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1. Stanley 16-791 750 Series
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Best Chisel Sets Reviews & Ratings

Having the best performing chisel set is the first crucial step towards achieving a higher output, either as an enthusiastic hobbyist or professional woodworker. A toolbox in a woodworking workshop would not be complete without a set of practical and functional wood chisels, especially considering their indispensability when it comes to carving different materials such as wood, stones, and even metals. Pair it with a mallet, and you have the unlimited ability to cut through an even broader range of materials.

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There are three different types of chisels – bench, mortise, and pairing – the most popular of which is the wood chisel and for a good reason. It’s long-lasting, compatible with different types of mallets and is cost-effective. To help you choose the right one, we’ve put together a list of the most popular, top-selling and professionally constructed wood chisels suitable for a wide array of woodcarving situations.

10 Best Chisel Sets


1. Stanley 16-791 750 Series

1. Stanley 16-791 750 Series
You don’t even have to take a thorough look at the Stanley 16-791 Sweetheart 750 Series to understand why it features at the top of the list of the best wood chisels. The wood chisels are an epitome of exceptional engineering and superior construction quality. The top-notch design clearly demonstrates that the Stanley brand is indeed an industry giant and deciding to go with their products is a choice you'll never regret. The brand has been using its more than 170 years of experience, skills and expertise in the production of very functional and high-performing tools specifically targeted at the home improvement and renovation niche. Even with some significant price reduction due to increasing competition from other equally well-established brands, the Stanley products have hardly faltered in quality. The Sset is indeed a set of high-quality wood chisels designed by professionals to be used by other professionals.

The Stanley 16-791 features the Classic 750 series design, which makes the set one of the best Stanley wood chisels ever to hit the market. No other product reviewed on this list boasts of the level of durability as this set of wood chisels. They are made using high-quality products to ensure they provide you with exceptionally reliable service for more than a lifetime, providing you use them correctly and do not subject them to excessive abuse.
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The chisels have a hornbeam handle to make them comfortable to hold for as long as it takes without experiencing fatigue of straining your hands and fingers. The design notably allows for the efficient transfer of energy from the handle of the product to the tip when you strike it with a mallet. For the purposes of increasing striking accuracy, the end of the handle has an ample butt, so you don't miss your strike. The handle of the Stanley 16-791 Sweetheart 750 Series is as durable and sturdy as it is aesthetically-appealing to look at and use.

All the four sets of the Stanley 16-791 use the socket construction rather than the tang chisel construction in an attempt at reducing the likelihood of splitting, which in turn ensures the set lasts a lot longer than its tang counterparts. The tips of the products are constructed entirely from high carbon chrome steel with tapered bevel sides to serve two primary goals: guarantee durability and to ensure ease of use. For one, high carbon chrome steel sharpens a lot quickly compared to other materials and is, therefore, the preference of a majority of beginners and experienced woodworkers. For another, the construction material allows theseries to retain its chiselling edge for much longer meaning you'll be spending less time doing the same and instead focusing on giving your pieces of wood a professional look you want.

Compared to a majority of traditional edges, the series comes with considerably thinner bevels on its sides, so the woodworkers have a relatively easy time manoeuvring tight spots and accessing hard-to-reach places. The thinness also allows you to pair two or more chisels together for higher productivity. The fact that you can use the wood chisels for striking and pairing jobs makes it a truly flexible tool and one that worth investing in if you're just starting out and want to save on costs over the long haul. The formidable wood chisel set has pieces in sizes of 1/4-inch, 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch, and lastly 1-inch and they all come in a durable and robust leather pouch for greater portability.

In conclusion, the Stanley 16-791750 Series is a high performing and versatile set of wood chisels made from the industrial-grade high carbon chrome steel for a more extended shelf-life and to ensure it retains its razor sharp edge for much longer with all types of woods. The product has a hornbeam handle with a full wooden butt end to ensure compatibility with mallets in cases where you need abrupt precision with tapping skills. The narrowing of the side bevels makes them suitable for working tight corners and are handy for avoiding accidental marring when doing precision cuts. The series is similarly versatile, doubling up both for pairing and striking which is made possible by the hornbeam handle that allows for the efficient transfer of energy with every strike of a mallet. With the products wide end butt, accuracy is never a problem.
  • Attractive design
  • Features sturdy construction quality for longer shelf-life
  • Has very narrow bevel edges that significantly increase precision
  • Hornbeam handle design with broad butt end
  • Comes with a comprehensive collection of wood chisels
  • Lacks out-of-the-box sharpness
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2. Narex Premium with Hornbeam Handles

2. Narex Premium with Hornbeam Handles
The Narex Premium 8 PC set is a perfect selection for those willing to dig a little deeper into their pockets to get their chisel collection off to a better start. The set costs more than the previous product and for a good reason. The products offered by Narex are synonymous with high-quality and durable construction, a fact that consistently earns them rave reviews and a loyal customer base. The products the Narex brand outputs are known to be exceedingly superior in all the aspects that serious woodworkers would never compromise. Having started out as a small company in the Czech Republic, Narex's products are now in high demand all over the world. Now let's delve a little deeper into the features and specs of the set that makes it so sought after.

If think you have met a durable product, wait until you meet the Narex set. For one, the product offers you a level of durability that will be difficult with other products. All the blades in the set are constructed from fine-grained, tempered chrome-manganese steel. Right there is an industry-grade material known for its ultra-strength and lightweight characteristics. With a weight of just 1.6 pounds, the set is one of the lightest in the industry and will allow you to work for a prolonged period of time without experiencing fatigue. Similarly, owing to its compactness, you'll have a smooth and comfortable time working tight spots. The Narex guys went a step further with the Narex Premium 8 PC Chisels Set, investing significant resources in ensuring the steel is hardened to Rockwell Hardness 59. The result is a set that’s not only razor sharp but also offering you longer edge retention irrespective of the abrasiveness of the wood you intend to chisel.
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And if accuracy is your biggest concern may be because your projects require excellent motor skills, the set has you covered. The set provides you with an accuracy of 25-degrees on the bevel, making it the preference of a majority of wood smiths all over the world. As was the case with the Stanley 750 Series, this set of wood chisel comes with hornbeam handles to make sure all the pieces are sufficiently robust and that the balancing is appropriately done all through the tool. Unlike the Stanley 750 Series, however, the handles are stained to make them even more aesthetically-appealing, giving them this sophisticated yet rugged look. The manufacturers opted for the less preferred tang construction rather than the more durable socket construction used for the Stanley 16-791 Sweetheart 750 Series.

To ensure the design does not affect the set’s durability, the Narex brand goes a step further by professionally seating and fixing the blades into the handles using brass ferrules. The result is eight pieces of high-quality chisels capable of bearing most woodworking projects without necessarily splitting.

You have a comprehensive collection of chisels to meet all your chiselling needs, whether you are just starting out or is an established and expert woodworker. Irrespective of their sizes, each of the pieces features the convenient and easy-to-use ergonomic design. Whether you intend to chop wood with a single hand or pair up two chisels, you'll have an easy time with grasping. The sufficient bevelling of the edges together with the flattening of the back of the chrome manganese blade makes the Narex set an excellent choice for dovetailing.

If you’re looking for excellence both in construction and performance, look no further than the Narex Premium 8 PC Chisels Set. The set has a comprehensive collection of eight versatile and robust pieces to meet every one of your chiselling needs, eliminating the need to spend an extra buck for another set and because the set is very rugged and ultra-strong, you won't be needing a replacement for the next several years. If you have the money, we highly recommend going for this set.
  • Bears the Narex brand name, known for high-quality products
  • Versatile assortment of eight essential wood chisels for every situation
  • Spectacular construction quality
  • Proper balancing of hornbeam handles


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3. VonHaus 8 Piece Craftsman

3. VonHaus 8 Piece Craftsman
The VonHaus 8-Piece Wood Chisel Set is an all-around chisel set that's a perfect choice for performing a wide array of woodworking tasks both around the house and on the work site. The fact that all the eight pieces are constructed from the ultra-strong and long-lasting chrome vanadium steel alloys and that the blades are precision ground means allows you to comfortably take on the most demanding and complex woodworking projects knowing sufficiently well that you have all the tools you need for a successful completion. Like most top-model chisel sets in the market today, the VonHaus set also comes with side bevels that are considerably smaller than their traditional counterparts. The design aims at giving you a better experience when sharpening and flattening the chisel as it increases precision while cutting the time taken by a substantial fraction. An added advantage to the set having thinner and smaller bevels greater controllability and manoeuvrability, making it possible for you to complete those delicate decorative carvings that require exercising excellent motor skills.

The VonHaus brand understands you will most likely be using the Vset for prolonged amounts of time, which makes it all the more important that the set offers you convenience and an unprecedented ease of use. To guide against the user straining their hands and fingers while working, the set comes with ergonomically designed handles. As a result, you will experience tremendous efficiency with very minimal movements of the hands, meaning that over time, rather than suffering from fatigue and blistering of the hands and fingers, you'll still have the energy and motivating to continue chiselling different pieces of wood. The ergonomic design significantly increases traction so that the pieces don't fall off from your hand, in addition to give you greater controllability. In the end, you're in a better position of ensuring your piece of wood has the perfect, flawless and smooth cut you've always wanted.
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Users with a keen eye for flexibility or versatility will immediately fall in love with the VonHaus 8 Piece Craftsman Woodworking Wood Chisel Set. The chisel set in unique and different from its competitors in one dominant sense: it comes with a broad range of chisels of various types and lengths to cater for different situations and woodcarving needs. While the chances of the set losing its cutting edge are quite minimal considering that it's made from the sturdy, long-lasting chrome vanadium steel alloys, it will still lose its sharpness after prolonged use. In such an event, the manufacturers thoughtfully included an aluminium oxide sharpening stone for quick re-sharpening anytime, anywhere.

Also included in the kit is a useful and time-saving honing guide for your convenience. The comprehensive collection of different chisel pieces and their sturdy construction using chrome vanadium steel makes the set an ideal set to use both for lightweight, medium-weight and heavy-duty woodworking projects at home and on the busiest work environments. The gladly takes all the abuse and the hard and challenging projects, cutting them down like a hot knife would do to a piece of cake – effortlessly.

The set features hard-plastic handles that are only compatible with wooden mallets or in the worst case scenario, a two by four metal hammer. Hitting the handles with anything more abrasive or hard like metal hammer weaken their structural integrity within a very short period. And as is the case with a vast majority of hand tools, it requires frequent and thorough maintenance, so it maintains an optimal operating condition. To this end, make a point of cleaning them regularly, preferable after use and only store them in a weatherproof container to guide against rusting.

The versatility, durability, and high construction quality of the VonHaus 8 Piece Cset makes it ideal for a plethora of woodcarving projects both in the house and in the workshop. It’s an indispensable part of any serious woodworker’s toolbox. All the pieces are high-quality, heat-treated, precision-ground, and constructed primarily from chrome vanadium steel alloy blades. Couple the narrow side bevels with their ergonomic design and have a tool that even the toughest pieces of wood won’t resist. Plus, the set comes in a blow-molded plastic storage case for greater portability.
  • Sufficient pieces for all occasions
  • Blades made from the durable and rugged vanadium steel alloy
  • Ergonomically designed handles for comfort
  • Provided with honing guide and sharpening stones
  • Has a storage case
  • Prone to rust and corrosion if not stored properly
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5. IRWIN Tools

5. IRWIN Tools
The Irwin Tools Marples Woodworking Chisel Set is targeted explicitly at woodworkers who want a hassle-free chiselling experience, just effortless and straightforward chiselling of different pieces of wood at a fraction of the time it takes other chisel sets. The pieces in the set are noticeably longer than the standard ones, so there is an efficient transfer of energy from the sturdy handles to the tip, meaning your projects will be done in a few hours or minutes and you'll be using way less energy in the process.

The professional and high-quality construction of the set’s handles is yet another feature likely to resonate with woodworkers like carpenters looking to use the chisels for extended periods. All the handles are constructed from the long-lasting and robust polypropylene which have exceptional traction to prevent a situation where the chisels slip off the hands when one is in the middle of a delicate project. The handles are similarly ergonomically designed so that you hold them comfortably for as long as your projects will last without experiencing any fatigue on the fingers or growing blisters from extended use. However, prolonged use of the set, depending on the conditions under which you’re working, is most likely make the handles feel a little slick which is honestly a minor drawback that doesn’t even come close to hindering the off-the-charts performance of this chisel set.
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Another evidence of the incredible construction quality comes in the form of edge retention. But that is to be expected considering that the blades are made primarily out of polypropylene so that even when they are subjected to the most intense and abusive chiselling experiences, their sharpness and performance never take a beating. You’ll also be pleased to learn that the set sports a sturdy and durable mallet capable of withstanding constant and forceful hitting by wooden hammers. Using steel or metal hammers will most likely lead to breakage within a short time.

To ensure you have all the leverage you need when woodworking, the chisels have different lengths, ranging from a long 11-inches to a short 9.5 inches. Such difference makes the set a versatile set to use on different projects, from those requiring more precision to those that need the application of more force to chip away more abrasive pieces of wood. Plus, with such long chisels, you are better placed to access hidden or tight sports meaning you get a level of control, manoeuvrability and flexibility that's hugely lacking in most chisels on the market today. Subsequently, different professionals like carpenters, joiners, constructors, woodwork professionals, plumbers, installers, electricians, and even homeowners can easily use it on a variety of projects.

Nothing screams professional quality construction like full lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer to cater for defects resulting from the manufacturer's use of low-quality or weak materials and craftsmanship. The warranty allows you to work comfortably and with a peace of mind knowing fully well that all defects resulting from natural use will be taken care of at no additional expense to you. Provided you are careful enough not to keep the set in damp places to guard against rusting while making sure you clean now and then and always after use, the set should provide you with years of reliable and exceptional service. However, to be able to move with all the pieces conveniently and safely around the worksite or from one site to another, you’ll have to invest in a durable carrying case as the set doesn’t come with one.

The IRWIN Toolsset is a perfect choice for those looking for a bargain but not willing to settle for anything less than high-performance, dependability, and durability. The package has four chisels with measurements of 1/4-inch, 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch, and 1-inch, all of which come handy in several woodworking situations. The long design of the blades plus the fact that they're made from high carbon steel allows you to use wooden mallets or even your hands if you can without worrying about them breaking. Pair the use of high carbon steel and the solid forging of blades, and you end up with chisels boasting of maximum edge retention, stellar performance, and increased durability and sturdiness. The use of polypropylene makes the handles comfortable and ensure a firm grip. The set gives you unparalleled precision meaning it’s an ideal set for intricate woodworking projects.
  • Highly reputed trade brand
  • Exceptional build quality
  • Versatile for all-purpose woodworking
  • Wide strike cap to withstand impact
  • Superior edge retention

Comes without case

6. Narex 4 PC Set 863010

6. Narex 4 PC Set 863010
Individuals ardently opposed to foreign made products will be quick to point out that the Narex 4 PC Set are made in the Czech Republic and construe that to mean a serious dip in construction quality and performance. However, scratching the surface a little bit quickly debunks such baseless myths, especially considering the excellent versatility and professional construction of this chisel set. Having been bevel-ground to 25-degrees, the Narex set is among a handful of chisel sets that offers you the precision needed in trimming angled corners and is, therefore, a perfect choice for dovetailing. The four pieces have sizes ranging from 1/4-inch, 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch to 1-inch. So flexible is the chisel set that you can similarly use it to reduce sidewall friction when dealing with tight recesses effectively. We've only started and yet thes et has features and specs that totally overshadow those of its pricier counterparts. With this set, you get to make significant savings and still get to enjoy the same premium features that have for long been the preserve of top-model chisels.

Neither does the set compromise when it comes to construction quality. The chisel set strikes the sweet spot between spectacular performance and impressive built. To ensure that the set lasts for the next several years without giving even the slightest indication of wear and tear, the chisel set features ferrules and steel hopes, meaning that whether you use your hands or a mallet to hit the handles, the chisels will maintain its rugged and long-lasting qualities.
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One of the highest selling points is its beautiful design. The units come in an oval shape to ensure the user enjoys maximum controllability and manoeuvrability and to stop it from rolling when placed on inclined surfaces. The handles, on the other hand, come in the industry-standard hornbeam shape and each is handcrafted from European Beechwood. The precise balancing of the handles aims at increasing the chisel set's ease of use and comfort, making it possible for different professionals to keep using the chisels for the several hours on end without the risk of developing blisters, straining their hands or being fatigued.

One of the significant highlights is the proper bevelling of the edges of the blade, as is the case with a vast majority of top performing bench chisels. The result is a blade that's considerably narrow on both sides, making it an excellent choice for trimming different pieces of wood. The fact that you'll be handling some dense and hardened pieces of wood should not bother you especially in light of the high-quality construction of the blades. The blades are constructed entirely out of fine-grained tempered chrome-manganese steel and which is further hardened, tempered and then heat-treated to reach Rockwell value of Rc59.

In spite of the well-seating of the chisel set’s tag, it nonetheless features the less preferable tang construction rather than the more durable socket construction. To counter the drawback of the tang construction, the set has two ferrules on the handles to prevent breaking or splitting. The addition makes the blades sufficiently sturdy and heavy-duty to stand high mallet impact without breaking. The high-quality construction of the blades using chrome-manganese steel means it needs very little maintenance, so it maintains an optimal chiselling condition. Nevertheless, it will eventually lose its sharpness in which case you'll have to hone it preferably at a 25-degree angle. Make a point of keeping the re-sharpening frequency to a bare minimum, just once every month after subjecting the chisel set to heavy-duty

The Narex 4 PC Set is a true mark of craftsmanship, targeted explicitly at expert woodworkers who know their way around chisels. The chisel set is ideal for a wide range of woodworking tasks and is designed to increase precision. The use of the premium quality and beautiful Beechwood makes it easy to grasp the chisels with a single hand or combine it with a second one. The blades, made from chrome manganese, have flat and nicely done backs. Couple this with the sufficient bevelling of the edges of the blades and you end up with a product ear-marked for exceptional dovetailing. Theset has a strong and long-lasting cutting edge, plus it's affordable. The product gives you your money's worth.
  • An aesthetically-appealing set of wood chisels
  • Detail oriented wood chisel pieces
  • Superior construction quality
  • Comes with long-lasting bevel edged blades
  • Professionally balanced ultra-strong hornbeam handles for incredible longevity
  • A little expensive
  • Doesn’t come with a case
  • Tang construction of chisels

7. Stanley 16-401

7. Stanley 16-401
The Stanley 16-401 Bailey Chisel Set is yet another entry from the highly reputed and customer-trusted brand of Stanley, proving beyond any reasonable doubt if you also take into account its skyrocketing sales records, that the Stanley manufactures some of the top-quality chisels in the market today. If you are in search of a high-performing, practical and functional chisel set for completing a multitude of woodworking projects both around the house and on the worksite, the Stanley 16-401 Bailey Chisel Set is the right set for you. It’s a heavy-duty set capable of smoothly and efficiently handling light-duty to heavy-duty woodworking tasks, whether it’s the hardest and most challenging or one that requires a lot of precision work.

The fact that the set comes with a comprehensive collection of five chisel pieces means it's an all-purpose chisel set and will cater to all your woodworking needs. The chisel comes with an out-of-the-box micro-precision grind, so the blades are excellently sharp and ready to be used the next minute literally. You don't have to do any last-minute fine-tuning to get prepared for chiselling, as is the case with other chisel sets out there. The implication is that the set is one of the easiest to use chisel sets you can find, making it a perfect choice for those who prefer a hassle-free operation like novices.
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With the sturdy and professional construction of the blades, the likelihood of re-sharpening the blades every two weeks because of dulling after heavy use is quite remote. Even after using the chisels for hours on end every day, you'll only have to use a honing guide just once a month since the blades have an exceptional right-out-of-the-box sharpness and excellent edge retention capabilities as they are made from commercial-grade carbon chrome steel. With this in mind, feel free to use the set to chisel your toughest pieces of wood without a single worry in the world.

The Stanley brand currently relishes in enviably solid reputation among a majority of woodworkers the world over. Their products are synonymous with high-quality construction, durability, and functionality. No matter the woodworking project, they will eventually get the job done, and with a professional quality finish.

One of the most glaring evidence of the high-quality construction comes in the form of the lacquered coating of the chisels' blades. Consequently, you're getting a chisel set that's effectively resistant to rust and other corrosive substances characteristically found in a majority of woodworking stations. Even if you accidentally leave the chisels in damp and wet conditions, there are very remote chances of them rusting or corroding, so they're always in optimal chiselling condition, all year around. The lacquered coating also doubles up as a protective agent by making the Stanley 16-401 Bailey Chisel Set increasingly durable and sturdy, so it provides you with years of reliable and enjoyable chiselling experience.

The set is no slouch either when it comes to the issue of comfort and ease of use. All the five pieces feature handles made from the ultra-strong yet lightweight hardwood to ensure excellent impact resistance and therefore greater compatibility with a majority of mallets on the market, especially the wooden types. Even if you were to use steel or metal mallets occasionally, the handles of the chisel set have The ergonomic design of the handles go a long way in increasing comfort by considerably delaying the onset of hand fatigue and preventing the hands from contracting blisters or straining while working.

As already mentioned, the pieces come in different sizes with the smallest being the 1/4-inch, then the 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch, 1-inch, and lastly 1-1/4-inches. The manufacturers thoughtfully provide you with a sturdy and handy leather pouch for carrying the pieces in and to protect them from adverse weather conditions and from the possibility of losing or misplacing them. The pouch also increases portability from one place to another will not be a problem.

The Stanley 16-401 Bailey Chisel Set is an excellent choice for people looking for a lightweight and compact set of chisels for all-around woodworking projects. The pieces are not only durable and functional but also high quality with the tips having been constructed from the rugged carbon chrome steel while the handles are made from beech wood to guarantee firm grip and comfort when woodworking. All the five pieces have the sharpest edges and can retain their edge for much longer than standard chisel sets. If you truly desire perfect and nothing more than to reach your full potential as a serious woodworker, look no further than this option.
  • Top-notch build quality of chisels for longer durability
  • Robust blades suitable for light-duty to heavy-duty woodcarving projects
  • Offers user exceptionally strong grip with its Beechwood handles
  • Comprehensive collection of five wood chisels
  • Difficulty flattening back
  • Not ideal for very heavy-duty woodcarving projects

8. PSI Woodworking LCHSS8

8. PSI Woodworking LCHSS8
The PSI Woodworking LCHSS8 set is among a handful of chisel sets featuring high-quality and heavy-duty construction and therefore specifically meant for those woodworking experts with a keen eye for precision and quality. The chisel set comes with eight chiselling pieces that are essential for all woodworking projects and woodworking workshops. As is the case with a majority of top-performing and professionally constructed chisel sets, the set has quite a premium price tag, which is nonetheless reasonable and justified. Get yourself just one set, and for the next several decades of intense and heavy use, the thought of getting yet another chisel set will never cross your mind. The chisel set is a worthy investment and will prove to be very economical for the long haul.

The eight essential pieces of chisels included are the parting tool with a length of 3/16-inch, two skew chisels each measuring 1-inch and 5/8-inch, one round nose scraper and another spear scraper each 5/8-inches long, bowl gouge that's 1/2-inches long, a useful roughing gouge that is 7/8-inches in length and lastly a 3/4-inch spindle gouge. Such a vast and comprehensive collection of chisels makes the set by far the most flexible and versatile chisel set to use on wide range of home and commercial woodcarving tasks. And given their strength and durability that makes them perfect for lightweight to heavy-duty woodworking projects, you'll no longer have to discriminate on projects on the basis of their complexity or the toughness or softness of the wood.
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What makes the set even more economical, and an attractive alternative to the price-conscious woodworkers out there is the fact that it gives you all the eight essential and must-have wood chisels, allowing you to start creating stunning and beautiful pieces immediately. The measuring of all the chisel pieces is done at 5-1/4-inches, and they are all constructed from the ultra-strong and long-lasting M2 High-Speed Steel.

Just so you understand what you get, understand that M2 High-Speed Steel is approximately six times stronger than high carbon steel commonly used by other leading brands. It, therefore, goes without saying that assuming you use the set on the same pieces of wood other woodworkers use, expect your chisel set to last six times longer than theirs. It’s safe to say the chisel set will easily outlast you and your kids will gladly inherit it to continue with your good work.

All the wood chisels in the kit sport a sufficiently long 10-3/4-inch handle made from yet another long-lasting material: hardwood. The use of hardwood is a wise decision as it significantly increases traction for a firmer and more secure grip, giving the user additional control and manoeuvrability vital for performing more delicate and demanding woodcarving projects like dovetailing. Plus, the handles are ergonomically designed to encourage extended use while minimizing or entirely eliminating, the undesirable consequences like fatigue, straining of the fingers, and, in the worst case scenario, blisters.

Moving around the workshop with eight razor-sharp wood chisels can be a cumbersome and inconveniencing endeavour. For one, there is the possibility of slipping on a wet surface and falling with them, and for another, you run a higher risk of misplacing them. To prevent these possibilities, the set comes with a wooden display box in which the pieces are neatly arranged to keep them safe and secure whenever you’re not using them.

The PSI Woodworking LCHSS8 set is a great choice for woodworkers who turn small pens, spindles, and bowls and even for more demanding woodcarving projects. All the eight wood chisels in the set feature an all-M2 High-Speed Steel construction while the long-lasting hardwood is utilized in the construction of the handles. The chisel set will definitely outlast all other wood chisel sets on this list if properly taken of and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. You won’t regret getting this chisel set, ever.
  • Ideal for intricate woodworking projects like bowls, spindles, and pens
  • Has all the essential accessories for successful cutting
  • Incredible outward aesthetics
  • Exceptional build quality


9. Stanley 16-150

9. Stanley 16-150
The Stanley 16-150 150 Series Set is a budget pick and is targeted at woodworkers working on a budget but need most of the premium features found in top-model chisel sets. The set is also perfect for enthusiastic hobbyists just getting started out and need to learn their way around chisels before moving on to the sets reserved for expert woodworkers. The set comes with three basic chisels but which are nonetheless indispensable in any woodworking setting. The three sizes contained in the set are 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch, and 1-inch and all of them come with full-size shock absorbing handles so you can achieve some level of precision when working intricate corners and tight sports.

One of the major highlights is the quality of its handles. Like most chisel handles on this list, they are made from the durable and strong polypropylene, a variant of the more flexible thermoplastic polymer, meaning they are capable of resisting deforming when you use them on the toughest pieces of wood lying around the workstation. Plus, the blades come with an out-of-the-box sharpness and have long-lasting precision guard cutting edges. Nevertheless, you'll still have to re-grind them every once a while. Unlike the premium chisel sets on this list, you won't be needing any special honing guide to keep the blade sharp; a simple sharpening stone is enough to do the trick.
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With proper use, you won’t be looking around to replace these three sets even if you intend to use steel or metal mallets on the handles. Plus, all the sets has a lifetime warranty to cater for any defects and malfunctions that result from the manufacturer's use of low-quality materials or poor construction. You, therefore, get a product you can use comfortably without the slightest worry in the world.

And just to guarantee that the chisels don't break or bend when chiselling, the Stanley Tools used carbon steel rather than the chrome vanadium or fine-grained chrome manganese steel alloy, or chrome carbon steel used by most brands to make the blades. Couple this with the tempered and lacquer coating of the blade to keep rust and corrosion away and their additional uniform hardening and you have a chisel set you'll be using for the next several years. Even after continually re-grinding them to a nub, the blades will still maintain their rugged and heavy-duty construction and will continue chiselling away pieces of wood like hot knife cuts through rubber. Another impressive feature of the Stanley 16-150 150 Series Short Blade 3-Piece Wood Chisel Set is the fact that it features a bolster blade washer for the even distribution of load thereby giving you better control for even greater manoeuvrability.

For a trio of basic chisels offered at a pocket friendly price, you’ll be hard-pressed trying to find a better deal out there. Even with their steel construction, the set is specifically meant for woodworking, so an attempt at cutting more abrasive items like rocks with them will quickly lead to wear and tear. The chisel set is perfect for light-duty woodcarving tasks and should, therefore, be restricted to home use. All the three pieces have handles made from black polypropylene for the effective resistance to deformation. To make the Stanley 16-150 even more durable and dependable, the steel blades are heat tempered and lacquered coated to increase resistance to rust and corrosion. For its price, this chisel set is the best you can get for your money. Quite a steal.
  • Micro-precision grinding of blades for out-of-the-box razor sharpness
  • Exceptional edge retention
  • Use of industrial-grade carbon-chrome steel ensure durability
  • Lacquering of blade guarantees protection from rust and corrosion
  • High-quality black polypropylene handles increase comfortability and impact resistance
  • Comes with just three wood chisels

10. DeWalt DWHT16063

10. DeWalt DWHT16063
The list of best chisel sets would not be complete without mentioning the DeWalt brand, known for its furious and unyielding commitment to the production of high-quality and very high-performing tools. There is nothing particularly attractive about the DeWalt DWHT16063, going by first impressions. All you get is set of four solidly-constructed chisels. One of the conspicuously missing items is a honing guide. So, unless you purchase one separate, either from the local shop or order one online, you’re going to have a difficult time maintaining the razor-sharpness of the four pieces. Theirs is however a modest carrying case that allows you to move conveniently from one place to another with all the four razor-sharp pieces. The DeWalt DWHT16063 Short Blade Wood Chisels are still a preferable alternative for individuals looking to replace their aged chisels or increase their collection of hand tools. With that being said, let’s take a closer look at the features and specs of the DeWalt DWHT16063 Short Blade Wood Chisels.

Like most chisel sets in its price range, the DeWalt DWHT16063 set has blades made from tempered chrome carbon steel and arrives with an out-of-the-box sharpness. Couple this with the impressive edge retention of the construction material and you have a chisel set you’ll be using comfortable and hassle-free for at least a month before the need to re-sharpen arises. Another highlight is the fact that all the four chisels have a lacquer coating to prevent the possibility of them rusting or being corroded by other agents usually found in most workshops.
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The chisels have handles constructed from a blend of two ultra-strong and long-lasting materials so you can work on your woodcarving projects comfortably and with a peace of mind knowing the handles are protected. The sturdy construction of the handles also makes them effortlessly withstand the powerful impacts of different types of mallets, irrespective of whether they’re made from steel, metal or the more user-friendly wood mallet.

The tempering of the handles also significantly helps with the efficient transfer of all the energy from the mallet to the tip of the pieces. The hardening of strike cap gives the chisel set additional protection, ensuring it lasts more than a lifetime. As you would expect, the sizes of the chisels range from 1/4-inch, 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch, to the highest 1-inch. With the chisels, you get a collection of the essential chisels to use on a wide variety of woodcarving projects both around the house and on the work site.

If you are shopping around for a set of durable and reliable chisels to use for heavy-duty woodwork projects now and then, the DeWalt DWHT16063 set is the right tool for you. The chisels are outstanding in every aspect, from the traction the handles provide to the construction of the blades. You also get a thoughtfully designed box which you can put to other uses once the chisels reach the end of their useful life. The four chisels are essential for any successful woodworking tasks, and they're sufficiently rugged to bear the striking force of wooden and metal mallets as well as hammers. Consequently, it will prove to be an indispensable part of your toolbox, helping you to easily and quickly finish a wide range of light-duty to heavy-duty tasks both around the house and on the work site.
  • Lightweight and compact for easy control and manoeuvrability
  • Has blades made from hardened, tempered chrome-carbon steel for longer life
  • Extended edge retention
  • Has all the essential wood chiselling
  • Blades resistant to corrosion and rust with lacquered coating
  • A little pricey
  • No instructions

4. Grizzly H7923

4. Grizzly H7923
The Grizzly H7923 12-Pc CsSet is yet another chisel set from the highly reputed Grizzly brand, and like the previous chisel set, all the blades in this set are made from the ultra-strong and long-lasting chrome vanadium steel alloy. The use of the material is an assurance of durability and commercial-grade strength. Manufactured all the way in Japan, the Grizzly H7923 comes with exceptional edge retention properties, thanks to the lamination of the chisels with a steel layer. The most apparent implication of the lamination is that you'll be spending way less time re-sharpening the chisels as their frequency of going dull is considerably less.

Another impressive quality worth mentioning right off the bat is the fact that all the twelve pieces in the set have under heat treatment which when coupled with the lamination with a steel layer, results in an even harder steel. The set is, therefore, a perfect choice for woodworkers looking to chisel woods of different densities and toughness for a much more extended period and on a continuous basis. The chisel set has the tenacity of its more expensive counterparts, and it will retain its sharp cutting edge for just as long or even much longer. Consequently, distractions while working are kept to a bare minimum which in turn means very few minutes of your time and even effort will be channelled on a frequent basis to ensuring the chisel set remains sharp for optimal performance.
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If precision in your ultimate goal, you can never go wrong with this set. The convenient marking of the blades with measurements in millimetres means you have chisel set suitable for performing particular woodworking projects requiring greater precision. The ability of the blades to give you the gauges you want means you won’t be needing to make any additional and most likely expensive investments in other small measures.

The sharpening at a 30-degree bevel makes it an ideal and the only go-to tool for a wide range of woodworking tasks, whether that's at home or on the industrial site. Investing in a honing guide for those who are keen on precision re-sharpening means you're always set to take on the most challenging and intricate woodworking projects that come your way. And just in case you are novice wondering what a honing guide is for, it's the item used to ensure the chisel correctly aligns throughout the sharpening process.

As is the case with a majority of chisel sets, the pieces, with their wooden handles, are only compatible with mallets, meaning that hitting them forcefully and frequently with iron, steel or metal hammers will pretty soon break them. To prevent such an eventuality, the Grizzly H7923 features highly placed but useful and practical hoops on the handles to guide against breakage. Nevertheless, to be on the safe side and to prolong the life-shelf of your chisel set, make a point of only using wooden mallets when the need for more force arises.

It is by far one of the most aesthetically-appealing chisel sets on the market today, mainly because all the pieces are finished by hand. Another more prominent advantage to the hand finishing is the proper balancing of all the external features, making a much better performer compared to even some of the high-placed chisels out there. The handles have the more popular socket construction design and feature solid steel ring ferrules. The handle is made of durable and flexible hardwood material. Couple this features and you have a chisel set that’s not only easy to use but one that will similarly last for the next several years with proper care and use.

In conclusion, the Grizzly H7923 offers you an ease of use, durability, beauty, and admirable performance, all in one package and at an affordable price no less. Sharpening it will take a minute or two, and because of its chrome vanadium steel ally construction, the chisel set stays sharper for longer. The use of the material also makes the set one of the strongest on the market and will provide you with years of dependable service. If you regularly do fine woodworking projects, you have the 3/16-inch, 1/4-inch, and 1/2-inch to help with the precision. Bring together the hand finishing of the pieces and the lamination of the blades using a steel layer, and you have set that will effortlessly stand the test of time.
  • Constructed from fully-forged steel for strength and durability
  • Perfect for a wide range of woodworking tasks
  • Rugged yet comfortable handles
  • Excellent edge retention
  • Handle not compatible with hammer and steel mallets

Criteria for Choosing the Best Chisel Kits


One of the most significant factors worth paying close attention to is the wood chisel’s handle as it greatly determines the level of comfort. Ultra-strong handles have a very remote chance of separating from the tip when you’re using a mallet or hammer. Ergonomically designed handles efficiently keep blisters and hand strains away, so you can keep working for much longer and with minimal effort. You’ll similarly experience less hand fatigue.

Construction Quality

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As already mentioned, the likelihood of the handle falling off while using a chisel set is almost non-existent when they feature high-quality and professional construction. The handles should similarly bear the powerful impact of being repeatedly hit with mallets constructed from different materials like metal, steel, and wood without falling apart. On the same note, it needs to be able to efficiently transfer force from the handles to the tip of the wood chisel in a way that reduces the time and effort used. The proper design of the chisel set needs to give the woodcarver maximum controllability and flexibility required for effectively performing a wide range of woodcarving tasks, especially the delicate and intricate ones. An ideal handle, therefore, needs to be equipped with a hardened strike cap at the end to increase both its durability and its performance.

Quality of Blade

You need a wood chisel with a robust blade. One that’s made from an industrial-grade material, so it maintains its sharpness longer and has the strength to cut through some of the most abrasive and hardened materials. Because you’ll be using the wood chisel for shaping, carving, cutting and sometimes changing the shapes of different pieces of wood, it will eventually lose its cutting edge and require re-sharpen. If the blade is made from a durable material, the blade gets to retain its sharp edge for much longer and keep the frequency of re-sharpening to a bare minimum. Most manufacturers prefer to use high carbon steel to make the blades, as the material is not only ultra-strong but also retains its edge for much longer. Tempered blades are harder and do not crack or chip as quickly as their un-tempered counterparts, no matter the pressure.


Q: How do I stay safe when using a wood chisel?

A: There are innumerable steps you can take to keep yourself and those around you safe while woodcarving with a wood chisel, the most important of which is ensuring you always wear the protective gear. Wearing protective eye goggles ensure innocent looking particles like dust, wood debris, and lose particles to not get into the eye, subsequently causing irritation, redness of the eye and in the worst case scenario, loss of eyesight. To prevent the blade from stubbing you – yes, it happens – ensure the blades point away from you when cutting anything so that in the event of accidental slippage, you minimize or entirely prevent potential injury. An additional precaution includes keeping the chisels sharp to reduce the effort it takes to cut through different types of materials.

Q: How about keeping my wood chisel in optimal performance condition?

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A: Contrary to popular belief, sharpening your wood chisel after every use will negatively affect its performance over time. Unless the material from which the blade is constructed is very weak, keep the frequency of sharpening to just once or utmost twice in a month. Additionally, make a point of cleaning the tools once you’re done chiseling or cutting and don’t use the tools if the handles are split, broken, or chipped. As common sense would dictate, don’t keep the set in cold, extremely hot or damp places to prevent the destructive consequences of rust and corrosion. That’s all you have to keep in mind to ensure the wood chisels perform optimally throughout their useful life.

Q: What are the main advantages that a socket blade system have over a tang blade system?

A: Unlike their tang blade system counterparts, wood chisels with a socket construction have their blades positioned over the handle, making it possible for you to remove them with ease. Compared to a tang construction, a socket blade system is way more long-lasting and stronger and in the off-chance that the handle breaks, getting a replacement handle is a relatively easy and effortless endeavor. Lastly, you have the freedom of replacing the chisel handle whenever you want. As you would expect, the socket construction also comes with its fair share of drawbacks. For one, socket chisels are considerably more expensive considering the time and effort that goes into making them and secondly, you’ll have to take an extra measure at keeping the system from coming off, like gluing it to the handle.


To find the most suitable and indispensable set of wood chisels to add to your collection can substantially help you create truly beautiful pieces and propel you to reach your full woodworking potential. There are other important considerations other than performance that you’ll have to keep in mind, like comfortability, flexibility, and even safety. A chisel set with the right combination of all these features and factors will enable you to work for hours on end without fearing for your safety of physical well-being. Serious woodworkers won’t let factors like price stand between them and their dream wood chisels since they’re driven by passion and the need to create some high-quality pieces out of random blocks of wood.