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1. AmazonBasics Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Crate
Test Winner: 1. AmazonBasics Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Crate

Best Dog Kennels Reviews & Editorial Ratings

Crates are great to safely transport your pet during and to cuddle her/him up while indoors. Moreover, crate training happens to be an ideal way to condition desirable behaviors into animals. Though it is controversial as most people think it is unfair to the animals, crates satisfy the dog’s instincts to be in its den while alleviating the doing away with the problems associated with dogs.

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For the skeptical lot, here are some few benefits of using a dog crate:

  • Crate training is the most effective way to housetrain your dog as you encourage control by using confinement. Moreover, it helps establish a routine and eliminates accidents when the dog is left alone or at night.
  • Dog kennels can help confine your dog especially when she is over-excited, underfoot, or confused by too much activity (say during meal times or when you have guests).
  • A kennel provides a “security blanket,” and thus it is easier to travel with the dog and for her/him to adapt to new surroundings.
  • There is also the peace of mind associated with it as you are confident that nothing will be soiled or destroyed.

There are also benefits for the dog:

  • You spare your dog the loneliness of having to be isolated outdoors when all that is needed is to keep a tight rein on her.
  • Your dog also enjoys the privacy and satisfies her animalistic instinct of being in a den.
  • Your dog learns to control her bowels.

By and large, dogs are social animals and need to be indoors even when you can’t interact with them. You should work to make them feel like part of the family even when you cannot interact with them, or it will be difficult to control them. A kennel allows you to leave her in the house and include her in family gatherings where it would be difficult to control her/his behavior.

However, picking the best dog kennel is not a walk in the park. With the many designs in the market, it can be confusing especially for a newbie. Moreover, dogs have different needs, and you want the best kennel for your pet. Stick around for our top recommendations but first a buying guide.

10 Best Dog Kennels


1. AmazonBasics Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Crate

1. AmazonBasics Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Crate
The AmazonBasics single and double is renowned for its double door design that increases convenience for your pet and you during cleaning as you can reach any corner with ease. However, it is more than that as you can use it for anything from teaching your dog to control its bowels to reinforcing house rules.

Moreover, this crate uses a metal wire design with enough ventilation for the dog. You will also appreciate the plastic pan as it is easy to remove and clean. Also, there are mini-dividers on the bottom that are 1.04cm between each bar as it prevents the paws from slipping through when cleaning the pan. You will also appreciate that there are six different sizes for different dog sizes, but our best features were that it is foldable, and the divider.

Divider – The optional divider increases the versatility of this unit as it can hold two small puppies. Moreover, you can use it to teach boundaries by either expanding or reducing the available space. Finally, it is handy when it comes to potty training, as you can reduce the space, so the pooch does not litter on one side and sleep on the other.

Foldable – Seeing as the AmazonBasics is foldable, it is easy to store and transport. Setting up is effortless and happens in a matter of seconds.

The crate folds up in seconds, the frame secures shut, and includes a metal-loop side handle for transportability.
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Product Features

Weight: 20.8 pounds
Double door designs
Plastic bottom pan
Slide-door latches

Who is it for?

The Amazon Basics is an indoor dog kennel and is best for people who appreciate the ease of portability. It is also ideal for training dogs thanks to the divider.

Includes slide-bolt latches that secure the door

The corners are rounded to keep the dogs safe

Easy to set up


It is not ideal for a bulky or highly intelligent dog; the metal wires aren’t robust to hold a resilient dog, while a smart dog will pop the latches

2. MidWest Homes for Pets

2. MidWest Homes for Pets
You will appreciate that there are different sizes available. We recommend you get a large cage so as you don’t have to invest in several kennels as your pooch grows.

Moreover, you can use the divider to adjust the size of the crate as your canine grows. Furthermore, the divider helps potty train your puppy by reducing the space, so it doesn’t litter on one end and sleep on the other. Moreover, coupling the double door design and the divider allows you to create space to house two puppies or tiny dogs. The double door design also allows easier access while cleaning.

Another fascinating feature is the plastic pan that catches the mess and is easy to clean. The tray is especially handy as it saves you the hassle of cleaning accidental messes. Our top features though are the affordability and steel build.

Affordability – Though the price fluctuates, this is an affordable unit at a fraction of the cost of other kennels on this list. It is excellent for people on a budget.

Steel build – Owing to their strong jaws, dogs chew and bend wire creating enough space to squeeze through. Nonetheless, the kennel is made of steel and thus is tough, and dogs can’t curve.
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Product Features

Material: steel
Puppy divider panel
Well ventilated
Includes a slide out tray

Who is it for?

We recommend this unit for bulky dogs, training pups, and intelligent canines.

It is easy to set up and transport as it is foldable

Includes handles that enable you to move the crate around

Includes two bolt latches in case your dog pop one of the fasteners

It is durable thanks to the steel build


Seeing as there are three crossbars instead of five, they are not foolproof as pups can try to squeeze through

3. Ultima Pro

3. Ultima Pro
If you are looking for a dog cage that will last for the entire life of your dog and many more in the future, a kennel that can withstand escape tendencies and kids sitting on it, we recommend you get the Ultima Pro.

The MidWest Ultima Pro is designed to be a kennel that can take abuse without sustaining any damage. The quality build happens to be one of its strong points, but more on this later. The Ultima Locks are immune to dog paws but easy for a human.

One has to lift them to 90-degrees to latch or unlatch them. However, this is difficult for most canines. Moreover, you will appreciate the removable tray as it is durable, light, and easy to clean. Also, it latches to the bottom, so it is only removable by humans.

Another fascinating feature is that it is folding, so it is easy to transport. Nevertheless, our best features were the quality and the rubber feet.

Quality – The MidWest Ultima Pro wires are thicker, and the grid tighter than most units in this price range. Moreover, they can withstand 50 pounds of pulling pressure. Also, unlike most wire cages, the Ultima has five cross beams instead of 3. This denser grid means that the wires are shorter and shorter wires are tough to bend. The corners are rounded to prevent injuries, and finally, they are powder coated for a glossy finish and longevity.

Rubber feet – The rubber feet are handy especially for homeowners with hard floors as they prevent scratches.
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Product Features

Weight: 38 pounds
One year warranty
Double doors

Who is it for?

We recommend it for people searching for an indoor dog kennel that will last a lifetime. It is also great for energetic dogs.

Includes a divider which is great for training pups

Folding is easy as the wires are hard to bend

Five sizes available for different dogs


It is bulky at about 38 pounds

4. Guardian Gear ProSelect

4. Guardian Gear ProSelect
The Guardian Gear Pro Select leaves the competition in the dust when it comes to holding your hulking breed. If it were a prison, it would be the Alcatraz of dog cages thanks to the quality metal used in construction. Moreover, it is large-sized to hold dogs up to 100 pounds, but you can get the mid-sized kennels for 40 to 60-pound canines.

Another fascinating feature is the tray. Unlike most indoor kennels, the ProSelect tray is under the cage so the dog cannot chew through. Therefore, the bottom is made with only enough space to allow droppings through, and the paws cannot be trapped.

Nonetheless, our strong points were the quality build and the rolling casters.

Rolling Casters – Seeing as this is a big kennel, at about 100 pounds, the rolling casters help when relocating the cage. Furthermore, 2 of them are lockable to keep the crate in place. You can also remove if you don’t intend to move the cage.

Durable – Made of 20-gauge steel reinforced with 0.5-inch steel tubes, the Guardian Gear ProSelect is enough to hold any pooch. The stress points are welded for increased strength, and the hammertone finish results in a beautiful aesthetic.
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Product Features

Weight: 99.2 pounds
20 gauge steel
0.5-inch steel tubes
Locking wheels

Who is it for?

The ProSelect is for fervent dogs. When looking into this kennel, think of 40 to 100-pound dogs that will make other crates look like a joke.

No dog can chew through

It is durable

Great for dogs with separation anxiety

The latches are difficult to manipulate

Easy to move, thanks to the casters


It is bulky, and cannot be used to train pups as it lacks a divider, i.e., it is limited to adult dogs

It is pricey

5. Crown Pet Products Wood Pet Crate

5. Crown Pet Products Wood Pet Crate
One downside of metal crates and kennels is that they don’t blend with the house décor. Well, rest easy as the Crown Pets wood dog crate is of hardwood construction that resembles teak and, you can pick one of three finishes (Mahogany, Chestnut Brown, or Espresso), and thus will blend with any interior décor.

You will also appreciate the swing through door as it rotates inside the cage. The design allows easy access while keeping the door out of the way. Another fascinating feature is the multiple vents that provide a 360-degree view. This way, your canine feels like part of the family but satisfies the need for privacy. The vents also ensure a well-ventilated environment.

Finally, the unit is available in two sizes; the medium-sized dog-house is for 40-pound dogs, while the large cage is for hulky 80-pound dogs. However, our best features were the flooring, and the sustainable Rubberwood used to construct this kennel.

Flooring – The Crown Dog crate flooring is MDF (waterproof melamine covered), and cleaning is simple enough. Furthermore, it eliminates liquids and odors which is vital for indoor kennels.

Rubberwood – If you are concerned about the plight of our forests, we recommend the Crown Pets as it is sustainable. Moreover, Rubberwood is only cut after it outlives its usefulness, unlike other wood that is cut for the sole purpose of producing wood products.
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Product Features

Weight: M – 46 pounds, L – 70lbs
Material: Rubberwood
MDF floor
Swing-through doors

Who is it for?

The kennel is for people on the hunt for an indoor enclosure that will blend with your décor. It is also great for environmentalists. Finally, it is for adult dogs.

The stained and lacquered finish blends with the rest of your furniture

It is versatile and can be assembled without the door

The latch is stainless and dog proof

It is sturdy and can work as a table and does not move around


It cannot be used to potty train pups

It is pricey

It is bulky

6. Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel

6. Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel
First, you will appreciate the quality welds which result in a stronger structure, and they have eliminated all sharp edges to keep your canine safe.

You will also appreciate the stainless steel wire as it is rust and corrosion free. It is also coated so for longevity. Furthermore, the ten gauge wire creates an escape-proof environment and is sturdy that the dog cannot move it around. Another exciting feature is the 1.5” legs that allow for an easy clean. By creating an access space, it enables you to reach those tight corners.

Finally, seeing as it is a wire kennel, it allows your pooch to create visual contact with their environment.

Waterproof cover – One feature of the Lucky Dog Uptown is the waterproof cover. It protects your pet from the elements and fits your cage perfectly. It’s also created for worry-free use thanks to the UV protection keeping the sheet from ripping or peeling.

Enough space – Another feature that piqued our interest was the ample space. Measuring 8’ by 4’, the Uptown Kennel offers enough space for the dog to run and play. There is also plenty of space for the canine to jump as the kennel is 6’ high.
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Product Features

Dimensions: 8 * 4 * 6 feet
Weight: 81 pounds
1.5-inch legs

Who is it for?

This is an outdoor dog cage (patio or backyard). However, it can also be used by people with sufficient room inside. It is best for people in areas with a conducive environment as it cannot protect the pooch from extreme weather.

The quality build ensures the unit can withstand the elements and that it will serve you longer

Spacious for a hound to run and play around in

Easy to set up as it is made of panels

The latches are secure and tamper-proof


Not great for pups and transportation

7. Advantek Original Pet Gazebo

7. Advantek Original Pet Gazebo
The Advantek Pet Gazebo is designed to be simple to set up but versatile. The kennel consists of 6 side panels, one door panel, one window panel, connectors, elastic ties and roofing materials (cover and rods). The connectors are the most important as they create the foundation on which the Gazebo stands.

The connectors are nylon and are durable and ultra-flexible to withstand stress. Another remarkable feature of this product is the latch as it is tamper proof. One has to lift and twist to open the door. Furthermore, you can use a carabiner clip for added security. You will also appreciate the versatility as you can connect several gazebos in any pattern. Take out one side panel on each kennel, turn the connectors 180-degrees, and use the panels to create a corridor. This versatility is ideal for people with several dogs.

However, our best features were the roof and the drop-down window.

Dropdown window – The Advantek includes a drop-down window should you need to feed your dog without the risk of it escaping from the kennel.

Roof - First, the elastic ties and roof rods, provide the Advantek with the full structural strength that keeps dogs from tipping it over. Moreover, it includes two covers for different weather. The brown cover is best for cold areas as it absorbs warmth from the sun, while the white sheet is best for warm areas as it reflects heat.
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Product Features

Polyurethane cover
Easy setup
Dimensions: 60 * 60 * 60 inches
Weight: 55.5 pounds

Who is it for?

We recommend the Advantek for pet owners on the hunt for an outdoor kennel that is designed to be transportable. Campers will especially love it.

It has a low profile, so there is enough shade throughout the day

The roof will protect your dog from the elements

Assembly is a breeze

Retails in various sizes for different-sized dogs

Versatile as you can connect as many kennels



It cannot accommodate a robust dog, and modifications are needed

8. Arf Pets Dog Soft Crate

8. Arf Pets Dog Soft Crate
For a 40 pound dog, we recommend the Arf Pets soft kennel that is for both outdoor and outdoor use. The Arf pets is made of a soft, cozy material that provides comfort and is well ventilated, and a lightweight steel frame that provides sturdy support but is easy to carry. Furthermore, the structure is collapsible for storage.

Some other exciting features of this kennel are the three entrances, providing unlimited options. However, our top features were the versatility and the washer friendly material.

Material – Cleaning the Arf Pets is simple enough as the material is washer friendly. You will also appreciate that the base is waterproof and thus your pooch is ever dry.

Versatility – You can use the Arf pets kennel for indoor and outdoor use. It is especially incredible for those dreaded trips to the vet or long tours. It includes a strap which eases transportation. For indoor use, you can set it in a secluded area providing your canine with a private space.
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Product Features

Steel frame
Material: mesh
Water-resistant base
Three entrances

Who is it for?

The Arf pets is designed for small pooches (less than 40 pounds) and is for indoor and outdoor use.

It is generous in size, but easy to manipulate and store

The frame is thick and sturdy

Includes mesh windows that zip open and close


It cannot hold an aggressive dog as it will chew through the fabric

9. LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Cage

9. LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog Cage
If your canine is smart and intelligent, we recommend you get the Luckup kennel. This unit is made of heavy-duty steel that resists any chewing of dog forcing its way out. The steel is hardened, and dogs cannot bend it to create an opening. The crate should serve you for the life of your dog and any future pooches you will get. It is coated for rust and corrosion resistance.

Another exciting feature about this cage is that it is bulky. Thus, no canine can move it around damaging hard floors. However, it incorporates rolling casters for portability. You will also appreciate the two bottom trays. First, they are durable and can withstand any amount of abuse. However, we appreciate that they are under the mesh beyond the reach of your dog.

Furthermore, the bottom mesh is made of tightly knit metals with only enough space to let waste through, but not the paws. Also, the crate has two locks that keep the dog from escaping. Nevertheless, our best features were the rolling caster and the top door.

Top-door – Though the unit is well ventilated and has a side door, the top-door increases versatility of the kennel. It allows you to interact with your canine without running the risk of it escaping. Moreover, it is handy when changing beddings.

Rolling Casters – The Luckup weighs 73.1 pounds and thus is not easy to move around. However, the 360° casters ease the process. They are also lockable to keep the cage in place.
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Product Features

Material: steel
Weight: 73.1 pounds
Dimensions: 41.5 * 30.5 * 37-inches
3-year warranty

Who is it for?

The Luckup cage is for hulky, energetic dogs. It is also ideal for escape artists and canines suffering from separation anxiety.

It is heavy duty, and no dog can force its way out

It will last thanks to the steel construction and powder coating

Easy to move owing to the rolling casters

Assembles in minutes (typically less than 10)


The instruction manual needs a lot of work and will be of little help

10. Petmate Two Door

10. Petmate Two Door
If you own a small dog, say a Bichon Frise or an Affenpinscher, we recommend the Petmate two door. This kennel is ideal for traveling, making short visits to the vet, or as an indoor kennel. It is made of steel doors, and the rest is sturdy plastic that reduces the weight.

The top door design is great for pets that aren’t comfortable with the front-entry design as it saves them the agitation, more on this in a while. The steel doors ensure that escape artists cannot find a way through, although we would not recommend it for pets that tend to chew through cages. Our top features though were the ventilation and the top door.

Top-door – The top door design solves any agitation in pets that aren’t comfortable with front or side entry. Moreover, it makes it easy to place the canine in and getting it out of the kennel. Petting the pooch while in the cage will be a breeze and is also ergonomically designed with easy squeeze door latches and handles.

Ventilation – Ventilation is especially important for pets as they get to connect with people and other animals. The Petmate is well ventilated for just this.
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Product Features

Made in the USA
Weight: 5.8 pounds
Dimensions: 24 * 16.8 * 14.5-inches

Who is it for?

The Petmate is best for pet owners looking for an indoor kennel as well as a unit that they can travel with.

It is affordable

It is versatile as it can house pets indoors and still serve you on short journeys

It can be used for a small dog or larger cat increasing the resourcefulness

Lightweight but sturdy


The oval shaped holes on the side can be dangerous should your dog stick its nose through

Dog Kennels Buying Guide

Where does your dog stay?

This is more like where do you keep your dog most of the times. Depending on your answer, you will end up getting a different unit for an indoor canine and a separate kennel for an outdoor dog.

If you keep your dog in the house, you can get away with a small crate as s/he can get out when s/he needs. Moreover, these should be easy to transport in and out of the house. We would not recommend a steel cage as these are bulky. Outdoor kennels, on the other hand, should be spacious with enough space for the canine to roam about. Moreover, they should be covered to protect him from the elements and should have a dedicated area.

Dog size

The bigger your dog, the bigger the kennel you will need. If you are dealing with puppies, one cage should be enough, but it will not suffice if you are catering for adults. You need several pens for adults or consider connecting multiple kennels.


Dogs are escape artists and can escape through weaker materials. Given their strong jaws, and persistence, they bend weaker wires creating enough room for them to wiggle through. First, ensure the crate/kennel you are investing in doesn’t have large spaces where the pet can wiggle through.

Also, we recommend a crate made of galvanized steel, stainless steel, or any heavy-duty material that the dog cannot chew through.

Also, consider the locking system, and invest in one that dogs cannot outwit. Some locks are dog proof, while others require a padlock.

Water and Food Storage

You should always have water and food available for your dogs as it keeps your dog energetic and healthy. You can purchase a kennel with an inbuilt water and food container, or one with enough space for food and water containers.

Ease of Setup

Finally, only pick a dog kennel that is easy to assemble. Why choose a unit that will take an hour to put together while you can have one that comes together in a minute or two? But if you appreciate a challenge, you can pick a unit that is difficult to assemble.

Now that you know what to look for, below are our top picks.


What is a kennel?

Well, there are mixed feelings on what a dog kennel is as some people think it is an outdoor dog house. However, the term is used to refer to any dog shelter whether indoor or outdoor.

It can also be a location or a place used for containment during transport or when training your pets. Kennels should be voluntary and not compulsory.

How do I insulate my dog kennel?

Well, you are in luck, as this is a simple enough task. First, most dogs do not need thick insulation, but a blanket or mat will not suffice in horrid winters. However, you can use carpet cut-offs, rugs, and bath mats to insulate the side. Moreover, you can invest in insulation sheeting if you are willing to splurge. Insulation sheeting is available in various thickness and roll sizes depending on the size of your kennel and how cold your area is.

We recommend you consider non-toxic insulation material and one that attaches easily and quickly. Finally, you can consider fixing plywood or fiberglass over the mesh, but ensure you secure a tight fit to keep pooches from chewing through.

How much do dog kennels cost?


The size, material and the quality of a kennel influences the cost. Wood kennels are pricey (because they are wood), while wire mesh kennels are affordable seeing as the material is readily available and cheap to acquire. With some luck, you can get kennels for as little as $20.

Heavy-duty playpens are pricey, and rightfully so if they are to accommodate a hulky canine.

What is the appropriate kennel size?

There are size charts on the internet that inform you which kennel is best for your dog. Moreover, a manufacturer should provide you with sizing charts for you to make an educated decision.

Also, you should consider why you are getting the kennel. If you are on the hunt for a playpen, find one with enough space for your canine to run around. However, if the crate is just designed to hold your dog, ensure it is tall enough for a pooch to sit comfortably while accounting for the height the beddings consume. Moreover, the space should be enough for the dog to rotate 360-degrees without knocking over the water and food bowls.

Are kennels good for dogs?

Though caging a dog sounds inhumane, the positive aspects outdo the negatives. It is the easiest way to potty train pups and helps dogs get over their separation anxiety.


This list consists of some of the best dog kennels. There is a bit of everything from outdoor enclosures, to indoor crates, from affordable units to pricey premium products. So, we are confident there is something for everyone. Ensure you stick to your budget but invest in a kennel that is comfortable and safe for your pet.

Finally, feel free to leave a comment below if you think there is something we missed.