior portability
  • Value for money
  • High-end construction quality
  • Sports a convenient sliding mechanism
  • Works smoothly, efficiently, and accurately
  • High-quality dust collection chute
  • Bearings are not customizable
  • Requires fine-tuning before use

2. Makita LS1016L

2. Makita LS1016L
If you want a smaller saw, the Makita LS1016 with a laser is packed with time-saving and innovative features. With one of the largest crown molding cutting capacities in its category, it features a relatively lightweight and compact design which, when paired with the game-changing 4-steel rail sliding system, makes for superior rigidity, generating the best and most accurate results for a product in its class.


Weight: 52 pounds
Size: ‎28.27" x 25.2" x 26.42"
154 amp, 151 watts, 120-volt motor
3,200 RPM
1-year warranty
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The Makita LS1016L has a 15 AMP direct gearbox motor that never slips, bogs down, or requires maintenance like belt-driven saws. It works smoothly, solidly, and quietly at 3,200 RPM while delivering adjustment-free military-grade accurate results, thanks to its incorporation of 6 heavy-duty linear ball bearings.


The LS1016L model uses 10" blades that are readily available in 60 and 80 teeth models. With a soft start feature, it is smooth when it starts up and stays at a constant speed due to Electronic Speed control, so the blade delivers clean, high-quality cuts.

In addition, the tool features a patented 4-steel rail sliding system that ensures it works smoothly, solidly, and with an accuracy that doesn't require constant adjustments. The saw also miters to the left and right within a degree range of 0 to 52 degrees and 0 to 60 degrees, respectively. The other features that make working with it a cinch are the dual rear-handle bevel lock, the dual front bevel scales, the easy one-touch miter lock system, and the built-in laser. Altogether, these features make the miter saw a very accurate machine with an incredibly large cutting capacity and one that works exactly as advertised.

The blade guard system is also transparent and gives you a clear view of the blade and the cutting. Making it even more efficient, the design provides for quick and effortless changing of the blade.

Positive Stops

Offering positive stops at 0, 15, 22.5, 31.6, and 45 degrees (left and right), the saw miters 0 degrees to 52 degrees left and 0 to 60 degrees right. Its exclusive 4-3/4-inch sliding fence system accommodates a variety of cutting applications, as it has four sliding fences featuring upper and lower fence adjustments for more precise miter and bevel cuts.

Dust Collector

The saw has a dust bag, but even with a vacuum attached, the dust collection abilities of this unit are not as useful as some other brands offer.


This model of Makita saw does not feature a work light; it was first introduced in 2006 before this feature was common.

However, it is easy and convenient to use. Though it weighs over 50 pounds, the handle is comfortable and fits securely in the hands, thanks to its ergonomic design using a soft rubber. You can, therefore, use it for several without the slightest risk of your hand suffering exhaustion or straining.

This model has been discontinued so pricing information on available stock is unclear.
  • Cuts and cross-cuts as advertised
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Cuts accurately and with minimal effort
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with easy-to-see markings
  • Steep learning curve
  • Fences are prone to occasional bending
  • Blade tends to wobble

3. Hitachi C10FCG

3. Hitachi C10FCG
The Hitachi C10FCG is flexible, powerful, and cuts quickly and accurately. Likewise, it is lightweight and compact and hence effortlessly maneuverable. Being a single bevel saw, it is less complicated with few moving parts, less setup and, fewer adjustments than other models. The capabilities are less sophisticated, so it is designed for simpler home projects requiring some basic miter joints. Lightweight and compact, it makes cuts and cross-cuts cleanly and sharply.


Weight: 24.2 pounds
Size; 21.46" x 18.13" x 22.9"
15 amp, 120 volts, 18000 watts
5,000 RPM
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The powerful 15-amp motor makes short and quick work of the toughest and most challenging cutting projects as it reaches speeds of up to 5000 rotations per minute, enabling you to complete a project in a fraction of the time it would take some miter saws. The powerful performance of the motor, coupled with several other signature features, makes it a perfect replacement for some pricier options on the market.

Blade Size

The unit uses a 10" blade that it "seats" against a calibrated shoulder to which the mounting nut is tightened. As the fence is always "square" to the indexed miter angle lever on the front of the work table, material to be cut is placed against the fence for accurate cutting of casing, baseboards, and crown molding.

Positive Stops

The miter saw boasts a wide miter angle range of between 0 and 52 degrees both to the left and the right, making a very flexible or versatile choice out there. To this, add a bevel range of between 0 and 45 degrees to the left. The latter feature guarantees that your bevel cuts are both clean and accurate. Similarly, you can select one of several thumbs actuated positive stops at Right & left 0, 15, 22.5, 31.6, & 45 degrees to enable you to adjust the miter quickly.

Dust Collector

Another highlight is that facilitates ease of use is the dust collector that prevents dust and other debris from reaching the delicate, internal components of the miter saw. A port on the back hooks up to a shop vac to collect dust that blows toward the back.


As a single bevel compound saw, the Hitachi C10FCG is full-featured but lower in price. Weighing just 24 pounds, the unit is more portable than many competitive units. The miter saw comes with a comfortable elastomer grip that's easy to hold for several hours on end without the risk of hand strain. The elastomer grip also dampens most of the resultant vibrations, which in turn augments controllability and ease of use.

To this add a generous 60-month warranty that's indicative of Hitachi's confidence in the reliable performance and longevity of their miter saw.

The Hitachi sells for $186, but a new model C10FGC with additional features is available for a few dollars less.
  • Packs a powerful and reliable 15-amp motor
  • Offers the user a wide and versatile angle range
  • Has an ergonomically designed grip that dampens vibrations
  • Comes with a large supporting table
  • Comes with a generous 60-month warranty
  • Compatible with both large and small workpieces
  • User instructions are ambiguous


The DeWalt DWS715 is a 15-Amp, Single Bevel, Compound 12-Inch Miter Saw that is light, powerful,and packed with features.


Weight: 42.8 pounds
Size: 26.77" x 21.85" x 18.9"
15 amp motor
4,000 RPM
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The performance of the miter saw is hardly surprising considering that aside from the brand's vast experience and skills, due in part to its powerful and high-performance motor. The 15-amp motor is capable of speeds of up to 4000 rotations a minute, which is much faster than most miter saws on the list can replicate. The speed and power of the motor provide for quick, efficient and accurate cutting of different angles, which saves you a tremendous amount of time when you have repeatedly make the same cuts to complete a trim job.

Blade Size

The cutting capacity is of this saw is impressive. The miter saw arrives with a durable and sharp carbide blade that measures a 12" for deeper cuts that makes quick work of base molding that is up to 6.5" and crown molding up top 5-1/4".With 2" x 8" dimensional lumber crosscut capacity at 90°and 2-inch x 6-inch dimensional lumber at 45°, it also smoothly takes care of 4 by 4 posts and cuts through workpieces that are up to 8" with ease.

Positive Stops

The DWS715 has a stainless-steel miter detent plate of 12-inch miter saw blade with 14 positive stops at 45 & marks for 22.5, 31.6, 35.3 for both bevels. The bevel are at 0 degree – 48 degrees to the left and 0 degrees- 3 degrees to the right.

The miter saw features the precise miter system and machined base fence support, with a tall sliding fence of DEWALT miter saw supports 5-1/2-inch base vertically. It features a 2" x 8" dimensional lumber crosscut capacity at 90 degrees and 2-inch x 6-inch dimensional lumber at 45 degrees.

Dust Collector

To keep the worksite clean, the unit has a 1.5" dust port and comes with a small dust collection bag which only collects about 50 percent of the dust generated by the saw.


At 42 pounds, the DeWalt DW715 is definitely not the lightest or most compact miter saw but maneuvering it around a busy job site is made easier with a convenient factory-installed carry handle for moving it around. The relatively small profile means storing it away at the end of the day won't be much of a hassle either as it takes up minimal space both in your workshop and in your garage.

The saw has many built-in safety features. For example, the most prominent is the blade guard that covers the blade when you raise it, and upon lowering it, moves out of your way, enabling you to do the cutting safely and securely. A second feature is the inclusion of an interlocking trigger that stops the inadvertent starting of the blade between uses.

While this saw lacks an LED cut line to guide the saw, it can be added for $70 to replicate the XPS cutting system found in other DeWalt models such as the DWS780.
  • Sturdy construction quality ensures durability
  • Works accurately and smoothly
  • Lightweight and compact, hence very portable
  • Easy-to-adjust detent plate
  • Ease of use makes it ideal for both seasoned woodworkers and novices
  • Camlock handle adjusts easily
  • Has a dust collection chute
  • A little heavy
  • Stops have some play
  • Lacks a depth stop

5. Bosch GCM12SD

5. Bosch GCM12SD
Bosch, a leading manufacturer of high-performance and practical power tools, released the GCM12SD miter saw 11 years ago. While the Bosch PROFACTOR 18V SURGEON GCM18V-12GDCN14 update came out in 2021, the old standby remains popular. The older model is not short on features. One unique design or feature that stands out most prominently is the Axial Glide System which, among other things, considerably increases controllability and ease of use, which in turn allows the user to cut and cross-cut with remarkable precision and speed.


Weight: 65 pounds
Size: 27-1/2" x 33.5" x 20"
14 amp motor
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The 15 amp motor on the GCM12SD is quiet yet powerful. The machine works effortlessly, accurately, and precisely cutting up to 16" horizontally and up to 6.5" vertically with enviable ease. The miter saw replicates such efficiency and speed when cutting crown of up to 6.5" as well. The cutting capacity of cheap, off-brand miter saws currently flooding the market pales in comparison to that.

Blade Size

The saw is versatile as its 12" baked gives it a 14-Inch expanded horizontal cutting capacity, 6-1/2-inch vertical capacity, and a 6-1/2-inch crown capacity (45-degree spring).

Positive Stops

The GCM12SD miter saw provides easy adjustments with a large easy to read uniform bevel and stainless steel miter scales with marked detents and roof pitch angles; Bevel detents: 0, 33.9 degrees, 45 degrees left/right for accurate cuts; Category best 90 percentage dust collection optimized for cutting 2x material with a vacuum.

While it lacks a laser guide system, keeping control of the work is made easy with high-precision Squarelock quick-release fence that aligns the fence 90 degrees to the saw's table and requires no adjustment; one-touch lock/unlock to slide fence for added support.

Dust Collector

The dust collection system needs improvement as the bag that is included doesn't collect much dust. It works better with a vacuum and with some materials such as laminate flooring waste.

The ergonomic design, coupled with its soft grip handle, takes the effort away from carrying a 65-pound piece of equipment from one place to another. The strategic and thoughtful position of the handle allows for easy and comfortable carrying with either hand without the risk of hand strain or exhaustion. Consequently, you can use it confidently and with peace of mind for several hours on end without worrying about your fingers, hands, shoulders, or any other body joints.

The Bosch GCM12SD is $640, while the new model runs $900,

  • Has a powerful 15-amp motor that delivers up to 3,800 RPM
  • Adjustable miter detents with a detent override
  • Features a user-friendly and sturdy ambidextrous design
  • Axial-Glide System increases controllability
  • Easy to use
  • Works precisely and efficiently
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Lack of a laser guide system
  • Weighs a whopping 68 pounds

Criteria for Choosing the Best Miter Saws


Corded miter saws have 10-, 12-, or 15- amp motor. More power comes with a bigger motor, but 10-amp is sufficient for most users who cut trim. Those who routinely cut bigger boards might want a higher amp motor.

The no-load speeds of the miter saw also have a huge influence on your productivity and the extent to which your cut is smooth or rough. For especially smooth finishes, consider investing in a miter saw with an easy start as the feature significantly reduces power bursts.

As cordless tools are taking over the toolbox, cordless miter saws are becoming more common. Often powered w1th 20-Volt lithium-ion batters, they might be good for 150-275 cuts on a single battery charge.

Positive Stops

Some miter saws have predesigned positions along common cutting angles to make work quicker to set up and complete. Both beginners and experienced craftsmen love this feature, especially on more complex workpieces. The stops can be altered and switched off and on.

Cutting and cross-cutting different materials like large stocks of lumber can be time-consuming, and energy-draining endeavor, which is why users should pay attention to the various convenience features their preferred choice packs. Features like positive stops take the time and effort away from the angling the bevel, enabling you to finish your projects in no time at all. The more positive stops, the easier and quicker your work will be. Ensure though, the saw makes it possible for you to customize the incremental adjustments in addition to offering preset positive stops.

Blade size

Larger blades allow longer cuts, but the bigger the blade, the more expensive and bulky the saw is. A 10′ to 12″ blade is ideal for most craftsmen.

The more teeth a blade has, the smoother the cut. Blades with more teeth are best for precision or bevel cuts, while thicker materials benefit from fewer teeth.

Dust collector

Dust particles after cutting clog the air and obscure the work area, so having a basket or collection area for wood shavings after mitering. Cutting different types of woods leads to the production of copious debris and dust devices will not only leave your workspace messy but are also likely to slow you down. In the worst-case scenario, dust can reach the delicate components of the motor and interfere with its optimal operation. Though no miter saw has a perfect system, most have a dust collection port that connects to a vacuum to remove at least some of th3es dust.


Other convenience features are LED lights for illuminating the workpiece when you’re working in dimly lit areas and a laser guide that gives you a clear view of the cut-line to ensure dead-on accuracy.



1.What is the difference between a compound miter saw and a sliding miter saw?

A: there is a glaring difference between the two saws. A compound miter saw comes with a blade that pivots easily to the left and the right. The design simplifies cutting angles, which is a must when you have to cut molding, picture frames, among other projects. A sliding miter saw, on the other hand, as the name suggests, has rails on which the machine slides, allowing the user to easily handle longer workpieces.

2. What steps do I have to take to prolong the lifespan of my miter saw and keep it in tip-top performance?

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Like all other power tools, proper care and maintenance are crucial to the performance of a miter saw. In this regard, make a point of regularly checking the blade to ensure it’s performing optimally. If the saw is broken or damaged, immediately get a replacement. If the performance slows, but the saw is in tip-top shape, consider re-sharpening the blade. Also, keep the dust exhaust system clean. Lastly, ensure all the moving parts and those are require oiling and lubrication are properly oiled.

3. What specific type of miter saw do you need?

A miter is an angled cut made across the face, or width, of a board. A bevel is an angled cut made through the thickness of a board.

Compound saws have both a bevel and miter feature; to make cuts on both sides of the material, you must flip the piece. A dual compound bevel saw eliminates the need to flip the work, but the extra cost of this type of saw is not worth it for most people.

Sliding miter saws are good for cutting deeper material but their size limits their portability.

4. What size saw should you buy?

Miter saw blades are not interchangeable so you must decide on the size before you buy. An 8-1/2″ sliding miter saw will work on 85% of the jobs most people do.

  • <10″ miter saws are ideal if you want a portable saw to cut smaller base, crown, and door trim
  • 10″ is a great combination of capacity and portability
  • 12″ works great with a stand, especially if you are cutting deeper material or vertical crown tall molding


Buying a miter saw is a big investment that will save you time as you create beautiful, precise trim that lines up just right. Our buying guide will show you some of the best on the market.