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10 Best Bosch Drills Reviewed

If you are a homeowner or a craftsman, you know that you have to invest in a Bosch drill. Bosch has been in operation for 132 years, and thus they have the requisite experience in manufacturing power tools. Their drills are used for driving screws at an astonishing speed and also making threaded holes that are capable of accepting a machine screw. This tool can also apply any number of threaded fasteners from wood screws to drywall screws to concrete screws. Sometimes, they are referred to as cordless drills.

Our Top 3 Picks

Bosch GSR18V-190B22
Bosch GSR18V-190B22
Bosch CLPK27-120
Bosch CLPK27-120
Bosch DDS181-02
Bosch DDS181-02

In places where electricity is not available, the cord-free feature in this tool allows efficiency by completing projects without the use of power. Furthermore, Bosch company is the first company to manufacture engineering and electronic devices. Therefore, Bosch drills are of high quality, perfect for your DIY projects and massive duty projects.

In this article, we shall list some of the best Bosch drills available in the market. These tools are going to range from price to functional range depending on the consumer rating and customer reviews from Amazon. We will also include the pros and cons of each product based on the consumer’s feedback. However, you should know that these products are made of the best materials and are reliable. Due to different brands in the market, we are also going to include some of the factors to consider when purchasing your Bosch tool.

10 Best Bosch Drills


1. GSR18V-190B22

1. GSR18V-190B22
Looking for an option that is ideal for everyday drilling and driving application, then don't worry. Bosch 18v compact drill offers two-speed transmission, one optimized for heavy duty jobs and the other one optimized for high-speed drilling.

One of the best things about it is that it delivers high performances in torque application for improved productivity. Also, it is very convenient. It is built with LED light and ergonomically designed soft grip handle that provides more comfort to the user while working. It also contains slim pack batteries and an 18v charger and a carrying bag for more accessible storage.

- This equipment ensures that it has delivered actual performances. It is built with 20+ clutch settings that give it accuracy and reduce fastener damage. Also, it has keyless ratcheting ½ in the chuck with an auto lock that enables more natural bit changes.

Electronic cell protects ION - In most cases, Bosch drills that use batteries get damaged fast. To solve that problem, this unit is made of photoelectric cell protect ION for longer battery lifetime. The user can comfortably enjoy using the same battery for a long time.

Also, its i8v batteries system offers complete compatibility. Therefore, Any battery can power any tool.
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Product Features

Has ½ auto-lock chuck
Comes with a new gearbox
Has 20 clutch settings
Contains a motor brake
Has variable speed trigger
Soft grip
Flexible battery system
Includes LED light

Who is it for?

It is an ideal tool for DIYers for tackling around the house projects.

Provides more power to tackle toughness of any kind

Provides two-speed transmissions thus for high-speed drilling

It is capable of reducing fastener damage

It is comfortable to hold and use


Thou lightweight, it is a bit big

You have to buy the tool and battery separately

2. CLPK27-120

2. CLPK27-120
There is no better drill for completing both small and large projects rather than Bosch CLPK224-181. First, it is made with an active response technology that gives control of the bind-up situation. That makes your work much easy and faster to accomplish your required results in any project. Again, it provides superior efficiency for no maintenance and longer runtime since it has up to 2 times motor.

One of the best things about this equipment is that you can select between 3 speed and torque setting on the IDH182 to maximize power or minimize fastener damage. That helps you ton sufficiently work and attain the required results in a much easier way. Also, it can withstand any abuse and rugged job site conditions since it has a tough with exclusive Durashield housing. Below are the best features in this tool;

All-in-one impact driver - This unit has an all-in-one impact driver that includes socket ready all-in-one tool holder, 1/4 -inch hex and ½-inch drive. That helps enhance versatility and to have a complete and broader range of application.

control system - Like mentioned above, the control system allows the user to adjust the speed and torque. That is however achievable by pushing of a button to match the tolls performance to the application of hand.

This tool also provides a 2X the motor life, improved runtime and increased performance.
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Product Features

Has response technology
Contains exclusive Durashield housing
Has all-in-one impact driver
Has up to 2 motor life

Who is it for?

It is recommendable for homeowners and regular day users.

You can select your preferred speed and torque settings

It is very sturdy

Can withstand any abuse

It is durable

It provides the user with superior efficiency for longer runtime


This equipment is big and a bit heavy

Its battery is not sharable

3. DDS181-02

3. DDS181-02
If you want to complete your job with ease, Bosch DDS181-02 is the tool to get. It is built with 18-volt compact tough and ready for all the materials from wood to metal. It is not designed for drilling holes, but instead, it delivers high performance to both tough and soft screwing jobs as well as being very handy at loosening tough bolts. That is made easier by the existence of a four-pole high motor for maximum power in the most compact size.

Again, it has a design of a modified orientation that is relative to handle thus increasing comfort. The handle fits well in your hands, and it is slip resistant. For more efficiency and toughness, it has an upgraded heavy-duty all-metal chuck that prevents it from slipping during high torque application. The redesigned canned motor also provides lightweight and more compact thus providing an outstanding operation.

All-day driving - Bosch DDS181 has an all - Metal gearbox that helps it to produce 600-Inch LBS of torque. Therefore, it is capable of performing a broad range of heavyweight application efficiently. Also, you can change and select different speeds for large bits and small bits.

Compact engineered - Amazingly, this equipment is made of a head length of 7.0 inches to give users an abundant power while working within in very tight areas. It is among the drills that have the shortest heads providing top-notch leverage for overhead work. Also, it has a weight of 2.8lbs making it light enough for professional go-to-tool for all day work while still giving toughness.

Besides, it features an electronic motor protection system which protects it with overload and helps to ensure durability. It can stand to all the abuse.
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Product Features

Heavy duty all metal chuck
Has a single-sleeve keyless 1/2 inch auto-lock chuck
All metal gearbox
Variable speed drill
Head lengthy of 7.0 inches
Weights 2.0lbs
Electronic motor protection
LED light
18-volt, 2.0 Ah Slim Pack batteries

Who is it for?

It is suitable for professional contractors and or for everyday users.

It can serve for a long time

Very strong and delivers abundant power

It can easily stand any abuse

It has an extra array for exchanging

The handle is slip resistant and sturdy


It has a weight gyroscopic effect that makes the body move a little bit

It is costly

4. PS32-02

4. PS32-02
This is the most lightweight and compact tool in its class. This, therefore, makes it to a go-to cordless drill for multiple applications which includes handling extended work overhead. First, it is made of long-lasting EC Brushless motor and a two-speed transmission to handle the most drilling and driving application with fewer problems.

Another thing about it is that it made for regular utility. It delivers 180lbs of torque thus providing the most performance on the job. At its high-speed setting, it can easily create holes to drywall and wood. Also, it is a lightweight powerhouse that performs excellently to its weight ratio. It only weighs 2.0lbs making it the best choice for contractors and electricians.

Lifetime toughness - It is made with Durashield housing and Bosch flexible housing designed with ABS/nylon. It has also been tested to withstand 10-ft. drops are making it remain tight for an extended period.

Well balanced for handling - It has a head length of 6.5 inches to provide a better balance and top-flight performance when used in corners or confined places. It also has a slim-diameter soft grip that enables the user to hold for all day use comfortably.

Also, it has an enhanced dust and drip resistant air vent geometry for use in harsh environments. Finally, it has a reliable battery system of 12v that allows all day work.

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Product Features

Contains a keyless chuck
Has a work light
Includes an air vent geometry
Change indicator
Variable speed trigger
Reliable battery system
Soft grip

Who is it for?

It is recommendable for electricians and contractors.

Comfortable to hold and work with

It is lightweight thus portable

It stands any abuse thus can serve you for long

You can change the speed depending on your preferences

Can be used in tight places


A bit pricey

5. PS130-2A

5. PS130-2A
The Bosch PS130-2A is ideal for the provision of maximum torque. It can keep up with the toughness of the job. It is made of high torque that brings force and precision to the role that allows the user to work with ease. Among its best features is, it is uniquely made of two LED lights making it the only option that has two lights. This is to illuminate all work spaces.

Also, it is small hence it can reach in places that most drills can't. It is mostly used in corners or narrow spaces to create holes or for drilling purposes. For those who have used this equipment, you know that it is the best in quality and in making drills in masonry and concrete of any kind.

Ergonomically made - This is one of the things to consider while buying any tool. For a Bosch 12-volt, it is truly lightweight making it easier and comfortable to handle. The handle features a soft grip technology.

Auto lock chuck - Like most of the drills in this list, this one also contains a 3/8 inch auto-lock chuck that simplifies its replacements. This makes it easier to acquire a variety of applications.
The lithium-ion batteries made for this equipment can also be shared with any Bosch 18v batteries.
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Product Features

Two LED lights
3/8 inch auto-lock chuck
Lithium-Ion batteries
Weighs 2.75 pounds
Has a soft grip

Who is it for?

We recommend it for all the DIYers simple jobs.

Provides a variety of applications

Lightweight thus easy to carry around and handle

It has a soft grip that is slip resistant



It does not include a torque control switch

6. HDH181XB

6. HDH181XB
Working with drills is not always easy especially in heavy duty jobs. However, the response technology featured in this Bosch HDH181XB should be one of the reasons you should add it in your to buy list if you want to reduce the risk of injuries from bind up situations. One thing about it is that it is one of the perfect cordless drills for brick or concrete.

The sturdy construction that this Bosch Brute features is one of a high level. It has a 4-pole motor that provides 752 In/lbs of torque deliverance making it sturdy and efficient for heavy duty work and a broad range of high torque bits such as augers and spades. Again, it has innovation onboard acceleration sensors that automatically shut the tool down when potential dangerous torque reaction occurs. Consider checking the following features;

Advanced electronic motor - This is one of the best features that can feature in cordless options. The advanced electronic engine prevents overloading/overheating extending the lifetime of the tool.

All-metal Bosch gears - The unit has a Durshield tool housing that helps the tool hold up in even most stringent job site conditions. That includes even withstanding multiple 12-foot drops onto solid concrete.

On top of that, it has a LED light that illuminates the workspace for optimal visibility. Also, its battery is compatible with all Bosch 18-volt Lithium-Ion chargers and batteries for maximum versatility.
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Product Features

Active response technology
Has innovative board acceleration sensors
Engineered with a 4-pole motor
Has a LED light
All-metal Bosch Gears

Who is it for?

It is a piece of ideal equipment for people who want to drill through cement and bricks.


It provides maximum torque supply

Does not overheat and overload

It can easily hold up even in the most robust job sites

Its battery is compatible for maximum versatility

It can automatically shut down when potential dangerous occurs


It is pretty expensive

Battery and charger are separately sold

7. HDS181A-02

7. HDS181A-02
When thinking of an option that is ready to go anywhere to tackle any size of a project, then you should add Bosch HDS181A-02 in your to buy list. First, it is made of durable, heavy-duty chuck for better bit retention and high torque transfer. You will not be required to use your energy to deliver those torques. Again, this equipment contains an 18-volt Li-ion battery that will serve for long and also it comes with a package of an extra array which is nice.

Like many of the Bosch range, it is built with a rugged style that means it works well for contractors and professionals since it can stand any abuse. It also a 2-speed drill that provides variable speed to deliver exceptional results. Amazingly, its battery can be used with any 18 V lithium ion charger or tool. Along with these features, consider looking at the additional excellent features below:

Unique cool pack design - Most of the options don't come with a package, and if they have one, it is not uniquely designed. This equipment contains an awesome pack that has a housing for heat conduction that helps to keep the battery cool.

Compact, tough design - This tool has a short head length in class for maneuverability. Therefore, you areable to use it even in tighter spaces.

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Product Features

Lighter 18-volt canned motor
Heavy-duty chuck
Unique pack design
Compact, tough design
Compatible battery with other chargers and tools

Who is it for?

We would recommend this tool to anyone having heavy duty projects due to its size.

Has a life battery of up to 2x battery life

The battery has a durable housing

It has a better bit retention

Has a great torque transfer

Has a shorter length design

It is very light therefore can be easily moved


The equipment is a bit large

8. CLPK224-181

8. CLPK224-181
it is one of the most preferred options by most people. One of the most excellent things about it is that it is tiny compared to most drills, but it delivers 930 In/lbs of maximum torque. It can also produce a no-load BPM of between 0-3,100 and a maximum 2,600 RPM.

Additionally, it is tough. Bosch CLPK 27-120 has included tools that are compact and lightweight thus providing enough power to take on the professional driver application. It means that when you buy it, it will save your energy and also you will have an easier time using it since it is very light. Being a popular choice for many, it is very short in length and height; thus you can comfortably use it in small workspaces. You should also appreciate the fact that it is very sturdy and certainly packs into its small frame an incredible amount of power.

Control - Most users love this tool because, along with its speed and power, you can still easily control it. It features variable-speed triggers for matching speed to the application.

Efficient - Just as most people would suggest, this tool is compact but powerful. It can cover to up to 80% of standard size impact driver application.

Besides, this equipment covers all the features you would need. It has high torque supply, has an impact driving application, has variable speed control, an easy to read fuel gauge and a three LED lights.
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Product Features

Has an included Bosch PS21 pocket driver
Consists of a PS41 driver
Contains LED light
Includes 12-volt Max Lithium-Ion Batteries

Who is it for?

Recommendable for homeowners and professionals.

It is very efficient for driver application

It delivers maximum torque

It very tough with enough power

It is lightweight, so it is portable and comfortable to use

The user can easily control the speed


Does not have a proper drill chuck and therefore cannot hold them correctly when you want a hole

9. HDS182-02L

9. HDS182-02L
Another model from Bosch Tools is this Bosch HDS182-02L classed as a hammer drill. That is because it uses the brushless motor style for a more superior and efficiency for more extended use and no maintenance. If you use this equipment, you will have an added advantage of saving lots of money since support is not required. It also has the most compact head length in its class for easy control in congested working areas.

One of the top features about it is that it has a magnetic bit holder, a 4x bit holder for better storage. The magnet bit holder also comes with a belt clip that allows more convenient storage when not in use. Since most other drills do not have this characteristic, this makes it outstanding. Additionally, the HDS182 has a ½ inch auto-lock chuck for convenient clamping of bits and drills.

Dura-shield housing - Equipped with dura shield housing that is constructed to withstand any abuse. Apart from that, the housing enables the tool to withstand harsh job sites conditions efficiently thus serving you for a long time.

Enhanced electronics - This tool outstands its competitors by having improved electronics that enable it to remain cool even after working for long hours. The cell protector helps prevent overheating to extend its durability

Alongside these features, it also contains increased power that delivers optimized torque for screw driving with increased speed for drilling.
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Product Features

Features innovative brushless motor
Have enhanced electronics
Has a motor protection system
Compact head length
Has variable speed trigger
Has ½ inch auto-lock chuck

Who is it for?

We recommend this unit for people working in manufacturing environments.

This tool lasts twice compared to other options

It is compelling and strong

It delivers optimized screw driving

It has an additional hammer drill

The user can regulate the speed

It maximizes job efficiency


A little expensive

The trigger does not respond sometimes

10. PS32BN

10. PS32BN
Compared to the tools in this list, this is the lightest of all with only 2 pounds thus offering unmatched ease of use in extended application. One of the fascinating features is that it contains an interface for belt clip of bit holder. This makes it easier for transportation purposes and storage of bits. The user can thus easily access the most commonly used bits with more ease in the bit holder.

Again, the head of this tool is only ½ inch; thus can be utilized in confined places such as corners much more comfortable. In case you are wondering how the speed of this small equipment works, it operates in two speeds. One gear has 0-400 RPM, and the other one has 0-300 RPM. Thus increases its versatility and control when drilling and driving application. If those features are not yet enough for you, consider looking at the following;

Custom exact fit inlay tray - Amazingly, Bosch PS32BN has an added advantage to the user. It contains a custom correct fit inlay tray that is ideal for storage uses and transportation of tool. The user can comfortably store different items in the tray for work purposes.

2-speed gearbox - The speed gearbox of this tool includes a 20+1 clutch settings that help it deliver precise torque adjustments. It is best for correct screw driving.

Besides, it is made with a universal auto-lock that is made to accommodate almost 90 percent of the typical applications.
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Product Features

Has Brushless motor and 2.0-AH battery
Has 3/8-inch single sleeve universal chuck
2-speed gearbox
Has an interface for Belt clip/Bit holder

Who is it for?

We recommend this equipment to homeowners and people working in confined places.

Provides the user with a storage tray for more comfortable transportation

It is lightweight

It can live twice most of the drills

You can access your most commonly used bits easily and faster

It is used to illuminate any working area


The battery is sold separately


Selection Criteria

Quality of the battery

When dealing with cordless tools, battery quality is such a big deal. It helps you know how long the device can serve you without having to exchange the battery and also how many jobs the tool can handle.

The most advanced batteries for Bosch drills are the lithium-Ion batteries. Before purchasing, make sure the battery can serve you for long terms. That is because, as time goes by, cells become week and having to replace them often consumes a lot of time and money. As you spend your money to buy the best Bosch device, spend some more on the quality of the battery.


If the tool is not using a battery, then consider buying long corded tools. It is very important when working in areas where power outlets are not easily accessible. Corded drills allow you to work for longer periods without downtime but are also limiting as you are tethered to an outlet.

However, battery-powered units provide mobility as you can move from one job to the next and you can work in areas without outlets.

Ease of use

This is a term used to refer to the ability of the tool. When purchasing Bosch tools, consider how easy they are to change accessories, attachments, batteries or even filters. Check whether the device has a comfortable grip, the weight and the vibration released during use. The ability of the tool adds to its overall convenience.

Again, hard to change accessories can be time-consuming and frustrating, and the weight of the device also enables you to know whether it is possible to work with the toll in tighter spaces. Lastly, if the vibration of the tool is very high, it will cause discomfort and interact with the workflow.

Shelf life

No one wants to buy a tool that will die after a month. Make sure that if you are paying more for a quality tool, you will not have to replace them often. The shelf life of an instrument is the most critical link to the price. Choose an option that will serve you for long to save you your time and energy.

Included accessories

Some options come with added attachments to work efficiently. This might consist of a battery. Bosch drills have transportable batteries and can be interchangeably used between different tools. It is essential that you choose a device that uses the same voltage as the battery to avoid wrecking of the battery or the tool.



Q. Should I register my Bosch tool?

The answer to this is yes. Bosch allows you to register your Bosch tools for two significant reasons. One is to receive updates upon your tool after buying and two, to obtain warranty information. Also, in case your device is stolen, you can add a level of proof upon ownership.

Q. What is the difference between a bag and a case in Bosch tools?

A bag does not have any casing or padding to protect the tools. However, it is still okay if you travel a lot with your device. A case I usually hard-bodied and has special casing inside which hold the piece tightly. It is best to store your tool.



As you can see in the above list, every tool is designed differently offering its best and unique advantages. They are indeed of high quality, and they will surely serve you for long without disappointments. You will notice that almost all of them are made for heavy-duty drilling and also most of them use Lithium-Ion 18 volt type of power.

We would recommend that you choose a Bosch drill that is suitable for your work and price friendly to you. If making the right choice is the problem, consider using our best factors to examine to come up with the best conclusion.