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1. Neiko 00562A
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Best Bolt Cutters Reviews & Ratings

Bolt cutters provide different professionals and enthusiastic DIYers with a cost-effective, quick, efficient, and smooth way of cutting through different tough materials. They are very versatile and feature heavy-duty construction quality to enable them to withstand the rigors of handling a wide range of workpieces. Bolt cutters are additionally versatile and easy to use and are capable of first-rate cutting with just minimal effort on the part of the user. Consequently, they are ideal for shearing through heavy gauge wires, abrasive bolt stocks, padlocks, threaded rods, and chains. The ingenious engineering of the cutters allows them to transform little effort to as much as 4000 pounds at the jaws, making it possible for electricians, plumbers, engineers and other groups to save time and effort on their projects.

Our Top 3 Picks

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Choosing the right option  for whatever project is unfortunately not an easy task. You have to be extremely careful to match the performance, durability, and ease of use of the machine to the task at hand. It should be rugged and sturdy enough to handle the project without any severe wear and tear. Unless you’re a seasoned professional, choosing the best or most suitable option is a cumbersome procedure. And that’s where we come in.

10 Best Bolt Cutters


1. Neiko 00562A

1. Neiko 00562A
The machine employs an innovative design and several nifty features that aim to take the time and effort away from cutting through the toughest bolts. The use of industrial-grade blades pairs nicely with the machine's high power transmission to deliver one of the best bolt cutting experiences in the industry. The machine is also easy to use, and you won’t need as much energy to shear through the toughest ones.

It’s not by accident that it is our top pick. As mentioned earlier, it comes with a plethora of useful and time-saving features to help you cut bolts quickly, effortless and seamlessly. One of the highlights that makes it stand out in a fiercely competitive field is the lever fulcrum, which, due to its smart engineering, is capable of effortlessly converts a paltry 50 pounds of force to an astounding 4,000 pounds of force and the jaws. Not even the densest and most heavy-duty bolts can ever resist its cutting prowess, especially when it’s in the right hands. Other features that make for effortless and quick cutting in addition to augmenting the it’s versatility and performance are the incorporation of two eccentric bolts capable of adjusting the blade’s clearance and the accurate alignment of the blade.
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Like we mentioned in the introductory paragraph, it features heavy-duty construction and uses industrial-grade materials. The use of chrome molybdenum steel, for instance, makes it harder and much stronger than those featuring an all-chrome vanadium construction, which in turn makes for superior cutting of bolts and other objects around the house and on the job site. To this add the use of forged 30-inch high-end Cr-Mo steel in the construction of the jaws and you get a cutter that has commercial-grade hardness and heat resistance to withstand heavy, everyday use in the busiest industrial environments.

In addition to ensuring excellent performance, the Neiko brand also puts a lot of effort into ensuring their products are easy to use, both for novices and seasoned engineers. In the case of this option, the manufacturer pulls out all the stops to keep you safe and comfortable throughout your project. The handles, for instance, come with textured rubber grips that guarantee your hands fit comfortably and securely with minimal likelihood of slippage even when your hands begin dripping with sweat. Irrespective of how big or small your padlock's shackle is, it will be able to effortlessly accommodate it seeing as it comes with two eccentric bolts that make it easy to adjust the blade's clearance at the narrowest section.

It is also lightweight and compact. Lifting it and manoeuvring it to reach bolts, chains, threaded rods, and padlocks in awkward and hard-to-reach spots is, therefore, a breeze. Coupled with the ergonomic design and the superior power transmission, the bolt cutter is easily one of the best in its class.

The performance and heavy-duty construction is a far cry from the weak and flimsy tools currently flooding the market. It’s indeed a powerhouse that easily handles all types of materials. The use of commercial-grade 30-inch premium Cr-Mo steel for the construction of the jaws and chrome molybdenum steel for the rest of the frame means it can handle both lightweight and heavyweight applications without the slightest hesitation at all.

With its innovative lever-fulcrum design and perfectly aligning blades, you’ll only use minimal effort and therefore take the least time to cut bolts. Couple that with the lightweight and compact design and the non-slip plastic handles and you have yourself you can use effortlessly, quickly and precisely. The bottom line is that it is an unbeatable deal and is built to provide you with several years of trouble-free service.
  • Features high-quality construction to last more than a lifetime
  • Has Heavy-duty blades for handling the toughest cutting projects
  • Comes with ergonomically designed handles with a textured slip-resistant finish
  • Boasts exceptional high power transformation for effortless use
  • Cost-effective

Not ideal for the very heavy-duty cutting applications

2. Tekton 3386

2. Tekton 3386
Few options can hold a candle to the cutting prowess of this option. The machine is, simply put, a jack of all trades, a fact that effectively debunks the myth that imported products, especially those from China, are of inferior quality. Like the previous product, it is constructed using high-quality and durable materials and features a superior compound hinge that delivers compound cutting action.

The heavy-duty constructed does not mean you'll have to put in a lot of effort to get the job done. If anything, the innovative design ensures you apply the least effort to cut the mentioned objects efficiently and quickly. Couple that with the incorporation of non-slip rubber grips on rolled steel handles.

The jaws of the tool feature heavy-quality construction using industrial-grade, forged and solidified steel that is then driven by a compound pivot, a process that supplies more than adequate cutting force to enable the user to exert the bare minimum force irrespective of the toughness or ruggedness of the bolt. With such smooth performance, it's easy to understand why it's an all-time favourite of engineers.
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The manufacturer goes a step further to make this cutter easy to use for long hours without the remotest risk of hurting one's fingers. The likelihood of hand fatigue and strain are minimal as it is both lightweight and compact. At 10.6 pounds and dimensions of 8.5 inches by 2.2 inches by 0.5 inches, it maneuvres easily into the tightest spaces.

The versatility of the machine coupled with its small profile makes it an ideal choice for effortlessly a wide range of cutting projects both domestically and on the worksite. It also comes with strong, high-leverage tubular handles that, in light of their high-end construction using high-quality materials, will neither twist or cave when the user subjects them to intense pressure. Additionally, it comes with these soft rubber grips that have high traction, so they don't slip off your hands in the middle of an operation, even when your palms become sweaty from working under the scorching sun for several hours. They are also comfortable.

Overall, it has all the hallmark features of an industry-best product, and it invariably delivers the performance it promises. It epitomises versatility, high-performance, ease of use, and longevity, and would a great addition to the toolbox of any professional or extreme DIYer. It might not be ideal for heavy-duty projects in busy industrial settings, but it shines when it comes to handling lightweight projects. Plus, it is cost effective and is built to provide you with several years of flawless and smooth performance.
  • The compound cutting action necessitates the use of minimal effort
  • Sports comfortable non-slip rubber grips for easy extensive use
  • Jaws are made from heavy-duty drop forged hardened alloy steel
  • Long arms provide high leverage
  • Easy to use
  • Cuts quickly and with minimal effort
  • Only ideal for light-duty project

3. Klein Tools 63RBCHD

3. Klein Tools 63RBCHD
The Klein Tools 63RBCHD is what industry insider wax lyrically describe as having been made by professionals for use by other professionals. It is the true definition of high-performance and ease of use. It’s against this background that greenhorns or any other groups falling between novice users and seasoned craftsmen are advised to steer clear of it. And for good reasons. The bolt is a little on the higher end and is without a doubt an overkill for users in search of a simple, functional, and practical tool for handling master locks. For heavy, industrial applications though, it is more than ideal.

Being a high-end choice, it packs immense power for cutting effortlessly through objects. It's a true powerhouse capable of handling a wide range of objects and projects without the slightest hesitations, irrespective of your cutting requirements.

Using cheap, off-brand options to cut guy strands similar to the ones in utility poles and tent stays takes a lot of time and energy. Even more problematic to cut with standard options are electric and padlock wires considering that the strands tend falling out of position repeatedly. You're therefore forced to go the extra length of clipping them together one after the other, a process that’s as frustrating as its energy-draining.
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If the above paragraph describes your work routine, it is time to abandon you humdrum bolt cutter for this one. Unlike the vast majority of weak and flimsy alternatives on the market, it comes with notched cutting blades for steadfastly holding the strands in a single heap, which significantly reduces the effort it takes for chopping or cutting them down. With this tool at your disposal, you’ll be completing your projects in a fraction of the time it takes most options as it sports a heavy-duty spring loaded retention system that works quickly and seamlessly by hooking the strands or in between the chopping blades. Says bye to the days of clipping strands in place one by one and hello to chopping them in a single swipe, thanks to the notched cutting blades.

The user-friendly and energy-saving ratcheting mechanism pairs nicely with its ergonomically designed handles which, being 21-inches in length, gives the user the much-needed leverage. Moving forward, the user will be in a position to easily and swiftly cut different objects that include guy strands, electric wires, chains, padlock wires, and several more. Cutting different objects will be as easy as opening the jaws, snapping and cutting.

Even if you lack upper body strength, the entire endeavour should not take you more than twenty seconds. And because the jaws are reinforced with a lock plate, they align perfectly to provide the user with the best cutting experience all throughout its useful life. And the best part is the fact that it comes with a lifetime warranty, meaning that in case something doesn't work as expected, you can always return it for repair or replacement of the defective part or component.

This tool might not be ideal for lightweight, everyday use but for heavyweight industrial applications, more than suffices. It is lightweight and compact and hence easy to maneuvre into tight spots. Similarly, its rugged, industrial-grade construction using high-quality materials means it can withstand intense use without caving in. The machine is also easy to use.
  • A high-performance choice that cuts quickly and easily
  • Comes with effort and time-saving spring-loaded bolt retention mechanism
  • Easy to use
  • Built to last
  • Features a budget-friendly price tag
  • A little heavy

4. Olympia Tools 39-124

4. Olympia Tools 39-124
The fastidious construction of the Olympia Tools 39-124 together with careful and professional crafting using high-quality materials on the market make one of the most versatile, easy-to-use, and practical tools on the market. Like most other high-end options, the machine packs several instrumental features that make short and quick work of cutting through materials. The construction using tough and sturdy ACR-Mo hardened steel at the head means it can power effortlessly through anything.

The 39-124 is also lightweight and features an innovative compact design that takes up the least storage space for exceptional portability and storage. Additionally, the ergonomic design of the handles provides the user with the much-needed comfort to enable them to work comfortably and tirelessly all through the day.

Only a handful of cutters perfectly balance performance and portability much like this tool does. It features a high-end construction quality using outstanding materials. The machine provides the user with industry-best performance and incorporates very sharp blades made from rugged and sturdy Cr-Mo hardened steel, and it transforms little effort on your part to tremendous amounts of power to easily cut the toughest bolts.
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It patently comes with several striking features. Aside from the remarkable performance, you'll also be taken aback by the its ease of use. The machine is both lightweight and compact, weighing a paltry 6.97 pounds with corresponding dimensions of 17 inches by 8 inches by 2.2 inches. It also features a patented folding handles design which means it takes minimal space in the trunk of your car, the garage or tool box/bag. To that add the fact that the handles are exceptionally wide and are ergonomically designed, so it takes the pressure off your hands and minimizes the likelihood of hand strain and exhaustion.

Because the foldable design of the handle is patented, you won't be finding any weak, flimsy variants on the market promising the same performance while delivering nothing close to that of this cutter. The sheer length of the handles also means you only have to apply a little effort to transform as little as 50 pounds of force to as much as 4000 pounds of raw cutting force that powers effortlessly through objects as thick as a 3/8-inch bolt. Also, consider that the fact that because of the careful aligning of the blades, it works efficiently and smoothly, making it an ideal choice for both seasoned professionals and extreme DIYers.

In all, this is an ideal choice for a wide range of users, professionals and novices included. It provides the user with lots of leverage and features a lightweight and small profile, thanks to its foldable handles. The construction of the cutting head from industrial-grade Cr-Mo steel allows the machine to quickly and effortlessly cut through the toughest bolts, heavy wire gauges, fences, and padlocks. In spite of its laundry list of auxiliary features, it is surprisingly cost-effective. Unlike most cheap, off-brand models, it does not promise you heaven and earth; only straightforward, smooth, and seamless performance.
  • Has a space-saving fold-down design that's easy to store and transport
  • Very portable because of the fold-down design
  • Lightweight and easy to use for long hours
  • Comes with lots of leverage for effortless cutting
  • Perfect for light-duty to heavy-duty applications
  • Poorly constructed plastic handles
  • They are not precision machined

5. Knipex 7101200

5. Knipex 7101200
The Knipex 7101200 is one of those machines that feature a simplistic, humdrum appearance that entirely belies their volcanic performance. In spite of its deceptive looks, it packs a punch and has all the instrumental features necessary for effortlessly powering through light-duty to heavy-duty cutting applications. The construction with high-end materials, for instance, means its cutting edge will retain its quick and seamless cutting prowess even with heavy-duty, repeated use. It is also a durable and sturdy machine made to provide the user with several years of hassle-free service, irrespective of the ruggedness of the cutting material, be it nails, wires, or small bolts. The icing on the cake, though, is the budget-friendliness of the cutter. It can handle the toughest projects without any dents or damages.

The 7101200 might be diminutive, but don't make the mistake of construing the small profile to mean inferior performance or built quality, because this tool is the exact opposite of that. The ingenious design and engineering allow it to easy exponentially multiply effort on the handles to volcanic performance at the jaws. It's your best pocket-friendly bet if you want a tool that seamlessly blends a modest design with outstanding performance, and still manages to look attractive.
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Unlike products made in China, the quality and durability of those coming from Germany are never questioned. And the observation is especially true for this option. It comes with heavy-duty blades that go the whole distance, delivering nothing but the best experience. The fact that it has commercial-grade blades featuring an all-tempered, oil-solidified, chrome vanadium steel construction means they can slice with minimal effort and remarkable speed through the most rugged materials.

Possibly the best feature is the fact that in addition to its robust construction, its jaws are high-frequency solidified to HRC 62. In layman’s terms, the denotation simply means it is capable of bearing great loads without the slightest indicating of bending, denting, or collapsing. The design makes it a versatile machine you can confidently use to undertake a wide array of cutting projects both around the house and on the busiest worksite. It also has the added advantage of extending the lifespan of the 7101200, ensuring that it provides you with several years of stress-free service.

We've been reviewing different power tools for years, but we're yet to come to terms with the remarkable performance of this tool. Its ingenious design puts its performance and power at par with the handful of high-end options on the market, which means that in spite of its diminutive profile, it easily overshadows the vast majority of other pricier options. With such immense power in the power of your hands, only a few heavy-duty cutting projects are going to present a real challenge. It powers effortlessly and quickly through thin, medium hard and hard wires that are up to 6.0 mm, 5.2 mm, and 4.0 mm, respectively, in thickness. In the case of high-strength piano wire, it can manage up to 3.6 mm.

In addition to being a versatile powerhouse, it is also quite easy to use. The ergonomic design of the handles pairs nicely with their coating using a slip-resistant material. The result is handles that are not only comfortable, but that also have high traction to prevent the hand from accidentally slipping off even when you're working in the rain or your palms become sweaty after several hours on the job. It is lightweight and small and has a commanding feel in the hand. Its professional balancing makes for trouble-free use in different circumstances.

Plus, it requires a fraction of the energy that cheap, off-brand models demand to seamlessly complete complex projects, a fact which earns it high praise from customers all over the world. And like we mentioned in the introductory paragraph, it features a surprisingly budget-friendly price tag that will resonate with users who want a simple but powerful tool for everyday use around the house and on the job site.
  • Blade features heavy-duty and durable construction from high-quality chrome vanadium electric steel
  • Has tough edge for quick and effortless cutting
  • Comes with ergonomic and non-slip handles for comfort
  • Requires minimal effort to use, thanks to innovative lever action design
  • Flexible for cutting a wide range of materials
  • Lightweight and compact at just 11.8 ounces
  • The cutting edges are induction and oil-hardened
  • Not perfect for cutting construction screws

6. Neiko 00563A

6. Neiko 00563A
The Neiko 00563A is an improvement over our first pick, but the difference in performance is minimal at best. Like its brother, it reeks of sophistication and high-performance seeing as it is constructed out of the same long-lasting and rugged Cr-Mo steel. Every nook and cranny is ultra-strong and robust particularly the blades that are capable of cutting seamlessly and effortlessly through the most robust types and sizes of metals.

Being 6th on the list also implies that using it is a cinch. It delivers exceptional power at the jaws with minimal application of effort at the handles. To this add the ergonomic design of the handles and the lightweight and small profile that make it incredibly easy to use for several hours on end without experiencing fatigue.

Just a heads-up, the performance will leave you in awe. This is one of those machines that boast a remarkably higher power transmission than the vast majority of options on the market. Thanks to the ingenious design of the machine's lever fulcrum and the precise alignment of its blades, it can deliver remarkable leverage with minimal effort on the part of the user.
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The days of squeezing too hard on the handles to achieve some meaning results are long gone. The game-changing design puts immense power in the palm of your hands, and guarantee smooth, seamless, and quick performance irrespective of the density or ruggedness of the cutting material. As a result, it is an ideal choice for engineers, craftsmen, handymen, and even enthusiastic DIYers who want value for their buck.

The manufacturer's use of 36-inch premium Cr-Mo steel for the construction of the jaws is yet another reason to choose this option over those weak and flimsy machines on the market busy masquerading as cutters. The material is ultra-strength, very durable, and yet more lightweight than the chrome vanadium steel that most manufacturers prefer to use. To this add the fact that it packs high-frequency, heat treated blades that are capable of withstanding heavy-duty use in the harshest working conditions imaginable.

However tough the cutting materials are, the likelihood of it denting or getting damaged, or even wearing and tearing as quickly as cheap, off-brand variants are literally non-existent. This option is a true powerhouse that won't hesitate, even slightly, when cutting through the toughest metals.

The use of rugged and industrial-grade 36-inch premium Cr-Mo steel for the construction might give the user the impression that using the machine requires immense effort on their part. Contrary to such expectations, using it is very easy. Aside from its high power transmission made possible by its clever lever-fulcrum design, the ergonomic design of the machine’s handles also allow you to use it for several hours on end with minimal effort on your part. The handles are not only angled, but are similarly reinforced with a non-slip textured plastic that ensures you hold them firmly and comfortable with no room for slipping even when your palms start to sweat.

Also, at 12.9 pounds and with corresponding dimensions of 37 inches by 8 inches by 2 inches, it is a lightweight and small option that’s easy to manoeuvre and one that gives you easy access to awkward and tight spaces.

The 00563A is impressive in all ways. Unlike most cutters that compromise on performance, longevity, usability or practicality to keep costs down, this one goes all the way to provide you with the best of all worlds. The high-end construction quality and advanced design of the level-fulcrum and the perfect alignment of the blades allow it to multiply 50 pounds of pressure at the handles to more than 4000 pounds of force at the jaws. It also features a lightweight and small profile with a cushioned non-slip rubber grip for safe and comfortable use. Honestly, at its price range, the performance and usability don't get better.
  • Durable and high-quality 36-inch premium Cr-Mo steel jaws can cut through anything
  • Comes with high-frequency, heat-treated blades for hassle-free shearing
  • The classic lever-fulcrum design makes short and quick work of the toughest projects
  • Requires minimal effort to deliver superb performance
  • The texture, non-slip grips ensure safe and comfortable use
  • The weight is a little on the heavy side
  • Rubber handles aren’t very soft

7. Capri Tools 40209

7. Capri Tools 40209
Unless you’ve experienced the raw cutting power of the Capri Tools 40209, it’s safe to assume phrases like resilience, reliability, seamless performance, and remarkable ease of use are foreign to you. It is built for the go-getter, the professional or enthusiastic DIYer who wants it all. The tool is a far cry from the mediocre performance you have to put up with when using run-of-the-mill tools masquerading as bolt cutters. The highlights of the 40209 include effortless and quick performance when cutting through different materials.

The use of heat-treated Cr-Mo means cutting through tough and abrasive metals will feel like cutting a piece of cake with a hot knife. Considering that it features a leverage design, it transforms little effort on your part to incredible cutting force on the jaws. Plus, the ergonomic design of the handles guarantees comfort and security and safety all through the process of cutting.
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One unique selling point is that it comes with an extra-long frame that measures some 8 inches. The high leverage design means that you don't have to apply as much pressure to cut through tough materials like you would with cheap, off-brand models on the market. In fact, with just a little effort on your part, you can quickly, efficiently, and precisely shear through rugged, dense and abrasive materials without giving the cutting hand any extra support or even tightly shutting your eyes while gnashing your teeth. Essentially, it takes the time and effort away from cutting through the thickest strands of wires, leaving you with nothing but the experience. Reading about it, unfortunately, is not as satisfying as experiencing first-hand the ease with which it shears through steel locks, for instance.

And here's the best part: compared to the weak and flimsy options on the market, the 40209 features an all-chrome molybdenum construction, an industrial-grade, heavy-duty, and long-lasting material that truly stands the test of time. Since the Cr-Mo is heat-treated, it can easily withstand intense pressure and be subjected to intense use in a busy industrial setting and at the end of the day, there won't be a single visible dent or the slightest sign of its crumpling. With its exceptional jaw hardness, it can slice effortlessly and quickly through the toughest and densest metals without breaking a sweat, figuratively, of course. The machine’s resilience in the heat of tough projects makes an all-time favourite of many handymen.

It weighs a paltry 1 pound and has dimensions of 10.5 inches by 2.8 inches by 1 inch, making it one of the lightest and most compact bolt cutters on and outside of this list. Consequently, it is very portable and easy to maneuvre into hard-to-reach and awkward spots. Plus, it fits comfortably and easily into different storage spaces including the toolbox and even your pockets. While you won't be exerting too much force to cut different metals, the grips are nonetheless comfortable and secure to hold. The chances of it slipping off your hand while working under different conditions are minimal at best.

If you're searching for an option of exceptional build quality and performance at a pocket-friendly price, look no farther than the 40209. Aside from its remarkable performance, it is also portable, maneuvrable, easy to use, and comes in handy for those occasions when you have to deal with mini-cutters. In areas where it doesn't meet your standards, it more than makes up for by sporting double heat-treated Cr-Mo blade that pairs nicely with the high leverage design to provide for easy and quick cutting of different metals including heavy gauge wires, threaded rods, bolts, chains and even steel locks and padlocks.

To benefits add the efficiency of the machine's jaws and the ergonomic design of its handles. Like we said earlier unless you've experienced the raw cutting power of the Capri Tools 40209, it's safe to assume phrases like resilience, reliability, seamless performance, and remarkable ease of use are foreign to you.
  • Features a lightweight and compact design
  • Cuts efficiently and seamlessly and cleanly
  • Comfortable and easy-to-use handles
  • Features an all-double heat treated chrome molybdenum construction
  • Very remarkable leverage
  • The jaws don’t open very widely

8. Tradespro 831718

8. Tradespro 831718
The Tradespro 831718 features what industry insiders would call a laughable price tag as it's one of the cheapest on our list and the market. Our assessment of the capabilities of the cutter has however led us to believe that the low cost is grossly deceptive, seeing as its performance far exceeds industry expectations. It’s a high-quality option that, in spite of its simplistic, humdrum appearance, handles the vast majority of cutting projects with ease, speed, efficiently and in a fraction of the time it would take other weak and flimsy alternatives on the market. Unlike most options, this one comes with wide opening jaws that comfortably accommodate the densest metals before slicing them up real nice and quick. However, it’s targeted at novices and greenhorns keen on learning the tricks of the trade. Consequently, it’s an ideal choice for light to medium-duty projects around the house and in small-sized workshops.

It’s not by accident that it occupies the 8th position on our list. The machine is more than deserving of the position, especially in consideration of its splendid construction quality and ease of use. It’s a valuable machine that will be handy for a wide range of cutting projects both domestically and commercially. Like some high-end options already reviewed, it incorporates a high-leverage design that provides a mind-blowing level of performance.
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The construction of both the jaws and handles from high-quality materials means it’s capable of gracefully withstanding the devastating consequences that come with cutting. The top-notch construction of the blades and jaws take away the time and effort from the cutting procedure, making an otherwise daunting, time-consuming, and energy-draining endeavour quite an easy one.

Using it is also a breeze, thanks to an innovative design and engineering. Like the previous option reviewed, the machine sports the energy-saving high-leverage design that transforms little effort on the handles to tremendous cutting power at the jaws. Snapping away at tough and rugged metals has never been easier and more fun as it is with this cutter. You don't have to worry about the wear and tear that gradually eats away at machines, rendering them almost useful after a few years. It will continue to provide you with a superb performance given that it features an all-heat-treated carbon steel construction that will stubbornly defy the test of time. The fact that Tradespro takes their time to thoroughly test and verify the quality of their products to ensure they pass industry standards should give you the peace of mind and confidence you need to work tirelessly to your heart's delight.

With the Tradespro 831718 in the palm of your hands, the days of exerting too much force when undertaking heavy-duty projects are long gone. The cutter ushers you into a new era where innovative design helps make short and quick work of the toughest applications. To make your work a breeze, for instance, it is both lightweight and compact with the respective figures standing at 3 pounds for weight and 1 inch by 17.8 inches by 5 inches for physical dimensions.

In addition to giving you quick access to awkward and tight spots, the 831718 is also easy to manoeuvre and control with minimal effort even if you lack upper body strength. There are also rubber grips on the handles to increase comfort and ease of use. They have remarkable traction to keep your hands firmly in place for the long haul with the remote possibility of slipping off even for those who work in watery or damp conditions.

It is an attractive machine, too. It comes with a powder coat finish that makes it stand out in the toolbox. It works like a charm, and the hardened cutting jaws are easy to re-sharpen in the off chance that they lose their cutting edge. The cutter is truly an incredible machine, bringing together functionality and beauty in an easy to use, lightweight, and compact package. Plus, it has a lifetime warranty that shows you just how much confidence Tradespro has in the performance and durability of their product.

Overall, you’ll immediately come to appreciate the simplicity, superior performance, and ease of using it. Its superb performance blends nicely with its remarkable construction quality and practicality to give the user a cost-effective and very smoothly working machine. It’s an all-around cutter that will come in handy all year long, irrespective of your occupation.
  • The grips are both non-slip and textured
  • Powder coating gives it a sophisticated and attractive look
  • Comes with hardened cutting jaws for quick cutting action
  • Features durable construction from heat-treated carbon steel for a longer life
  • Works like a charm and is easy to use
  • Not the best for heavy-duty projects
  • Jaws open narrowly

9. HK Porter 0190MCD

9. HK Porter 0190MCD
The HK Porter 0190MCD is a formidable looking option that offers the user nothing but the best performance. It employs a revolutionary technology that minimizes cutting effort on the part of the user by up to 30 percent. Coupled with its high power transmission, it makes for quick and effortless cutting of different metals including bolts, screws, chains, bailing wires, electric wires, padlock hasps, chain link fences, and of course threaded rods. In light of its efficient performance, we strongly advise that you take safety measures as you use them because like us, we believe you don't want to lose a finger while using them.

And that's just a tip of the iceberg. They are similarly capable of remarkable cutting capacity, and the handles can open to almost 180 degrees, meaning that you can easily accommodate the thickest workpieces. And using this one is a cinch. Unlike other options, the innovative technology the machine employs takes the time and effort away from cutting the already mentioned workpieces and several more.

HK Porter is one of a few brands that enjoy an international reputation and whose product is synonymous with high-quality build, sturdiness, and longevity. The smooth, effortless, and efficient working of the machine is wholly attributable to the fact that it employs a game-changing Powerlink technology. The double action compound system is a true testament to the vast experience and competence of the brand's engineers to simplify the working of a bolt cutter further, thereby eliminating the need for the user to exert too much pressure to get the job done.
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The Powerlink technology effectively makes it one of the most efficient options on the market and whose performance easily overshadows that of any conventiona cutter.

Its high power transmission capability means you’ll be exerting 30 percent less cutting energy than is necessary for most cutters to achieve the same cut. Consequently, you’ll be able to handle more projects in a fraction of the time it will take your colleagues with their traditional bolt cutters. The days of returning home from work dog-tired are long gone. Like mentioned earlier though, it’s prudent that you exercise an abundance of caution when using it as it’s quick and smooth performance can lead to the loss of a finger if you lose concentration for just a few seconds.

It can cut virtually through anything. The cutting blades are not only precision ground, but also induction hardened. Whether it is threaded rods, tough bolts, heavy gauge wires, chains, or padlock hasps, it will power through with minimal resistance. And because of their heavy-duty construction using industrial-grade materials, these tools are capable of retaining their cutting edge for much longer. Tear and wear are at the bare minimum, meaning the machine will continue providing you with several years of smooth and hassle-free performance.

Like the cutting blade and jaw that offer industry-best longevity, the handles feature a similar heavy-duty construction quality. The machine comes with forged power links and tubular steel handles capable of delivering the best robustness, ensuring the cutter effortlessly withstands cutting tough workpieces in different settings, friendly or harsh. At 7.5 pounds and dimensions of 20 inches by 12 inches by 3 inches, it is compact and lightweight to allow for comfortable and safe use all through the day if you want.

The rubber grips on the handles are very comfortable and eliminate the likelihood of suffering hand fatigue or strain. After the break-in period, it will actually start to feel like a second layer of skin against your hands: like it’s not there at all.

If you need a cost-effective, easy-to-use, durable and beautiful cutter that offers smooth and middle-of-the-road functionality, take another look at this option. The superb construction quality, the Powerlink technology, and the long handles all come together to provide great leverage for effortlessly cutting through the toughest materials. Using it is very easy as it's both lightweight and compact and has ergonomically designed handles. And the icing on the cake is that you don't have to break the bank to get a taste of the premium features as the machine is surprisingly cost-effective.
  • Comes with heavy-duty and long-lasting blades that are sufficiently sharp
  • The innovative Powerlink technology cuts effort and time of working
  • Tubular steel handles are capable of withstanding excessive use
  • Wide opening handles increases leverage and ease of use
  • Perfect for wire shelving
  • Works a little stiffly
  • Not the best for cutting thicker metals

10. GreatNeck BC30

10. GreatNeck BC30
We didn’t save the best for last but still don’t construe the product’s 10th position as a reflection of mediocre performance. In fact, the GreatNeck BC30 easily holds a candle to the pricier models on this list. It stands out in a crowded field on the strength of its rugged construction and its versatility that enables to handle a wide range of cutting projects both around the house and on the job site. It is, therefore, an ideal choice for engineers, handymen, contractors, and DIYers in search of a machine to cut through virtually anything including but not limited to bolts, threaded rods, heavy gauge wires, fences, chains, and even padlocks. Additionally, it is easy to use and requires minimal effort on your part to slice through the hardest materials.

The cutter features a rugged construction quality using the ultra-strong and long-lasting forged steel. The result is a machine that easily weathers the harshest and most demanding working conditions without the slightest scratch. It is a multi-purpose machine that can shear through anything the user puts between its jaws. The hardened cutting edge retains its sharpness for a lifetime, and while you can re-sharpen it, you might not have to, considering its fastidious build. The innovative design ensures you use minimal effort and just one hand to cut through objects, which a far cry from cheap, off-brand options that will have you tightly close your eyes and gleefully gnash your teeth backing up the cutting hand with the other to go through some metals.
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Its engineering and construction together with the fact that it features ergonomic handles aims to take all the effort and time away from shearing through the toughest objects. The soft rubberized vinyl grips ensure your hands remain comfortable all through the cutting project and that there’s no possibility of the machine slipping from your hand at any point during your project.

Like our previous reviews, it is both lightweight and compact with a weight of 9.38 pounds and dimensions of 30.5 inches by 7 inches by 1.8 inches. You can manoeuvre it with minimal effort and use it to access those hard-to-reach and tight spots. Additionally, it only takes up a small fraction of the storage space in your toolbox and pocket, and you can bring it to any workstation.

If you want an option you can confidently use to take on the toughest cutting applications, this cutter would be it. Plus, in spite of its awesome features and superb performance, it costs just a fraction of the price tag of high-end alternatives. We highly recommend it for the user in search of smooth, quick, and hassle-free operation.
  • Attractive design
  • Features heavy-duty and long-lasting construction with forged S2 steel for a longer lifespan
  • Gives user reach of up to 2-1/2-inches
  • Easy to use
  • Works like a charm
  • Comes with a cost-effective price tag
  • None

Criteria for Choosing the Best Bolt Cutters

As is the case with most tools, choosing the right one is never an easy task, especially if they cost a tidy sum and you don’t want to throw your hard earned cash on the wrong one. The fact that they don’t cost much doesn’t mean you should throw all caution to the wind either and pick out the next one. To find the best one or one that best meets your unique requirements, you’re going to have to take several factors into consideration, compare the different units you come across while scouring the internet and filter out the ones you don’t need. Doing this repeatedly helps you refine your search until you narrow down on the most suitable option. As easy it sounds, the process is nonetheless a cumbersome one and requires significant time and effort. Lucky for you, we’ve gone out of our way and done comprehensive research to find ten of the best bolt cutters. Below is a detailed list of the factors we took into consideration during the process.

Construction Quality

They are made from all sorts of materials. For heavy-duty projects, make a point of purchasing that features a commensurate construction quality. The vast majority of options are made from standard or hardened steel, and these are ideal for everyday use around the house and on the worksite. For heavy-duty projects, though, consider going the extra mile and getting something made from industrial-grade materials such as highly treated hardened chrome-molybdenum alloy steel. It will be expensive but will provide you with more than a lifetime of superb performance. The material, commonly abbreviated to Cr-Mo, is as tough as they come and are renowned for delivering excellently. Another equally good material is forged steel.

Irrespective of the material you decide to go with, ensure it’s at least an inch thick and capable of slicing through your workpieces with ease and minimal effort. Top-tier materials are easy to maintain as they don’t require frequent re-sharpening and they’re capable of retaining their cutting edges for much longer.


Their performance is heavily dependent on their sizes. In this regard, you can choose among a compact, medium, and large size depending on the nature of the project you intend to undertake. Compact options are ideal for use with materials that don’t need a long reach. Consequently, their lengths rarely exceed 14 inches but are capable of cutting through hardened and thick materials with remarkable ease and speed seeing as they can transform minimal effort on the handles to approximately 4,000 pounds of cutting force at the jaws. Engineers and craftsmen reserve them for cutting through thinner steel chains and bolts.

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Medium options, like their compact counterparts, are also capable of an impressive 4000 pounds of raw cutting pressure at the jaws. Unlike compact options, though, they come with considerably longer arms meaning that in addition to being more accommodative of larger cutting pieces, they also boast higher leverage. Consequently, they require less effort to cut through materials. As a result, they are perfect for cutting through objects whose thickness exceed one inch and whose bodies are considerably more hardened.

Large options, on the other hand, should be your go-to tool when you have thick steel chains and rods to cut through. With an impressive length of between 30 and 48 inches and their attendant high leverage, the offer the user seamless and flawless performance and require just a little effort on the user’s part. They have the largest reach of the three bolt cutter sizes and are best for users intending to undertake heavy-duty cutting applications in the work site.

Ease of Use

Two of the most important considerations under usability are the weight and handling of the cutter. Cutting tough and abrasive heavy gauge wires, threaded rods, steel locks, padlocks, chains, and other objects is an onerous task that without the right tool would prove to be nerve-wreaking, time-consuming and energy-draining. To make the process easy and quick, pay attention to the range of convenience features the cutter you’re enamoured of packs. Ensure the handles are ergonomically designed to make the bolt comfortable and easy to use, especially on heavy-duty and demanding projects. An ergonomic design minimizes the likelihood of hand strain and exhaustion. Having a machine with non-slip handles also goes a long way in helping you finish your project much quicker and safely as it minimizes the likelihood of it slipping off and severing off your finger.

While still on the topic of ease of use, consider the weight of the cutter before committing your money. A unit with longer arms needs considerably less effort to cut through tough materials compared to one with shorter ones. Also compact options with a bulky build help with the cutting process by adding to the overall force you use to cut materials, helping you complete the process quickly and with less effort. Large options, on the other hand, rely on leverage to make cutting quick and effortless which means it beats the purpose to go for a heavy one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are bolt cutters able to cut through tough objects like padlocks and heavy gauge wires?

A: All employ the lever system whose centrepiece, the pivot, is capable of transforming as little as 50 pounds of pressure at the handles into a tremendous amount of force up to 16,000 pounds of force at the jaws. Essentially, it shortens the distance of the force while increasing the amount of force. This way, the user is able to effortlessly cut through tough and abrasive objects like steel padlocks and more.

Q: Besides cutting bolts, what other projects are these suitable for?

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A: They can transform as little as 50 pounds of pressure to more than 4000 pounds of force at the jaws. They are therefore ideal for cutting tough and hardened materials. Consequently, engineers, craftsmen, handymen and even DIYers use them to cut through bolts, fences, heavy gauge wires, threaded rods, and even steel padlocks. You can even use them to cut wire shelving rather than having the task done by a professional at an extra cost.


The objective of this buying guide has been to impart to you the requisite knowledge to help you make an informed choice when out there shopping for a bolt cutter. And in that endeavour, we believe we’ve exceeded our own expectations. After reading through the buying guide and our top ten picks, choosing a one should now be a walk in the park even for greenhorns. Also, it should come out clearly that a bolt cutter is a must-have for any serious craftsman.

They cut excellently, feature a rugged construction quality, and are incredibly easy to use. With some boasting more than 4000 pounds of force at the jaws, they meet every professional’s demands and help reduce the time and effort it takes to slice through the thickest and toughest materials. With proper maintenance, they should provide you with more than a lifetime of hassle-free and seamless cutting experience.