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10 Best Pool Cleaners Reviewed & Rated
We all appreciate swimming in crystal clear water, and very few activities are as refreshing. However, there is often the laborious task of keeping the pool clean which is necessary for the sparkling water. If left for long periods without cleaning, pool water collects slime and grime. These are cont...
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10 Best Pool Filters Reviewed & Tested
What is the best pool filter is a question that has been around for a while, but one that can only be answered by the individual needs of a pool. You have to consider the pool size, the traffic, whether or not the pool has a screen, climatic conditions, and frequency of use of bather load. Our Top 3...
we reviewed the best pool pumps on the marketBuying Guide
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Best Pool Pumps Reviews & Guide For 2019
Pool and spa owners all across the world agree on one thing: the indispensability of a pool pump. A pool pump is at the very heart of a pool’s operation and as such its significance can’t be overstated. Failure to install a pool pump in your pool will soon render it unusable as they guard...
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Best Solar Pool Heaters Reviews & Ratings For 2019
There are several ways of relieving the stress and pressure after a hard day's work at the office. All of them, however, pale in comparison to the level of relaxation and healing capabilities a swimming pool offers. Changing the seasons is one of Mother Nature's strongest fortes, and when she decides...
we tested the best pool heaters on the marketBuying Guide
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Best Pool Heaters Reviews & Buying Guide
Very few exercises are as therapeutic and as relaxing as swimming. The activity invigorates your whole body, head to toe, leaving you completely relaxed and a few calories lighter. Unfortunately, Mother Nature has almost total control over the swimming season considering that in the winter, the tempe...
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