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1. Blackout Drapes - NICETOWN
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10 Best Kitchen Curtains and Drapes Reviews

Window treatment can be quite tricky. Locating the appropriate pattern in the right fabric, not to talk of the appropriate size. With a lot of elements to consider, kitchen windows frequently get stuck with low-quality set of blinds or curtains no one fancies anymore.

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Most individuals may believe that because there are not many things happening in the kitchen, it would go unnoticed. But this notion is quite wrong because kitchen curtains will place a great impact on the way your kitchen feels as it would be in any room. And you would want your kitchen to feel clean as well as window—especially because it is a room you tend to spend long periods of time in. So, to aid you in making your kitchen feel more appealing, we have thrown in time in compiling 10 of the best curtains and drapes for your kitchen to make your choice easier.

10 Best Kitchen Curtains and Drapes


1. Blackout Drapes - NICETOWN

1. Blackout Drapes - NICETOWN
There are lots of reasons why having a blackout curtain is nice. In addition to adding an extra layer of privacy to your kitchen, it is also a great way to darken a room for those with babies. It helps ease them to sleep and also filters out some of the noise.

The NICETOWN Blackout curtain has a lot of features in addition to its blackout quality which makes it an excellent pick. The curtains are made from polyester material and do not wrinkle easily. It is also resistant to fade and also adds an energy efficiency to this mix.

More on the latter, the curtain includes the thermal insulation which makes it great for reducing the heat from the sun. The curtains also come with grommets. These help to reinforce the loops on the curtain and also prevent threads from loosening on these holes. Another great thing about these curtains is that they ship in the right sizes so you do not have to worry about making adjustments before using the curtains.

Maintaining the curtains is simple as all you need to do is throw it into a machine and have it easily cleaned. The money-back guarantee is another appealing feature which makes buying the curtain appealing to various users (especially new buyers).
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The grommets come with an inner diameter of 1.6 inches
Made from polyester material which is soft and heavy
It is fade resistant
Can be washed with hand and machine
Each package ships with 2 panels with the dimension of each being 42" wide x 45" long.
There is a money-back guarantee on the curtains
Reduces the noise entering the home from outside


These curtains are one of the more budget-friendly ones that are available on the market today. For the level of privacy you get, there is little to dislike about the curtains with the high-quality multiple features you enjoy. The thermal insulation also makes it comfortable when cooking as heat from the kitchen won't mix with existing one coming from the sun.


Soundproof and thermal insulation/energy efficiency, as well as light blocking, are a few features you enjoy with this NICETOWN curtains. The fact that the price is attractive just makes it all better overall.

Comes with grommets on the holes

It is very easy to pass a rod through the curtain grommets

Preserves heat so saves up on energy consumption due to heating

Maintaining the curtains is simple and straightforward

Increased comfortability when cooking

  • There is a need to purchase rods separately

2. H.VERSAILTEX Blackout Energy Saving Curtains

2. H.VERSAILTEX Blackout Energy Saving Curtains
This curtain from H.Versailtex comes in lots of different patterns which gives a wide range of options for anyone looking to get the right design for his or her kitchen. It comes in a Sage Green Base with Turquoise Birds, Aqua Floral, Navy Glitter Star, Vintage Floral, and more.

There is no chemical coating used in the design of the curtains and the triple weave blackout fabric is capable of preventing up to 85% of sunlight from penetrating into the home. With a 100% UV ray protection, it is great for use in a nursery and in the kids’ room also. Each package of this curtain comes in a 2 panel set with each panel measuring 29"W x 45"L. Caring for the curtains is easy as they can be washed with bleach and it can also be machine washed to ease the stress on the part of the user. Features like thermal insulation, energy saving, and noise reduction are other excellent features which make this environmentally friendly curtain great.

It comes with a rod pocket of 3 inches on each panel which can take curtain rods of up to 1 ½ inches in diameter. The rod pocket makes it possible to enhance the outlook of the kitchen to make it more appealing since it conceals the rod.
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Hinders up to 85% sunlight
Thermal insulated curtains
There is no chemical coating
Made from Microfiber polyester which is a triple weave pure blackout fabric
It is vinyl free
3” rod pockets along with 2” headers
Can be washed using a machine and a non-chlorine bleach
It is a 2-panel set


At a price well below average, these curtains offer some appreciated quality features which make them quite an addition to the kitchen.


These curtains are well designed to make the appearance of the kitchen neat and beautiful. With the rod pockets to hide the rods from sight and the excellent patterns printed makes it a sight to behold.
  • The curtains are very attractive with the patterns
  • Can use clips in hanging
  • Versatile enough to be used in nurseries and baby's room
  • Thermal insulation improve energy savings
  • Windows with an increased width need more than one valance

3. Kitchen Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

3. Kitchen Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains
The Pony Dance curtain has a thermal insulation feature which makes it energy efficient. In other words, you can easily save a little on your energy cost through the maintenance in the heat that gets into the home (thus your kitchen) in the summer and also the chilly wind in the winter. Getting a color to match the background of any room is also quite easy. There are various colors available to blend with the furniture and the design of the home. They are made from fabrics which are soft and heavy to stop both sunlight and those from streetlights with the darker colors being the most effective.

Caring for the curtains is easy but needs to be done carefully. It can be washed with a dryer or a machine as long as it is a gentle cycle without the use of bleach. The curtains are to be air dried and if you want to iron it, it should be warm, and not blistering hot.

The package includes two curtains with rod pockets on each. Wherein the rod pockets measure 3 inches which is an excellent fit for most of the standard rod sizes available. Finally, there is a money-back guarantee which ensures you get what is advertised for the product.
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Available in up to 10 colors
85% of sunlight blocked out with the darker colors blocking out up to 95%
Designed with a Polyester material
A 30-days money back guarantee
Rod pockets which measure 3 inches


This curtain comes at a very low cost and it is a great option for anyone shopping on a budget. It is easy to maintain and has a lot of great features which make it a great choice for all parts of the home.


If you are simply looking for a curtain to make it more comfortable in your kitchen or even in your dining room, then this is a great option. Different colors, various sizes, UV protection, and ease of maintenance are some additional features which make it an excellent choice.

  • Can get a matching valance color with ease
  • Easy to maintain
  • It is thermally insulated
  • Blocks out UV rays
  • It is a noise reducing curtain
  • One panel longer than the other

4. Jinchan Tie Up Valances Jacobean Floral Printed

4. Jinchan Tie Up Valances Jacobean Floral Printed
Windows in the kitchen always vary from one person's home to the other, thus getting the right size of the curtain is often difficult and you may need to place a specific order. Nonetheless, this curtain is tailored for small windows, or alternatively, we can say it offers small coverage. So, with the Jinchan tie-up valance, you can easily cover up such windows or you can decide to make use of the valance while combining with full-length curtains for a more appealing look.

It comes in a 1 panel set with each measuring 50 inches in width and 20 inches in length. You can also get other versions which come in a longer size. It also features two adjustable ties to help in adjusting the height of the valance to any desired length. Making use of normal rods or tension rods with this product is easy since it comes with a 1.5-inch rod pocket to fit the rods. The material used is a durable linen blend with Jacobean floral printed designs. This makes it easy to blend the curtain with any home décor.

The curtains are not blackout with a little sunlight entering the home but you can be sure of your privacy when you make use of the product. Maintaining the curtain is an easy task as it can be washed with a washing machine as long as it is in cold water and also cool ironed if the need arises.
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1 piece of tie-up valance
Floral print design
Measures 50 inches wide by 20 inches long
Flax linen blend
The fabric is a durable linen blend
Comes with two adjustable ties
Easy to use with other curtains
Machine washable


This set comes at a price slightly above average of what you get on the market. Still, that can't be avoided since it offers nice features and it is an excellent choice as it is a nice fit for most small windows in the home.


This Jinchan set is specially designed to meet the needs of kitchen-owners who have a small window which they would like to beautify and cover up for the sake of privacy (if used in the dining room especially). This multi-purpose valance can also be used as an addition to a normal length curtain to increase the privacy.

  • Beautiful floral prints
  • Easy to maintain by our standards
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Easy to get curtains to match the design
  • It is a little bit see through

5. Mysky Home Fashion 3 Pieces Jacquard

5. Mysky Home Fashion 3 Pieces Jacquard
Searching for a valance to match the design of your new curtains can often be a lot of work. With each package of this Mysky curtains, you get a pair of curtains along with a valance. Each curtain has a length of 29 inches while the pair of curtain has a width of 58 inches and a height of 36 inches. The width of the valance is 59 inches with a height of 14 inches.

The curtains are made of a fine polyester material which elegantly suits the design of any room you decide to hang it in the home. In this case, it is most suitable for your kitchen though, you can use it your laundry or even guest room. The material is also capable of reducing the amount of sunlight entering the kitchen while also giving that little bit of privacy that a few individuals will desire if used other than the inside of the kitchen.

Add an extra touch of appeal to your kitchen with the rod pocket which hides the rod from view to make it more beautiful (clean). Using cold water, you can machine wash the curtains in a gentle cycle, line dry and then warm iron. A note though, do not make the mistake of using any form of bleach as this is sure to damage the curtain.

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A 3 piece curtain set
Matching valance along with 2 curtain panels
Made from 100% polyester of high quality
Rod pockets at the top
Valence size of 59 inches in width and 14 inches in height
Panels measure 29 inches in width each with a combined width of 58 inches while it has a height of 36 inches
Can be cleaned with machine wash
Light prevention
Offers privacy


If you want an affordably priced curtain for your kitchen then this is a great choice. It's one of the more budget-friendly available, and even at that, it offers a lot with the addition of a valance which makes it excellent for the price.


Having the opportunity to get a valance along with a 2-panel curtain set makes it easy to set up a window without going through much stress. It also comes with top-quality features and increases in user experience while it is being used.

  • Great fit in a laundry room
  • Nice quality valance
  • Jacquard fabric for curtains
  • Does not go well with bleach

6. H.Versailtex Rod Pocket Blackout Curtain

6. H.Versailtex Rod Pocket Blackout Curtain
In addition to the 3 inches rod pocket to use in hanging this curtain, it also comes with straps. The straps are located on the backside of the curtain which can be used in tying the curtain to form a valance style design on the curtain. Hanging down the curtain is also nice since it comes with a beautiful color that's a host to some attractive patterns.

That said, unlike most others, this curtain is a single one which measures 42 inches in width and 63 inches in length. It is designed using a Microfiber polyester material which is both durable as well as soft. The thermal insulation also makes it an energy saving curtain and it also comes with other features like noise reduction capabilities and the potential to darken the room if you want to use it in places other than the kitchen.

Available in different colors like the Dove, Teal, Grey, Navy, Taupe, and Burgundy Red, each color is capable of preventing 100% UV ray from entering and also 95% of sunlight from getting into the kitchen. They have been tested and rated highly in the aspect of breathability while also proven to be free of PVC and Vinyl. Maintaining this new addition to your home décor is easy. It can be cleaned using a machine wash with a non-chlorine bleach. There is also a 30-days money back guarantee along with an 8-year quality warranty.
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Ships a single panel per package
1-inch side hem, 2 inches bottom hem, and a 3 inches rod pocket
Two straps on the backside to hang the curtains
Made using a Microfiber polyester Soft Fabric
8-year quality warranty
The measurements of the curtain are 42 inches in width by 63 inches in length
Energy saving, thermal insulation, noise reduction, and it darkens the room
PVC and Vinyl free
30-days money back guarantee
Classic geometric Moroccan tile quatrefoil pattern


This is one of the few curtains with a slightly higher market price. Nonetheless, at a price above average, the curtain is a host to some excellent features that users will appreciate and there is a 30-days money back guarantee if you find any discomfort during the first 30 days of use.


Although you get just one product in each package, there is a great design feature and straps to make it easy to pull up and adjust the height of the curtain when it is necessary. Still, you can buy more if the need arises.

  • There are different colors and patterns available
  • A very long curtain length
  • Features thermal insulation
  • Saves on energy consumption in both winter and summer
  • No liner or backing

7. Regal Home Collections Shabby Trellis

7. Regal Home Collections Shabby Trellis
The Regal Shabby Trellis curtain is a good choice for any homeowner looking to redecorate or buying curtains for the first time for their kitchen. As long as the colors available match those of the room you wish to use it in, these curtains make an excellent choice with the features and uses it provides.
Purchasing the curtain sets adds 1 valance and 2 tier valance to your collection. They come in any one of a grey or aqua color, produced using a polyester and cotton blend material. Hence, washing is easy as it can be done using a machine to save both time and energy. It is also quite easy to iron although this may not be necessary as it does not get creases very often.

That said, it will be nice to get the measurements of your windows right so you are sure you get a nice fit. The valance of the set measures 56 inches in width with a height of 18 inches. On the other hand, the tiers have a width of 28 inches and a height of 36 inches.
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Made from a material with a 65% polyester and 35% cotton blend
Ships with 1 valance and 2 tiers
Available in Gray and Aqua colors
A Quatrefoil Trellis design
Valance measures 56 inches wide by 18 inches in height
Each tier measures 28 inches in width by 36 inches in height


Affordably priced kitchen curtains provide privacy and improve the overall appearance of your cooking room. These are a great choice since they offer a high quality and durable material at a below average price.


The best curtains and valance don’t necessarily have to come at a very high price. The Regal set proves just that as it offers excellent quality and features at an affordable price. So, you can be sure of privacy anytime you decide to hang one of these in your kitchen or any suitable area.
  • Easy to iron the curtains
  • No loose threads after washing
  • It does not give off any irritating chemical smell out of the package
  • Gives you the privacy you desire
  • Limited color choices

8. Fancy Collection 3pc Off White and Embroidered

8. Fancy Collection 3pc Off White and Embroidered
Another great quality product from Fancy linen, this curtain set comes at a great price and offers some excellent features that you will appreciate. It is a 3 piece set which consists of tier and swag. The set is great for small windows and can also be an excellent addition to curtains on longer windows to block out the view of people passing by and also reduce the amount of light getting into the kitchen.

Moving on, it is a two-tier curtain which measures 30 inches by 36 inches for each panel while the swag measures 60 inches by 38 inches. The set is made from a blend of cotton and polyester with a rod pocket which measures 1 ½ inches capable of covering most of the available curtain rods on the market.

To make it more appealing for use in the kitchen, it is an Off White “Ercu" color which blends well with a lot of backgrounds. The cotton-polyester blend is machine washable which makes it a joy to use and maintain when necessary. And although a lot of buyers may be limited by the color availability, the beautiful designs on the curtain make up for that limitation.
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Polyester and cotton blend material
1 ½ rod pocket
Comes in an off-white "Ecru" color
The swag measures 60 inches by 38 inches
It is a two-tier curtain with each panel measuring 30 inches by 36 inches


One of the cheapest available on the market and although it is just available in a single color, there are lots of amazing patterns and beautiful designs which make this a huge plus for the price of the package.


This Fancy linen collection offers a lot of items in the package at quite an affordable price. If all you want is to ensure that the prying eyes of anyone outside do not see what is happening inside, then this is your best bet. You still get light and air entering the home so you get a lot of functions out of the curtains if you decide to give it a try.

  • Excellent for covering the lower parts of a window
  • Great price for the package
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Offers some privacy, especially if you decide to use it in another room
  • May be too long on some windows

9. MarCielo 3 Piece Printed Floral Kitchen

9. MarCielo 3 Piece Printed Floral Kitchen
This is a 3 piece curtain set, and it's also another one of the few products which ship with a valance to be used on the curtain rods. In-depth, the product features a valance that measures 54 inches wide by 15 inches while each curtain panel measures 27 inches by 36 inches. A 1.5-inch rod pocket allows the use of smaller rod sizes with the curtain.

The curtain is quite small from the dimensions so it is a great fit in any room within the home. In other words, it's perfect for your kitchen, while at the same time, it can be used in the bedroom, bathroom, and laundry. The UV protection and the thermal insulation also serve as some very nice features. They greatly reduce the intensity of light getting inside and helps to save energy as well.
With the 100% polyester material of the curtains, it is simple to maintain. It can be washed with a machine and then tumble dried. Avoid the use of bleach on this material as this will damage the curtains.

The curtains are lightweight which is good since it will not be a stress out the rod or the wall fittings.
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UV protection
Each package contains 1 valance and 2 pairs of curtain
Designed from 100% polyester material
Thermal insulation
Excellent for your kitchen, bedroom, laundry, bathroom, and so on
Can be machine washed
Rod pocket of 1.5 inches


This curtain set is quite affordable and the addition of a valance to the package makes it an excellent offer. You will get most of the nice features which you find on higher priced curtains.


There are lots of places in the home where a curtain is needed and this curtain set can easily fit into any of these locations (namely your kitchen). In addition to the price, the lightweight curtains also mean that there is a lower chance of it pulling out the rod fittings due to the weight. So, unnecessary replacement, fixing or even adjusted are wholly unneeded.

  • A matching valance in the package
  • Thermal insulation and protection from UV rays
  • Great curtain design
  • Irons with ease
  • Depending on your needs/taste, there might be a need for blinds as the curtains are see through
  • Depending on your needs/taste, there might be a need for blinds as the curtains are see through

10. Vintage Kitchen Curtains by Ambesonne

10. Vintage Kitchen Curtains by Ambesonne
The Ambesonne kitchen curtains offer some high-quality graphics and illustration to stimulate the mind and also add beauty to the interior of your home. This is done through the use of high-grade digital printing technology, which ensures the colors on the curtains are as clear and accurate as possible.
Made from a silky satin polyester blend, the curtain is nice to touch and also adds an elegance to the interior. In each package, there is a pair of curtain panels with a length of 39 inches and a total width of 55 inches. This makes it a suitable fit for any kitchen setting. There is also a 2.5 inches rod pocket which should accommodate almost any size of rod.

Choosing a curtain to match your décor can be quite easy as there are up to 15 different design images available. There is also no need to worry about environmental damage and the health of your family as there is no dye present in the curtains. Washing the curtain can be done using a machine and then you can hang it to dry.

The curtain set can also be purchased in other lengths depending on the size of your window. It would be a good idea to measure the window you wish to set up before making a purchase. This is a good way to avoid any mistakes so you don't end up having to adjust the curtains or sending them back.
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1 pair of curtain panels
A silky satin polyester blend material of high quality
Can be washed with machine
There is no dye present
Up to 15 different print designs
A 2.5-inch rod pocket
High-quality print images


One of the more expensive curtains on our list, these curtains may not be an option if you are on a tight budget. But if you are out shopping with a lot of money allocated to a curtain, then this would be a great option as it comes in different designs which can be used to match suitable rooms other than the kitchen in the home.


The curtains have appealing images which are great for your kitchen and also serve as a suitable gifts to others. Also, since they do not contribute to health risk, this curtain is excellent for the aged adults as well as younger people. Still, that price is something that you have to take into consideration if you're on a tight budget.
  • The material is quite heavy and blocks out light effectively
  • Designs are simply gorgeous
  • It comes in high-quality materials
  • There are up to 15 print designs available
  • Colors are not as bright as in the pictures

Criteria for Selection

To come up with the list above, we carried out a survey among homeowners and noted their top choices. Then we carried out our own research using the criteria below to narrow down the choices and select the best of them all. In light of that, the following are the things you have to consider before choosing a curtain for your kitchen or even a few other rooms in your home. They include:

Privacy and Lighting

When picking curtains for shared areas such as sunroom, kitchen or laundry room, in order to let extra light into the space, you should pick sheer curtains. Not too much privacy is needed here and the air and light will prove to be helpful.


Sunshine tends to weaken bright colored curtains faster. So choose curtains in a natural hue for areas that catch the more natural sunlight.


In the process of trying to find the flawless curtain for your kitchen, the material choice is an important factor to consider. Before selecting a particular kit, think exactly how the curtain will look in an area. You should, in this case, pick a lightweight material such as linen, or cotton for a sunnier vibe because it generates a natural, airy feel in most areas.


Look for a material sample, put it up against the kitchen window to decide just how it performs and looks in your area.



After assessing the above elements, the next step is to choose a style which matches your interior decoration. These are ideas which you can apply; draw in a color or shade from your color palette with a rock-solid or decorated window treatment. Be audacious and make a declaration with colorfully designed curtains. For a subtle flair, try a neutral designed curtain.


The color you pick for your curtains should match the immediate environment. So, you should pick curtains that best complement the interior colors or even decorations. For an attractive style, pick curtains that match the color of your walls. On the other hand, choose a hue that contrasts with the walls and furniture if you would like the curtains to be the emphasis.


In vogue are curtains that do not touch the floor in the kitchen due to clean look it provides. For a more vivid appearance, you can choose curtains which are even smaller, so the curtains will provide a cut look for your kitchen. This also helps in the case that you have children since they won’t be able to pull it so much if it’s out of reach.


The standard width of your curtains rests on the measurement of the decoration of your door or the window pane. A way to reach the standard thickness is to measure the edge and increase it by a factor of 2/2.5. The additional material helps achieve the gathered style on the edges when the curtains are pinched back.

Trims & Accessories

Trims and accessories for curtains span across pull-backs and valances to patterned curtain tracks secured on the wall on top of the curtains. They can be cleverly complemented with light curtains to add splendor and richness. Valance, the attractive frilled material placed above the window, is an outstanding manner to increase decoration to your room. In addition, simple pull-backs and lack of patterned trims will make materials such as velvet or satin appear chic and smooth. Also, this will hinge on the effect you would like to realize.


Undoubtedly, this is one area every buyer is concerned with during any item purchase. When you see the price tag on a product, you’ll have thoughts like “Will it be worth it?” going through your mind.

It’s expected as no one would prefer to spend funds on a product that is underwhelming in quality and performance. Still, price is a very sensitive matter, as sometimes, you’ll have to spend more on a particular product due to the fact that it delivers on its claims. Other times, you may find a product at a budget-friendly price that’ll be a host to a lot of features.

Like so, the products above are more or less tailored to all budgets, but how would you personally pick if you were by yourself. Well, that’s pretty simple, you just need to consider the features being offered and in this case, check out the price of other products and properly compare them.

In the case of curtains, check the length, width, and height of the curtains, compare these dimensions with other products while taking into consideration any feature, and then use the prices to find a product that fits you the most. It might be expensive or it might be cheap. At the end of it all, it depends on your personal budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy kitchen curtain?

We recommend you check out e-commerce websites if you want to purchase kitchen curtains. This method is far better than purchasing it locally where it might not be tailored exactly to be used in your kitchens.

Should I buy something plain for my kitchen?

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Yes, you can. Though, in the case of the window above the sink, a curtain that boasts of cool designs will prove to be symbolic. Still, you can use any curtain you want as long as you take into consideration the factors in our “Criteria for Evaluation” section. Also, observe well if the curtain is functional or not.

Can I use kitchen curtains elsewhere?

Of course, you can. Though, this just depends whether or not the curtain itself is flexible enough to be used in other rooms.