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1. Shark Rotator NV501
Test Winner: 1. Shark Rotator NV501

10 Best Industrial Vacuums Tested & Reviewed

The standard household vacuums are a great choice, but you can do yourself one better and get an industrial vacuum. This begs the question of why you should invest in an industrial apparatus. First, these are cost-effective. The upfront cost may be high, but these appliances are built with endurance in mind. They can withstand abuse and will serve you longer. Furthermore, they are versatile and can clean both dry and wet surfaces as well as get into tight spots. They can clean hard floors and carpets equally well, and the results will be much better.

Our Top 3 Picks

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Furthermore, an industrial vacuum will save time, as you can clean most surfaces with very few passes, and the attachments will make quick work of crevices, upholstery, and stairs. Furthermore, the apparatus happens to be environmentally viable as they have the important mechanisms to trap dust and other allergens.

However, picking the ideal industrial vacuum can be a challenge given the many in the market; and seeing that these cost a small fortune, we have provided some recommendations and a buying guide to help you make an informed decision.

10 Best Industrial Vacuums


1. Shark Rotator NV501

1. Shark Rotator NV501
The NV501 is 45.7 inches tall, 4.2”thick and has a 9.5-inch cleaning path. The gadget includes a 30-feet cord which is enough for most commercial applications. You can wrap the wire around the top and bottom hooks during storage. Use the upper hook to ensure the cable is out of the way when cleaning.

Another remarkable feature of the Shark Rotator Lift Away is that it has two filters; a foam and a HEPA filter. Clean the foam filter every three months and the HEPA filter at least once a year. You will also appreciate the attachments and accessories included with this tool. First, there is the crevice tool that allows you to get into tight spots, a wide upholstery tool, a straight suction tool, and a dusting brush. It also happens to be a 2-in-1 device that can clean carpets and bare floor. Ensure the brush-roll is on when cleaning carpets and off when cleaning bare floors. The LED will be green if the brush-roll is on, red if it is jammed and off when off.

Lift away – The Shark Rotator can turn into a canister unit for cleaning tough to reach areas. Press the lift away button and remove the canister. You can attach to the caddie with wheels, so it is simpler to move around.

Swivel steering – The NV501 is more maneuverable and thus more comfortable to use. You can navigate a sea of furniture with relative ease.
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Product Features

Cord length: 30-feet
Weight: 15.5 pounds
9.5-inch cleaning path

Who is it for?

We recommend the NV501 for anyone on the hunt for a versatile vacuum. One that easily cleans bare floors as well as carpets. You will especially appreciate the resourcefulness of the 2-in-1 design as you can use it as an upright or canister vacuum.

It is easy to clean

The filters will trap 99% of the dirt

It is relatively quiet


The customer service could be better

2. Oreck Commercial XL

2. Oreck Commercial XL
Following on our list of the ten best options is the Oreck XL2100RHS; thanks to its affordability and weight. The XL2100RHS is a low-cost option, great for people on a budget, and it weighs 8.2 pounds thus great for senior citizens. However, it also has some fancy features such as the helping hand handle (more on this later), and that it is retractable allowing it to get into tight spots such as under furniture.

Another remarkable feature of the XL2100RHS is the non-marring bumpers that will protect the walls and furniture. You will also appreciate the bag capacity as it has an 11-quart capacity. It has a top-fill bag design, and you can keep the power at maximum as the bag fills. The bags happen to be affordable and are hypoallergenic and include an anti-microbial agent allowing them to handle the growth of bacteria.

Handle – One of the top features of the XL2100RHS is the helping hand handle that is easy and comfortable to use. It received commendation from the Arthritis Foundation as it eliminates the twisting of the wrist and squeezing of the hand. The on/off switch is on the handle for convenience.

Brushes – The XL2100RHS has a fast and powerful brush-roll with 6500RPM. This will make quick work of any low pile carpet. It also includes side brushes allowing you to clean edges and to get close to furniture.
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Product Features

Weight: 8.2 pounds
Speed: 6,500RPM
Cleaning width: 12-inches
Height: 47-inches
Warranty: 1-year

Who is it for?

The Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS is for people who are on a tight budget or for senior citizens or people who have arthritis.

It is affordable.

Storing thanks to its simple profile is easy

It has automatic adjustment allowing you to move from cleaning carpets to cleaning bare floors effortlessly

It removes pet hair with ease

Maintaining thanks to the replacement parts is easy


It is a rather simple device and lacks the accessories common in most vacuums

3. Numatic NVR 200-11

3. Numatic NVR 200-11
The Henry Numatic is a British Classic and is renowned for its red design and the ever smiling face. The NVR 200-11 happens to be the company’s latest iteration and it is best you know that it is pretty bulky. It weighs 17.6 pounds, and it is big, so storage will not be easy as well. We recommend it for people with a utility or storage room. However, the Numatic is dependable and built to last. Some users have reported it serving you up to 2 decades. Maintenance and repair also happen to be a breeze.

Another fascinating feature of the NVR 200-11 is the nine-liter capacity bin, and thus you don’t have t empty it as often. Moreover, you can use the bin with a bag or without. However, emptying it will be difficult should you decide to use the appliance without a bag. The bags happen to be affordable, and they are easy to replace. However, our best features were the self-seal tab and versatility.

Versatility – The NVR 200-11 stands out thanks to its resourcefulness. First, it has a 7.5’ long hose that is flexible for those difficult to reach areas. It is ideal for cleaning stairs and under furniture. You will also appreciate the 40’ cord as you don’t have to unplug when cleaning large areas.

Self-seal tab – The dirt bag seals itself ensuring that what goes in stays in. Thus you don’t have to worry about dirt and or any messes when emptying.
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Product Features

Weight: 17.6 pounds
Cord length: 40-feet
Hose length: 8-feet
Power rating: 620W
Noise level: 72db

Who is it for?

The Numatic NVR 200-11 is best for people with large storage spaces. It is also a preferred option for workshops and areas where you don’t have to haul it a flight of stairs.

You are getting a first-class gadget but at an affordable price

You can expect it to serve you for years

It is accessorized including a crevice tool and different sized steel tubes


The head is not maneuverable, and the tool is bulky

4. Hoover Commercial C2401

4. Hoover Commercial C2401
One of the critical features of the C2401 is the backpack design that allows it to stand out (read more about it below). However, the C2401 happens to be a workhorse, and you will love the results. First, it is fully accessorized, offering unrivaled versatility. The unit has a 6-inch crevice tool that allows you to get into tight spots, a 2-inch dusting brush, a 4-inch upholstery tool, and an 11-inch turbo floor tool. This versatility allows you to clean various surfaces with relative ease.

nother fantastic feature of the C2401 is the 48-ft cord that allows you to clean several rooms without unplugging the device. As for the capacity, the Hoover has a 6.4-quart bin that needs to be emptied after every cleaning. However, our best features were the backpack design and the filters.

Backpack design – The C2401 employs a backpack design increasing the maneuverability of the device and includes a comfortable harness. The harness was designed by a chiropractor and will balance the weight on the shoulders and the waist. Finally, the device itself is light at 9.2 pounds and thus will not be a problem to carry around.

Filters – The C2401 is designed with two filters. A HEPA filter and an external motor filter. The HEPA filter traps all dust and even the tiniest allergens ensuring that the air in your house is ever clean. Clean the external motor at least weekly and the HEPA filter at least annually but be sure to tap it on a surface weekly.
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Product Features

Power cord: 48-feet
Weight: 9.2 pounds
Includes an upholstery tool, a crevice tool, a brush, and a floor tool

Who is it for?

The Hoover C2401 is best for people living in quiet neighborhoods, asthmatic individuals, as well as people with back problems. Finally, it is for cleaning bare floors.

It is affordable

It is maneuverable

It is accessorized increasing the versatility

It is quiet and thus great for quiet neighborhoods


Well, you have to empty it often, winding the power cord will be a challenge, and some people report that it is difficult to attach accessories

5. ProTeam Backpack Vacuum

5. ProTeam Backpack Vacuum
Similar to the Hoover C2401, the SuperCoach vac is a backpack option that is designed to be maneuverable. First, the only weighs 11 pounds, and as such, you can use it for long periods without fatigue. The bin also allows for long periods of use as it has a 10-quart capacity which is three times the standard bin size. Moreover, it has a 50-foot power cord, and thus you need not worry about unplugging and re-plugging.

Another fascinating feature of the SuperCoach is that it is fully accessorized. It has a bare floor tool that also works on low pile carpets, an upholstery tool for cleaning furniture and stairs, and a variety of tools to clean those tough to reach areas. You will also appreciate that it is 43% more effective than other machines. However, our best features were the harness and filtration.

Harness – The ProTeam SuperCoach vac is designed for long periods of use, and has a harness that will reduce fatigue. The harness distributes weight evenly using your core and leg muscles resulting in reduced body strain. The shoulder straps are adjustable, and you can adjust it so that the gadget is close to your body avoiding any accidental contact with walls and furniture.

Filtration – With a 4-level filtration process, the ProTeam traps 99.9% of dust, dirt, and allergens ensuring the air in your home is ever clean.
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Product Features

Power cord length: 50-feet.
Voltage: 120V
Noise: 66db

Who is it for?

The SuperCoach is best for campuses and schools or other high traffic areas thanks to its effectiveness and that it is a quiet unit.

It is comfortable to use, and your arms and wrists will not suffer

Reaching into tight spaces, e.g. under furniture or ceilings is a breeze

Changing the bags and cleaning the filters is a walk in the park


The telescoping wand does not hold tools tightly, and thus they fall off often; it is also pricey

6. Oreck Commercial U2000RB-1

6. Oreck Commercial U2000RB-1
Oreck is renowned for the simplicity of their tools, and the U2000RB-1 is no exception. It happens to be its unique selling point. First, you will appreciate how lightweight the gadget is. The U2000RB-1 is only 8 pounds, and thus it is easy to use. You can haul it up and down a flight of stairs with relative ease. Moreover, it has a slim profile, and thus it will be easy to use tight spaces and store for people with limited space.

Another fascinating feature of the U2000RB-1 is the endurolife permanent belt. You can expect it to last; it is also backed by a 5-year warranty should it sustain any damage. You will also appreciate the RPM circuit breaker as it shuts off the motor should the rush roller speed decrease. It also incorporates soft wheels so it doesn’t dent your furniture and other surfaces, and it is easy to control as the on and off switch are fingertip controlled.

Simplicity – Truly simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. The U2000RB-1 is designed to be a plug and use system. No fancy attachments or settings required.

Cord – Another top feature of the vacuum is the 40-foot power cord. This ensures that you do not have to unplug and re-plug when cleaning large areas. Moreover, it includes a cord guard that prevents the cord damage, and the pigtail cord clamp makes it easy to replace and repair the damaged cord.
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Product Features

Weight: 8 pounds
Cord length: 40-feet
Height: 35-inches

Who is it for?

The Oreck U2000RB-1 is best for people who are on the hunt for a simple option. One with enough power to make quick work of most work but also happens to be effortless to work with.

It includes side brushes to clean edges and allows you to get close to furniture and walls

The handle folds down so you can reach under furniture

It is lightweight allowing you to work for long hours without fatigue


You can only use the new Oreck bags, and it falls short when cleaning carpets

7. Hoover CH30000 PortaPower

7. Hoover CH30000 PortaPower
The Hoover CH30000 is a canister vacuum and thus is ideal for maneuverability and those tough to reach areas. First, though this is a rather small device, it has a 2.2 horsepower motor and will make quick work of any surface. A 7.4 amperage rating backs this horsepower, and thus you can expect it to pick up debris after some few passes. Moreover, the hose can reach those remote spaces and has the attachments to clean these areas.

Another fabulous feature of the CH30000 I that it is lightweight at 8.3 pounds and has a shoulder strap, so it is easy to carry. The lightweight design allows you to work for long hours with relative ease. You will also appreciate the cord length as it is 30-foot long cord as it will enable you to clean large areas without having to re-plug. However, our best features were the versatility and the washable bags.

Washable bags – With the Hoover CH30000, gone are the days when you had to get a replacement bag every time you emptied the bin. With the Hoover CH30000, you only need to wash the bag and return it reduces the total investment.

Versatility – The Hoover is resourceful as it can clean various floor types including hardwood, tiles, linoleum, concrete, etc. You can also use it to clean upholstery, remove cobwebs and even clean ceiling fans. Cleaning the inside of your car will also be a breeze with the CH30000.
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Product Features

Amp rating: 7.4
Horsepower: 2.2 HP
Cord length: 30-foot
Weight: 8.3 pounds

Who is it for?

We recommend the CH30000 for cleaning difficult to reach areas. The device is maneuverable and thus great for any tight spots.

It is a reliable vacuum, and you can expect it to serve you for long

Has a strong suction

The metal wands are strong


There is a design flaw in that you need to use your hands to keep the unit together; the lever that used to hold the hose to the unit and prevent the bag from opening now only does one of the function, leaving the other to you

8. Draper 13785

8. Draper 13785
The Draper 13785 is for use in the workshop, but it also happens to be handy around the house. First, the unit is a canister option and is designed to handle quick and small messes. So don’t expect to use it for extensive cleaning. Nevertheless, it happens to be quite easy to use thanks to the design. It has wheels on which you can roll it, or you can use the included handle to haul it up and down a flight of stairs.

You will also appreciate the capacity as it can carry about 20 litres of waste and thus you don’t have to empty it after a few hours of cleaning. The tank is stainless steel, and it will last longer. The unit has a cloth and foam filter and needs a paper dust bag which makes it easier to empty. Our top features though were the versatility despite it being an inexpensive unit and the ease of assembly.

Versatility – First, the Draper 13785 is a low-cost unit, and some of the accessories are only on premium industrial vacuums. First, it has a crevice tool that enables you to clean tight spots, an air blower nozzle, and a floor brush.

Easy to assemble – The 13785 is almost ready to assemble out of the box, as all that is required is to attach the coasters, the cloth filter, and the bag though you can work without it.
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Product Features

Power: 1250 Watts
Cord length: 11.4feet
Hose: 4-feet
• Capacity: 20
Who is it for?

The Draper 13785 is for cleaning small spaces. If you must use it in large houses, we recommend you get an extension. You can use it around the house or at a workshop, and it picks up both wet and dry.

It vacuums both wet and dry, and thus it is quite resourceful

It is powerful thanks to the 1259 watt motor

It is inexpensive, and you are getting more than you paid for


The power cord and hose are only 11.4-foot and 4-foot long which limits the reach

9. Soniclean Galaxy 1150

9. Soniclean Galaxy 1150
The Soniclen 1150 is a canister option, and the 1150 is the unit’s wattage. Yes, it is powerful to make quick work of any cleaning tasks but even better is the variable speed feature (more on this later). You will appreciate that it is light at 12 pounds and thus you can carry it from room to room with ease or up and down a flight of stairs.

Another great feature of the 1150 is that it is quiet producing only 64 decibels of noise and thus it can be used in quiet neighborhoods and apartments. You should also consider the unit thanks to the HEPA filter. If you reside with allergic persons or you desire clean air in your home, then the Galaxy 1150 is the perfect pick. It is also a sealed system, and it is sure to trap 99.97% of allergens and dust.

You will also appreciate the design of the Soniclean. First, it includes two oversized rubber wheels that are floor-safe, and you can use on carpets. However, there is a middle swivel wheel enabling you to pull it in any direction. Finally, it includes a bare floor tool and a turbo tool for low-pile carpets. However, our top features were the variable speed and hose rotation.

Variable speed – The Soniclean Galaxy 1150 is versatile as you can adjust the cleaning speed depending on the application. You can use low speed for dusting, and high speed for cleaning bare floors.

Maneuverability – Thanks to the 360° hose rotation, you have more control and maneuverability.
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Product Features

360° hose rotation
1150 wattage
Noise level: 64db
Weight: 12 pounds

Who is it for?

The Soniclean Galaxy 1150 is for quick cleaning in any commercial setup or school. It is also ideal for areas where silence is paramount.

It is lightweight

It includes a retractable power cord

It is quiet

Changing attachments is a walk in the park

Changing suction is effortless


It lacks the power required to pick dust and dirt from rugs

10. Sebo 90640AM

10. Sebo 90640AM
If you are okay spending a small fortune on a vacuum cleaner, then we implore you to consider the Sebo 90640AM. It is a pricey unit, but it has all the bells and whistles to justify the price.

First, it has a 40-foot power cord and a 50-foot cleaning radius allowing you to clean large areas with relative ease. You will also appreciate the 1.5-gallon dust bag, as it reduces the changes required and it includes a built-in hygiene cap preventing dust from escaping during disposal.

You will also appreciate that LED indicators. One LED lets you monitor the suction power while another alerts you when the dust bag is full and finally one for informing you when there is a clog. Another excellent feature is that it has storage aids; you can attach the suction hose and the telescopic tube on the back side or the underside. However, our best features were the suction-hose connection, and that it is floor safe.

Floor safe – The Sebo 90640AM castor wheels are rubber coated to protect your floors and also are maneuverable. There is also the patented AIRBELT bumper that protects your walls and furniture from incurring scuffs of scratches.

Suction-hose connection – The tapered hose connection is brilliantly designed allowing it to rotate 320°. Thus, it is easier to move and has more maneuverability while protecting the canister and improving the air flow.
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Product Features

40-foot cord
Weight: 29.6 pounds
Five-year warranty
1.5-gallon capacity

Who is it for?

The Sebo 90640AM is for people who are on the hunt for a premium vacuum and are willing to pay top-dollar for it. It is a canister unit though it has the reach and power of an upright vacuum.

It is self-propelled and thus pushing it will be effortless

It has a super long cord allowing you to clean large spaces with ease

It is quieter than the other units

It includes a bumper guard such that there is no blowing air around


It is pricey

The powerhead moves along on its own, and thus you have to exert pressure when pulling it back

Industrial Vacuum Selection Criteria


There are various industrial vacuums you can pick from each with its advantages and disadvantages.

Backpack – If you are cleaning large areas that are hard to maneuver, say stairs and hard to reach areas, we implore you to invest in a backpack vacuum. They are easy to travel with and more maneuverable. However, they have a small capacity.

Upright – Upright industrial vacuums are the most popular, durable and dependable. They are pretty easy to use and have large capacities. However, they are not maneuverable and are pretty heavy.

Canister – Finally, these have the smallest capacity of all the three units. They are more maneuverable and pretty lightweight, but you will have to empty them often

Bagged or bagless

You can pick between an option bthat is bagged and one that is bagless. Bagless vacuums have a small capacity and use a canister to keep all the dirt from escaping. They need to be emptied often but are lighter than their bagged counterparts.

Bagged vacuums, on the other hand, use plastic bags to store all the dirt. And since this is an industrial gadget, we only presume that you will be cleaning a ton of dust and you should invest in a unit with a large capacity.

Cord Length

An industrial option cord should be at least 25’ to 40’ especially if you are cleaning commercial spaces. A unit with a cable shorter than 25-feet will result in time wastage as you have to unplug the device severally to complete a large area.

However, if there are areas a corded cleaner cannot access, we recommend you get a cordless gadget and check the battery life. However, the cord length should not be such a concern in the device is for home use; a 20-feet cord will be enough.

Height Adjustment

We invest in vacuum cleaners to make our work easier and height adjustment is a necessary feature. It is only natural to include the adjustability so that you can accommodate people of different heights.


You want more than clean floors but also fresh and safe air. Ensure the vacuum you invest in has HEPA filters. These have been rigorously tested and will trap dust particles that don’t end up in the canister or bag. It is best for homes and offices with allergic occupants.

Ease of use

First, consider the weight of the unit. Weight will be a crucial factor when it comes to hauling the appliance up a flight of stairs. Though industrial vacuums are bulky, you want a unit that is still easy to carry.

Furthermore, consider an appliance that makes the transition from one surface to the next effortlessly (say from cleaning linoleum to hardwood and then carpet). Maintenance too should be a walk in the park as it’s meaningless to spend more time on repair than the actual cleaning. Purchase a vacuum with few moving parts as this limits the components that can get damaged.


How are they different from standard vacuums?

Industrial vacuums are heavy duty appliances with incredible suction power to clean the toughest messes. They are for cleaning heavy material such as asbestos and wood carvings. You will find most industrial options in construction sites and other areas that get messy. This is unlike standard vacuums that are for use in households. Compared to industrial appliances, conventional units are for quick messes.

Why should I get one?

First, every workshop or construction site needs an industrial option to clean up the messes. However, you can get one for your home especially to clean the pool, patio, and porch as they can work in wet and dry conditions.

Moreover, they are hardy, and despite their high price-point, you can use them for ages before requiring a replacement. Other than their durability, they are robust and will make quick work of any cleaning task.  Finally, the air quality in your house will be better thanks to the excellent air filters.

Should I buy a bagged or bagless vacuum cleaner?

We have no preferences here, but each has its pros and cons. Bagged units are more hygienic and are great for allergic persons. Also, they don’t require that much maintenance.

However, you will need tons of replacement bags, and there is often a dip in performance as you near bag fulfillment. Bagless vacuums, on the other hand, are eco-friendly in a way, are cheaper as no bags are needed, and easier to know when the canister nears fulfillment. However, there is an increased chance of being exposed to dust, and they require more maintenance.


Though industrial options are for areas with bulky duty waste such as workshops, they are slowly gaining acceptance in households especially the canister vacuums. They have unmatched suction power and happen to be quite light. Ensure you get a unit that meets your demands say a quiet vacuum for use in schools unlike in a construction site.

Hopefully, the guide and list of 10 best industrial vacuums will help you make an informed decision. If there is something we have missed, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below.