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1. Wilton 22036
Test Winner: 1. Wilton 22036

Best Sledge Hammers Reviews & Price Comparison

Heavy-duty projects such as driving posts firmly into the ground, busting materials like concrete, stone, and metal, demolishing various surfaces and objects obviously require a sledge hammer. While a traditional hammer can accomplish some of the activities, it nonetheless lacks the added heft that comes naturally to sledge hammer, considering that they feature dual heavy-duty heads and indestructible bodies that provide immense destructive power to effortlessly and quickly undertake a wide range of heavy-duty projects. Also, unlike hammers, sledge hammers come with considerably longer handles that provide the much-needed leverage for breaking up tough objects like concrete slabs. The overall high-quality construction of sledge hammer makes for a hassle-free, quick, and efficient performance.

Our Top 3 Picks

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Choosing the most suitable option for demolishing that concrete slab or drywall or splitting wood is never a straightforward endeavour, especially for greenhorns. The fact that the market is awash with several types and sizes only complicates matters. A rational consumer will want to match the longevity, weight distribution, power, and drive capacity of their hammer to the task at hand and that means spending endless hours scouring the Internet, researching, analyzing, and testing different products until they magically stumble upon their knight in shining armor. That would be the plan except no one has the time with today’s hectic lifestyle. And that where we come in.

10 Best Sledge Hammers


1. Wilton 22036

1. Wilton 22036
If you’re looking for a heavy-duty sledge hammer that features a commensurately high construction quality, look no further than the Wilton 22036. Being our top pick, you can rest easy knowing it packs all the useful nifty features and specs you need to make your work efficient, quick, and pain-free. Controlling and maneuvring it is quite easy as it’s lightweight and has easy-to-hold ergonomic handles. If you need to break something and has the wherewithal to look higher up the price spectrum, it comes highly recommended.

Like we mentioned a little earlier, the Wilton 22036 features heavy-duty construction to help you break down anything without breaking a sweat. The fact that it incorporates an unbreakable technology, an industrial-grade steel core, means you can repeatedly strike at the toughest and hardest objects without the remotest possibility of it breaking. The ingenious technology pairs nicely with the machine’s drop forged 46 HRC steel head that’s capable of withstanding the toughest working conditions in all sorts of environments. With this option in the palm of your hands, there isn’t a single demolition project you can confidently embark on.
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Unlike cheap, off-brand hammers on the market masquerading as sledge hammers, the 22036 also comes with a safety plate that works as advertised. It ensures the head remains firmly fixed to the handle all throughout your demolition project, eliminating the slightest possibility of it dislodging as you work. In addition to ensuring optimal performance, the feature similarly ensures your safety as the head can easily cause severe bodily harm if it were to dislodge in the middle of an operation inadvertently.

Its design and engineering also prevent against any inadvertent slipping it off of your hands. While it is highly advisable, it is however not necessary to use gloves with the intention of protecting your hands from the high impact occasioned by repeatedly knocking tough objects. To keep you safe from hand fatigue and strain, it comes with a thick, tapered anti-vibration neck for absorbing all the resultant vibration.

With hand exhaustion and straining out of the way, you can keep working for several hours on end without worrying about joint pains. Other features that also aim to keep you safe all through your project are the non-slip grip and the Lanyard hole. The former guarantees your grip is also firm and secure as you strike while the latter is for safely securing it to your wrist or any other immovable object, so it doesn't fly off and hurt your colleagues or destroy other items in the off-chance that it accidentally slips off your hands.

If you're looking for a high-end option that packs a punch to enable you to demolish various objects and surfaces with minimal ease, go with the Wilton 22036. However, it features a premium price which it nonetheless compensates for by offering you several impressive performance, convenience, and safety features.
  • Packs an impressive 20-pound striking force at the head
  • Bright colours make it easy to locate in a toolbox
  • The handle is indestructible, thanks to steel core construction
  • Easy to use
  • Strikes accurately
  • Comfortable handles
  • A little too heavy for domestic applications

2. Fiskars 750620-1001

2. Fiskars 750620-1001
The Fiskars 750620-1001 might not be the most powerful or toughest option on the market or have the bells and whistles like our previous pick, but when it comes to demolition work, it does an amazing job. In addition to giving you your money’s worth, it is also constructed from the highest quality materials to provide the user with several years of flawless and trouble-free performance. It also works powerfully for a tool in its price range. Because it ingeniously balances weight and materials engineering, using it is a cinch, and it works effectively every time.

In spite of its 10-pound head size, it is not a slouch when it comes to performance. The 10-pound head is sufficiently powerful to enable you to quickly demolish whatever structure, surface, or object that needs demolishing. It comes with two faces, a demolition face for shattering tough structures and objects like concrete and a driving face that's ideal for driving stakes and wedges. The sturdy and rugged construction of the wedged demolition face helps concentrate up to five times more destructive power compared to its run-of-the-mill counterparts on the market.
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And in light of the powerful performance, you use significantly fewer strikes to demolish different objects than traditional options. And the icing on the cake that is that rather than directing the resultant debris back at you, the demolition face diverts them to sides, thereby minimizing the likelihood of dangerous and harmful debris and dust particles from entering your eyes, nose, or mouth.

Another major highlight is the fact that it comes with a considerably large diameter driving face. In addition to concentrating the striking force effectively on the surface, the feature also considerably augments accuracy, minimizing costly mistakes while helping you save on time and energy. And that’s not all.

It is more forgiving on your body and its joints compared to the vast majority of options out there on the market. It features a patented IsoCore Shock Control System that works superbly well by absorbing all the resultant strike shock and vibration. The feature means the difference between winding off after a busy day by playing tennis or ending up in a hospital bed with aching joints.

The ergonomic design of the handles also helps with dampening the shocks and vibrations that come with demolishing projects. Unlike wood handles, the handle flare and the IsoCore system all work together to provide you with comfortable and hassle-free use. The handle flare also has non-slip properties to ensure your hand stays firmly in place when swinging it.

Unlike the previous pick, it is a cost-effective alternative that's ideal for both professional and domestic use. The learning curve is very gentle, and it only takes a few minutes to get used to the weight. With dimensions of 3.2 inches by 7.2 inches by 36 inches, it is a lightweight and relatively compact machine you can easily transport from one worksite to another. And holding it in the hand for prolonged periods of time won't lead to hand fatigue or strain, as is the case with some weak, flimsy tools on the market.

The Fiskars 750620-1001 boasts a versatile dual face design that makes it perfect for handling a wide range of projects both around the house and on the worksite. The 10-pound head supplies enough power to demolish various objects, surfaces, and structures and coupled with the machine's ergonomic design, is very manageable. The handle also absorbs shocks and keeps fatigue at bay while the extra-large driving face enhances striking precision, providing you with nothing short of the best performance.
  • The 10-pound head provides efficient, trouble-free and quick performance
  • Features a sturdy and rugged construction quality
  • Features a dual demolition and driving face, hence a versatile selection
  • The handle absorbs shocks and makes for easy and comfortable use
  • The extra-wide driving face makes it very accurate
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lacks a lanyard hole

A little heavy

3. Truper 30919

3. Truper 30919
Smashing things do not have to leave you dog-tired, with joint paints, and scampering for breath, as is the case with weak, flimsy brands out there on the market. If you need trouble-free, accurate, and effective performance, take a look at the Truper 30919. Like our second pick, it boasts an impressive 10 pounds smashing force that will go right through anything that standard and traditional alternatives on the market struggle with. Its fastidious construction and professional engineering put its performance at par with most options on the higher end of the performance spectrum. While its specialty is handling heavy-duty projects with minimal hesitation and remarkable ease, you can as well use it occasionally for everyday concrete busting around the house.

It comes with a 10-pound head that boasts superb destructive power for quick and hassle-free heavy-duty demolition. Every nook and cranny of the machine reeks of rugged and industrial-grade construction that qualifies it for undertaking a wide plethora of demolition projects. The head, for instance, sports an MD-10H steel construction. The jargon is tough-sounding and ear-ripping but in layman’s terms, it simply means the it head is of remarkable quality and very few demolition projects will come close to stopping it right in its path. In light of this fact, it is a suitable choice for hammering in splitting wedges.
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Whatever the smashing job you intend to undertake, you can bet you’ll be coming out of it with the steel devoid of cracks or even the remotest indication of a split. The quality finish also means it has exceptional rust and corrosion resistance capabilities, which should give you the confidence to work in all types of weather conditions, even the harshest. In simple terms, the Truper 30919 is one of the best options for a wide range of projects, not just demolishing structures or splitting wood.

You're obviously concerned about the ease or difficulty of using it. The manufacturer goes out of their way with the sledge hammer to ensure the user has the easiest time using the machine. It comes with a 36-inch hickory handle to provide you with sufficient leverage, so you can smash down the toughest structures with ease and speed. Also, the hickory handle is long-lasting and will not break as easily even when you embark on the most demanding demolition projects.

It will last for several years, especially considering that the handle comes with an innovative shock-absorbent rubber guard whose strategic placement right under the neck provides utmost protection against overstrike damage. Because of the feature, the likelihood of the handle breaking or splintering is very remote, irrespective of the swinging force.

In spite of its heavy-duty construction and its immense 10-pound smashing force, a few users have noted that it comes with its fair share of downsides. First, the shock-absorbing properties of the machine are not very effective. Also, unless you reinforce the connection between the handle and head, there is a chance they might separate. While these downsides are obviously not deal breakers, at least in our opinion, it's prudent that you're aware of them.
  • Features a budget-friendly price tag
  • Using it is a cinch
  • Comes with an impressive 10-pound destructive force
  • Features fastidious construction and professional engineering
  • High-quality finish is resistant to rust and corrosion
  • The 36-inch hickory handle provide sufficient leverage
  • The handle isn't very effective at absorbing shocks and vibrations


You don't have to be a psychic to differentiate between the products that are built by professionals for use by other professionals and those simply masquerading on the market. The indicative pointers in the case of the Stanley FMHT56009, which offers 4 pounds of smashing force, it the outstanding quality of construction, ease of use, practicality, and its value for money.

It is a perfect alternative to the pricier models on the market and in spite of its middle-of-the-road pricing, boasts volcanic performance in light of its auxiliary features. With its 4 pound head, its performance is patently not comparable to high-end models, but for the everyday smashing of concrete and other normal demolition projects around the house, the Stanley FMHT56009 more than suffices.
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It has a paltry weight of just 4.7 pounds and dimensions of 14.5 inches by 5 inches by 2 inches. It’s a pretty small and lightweight machine that’s highly portable from one workstation to another and one that’s easy to manoeuvre and control, even with limited space.

The 12.35-inch handle features an all-fiberglass construction, which is one of the strongest materials on the market and will provide you with several years of remarkable service without breaking, cracking, or splitting even slightly. The ideal weight of the machine, together with its shatterproof construction quality pair nicely with the fact that it has a non-slip handle that's ergonomically designed for comfortable and stress-free use. Additionally, the handle is particle dampening and features an anti-vibe grip that handy for those days when you have to smash particularly tough surfaces, materials or objects.

Compared to traditional solid core handles, the fiberglass is more user-friendly and is way more comfortable and easy to control and maneuvre. The bottom line is that its ingenious construction pulls all the stops to provide the user with the smooth and largely effortless way of smashing and demolishing various objects.

As for performance, allow us to reiterate once again that it is ideal for undertaking a wide range of light-duty to medium-duty demolition projects. Because the machine is lightweight, you don't need as much effort to swing it, which proves that there isn't much correlation between weight and performance. It comes with a bullet nose strike face that effectively increases the striking force by up to 50 percent more than the vast majority of conventional heads. For versatility, it also features a standard strike face on the other end in the bullet nose strike face doesn't meet your demolition requirements.

Its rugged construction and its laundry list of signature features help make short and quick work of the toughest and most demanding demolition and smashing projects. It is easy to use and swings with ease, considering that it has an anti-vibe and particle dampened handle. Plus, it comes with a relatively pocket-friendly price tag and a generous limited lifetime warranty for the sceptics out there.
  • Comes with a useful anti-vibration feature
  • The sturdy head delivers more power
  • Features long-lasting and robust construction
  • The handle is shatterproof
  • Provides the user with a firm and non-slip grip
  • Somehow rough on the hands after a long use

5. Stanley FMHT56019

5. Stanley FMHT56019
Following closely on the path of the previous Stanley option is yet another flagship product from the highly reputed and customer trusted Stanley brand. Like its counterpart above, the Stanley FMHT56019 is immensely appealing to a large segment of the population. Both admirers and sceptics of this tool concur on one thing: it packs all the instrumental and nifty features to make short, quick, and efficient work of the most challenging projects, whether that's demolishing a structure or object of splitting wood at the domestic level. It comes with the characteristic premium features of high-end sledge hammers at a fraction of their price though. You no longer have to dig deep into your pockets to sample the high-end features that have, until now, been a preserve of pricey options.

Unlike cheap, run-of-the-mill sledge hammers you’ll find on the market, the Stanley FMHT56009 features high-quality construction and engineering to deliver nothing but the best performance irrespective of your work material. The handle, for instance, features an all-fiberglass construction that, like the previous product, additionally comes with vibration dampening particles for dampening vibrations. Consequently, whether you’re planning on striking concrete or other abrasive materials like metals, your body won’t have to bear the brunt of the exercise.
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Neither will the uncomfortable vibrations dislodge your hands from the handle. Similarly, you don’t have to worry about your hands, wrists, and other body joints taking the abuse, which would otherwise cause severe pains. Thanks to the incorporation of a red vibration dampening piece at the joint between the handle and the head and the use of non-slip rubber patch on the handle, the likelihood of your hands slipping off even when it starts to rain, are minimal.

The construction of the head from long-lasting and durable drop forged steel enables it to provide consistently high performance all through its useful life. And because the material is both rugged and sturdy, we don't foresee a situation where it can crack or split anytime with the next several years. Whether it's driving wedges into the hardest logs or demolishing the toughest structures, the FMHT56009 will invariably exceed both durability and performance expectations. The 10-pound head will easily and quickly go through anything and spare you the time and effort you'd otherwise expend if you were to resort to traditional means.

The dual-sided head with its conventional strike face and bullet nose strike face makes it a versatile choice capable of wading through the toughest projects, especially considering that the bullet nose strike face provides 50 percent more destructive power to ensure you bust concrete and other structures quickly and with minimal effort. Plus, you get a limited lifetime warranty with each purchase to cover you against manufacturer's use of defective materials or poor workmanship.

In the Stanley FMHT56009 FATMAX Engineering Hammer, you have a machine that’s both cost-effective and capable of gracefully withstanding rigorous use and abuse in all sorts of environments. Even with heavy use, the likelihood of it cracking or splitting are minimal. With proper use and care, it should provide you with several years of hassle-free and easy use. The lifetime warranty makes it greatly endearing and is indicative of the confidence the manufacturer has in the performance and longevity of their product.
  • Comes with vibration minimizing particles on the handle
  • Provides 50 percent more destructive force than conventional hammers
  • Handle features heavy-duty construction using high-end fiberglass
  • The drop-forged steel construction of head prevents splinting, cracking even with heavy applications
  • 10-pound head makes for easy and quick demolition
  • An all rounded tool for use both at home and the commercial site
  • A little difficult to control and swing because of its weight

6. Ludell 11310

6. Ludell 11310
The Ludell 11310 is an entry level tool with a pocket-friendly price tag. You should however not construe the previous statement as a reflection of the performance and durability of the machine. If anything, the hammer is packed to the brim with several time and energy-saving features to help you finish your project with minimal hiccups. Its ergonomic design and the 20-pound weight of its head pair nicely with its ease of use to give you one of the best experiences in the industry.

At first glance, there is nothing particularly attractive about it, especially considering that it has a simplistic, humdrum appearance, much like most options on the market. The one feature that sets it apart in a competitive field is the manufacturer’s use of industrial-grade fiberglass with the aim of guaranteeing the user industry-best performance.

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The handle is 35 inches long and comes with two rubberized grips, one at the bottom and the other at the point where the handle meets the head. The grip at the end aims at giving you a firm and secure hold of the machine so that there is no possibility of it slipping off your hands while working in different conditions.

The other rubberized grip at the neck works in tandem with the sturdy fiberglass handle to dampen the vibrations resulting from busting concrete and other tough materials. As a result, your hands, wrists, and other body parts don't get to suffer the pain the vibrations cause. You get a tol you can use comfortably and confidently for several hours on end to undertake the toughest demolition, smashing, or wood splitting projects. You'll enjoy peace of mind knowing there is no possibility of it breaking, splitting or cracking with heavy, constant exposure to overstrikes and miss strikes, as is commonly the case with cheap, weak, and flimsy off-brand models out there.

Like our previous pick, the Ludell 11310 comes with a head made from long-lasting and robust drop forged steel. Coupled with its high-end construction and the fact that the head packs 20 pounds of incredible smashing power, there isn't a single project you can't undertake. Also, the manufacturers go a step further by polishing both faces of the head before covering it with black enamel to ensure maximum protection against destructive rust, dirt, and corrosion. Left to their own devices, these agents can substantially shorten theiiits lifespan, abruptly bringing to an end several more years of hassle-free and efficient performance.

Finally, the icing on the cake is that the sledge hammer, while it has several convenience and performance features, happens to be very affordable. According to us, it's quite a steal.
  • Lightweight and compact at just 8 pounds
  • Strikes precisely, thanks to its fiberglass shaft
  • Ideal for heavy-duty work like demolition
  • Has an attractive black enamelled head
  • The handles are shock absorbent
  • Cost-effective
  • Long handles complicates usability a little bit

7. Neiko 02867A

7. Neiko 02867A
For light-duty demolition or splitting wood projects around the house, there is no point investing in a heavy-duty sledge hammer. And that's where the Neiko 02867A enters the scene. Its performance is quite remarkable for an option in its price range. The quality of construction is totally commensurate with its job description which it tops off by coming in bright colours and having a mirror polished head for an attractive look and secondarily to enable you to find it with ease in your toolbox.

Is construction and engineering optimize it for light-duty projects around the house, which makes it an ideal choice for professionals, weekend warriors, enthusiastic DIYers. It comes in handy for quickly and efficiently completing those demolition projects that your traditional hammer lacks the necessary heft to see through successfully. It packs some substantial destructive power to enable you to bring down a drywall with minimal effort, and in a fraction of the time it would take the conventional hammer. Even though it's lightweight, it comes with a 3.3-pound head that supplies more than enough impact power for busting and striking a wide range of objects or surfaces.
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The 02867A features a high construction quality to match its incredible impact power for everyday use. The fact that the head is made from heat-hardened steel means that at the domestic level, the device will be able to power effortlessly and seamlessly through all kinds of demolition work. To this add the corrosion resistant sledge and the mirror polishing of the head and you have at your disposal a tool that will provide you with more than a lifetime of seamless, smooth, efficient and powerful service. And to give the confidence and peace of mind to work productively, the Neiko brand offers the user a limited lifetime warranty with each purchase to cover them against deficiencies in materials and workmanship.

It weighs just 14.4 pounds and has compact dimensions of 14.2 inches by 4.7 inches by 2 inches. Consequently, you won’t have the slightest problems lifting and controlling it when demolishing that drywall, meaning that you really don’t need to have Thor-like upper body strength to wield it. However hard you swing the sledge hammer, the chance of you straining your hands or suffering hand exhaustion are very remote considering that the machine comes with a soft ribbed rubber handles to increase comfort and ease of use.

The handle is similarly textured to minimize the likelihood of the 02867A slipping off your hands when you’re working in the rain or other wet conditions. The icing on the cake though is the manufacturer's use of industrial-grade fiberglass for the handle. Among other things, the material is resistant to chipping and is shatterproof. It also packs outstanding vibration dampening properties to keep your hands and wrists safe from injurious vibrations.

Finding a cost-effective option that offers it all is a frustratingly uphill task. The Neiko 02867A is, however, a far cry from the mediocre performance of the flimsy and weak hammers on the market masquerading as sledge hammers. It offers the user solid value at a pocket-friendly price, and its performance and ease of use easily trump over other competitors in its price range. Even after years of use, its performance will still be consistent and exceptional.
  • Features high-end and durable construction
  • Perfectly balances weight and design for ease of use
  • Has an ergonomic, non-slip handle
  • Comes with a reasonable price tag
  • Lifetime warranty


8. Jackson 1199900

8. Jackson 1199900
The design and engineering of the 1199900 aim to take the time, frustration and effort away from demolishing various objects or structures. The days of repeatedly knocking down a drywall, concrete, metal, stone, or striking wood using a traditional hammer until your hands are all red and sore are long gone with the sledge hammer in your toolbox. Unlike the previous pick, the 1199900 is ideal for light-duty, medium-duty and even heavy, professional projects. The durable head comes with a weight and strike force that pairs nicely with the long handle that provides the much-needed leverage in your swing and makes it possible to utilize both hands for extra strength and stability.

While other units will easily end up with shattered hammer shafts, that of the model can finish the most demanding projects without the slightest scratch, a fact that makes it the go-to tool for the vast majority of craftsmen, contractors, and even enthusiastic DIYers.
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In addition to its knack for effortlessly withstanding overstrikes and miss strikes, it will also demand less effort from you, thanks to the ingenious design of its handle. At 36 inches in length, the handle gives you more than enough leverage and increases the smashing power. And like mentioned earlier, the handle has enough space to easily accommodate two hands, which allows you to strike more forcefully but with lots of stability.

To the above add its massively heavy 20-pound head. The sheer weight of the head and the fact that it features a high-quality construction with drop forged steel means there is no end to the list of demolition projects you can undertake with it. The fact that the head of the unit is double-faced only adds to the plethora of applications it can undertake, making it one of the most versatile options on the market.

The 1199900 is a solid choice for contractors and craftsmen who frequently undertake heavy projects like busting concrete, metal, and stone. The hickory handle, in addition to providing leverage for effortless use, is commercial-grade quality and therefore will stand the test of time. The likelihood of it splintering, cracking, or breaking is remote, even after several years of heavy use in an industrial setting. It also shock absorbent and contributes towards minimizing hand fatigue and strain from prolonged use.

There is everything to love about the 1199900, from the construction quality, performance, ease of use, practicality and even affordability. The long 36-inch handle provides the much-needed leverage for powerfully slamming any object in your path. It’s ruggedly build to last more than a lifetime while providing with more than sufficient destructive force for striking wood, drifting timbers, and striding spikes, among other applications. It’s also compact enough to use in tight spaces and lightweight so that controllability and stability are never an issue.
  • A versatile tool suitable for light-duty, medium-duty and even heavy, professional projects
  • The high-quality construction enables it to withstand overstrikes and miss strikes
  • The 36-inch handle provides sufficient leverage for quick and efficient demolition work
  • Has a massively heavy 20-pound head
  • Easy to use and swing
  • Cost-effective
  • Lacks an anti-vibration feature

9. Stanley FMHT56011

9. Stanley FMHT56011
Stanley is renowned for manufacturing user-friendly and high-performance products that are similarly built to stand the test of time. The fact that the Stanley FMHT56011 is our third pick from the same brand speaks volumes about the brand’s dedication and commitment to ensuring flawless performance and user comfort. Like the other two options from the brand, this model also reeks of high-quality construction and hassle-free performance and comes at a fraction of the price of other high-end models, even though there’s minimal difference in performance. The Stanley FMHT56011 FATMAX, like its brothers, comes with a wide assortment of performance and convenience to help make quick and short work of the toughest demolition projects. We discuss these features in detail in the subsequent paragraphs.

The difference between the FMHT56011 and other cheap, run-of-the-mill sledge hammers on the market is very glaring, especially with regard to performance, ease of use, and practicality. It is in all intent and purposes one of the best machines in the industry and whose performance easily upstages that of sledge hammers from more established brands.
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Its handles are anti-vibe, meaning that they significantly minimize or dampen the resultant vibrations which, in turn, protects your hands and wrists from exhaustion and strain. Consequently, the unit features a more user-friendly and comfortable design than those with conventional solid core handles. It is, by all means, a solid choice for professionals and DIYers who work for long hours. The fiberglass handle also has the advantage of being shatter-resistant and capable of withstanding the rigors of smashing strong structures without splintering.

As for performance, it is quite a sight to behold. It perfectly brings together an 8-pound head and a 33-inch handle to provide the user with quick and efficient performance. At 33 inches, the handle is long enough so that you can leverage it for maximum power and utmost stability, irrespective of the project you have at hand. The bullet nose strike face supplies an additional 50 percent power for quickly bringing down drywalls or splitting the toughest logs in your backyard without breaking a sweat.

With its smashing power in your palms, there is no project you can't handle quickly and with minimal effort. It is a suitable choice when your traditional hammer is lacking in heft to knock down the objects that have to come down.

Using it is a cinch, and it comes with a non-slip, rubberized handle that ensures your hands fit comfortably and firmly and that you don't suffer any hand exhaustion no matter how long you use it. With such impressive features, it's surprisingly the unit does not cost an arm and a leg. For the best performance and ease of use at a reasonable price tag, we can’t recommend it enough.
  • Comes with particle dampened handle for smooth and flawless performance
  • Has a gentle learning curve
  • Demolishes with ease and speed
  • Features high-quality construction for a longer life
  • Bullet nose strike face minimizes user effort and cuts on time
  • Has an unbreakable fiberglass handle
  • A little expensive

10. Wilton 20412

10. Wilton 20412
Rounding up our top ten picks of the best sledge hammers on the market currently is the Wilton 20412. The machine is a high-end, virtually indestructible, yet cost-effective and suitable solution for busting concrete, metals, stones and even splitting wood with the assistance of a wedge. It doesn't take much effort to use it, and with proper use and maintenance, the machine should provide you with several years of powerful, efficient, and hiccup-free performance.

One of the striking features of the Wilton 20412 is its revolutionary design of the handle. The 12-inch handles features the innovative and patented Unbreakable Handle Technology that means it can gracefully withstand abuse and the harshest working conditions without caving in. According to Wilton, the handles feature steel core construction that gives them the industrial-grade strength to withstand more than 25,000 overstrikes on the toughest surfaces and objects. The figure should give you the confidence and peace of mind you need to start using it to its full potential without holding back. Also, the machine comes with a lifetime warranty to give you cover against deficiencies in material and workmanship.
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Being an immensely successful organization, Wilton has the wherewithal to make their hammers both easy and comfortable to use, in a bid to remove the frustration, time and effort away from an otherwise labour-intensive process. The chances of the handle separating from the head in the middle of a project are remote at best, thanks to the use of a safety plate in the adjoining area. To that add an ergonomically designed handle with a soft, rubberized grip that ensures your grip is always safe and firm and that there is minimal chance of the machine slipping off your hands, even in rainy conditions. If you want to work safely, efficiently, and with minimal effort, the Wilton 20412 comes highly recommended.

But we aren’t done yet, obviously, so roll your sleeve back up and pay attention some more. At 5 pounds and with corresponding dimensions of 14 inches by 5 inches by 3 inches, the hammer is the second lightest on our list. The physical dimensions pair nicely with the 12-inch handle to give you adequate leverage and stability to work quickly and with minimal effort.

The performance is in all intent and purposes very smooth. To demolish tough structures and objects and split highly knotted logs, you need an option boasting an equally rugged and robust construction quality. Luckily, this one is a high-performance choice with a 4-pound head that packs immense destructive power for quickly busting a wide range of materials, objects, and surfaces.

The construction of the Hi-Vis head from drop-forged 46 HRC steel means it's capable of enduring the most strenuous and onerous projects both around the home and on a job site. And to keep you safe, the Wilton 20412 comes with a lanyard hole for safely securing the machine to your hand or an immovable structure while working.

This option has a laundry list of innovative features to make your work easy and quick. The 4-pound head packing incredible destructive power, the non-slip and ergonomic handles, and the high leverage 12-inch handle are features you only find in high-end, pricier models. There is also a safety plate and a lanyard hole both of which aim to keep you safe and sound while working. With a guaranteed lifespan of more than 25,000 overstrikes, it is more than an ideal choice for undertaking light-duty to heavy-duty projects.
  • Features high-end, virtually indestructible construction quality
  • A cost-effective and suitable solution for wide range of projects
  • Comes with a safety plate to minimize vibrations and prevent separation of head and handle
  • Has a soft, rubberized grip for comfort
  • Works efficiently and with no hesitations
  • A little on the costly side

Criteria for Choosing the Best Sledge Hammer

Because sledge hammers suddenly become ubiquitous when you start searching for one, the process might understandably be overwhelming, time-consuming, and energy-draining. There is a multitude of factors you have to keep in mind while searching such as your budget constraints, the purpose for which you’re buying the one, performance, and the convenience features the machine packs. We aim to remove guesswork, frustration, time and effort from the process and to that end, we comprehensively deconstruct the hammers on the market to separate the wheat from the chaff and enumerate the pros and cons of each of our top ten picks to help you make an informed decision. But first, let’s take a look at the factors you have to take into consideration while shopping.

Construction Quality

By quality of construction, we don’t mean only the head but also the handle. A sledge hammer derives its destructive power from the head, and as a result, it would be prudent to ensure it features the highest construction quality. It should be made from materials that are industrial-grade and least prone to cracking, breaking or splintering even with overstrikes and miss strikes. Manufacturers commonly use metal and in some cases brass, bronze, and even wood.

If the head is not capable of withstanding high impact, then what’s the point of buying the sledge hammer in the first place if not a peculiar desire to throw money down the drain? The same goes for the handle, which is made from either wood or fiberglass, each having its fair share of upsides and downsides. While fiberglass is arguably stronger and more durable than wood and is capable of withstanding harsh working conditions, it nonetheless inflates the price of the sledge hammer.


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Both the head and handle have a significant bearing on its performance. The head, as indicated earlier, is the driving force of the machine and in the world of hammers, the heavier, the better. However, tread cautiously since with weight comes practicality and ease-of-use implications. In addition to being reasonably heavy, the head needs to sport a rugged and sturdy construction quality using high-end materials so that cracking or breaking is never a possibility. For heavy-duty projects, an ideal head should be at least 20 pounds heavy, and the user needs to be able to swing it comfortably without the risk of straining their hands, wrists or hurting their back. Heads from steel packs more power than those made from wood. An efficient and powerful option is, therefore, one whose head is both heavy and features high-quality construction with an industrial-grade material.

Aside from the head, the other feature that will also influence the performance is the handle. Handles vary in length but usually fall within the 12-inch and 36-inch length range. Needless to say, a longer one provides higher leverage that then allows you to strike more forcefully than a shorter one. But, again, don’t go for the longest handle you can find or else stability and controllability will quickly become an issue.

Ease of Use

Virtually all high impact activities inevitably cause vibrations, and using a sledge hammer is no exception. Left to their own devices, the onerous activity can easily cause bodily harm to the hands and wrists and other joints. To guard against this, and to keep the user generally safe and sound while using it, manufacturers go the extra mile by incorporating wide-ranging safety measures. First off, the vast majority of options nowadays come with anti-vibe handles to dampen the resultant vibrations and provide for smooth and comfortable operation. It’s for the same reasons that the handles are ergonomically designed: so that the risk of hand fatigue and strain are non-exist. To this add textured handles that guarantee your hands fit comfortably.


The possibility of the handle separating from the head while swinging a sledge hammer is very real, which is why you should make a point of ascertaining the connection between the two is secure before committing your money. To prevent the two from coming apart, manufacturers tend to either weld them together or use a safety plate. Additionally, a few models come with a lanyard hole for securing the hammer to your wrist or an immovable object just to ensure your safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do different sledge hammers come with different head shapes?

A: Yes. While some have two similar faces, others feature different faces, each optimized for a specific activity. If you want to knock down fence posts and other similar structures, a flat face is ideal. On the other hand, you’ll need a slightly domed face to break concrete and other abrasive objects with minimal ease as they’re optimized for focusing the hammer’s smashing force.

Q: Any tip for safely using a sledge hammer?


A: There are several, actually. As common sense would dictate, ensure your workspace is devoid of debris and other tripping hazards. Also, irrespective of the tool you’re operating, it’s always advisable to wear the right safety gear such as eye protecting goggles, gloves, fitting clothes and ankle high shoes. Stand firmly before swinging the hammer away from yourself. Most importantly, check that the head is secure before embarking on any project.


The power, strength, and durability of sledge hammers make them multipurpose tools for undertaking a wide range of projects around the house and on the job site. Whether you want to break down a drywall, bust up concrete slabs or firmly secure tents to the ground, they’ll invariably rise to the occasion. They pack a plethora of performance and convenience for making short and quick work of otherwise daunting and labor-intensive projects. They are also easy to use and don’t cost a fortune, meaning that they’re an ideal choice for greenhorns and professionals and everyone in between.

Our list features the best sledge hammers on the market. Irrespective of the project you want to undertake, we have something for you. And the icing on the cake is that they bring you the best of all worlds. They are practical, powerful, cost-effective, and easy to use. We hope you find the one that best matches your needs and budget.