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we tested the best post hole augersBuying Guide
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Best Post Hole Augers Reviews & Ratings
A post hole auger is a DIY staple and will come in handy for a wide range of activities around the house. As well as ice fishing, a post hole auger is an ideal tool for installing a new fence, erecting a mailbox or signs and digging up holes in the garden or yard for planting trees and crops. Their v...
best dog kennels ratedBuying Guide
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Best Dog Kennels Reviews & Editorial Ratings
Crates are great to safely transport your pet during and to cuddle her/him up while indoors. Moreover, crate training happens to be an ideal way to condition desirable behaviors into animals. Though it is controversial as most people think it is unfair to the animals, crates satisfy the dog’s i...
best garden spades put to testBuying Guide
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6 Best Garden Spades Reviewed in Detail
Spades are workhorses and are handy tools around the garden. Similar to shovels in function, they have flatter, narrower blades that work well in small spaces such as a flowerbed. Where a shovel's angled blade is efficient at digging, the spade's straighter blade can slice through and lift sod, skim ...
best push lawn mowers testedBuying Guide
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Best Push Mowers Reviewed and Rared
Keeping your front yard is more of an option than an obligation. However, it is more of a necessary luxury given that it is crucial exterior decoration. However, maintaining it can be a pleasant or a horrid experience, but it often boils down to the equipment you use. If you have lawns that are &frac...
we reviewed the best rubber bootsBuying Guide
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Best Rubber Boots Reviewed & Rated
The outdoor environment can be a particularly unwelcoming one, especially during the rainy and winter season. Aside from the risk of inadvertently stepping into puddles of water and ending up with soggy boots, there is also the attendant biting cold. It's not uncommon for outdoor enthusiasts, profess...
we tested the best electric lawn mowersBuying Guide
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Best Electric Lawn Mowers Reviewed & Rated
If we were to list all the benefits of electric lawn mowers, we’d run out of space. They are manifold. Besides the fact that they are lightweight and compact and therefore take up minimal storage space, they’re also nearly as powerful as gas-powered models. Consequently, they take the tim...
we tested the best self propelled lawn mowersBuying Guide
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10 Best Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers Reviews
For most people, the home tends to be a place of peace and tranquility. A place where they can escape the chaos of the outside world, their jobs, traffic, and other stressful factors. However, for the home to successfully carry out this mandate, it needs to be clean and neat. This applies to both the...
we tested the best brush cuttersBuying Guide
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6 Best Brush Cutters Reviewed & Tested
Homeowners, landscapers, and farmers are all at war with shrubbery, weeds, and grass which overtakes the property ruins the aesthetics and strangles plants intended for the area. Armed with the right equipment, both amateurs concerned with their own lawn and garden and professionals can keep unwanted...
we tested the best lawn rollersBuying Guide
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Best Lawn Rollers Tested & Rated
It’s every homeowner’s dream to grow an even, attractive, and healthy lawn. In addition to being the perfect playground for children, it’s also ideal for holding overnight parties and other social events over the weekends. However, the biggest impediment to that dream is the unevenn...
we tested the best loppersBuying Guide
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Best Loppers Reviews & Price Comparison
Pruning the trees and shrubs in your garden or yard has manifold advantages. As well as stopping them from hogging all the space in the garden, regularly pruning trees and shrubs stimulates growth, puts an end to the spread of diseases, and is arguably a good way to unplug and reconnect with nature. ...
best heated dog houses reviewedBuying Guide
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Best Heated Dog Houses Reviewed & Rated
Dogs are by nature outdoor animals and therefore relish every second spent in the great outdoors. However, in winter temperatures suddenly plummet and inevitably put a damper on the normal way of doing things. While various dog breeds are able to acclimatize and comfortable withstand the frigid tempe...
best irrigation systems for gardensBuying Guide
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Best Irrigation System for Gardens Reviewed
A green, lush flowerbed or bountiful garden is every homeowner's dream, and the open secret to keeping these areas picturesque and productive is regular watering. For a small area, people might use a watering can or hose for watering their garden in the early morning or evening to supplement moisture...
best splitting mauls testedBuying Guide
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Best Splitting Mauls Reviewed & Tested
The traditional chopping ax comes with several for splitting woods, however, they all pale into insignificance compared to the chopping prowess of a modern splitting maul. The ingenious design of a maul head, coupled with the extra heft and punch it packs means that you'll be splitting the toughest a...
we rated the best electric hedge trimmersBuying Guide
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Best Electric Hedge Trimmers Reviewed & Rated
Back in Stone Age, cavemen would use traditional big scissors for trimming overgrown bushes, hedges, and shrubs. The modern era and the subsequent technological advancements over the years, however, brings with it more advanced methods of doing things. Compared to the back-breaking, time-consuming, a...
the best wood chippersBuying Guide
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Best Wood Chippers Reviews & Ratings
One of the first steps to keeping your yard pristine and picturesque is adding to it freshly-shredded chips or ridding it off fallen branches, twigs, shrubbery, and brush. It's in this endeavor that a wood chipper becomes an indispensable part of your garage, helping you to quickly and easily decimat...
we tested the best pruning shearsBuying Guide
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Best Pruning Shears Reviewed & Tested
If you're thinking of planting a garden or already have one, pruning shears should be an indispensable part of your collection of essential tools. They'll come in handy every once a while for snipping, cutting, and pruning various overgrown limbs, stems, and branches that are threatening to take over...
10 best plant foodsBuying Guide
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10 Best Plant Foods Reviewed in 2024
If you have prior gardening experience, you understand that healthy soils aren’t always a guarantee and if you are new to gardening it might come as a shock, but it takes more than seeding to get a healthy lawn. Most if not all of us would appreciate a lush green garden, with flowers, shrubs...
we tested the best shovelsBuying Guide
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10 Best Shovels Reviewed & Rated
If you have a garden, then you have a shovel or several shovels. These are essential digging tools, and there is no gardening without them. For every conceivable digging job, there is a shovel specially designed for that task. Flat-bladed shovels are for digging irrigation trenches, round-edged shove...
we rated the best snow shovelsBuying Guide
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Best Snow Shovels Reviews & Price Comparison
For homeowners residing in areas prone to heavy snowfalls, a heavy-duty, easy-to-use, and high-performance snow shovel is a must-have. No one wants to run the risk of being barricaded indoors the entire day when the door won’t budge after a night of heavy snowfall. Unlike other alternatives on ...
best lawn fertilizersBuying Guide
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Best Lawn Fertilizers Rated in 2024
It's every homeowner's dream to have a lush, green, and healthy lawn devoid of dead, yellowed and sparse grass. Attaining that dream, however, necessitates caring and nurturing your lawn by feeding it with the right nutrients and minerals as often as recommended. Your lawns and the plants in it requi...
best garden cartsBuying Guide
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10 Best Garden Carts Rated in 2024
People with gardens in their homesteads have one thing in common. They like it when these gardens look pristine and neat. However, it is not often a walk in the park trying to keep them that way. It can be frustrating to the point of some giving it up altogether. At the end of the day if you’re someo...
snow plows reviewed in 2018Buying Guide
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Best Snow Plows Reviews & Editorial Ratings
Every winter there are rampant stories of snow completely sealing doors and windows forcing the residents to miss important appointments or meetings in the office, at school, or with their physician. In areas that are most prone to heavy snowfall, a snow plow is an indispensable tool for clearing sno...
we chose the best wall plantersBuying Guide
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Best Wall Planters Reviewed & Rated by Our Team
When you reside in a little apartment that provides little in regards to nature, houseplants become a crucial part of the system. This is where wall planters come in. A wall planter is a small container or pot that is meant for plant growth. It prevents plants from occupying space and also adds some ...
we put to test the best leaf mulchersBuying Guide
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Best Leaf Mulchers Reviews & Ratings
If you are a homeowner, you must be aware that regularly, lots of tree debris and leaves will fill up your yard and hamper the growth of your grass. This is even truer if you leave them on your lawn throughout winter. Getting rid of these leaves is a time-consuming process especially if you are putti...
we tested the best leaf rakesBuying Guide
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10 Best Leaf Rakes Reviews in 2024
So, it’s finally Fall, and the autumn leaves are falling. Though this means you can get your favorite pumpkin donuts, it also means that you will be spending your weekends raking. And though it isn’t high on the list of things you would rather spend your weekend doing, you don’t want to turn your gar...
best lawn aerators reviewsBuying Guide
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10 Best Lawn Aerators Reviews & Price Comparison
Ever wondered why your neighbor’s lawn is in picture perfect condition while the same cannot be said about yours? Yes, you mow, water, and add all the required nutrients but the results aren’t as lovely. Well, maybe it’s time you aerate. Most gardeners don’t know what aeration...
best tillers reviewsBuying Guide
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Best Tillers Reviews & Price Comparison
With technological advancement in the modern age, you have at your disposal an ever-increasing plethora of new ways to make gardening easier and less time-consuming. You have a choice of the traditional, labor-intensive and time-consuming hoes and other hand tools on hand and the modern rototillers/c...
we took a closer look of the best log splitters Buying Guide
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Best Log Splitters Reviews & Prices
Let's paint you a picture. Winter is fast approaching and bringing with it jaw-shatteringly frigid temperatures occasioned by sometimes frequent blizzards of snow and whatnots. Dismantling the central conditioning system for outdoor use is out of the question. As an outdoor enthusiast with a deep lov...
we reviewed the best patio furniture setsBuying Guide
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Best Patio Furniture Sets Reviews & Price Comparison
During the periods that the weather gets increasingly warm and the days become longer, relaxing outside becomes one of the best options. And if you are lucky enough to own a space in the form of a patio which functions as a second outdoor dining room or living room, it is very likely you would be sta...
best stump grinders reviewsBuying Guide
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Best Stump Grinders - 2024 Buying Guide
While there are many ways to get rid of tree stumps, using a stump grinder is often the preferred method for homeowners and landscapers. A quality stump grinder will progressively crush away the wood, leaving behind dust and debris for easy clean-up. This fast and effective stump removal method wi...
we rated the best landscaping rocks for you to buyBuying Guide
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Best Landscaping Rocks Reviews & Prices
There are a lot of landscaping design options but the use of landscaping rocks has become quite popular amongst them. With different weather conditions affecting different areas, you may be faced with the problem of weeds. In this case, using rock beds is a good way to reduce this problem. Another be...
we tested the best hedge trimmersBuying Guide
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Best Hedge Trimmers Reviews & Price Comparison 2024
The modern hedge trimmer is a perfect replacement for the conventional methods of trimming and landscaping. Millennials and novices might have a problem coming up with a name for the predecessor of hedge trimmer or imagining something less efficient, but that's not the focus of this entry. Whateve...
We rated the best lawn sweepersBuying Guide
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Best Lawn Sweepers Reviews & Ratings for 2024
Many people use lawn or leaf sweepers to remove debris including grass clippings, twigs, and fallen leaves from their lawns and paved areas. There are various types of lawn sweepers including two behind, pull behind and push lawn sweepers. Like the name suggests, two behind lawn sweepers are towed be...
we put to test the best string trimmersBuying Guide
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Best String Trimmers Reviews & Price Comparison
There is nothing as pleasant, relaxing, and rejuvenating like the tranquillity the home provides at the end of a busy day spent of physically and mentally draining activities. In addition to giving you peace of mind, a welcoming and presentable home also regenerates one's physical and emotional well-...
we take a look at the best indoor plantsBuying Guide
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10 Best Indoor Plants For Your House or Apartment
Anyone who sees an outdoor garden will always admire the beauty of the plants and flowers present. This means that when they are placed indoors, they will have a more exciting effect. Having just one indoor plant will not bring out the beauty anyone strives for and this is why you always find people ...
we take a look at the best garden gnomesBuying Guide
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Best Garden Gnomes Reviews & Comparison
Garden gnomes are amusing front yard allies which have a very detailed history that dates back to centuries. The tradition of putting gnome statutes in your garden is dated as far back as the 19th century when individuals utilized these statues with a belief that they could aid in keeping away witche...
we tested the best tree prunersBuying Guide
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Best Tree Pruners Reviews & Ratings
The indispensability of tree pruners is without question. If you have trees, shrubs, and vines dotting your yard, at some point you're going to have to deal with low hanging twigs and limbs and overgrown branches. Aside from making the yard look unpresentable, overgrown and low hanging branches also ...
we tested and rated the best sprinkler systemsBuying Guide
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Best Sprinkler Systems Reviewed & Rated
Garden sprinklers are fantastic improvements from the traditional manual watering equipment. Currently, they are a must-have if you want to achieve unparalleled beauty and elegance in your garden or lawn. They can help you maintain even and consistent moisture rather conveniently bearing in mind most...
we tested the best machetes for your gardeningBuying Guide
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Best Machetes Reviewed & Tested
Looking for the best machete can be a daunting and nerve-wrecking exercise, especially if you’ve never used one before and have no idea where to start looking. The market is full to the brim with thousands of differently sized machetes, all with a long list of pros and performance guarantees. U...
we tested the 10 best pole saws on the marketBuying Guide
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Best Pole Saws Reviewed & Rated
Proper trimming and maintenance of trees and plants is an important aspect of all types of residential, commercial and industrial sites. Whether trying to keep an area clean or trying to maintain a healthy grove of fruit - the reasons for trimming and cutting tree branches are numerous. Very often th...
we rated the best zero-turn mowers on the marketBuying Guide
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Best Zero-Turn Mowers Reviewed and Rated
Given their popularity, there are several brands manufacturing all types and sizes of zero-turn mowers, and you may feel overwhelmed trying to decide on one that best meets your needs. Whether you have a small lawn and backyard or acres of land that need mowing, there are essential features that you ...
we rated the best leaf blowersBuying Guide
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Best Leaf Blowers Reviewed and Tested
Using a broom or a brush to clean leaves from the yard or the flower bed can be a daunting and physically exhausting task, no matter how small the area. What you need is a tool that can perform the task in a fraction of the time and save you the energy and time. Hence the leaf blower. Cordless leaf b...
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