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6. Southland SRTT196E
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Best Tillers Reviews & Price Comparison

With technological advancement in the modern age, you have at your disposal an ever-increasing plethora of new ways to make gardening easier and less time-consuming. You have a choice of the traditional, labor-intensive and time-consuming hoes and other hand tools on hand and the modern rototillers/cultivators/tillers on the other. Unlike the former group, the modern tillers are an ideal and popular choice among enthusiastic DIYers, homeowners and professional landscapers on several solid grounds. For one, they are significantly more compact and lightweight and feature soft, rubberized handles that minimize hand fatigue and strain.

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Secondly, they completely overshadow their traditional counterparts in usability and practicality as they eliminate the need to sometimes use your hands to pull out the really pesky and tough weeds in the garden, yard or sidewalk. Thirdly, and more importantly, they take the effort and time away from breaking ground, turning over the soil and readying it for the planting season. Lastly, the indispensability of the tillers is further informed by their versatility. The vast majority of them, including those featuring on the list of best tillers, are multi-functional and can cultivate, mix and even weed out the unwanted growths threatening to take over your garden.

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Before you embark on the time-consuming and nerve-wreaking process of combining through the market all by yourself in search of a most suitable tiller, allow us to walk you through our selection of the best models on the market currently. They pack the best features and specs and are sufficiently sturdy and rugged to help you dig through tightly-packed earth never before cultivated. Before doing that, though, and we can’t press enough the significance of this, understand that no one cultivator/tiller is the absolute best, which is why your choice should take into consideration your individual needs.

Also, understand that there is a big difference between tillers and cultivators and your choice should take this into consideration if you want to avoid throwing your money into a machine you’ll never get the most out of. In the next section, we’ll diligently walk you through all the critical factors you need to take into consideration before making that purchase.

10 Best Tillers/Cultivators



Using traditional, labor-intensive methods to cultivate or weed that garden or landscape bed is not going to yield the same results as using the modern tiller/cultivator. And in your search for a suitable one, you don't want to compromise on performance, durability, practicality and even usability. When you become inundated with choices, consider going with the Black & Decker LGC120. It has everything a gardener wants in a tiller/cultivator, in spite of its docile physical appearance. It is capable of firmly holding a candle to its bigger, top-of-the-line counterparts featuring on this list.

Looks are indeed subjective, but clearly, the Black & Decker LGC120 out rightly cedes fanciness, which, not surprisingly, it more than compensates for in performance. The machine comes with a powerful transmission that together with its dual tines, considerably boost its performance, allowing it to quickly and easily breaking the most compact soil. The result is a thoroughly cultivated and aerated soil that allows nutrients and water to reach all the roots of your plants and flowers easily. The counter-rotating tines have no problem grinding the toughest and most pesky weeds without them tangling.
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The LGC120 is the first battery-operated tiller/cultivator to feature on this list. Like all other battery-powered models, the machine shares in the characteristic upsides and downsides of all other similar models. First off, the 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion battery is quite powerful and lasts for quite some time before requiring a recharge. Unlike NiCad batteries, this one has excellent charge retention capabilities and charges up much quicker, which means you’ll minimize the wasting time between charges. With a full battery, the user should be able to cultivate as much as 325 square feet of ground, which clearly lends credence to our earlier assertion the 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion battery is indeed long-lasting. If you have an extra, fully charged battery, you can finish the tilling task in no time at all.

The other advantage to going with this option instead of an electric or gas-powered model is that you’ll be relishing the great portability of the tiller. You don’t have to pull behind you any heavy power cords can incessantly get tangled with weeds or risk cutting the cord as you tote the tiller during tilling. Neither do you have to store gasoline or messy oils in your garage or pull hard at the pull cord to get the engine started.

Coupled with its lightweight and compact design and the fact that the handles feature an ergonomic design, it comes out as more forgiving on the body than its bulkier and heavier counterparts. The unit weighs just 11.73 pounds and has dimensions of 8.4-inches by 7.8-inches by 41.5-inches. There is, therefore, a substantially minimal risk of straining one's hands or suffering hand strain. It is therefore safe and comfortable to use and is an ideal choice for users planning on working for several hours on end to get their yards and gardens ready for planting.

Reaching tight spots around a small garden is an onerous task if you are using a heavy and bulky cultivator. The LGC120, on the hand, is both lightweight and compact and will give you access to every nook and cranny of the garden, making it possible for you to cultivate and aerate it in readiness for planting properly. It effectively eliminates the need for going on your knees to manually mix amendments. The tiller is also an energy-efficient and solid choice capable of cultivating up to 325 square feet on a single charge, a fete that only possible because of the machine's power transmission and the inclusion of long-lasting dual tines. And you also get a 24-month warranty to allow you cultivate confidently and with peace of mind.
  • It’s easy to use and practical as it is lightweight and compact
  • Boasts incredible digging capabilities on multiple terrains
  • Comes with a generous 24-month warranty
  • Very portable as it lacks an electrical cord
  • Packs a powerful and long-lasting battery
  • Not ideal for large areas

4. Earthwise TC70001

4. Earthwise TC70001
Some of the major highlights of this machine include a powerfully performing 8.5-Amp motor and a cutting width and depth of 11-inches and 8-inches respectively. Additionally, the Earthwise TC70001 sports four heavy-duty steel four-blade tines that together with the sturdy and durable tires, puts its performance at par, if not higher, than the handful of top-end tillers on the market. And that’s just a tip of the iceberg. The lightweight and compact construction of the tiller substantially increases ease of use and maneuverability, which make it an ideal choice for gardeners with small gardens and working on a budget.

The Earthwise TC70001 11-Inch is an economical choice that combines the functions of a tiller and a cultivator in an affordable and lightweight package. In light of its sturdy and professional construction using high-quality and durable materials, the machine is suitable for breaking considerably tough and closely packed soils and loosening the ground on soils that are accustomed to being planted on. Its versatility is made possible by the incorporation of a high-performance and smoothly-operating engine. The 8.5-amp engine makes short and quick work of the toughest and hardest soils, allowing the user to dig into the ground with minimal effort on their part.
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Unlike off-brand models, this tiller is both lightweight and compact and comes with an ergonomically designed handle to make your work as comfort and as easy as possible. With a weight of just 25 pounds, managing the tiller, maneuvering it and controlling it on different soils is a piece of cake. Couple the powerful engine and the soft, rubberized handle and you get yourself a tiller you can use comfortably and hassle-free for several hours on end without the slightest possibility of straining your hands, suffering hand fatigue or using too much effort.

And if you think it is not up to the task of breaking your hard soil surfaces, wait till you hear about the construction quality of its tines. Like the true high-end tiller/cultivator that it is, the machine sports long-lasting tines constructed with hardened, industrial-grade steel. However hard your soil might be, it’s no match for the exceptional digging capabilities of the machine’s four tines. That’s in addition to the fact that they are long-lasting and guarantee you your money’s worth at the end of their useful life.

The tiller comes with a modest start button that you simply press to get the engine started and even works just as efficiently in the cold weather as it does during the summer. The unit is additionally quieter in its operations with little to indiscernible vibrations. As a result, compared to gas-powered or battery-powered models, you'll experience minimal distractions or irritations, which in turn will translate to quicker and easy task completion.

One of the unique features we find appealing about the Earthwise TC70001 is its affordability. The unit perfectly balances usability, performance, and affordability in a lightweight and compact package. You don't have to break the bank to afford one of these.

The most obvious drawback, in spite of its high-end construction and outstanding performance, is the fact that it's only ideal for light to medium-duty tilling, which precludes it from being used on particularly heavy and rocky soils. Other minor downsides are the inflexibility of the tines and the need to use an extension cord which significantly compromises the unit's portability. Aside from these drawbacks, it works like a charm.

For users looking for an easy-to-use, powerful and affordable tiller/cultivator, you have your answer in the form of the Earthwise TC70001.
  • Adjustability of depth and width levels makes it a versatile tiller and cultivator
  • Has a high-performance motor that effortlessly powers through tough soil
  • The wheels are easily foldable for easy transportation and storage
  • The tines are a little difficult to clean

3. Greenworks 27072

3. Greenworks 27072
For users with small gardens or yards but still need the reliable performance of a workhorse to effectively break the toughest grounds for planting, one of your best bets would be the Greenworks 27072. The small and lightweight profile of the tiller greatly helps with controllability and maneuverability when toting tight spaces. Both the width and depth of the tiller are adjustable, which is a major unique selling point for gardeners planning on preparing different shallow beds for different plants. As for power, you get to sample the true capabilities of a high-performance 8-Amp motor. Enough with the overview. Now, let's delve a little deeper in an in-depth review of the Greenworks so see why it’s a worthy consideration for homeowners, professional gardener, and enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfers.

The 27072 is a true workhorse. It packs a powerful 8-Amp motor that guarantees quick and effortless tilling of the most tightly-packed soils on your property, leaving it properly aerated and ready for planting. The reliability of the tiller sets it apart from its closest competitors in many ways. Being an electric machine, starting the motor is as easy as pushing a button on the control panel. For users in need of hassle-free operation will be pleased to note that its design spares you a headache and frustration of having to mix gas and oil or pull incessantly at a recoil cord to get the engine started.
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On a similar note, you have the freedom of adjusting the tilling depth to a maximum of 5-inches which essentially makes this tiller one of the most versatile tillers on the market. Whether you plan to create a shallow or deep bed, the adjustability of the depth allows you to do just that. And the procedure for make width and depth adjustments is quite simple and straightforward. Like the assembly process, you don't need any specially designed tools to accomplish these. Simply use the buttons on the control panel, and you're good to go.

Portability is never going to be a problem. The handle is capable of folding all the way down to allow you store the tiller simply and conveniently in the trunk of your car or in the garage. Irrespective of your choice, the small and lightweight design of the machine ensures it takes up the least storage space possible, which significantly aids with transportation and of course, storage.

As for downsides, there just one issue worth bringing to your attention: the assembly instructions. While assembling it is a simple and straightforward endeavor, the instructions do very little to help the process. The documentation is poor. Greenhorns and the senior members of the society trying to put together a tiller all by themselves for the first time may counter some difficulties.

To recap the major highlights, the Greenworks 10-Inch 8-Amp Corded Tiller 27072 is a solid choice for users looking for a hardworking yet affordable and effective tiller for getting the garden ready for the planting season. Plus, storing and transporting it is also effortless as the handle folds easily.
  • Starts quickly and easily, thanks to its instant electric start
  • Adjusting the depth and width of the machine is very straightforward and hassle-free
  • Has easily folding handles that allow for easy storage and transportation
  • The handle is also ergonomically design to offer comfort during use
  • It's very cost-effective in spite of premium features
  • Struggles on tough, tightly-packed and never before tilled earth
  • Lacks the digging depth and power of gas-powered models

2. Snow Joe Sun Joe TJ603E

2. Snow Joe Sun Joe TJ603E
Another flagship tiller from the customer-trusted and highly reputed Sun Joe brand has to be the Snow Joe Sun Joe TJ603E. When all your last resorts prove futile, this is the last resort of the last resorts. It is one of the most powerful electric tillers and cultivators on the market that won’t show even the slightest hesitation when going through the toughest and most compact rocks and dense soil. The 12-Amp motor provides plenty of power for effortlessly breaking lose any types of soils and grounds. In light of its rugged, commercial-grade construction, the Snow Joe Sun Joe TJ603E requires little to no maintenance at all. It runs tirelessly and reliably even after years of heavy use.

The performance of the other tillers on this list, in all honesty, pale in comparison to that of this option. The tiller and cultivator provide the user with an off-the-charts kind of performance in light of its powerful and high-performance 12-Amp motor that effortlessly and comfortably generates up to 340 rotations per minutes. In layman terms, the machine comes with a knack or prowess for pulverizing dirt in a quick and hassle-free fashion and cuts just as easily through tightly packed soil. It’s the kind of performance that leaves others options green with envy.
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To further add to the incredible performance are the six long-lasting angled tines. The construction of the tines from industrial-grade steel and using the latest technology means that not even the toughest soil can present it with a formidable challenge. The likelihood of the steel angled tines breaking or bending even when you subject the machine to the most rigorous tilling is non-existent. The tines are capable of cultivating up the soil to a depth and width of up to 8-inches and 16-inches, respectively. And the best part is it does the cultivation in a fraction of the time it would take less powerful off-brand models on the market and with the least effort on your part.

Starting and maintaining it will prove to be incredibly easy for users in need of a hassle-free tiller and cultivator. Unlike its gas-powered counterparts, the unit starts with the simple push of a button, which is quite a convenience that eliminates the need for pulling endlessly at a power cord. The design similarly eliminates the need for mixing gasoline and oil to get the machine running optimally. By implication, it is an environmentally friendly alternative to gas-powered models as it produces zero harmful gases.

Storing or transporting the Snow Joe Sun Joe TJ603E is just as easy as operating it. You can effortlessly use the tiller and cultivator in tight and confined spaces as the rear-placed wheels significantly enhance portability. You won't have to use labor-intensive hand tools to cover hard-to-reach spots around the garden. When it comes to storage, its design allows the user to collapse the handles all the way down, so it takes up the least storage space in the garage or the trunk of the car. To these attributes add the ergonomic design of the handles. They come with soft, rubberized grips to ensure comfort and increase traction to minimize the likelihood of slippage while working.

As far as powerful performance and ease of use go, the Snow Joe Sun Joe TJ603E remains largely unbeatable in both fronts. It has the advantages of portability, lightweight and compact design, incredible maneuverability, and affordability. The powerful 12-Amp motor in combination with the sturdy angled tines take away all the effort and time from tilling through different soils, especially the tightly packed rocks, tough weeds and other pesky vegetation. Because it comes with rear wheels, toting the machine around the garage, garden, yard, or sidewalk is an easy and effortless endeavour.
  • Makes short and quick work of roots and pesky weeds
  • Provides the user with value for their money
  • Has a full 24-month warranty
  • Works fast and efficiently on large pieces of land
  • Handles fold easily for easy storage and transportation

Features solid and durable construction

  • Not ideal for tough and heavy tilling

Does not work efficiently in tight spots

5. Husqvarna CRT900L 960930026

5. Husqvarna CRT900L 960930026
Husqvarna is a household name and needs no preamble at all, at least not to seasoned power and hand tool users out there. Like all other products coming out of the Husqvarna manufacturing line, the Husqvarna CRT900L 960930026 reeks of commensurate high-quality construction and boasts equally remarkable performance. It sports a heavy-duty Briggs & Stratton engine that works perfectly in tandem with the counter-rotating tines to deliver superior performance, irrespective of the nature of the job at hand.

We've not even mentioned the superior balancing and control of the tiller. When it comes to digging that new ground in your backyard or breaking through the most compact and toughest soils you can find, the CRT900L will always rise to the occasion. As for ease of use, the unit has a convenient built-in counterweight for maintaining balance to give the user superior control, hence guaranteeing hassle-free and efficient tilling.
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If it were not for the 205cc Briggs & Stratton engine the CRT900L packs, its performance would have been nothing to write home about. For you to break the hardest ground quickly and effortlessly, you're going to need a powerful engine, and this unit has just the right one for the job. The 205cc, 4-Cycle, OHV Briggs & Stratton is considerably more energy efficient than longer lasting than virtually all other 2-cycle engines on the market. Its power output, for one, stands at 9 Foot-Pounds of torque, meaning that with this tiller at your disposal, cutting through tightly packed soil is henceforth going to feel like cutting through a piece of cake with a hot knife.

To further add to the remarkable performance, it has counter-rotating tines which, just like most other tillers on this list, meaning that they don't turn in the same direction as the tires. With a cutting width of up to 17-inches, you'll have the easiest time digging up on different soils efficiently and quickly. You won't have to make several passes to clear an area as you would with a narrower width. Also, unlike the first tillers we reviewed earlier, the Husqvarna CRT900L has a quickly accessible and easy-to-use button for adjusting the depth of the cut depending on the bed you want and the type of plants you intend to grow. You have the liberty of adjusting the depth up to 6-inches, to allow you to prepare several shallow beds for an upcoming yard.

Another major highlight that you'll love if you work on a wide range of soils is the machine's heavy-tread tires. The heavy treads on the wheels make the unit suitable for use on wet and slippery surfaces, such as those characteristics of gardens. You can also use the unit for agriculture-related tasks as the treads ensure a firm and secure grip on the ground, minimizing any chances of the tiller rolling or tipping over when tilling rough and uneven terrains, either on a domestic or commercial scale. Also, the versatility of the tires gives the user the freedom to freely choose where to locate their garden without having to take into consideration the soil type and accessibility.

The inclusion of counterweights on the tires go a long way in increasing control and aiding balance as it enhances stability and ensures the wheels remain grounded firmly. The one gear forward and reverse transmission increase maneuverability by increasing the speed of digging and allowing you to cover every inch of the garden or yard. Together, these features make the tiller a solid choice for users looking to undertake some heavy gardening projects.

The only weakness of this option is that it reaches a maximum depth of just 6-inches. Some of its competitors can easily reach a depth of 10-inches. Because of the limited depth, the tiller is not the best choice for users looking to work on some types of gardens. Consequently, if your priority is depth, then it would be prudent to look further afield.

  • Perfectly balances stability and weight distribution, therefore, offering greater safety and usability
  • The high-tread tires enhance traction for minimal slippage in wet conditions
  • You can easily adjust the handlebar vertically to make tilling more comfortable and convenient
  • Sports a powerful engine that easily generates greater torque no matter the terrain or project
  • Comes with a reverse gear for easing and expediting digging in tight spots
  • The wheels have counterweights that guarantee outstanding control
  • Offers a shallow tilling depth of just 6-inches
  • Lacks an electronic start

6. Southland SRTT196E

6. Southland SRTT196E
For users in search of a powerful, versatile, durable, yet lightweight and easy-to-use tiller to use on a wide range of soil types, don’t look any further than the Southland SRTT196E. The machine packs an incredible amount of power and comes with an 11-inch tine diameter and 10-inch tilling depth. Combine these with the incorporation of both forward and reverse gears and you have yourself a tiller capable of powering effortlessly and quickly through the toughest soils. To these features add the self-sharpening tines that have a counter-rotating design that eliminates the need for removing them for re-sharpening. The icing on the cake is the huge, heavy-duty pneumatic wheels that provide for the easy maneuverability of the Southland SRTT196E Rear Tine Tiller on different terrains without the slightest hitch.

If you have particularly tough soil, you’ll love the powerful performance of the Southland SRTT196E. As mentioned above, it packs high performance, and energy efficient Overhead Valve Engine which, among other things, operates smoothly and reliably and generates minimal noise. Compared to non-OHV engines, the chances of the tiller disrupting the peace existence of your neighbors is non-existent. Furthermore, the OHV engine is a 4-stroke, meaning that it is twice as efficient as its 2-cycle counterparts on the market.
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The tiller easily generates up to 9.6 foot-pounds of torque, making it one of the most powerful tillers on this list. The incredible power output combined with its other performance and convenience features take the effort and time away from cutting some of the most compact and tough soils you can find. Even if you're faced with an earth that is yet to be tilled, with the tiller at your disposal, you'll get the job done efficiently and in no time at all.

The Southland SRTT196E comes with counter-rotating tines boasting an impressive length of 11-inches. The sizes make them perfectly suitable for use in gardens that aren’t as spacious, and they ensure the user does not suffer any maneuverability issues in their endeavor to cover every nook and cranny of the garden. The tiller also has a reverse gear in addition to its forward gear transmission that helps with tilling the ground quickly and to the pre-set depth of 10-inches, meaning that preparing beds for delicate plants on rocky and clay soils won't be a problem.

Because of the counter-rotating design of the tines, they are simultaneously capable of turning over and aerating the ground effectively and efficiently, irrespective of its nature. The 10-inch tilling depth of the SRTT196E far exceeds the market average of 6-inches for the vast majority of tillers.

You’ll love the sturdy and solid wheels and their contribution to abetting the completion of the tilling project quickly and efficiently. Their performance is just as exceptional whether you’re tilling through rough, uneven terrain or facing wet patches of soil in which, in the latter case, they display incredible traction capabilities to keep you right on track. In light of their heavy-duty construction and the fact that they are pneumatic, you’ll be using them for several months to come before the need to look for replacements arise.

While it comes with a remarkable tilling depth, time-saving turning radius, and tough tires, it nonetheless lacks the width of its closest competitors. While it's not a deal breaker, in our opinion, it will consume more of your time as you will have to make additional passes in preparing your garden.

Overall, the Southland SRTT196E provides the user with several time-saving and convenience features that include but not limited to maneuverability, efficiency, ease of use, and affordability.
  • Comes with a powerful and smoothly running 4-cycle gas-powered engine
  • The self-sharpening, high-quality tines provide for deep and wide tilling
  • You can easily adjust the depth of the tines
  • Has both forwards and reverse gear for greater manoeuvrability and control
  • Sports sturdy, heavy-tread 13-inch pneumatic wheels for exceptional manoeuvrability and portability
  • Comes with the hectic recoil start mechanism
  • Lacks variable speed control

7. Mantis 2-Cycle Tiller Cultivator 7920

7. Mantis 2-Cycle Tiller Cultivator 7920
The Mantis 2-Cycle Tiller Cultivator 7920, as the name lays bare, has all the bells and whistles that deservingly earn it a place on the list of the Best Tillers/Cultivators on the market currently. It stacks up pretty strongly against its competitors with regards to usability, performance, durability, and reliability. The even weight distribution and professional balancing together with the reliability and power of its 2-cycle engine, which comes with built-in push-button priming for hassle-free, instant start, allow the Mantis 2-Cycle Tiller Cultivator 7920 to dig comfortably and quickly. Also, the durable tines have a penetrating depth of between 2 and 10 inches, and you can easily reverse their rotation, thereby providing for precise and easy tilling.

The engine is responsible for providing the blades with plenty of power and torque, making it possible for the 7920 to power effortless and without breaking a sweat through the toughest barren grounds. In light of the immense power, you only need to apply a little effort in directing the cultivator and leave it to do the rest of the work. Unlike its 4-cycle engine counterparts, the engine of the tiller lives up to its energy efficiency reputation. It uses just a little amount of gasoline and oil to cover large swaths of tough land quickly and accurately.
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Each of the blades has 10 close, sharp edges. This, coupled with the incorporation of the industrial-grade and durable tines provide for effortless and quick tilling through the hardest clumps of soil. Also, as is the case with most tillers, you can easily adjust its depth and the width to up to 10-inches and 9-inches, respectively. Consequently, it is by far one of the most versatile tillers you can find on the market that is guaranteed to give you your money’s worth.

To add to the versatility point, it is similarly compatible with several additional attachments that can completely transform its functionality. Aside from using it as a tiller/cultivator, you can similarly use the machine as a lawn aerator, lawn dethatcher, and even a plow, among several others. The best part is that installing these attachments don’t need any special skills or training. It’s really quite simple and straightforward.

Every nook and cranny of it reeks of user-friendliness. To this end, you have a choice of between regular and Sure-Grip handles. The former comes with a throttle control but greatly lacks in the aesthetic appeal that informs the preference for the latter. In addition to throttle control, the Sure-Grip handle also comes with an assortment of attractive features the most important of which is the firm and secure grip that work to greatly minimize any accidental slippage in the course of cultivating or tilling. They are therefore much kinder and forgiving on the hands and prevent hand strain and fatigue.

If you’re a keen reader or observer, you may have noticed that unlike tillers/cultivators on the market, this onew lacks wheels. While one side of the aisle thinks the absence is advantageous, the other side views the absence as a major downside. To the first group, no tires mean less weight and fewer obstruction, which is ideal for achieving the best results on uneven terrain. The second group raises the portability argument, indicating that moving with toting the tiller/cultivator from one place to another will prove to be very cumbersome and energy draining. Another advantage is the collapsible design of the handles that allows it to take up less storage space either in the garage or in the trunk of the car, which makes for easy and quick transportation and storage.

The 7920 is an economical, multifunctional and very pocket-friendly unit.
  • Tines come with a lifetime warranty
  • Sports variable speed control
  • Has a tilling width of up to 9-inches that’s ideal for manoeuvring around confined spaces
  • Perfectly aerates the soil and loosens seedbeds with its 10-inch tilling depth
  • Has a foldable design for easy and quick storage and transportation
  • Lightweight design allows for effortless use by different age groups

Users get to enjoy a generous 60-month warranty on parts and labour

  • Absence of wheels
  • A little expensive
  • Assembling the product takes patience

8. Sun Joe TJ600E

8. Sun Joe TJ600E
This tiller's performance, usability, affordability, and durability is only matched by very few other tillers on the market. The tiller comes with an endless list of instrumental features, but the one that stands out most prominently is the compact and lightweight design.

To ensure universality and ease of use, the Sun Joe brand endeavors to use only the highest quality materials in the construction of the Sun Joe TJ600E. While the materials are top-end, they are extremely ultra-light to cut down on weight and ensure compactness. The tiller weighs a paltry 17 pounds with corresponding dimensions of 30-inches by 15.5-inches by 10.5-inches. As a result, pushing and maneuvering the tiller on the toughest soils and most uneven terrains will not present the slightest challenge to all age groups, even the senior citizens lacking in upper body strength. To further increase safety and comfortability, the Sun Joe TJ600E features oversize, ergonomic handles with an excellent grip that prevent using too much effort or straining your hands or triggering hand fatigue.
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Additional convenience features include the instant start button that you simply push to get the engine roaring to life in no time. The design spares you the labor-intensive process of pulling endlessly at a cord, as is the case with all gas-powered tillers on the market. Aside from the quick, hassle-free start, the TJ600E also has a collapsible handle that folds all the way down. Hence, it takes up minimal storage space in your garage or the trunk of your car, meaning that you can easily transport it from one location to another with lots of ease.

When it comes to performance, it continues with its pace-setting streak. Whether you intend to start a new garden or recover one you previously planted, the tiller cum cultivator has your back. You'll never run out of power to quickly and effortless break the most compact soil in your garden as the machine comes with a high-performance 6-1/2-Amp motor that directs all the resulting torque where you need it the most. To this add the 14-inch cutting width and the cultivating depth of 7-inches. And that's not all.

It is also incredibly portable and easy to maintain. Because it is electric, you don't have to drag with you a cable wherever you go, all the while risking cutting it with the blades or having it getting tangled between other garden plants all the time. Consequences, you have unhindered freedom of movement to work from anywhere you want. Additionally, it does not use any gas or oils as gas-powered models do, meaning that its maintenance is both easy and stress-free. The Sun Joe brand also build the tiller/cultivator with the safety of the user in mind. There is a safety switch for preventing accidental starts in between uses.

In conclusion, there is no denying that the Sun Joe TJ600E is one of the best tillers on the market today. Its angled steel tines take the effort and time from loosening the most compact soil for gardening purposes. The ergonomic handles and lightweight and compact profile minimize user fatigue while enhancing comfort and safety to prolonged use. Plus, compared to most models on the market, it offers you the best of all worlds at an affordable price.
  • Packs incredible power for such a lightweight and compact tiller and cultivator
  • The ergonomic design of the handles make it comfortable and easy to use
  • Has a powerful yet energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and reliable engine
  • Tines feature an all-steel construction allowing them withstanding heavy use

Sold with a generous and reassuring 24-month warranty

  • The tilling depth is not very impressive
  • Not ideal for heavy use

9. Troy-Bilt TB154E

9. Troy-Bilt TB154E
Another tiller that epitomizes power and performance and one that conveniently spares you all the ear-piercing noise and fumes of low-quality tillers and cultivators on the market is the Troy-Bilt TB154E. The tiller and cultivator packs several instrumental features that are both time and energy saving. It is a solid choice for users looking to prepare their soil and get it ready for planting or maintain their beds without having to use the labor-intensive and energy draining traditional tools like hoes.

The other perks that come with the tiller are the instant hassle-free start and the lightweight and compact design that significantly enhance ease of use and manoeuvrability in tight spaces. Additional perks include a maintenance-free and high-performance motor that in conjunction with the four industrial-grade forward oscillating steel blades enable it to power effortless and quickly through all soil types and terrains.
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The simplicity of its designs creates unmatched reliability that together with the high-quality construction quality, ensure you relish in numerous years of trouble-free tilling and cultivating. For ultimate performance, the cultivator and tiller sports a relatively powerful 6.5-Amp electric motor that allows you to prep your soil and maintain the greenness of your garden without breaking a sweat.

For greater efficiency and ease, you get to save lots of time by using the 4 forward-oscillating tines that are optimized for the specific purpose of turning soil for maximal aeration and cultivating gardens, sidewalks, and even yards. Unlike some tillers and cultivators on the market, the width of the advanced 3-way tines is adjustable to between 6-inches and 9-inches, allowing you to customize your cultivation or tilling in accordance with your preferences.

The design and engineering aim to enhance usability and practicality, so the user has the best and easiest time while tilling and cultivating. To this end, the entire machine is an epitome of professional balancing to ensure even weight distribution all through it. Additionally, it is lightweight and compact. The days of straining one's hands or shoulders or risking hand fatigue or throwing their back out while attempting to tote the tiller and cultivator through rough and uneven terrain are long gone. Even weight distribution considerably help with controllability and maneuverability and ensure you use the least effort in your endeavors.

The ergonomic design of the handle similarly enhances comfort and ease of use, and provide you with an ample time to till and cultivate for several hours on end. Consequently, working in tough and confined spaces such as those between flower beds and vegetable gardens won't be as nerve-wracking as it is with bulkier and heavier tiller models on the market.

DIYers, homeowners and even professional gardeners lacking in upper body strength could be wondering how difficult or easy it is to get it from one point to another. As indicated earlier, it is both lightweight and compact, with the weight coming in at 32 pounds and with corresponding dimensions of 19-inches by 29-inches by 15.5-inches. If the weight is unbearable, you always have the option of toting the machine by its wheels as you move along. Being electric, though, you’ll have to contend with pulling a power cord wherever you go. So, you won’t have the unlimited portability of its battery or gas-powered counterparts.

While it's not ideal for heavy-duty projects around the garden, its performance with respect to light-duty weeding, digging and turning, and mixing is nothing short of exceptional. The price is a little high but is totally commensurate with its performance, usability, and durability.
  • Perfect for aerating small to medium sized gardens
  • Comes with a cord lock for preventing it from detaching
  • Has both forward and reverse gears for greater mobility and maneuverability
  • Even weight distribution and excellent balancing
  • Features a lightweight and compact design
  • Ideal for use on light-duty to heavy-duty tilling projects
  • You can easily and quickly adjust the depth
  • Lacks variable speed control
  • A little on the pricier side

10. Earthquake MC43

10. Earthquake MC43
Just to quickly enumerate the awesome features the Earthquake MC43 Mini Cultivator Tiller packs, you get variable speed control, a throttle, and the clutch control settings. These features, combined with the fact that the machine is lightweight and easily maneuverable and packs a reliable, high-performance 43cc engine means that it's an ideal choice for re-working previously tilled or cultivated beds and borders. The tiller and cultivator additionally come with a powerful 8.5-Amp motor that provides for the quick and effortless aeration of the soil, preparing it for planting different types of plants, vegetable or flowers. While it's an ideal choice for tackling hard-packed earth, you can occasionally use it on a few tough jobs without worrying about longevity. Plus, it is a very simple and easy-to-use cultivator and tiller, only requiring you to pull the lever to get the engine ready to go.

The Earthquake MC43 is a multipurpose tiller and cultivator that is perfect for tackling a wide range of garden project. Whether you’re thinking of weeding, mixing or aerating the soil, you can confidently count on this one machine. Such versatility is only made possible by the high-performance and reliable engine. The 43cc, 2-Cycle viper engine supplies tremendous amounts of power for normal, everyday weeding and tilling around the house.
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The durable construction of the tines is yet another plus and a solid reason to consider going with it. Their professional construction using high-quality materials means the likelihood of them breaking or bending even after years of manufacturer-recommended use are minimal at best.

The icing on the cake is their adjustability. The flexibility that comes with the adjustability means you can use it on a wide range of tasks. The depth reaches up to between 6 and 10-inches. If the beds are close to each other, you can similarly adjust the width to prevent ruining any of them. This, coupled with its adjustable, on-board wheels, allows you to maneuver rather effortlessly and quickly between the beds.

Also, the tiller features a user-friendly design that aims at promoting usability and practicality. Aside from the lightweight characteristics, the cultivator and tiller comes with ergonomically designed handles that increase comfort and safety. It reduces hand fatigue and strain and greatly minimizes any accidental hand slippage for those who decide to work in the rain.

Its lightweight and compact profile strikes a chord with the vast majority of professional landscapers, homeowners, and enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfers. Aside from making transportation a breeze, the design similarly facilitates portability. Together with the heavy-tread, all-terrain wheels, you can tote the tiller and cultivator through every nook and cranny of the garden, yard, or sidewalk, leaving no spot untilled or uncultivated.

The MC43 also comes with the typical upsides of a gas-powered machine. It is considerably more powerful than other machines of its class. Secondly, it does not come with a power cord or any other long cables that you have to drag around with you as you do you craft cumbersomely. With a sufficient and right mixture of gas and oil, you can work as far away from the house as you can, which combined with the machine's efficiency, means you can till quite a considerable swath of earth in a fraction of the time it takes other tiller models.

In conclusion, this tiller is a solid choice for homeowners, enthusiastic DIYers, and professional landscaper who have some significant tilling and cultivating to do. The powerful 43cc, 2-Cycle engine, coupled with commercial-grade, steel tines means it's one of the best units on the market. Using the tiller and cultivator is quite a cinch, especially considering it starts effortlessly and that it's both lightweight and compact and weighs a paltry 33 pounds. Plus, it's affordable and comes with a generous 60-month warranty to give you peace of mind and the confidence you need to hunker down in your garden getting it ready for the planting season.
  • It’s a versatile choice
  • Has a high-performance and reliable 43cc engine
  • Does not use an extension cord
  • Maneuvres smoothly in tight and confined spaces
  • The tines sport durable and rugged construction for effortless digging the roughest and toughest grounds
  • Necessitates assembly
  • Lacks instant electric start
  • Requires user to mix gas and oil

Criteria for Choosing the Best Tillers/Cultivators

Power and Performance

Nothing is as accurately indicative of the performance capabilities of a cultivator and tiller quite like amps are. And like indicated above, choose the amperage in accordance with the type of nature of tilling and cultivating you intend to do. Those with an amperage of up to 6-Amps is ideal for only performing normal, everyday tilling tasks on small to medium-sized gardens. Using them on compact and tough soil may drastically reduce their lifespan.

The other end of that power spectrum houses those units with anything around 12-Amps, and these are perfect for the tightly-packed and hard soil mentioned earlier.

On a similar vein, it would be prudent to understand the difference between a 2-Cycle and 4-Cycle engine. In spite of their loudness, less reliability, and poor fuel efficiency, 2-cycle engines pack a considerable amount of power. On the contrary, 4-stroke or cycle engines work quietly, efficiently, and are very reliable, which is why they are the go-to engines for professional landscapers.

Tilling Depth and Width

A second and equally important consideration when shopping for a tiller and cultivator is the depth and width to which it can till. More width automatically translates to you spending less time and expending minimal effort on the garden in getting the garden ready for the planting season. A lot of width is particularly important if you have vast swaths of the earth to till. Closely related to tilling width is tilling depth. The deeper you can go the more efficiently you’ll be breaking up and consequently aerating the soil allowing organic matter and other materials to quickly and effortlessly reach the roots of the plants or flowers.

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One major factor that significantly influences the width and depth to which you can till is the motor. The two go hand in hand; to dig very widely and deeply, you need a lot of motor power. To put in perspective, consider that a 6-tine cultivator and tiller packing a modest motor is likely to struggle while breaking new ground but will cultivate almost perfectly. On the other hand, give a 4-tine tiller and cultivator a high-performance motor, and it essentially becomes unstoppable, tilling the toughest, most tightly packed soil tirelessly and without the slightest hesitation.

Weight and Maneuvrability

In light of the above comment, some homeowners and greenhorns might think it wise to go for a tiller and cultivator with the widest and deepest tilling ability before swiftly becoming to the sullen realization that their machines are un-maneuverable and uncontrollable. It would, therefore, be prudent, in the case above, to balance out the two facets. With regard to weight and controllability, it’s worth keeping in mind that gas-powered tillers and cultivators are considerably heavier and bulkier than their electric and battery-powered counterparts. While the weight might be a turn-off to some users, it’s sometimes beneficial for users lacking in upper body strength and therefore in need of something to compensate.

If you need a highly manoeuvrable tiller cum cultivator, stick to those with sturdy wheels and ergonomically designed handles. There are, however, a few exceptional tillers that don’t have wheels and are remarkably portable. It’s also a good idea to ensure your machine is lightweight and compact for greater portability and maneuverability.


Our last consideration – there are several more but we can’t adequately all of them in this brief – is the tines and their role in the performance of a tiller and cultivator. In this regard, you have a choice of between counter-rotating and forward rotating tines with the former being more efficient considering their ability to increase stability and controllability to the entire tiller. They are a perfect choice for digging most through clay soil. Forward rotating are perfect for quickly and effortlessly shredding rough and tightly packed soil.

The position of the tines is also very critical, obviously. Their position has a substantial influence on the operation of the machine and the extent to which it can dig. Rear tines are unmatched in their ability to break a never-tilled soil, and they cut deeply into the toughest, most compact soil. Front-placed tines, on the other hand, lack this deep cutting ability but are perfect for previously-tilled land.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I prefer electric tillers over their gas-powered counterparts. However, I am apprehensive about their performance. Can they help break new ground?

A: In generally, gas-powered tillers and substantially more powerful than their battery-powered and electric counterparts. However, the latter two come with several design features that aim to bridge that performance gap. Consequently, they are almost equally capable of emulating the powerful performance of their gas-powered counterparts but not quite. However, you’ll most certainly do the job much slower than gas-powered tillers. As a result, only choose the battery and electricity-powered models over gas-powered ones if you intend to re-till, have a small to average-sized garden or want to create new beds. Otherwise, go for gas-powered models.

Q: Are there any differences in performance between tillers with front tines and those with rear tines.


A: Without mincing words, yes. The difference in performance is substantial. The vast majority of rear-tine tillers have their motor at the front, and the arrangement drives the wheels and tines. This combination inevitably makes them more powerful than front-tine tillers and is usually seen in gas-powered tillers and cultivators.


Tillers, also known as rototillers in some quarters, are more convenient, less labor-intensive, time-saving, and an affordable alternative to using traditional tilling, mixing and weeding methods. They are also robust and rugged and won’t hesitate while going through the roughest, most compact and virgin ground in your yard, garden or sidewalk. The difficulty that typically characterizes finding a most suitable tiller and cultivator, however, is lack of information and sometimes misinformation. The objective of this buying guide is to arm you to the teeth with the most pertinent information help take away the effort and time you’d otherwise have to expend in your search. Irrespective of your choice, you won’t regret choosing one of the products featuring on our list of the Best Tillers/Cultivators. You can now make an informed decision.