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10 Best Small Tool Boxes On the Market

Often, people shop for their tools but forget to buy for their storage. There is nothing beautiful than knowing your tools are well stored, and you can get them in best condition whenever you need them. Whether you are a contractor, technician, electrician, carpenter or you work in DIYs projects, investing in a small toolbox is the best step you can make.

The best small tool boxes are not only best to keep your tools secure, but they are also suitable for short trips from the site of your job. When your appliances are well organized and easy to reach, it promotes the level of convenience which in turn allows you to have quiet time while working. While there are so many ways you can store your tools, small tool boxes are designed for conveniently keeping your tools. They are made with handles or wheels that provide the user with an easy movement from place to place.

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10 Best Small Tool Boxes



Just like the name suggests, this is a deep toolbox which is capable of storing many tools due to the spacious units contained inside. It allows a different combination of different groups. For instance, all parts can be placed one on top of the other and be attached to side latches for safe stacking and easy carrying.

For easier access to the essential tool, this equipment has removable trays that give the user a simple time to reach to them even when working. You will also realize that it has heavy-duty hinges and latches that mainly designed for durability. Apart from these features, it contains the following exciting elements that you would like to consider.

Fixed dividers - for the arrangement of your tools, fixed dividers are used to help organize bits and drills in the right way and at the right positions for easier accessibility. These are very tiny parts that can easily get lost and quickly mix with other tools making it difficult to find them. To solve that, consider using fixed dividers in this equipment.

Heavy-duty hinges - different from most of the tool boxes, it is made of heavy-duty straps that increase the optimum of durability. Therefore, this item can serve you for long without wearing out.

With this equipment, you do not need to worry about breakage after a short time. The buckles are made of steel, and all ergonomic designs offer maximum convenience ensuring that high levels of safety are meat. You should include this tool in your to buy list.
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Product Features

Contains removable tray
Have fixed dividers
Durable side latches
Has an additional bi handle material
Heavy duty hinges

Who Is it for?

It is suitable for anyone who requires plenty of space to store home DIYs projects tools.

Provides more comfortable access to your tools



Allows for different compartments

Easy to organize


Drawers are a bit shallow

2. Keter 241008

2. Keter 241008
Here comes a product from one of the best-renowned manufacturers in the world. Keter Masterloader gives you solutions to all your storage problems. This equipment can be used to store small tools, hand tools, power tools since it provides storage for different types of devices for efficiency purposes. If you have a look at it, it is small, well designed, portable and it is just the best for traveling purposes.

The bottom compartment is meant to store heavier items while the top bins store the lighter ones. For easier access to the bottom part, you need to slide the top piece on the side, and the drawers slide to the wall bearings allowing easier access. Also, the security measures included in this equipment is of a high level for the sake of the content contained in the box. It has an automatic central locking system that plays a role in security satisfaction. Below are the most amazing features:

Sturdy construction - one of the most fantastic things about this equipment is that it is made of Polypropylene resin, sturdy construction that has indispensable industrial application. Therefore, it is chemical resistant, and it cannot fade quickly. This allows the user to carry it even in the most toxic environments and for a long time without fading.

Extendable handle and wheels - for any portable equipment, handles and wheels are essential features that should be included. For this item, it offers a comfortable way to carry it with just one hand to hold the handle and roll it easily. It makes moving much easier and convenient.

Apart from the above features, we would also recommend it for you due to its well organized inner compartments. It is a small box, but its inside is fantastic. It consists of a removable divider, an integrated organizer with removable size bins on the lid and other compartmentalized drawers for smaller tools. It makes the users have a more comfortable and faster way to reach for the devices when working.
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Product Features

Has an automatic locking device
Tool divider inside
Has dimensions of 14.88 in.
Extendable handle and wheels
Compartmentalized bins

Who is it for?

If you are a DIY and your job requires traveling a lot, this is the best equipment for your tool storage.

Comfortable to carry around

Well organized

Highly secured for your content

Can be easily cleaned

Sturdy construction


The compatibilized drawers are a bit shallow

3. Stanley 1-9-857

3. Stanley 1-9-857
Most users love it due to its size which is not too big to carry and not too small to hold some few tools. If you are a DIY, Stanley 1-94-857 has a fantastic range of essential storage options for your requirements. The good thing about it is that it contains removable shelf meaning that you can be able to carry different varieties of tools for easier transporting.
Surprisingly, it just weighs 1.07kg making it easier to carry around comfortably. Have you ever wondered how you could keep your garage, garden or your home looking great with less cost maintenance? This box has excellent value prices allowing the user to have a faster and more natural ability to access. If you are using tools on regular bases, keep in mind to add this box in your to buy list for a better organization, portability, and cost friendly.

Also, for security purposes, it contains a one inch padlock where you can lock your things up when traveling or when you are not around. Below are our best features in this tool.

Plastic hinges - plastics are generally tough, chemical and corrosion resistant. Impact resistance plastic provides the user with an added advantage. The tool has a high ability to resist heat and extreme temperatures thus providing good strength, corrosion resistance and also resist freezing and melting. This allows it to be used even in toxic environments without getting damaged.

A Carry handle - one of the best features for any small toolboxes is the ability to have a handle that can make it easier to carry. Moving tools around the workspace are never easy. You require a piece of equipment that you can be able to pack all your devices and transport them with no problems. A carry handle, therefore, makes it easier for the user to carry around.

Another impressive feature about this item is that it contains side handles. They are designed for the box to remain stacked together and also not wobble around when you need to arrange or put your tools inside. This makes it highly reliable for faster operation.
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Product Features

5mm diameter hole for padlock
Has a carry handle
Removable tray
Double clip closure
Ideal for storing all types of tools

Who is it for?

It is best recommendable for professional DIYs.


Easy to handle

Easy to clean

Can be used anywhere and anytime

The tray is removable


Cannot be used for a very long time

4. VonHaus Very Small Utility Box

4. VonHaus Very Small Utility Box
Not many boxes come with an outstanding element of well-organized drawers that provide enough space to arrange your tools comfortably. This equipment contains four pull out drawers with dividers adjustable that create between 3-13 compartments. Among the items in our list, this is one of the best small tool boxes that can provide enough space to store a wide range of tools.

What users must also know is that it is ideal for storing tools such as washers, hobby suppliers, nails, fishing tackles, crafts and other small parts of your favorite devices. Still, it has an amazingly small size and a weight of just 2.9lbs making it easier to travel with it. Some of the fascinating features include:

Integrated handles - anyone who has owned a toolbox knows the struggles of carrying it around especially when there is no handle. With many used impressed by the features in this equipment, the ability to have integrated handles gives a reason to purchase it for portability.

Locking clips - with all the pull out drawers and small compartments, it is evident that this tool needs a section of strong locking clips. These provide the perfect spot to transport and store small tools

In addition to these features, it also built to last for an extended period and yet lightweight thus making value for your money.
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Product Features

Locking clips
Weight of 2.9lbs
Made of durable plastic
Contains 13 compartments
Has 4 pull out drawers

Who is it for?

It is the best for anyone working on DIY projects that requires usage for small tools and parts.

Keeps your tools organized and easy to access

It provides a customized storage solution




Can be only used to store small tools and parts

5. Eclipse/Pro's Kit SB-2918

5. Eclipse/Pro's Kit SB-2918
If you are looking for a cheap small home box for tool storage, it can never be better than this one. It is one of the best things if you have just bought your first set of small tools in the house. It is essential for a beginner who only has the necessary capacity of devices.

It is not made with extraordinary features. However, it is more convenient for all your attachments in the plastic case. It contains enough space for your rotary tools and in the main box and also the inner part of the plastic case has enough compartments for your accessories. Most people like this equipment due to its absolute low price that covers for a quality product. Our best features are as follows:

Resistant Polypropylene - some tools are easily affected by chemicals, or they rust very fast if not well-taken care. This equipment is made of resistant polypropylene which means it is manufactured easily and also possesses high flexural strength, has a low coefficient of friction, free from corrosion and rust and cannot be easily affected by chemicals.

Rugged handle - just like many other options, the rugged handle makes it easier and comfortable to move from one place to the other offering a much convenient way to carry your related tools. It provides the best carrying experience.

Have you wondered why it has a plastic storage box inside? This is one of the best parts of this item. It quickly provides the user with the simplest way to arrange and keep small pieces inside without having the fear to get lost.
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Product Features

Rugged handle
Has portable lift-out plastic box
Contain high impact resistant polypropylene

who is it for?

It is an excellent option for starters who don't require a lot of storage space.

Efficient storage for small tools

Very cheap

Comfortable to carry

Free from chemical and rust

Easy to handle


Cannot fit many regular sized tools

6. Akro-Mils 09514CFT

6. Akro-Mils 09514CFT
One of the products that show people that you can own a piece of small equipment for professionalism and quality is this Akro-Mills storage box. Thanks to its broad range of storage that can be reliable to store most of the tools and also its removable interior tray for a better and flexible organization.

On to its construction, the equipment is built with durable plastic designed for lightweight boxes. Its design is compact and looks ideal for light tools but still can be filled to the brim with minimal problems. If you have a problem with some parts of your tools spilling all over your box, we would recommend you to go for this one. You might also be interested in the following features:

Extra-large tray - unlike many boxes, this box is made of a top tray that gives you maximum space to store all the small tools you might require. Some parts can be tough to find once mixed with others. This top tray ensures that you quickly find and arrange those minor small tools.

Enormous capacity - this is one of the most amazing things about this item. Even though it's small in size, it still manages to store many tools for the user. It is designed to save as many devices as you can comfortably.

In addition to these features, it can also be used in toxic environments since it is chemical resistant.
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Product Features

Chemical resistant
Steel latch with oversized padlock eye
Made in the USA
Strong plastic construction
Semi-clear storage

Who is it for?

Since it has an extra large top tray, it is suitable for people who own many small tools that cannot be found easily if stored with the rest. For example, needles.

Highly durable

The tool is easy to use

Can store and carry many tools

It is chemical resistant

It is comfortable to handle



The lid can easily break

7. VonHaus Set of 2X

7. VonHaus Set of 2X
Toolboxes come with different types of shapes and sizes, Vonhaus has yet another model that ultimately has a blend of various features and materials to deliver the best storage space for your small tools. It contains an unbelievably strong storage case with multiple storage sets that is stackable and useful to store nails, nuts, screws and general fixings.

Also, with a carry case design, it contains a super strong polycarbonate lid and a high impact plastic that withstands heavyweights. For that reason, its small size can still be able to hold a cumbersome tool comfortably. For people who love fashionable items, this is the best box model since its design is quit stylish and unique for carrying outside your home. However, our best features include:

Versatile design - this equipment is suitable to use at the garage, house, workshop or even at the workplace. Its cases are water resistance, and splash and also the impact plastic protects it from excess heat and rust and free from chemicals.

Interlock able and stackable - each of its 12 removable compartments has different sizes to accommodate different size of the tool. Its interlocking design allows the cases to be stacked and securely put together thus providing the user with higher storage capacity.

Apart from these features it also holds an ergonomic handle that makes portability extremely easy for the user.
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Product Features

Multiple storage sets
Reinforced locks
Has removable compartments
Contains high impact plastics

who is it for?

We would recommend it for DIYs professionals.

It is versatile

Can be easily carried

Very strong

Easy to handle in any environment

It provides enough space for small tools storage


A little pricey

8. Massca Hardware Box Storage

8. Massca Hardware Box Storage
Our number 8 item is Massca hardware box that comes with 18 compartments tool organizer. You do not need to look for different storage boxes for your screws, bolts and other items. This equipment gives you the best solution for all that. It has removable dividers which give the user an easy way to arrange and store different types of tools in a fantastic idea.

One of its unique features is that it provides you with a transparent lid that enables you to easier identification of the tools while they are still locked inside. Therefore, you can always find the right one within a short time while you are still concentrating on your job. It best for professional and personal use. Below are the best features:

High impact plastic - apart from having many compartments that can easily store your items. It also provides durability and resilience since it Is made for strength for home and travel use.

Locking latches - small tools can easily get lost if not well kept. Locking latches ensure that all the content in this equipment is well stored, safe and secure.

Everything in this tool is of class and quality. The design of the compartments gives all the reason to purchase it.
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Product Features

Contains 18 compartments
Has removable dividers
It has a transparent lid
Durable plastic
Contain locking latches

Who is it for?

Preferable for professional and personal use especially for people working in hardware's shops.

It is durable

Easy to access things


Can store many tools at once

Fantastic for storing small parts


Suitable for small pieces only

9. Goplus Portable Storage

9. Goplus Portable Storage
Who said you could not professionally store your tools in a little well-designed box? Its functionality and appearance is one that deserves to be among the best on this list. If you look at it, you might think that it is a piece of heavy equipment to carry due to its solid constructions. It is made with a thick stainless steel and superior pp. That is to ensure that it can serve the user for a long time, but at the same time, the manufacturer has made sure that it has a lightweight design for handy portability.

You might be wondering how much storage does this equipment has. Well, it is made of an ample storage space that features an interior organizer tray. On top of that, it also has a top storage box that is mainly used to store small tools for easier finding. The bottom compartment can still include large tools. Consider looking at the following best features

Design of great originality - besides its durability, it contains one of a unique design compared to the rest. It is dirt resistance with a diamond shape design that compiles its fashion and uniqueness. It also features rust-proof latches to ensure that you can have it for a long time without looking old and still convenient.

Extra protection - everyone would love to own an item that ensures that no matter where you leave it, your tools can still be well protected. This tool is surrounded by sturdy plastic which protects it from wear and tear. It cannot rust or dent like most of the boxes and the plastic material cant mar other surfaces.

As everyone would guess, owning a small box that is suitable for traveling and transporting tools requires extra protection for better satisfaction to the user. This equipment contains buckles and locks holes that are designed to lock the box entirely.
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Product Features

Stainless steel buckles for easier locking
Ample space
Detachable layer for different size tools
It has abrasion proof smooth round edge
Contain broad spectrum
Portable handle to carry
Durable construction materials

Who is it for?

We recommend this item for anyone. It has an affordable price, can be used to store small tools and large tools but remains easy to carry.

Easy to carry

Chemical resistance

Has enough space for storage

Can be used even in harsh environments

Ensures maximum protection of your tools

It is lightweight


Drawers can be a bit shallow

10. Cat Heavy-Duty Plastic Tool Box

10. Cat Heavy-Duty Plastic Tool Box
Right from the site of this box, you will notice the quality and the combination of excellent features that are contained to serve your purposes. The box has very thick structural walls that give excellent durability. Apart from that, this model doesn't come with one size. The manufacturer delivers different size of models depending on your taste. However, the overall design for small size boxes deserves special attention due to the tiny details designs.

The organizer lid has plastic boxes with a transparent lid to deliver convenient and best storage. Apart from that, it is accompanied with removable tote inside which is an excellent feature which can hold a lot of different types of tools and just below it, a handful of storage compartments offers the right amount of space for more devices. Some of its significant features include:

Handy recesses - to balance portability and capacity, this equipment does not only have a sturdy handle, but it also contains convenient intervals on the edges for the user to hold the box from all the sides.

Reinforced walls - having the ability to have strengthened walls increases its levels of durability. That means that the tools cannot be easily destroyed no matter the circumstances. It, therefore, makes it the best to use in any environments.

It also contains a padlock and two metal latches that provides top security for your tools.
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Product Features

Reinforced walls
Assembled in the USA
Two metal latches with a padlock
Has a removable tote tray

Who is it for?

We highly recommend it for anyone who wants to make a good value of his/her money.

Its storage capacity is big enough

It comes with different sizes

Can hold a variety of tools

Easy to move around

Has a sturdy handle

The devices are well secured


Cannot carry cumbersome tools

The price is a little higher

Selection Criteria

If you want to purchase the best model that will not leave you disappointed, there are several things you need to take into consideration before purchasing one. Therefore, We will provide you with some of the best factors you can consider before buying and also our ten best models to help you make the right choice.

Here are some of the factors to consider:

  • Storage – this is one of the primary consideration. It is advisable to make a detailed list of the tools you need to store. For instance, small tool boxes are convenient for people who have occasional home DIYs. However, if you are a professional mechanic, you might need a large one. Therefore, toolbox storage specifications should always give you a rough idea of tool storage capacity.
  • Portability – it is always embarrassing to buy a box that is too big to carry around for just small pieces of tools. The larger the box the more cumbersome it can be. Small tool boxes should be portable to make it easier to move around. They should also have handles for easy carrying. Always remember to check at the weight of the box before purchasing.
  • Features an organizer design – there is variance when it comes to tool boxes and large tool boxes because of features and design matters. For small ones, consider buying boxes with trays and totes. That is because they are less complicated. It is the best feature because it can allow the user to store parts, components and hardware bits in removable tote tray.

Ultimately, there are different types of materials used to make this equipment:

Metal – the most popular metal materials are steel and Aluminum. With the right care, metal boxes can last for a long time compared with the rest. Their durability and ruggedness make them be outstanding.

Plastic – this is a modern option. It is durable and gives an added advantage over metal in terms of portability. In many cases, they weigh much lighter even when filled with many tools. However, in terms of durability, they are considered less durable. Plastic boxes are also easy to manufacture, and they are versatile. Therefore, they are less expensive and best for small boxes.

Wood – this kind of material is considered old and outdated. However, these days hardwoods are the most commonly used material and are usually easy to manufacture and are customized for workshop tool storage.


How do you clean your tool box?

Sometimes working with a dirty too lbox is the most embarrassing thing that can happen especially when you are outside your house.  Therefore, for more natural general cleaning of your tool box, remove all your tools outside the box, use clean water to clean the outside and then soak a cloth in a paint thinner to clean the inside.

Paying attention to the screwdrivers and wrenches clean all the oil and dirt off your tools. For better protection, you can consider using cardboard at the bottom of your box to soak up excess fat. You can then arrange the weapons back from the least used to your favorites or most used.

How do you refurbish back your old tool box?


Sometimes, cleaning only is not just enough. You might own an old one that is your favorite, and you want to restore it to look new. Depending on the type of equipment you have, first, make sure that you can put it back together to the way it was. If it contains drawers, consider carefully removing them and first examine how they fit together if they are removable.

Next, remove all the latches from the box and to do this, you can use a drill. The third step, consider cleaning and painting. For this part, pull out the old art and rust with sandpaper.

Once you remove it all, spray paint for metal use and then cover all the locations you need to be protected from the pain and use primer painting and then choose your color to paint the drawers and the outer cover. Finally, consider finishing the drawers. For instance, you can use rubber drawer liner to stop them from moving around and drilling the old knobs out to replace with new ones.


When it comes to choosing the best small tool boxes, all your attention is neede . As you go through this buying guide and a list of our best items. Consider knowing the notable differences that may affect your project or your purpose. However, note that every component of a small toolbox matters a lot to offer the best results.