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1. Wagner Power Products 0503008
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Best Heat Guns Reviews And Ratings

The versatility and high-performance of heat guns makes them the ideal choice of tools to use for thermally processing a wide plethora of materials and objects. Compared to conventional methods, a majority of heat guns have adjustable heat settings and nozzle sizes allowing them to produce a direct, intense and concentrated airflow but without an open flame. The concentrated airflow is perfect for such things as thawing plastic pipes, stripping off old layers of paint from cars and furniture, shrinking tubing, drying wet paint and wood, bending or welding plastics, and uninstalling tiles from floors and walls. The competence of your heat gun at these tasks will depend significantly on the temperature range with a majority falling within the 1000-degrees Fahrenheit range. If however, you need more heat for more demanding commercial applications such as thawing, bending or shaping plastics pipes, anything with a powerful performance of about 1400-degrees Fahrenheit should suffice.

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Heat guns’ ability to smoothly and efficiently discharge high-temperature heat without producing an open flame means they are an indispensable part of any workman’s toolbox. Their ease of use and versatility allows different groups of people such as novices, enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfers, carpenters, mechanics, electricians, and homeowners to use them safely to accomplish an ever-growing list of tasks both at home and at the construction site. Consequently, it’s understandably going to be an uphill and daunting task trying to pick out the best one for your specific task from a market that’s overflowing with them. To get the most suitable one, you will have to consider several important factors, the two most important of which are your needs and safety. To simplify the process, we’ve put together a buying guide featuring ten of the best heat guns in the market currently and the factors you need to consider before purchasing, to assist you to make an informed choice. We hope the entry helps take away the effort the search endeavour.

10 Best Heat Guns


1. Wagner Power Products 0503008

1. Wagner Power Products 0503008
If you’re looking for a general purpose heat gun to use for undertaking a broad range of tasks both around the house and on the job site, look no further than the Wagner Power Products 0503008. The heat gun packs together several essential and practical features in an easy to carry and very portable package, so that manoeuvrability and controllability are never a concern when using the gun.

It uses a very simple and straightforward operation: it applies focussed heat on the particular materials you're dealing with. Running at 1200-Watts, the machine smoothly and effortlessly produces an impressive 4100 British Thermal Units when operating optimally. As far as versatility is concerned, you are liberty to choose between the product's two temperature settings: a high 1000-degrees Fahrenheit and the lower 750-degree Fahrenheit, depending on the nature of the job you intend to do.
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It comes with a temperature switch strategically placed right on the handle to allow for quick and easy access, and because of its simplicity, it's quite easy to use even for novices and clueless homeowners using a heat gun for the first time. The unit is similarly fitted with a hanging hook for safekeeping when you're taking a break and has a nozzle that's resistant to corrosion and rust, meaning that it can tolerate heavy, everyday use without showing the slightest indication of aging. Despite being lightweight and compact to enable even the frailest members of the family to use it with ease, the Wagner Power Products 0503008 HT 1000 1,200-Watt Heat Gun is nonetheless sufficiently rugged and long-lasting. It is additionally very easy to use, meaning that it's by far one of the most convenient heat guns you'll come across on the market currently.

As mentioned earlier, you can choose between the low 750 and the high 1000-degree Fahrenheit temperature settings. The former temperature setting is ideal for the slow thawing of pipes, defrosting freezers, and undertaking other projects that don’t require too much heat. The latter temperature setting, on the other hand, is optimized for activities that require high-temperature focused heat, such as removing old coats of painting from furniture, loosening corroded bolts and nuts, and for easing the process of shaping plastic pipes. Given its wide temperature range though, there is an endless list of activities you can undertake with the versatile Wagner Power Products 0503008 HT 1000 1,200-Watt Heat Gun.

The top-quality construction is another aspect that endears a majority of people to the heat gun. The use of rugged, heavy-duty plastic considerably extends the lifespan of the heat gun by protecting the internal components of the gun from wear and tear, ensuring that it provides you with years of reliable and exceptional performance, provided you use and maintain it according to manufacturer's instructions. The Wagner Power Products 0503008 boasts a low-noise design to give you a peace of mind when working. The lightweight and compact design make holding the unit effortless by reducing hand fatigue, and because it weighs only 1.9 pounds, you'll be able to use it for hours on end before taking a break.

The versatility and high performance of the Wagner Power Products 0503008 make it a must-have tool for anyone considering having a serious career as a woodworker, mechanic, or constructor. You can use it to strip tiles, defrost various items, strip old layer of paint of different furniture, shape plastic piping for plumbing projects and many others without breaking a sweat. The unit takes the effort away from such endeavours, enabling you to finish the project in a fraction of the time you would have taken if you were to use traditional methods. Plus, it comes with a useful 24-month warranty to cater for defects in manufacturing-related processes. The Wagner Power Products 0503008 HT 1000 1,200-Watt Heat Gun is without a doubt a simply designed heat gun that's easy to use and very durable. It's a worthy investment and a very valuable tool to keep within easy reach.
  • Resistance to corrosion and rust makes it durable
  • Constructed from high-quality materials for longevity
  • Heats up quickly
  • Ideal for light-duty to heavy-duty tasks
  • Easy to use as its lightweight, compact and ergonomically designed
  • Provides user with astounding performance
  • Absence of a hook for cooling it down
  • Has a loose plug problem
  • Takes longer to cool down
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2. Porter-Cable PC1500HG

2. Porter-Cable PC1500HG
The Porter-Cable PC1500HG is among a handful of heat guns offering several premium perks without burdening you with an eye-wateringly high price tag, and should be an ideal choice for individuals working on a budget not are unwilling to compromise on quality and performance. The unit allows you to efficiently, smoothly and quickly finish some pro-level work without investing too much effort.

The prevailing misconception among most individuals is that low price is a general indication of a dip in performance, which is myth quickly debunked by the Porter-Cable PC1500HG 1500. In spite of its deceptively diminutive profile, the heat gun is packed with several major punches that have immensely endeared it to even the most skeptical consumers around the world. For one, it's fitted with an impressively powerful 1,500-Watt motor, so it finishes the most challenging and complex tasks gracefully and with a lot of ease. With its 1500-Watt motor, it offers unmatched or rather, hard-to-beat performance. The heat gun emits a wide temperature range of between 110-degrees Fahrenheit and 1100-degree Fahrenheit through its sturdy nozzle. With such a wide range to choose from, the heat gun is ideal for stripping paint, removing adhesive tiles from walls and floors, welding plastic, and bending plastic pipes.
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The Porter-Cable PC1500HG has a temperature dial function for giving you additional control over the temperature settings, enabling you to choose a setting that best matches the tasks at hand. However, it’s worth bringing to your attention that the dial sits a little too low to allow for quick and easy use even though it gets the job done. There is a second button for selecting dual fan speeds, making it effectively one of the most flexible heat guns you’ll come across. You can choose between the low fan speed of between 120-degrees to 900-degrees and the high fan speed ranging between a low of 130-degrees and a high of 1100-degrees. Couple the versatility and exceptional performance and you have a tool rearing to take on all domestic and commercial projects thrown its way, be it melting, shrinking, loosening or thermally processing a broad range of other tasks.

Another major selling point is the generously long, thick and flexible 6-foot cord which effectively eliminates the need to bring extension cords with you to the work site, meaning that you’ll have less to deal with in the way of entangling cords. The long cord also manoeuvrability and controllability not to mention reach, allowing you to access spaces and spots that cordless heat guns would find impossible to reach.

If you don't find the perks mentioned above appealing, maybe the fact that it is fitted with a convenient hands-free support stand will sway your purchasing decision. The other advantage of having a support stand is that it allows you to effortlessly and accurately execute those jobs that demand extreme stillness. When taking a break from your job, simply use the hooks integrated into its design that do a spectacular job minimizing the possibility of misplacing it, dropping it, or stepping on it for those who work in busy workshops.

The other feature that increases ease of use is the flat-back design that functions as a stand allowing you to stand it upright, so the hot end faces up. After a long use, the feature might mean the difference between having a table at the end of the day and burning it to chars. The ergonomic design of the gun coupled with the fact that it's compact and weighs just 2-pounds means you'll work comfortably for longer without straining your hands. The 6-foot cord has a built-in ring clip to allow for simple peg storage after you're done working. The only drawback of the Porter-Cable PC1500HG 1500 is that it's a bare tool and does not come with the essential accessories for simplifying its use. Other than this minor drawback, the machine works like a charm.

To conclude, this heat gun certainly comes with several beneficial features, most of which are plainly lacking in most heat guns. In spite of its numerous perks and over-the-roof performance, it's unexpectedly cost-effective, costing just a couple of bucks. If you need a heat gun that's easy to manipulate to fit your specific job requirements and has the longevity assurance most heat guns lack, look no further than the Porter-Cable PC1500HG 1500.
  • Has an extensive cord for greater reach
  • Comes with broader temperature range for exceptional flexibility
  • Sold with a 36-month warranty for repair and replacement of parts and components
  • Has a support stand to allow for hands-free operation
  • Powerful motor
  • Fits comfortably and securely in the hand
  • Heats up quickly
  • A little bulky
  • No airflow
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3. Black & Decker HG1300

3. Black & Decker HG1300
The Black & Decker brand is a household name, whose power tools have become synonymous with top-quality construction, durability, and ease of use. Stop a random person on the streets and chances are high they’ll recommend to you a Black & Decker product. Considering their years of expertise and experience making power tools, we’re hardly surprised the Black & Decker HG1300 Heat Gun made the list. It is a feature-rich heat gun yet comes with a pocket-friendly price, making it a top choice for people looking to own a premium heat gun without digging too deep into their pockets. Let’s see the features that make it a worthy consideration.

First off, it is without a doubt a high-quality product having undergone thorough quality checks before being released on to the market. Boasting a mind-blowing 1350-Watts, the Black & Decker HG1300 provides you with a choice of two fan speed settings, a lower 750-degrees, and a higher 1000-degrees. The versatility of this heat gun allows you to take on a wide range of heating and bending projects both at home and on the work site and the gun will never disappoint. To make a convenient choice for people looking for a hassle-free operation, it is fitted with a built-in support stand where you can place the tool after using it for extended periods to allow it cool down. The built-in stand is also great for undertaking those tasks that require the gun remains still for longer to achieve the targeted accuracy. Consequently, your hands are free and you can do other related tasks to speed up the process.
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The design is one of the simplest to allow for greater use of and comfort for novices, enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfers, carpenters, mechanics, electricians, and homeowners. Even if you’ve never handled a heat gun before, the Black & Decker HG1300 comes with a very less-steep learning curve; you'll only need like ten minutes to fully familiarize yourself with its working. In a move aimed at increasing comfortability, controllability, and manoeuvrability, the heat gun is made with ultra-lightweight yet durable materials to keep the weight down thereby preventing it from straining your hands when doing strenuous overhead projects like aligning kitchen cabinets and shelves.

The design and engineering make it the best heat gun to use for stripping paint and loosening rusted bolts and nuts among several other traditional uses. It comes with a sufficiently long six-foot cord so you can access all the hidden and hard to reach spots without straining too much. The only disadvantage to having a cord is that you have to deal with entanglements every once a while, but the greater reach entirely offsets the drawback. It is compatible with several other nozzles on the market, meaning that you can get more done with relative comfort.

You can never go wrong with the Black & Decker HG1300, particularly considering that it's lightweight and compact enough to fit comfortably and effortlessly into spots that full-sized guns cannot access. The long cord gives you additional reach under the bed or below the furniture and other tight spots. The built-in stand comes handy when the item gets too hot plus it allows for convenient hands-free use. The product's dual temperature settings give you the needed flexibility for taking on a wide range of tasks both at home and at the commercial site. Whether you want to strip paint, loosening some rusty bolts and nuts, or defrost the freezer, it the right-hand gun for you. And did we mention it comes with a 24-month warranty to cater for defects resulting from manufacturing-related procedures?
  • Has a 24-month warranty for free-of-charge repair and replacement of components
  • Heats up quickly
  • Versatile performance ideal for a multitude of projects
  • Fairly and justifiably priced
  • Compact and lightweight and therefore ideal for extensive use
  • Comes with just two temperature settings
  • Absence of a long cord
  • Overheats after a long use
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4. DeWalt D26950

4. DeWalt D26950
If you're looking for a heat gun with a wide temperature to enable you to take on a broad range of activities both at home and on the work site, the DeWalt D26950 is the tool for you. The lowest temperature setting supplies you with a consistent and uniform 120-degree Fahrenheit, ideal for focused projects such as applying embossing powders and shrink wraps. The highest temperature setting, on the other hand, gives you an impressive 1100-degrees Fahrenheit of heat, enough to effortlessly and quickly finish the more heavy-duty projects at the construction like thawing pipes and frozen gutters, loosening up rusty nuts and bolts, heat shrinking tubing stripping paint from walls and walls, doing electrical tasks, and even plumbing.

The ability to undertake a plethora of activities, other than the wide temperature range, is facilitated more by the product's design that allows you to easily set the desired temperature to match the requirements of the job you're performing. Hence, it assists you to become a more productive worker, assisting you to get more out of the DeWalt D26950.
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While there are easy-to-use heat guns already on the market, finding one that beats the DeWalt D26950 Heat Gun in terms of simple and straightforward use will quickly prove to be a futile endeavour. The ergonomic design aims at increasing comfort and convenience by reducing the likelihood of straining your hand and finger muscles working overhead projects. The heat gun is constructed from lightweight and high-quality materials enabling it to stand up to heavy-duty use, irrespective of the abuse you’ll be subjecting it to. The compact characteristic makes it possible to access those hard to reach and awkward spots like below heavy furniture when you have to strip away old coats of paint.

It also comes with a factory-installed kickstand for keeping it from tipping over and a built-in hang ring for storing it in between jobs so it can cool down in the off-chance that it gets too hot. To keep you and your loved ones safe, the heat gun features an overload protection system that kicks into action promptly to shut down the heating component thereby preventing the unit from catching fire and exposing everyone to risk. You get a sufficiently long ten-foot power cord for reaching those far-flung areas around the house without the inconvenience of having to change power sources every time you do so. Couple all these features and you have a noiseless, easy to use, and hassle-free heat gun fit for novices, enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfers, carpenters, mechanics, electricians, and homeowners.

The only complaint we have to make is the installation of a cheaply made switch, which will require some careful handling lest it gets damaged and or worse, falls off in the middle of a project. Like most professionally constructed and highly performing power tools, the price can be said to be on the high end, though that is to be expected considering that DeWalt is a highly reputed company whose name is synonymous with high-quality and durable products. Other than this minor drawback, the heat gun provides you with off-the-charts performance.

To recap, very few heat guns can truly claim to be as easy to use, lightweight and compact, and fairly priced as the DeWalt D26950 Heat Gun. Neither do their performance and versatility compare to the heat gun's, seeing as it offers a temperature range of between 120-degrees and 1100-degrees Fahrenheit. The easily reachable built-in knob makes adjusting the temperature effortless and trouble-free. With the built-in overload protection mechanism, you and your family members can safely use the DeWalt D26950 confident in the knowledge that any case of element overheating will immediately be shut off to avoid breaking. And aside from coming with a fishtail surface and cone nozzles, it has a 36-month warranty and is very justifiably priced.
  • Comes with variable speed settings for flexibility
  • Fitted with overload protection feature
  • Has a hanging ring to allow for easy keeping
  • Sports a cord protectors that prevents tearing
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Exceptional performance
  • Expensive
  • Range of adjusting temperature settings is limited

5. Heavy-Duty Heat Gun with LCD Display

5. Heavy-Duty Heat Gun with LCD Display
As far as convenience goes, the DeWalt D26960K LCD Display is the undisputed king of the playground. When you need to adjust the temperature to better match the project you intend to undertake, the handy LCD screen helps you greatly in that endeavour by allowing for increments of just 50-degrees. No longer will you have to guess the temperature or even worse, be limited to a choice of two temperature settings. The versatility makes it possible for different professionals to seamlessly use the DeWalt D26960K for a plethora of different tasks that include but not limited to thawing plastic pipes, stripping off old layers of paint from cars and furniture, shrinking tubing, drying wet paint and wood, bending or welding plastics, and uninstalling tiles from floors and walls.

You will find the built-in hang ring to a very thoughtful and convenient feature that allows for easy storage and cool down after several hours of consistent heavy use. The design also takes into your account your safety and that of the other members of your family and their desire to keep you safe, the heat gun has been equipped with an overload protection feature that automatically shuts off the machine when it gets too hot. As a result, you won’t suffer burnt hands or risk burning down your house or workshop if you leave it on the table as the possibility of overheat is contained.
There's also a cord protector for preventing it from being torn away from its housing. And when you're finally done using the gun you can use the provided built-in kickstand that makes way for stability by giving it the necessary support it requires, so it doesn't tip over, which is most likely to happen whenever you're not using it.
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It is no slouch when it comes to performance. The LCD screen, as already mentioned, allows you to make temperature increments of 50-degrees at a time. While it lacks the dual temperature setting of its counterparts, this heat gun provides you with a wide temperature range of between 150-degrees and 1100-degrees, more than enough for heavy use.

Another aspect that we find to be quite appealing is the ergonomic design of the hand grips, which are made comfortable and solid to allow for greater ease of use. The weight is manageable and won't call for any straining on your part, and you won't even have to worry about hand fatigue from undertaking overhead projects. The package contains all the essential twelve accessories you need to get it up and running smoothly in no time. You aren't required to make any last-minute adjustments in the way of fine-tuning the unit: you can get to worry literally the next minute you get it.

Overall, the DeWalt D26960K is feature-rich heat gun that any mechanic, carpenter, electrician, plumber or enthusiastic Do-it-Yourselfer will immediately fall in love with. Aside from its solid and sturdy construction, the heat gun is also packed to the brim with a bunch of useful and convenient features like an LCD screen that allows you to make temperature adjustments in increments of 50-degrees. The machine has an overload protection feature to keep overheating at bay and is both lightweight and compact to alloy you work in tight spots. Even after hours of continuous use, you won’t suffer any serious fatigue or discomfort. If you’re looking to remove old paintings, defrost freezers and frozen pipes, remove tiles from walls and floors, or rusty nuts and bolts, the DeWalt D26960K Heavy-Duty Heat Gun with LCD Display is the machine for the job.
  • Loaded with several safety features to keep you safe
  • LCD makes it easy to monitor temperature settings
  • Ability to adjust temperature settings makes it a versatile heat gun
  • Easy to use thanks to ergonomic design
  • Has a stable kickstand
  • Durable due to use of high-quality materials
  • Has a premium price tag
  • Takes time to heat up

6. NTE Mini HG-300D

6. NTE Mini HG-300D
By size, the NTE HG-300D is one of the smallest options featuring on our list of best heat guns. It comes with one of the lowest price tags, too, which might lead the average consumer to dismiss it with a quick wave of their hand quickly. In spite of the low price and the deceptively small profile, it performs surprisingly well and is considered one of the best heat gun on the market fit for a wide range of light-duty tasks around the house.

The preference for the heat gun among a vast majority of Do-It-Yourselfers enthusiasts and homeowners is the fact that it produces just heat to enable them to complete those tasks that require precision. The product's small nozzles are the best for concentrating airflow to a specific spot, a fact that makes it ideal for carrying out various pointed tasks like unfreezing a plumbing system or uninstalling adhesive tiles from walls and floors. Whatever domestic project you intend to undertake, the heat gun will never disappoint.
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The sturdy and durable construction gives it a commanding feeling and presence in the hand. It’s both lightweight and comfortable to hold and will be very handy for completing any type of overhead job as the compact design will keep away any fatigue and prevent the straining of the muscles. The compactness, other than ensuring the unit fits snugly and securely into most hands, also makes it very manoeuvrable and easy to control, making it possible to reach those places that are hard to reach by conventional means.

The two speed setting turns it into a versatile tool for tackling light-duty and medium-duty tasks as it comes with dual temperature and speed settings, providing you with a choice of between low-temperature setting and a high-temperature setting.

Consequently, you adjust to heat setting in accordance with the intensity of project you are looking to undertake. The quiet design is yet another factor that novices, enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfers, carpenters, mechanics, electricians, and homeowner find appealing. With standard heat guns, you'll have to shout over the noise produced by the machine to have a meaningful conversation with the people around; that’s not the case with this heat gun. It accords you a peace of mind and quiet operation that has for long been associated with top-of-the-line heat guns. The heat gun is so quiet that it’s sometimes difficult to understand whether it’s on or not.

The HG-300D is never lacking in convenience features, seeing as the NTE brand is seriously committed to making using their product as effortless and straightforward as is feasibly possible. To this end, the unit features a thoughtful bracket for greater stability, so it doesn't tip over. The bracket is also for perfect for facilitating hands-free operation in cases where precision is mandatory.

For those looking for a heat gun to use on light-weight to medium-duty projects around the house such as tubing, drying wet paint and glue, defrosting the freezer and stripping off old coats of paint, this heat gun has you covered. It is a sturdy heat gun made of ultra-strong yet lightweight materials and will provide you with years of reliable service provided you subject it to proper and regular care and maintenance. The compact and lightweight design increase usability and manoeuvrability, making it easy to transport the product from one location to another without any hassles.
  • Comes with a 2-speed setting for greater versatility
  • Runs quietly and smoothly
  • Included with a long cord for further reach
  • Lightweight and compact hence easy to use for overhead operations
  • Comes with a self-support stand for cooling it down and for precision

Very strong fan that can blow away what you are working on

7. Genesis GHG1500A

7. Genesis GHG1500A
If you’re working on a budget but still need a functional and practical heat gun, one of the best options to look at is the Genesis GHG1500A Dual Temperature Heat Gun Kit with Four Metal Nozzle Attachments. The heat gun performs very highly, irrespective of the tasks you subject it to. The fact that it comes with a total of four attachments means you get to cut your completion time by a significant percentage as the resulting concentrated airflow speeds up your work while increasing your efficiency even if you’re undertaking pesky projects around the house or on the work site.

Plus, all the attachments fit safely and securely on the Genesis GHG1500A to reduce the possibility of shoddy work to a bare minimum. Equipped with a powerful 12.5-amp motor with a dual speed setting, there's nothing the Genesis GHG1500A Dual Temperature Heat Gun can't do. Its affordability should not be construed to mean cheapness or inferiority in quality, if anything, it easily competes against some of the top-placed heat guns on this list and the market.
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It boasts a lightweight and compact size, unlike the vast majority of its competitors that are noted for being bulky and heavy. The unit is only 3.23-inches high and weighs just 2 pounds, meaning that for those who specialize in overhead tasks, the heat gun is a godsend. The compactness of the heat gun also means you’ll have no difficulties whatsoever reaching those hidden, awkward, or tight spots around the house. The ergonomic design of the unit is yet another major selling point that will likely make you give a second consideration to the heat gun. The hand grip is soft to make it comfortable to use for extended periods without experiencing fatigue, straining your hands or throwing your back out, in the case of frail senior citizens who love doing things for themselves.

The Genesis GHG1500A provides you with a choice of high and low-temperature settings, with the highest speed standing at 1500-degrees and the lowest at an impressive 750-degrees, which makes it a convenient choice for persons who do a wide range of tasks at home or on the construction site. Consequently, whether you're thinking of thawing pipes and frozen gutters, loosening up rusty nuts and bolts, heat shrinking tubing stripping paint from walls and walls, doing electrical tasks, or just plumbing, the heat gun should be your go-to tool. The heat is capable of efficiently and smoothly doing these and so much more with the accuracy and precision of top-model heat guns and yet comes at a price that's still hard to beat.

The inclusion of an air reduction nozzle is yet another feature we just can't seem to get enough of, considering that it makes everything easy by allowing you to use a more gentle stream for more sensitive materials that only require partial softening or melting. The two deflector nozzles also do an impressive job protecting glass and other delicate surfaces from the excess heat, and a reflector nozzle for speeding up the procedure, meaning you'll be able to finish in no time at all. There is just to limit to the versatility of the Genesis GHG1500A. When you set it to an extremely low temperature, you can even uninstall a cracked iPad screen.

To summarize, the Genesis GHG1500A is a highly customizable heat gun, allowing you to shift with relative ease between a low and high temperature depending on the nature of the project you intend to undertake. The design even allows you to change the nozzles. The heat gun is ideal for domestic use running at just 750-watts and boasting the ability to reach as much as 1500 watts. The other impressive perks of the Genesis GHG1500A Dual Temperature Heat Gun are the temperature control settings, ease of use and incredible versatility. Whether it's thawing pipes, stripping paints, plumbing, electrification, or removing tiles from walls and floors, this solid and sturdy heat gun is a worthy investment and will prove to be very valuable, especially for novices and Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts.
  • Lightweight and compact, perfect for prolonged overhead use
  • Powerful performance with up to 1000-degrees Fahrenheit in temperature
  • Solid and robust construction for durability
  • Compatibility with different nozzles ensures versatility
  • Affordable
  • Produces a lot of smoke
  • Overheats after extended use which could lead to permanent damage

8. Milwaukee 8977-20

8. Milwaukee 8977-20
Another great heat gun capable of delivering a steady stem of exceptionally hot air for melting, shrinking, loosening, and thermally processing a wide range of materials is the Milwaukee 8977-20. Powered by a powerful 11.6-amp motor, the heat gun is an ideal choice for stripping old layers of paint from furniture and walls, uninstalling tiles, shaping plastics, loosening corroded bolts and nuts, thawing frozen pipes, and insulating windows, among other uses. Going by the list of things the Milwaukee 8977-20 11.6-Amp Variable Temperature Heat Gun can do, it’s pretty obvious it’s a top-model commercial-grade heat gun and will be at home in the toolbox of plumbers, building contractors, electricians, and even carpenters. Enough with the overview, now we delve a little deeper into the features that make the Milwaukee 8977-20 11.6-Amp Variable Temperature Heat Gun the best heat gun to buy.

The features incorporated will most likely sway your purchasing decision. The first outstanding feature of the gun is the ergonomic design for increased ease of handling, user-friendliness, and reducing the likelihood of suffering hand fatigue or straining the hands after some considerably consistent use. The fact that the unit is compact and lightweight means you won't have to put up with overbearing weight for overhead jobs. Like most top-of-the-line heat gun, it has a low noise design and even when it's close to your head, you'll have to strain to hear any sounds. It's, therefore, an ideal choice for an individual with hearing sensitivity issues and would like to have a quiet operation deficient in the deafening noises characteristic of poorly manufactured heat guns.
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All the buttons and switches you need for an easy and straightforward operation are strategically located for easy and quick use. To make any adjustments to the temperature of the heat gun, all you have to do is turn the housing cover placed at the back. The versatility of the Xx is almost unmatched. It comes with several heating options making it possible for you to choose a specific one that's appropriate for the type of project you are looking to undertake. However challenging or complex your project is, whether it's bending pipes or stripping away at painting on furniture, it effortlessly rises to the occasion, helping you to complete the job quickly and with minimal effort. The heat gun has been designed with the safety of the user in mind. It features heat shields for protecting your hands and the most vulnerable parts of your body from excess heat, thereby reducing the incidents of body-related injury by a high percentage.

The 11.6-amp motor provides a consistent supply of power for undertaking just about any project under the Lord's green planet. The Milwaukee 8977-20 is fitted with a dual-position switch allowing you to select a preferred temperature setting within a range of between 100-degrees and 1040-degrees. After setting the initial temperature, you have the freedom of making adjustments in pre-determined increments with the use of a dial. The versatility makes it possible for you to choose a temperature setting that's ideal for your project, enabling you to achieve the best results.

Aside from its sturdy construction using high-quality materials, it is similarly resistant to high impact, meaning that in the event that you accidentally drop it, for instance when doing an overhead task, it's capable of effortlessly withstanding the abuse. The sturdy construction similarly allows it to tolerate heavy-duty use and harsh demands in the most unconducive work environments so that there's a single drop in performance or versatility. Every purchase of the Milwaukee 8977-20 11.6-Amp Variable Temperature Heat Gun entitles you to an astoundingly long 60-month warranty to cater for defects resulting from manufacturing-related procedures, which shows you just how confident the Milwaukee brand is in their product. If your heart is set on a high-performing, versatile, easy to use and pocket-friendly heat gun, Milwaukee 8977-20 11.6-Amp Variable Temperature Heat Gun is the way to go, no regrets.
  • Ideal for wide range of applications
  • Affordable
  • Powerful performance
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Gets hot

9. Wagner HT 400

9. Wagner HT 400
The exceptionality, high-performance, and versatility of the Wagner HT 400 650-Degree Heat Gun are without a doubt beyond reproach, and its design has consistently won admiration and praise on every corner of the home improvement and renovation industry throughout the years. With a high rating on such customer trusted seller websites like, even the most skeptical reviewers are struggling to find bad things to say about it.

The heat gun offers you a level of precision that’s just hard to find with other heat guns, which means that it should be your first consideration if you’re thinking of embossing or shrink wrapping small items. Its innovative design and ease of use make it an indispensable product for homeowners to use around the house and when you take it to the construction site, its performance is just as great, though it’s not recommended. Now, let’s take a closer look at the features that make it a number one consideration for many professional plumbers, electricians, mechanics, carpenters and enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfers out there.
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Don't let the diminutive size and its hair-dryer shape fool you. The unit packs a bunch of great features under the hood, and while its performance can't be compared to that of other top-placed heat guns, it nonetheless gets the job done. Its design and performance level makes it an ideal choice for lightweight applications that such as shrink wrapping. The absence of a handle gives you more freedom to use it at peculiar angles and therefore access places and spots the typical heat gun designs would otherwise not reach.

Whether it’s installing overhead shelves of stripping old paint from furniture, the lightweight design goes a long way in reducing the likelihood of exhausting your hand muscles or straining your hands. Because its small, even people with the smallest of hands can firmly and securely hold it in their hands without the risk of it falling. Plus, it features a cost-effective price tag, no point digging deeper into your pocket to get premium features if the Wagner HT 400 650-Degree Heat Gun can efficiently get the job done, right?

In terms of performance, it is capable of delivering up to 650-degrees of heat and 1225 British Thermal Units of power when you activate its highest heat setting, which is more than enough for carrying out lightweight tasks as well as pointed tasks. If you need something to help you focus high heat to a specific spot like when you have to unfreeze a plumbing system or uninstall adhesive off the walls, the Wagner HT 400 is the right heat gun for you. The product's narrow nozzle helps you focus the temperature on a specific spot and is therefore perfect for undertaking precision work such as embossing. While others might perceive the lack of dual heat setting as a disadvantage, it is, in fact, an advantage considering that it simplifies the process of operating the product, making it possible to complete a product quickly and efficiently.

While it may lack the blows and whistles or perks of its top-of-the-line counterparts, it nonetheless comes from one of the most reputable brands in the industry, which means its performance and durability easily exceed expectations. In spite of its small and lightweight stature, the performance of the heat gun makes it the best option for those working on a tight budget but still need a functional and practical heat. With a 360-Watts motor, the Wagner HT 400 650-Degree Heat Gun produces a consistent 650-degree heat which coupled with its small nozzle, makes it perfect for pointed tasks like applying embossing powders and shrink wraps. Being lightweight and compact, it can be used people of all ages without worrying about fatigue.
  • Constructed with highest quality materials for durability
  • Ideal for light-duty domestic projects
  • Heats up and cools down in no time at all
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Affordable
  • Offers a quiet and hassle-free operation
  • Offers powerful performance with its 360-watt motor
  • Comes with only one heat setting
  • Lack of a handle

10. Drill Master

10. Drill Master
There's a lot to love about Drill Master Dual Temperature Heat Gun; it is among a handful of practical and functional heat guns ideal for use within and around the house with an affordable price tag for enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfers and homeowners. While it's specifically designed for use around the house, there's no harm in subjecting it to lightweight commercial use, provided you don't get carried away by its smooth and efficient performance to want to attempt performing medium or heavy-duty projects.

When it comes to quality of construction and use of use, the Drill Master 1500-Watt Dual Temperature Heat Gun is one of the best products you can lay your hands on. The manufacturers utilized only the best and top-quality products in manufacturing the product so it can take heavy use in its stride without registering any performance dip. The heat gun similarly features an easy-to-use user interface in which all the adjustable settings are easy to operate and within easy reach to let you quickly and effortlessly select the fan speed that best matches your project.
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In spite of its lightweight and compact profile, it packs immense power and is perfect for those looking to undertake some of the most challenging and taxing projects. Because of its small statue, the risks of suffering fatigue, straining your hand muscles or developing blisters all over your fingers are literally non-existent. The ergonomic design is yet another commendable feature as it makes it possible for you to continue working for hours on end by ensuring comfort and convenience. Irrespective of whether you have average, large or small hands, the handle grip is designed for mainstream use even if you predominantly use the left or right hand.

In terms of performance, the heat gun reaches up to 1500-watts of power with relative ease, allowing for the generation of heat of between 572-degrees and 1112-degrees, more than sufficient to take on a wide range of projects. Whether it's softening stuck glue, loosening rusty bolts and nuts, removing old paints from furniture, or shrink wrapping small objects, the Drill Master provides you with more than enough heat for the successful, quick and efficient completion of such tasks. And when you bring it with you to the commercial site or warehouse or construction site, the heat gun doesn't let down its guards. It outputs a maximum of 1112-degrees of heat which is ideal for more taxing projects like thawing frozen pipes, enabling you to accurately and precisely get the job done.

The ease of use allows you to make quick temperature adjustments between the maximum heat output of 112-degrees and the lower temperature setting of 572-degrees. The most obvious implication of the easy adjustment is that you're at liberty to make the adjustment in accordance with the project at hand, which is a convenient feature hugely lacking in a majority of heat guns on the market today. The unit is fitted with a convenient power cord that's long enough to reach the furthest distance in the house and because of its flexibility and durability, you can use it confidently in the busiest construction setting without worrying about it taking too much damage.

If your heart is set on a high-performing, easy to use and cheaply-priced heat gun, this is the unit for you. In spite of its small profile, the heat gun boasts a mind-blowing 1500-wattage and comes with two temperature setting for increased versatility. The highest temperature setting provides you with a more than enough 1112-degrees while the temperature at the lowest setting comes at 572-degrees. With these readings, you can take on a myriad of tasks like shrinking wire wraps, stripping paint, thawing pipes, loosening tight fittings, and others confident in the knowledge that the Drill Master heat gun will always right to the occasion. The superior design of the coil keeps the unit from overheating, and the ergonomic design greatly encourages extended use while ensuring comfort. At its asking price, it'll be hard to find a better alternative.
  • Cost-effective
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Easy to use with its temperature adjustment feature
  • Provides user with powerful performance for versatile use
  • Comes with just two fan speed settings
  • Not as durable as similarly priced heat guns

Criteria for Choosing the Best Heat Guns

Safety Features

Whether you require a heat gun to use on an occasion or a regular basis, you can never discount the significance of keeping yourself and those around you safe while undertaking your project. A typical heat gun produces an immense amount of heat, ranging between 100-degrees Fahrenheit and 1000-degrees Fahrenheit, enough to melt some of the most abrasive materials around the house. In light of the high temperatures they generate, it would be prudent to pay attention to the safety features of the heat gun packs. The likelihood of burning or scalding yourself is real and could leave you with permanent scars. Be sure to look out for a support stand or even a hook for hanging it, so it cools down after several hours of consistent use. The temperature settings should similarly be very functional and responsive. If safety is your primary concern, you might want to consider a premium heat gun, as most of them have advanced safety features like an auto-shut off that will promptly shut it down if it gets too hot or remains idle for a specified period.

Size of Nozzle

There are up to six different types of nozzles, and your choice will have a significant bearing on the quality of your work. If you’re looking to take on heavy-duty projects like soldering pipes, the spoon glass type and the cone nozzle more or less perform the same function; they are small in size and therefore more competent at concentrating or focussing high-temperature heat to a specific spot. You also have a choice of the built-in scraper nozzle design, which is recommended for such tough tasks as bending pipes and stripping old coasts of paint from walls and floors, among other uses. For spreading high or low-temperature heat over a wide section, you can decide to go with the fishtail nozzle design. With this information, it should be easy to choose a nozzle style of design that best suits the tasks at hand.

Ease of Use

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However powerful your heat gun is, it won’t amount to much if it’s not easy to use. The tool should be lightweight and compact enough to allow for the effortless completion of overhead tasks and projects without the risk of straining one’s muscles or being excessively fatigue with just a few hours of use. The compact ones can be operated safely and properly too. If you’re serious about a hassle-free and straightforward operation, take care not to settle for something worse handles aren’t ergonomically designed. Ergonomically designed heat guns are easy and comfortable to use as they fit securely and safely into most handles which significantly reduces the risk of slippage.


In all honesty, the price of heat marginal should be a magical concern considering that unlike most power tools, they are some of the least priced products on the market. The premium ones will come within the neighbourhoods of $100 while those at the other extreme end of the spectrum can be as cheap as $20. It goes without saying that the cheap ones lack the blows and whistles or perks of their more pricey counterparts. They don’t last as long, they lack the efficiency and are not as versatile, and their range of temperature setting is not as wide. They are nonetheless an ideal choice for people looking for a functional and practical heat gun to use now and then around the house for such light-duty tasks like thawing pipes and frozen gutters, loosening up rusty, and uninstalling tiles from the floor and the walls.


Q: How do I maintain my heat gun so it’s always in optimal performance condition?

A: As is the case with all power tools, heat guns need to be subjected to regular maintenance to get the most out of them. The first step is keeping all the openings and ducts free of debris, dust and any other obstructions. Also, make a point of thoroughly cleaning your heat gun after using it continuously for a long duration.

Q: Any safety precautions I should keep in mind when using a heat gun?

A: Heat guns produce extremely hot and focussed heat capable of scalding or burning the human skin if you let down your guard for even a second. As such, you need to take several precautionary measures especially for those working at home, to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. Right off the bat, keep all exits like windows and doors open to allow for the free flow of air to prevent the accumulation of dangerous fumes. All pregnant women and children should vacate the room or be given wear dust respirator masks, just like the user. Wear safety clothing at all times, more so goggles and gloves and tight clothing. After you’re done working, give the tool enough time to cool off. And of course, wash your hands the moment you’re finished.


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No particular heat gun is the absolute best in performing a specific task around the house and on the job site when it comes to thermally processing different materials and projects. Consequently, your determination should take several factors into consideration, the most important of which are the nature of your projects, the frequency with which you intend to use the heat gun and its safety features. Irrespective of your choice nonetheless, make a point of going for a heat gun that’s easy to use, versatile, durable and bundled with several convenience features to make your work effortless and seamless. All products wear and tear from everyday use and so look for a sufficiently long warranty to cater for defects resulting from the manufacturer’s use of poor-quality materials and substandard workmanship. Nevertheless, the heat guns featuring on our list are up to the task and will provide you with reliable service round the clock.