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a list of the best woodworking hand toolsBuying Guide
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10 of the Best Woodworking Hand Tools Reviewed
Even if you have the latest power tools to cut, sand, and fasten the parts of your project, you also need hand tools and gadgets throughout most basic woodworking projects. Having the right implement on hand can simplify a task and guarantee professional results. Our buying guide will present so...
we reviewed in detail the best locking pliersBuying Guide
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Best Locking Pliers Reviews and Editorial Ratings
Locking pliers come in handy when you encounter a fastener that just won't budge, however much effort you exert or apply. They make it easy, quick, and effortless to grab, loosen or twist a wide range of rounded over, stuck, stripped, or stubborn bolts and nuts. Besides that, they come with high-qual...
we tested the best keywhole sawsBuying Guide
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7 Best Keyhole Saws Reviewed & Rated
Anyone who has worked in drywall projects knows that this is an essential item to have. A keyhole saw is used for piercing and cutting small shapes and saw out holes for pipes, switch boxes and other small openings. In most cases, drywall projects are usually dusty and require a lot of concentration ...
we tested the best hand sawsBuying Guide
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Best Electric Hand Saws Tested and Reviewed
There's no shame in making your life a little easier when you are doing carpentry projects. While a hand saw can sometimes get precise small cuts, the back-and-forth action of the saw can be tiring. Power saws make quick work of the cutting part of the job. Depending on what you’re doing, there are s...
we rated the best crows foot wrenchesBuying Guide
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Best Crows Foot Wrenches Reviews & Ratings
In an ideal world, nuts, bolts, and screws would be within easy and quick reach. However, considering the complexities of the modern equipment and space constraints, some fasteners holding together critical equipment and parts are usually inaccessible. Forcing mechanics, handymen, contractors, and ev...
we tested the best wallpaper steamersBuying Guide
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Best Wallpaper Steamers Reviewed & Rated
Stripping your wall of old, outdated, or dog-eared wallpaper can be a tricky and messy business. If you want to end up with a completely clean surface without time-consuming hand-scraping the wallpaper, your goal should be to resort to one of the best wallpaper steamers available. The ...
we tested the best glass cuttersBuying Guide
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Best Glass Cutters Reviewed & Rated
When you are working on a glasswork project, winning means that you successfully make the straight cuts and patterns you desire in the finished piece. Losing means the pattern did not come out right or you cracked or shattered the glass. A successful outcome when working with glass depend on your pat...
best paint strippersBuying Guide
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10 Best Paint Strippers Reviews & Ratings
When painting surfaces, be it furniture, your house, or your automobile, you have to prepare appropriately. Proper preparation is essential as the result depends on the surface underneath. Before you consider repainting though check if you can restore the coating by sanding and scrapping the weak are...
best tap and die setsBuying Guide
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10 Best Tap and Die Set Reviewed & Rated
Though these sets are not popular in most garages as you can purchase bolts and nuts with ease, they are still a great armory addition for any home mechanic. Tap and dies are used to create screw threads in a process known as threading. The die creates the male portion, e.g., the bolt of the mating p...
we tested the best aviation tipsBuying Guide
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Best Aviation Snips Reviewed & Rated
Technicians and contractors are conversant with the indispensability of aviation snips. They are a must-have for anyone, from the seasoned professional to the budding greenhorn in search of a heavy-duty, easy-to-use, and dependable way of slitting or cutting through sheets of metal. While you can res...
We reviewed the best jugsaws in 2017.Buying Guide
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The Best Jigsaws Reviewed and Rated
Whether you are an avid DIY hobbyist or a serious professional, the jigsaw is a must have item when precision, speed and finesse are required in your cutting. A jigsaw can be used to make accurate straight cuts, as well as cuts that a bandsaw could never do -curves, pocket cuts, circular cutouts, fur...
we tested the best chisel sets on the marketBuying Guide
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Best Chisel Sets Reviews & Ratings
Having the best performing chisel set is the first crucial step towards achieving a higher output, either as an enthusiastic hobbyist or professional woodworker. A toolbox in a woodworking workshop would not be complete without a set of practical and functional wood chisels, especially considering th...
we tried and tested the best auto feed screwdriversBuying Guide
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Best Auto Feed Screwdrivers Reviewed
Production framers and a series of other occupations can often measure the amount of plywood flooring and decking they install using acres rather than feet. That great need and the movement away from pneumatic nailers has made tools like auto feed screwdrivers that much more desirable. Unlike standar...
best micrometers reviewedBuying Guide
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Best Micrometers Reviewed & Rated
For professionals in woodworking, engineering, construction, and medicine fields, and several others, a micrometer is an indispensable tool used for a wide range of projects. Compared to a Vernier caliper, a micrometer provides an effortless and accurate way of measuring the distance between one poin...
best drywall sanders tested in 2017Buying Guide
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Best Drywall Sanders Reviewed In Depth
If you work around your home or other homes, you are going to be working with a lot of drywall. In fact, in the last hundred years, once drywall became an established alternative to lath and plaster, it became perhaps the most common material in and around North American homes. A colossal 85,000,000,...
we reviewed the best torpedo levelsBuying Guide
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Best Torpedo Levels Reviewed & Rated
A torpedo levels is simply a must-have tool for different professionals like carpenters, plumbers, mechanics, homeowners and enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfers. These groups of people rely on the level to ensure different structures and objects, including but not limited to doors, cabinets, mantles, and ...
we rated the best electric nail gunsBuying Guide
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Best Electric Nail Guns Reviewed and Tested
Nails have been used in construction since before books of history were kept. They predate nearly every other form of construction method outside of perhaps rope. Even with these thousands of years of usage, in wasn’t until the last century or so that we had moved beyond hammers and mallets for...
we reviewed the best biscuit joinersBuying Guide
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10 Best Biscuit Joiners Tested and Rated
As you further your woodworking skill, it is essential that you grow your arsenal of high-quality tools. For making premium products is unfeasible without the appropriate tools. One tool we would recommend is the biscuit joiner as it makes edge to edge, edge to end, or miter to miter, a breeze. That ...
we reviewed the best glue gunsBuying Guide
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Best Glue Guns Reviewed & Rated
Even if you’re not a veteran or enthusiast DIYer chances are you will probably want to make a few crafts in your lifetime. You don’t have to go above and beyond to build a whole new workshop for a few simple things. Maybe all you need is a glue gun as it is quite the versatile tool. You c...
best utility knives comparedBuying Guide
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Best Utility Knives Reviews & Editorial Ratings
A utility knife is the undisputable staple of any serious DIYer’s toolbox. It comes in handy to facilitate the quick and effective completion of a wide array of tasks around the house, in the office and construction site, and even in the great outdoors. While they rival the cutting power and pr...
best torches testedBuying Guide
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Best Torches Reviews & Editorial Ratings
Torches are pretty handy tools whether it is in the construction or manufacturing industries, or be it around the house. They are best for getting high temperatures with ease and for soldering, welding or cutting with precision. As such, they should be a part of any handyman’s arsenal or a DIY ...
best fiskars scissorsBuying Guide
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Best Fiskars Scissors Reviewed & Rated
Scissors, however feature-packed or designed, are strikingly mundane and ubiquitous. Walk into an office, the kitchen, the construction site, the garage, or look inside an outdoor enthusiast’s backpack and you’re likely to find one. In spite of their simplistic, humdrum appearance, they a...
Best Rivet Guns Reviewed & TestedBuying Guide
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Best Rivet Guns Reviewed & Tested
Contrary to commonly held assumptions, the use of a rivet gun isn’t confined to fabrication workshops, carpentry, construction, and automotive repair. Instead, a rivet gun is an indispensable extension of both any tradesperson’s and seasoned DIYer’s toolbox. A rivet gun takes the ha...
best hex keys reviewedBuying Guide
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Best Hex Keys Reviewed & Compared
A hex key is an indispensable extension of a home toolkit, and will frequently come in handy when you have to deal with various screws, bolts, and other fasteners around the house. Among other things, a hex key will be instrumental when you have to assemble a product such as an IKEA furniture, repair...
we tested the best torx screwdriversBuying Guide
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Best Torx Screwdrivers Reviews & Compared
Torx screwdrivers are so ubiquitous chances are high you’ve come across or used one before. If not, and based on the fact that you’re reading this, we’ll stick out necks out and guess you’re about to. They feature a unique design that conveniently eliminates the likelihood of ...
best foding knives comparedBuying Guide
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Best Folding Knives Reviews & Comparison
For a homeowner, a heavy-duty, practical, and functional folding knife is an essential tool to have around the house. They can come in handy at a moment’s notice to solve an emergency. Similarly, the vast majority of them are versatile and remarkably easy to use. Unlike a kitchen knife, a multi...
we tested the best wire crimpersBuying Guide
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Best Wire Crimpers Reviewed & Rated
To securely attach a cable to a connector, or conjoin a wide range of metals to each other, you’ll first need to deform the particular material or object to ensure it assumes the preferred shape, size, or posture. And this’s where a wire crimper enters the scene. Besides joining specific ...
we reviewed the best ball peen hammersBuying Guide
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Best Ball Peen Hammers Reviews and Price Comparison
Heavy-duty projects such as roofing, carpentry, construction, and framing, among several others have one common denominator – a ball peen hammer. The tool is a must-have for both seasoned and budding tradespeople who need an efficient, quick, accurate, and effortless way of driving nails into w...
we rated the best soldering gunsBuying Guide
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Best Soldering Guns Reviewed & Rated
If you are a techie, or you are just enthusiastic about repairing electronics, you need a soldering gun in your arsenal. It is a must-have tool for fixing, modifying or creating electronics. It works by melting solder on two conductive elements and leaving behind a robust link. It’s also used i...
we tested the best pocket knivesBuying Guide
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Best Pocket Knives Reviews & Price Comparison
A pocket knife is essentially a must-have tool. They pack a plethora of positive attributes to earn them the trust of law-enforcement agencies, first responders, hikers, craftspeople, campers, hunters, fishermen, and several other groups. Among other things, pocket knives utterly practical, aesthetic...
best crowbars testedBuying Guide
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10 Best Crowbars Reviews & Ratings
Also known as a pry bar or a wrecking bar, the crowbar is one of the most versatile tools for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals. Yes, it is not one of the instruments that most homeowners deem to be home-toolbox essential, but we would recommend it for any homeowner or DIY enthusiast. A pry bar ...
10 best ratchet wrenchesBuying Guide
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10 Best Ratchet Wrenches Reviewed in 2024
Purchasing a reliable set of ratchet wrenches is a quality investment and isn’t about filling those empty slots in your toolbox. It is a decision you shouldn’t take lightly, given the versatility these tools offer. Also, when tightening or loosening bolts, ratchet wrenches have the edge o...
we tested the best screw extractorsBuying Guide
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7 Best Screw Extractors We Tested & Rated
Removing an old screw should be simple enough, but as most DIYers, handypersons, and tradespeople know, extracting screws from various installations can be a major hassle. When the screw is damaged or rusted, simply unscrewing them is not enough if the head is worn, stripped, or rusted as drastic mea...
we rated the best needle nose pliersBuying Guide
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Best Needle Nose Pliers Reviews & Ratings from Our Editors
Also known as long nose pliers or pointy nose pliers, the needle nose is one of the most versatile tools a craftsperson can have. Though it is the cornerstone tool of all electrical work, it can be used for more than snipping, bending and positioning wires. Do you have a toy that is stuck in the sink...
best plier setsBuying Guide
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Best Pliers Sets Reviewed in 2024
Your toolbox is never complete if it does not have a heavy-duty, versatile, and easy-to-use set of pliers. Pliers are an indispensable part of the toolbox and come handy for a wide range of tasks and projects both around the house and on a construction site. Tasks such as plumbing, electrical work, c...
we tested the best lug wrenchesBuying Guide
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10 Best Lug Wrenches: Reviews & Editorial Rating
A lug wrench is a must-have tool for any motorist. Whether it’s in the garage or by the roadside, you need a reliable tool that can tighten and loosen the nuts of a tire. You never know, mechanics aren’t always available. However, with the many designs and brands in the market, selecting ...
best coping saws reviewed in detailBuying Guide
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Best Coping Saws Reviews & Price Comparison
Ever stopped to wonder how carpenters make those intricate cuts and moldings? Well, it is not easy, and you require the right tools. If you want to venture into woodworking, a coping saw is a must-have tool if you want the best and most precise cuts. But what is a coping saw? Our Top 3 Picks [srpsh...
best socket sets in 2018Buying Guide
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Best Socket Sets Reviews & Ratings
As any professional handyperson or experienced DIYer can attest, socket sets are an indispensable extension of the toolbox. They provide the additional heft that simple hand or power tools patently lack and are similarly renowned for their user-friendliness, versatility, remarkable performance, and d...
we took a closer look at the best laser levelsBuying Guide
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10 Best Laser Levels Reviews & Price Comparison
Not many people know the importance of aligning particular horizontal or vertical elements of a construction project correctly. Many people buy ready-made houses and buildings and find that the shelves, artwork, fences, and many more installations are in seamless synchronization. They have never seen...
we reviewed the best voltage testersBuying Guide
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6 Best Voltage Testers Reviewed & Tested
A voltage tester is an important tool for any electrician or DIY enthusiast. When you are on any electrical work, you need a quick and simple way to safely determine whether there is electric current in a wire, outlet, or electrical device. Only then can you know whether to proceed or stop the operat...
best bold cutters reviewsBuying Guide
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Best Bolt Cutters Reviews & Ratings
Bolt cutters provide different professionals and enthusiastic DIYers with a cost-effective, quick, efficient, and smooth way of cutting through different tough materials. They are very versatile and feature heavy-duty construction quality to enable them to withstand the rigors of handling a wide rang...
best sledge hammers comparedBuying Guide
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Best Sledge Hammers Reviews & Price Comparison
Heavy-duty projects such as driving posts firmly into the ground, busting materials like concrete, stone, and metal, demolishing various surfaces and objects obviously require a sledge hammer. While a traditional hammer can accomplish some of the activities, it nonetheless lacks the added heft that c...
we reviewed the best scroll sawsBuying Guide
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Best Scroll Saws Reviews & Ratings
When it comes to mechanical saws, there’s the chainsaw – used more commonly for cutting down trees (and the art of trunk sculpting), jigsaw or reciprocating saw (although not great for straight lines, comes in handy when you are cutting out shapes in plywood), table saw (for ripping, cros...
we take a look at the best hacksawsBuying Guide
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Best Hacksaws Reviews & Ratings 2024
For carpenters, plumbers, craftsmen, and even contractors, the hacksaw is a must-have and largely indispensable tool. It is a handy tool for cutting or sawing different materials on the construction site and even at home. The vast majority of high quality hacksaws spot a sturdy metal frame and a simi...
we tested the best electrical tapesBuying Guide
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Best Electrical Tapes Reviews & Price Comparison 2024
Electrical tape is a toolbox essential for professionals and DIYers in the business of handling electrical wires and cables among other automotive components. A simple roll comes handy when insulating, repairing or protection connections whether at home or for professional works. Unlike other types s...
we reviewed the best wrench setsBuying Guide
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Best Wrench Sets Reviews & Ratings 2024
You can never can have enough tools in your toolbox, both at home for your personal projects, and in the professional field. One of the more useful tools to have is a solid set of wrenches.  If you are anything like me, you may have every wrench you need, but most are scattered helter skelter from va...
we tested the best nut driversBuying Guide
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Best Nut Drivers Reviews & Price Comparison
Artisans, handymen, and even greenhorn electricians use nut drivers nearly on a daily basis to tighten or loosen various bolts and nuts. To this add repairing or working on HVAC/R panels and stacked circuit boards. Their proliferation in the modern work is informed by incorporation of electrical comp...
we reviewed and tested the best tile sawsBuying Guide
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Best Tile Saws Reviews & Ratings
If your project requires heavy-duty grade saw for quick and smooth cutting of tiles, the Lackmond Beast 10-Inch could be what you are missing in your tool collection. Manufactured to hold up in the most challenging working conditions, this model is, by all means, superior and ideal for professional u...
we reviewed the best multimetersBuying Guide
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Best Multimeters Reviews & Ratings in 2024
Technological advancements in the recent decades did not escape the multimeter industry and has completely transformed the machines from analog tools reserved for repairing and maintaining radios and telegraphs. Today, the vast majority of multimeters are incredibly advanced. With their assistance, g...
we rated the best pipe clampsBuying Guide
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Best Pipe Clamps Reviews & Ratings
Pipe clamps are flexible and versatile tools with limitless potential when it comes to holding workpieces together for before various applications. They comprise of two or more parts with plates that are fixed along pipes to provide a range where objects can be gripped by closing in the jaws. Most pi...
we tested the best breaker barsBuying Guide
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Best Breaker Bars Reviews & Ratings
If it hasn't happened already, at some point in your life, you will have a stuck, rusted, stubborn, or frozen nut or bolt to deal with when handling with different machines, like cars. After all attempts at tugging it with the wrench have failed, it is time to resort to a much superior and surprising...
we tested the best grease guns Buying Guide
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Best Grease Guns Reviews & Price Comparison
Grease guns are essentials implements if not a must-have in any maintenance job site such as a garage. They are specially designed to dispense lubricants (in this case grease) that keep fittings, joints, bolts, spindles, and suspension links among other parts or components of machinery and automobile...
we tested the best spray guns on the marketBuying Guide
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Best Paint Spray Guns Reviews And Ratings
Technological advancement has seen the introduction of different varieties of paint spray guns on the market, each better suited for a different function. The High Volume Low pressure spray guns, for instance, are better suited for completing small-scale and detailed painting projects. If on the othe...
we tested and rated the best blacklights on the marketBuying Guide
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The Best Blacklights Reviews & Ratings
LED Blacklights are equipped with a varying number of LEDs to provide you with a wavelength of light capable of shifting from a tightly-controlled spot to a wide coverage, allowing you to see stains and dirt that a human eye would easily miss. The number of LEDs vary from one brand to another and dep...
we tested the beast impact driver setsBuying Guide
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Best Impact Driver Sets Reviewed & Tested
Impact drivers offer a level of performance, versatility and flexibility that completely overshadows and surpasses that of hammer drills, making them the go-to tool for carpenters, handymen, craftsmen and enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfers when a driving job comes up. Impact drivers are particularly suit...
we tested the best multi-tools on the marketBuying Guide
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Best Multi-Tools Reviewed & Rated
We understand how frustrating it must be trying to purchase a multi-tool that best meets your needs in a market flooded with literally thousands of them from all sorts of brands. From novices who have no prior experience with multi-tools to experienced outdoor enthusiasts looking to upgrade on an exi...
we tested the best carving knives for woodworkingBuying Guide
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Best Carving Knives Reviewed & Rated
Woodworkers, carpenters, handymen and even extreme hobbyists understand that for one to carve a perfect masterpiece from any piece of wood, they need a perfect carving knife, and nothing less. The quality of your work is determined to a great extent by the quality of carving knife you choose to use. ...
be tested the best chipping hammer for 2017Buying Guide
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Best Chipping Hammers Reviewed & Tested
There comes a time when you have to build a new structure, concrete floor, install tiles, pavements, houses, or just any other surface but you have to first bring down an old one standing in your way. This is where a chipping hammer comes to your rescue, considering that some structures and roadside ...
we tested the best band saws for 2017Buying Guide
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Best Band Saws Reviewed in Detail
Band saws are a must have tool for a broad range of professionals such as handymen, craftsmen, carpenters, professional woodworkers and enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfers in all parts of the world. Their precision and usefulness are a few of the factors that most endears them to these groups of people. T...
we reviewed the best cable cutters available todayBuying Guide
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Best Cable Cutters Reviewed in Detail
Cutting, stripping and dealing with cables comes up eventually when you work on enough projects. Without the proper tools, working with certain cables can be impossible. There is no single type of cable. Aluminum, Copper, TV, coaxial cable, telephone, etc. Each cable has a different strength and purp...
we tested the best laminate cutters in 2017Buying Guide
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Best Laminate Cutters Reviewed and Tested
Since its creation in the 70’s, the laminate material has seen a constant popularity growth, mainly due to its low upkeep, decent aesthetic and ease of use. More and more homes are using this material, specifically for flooring to simulate wood or stone surfaces. This high level of popularity m...
the best cold saws rated from 1 to 10Buying Guide
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Best Cold Saws and Alternatives Reviewed
A cold saw’s ability to displace heat, cut with minimal sparks, and to make more accurate cuts make it ideal for smaller spaces and welding shops that need more accuracy in the finished cut. Cold saw blades are also generally much more reusable than a typical band saw blade. Recent increases...
we tested the best claw hammers out thereBuying Guide
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Best Claw Hammers Reviewed and Rated
A claw hammer is used to drive and pull nails and in light demolition work. It gets its name from the split claw one end, which can be either hooked or straight. The hooked model excels at pulling nails while the straighter "rip" version pries or rip board apart. While these hammers work the same, th...
we compared the best nailers todayBuying Guide
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Best Nailers Reviewed and Tested
There are several needs on which the construction and repair industries are based, the most important of which is the need to secure two items together. Traditionally, nails are the most preferred and commonly used fasteners. Standard hammers are perfect for less demanding fastening tasks such as con...
we ratd the best staple guns on the market in 2017Buying Guide
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Best Staple Guns Reviewed and Rated
A staple gun is a must-have tool for professional contractors and enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfers intending to carry out any project around the house or in your workstation. Staple guns are maximized to tackle a wider array of demanding projects compared to office staplers. Consequently, they are not ...
we rated the best screwdriver setsBuying Guide
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Best Screwdriver Sets Reviewed and Rated
In the current Do-It-Yourself age, it is necessary to have a collection of tools on standby just in case you need to perform home improvements or repairs. Consequently, reliable tools such as screwdriver sets are a must-have, especially for homeowners and technicians dealing with a wide variety of el...
we reviewed the best stud findersBuying Guide
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Best Stud Finders Reviewed and Rated
We have all known someone, or been guilty ourselves, of trying to install shelves, heavy pictures, or something of the sort without properly locating a framing stud in the wall. My worst offense of this was a decade and a half ago when I put up a shelf in my new apartment - I think I was around 19. I...
best cordless impact drivers tested and ratedBuying Guide
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Best Cordless Impact Drivers Reviewed and Rated
Drilling into hard surfaces tends to put a significant amount of undue stress onto your hand and wrist as you try to provide a counter force to the torque. Fastening anything is a snap with the right driver - screws, nuts, lag bolts - all are easily slain by the mighty impact driver. Impact drivers u...
best cordless impact wrenches testedBuying Guide
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Best Cordless Impact Wrenches Reviewed
Removing a particularly tough fastening is often one of the most frustrating and time-consuming chores you can find in workshop or construction site. A single rusted bolt can cause broken tools, injuries and the loss of hours of time. Luckily our modern age has had the foresight to go ahead and creat...
we reviewed the best torque wrenches in 2017Buying Guide
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Best Torque Wrenches Reviewed and Rated
Torque wrenches are useful for tightening bolts and nuts on products from the biking and automotive industry. Their significance is informed by the fact that some nuts and bolts have specific torque requirements so as to achieve accuracy and precision. The market is flooded with several torque wrench...
we tested the best hammer drillsBuying Guide
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Best Hammer Drills Reviewed and Tested
A hammer drill is your go-to tool when it comes to drilling through concrete, bricks, stones, and wood. The special design of a hammer drill makes it more portable, controllable and manoeuvrable compared to a normal-sized standard, regular drill. The preference for hammer drills is further informed b...
we tested the best angle grinders todayBuying Guide
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The Best Angle Grinders Reviews & Ratings
Looking to upgrade or purchase your first angle grinder? We will walk you through the steps of choosing an angle grinder and list the criteria for which you need to base your decision. The main section of this entry will take you through our list of top ten grinders, their variations in specs, power,...
we tested the best electric corded screwdriversBuying Guide
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Best Electric and Cordless Screwdrivers Reviewed
Cordless screwdrivers are a necessity around the home and workplace. If you have a job that requires a large number of screws, or requires screws in a difficult to work material, than an electric screwdriver will save you a surprisingly large amount of time. Depending on the size of the screws you ar...
we reviewed in-depth some of the best cordless drills on the marketBuying Guide
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Best Cordless Drills Reviewed in Detail
Drills are incredibly handy tools for household tasks and as well as for the work of mechanics, carpenters, roofers, plumbers, and other professionals. Being able to work without having a cord to tangle around a ladder or be a tripping hazard frees you from being near a socket and is convenient so lo...
we reviewed the best oscillating toolsBuying Guide
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Best Oscillating Tools Reviews & Ratings
Professional contractors, carpenters, handymen and extreme DIYers understand the importance and indispensability of an oscillating tool. It is a lightweight and compact machine that enables the user to take on a wide array of projects both around the house and on the job site. The oscillating tool, f...
best circular saws reviewed and ratedBuying Guide
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Best Circular Saws Reviews and Comparison
A circular saw is one of the most versatile woodworking tools any homeowner, DIY enthusiast or professional craftsperson can own. It’s also one of the first tools you should acquire if you are looking into a career in woodworking or DIY projects. You can get any imaginable cut from massive rip cuts t...
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check out our 10 best caulking gunsBuying Guide
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Best Caulking Guns Reviewed and Rated by Our Team
Generally, a good caulking gun simplifies the tasks of spreading silicone or latex caulking to seal up cracks, gaps and to bind materials like wood, ceramic, glass and metal. Caulking goes way back to the days of wooden ships on the high seas and was applied with wedges and mallets. We’ve come ...
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