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Best Solar Garden LightsBuying Guide
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Best Solar Garden Lights
Harness the power of the sun to illuminate your outdoor space with a solar light Outfitting your yard or garden with solar lights is a brilliant way to keep things exciting and attractive without adding to your energy bill. Relying on the sun’s light for power, solar lights are sustainable and a gre...
we tested the best oil filled heatersBuying Guide
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Best Oil Filled Heaters Tested & Rated
Surviving the frigid cold temperatures of the winter necessitates investing a high-performance heating solution. One that's both pocket-friendly and relatively cheap to run. And one that's portable, so you can take it from one corner of the living room to the other or from room to room. The only heat...
we tested the best halogen bulbsBuying Guide
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Best Halogen Bulbs Reviewed & Rated
If you frequently drive at night and are concerned about your safety, it's high time you invested in a high-quality halogen bulb. The market is awash with a wide range of them. And our list features the best the market has to offer. They work flawlessly, giving you a perfect down-road view, further c...
we tested the best gas leak detectorsBuying Guide
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10 Best Gas Leak Detectors Reviewed & Rated
The U.S.A consumes a mindboggling 27 quadrillion cubic feet of gas annually, and though it seems like an immense value at first, it makes sense considering all we do with gas. We use natural gas to produce power, heat our home and heat water seeing as natural gas water heaters are some of the best in...
we reviewed the best front door locksBuying Guide
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Best Front Door Locks Reviews & Editorial Ratings
The vast majority of homeowners have a preference for the deadbolt and for good reason. Besides the simplicity of design and the attendant ease of use, deadbolts add an extra layer of protection. They give you the peace of mind and confidence to keep some of your treasured belongings at home. For the...
we tested the best motion detectorsBuying Guide
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Best Motion Sensors Reviewed & Rated
Motion sensors are the mainstay of any home security or automation system. These simple devices are integrated into an alarm or  home automation system and alert the user of any motion. They can sense intruders but also can be helpful in monitoring movement within your home and saving energy. &n...
best dog kennels ratedBuying Guide
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Best Dog Kennels Reviews & Editorial Ratings
Crates are great to safely transport your pet during and to cuddle her/him up while indoors. Moreover, crate training happens to be an ideal way to condition desirable behaviors into animals. Though it is controversial as most people think it is unfair to the animals, crates satisfy the dog’s i...
we rated the best welding glassesBuying Guide
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Best Welding Glasses Reviewed & Tested
A pair of heavy-duty and high-performance welding glasses are an indispensable extension of any welder’s safety arsenal. Left to their own devices, IR and UV light, and extremely bright arc light can do a lot of irreparable damage to the eyes. Other dangers include fast flying debris and partic...
we tested the best anemometersBuying Guide
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10 Best Anemometers Reviews & Ratings
When we think of anemometers, we envision a gadget that only scientists and professionals would use, and not something for the common man. However, the reality is that the common man has as much to gain from owning an anemometer as much as the professional as they can help with activities outdoors an...
best gagrage door openers on the marketBuying Guide
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Best Garage Door Openers Reviewed & Rated by Editors
If you have a garage, you might have realized that having a quality garage door opener increases the expediency of getting into and out of the house. An estimated 71% of Americans use their garage doors as the key entry point into homes, and thus the value of a quality garage door cannot be overstate...
we reviewed the best mini refridgeratorsBuying Guide
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Best Mini Refrigerators Reviewed & Rated
You really don’t need a concrete reason to get yourself a mini fridge. Students settling in their new dorm room, the office employees with long hours, the man cave captain trying to decorate their place, and the food enthusiast with a week’s worth of ingredients for their favorite meals, ...
best video doorbell testedBuying Guide
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Best Video Doorbells Reviewed & Rated
According to FBI statistics, there are over 1.5 million burglaries annually, and 70% of these are residential, and most of the thieves gain entry through the windows and the doors. Furthermore, there is a new crop of thieves who are targeting Amazon deliveries. In this era of Amazon Prime, over one m...
we tested the best smoke detectorsBuying Guide
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10 Best Smoke Detectors Reviewed & Rated
According to the USFA, that it the United States Fire Administration, 60% of all residential fire deaths are in homesteads without working fire alarms. Moreover, half of 30% to 50% of these are in properties without working smoke alarms. Therefore, we can deduce that a functional and well-maintained ...
we tested the best smart outletsBuying Guide
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10 Best Smart Outlets Reviews & Buying Guide
If you want to get in on the home automation train but you are intimidated by smart cameras and other advanced gadgets, then you can start small by installing smart home outlets. These are the first step towards a smarter home, and they are a cost-effective way to improve your house. You can make oth...
we tested the best earmuffsBuying Guide
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Best Earmuffs Reviews & Comparison
Constant exposure to loud, high-pitched noises on the construction site can lead to an irreversible hearing loss in both years. That’s on top of the psychological and physiological toll it takes on your health. And the workers in the construction industry bear the brunt of this trauma seeing as...
we tested the best safety harnessesBuying Guide
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Best Safety Harnesses Reviewed & Compared
A safety harness happens to be the most crucial gear in the fall-protection but one of the most under-considered. We presume that one harness will work just as good as the next without taking into account the broad range of features on each item. The features exist to help you select the appropriate ...
we tested the best safety glassesBuying Guide
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10 Best Safety Glasses Reviewed & Rated in 2024
Safety glasses are an essential tool whether you are a mechanic, a carpenter, or a DIY enthusiast. However, they are not the first item that comes to mind when you think of protective gear. We liken them to vegetables which we all know are healthy, but we are busy scarfing dangerous amounts of Nachos...
we rated the best fire pitsBuying Guide
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Best Fire Pits Reviewed & Rated by Our Team
When the nights become longer and you desire to spend less time indoors and more time watching the stars, nothing gets better than sitting by a fire pit with your family and friends. The cackle of coals and the odor of wood smoke is the ideal centerpiece for a hangout in the evening. Our Top 3 Picks...
we reviewed the best portable solar chargersBuying Guide
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Best Solar Battery Chargers Reviews & Ratings
Venturing outdoors is a great way of rejuvenating yourself in a world that’s increasingly becoming more hectic. You just want to plug off and enjoy the great outdoors. While it takes you off the grid, you’ll still need to bring with you a few electronic devices such as a GPS-enable smartp...
we reviewed the best welding glovesBuying Guide
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Best Welding Gloves Reviews & Price Comparison
As professional welders would attest, protection is of the essence whenever you're welding. Besides your eyes, the other critical body parts that need formidable protection are the fingers and hands. Irrespective of the type of welding you intend to embark on, you're bound to get seriously hurt if yo...
we tested the best dust masksBuying Guide
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Best Dust Masks Reviewed & Rated in 2024
Individuals living in, or planning to travel to destinations where air pollution is extensive, and don't want to expose their respiratory system, to harmful dust particles, allergens, airborne diseases, pollens, or grass chippings have the inexpensive option of wearing a dust mask. The preference for...
we tested the best motion sensor lightsBuying Guide
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10 Best Motion Sensor Lights Reviewed & Rated in 2024
Homes protect everything we value from the valuables we worked so hard to obtain to our family members. But truth be told there are some uncanny individuals out there who might want to take these things away from us. They are usually often after our valuables but sometimes when things get complicated...
best safety vests reviewed 2018Buying Guide
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Best Safety Vests Reviews & Ratings
Also known as reflective vests, safety vests enhance the reflectivity and visibility of personnel and allow easy detection by the public. Those working in construction, traffic control, security, or the fire department need to be easily identified to show who is in charge yet be safe. Even cycli...
furnace humidifiers 2018Buying Guide
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Best Furnace Humidifiers Reviews & Price Comparison
During cold months, especially in winter, homeowners turn on their furnaces to increase the temperature in their homes. However, furnaces have an unintended consequence of drying out the air in the house. Without a humidifier, the internal humidity levels can drop below the 30-50% recommend...
we rated the best portable fansBuying Guide
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Best Portable Fans Reviews & Ratings
Summer inevitably brings with it unbearably high temperatures, easily soaring past levels humans find conducive. At times like these, the vast majority of homeowners often resort to installing a central air conditioning system to quickly and effectively remedy the situation. While the systems are ren...
we took a closer look at the best laser levelsBuying Guide
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10 Best Laser Levels Reviews & Price Comparison
Not many people know the importance of aligning particular horizontal or vertical elements of a construction project correctly. Many people buy ready-made houses and buildings and find that the shelves, artwork, fences, and many more installations are in seamless synchronization. They have never seen...
smart light bulbs reviewedBuying Guide
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10 of the Best Smart Light Bulbs Reviewed & Rated
Not so long ago, the clapper was the most high-tech way to turn lights on in your home. Well, not anymore as we have more advanced options that have us clapping for different reasons. Smart light bulbs are currently flooding homes thanks in part to their eco-friendly and budget-friendly aspects. Neve...
we reviewed the best patio heatersBuying Guide
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Best Patio Heaters Reviews & Prices
If you love outdoor living, you may get dismayed every fall when the temperature drops, and you can no longer enjoy long hours comfortably sitting on your deck or patio. A good patio heater can extend your time by offering the heat and light you need, and our guide to the best patio heaters will dire...
best hygrometers comparedBuying Guide
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Best Hygrometers Reviews & Comparison 2024
For people with breathing-related complications, expensive treasures like fine wines, cigars, and musical instruments, maintaining optimal temperature and humidity levels is not optional. Left to their own devices, these variables can easily cause irreparable damages to the said items and considerabl...
we compared the best cell phone signal boostersBuying Guide
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Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters Reviewed & Compared
We’re all familiar with the frustration that follows the sullen realization that you can’t make an important call to your colleagues, loved ones or the law enforcement authorities because you don’t have network coverage. Poor cell phone signal reception adversely limits one’s ...
we rated the best LED light stripsBuying Guide
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Best LED Light Strips Reviews & Ratings
LED strip lights are an affordable, and durable alternative to conventional lighting methods. They are a necessity for any homeowner or party planner growing tired of the dull, plain white colour of traditional bulbs. Unlike conventional incandescent bulbs, the LED light strips have numerous uses. Yo...
we reviewed the best privacy window filmsBuying Guide
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Best Privacy Window Film - 2024 Buying Guide
  Privacy window film is a budget-friendly, DIY option for any home or office. Unlike curtains or blinds, a window film is a peel-and-stick product that comes in multiple styles and can fit any budget. Multi-layered, thin, and typically made of polyester, privacy window film is a material ...
we compared and rated the best touch lampsBuying Guide
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Best Touch Lamps Reviews & Price Comparison
Touch lamps are transforming the way people enjoy indoor lighting systems. With the lamps becoming popular due to their stress-free operation, many features are improving as more manufactures show their prowess in production. Therefore, your choice will depend on your requirements and your budget. A ...
we took a look at the best flat screen tvsBuying Guide
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The Best Flat Screen TVs Reviews & Price Comparison
If there is a better time to buy a new best flat screen TV, then it’s 2018. As time goes by, more brands are introduced to the market with better and impressive features than before. Other than great looks, excellent flat screen TVs will have impeachable overall performance, and this is what mo...
we took a look at the best hunidifiers for 2018Buying Guide
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Best Home Humidifiers Reviews & Ratings in 2024
At different periods while you are trying to relax on your home or just watch a movie on your television, you may have suddenly realized that you have dry eyes, an itching scalp, and you are just too thirsty. This is an effect of the humidity level in your home. Some of the major impacts of the le...
we reviewed the best welding helmetsBuying Guide
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Best Welding Helmets Reviews & Price Comparison in 2024
Welding helmets are essential protective gear used in welding workshops to protect the face, neck, and head from welding UV and infrared rays as well as heat and flash burns. The rays form a welding torch can cause significant damage to various parts of the body including skin and retina of the eyes,...
we tested the best construction calculatorsBuying Guide
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Best Construction Calculators Reviews & Comparison
A typical day for engineers, contractors, builders, architects and even carpenters involves crunching long strings of complex numbers. Depending on the method you use, the process can either be quick, accurate or hassle-free or time-consuming, tasking and indeed be tiring. The number-heavy characteri...
we reviewed the best multimetersBuying Guide
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Best Multimeters Reviews & Ratings in 2024
Technological advancements in the recent decades did not escape the multimeter industry and has completely transformed the machines from analog tools reserved for repairing and maintaining radios and telegraphs. Today, the vast majority of multimeters are incredibly advanced. With their assistance, g...
best portable air conditioners reviewedBuying Guide
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Best Portable Air Conditioners Reviews & Guide
The hallmark of any portable air conditioner is quietness, functionality, practicality, dependability, ease of use, value for money, and of course portability. While they are versatile units that are easy to install, their performance is nonetheless determined by several factors. For your unit to wor...
we tested the best electric heaters on the marketBuying Guide
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Best Electric Heaters Reviews & Ratings
The cold season is occasioned by very drastic plummeting of temperature levels and unless you take necessary precautions to warm up your living room, bathroom or bedroom, you and your loved ones risk spending a better part of the season shivering in the cold. The best precaution you can take during t...
wireless home security systemsBuying Guide
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Best Wireless Home Security Systems Reviews & Ratings
The invention of The Internet of Things has significantly led to the elimination of the barriers and hindrances associated with setting up a smart home. Today, by just using your smartphone, you can control several aspects of your home from miles away, such as remotely locking your doors, controlling...
we tested the best LED light bulbs on the marketBuying Guide
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Best LED Light Bulbs Reviewed and Tested
You may be torn between keeping the traditional incandescent light bulb you’re already familiar with or sticking your neck out and buying the most current LED light bulbs. Or just looking to upgrade your aging LED bulbs. LED light bulbs have multiple advantages and benefits over their incandesc...
best ear protectors testedBuying Guide
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Best Ear Protectors Reviewed and Tested
Noise pollution is the leading cause of hearing problems in all countries throughout the world. People working in noisy environments face the greatest risk of losing their hearing abilities as they are constantly exposed to loud and deafening noises. People in the construction industry and those who ...
we tested the best safety masksBuying Guide
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Best Safety Masks Reviewed and Rated
When you work with chemicals, or tools that create substantial amounts of debris you are putting both external and internal parts of your body at risk. One of the most sensitive areas of our bodies are our eyes - and the lungs interact with the outside world more so than any other internal organ. If ...
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