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we rated the best metal tool boxesBuying Guide
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10 Best Metal Tool boxes Reviewed by Our Team
Whether you are a journeyperson or a handyman, you need to have a way to transport your tools to and from your workplace. At the same, you don't only need just a toolbox; you need the best toolkit that is convenient and suitable for you. Finding a toolbox that is fit for your particular needs and ...
we reviewed the best chainsaw oilsBuying Guide
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10 Best Chainsaw Oils Reviews & Ratings
Most people know that owning a chainsaw is almost equal to owning a car. In most cases, people purchase chainsaws but forget to buy the best chainsaw oil that will keep their saw running smoothly and serve them for long. Like it or not, but you have to treat your chainsaw well. Understanding your ch...
we reviewed the best small tool boxesBuying Guide
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10 Best Small Tool Boxes On the Market
Often, people shop for their tools but forget to buy for their storage. There is nothing beautiful than knowing your tools are well stored, and you can get them in best condition whenever you need them. Whether you are a contractor, technician, electrician, carpenter or you work in DIYs projects, inv...
we tested the best step laddersBuying Guide
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10 Best Step Ladders Reviewed & Rated
If you like to fix things in and around your house, you must have noticed that your height might not be enough to reach some fittings. This includes even individuals who are over six feet tall. However, this hasn’t slowed anyone down as the existence of ladders has made these fittings more reac...
we reviewed the best manometersBuying Guide
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10 Best Manometers Reviews & Ratings
Manometers are for gauging pressure in a fluid or gas column and is used by technicians and professionals in measuring industries. Typically, the device is u-shaped with two graduated legs and have a liquid that will rise anytime pressure acts upon it. The liquid acts such that when the two legs are ...
we tetsed the best sanding blocksBuying Guide
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10 Best Sanding Blocks Reviewed & Rated
In construction, woodworking, auto bodies, motorcycles, and other areas where sanding is necessary, you need an ideal sanding partner for the best results. You can invest in a sanding paper or a sanding block, but the difference is like night and day. Using a sanding paper is time-consuming, and lead...
we rated the best wood glueBuying Guide
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Best Wood Glues Reviews & Editorial Ratings
When it comes to working on professional or any random DIY woodworking tasks wood glue is a must-have. Whether it’s filling some gaps, binding joints, fixing broken pieces of wood or preventing surfaces from disintegrating, there is no doubt that this characteristically sticky liquid is needed ...
we tested the best surge protectorsBuying Guide
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10 Best Surge Protectors Reviewed & Rated
Power spikes and surges happen every once in a while. If you are unprepared for them the damage they cause could force you to purchase a new set of electronics. Given that most of these cost a large amount of money you probably don’t want that to happen. The best thing you could do to prevent t...
we reviewed the best work glovesBuying Guide
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Best Work Gloves Reviewed and Rated
For some professions, the place of work is an inherently unsafe environment, exposing you to all different kinds of injuries such as cuts, abrasions, shocks, cuts, punctures, dermatitis, vibration nerve damage, and even chemical burns. To keep your hands safe from such accidents, all it takes is to g...
we reviewed the best mechanic tool setsBuying Guide
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Best Mechanic Tool Sets Reviewed & Tested
Repairing or maintaining the automotive or other things around the house may not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, when you don’t want to incur the extra expense of seeking professional assistance or have a knack for it, a dependable and practical mechanics tool set is a must-have. Most ...
best bandsaw blades on the marketBuying Guide
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Best Bandsaw Blades Reviewed & Rated
Though it happens to be the most versatile tool in any woodworking shop, a band saw is rarely the first tool that comes to mind or if you purchase for a shop. However, it is quite resourceful for it cuts more than wood including metal. You can use band saws for cutting making veneers, cutting curv...
Best Belt Pouches Buying Guide
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Best Belt Pouches Reviewed & Rated
Any seasoned or even greenhorn contractor would be hard pressed to discount the significance of a belt pouch and its role in helping the user finish a project efficiently, quickly, and easily. They are a perfect choice for the busy contractor who handles a wide range of tools and accessories and is t...
we tested the best chainsaw sharpenersBuying Guide
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Best Chainsaw Sharpeners Reviewed & Rated
No seasoned woodworker, extreme DIYer, or outdoor enthusiast would ever consider their garage or tool chest complete if it didn't have a chainsaw sharpener. Compared to conventional time-consuming and energy-draining methods of keeping the chainsaw sharp and in pristine condition, the modern chainsaw...
we reviewed the best tool beltsBuying Guide
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Best Tool Belts Reviews & Price Comparison
The proliferation of various power and hand tools on the market makes a tool belt a must-have tool, especially for the DIYer, the occasional handyman, carpenter and even a seasoned constructor. It helps with keeping all most, if not all, of the essential tools with easy and quick reach and neatly org...
we tested the best tool vestsBuying Guide
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Best Tool Vests Reviewed & Tested
When you get tired of carrying essential tools and accessories in the pockets of your tattered cargo pants, it’s time to invest in a more convenient, efficient, time- and energy-saving alternative: a high-quality, heavy-duty tool chest. Unlike the former alternative, a tool vest comes with seve...
best drill bit sharpeners reviewedBuying Guide
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Best Drill Bit Sharpeners Reviews & Comparison
Whenever we pop out to buy some tools we need we silently hope that they will last forever. After all, if they do this, it means no more trips to the store to get a replacement tool over and best of all no more money will need to be spent. However, we have learned from years of experience that change...
best measuring wheels ratedBuying Guide
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Best Measuring Wheels Reviews & Ratings
Measuring long distances for such projects as construction, appraisals, landscaping, remodels, and DIY projects require the use of a heavy-duty, accurate, and easy-to-use machine. And in that endeavour, a string or a surveyor's tape measure just doesn't make the cut seeing as they're riddled with sev...
best angle findersBuying Guide
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Best Angle Finders Reviews & Comparison
Angle finders do just what the name implies: they measure angles and replicate them, which is handy for carpentry, construction, and other building projects. Unlike the handheld protractors familiar to anyone who's ever taken math and used a protractor, modern angle finders are often digital devices ...
we tested the best headlampsBuying Guide
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Best Headlamps Reviews & Price Comparison
A pitch-black night harbors a lot of dangers, especially for the anyone working outdoors. And when the visibility is limited, a headlamp can mean the difference between injuring yourself or doing the job smoothly. They are also quite versatile and make the perfect companion when out jogging, hiking, ...
we reviewed the best socket organizersBuying Guide
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10 Best Socket Organizers Reviews in 2024
To keep productivity up, proper storage of tools and accessories is a must. Also, it doesn’t matter if you are in DIY vehicle repair or a professional; there are instances where you will find that you are dealing with tons of tools. The wrenches, screwdrivers and other substantial tools are eas...
we reviewed the best tool chestsBuying Guide
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Best Tool Chests Reviews & Price Comparison
As any seasoned craftsman, handyman, contractor, mechanic, or enthusiastic DIYers can attest, the first step to reaching your full potential is always having the right tool for the job. And within easy and quick reach. The best tried and tested way of keeping your commonly used tools safe and organiz...
we took a look at the best sawhorsesBuying Guide
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Best Sawhorses Reviews & Ratings
You might not have the appetite for a sawhorse right now if you have other cheaper means of cutting, sanding, painting, varnishing and gluing lumber. However, consider this: unlike sawhorses, tables lack the stable platform that sawhorses provide. Additionally, they are bulky, they weight upwards a l...
we selected the 10 best kitchen curtains and drapesBuying Guide
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10 Best Kitchen Curtains and Drapes Reviews
Window treatment can be quite tricky. Locating the appropriate pattern in the right fabric, not to talk of the appropriate size. With a lot of elements to consider, kitchen windows frequently get stuck with low-quality set of blinds or curtains no one fancies anymore. Our Top 3 Picks [srpshortcode ...
we selected 10 wall stencils that are popular in 2018Buying Guide
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10 of the Best Wall Stencils for Rooms, Kitchens, and Living Rooms
If you are looking to transform your plain looking kitchen, sitting room or bathroom wall, then a wall stencil can help you achieve just that. Wall stencils are the new wallpapers but they are classier and less costly. Stencils can aid you in expressing numerous moods. They can be bold, cute or allur...
we took a look at the best router bitsBuying Guide
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Best Router Bits Reviews & Ratings in 2024
Setting up a woodworking workshop is understandably a time-consuming and tasking endeavour, what with having to invest in the most versatile and handiest tools to help you save time and energy. It does not matter whether you are a seasoned woodworker or a novice eager to learn the tricks of the trade...
we compared the best laser measure devicesBuying Guide
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Best Laser Measure Devices Reviews & Comparison
As far as taking measurements is concerned, efficiency and convenience are what DIYers and professionals look for in their tools. For a long time, those working in the construction and survey fields were stuck with the less reliable tape measure when determining distances and dimension of objects or ...
we comapred the best paint brushesBuying Guide
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Best Paint Brushes Reviews & Comparison
The difference between paint rollers and sprayers is marginal at best. While the former is renowned for their consistency and an ability to finish a project quickly, they nonetheless lack the professional hand-brushed quality of paint brushes. Another factor that fuels the preference for paint brushe...
we compared the best paint rollers on the marketBuying Guide
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Best Paint Rollers Reviews & Price Comparison
When your old coat of paint is falling apart right in front of you, it’s high time you started thinking about getting a new, perfect finish on the walls and ceilings of your house. Guests and friends are not going to take too kindly to visiting a home with unsightly marks and scratches on the w...
best interior paints testedBuying Guide
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Best Interior Paints Reviews & Ratings
A gallon of paint can completely change the way a room looks and it won’t be so expensive. But how do you know the kind of paint that provides you with the best for money spent? How do you know which to purchase? Our Top 3 Picks [srpshortcode id="11252"][/srpshortcode][srpshortcode id="11253"...
we reviewed the best peel and stick tilesBuying Guide
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Best Peel And Stick Tiles Reviews & Ratings
Both the old and new generations of vinyl floor tiles have a lot to offer homes, offices, and places of business. Self-adhesive glue has become stronger, and for most models, it is enough to get them in place without the additional use of third part adhesives. Now that vinyl has become faster to inst...
we rated the best knife sharpenersBuying Guide
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Best Knife Sharpeners Reviewed & Tested
The slow but steady uptake of knife sharpeners among the mainstream of knife owners is informed by their superior performance, convenience, and ease of use as compared to traditional means of keeping your knives sharp. With regular, day-to-day use, your kitchen knives, pocket knives, and outdoor kniv...
we tested the besat led flashlightsBuying Guide
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Best LED Flashlights Reviews & Ratings
When the sun finally goes down and you're left in pitch darkness, there is very little productive work you can do. In such times, what you need is a source of reliable light, bright enough to illuminate your surroundings, allowing you to seamlessly and comfortably undertake a wide range of both indoo...
we reviewed the best tool bags on the marketBuying Guide
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Best Tool Bags Reviews & Ratings
All tool users, irrespective of whether they are construction workers, welders, carpenters, installers, contractor, technician, mechanic, or electricians, need a means of carrying their tools as they work or when moving from one workstation to the next. The need for a tool bag is mainly informed by t...
best garage door paints reviewedBuying Guide
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Best Garage Floor Paints Reviews & Comparison
A garage floor is a safe haven for the most corrosive and contaminating agents whose unchecked accumulation of light will not only leave dark spots on your floor but will additionally lead to fading, peeling, blistering, and even cracking. Reading this is your strongest indication that you’re c...
we tested and reviewed the best laddersBuying Guide
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Best Ladders Reviewed and Rated
A ladder is useful when changing light bulbs, giving the house a fresh coat of paint, fixing and clearing gutters, or to reach objects and structures on raised shelves, among several others where extra height is required. Different ladders are suited to different uses, and when choosing the right one...
we tested the best drill bitsBuying Guide
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Best Drill Bits Reviewed and Rated
Manufacturers make drill bits from different materials so that they are suitable for different projects. Some of the materials used to make drill bits are carbon steel, high-speed steel (HSS), cobalt steel, titanium-coated, and lastly carbide. Carbide drill bits are the best when it comes to drilling...
we tested the best jobsite radiosBuying Guide
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Best Jobsite Radios Reviewed and Rated
There have been numerous studies done over the years regarding the effects that music has on the brain, and how these effects affect work performance and motivation. Those who listen to music have been proven to work faster on average and to have a higher level of satisfaction in their work. In fact,...
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