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1. Wall Stencil Marrakech Trellis - Lg
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10 of the Best Wall Stencils for Rooms, Kitchens, and Living Rooms

If you are looking to transform your plain looking kitchen, sitting room or bathroom wall, then a wall stencil can help you achieve just that. Wall stencils are the new wallpapers but they are classier and less costly. Stencils can aid you in expressing numerous moods. They can be bold, cute or alluring. You also have the choice of applying them yourself to cut the cost and tailor the design however you wish.

Furthermore, the fact that their aesthetic appeal is off the charts is also welcomed, and this is one thing to note, since it’s eye-catching enough to bring out compliments, which we’re sure you’ll appreciate.

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Nonetheless, deciding to use a stencil is one part of the task. Selecting the right one for your needs is another. There are a myriad of options to select from and it may be a bit confusing if you do not know what you are looking for. In this article, we will be taking a look at 10 of our favorite wall stencils for rooms, kitchens, and living rooms. We shall also be taking a look at the areas they stand out and what makes them so unique. And in turn, this should help make your choice much easier.

10 Best Wall Stencils


1. Wall Stencil Marrakech Trellis - Lg

1. Wall Stencil Marrakech Trellis - Lg
While carrying out a DIY stenciling project is fun, it requires a lot of time and patience. If you have these qualities, then you are in for a thrilling experience with a pleasing outcome. This Marrakech Trellis pattern stencil is an excellent choice for giving a simple yet beautiful new look to any room. Using the stencil is easy but with the how-to videos available online for this particular product, beginners can get better understanding and a few tips on the best practices when using the stencil. At least, that's what we recommend if you're want trying get the perfect result.

Moving on, this stencil is made from a 12 mil plastic material which is thick but still very flexible. And compared to compared to most of the regular stencils on the market, equipped with the 8 mil, this particular choice is more durable and will not break easily.

That said, for an easy application of the pattern to some tight and difficult areas like the gaps near the ceiling line, corners, and switches, there is a single stencil and a top part which is added to the main stencil at no additional cost. The main stencil has a sheet size of 24" x 40" while the actual design measures 21" x 36". Hence, this reduces the stress when you need to use the stencil on a wall or floor.
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Comes with a small single stencil
Easy to clean stencil
12 mil flexible plastic material
Excellent for fabrics, furniture, floors, and walls
Instructional videos available
Very durable


Based on the reviews and analysis of various stencils available on the market, this one is quite expensive. Though, price might be not be an issue for you to handle.


This reusable stencil has a lot to offer when it comes to the durability of the 12 mil plastic material. Additionally, it is easy to clean and is also a large piece which results in faster and smoother application. The inclusion of the extra stencil parts likewise makes it easy to work on ceilings and corners. Though, all of this comes at high price.
  • More durable than Mylar or the 8 mil industry standard
  • Aesthetic appeal is welcoming
  • It is very easy to clean
  • It is versatile. It can be used for walls, furniture and fabrics
  • It can be re-used. This saves cost on the long run
  • It needs an adhesive to prevent it from moving about and bleeding

2. J BOUTIQUE STENCILS Moroccan Trellis Pattern

2. J BOUTIQUE STENCILS Moroccan Trellis Pattern
These stencils come in a large dimension which make them easy to use when covering wide areas. The actual image which it produces measures 19 inches by 14 inches in dimension and it also comes with a filler stencil which is useful for reaching the top areas. More on that, the filler stencil has a small, portable dimension which offers ease of use when reaching tight parts.

It features straightforward application, which means it's suitable or should we say, perfect for beginners (though, there is obviously some effort involved) and simple for professionals to apply.

The stencil can make designs on furniture, floors, walls, and fabrics. Though, applying stencils on fabrics will require a fabric or acrylic paint (after mixing it with a textile medium) if you want an excellent result.

It uses a 10 mil plastic material which is durable and recyclable. It sticks well to wall surfaces using a painter's tape or tacking spray depending on your choice. Point made, to make sure the stencil lasts longer than average and also to ensure that there is no paint overlap when making patterns on new positions, the stencil should be rinsed and wiped clean after use. Regarding that, water does not damage the stencil material and stains clean off easily.
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Simple to use for beginners
Durable plastic material
Non-toxic, safe stencil
It is recyclable
10 mil plastic
Free Extra filler stencil
Suitable for fabric and furniture stencilling


It sells at an average price considering the various types of stencils on the list. Alternatively, we can say the manufacturer of this product is popular for offering excellent quality at budget-friendly prices and we're pleased this particular one wasn't excluded from such pro.


Made from a recyclable, non-toxic material, this stencil is easy to dispose of and finds use as a raw material for other products once it is no longer usable. It is great for accenting walls and also for giving your furniture and fabrics some additional design improvements, as well as walls in your bedroom, kitchen, and living room.
  • The material is safe and durable
  • It can easily be used by newbies
  • Washing stains off the stencil is easy and stress-free
  • The design is eye-candy
  • Works well for fabric materials like pillows, curtains, etc.
  • It takes time to complete

3. Innovative Stencils 1130

3. Innovative Stencils 1130
This decal sticker is quite large and covers a wide area of 100 inches wide by 44 inches high. It comes with a decal adhesive which is excellent for sticking to smooth walls and also sticks well to walls with light texture. Although the adhesive sticks firmly, peeling of the decal anytime is easy with a little patience and care. Additionally, the decal adhesives do not cause any damage to the walls and there is no residue left over after removal.

It comes in different colours, amongst which are patterns like a white, black, and brown tree imprinted on background of varying colours. This, we think, should help spice up the mood a bit. The tree can also run from the right to the left or vice versa and therefore this really depends on your preference.

Those points made, the decal is quite versatile and can be placed on mirrors, walls, tents, desks, doors, and more. The decal material is also very durable and lasts extremely long when set-up indoors. Oppositely in outdoor conditions, the decal can last up to 6 years before it will need replacement.

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Measures 100 inches in width by 44 inches in height
Instructions for easy installation
Matte Black colour finish
Birds can be placed in any position
Decals are 3 mils thick
An estimated life of 6 years in outdoor conditions
Decal adhesive does not damage walls
Can be fixed by one person


This decal is quite expensive considering it is not a reusable product. On the plus side, it is very durable with a 6-year lifespan in outdoor conditions and even more if applied indoors.


Decal stickers are a good way to improve the design of the home without having to use paints. They also come with excellent designs like this tree design and matte black finish. Lastly, if there is a need to make adjustments to a room with this sticker, it is easy to remove without any need for repainting.
  • Different colour options
  • High-quality decal adhesive
  • Each color option is aesthetically pleasing
  • Very close to the wall with a 3 mil thickness
  • It is quite durable and lasts up to 6 years outdoors
  • May need to be cut into sections if one person is to set it up effectively


This stencil pattern gives one of the most aesthetically satisfying design if used with the right colour combination. It is simple to use with dimensions of 20.8" x 15.7" and thus, it cannot be limited to only living rooms and bathroom only. The stencil is also great for office (whether at home or otherwise) walls to give a modern professional look.

Continuing, since the pattern is done with paint, it lasts a long time and in addition to that, the sheet also comes with an additional top ceiling filler. This is useful in creating sleek patterns on surfaces close to ceilings or might we even put simply, as edges.

There is no need to worry about peeling, which is common with decal stickers. We mean, the manufacturer prepared against such errors by making the stencil quality top-notch. It is also reusable as long as it is cleaned with water to wipe off any paint residue. So, if you're planning on moving after a while, this is an ideal choice.

The stencil is made of high-quality 10 mil plastics which unlike others, are more durable and also flexible.
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10 mil plastic material
DIY wallpaper alternative
The material can be recycled
No toxic discharge
Main design size of 19.1" x 10.8"
Cleaning is easy
Top ceiling filler


J boutique stencils come in various designs and sizes at attractive prices. Likewise that strategy, this particular one is also sold at an affordable price even when you consider others both on this list and outside of it.


Show off your creative skills and your sense of colours with these which give a great facelift to homes, offices, furniture, and cushions. Also recyclable and non-toxic material, the stencil is environmentally friendly and acceptable according to most industry standards.
  • Design language is not an issue
  • Safe for use in a nursery since it is non-toxic
  • More durable than Mylar stencils
  • Great choice for beginner DIY projects
  • No need for technical know-how to use the stencil
  • Can get stressful with repetition

5. Lightsforever Large Wall Damask

5. Lightsforever Large Wall Damask
To extract the stencil, you simply need to peel off the backing sheet (for protection) and the decor item is ready. It is rolled up and will need to be put under a surface to flatten it for best use, so that's an heads-up if you're considering this product.

Moving on, the stencil uses a polyethene plastic material which is non-toxic for use in different areas of the home and outdoor designs.

Additionally, the product has a protective coating which reduces the amount of stain the stencil retains after each use. Thus, durability is likewise ensured. Nonetheless, on that note, the material is easy to clean with water and can be used for as many times as necessary. It is also recyclable so there is no need to worry about any proper disposal method to utilize, in regards to the stencil.

It has a measurement of 13 inches in width by 16 inches in height and it is also made from a 10 mil material, which is the industry standard. Still, we would have loved to see it in 12 mil but this one gives satisfactory results as well.
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Recyclable material
Polyethene Plastic material with protective coating
Non-toxic stencil
Can be used more than once
Stencil application video available
Protective backing sheet when shipping
10 mil synthetic stencil board
Cleans with ease
13 inches width x 16 inches height


It costs well below average and therefore won't break the bank. Thus, it's suitable for literally any individual if we're going by budget alone.


You have a stencil at a great price which doesn't sacrifice build quality and looks. So, there's really no complaint on our part except for the fact that applying it takes some effort.
  • Easy to wash with water and reuse in different areas
  • The material is non-toxic and easy to recycle
  • The stencil is the exact size listed by the manufacturer
  • It can be re-used. This means you don't have to dispose of just after one use.
  • Need to flatten it after delivery

6. Stencil Revolution Mandala Template

6. Stencil Revolution Mandala Template
The mandala stencil template is laser cut on a 10 mil Mylar material to give it an excellent finish. The actual graphics pattern has a 0.75 border surrounding it on the 6x6 inches sheet and it is available in different diameters. That point made, the stencil, in terms of design language, is definitely beautiful and should catch attention easily (yours as well, for a long time).

Moving on, the sheet is also available in different sizes depending on the size of the wall to be designed or if it is to be used for smaller surfaces like a cushion.

To ensure the templates last a long time, they are washable with little damaging effect from most of the popular cleaning solvents so, you're free to use any in that regard. You use water to rinse off any paint residue while cleaning tougher paints is possible using paint thinner to wipe the stains.

Nonetheless, do take time to read find online videos if this a first for your. Also, despite it being resistant to most other cleaning solvent, do hold back on being harsh on it, regardless of how deep the stain is.
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The graphic has a 0.75 border around it
10 mil Mylar stencil
Laser cut stencil pattern
Cleans with ease
Comes in larger stencil sheet sizes
Various graphic diameter options


This is one of the most budget-friendly stencils available and yet it still results in a unique style, anywhere it is used. Although it may not be as durable as a 10 mil plastic, the 10 mil Mylar material is still going to last a long period.


Unlike most stencils which require repeatedly painting the pattern over the entire height or width of the wall, this stencil is better suited to making one large centre design. This also works well in painting patios.
  • Different sizes of the template make it easy to pick the best option for the surface in consideration
  • The mandala graphic also comes in various diameters
  • It is not damaged by most cleaning solvents
  • It can easily be cleaned
  • It is made from Mylar which is not as durable as plastic

7. Royal Design Studio Ribbon Lattice

7. Royal Design Studio Ribbon Lattice
This stencil has a lattice and trellis design which is suitable for use in any space in the house like a bedroom or a nursery. More on that, it is an allover stencil pattern which is easy to use for DIY projects.

A foam roller or a stencil brush is required in applying the stencil patterns on the wall or any other surface and the final choice will depend on the colours being used to bring out the pattern. When applying paint to the stencil, a little quantity of paint should be applied to the cutout pattern at a time. This is to prevent bleeding which can cause the pattern to come out messy.

The stencil is made of Mylar plastic which is a flexible material. This flexibility is important when painting the pattern onto wall corners or top parts of the wall. We mean, you should simply bend and use an adhesive or tape on the stencil then apply the paint.

The material is also easy to wash with water, and washing should be when the stencil has gathered too much paint from previous use which will affect the next use of the stencil.

Note: To get the complete pattern, the stencil needs to be overlaid with the previous pattern painted.
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Contemporary and modern outlook
Reusable stencil
Trellis and lattice design
Simple to use
Made from Mylar


Although it is another option which comes at a high price, it is still a more economical option than a wallpaper. It is also reusable which gives it double advantage.


With the option of mixing colours to match the background décor, this reusable stencil is a great addition for anyone who loves DIY projects. There is also little technical knowledge requirement and anyone can use the stencils in beautifying furniture and walls.
  • The Mylar plastic is flexible, washable and reusable
  • Design language is satisfactory
  • Works seamlessly with acrylic paints and water emulsion paints
  • Paints can get under the stencil if too much is applied

8. GSS Designs Pack of 4

8. GSS Designs Pack of 4
These are the best choice when you plan on carrying out a DIY home décor project with ease. It comes in a pack of four 6x6 inches templates. Nevertheless, the most attractive feature of this pack is that each piece has a unique design which makes it great for giving the home a refreshing look without it being monotonous.

Each template is made from a translucent PET material which is durable. In addition to being long-lasting, stains on the template wash off with ease by simply using a wet cloth to wipe it. In regards to that, dipping the stencil template in water is an easier method of cleaning and does not cause any damage to the material too.

Another great benefit of this product is that there are different designs available asides these four.
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Made with translucent PET material
It is washable
A pack of four pieces
Durable material
It is reusable
Excellent for home décor, painting, and craft
Each piece measures 6x6 inches


This pack of stencils is averagely priced for a 4-piece stencil pack. Now, although the size of each sheet is not large, it is still able to effectively bring out the pattern on any surface.


There are lots of stencils available on the market but only a few of the best come with multiple designs in one pack. This makes it a good way to blend different prints on one surface to get a unique design.
  • It is a reusable stencil
  • It comes in very durable material
  • It is great for home craft, décor and painting
  • Four different designs give it more versatility
  • Washable, eco-friendly material
  • The size of the templates is too small for some applications

9. Cutting Edge Stencils Jewel Tile

9. Cutting Edge Stencils Jewel Tile
This option comes in four sizes to meet any user requirement. The small size is excellent for use with pillows and other small surfaces and the large size is great when you need to cover a wider surface area like walls and floors in a relatively short time. If you’re feeling conservative with your time, the extra-large size option is also available for purchase.

Additionally, provided that you want to showcase your artistic talents when applying the stencil pattern, using stencil brushes gives the opportunity to utilize a mix of colours in bringing out the pattern. On the other hand, for a faster, less stressful, and time-saving means of application, a foam roller easily brings out the stencil pattern but limits the design to a single colour of your choice.

It is made of a 12 mil plastic material which is flexible, durable, and sturdy at the same time. Easy to wash and can be reused when needed, there is also lots of instructional how-to videos online, which is a great help for most DIY projects.
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Plastic material
How-to videos
Easy to use DIY stencil
12 mil
Classic cement tile pattern inspired
Flexible and sturdy
Small, medium, and large and extra-large size options
Works with a stencil brush or a foam roller


The option is quite affordable coming at a relatively low price which is excellent for most buyers on a budget.


At the price of this stencil, there are a lot of great features which it offers. With the option of size, sturdiness, the excellent design, as well as versatility in use, this is a perfect option for any homeowner looking for a cheap means to improve the appearance of the home.
  • The 12 mil is stronger than the 10 mil standard of the industry
  • Cleaning the stencil is easy
  • It comes with a free stencil for the grout lines
  • It can also be used on furniture, fabrics, and pillows without issues
  • The smaller size can be tedious when using on walls


Having bare walls in the home can make it seem boring but can also be a good way to try out your creativity. When you want to avoid calling a professional artist or using a wallpaper, a stencil is perfect and we recommend this particular J BOUTIQUE piece.

The Madalyn allover from J Boutique is made from a 10 mil plastic material which unlike Mylar, is not easy to tear and is a lot more durable. It can also be recycled and is simple to clean after use. In turn, if you're planning on moving, this is a good option to consider.

The stencil registration makes it easy to repeat the design over and over in a matching sequence, and if you are unsure of the amount of paint to make a perfect impression of the pattern on the wall, you can use a cardboard to test the right amount to apply.

Furniture, floors, fabrics, cushion, and walls are the major surfaces which this stencil can be used to design.
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10 mil plastic material
It is recyclable
Easy to clean
More durable than stencils with Mylar material
Can be used over and over
No toxic substance in the stencil
Measures 16" by 22.7"
Cheaper and more efficient than wallpaper


This stencil is one of the few which cost a bit of money to purchase. Still, there are a lot of excellent features which are factored in like the durability, pattern, and size.


There are lots of design outputs which a good stencil offers as long as you have a creative mind—unlike decals which are limited to the colour and design from the manufacturer.

Additionally, J Boutique stencils also give users the opportunity to request for customized stencil size and patterns for an excellent fit for any home decor.
  • A lot of different outcomes by setting the stencils differently
  • It can be used with paint combined with a textile medium to stencil fabrics
  • It can be cleaned easily
  • It can be used numerous times
  • It is very cost efficient
  • Does not work well on surfaces which are not smooth

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Stencil

The following are some of the things we put into consideration before we selected our best stencils. So, we advise, that you should consider then before you choose your next stencil. Also, yes; the following can be used in selecting stencils to be applied in the different rooms (living room, bedroom, and kitchen).

They include:


Determine if you want the wallpaper look or if you want a feature wall that suits the style and size of your room.

Massive stencil designs show the boundaries of the rooms and aid in bringing the wall closer. Although this is ideal for open plan rooms, smaller places may seem crowded.

On that note, if you want your room to have a larger feel, make use of stencils that have delicate tones and lines to create a look of more distance and space.


This is another thing to consider. You have to decide the kind of colours you want. The direction you are heading also has an impact on the color you choose. If you have a large room and you want it to feel more intimate and smaller, strong colours would do fine. If this is not the case, you can choose a lighter tone.


For rooms with low ceilings, small borders are more appropriate. So, it’s essentially best to make use of borders that match the room proportion. Similar to that, simple stenciled borders were utilized in rooms that are simply decorated. Hence, be careful if you plan to do otherwise as they tend to stand out of place.

Stencil Pattern

713q3T3Pa1L. SL1000

Choose patterns that blend with the décor and character of the room. There are various patterns to choose from that would give the room a unique feel.

Moving on, try not to use stencils if they are in competition with décor, fireplaces, or architectural features as this will deduct from the room as opposed to adding to it.

You can utilize a simple stencil pattern for your wall if the wall space you are trying to feature is split by door spaces or windows.


This is something that should never be missed. The amount you have budgeted for a stencil should also be a crucial factor. So, be careful of your budget during any selection process that you go through.

How to Stencil Your Wall

Before starting a stenciling project, it is crucial to ensure that the surface of the wall is properly prepared. It’s also ideal to apply stencils on walls that are very smooth. If the wall is rough, the stencil will not bring crisp and clean designs. So, ensure you carry out repairs in order to get an exceptional result.

Stencil paints will stick faster to flat paint as opposed to a semi-gloss paint. In areas that have lots of traffic like bathrooms and kitchens, a semi-gloss paint can be used. If you have issues with your stencil paint adhering to your base coat, sand the area you will be stenciling mildly.

Point made, before you start stenciling, ensure you have the following supplied:

  • Stencil adhesive or masking tape
  • Ruler
  • Marking pencil
  • Stencil paint
  • Stencil brushes
  • Paper towels
  • Palette, saucer or plate
  • Level

Doomed brushes and flat-tipped stencil brushes are the most common. Flat-tipped brushes come alongside bristles of the same length. Doomed brushes come with bristles that are a bit tapered close to the end.

If you are new to stencil applications, any of them would work perfectly. For individuals that are more experienced, you will observe that doomed brushes can be utilized in producing a bigger effect of shade variety, which in turn adds more appeal and depth to your stenciled designs.

To ensure symmetry, it’s best to begin from the centre of the wall. Utilize your spray adhesive before you begin mapping out the stencil. This is to allow for easy repositioning. Once you have chosen your starting area, put up the stencil on the wall and ensure it is aligned properly with the aid of your level.

Now, you would want to use the registration marks to mark the stencil on the wall. And to make it easier and to ensure you don’t need to erase marks when you are through, you can place small pieces of tape underneath and pencil on that instead.

Once you are done mapping out the stencil on your wall, you can now begin stenciling. Place majority of the paint on a paper towel which is folded. Use your stencil brush and in a jabbing motion, begin filling your stencil with paint.

Every time you take off the stencil, place the sticky part up to get rid of paint that may have gone underneath. Also, use this chance in cleaning the wall with the help of a paper towel or q-tip. And to paint corners, you can tilt the stencil to one direction and do so.

Additional Information

Before you actually begin stenciling on your wall, practice on a large board before. This will ensure you do not make errors on the walls itself.

Stenciling takes time to make sure it is something you can see to the end. It requires lots of work and patience.

If your walls are not completely even, the level would most likely be inaccurate. Try locating an area of the stencil where the level works properly and draw your registration marks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are stencils?

Simply put, stencils are like wallpapers, though cheaper in a lot of ways. They are also methods in which you can customize your home, to give it different looks, depending on your preference. Like so, the ones above should accommodate most of your preference, even when you include different moods.

How do I apply stencils to my walls?

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You should visit our “How to Stencil Your Wall” section if you want to know more about the methods you can utilize. Additionally, we also include tips to ease stress on your part whilst creating gorgeous results.

What’s the difference between stencils and wallpapers?

One major difference between stencils and wallpapers is the price. Wallpapers are expensive, as compared to stencils.

Also, stencils are extremely easy to take off and reapply as, to your needs. This is opposed wallpapers which are not that easy to reuse (process as a whole).