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1. HOOVER Power Scrub Deluxe
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Best Carpet Steam Cleaners Reviews & Ratings

In the past, you had to call on a company offering steam carpet cleaning services if you wanted to steam clean your carpet. Later on, there was provision to rent carpet cleaning tools. But recently lots of carpet steam cleaners are available on the market. All of which provide the performance you can compare to professional steam cleaning services.

Our Top 3 Picks

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They range from canister models, portable spot cleaners, upright cleaners alongside scrubbing brushes to commercial-grade designs. Although there are just a number of main brands on the market today, they all produce lots of diverse models.

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Now, if you are still reading, you are in luck. We have helped you in the research and compared numerous carpet steam cleaners from the top brands. We have taken a look at durability, ease of use, cleaning power, price, and a host of other crucial factors.

Below, you will find a detailed review of our picks. We have listed how each one will be beneficial to you and why we decided to go with these cleaners.

10 Best Carpet Steam Cleaners


1. HOOVER Power Scrub Deluxe

1. HOOVER Power Scrub Deluxe
Weighing less than 19 pounds, the FH50150 is a portable carpet washer that's very easy to handle. On the machine, there are four different handles available for movement and carrying. And there are lots of excellent features which also makes it one of the few washers providing a stress-free use.

The SpinScrub brush system is one of the most attractive features of the washer. This system provides a rotating feature to the brush which makes it possible to clean carpets more effectively. For a more effective cleaning at all times, the brushes remove with ease so you can easily wipe off dirt on the surface.

Using the wash and rinse selector on the washer allows the use of soapy water in cleaning the carpet and also rinsing off the residue with clear water. These functions are due to the dual tanks that makes it possible to have water in separate compartments. Cleaning with the machine yields some of the best results thanks to the automatic mixing of detergents.

With the heated cleaning on the machine, carpets dry a lot faster after each clean. And if there are other deeper parts of the home which are difficult for this machine to reach so it comes with a hose measuring 8 inches as a solution.
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DualV nozzle
Two tanks for dirty and clean water
Comes with an 8 inches hose
Heated cleaning technology
Automatic mixing of detergents
Quick pour spout
Smart Tank System
360-degree SpinScrub brush system


This cleaner comes at an affordable price which is lower than the average price for a steam cleaner on the market.


HOOVER is quite a popular name when it comes to steam cleaners and they don't disappoint. This steam cleaner features a dual tank system as well as a quick pour spout for a quick refill. It also mixes detergents automatically reducing the manual labor while using the cleaner.

Even and fast cleaning of surfaces with the DualV nozzle technology as

Assembly of the washer is very easy and quick

It is lightweight which ensures ease of usage

Automatic shut-off feature when there is a need to change the water in the tank

  • Some parts of the machine are susceptible to rust

2. Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop

2. Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop
The SmartSet Steam control on this steam mop is one excellent feature which provides improvements during any cleaning session. This allows a user to select from three steam power options of low, medium, and high. So, it easily suits the differing toughness of stains and also prevents damage to fragile floor materials. The heater also takes a short time to heat up with users having to wait only about 30 seconds for the machine.

After each clean, the machine will leave the room filled with a nice scent. This is due to the addition of spring breeze scent discs. The scent discs are optional so in case you prefer to leave this task to a humidifier in the home, you can easily remove the discs from the machine.

Refilling the water tank on the PowerFresh steam mop is easy since the tank is removable. The tank is also located at the top of the mop to make it possible for users to add water even while using the machine. It comes with two mop pads which can be changed between uses so they remain clean and also last a long time.

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Adjustable steam control
A 2-year warranty
Spring breeze fragrance discs
30 seconds heater warm-up time
Easy access water tank
Flip-down scrubber
2 mop pads
23 inches cord


One of the most affordable options available on the market and yet it comes with a 2-year warranty as proof of the quality of the cleaner. It also comes with lots of excellent features which makes it a great choice for the price.


The features on this cleaner are quite attractive and well suited to the needs of users. One such feature is the spring breeze fragrance disc which gives a nice smell to the home after cleaning and also an adjustable steam control. It also has a rapid heater warm-up time of just 30 seconds (as mentioned) which makes it great.
  • There are no streaks or residues on the floor after using the mop
  • The heater is very quick and there is no need to pump out steam
  • Highly effective in removing grouts and tough stains
  • Very easy to carry the lightweight steam mop
  • Floor may become slippery depending on the use

3. HOOVER SteamVac

3. HOOVER SteamVac
The hand tool which also utilizes the SpinScrub system is a great addition to this machine. This device gives the opportunity to use the same effective cleaning system to cover smaller surfaces which will prove difficult when using the machine. This hand tool is a great option for upholstery as well as stairs which do not give enough room for the machine. Additionally, the upholstery detergent is also available with the purchase of the device.

A 12 amp motor is responsible for the operation of the machine which makes it more effective in cleaning the floor surfaces. This powerful motor is put to excellent use through the adjustable brush roll feature on the machine. It has a low setting which gently cleans the floor surfaces, a high setting for a more intensive cleaning, and an off position to clean water spills on the floor.

The Dual tank system uses one tank to store clean water within the machine while the other is a receptacle for the dirty water as you clean the floor surfaces. The tank for the dirty water is smaller in comparison to the clean water tank which means it will need to be emptied more often.

Application of belts system is common with carpet cleaners but this cleaner eliminates the use of belts. This reduces the number of repairs and replacement which occur as a result of the belt breaking.
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SpinScrub system
Runs on a 12 amp motor
1 year limited warranty
Comes with an upholstery detergent
Dual tanks
Adjustable brush roll
No belts
Easy assembly
Clean surge control


HOOVER offers a lot of affordable options so that everyone can kill germs in the homes without having to rely on chemicals. So, this is another product of the company which comes at a price below average and also very affordable for purchase.


A lot of people buying cleaners for the home are not interested in a steam cleaner that uses belts in its operation. This is due to the high cost of maintenance and replacement in case the belt snaps. Due to this, this cleaner runs on a powerful 12 amp motor and eliminates the use of belts in the operation.
  • The SpinScrub system cleans the carpet at various angles making it very effective
  • A clean surge feature for times when more detergent will be necessary
  • It has dual tanks which ensure longer cleaning periods before having to refill
  • It is portable and easy to push around while cleaning
  • The dirty water tank is smaller than that of clean water

4. Bissell Big Green

4. Bissell Big Green
With the forward and backward pass cleaning feature on this machine, cleaning the home just got a lot easier. This feature makes it possible for it to remove stains when it is rolled forward as well as when rolled backward. This provides an effective cleaning capability, which can be applied on most surfaces.
Further, the two tanks on the machine complement the capability as well. This is because it ensures that clean water does not mix with dirty water while you're cleaning.

For maneuverability and also to make it easy to use, this machine comes with a 9-foot hose. In turn, access to spaces which are inaccessible to the machine itself is provided. With an example of such being upholstery.

Along with the hose, there is a 6-inch touch stain tool also for cleaning upholstery. This tool can spray and scrub effectively. Moving on, the power cord on the machine measures 25-foot which makes it easy to use at distances far from the power outlet in the home.
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6-inch tough stain tool
Large DirtLifter PowerBrush
Two Tanks
9-foot hose and 25-foot cord
Improved suction
5-year limited warranty
Forward and backward pass cleaning
12 amps power rating
Heavy-duty cleaner


This is the most expensive cleaner on the list but it is for a good reason. It offers cleaning features similar to commercial options which makes it a real powerhouse for home cleaning use. It also comes with a 5-year limited warranty to provide users with assurance.


The cleaner has excellent deep cleaning functions and also covers a long distance from the power outlet to the hose.
  • The extra-large PowerBrush can scrub deep into carpets for better cleaning
  • An excellent 5-year limited warranty on the product
  • Forward and backward cleaning feature reduces cleaning time and stress
  • Excellent design with durable materials
  • Using the handheld part of the machine for cleaning is also very effective
  • The warranty becomes void as soon as any cleaning solution from another manufacturer is used with the machine

5. Bissell PowerLifter PowerBrush

5. Bissell PowerLifter PowerBrush
Deep cleaning is the most effective method for cleaning dirt and stains off a carpet. The deep cleaning technique ensures that seep rooted stains are forced out of the carpet to make it as clean as new. With that, the Bissell PowerLifter carpet cleaner provides this cleaning technique and also functions as a shampooer to keep the carpet in excellent condition after cleaning.

Using the powerful suction on the carpet cleaner means that there will be situations where the cleaner will draw in some large objects by accident. To prevent these objects from damaging the interior components of the cleaner, there is a lint screen.

The PowerBrush comes in a 4-row design with a rotating movement for cleaning. Moving the cleaner over a surface will clean an area of the floor at 11 inches in width. A built-in measuring cup also provides accurate mixing of detergents with water. Finally, there's a 2-in-1 tan system that gives 2 separate compartments; with one for the clean water and the other for the dirty water.
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A 4-row DirtLifter PowerBrush
Removable nozzle
Tank with separate dirty and clean water compartments
Measuring cup built-in
Lint screen
Rotating brush
Comes with a formula for a trial use
11 inches cleaning path
1-year warranty


This product comes at a very affordable price in comparison to other cleaners on the list. Additionally, the 1-year warranty added also makes it a great steal.


The maintenance of this option has been made a lot easier with the addition of a lint screen to prevent passage of large objects. This prevents damage of important components, so as to ensure the device's lifespan. The trial formula that comes with the cleaner likewise lets users get a handle on how to use the cleaner without incurring any extra cost.
  • The lint screen and removable nozzle provide an easy maintenance feature
  • 4-row DirtLifter PowerBrush gets to the deepest parts of the carpet
  • There is a trial size formula to give users a feel in case they wish to buy
  • A 20-foot power cord
  • The tank capacity is relatively smaller than other cleaners

6. McCulloch MC1275

6. McCulloch MC1275
This option comes with a lot of accessories to make cleaning a lot easier for everyone. With up to 18 accessories available, the cleaner is suitable for various kinds of floor surfaces while also removing some of the toughest floor stains with ease.

It features a water tank which has a larger size than most cleaners on the market. The tank measures 48 ounces and when the cleaner is set to a continuous steaming mode, the water can last for up to 45 minutes before refill will be necessary.

For a great ease of use, the cleaner eliminates the need to continuously press the steamer button to see release steam while cleaning. The solution to this issue is the ‘Steam Lock Switch’ feature. Once this switch is set in position, it will continue to release steam until the user turns it off or the tank runs empty. To ensure only a little time is wasted after refilling, the heater produces steam within a period of 8 minutes.

The floor mop attachment provides an excellent cleaning capability on various floor surfaces while the scrub pads remove tougher stains.
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Large water tank
Steam lock switch
Floor mop attachments
Jet nozzle and water funnel
Scrub Pad with 2 microfiber pads
Handle for carrying and a measuring cup
Triangle brush and squeegee
Heat up time of 8 minutes
Suitable for various floor types


Thanks to the addition of 18 accessories for use in cleaning, this option is suitable for a lot of floor surfaces. Now, what's remarkable is that for that versatility, the price is still very affordable.


This cleaner works well for a lot of floor surfaces and it is usable for up to 45 minutes before the water tank will need refilling. The steam lock switch is a good addition to eliminate the need of having to pump steam out of the cleaner manually while cleaning.
  • The steam lock switch eases stress from having to press a button continuously release steam
  • A complete package inclusive of 18 accessories for cleaning
  • Doesn’t require harsh chemicals for effective cleaning
  • It comes with a 9-foot long steam hose
  • Starts producing streaks after using the cleaner for a while due to particles in the water tank

7. Rug Doctor

7. Rug Doctor
The use of a transparent material in the design of the water tanks allows users to easily detect when the water in the cleaner is running low so they can refill. Refilling the tank is also another area where there is positive improvement with the increase in the lid size. That said, the tank capacity is 1.1 gallons for a long-lasting use on each clean.

Storage of the cleaner has been taken into careful consideration and the manufacturer came up with a collapsible handle. The device also features wheels which roll smoothly on carpets for easy maneuverability. The suction nozzle on the cleaner measures 12 inches in width and with a 75% improvement claim over many other cleaners, it definitely rises to the challenge excellently.

There is a system in place called the Dual Cross Action Brushes, which is the working principle of the carpet cleaner. Also, there are two rows of bristles rotating on the carpets, for a more flexible clean up. The device likewise has a Super Boost Mode that can be activated to clean areas which get the most traffic.
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Foldable handle
Built-in soap measuring cup
Suction nozzle with a 12-inch width
Transparent water tanks
Larger lids on the tanks
Dual Cross Action Brushes
Wheels which move easily on carpets
Upholstery tool included
1.1-gallon tank capacity
Improvement in suction by 75%
CRI Gold rating
Super Boost Spray feature


This is one of the cheapest cleaners available on the market, which still works excellently in stains around the home.


With lots of improvements in comparison to regular cleaners, it is no surprise that this product has a CRI Gold rating under its belt. It also has few features like the suction and the Super Boost Spray feature that promote the cleaning capability of the device.
  • Super Boost Mode cleans areas with lots of traffic which are likely to get lots of stains
  • Storage of the cleaner is easy with its collapsible handle
  • Transparent water tanks allow you to monitor water level closely

It comes with a built-in cup for measuring soap which makes work easier

  • There have been complaints from users that support is quite tedious to get

8. Bissell ProHeat

8. Bissell ProHeat
A unique feature of this cleaner is the Express Clean Mode. This mode is an automatic control feature which adjusts the amount of cleaning formula the carpet cleaner dispenses during use. Though, the amount it releases is limited to a quantity that will ensure the carpet is dry within an hour after cleaning.
As an improvement to deep cleaning, this carpet cleaner features a CleanShot Pretreater. This mode is activated using the foot and the pretreatment process makes it easier for the stains to come off the carpet.

The device also comes with a Professional Pet Urine Emulator + Oxy which is an excellent formula for ridding carpets of pet odor. It also gives the carpet a better scent after cleaning. It features a wet and dry cleaning function for more versatility. With this feature, the dry cleaning is suitable for removing dry debris and pet hairs while the wet cleaning mode is an excellent option for cleaning stains on the rug.

For its easy maintenance, the brush roll cover on the cleaner is removable. This gives better access to the brush for washing and other maintenance processes. It also features the Dual DIrtLifter Power brushes which work together with the heatwave technology for an efficient deep cleaning. Assembly of the cleaner is also quite easy with the four parts needing just a single screw.
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An Express Clean Mode
CleanShot Pretreater
EZ Clean Brush Roll Cover
Antibacterial feature
Wet and dry cleaning mode
Heatwave technology


This cleaner just takes the spot at an average price on the market with a lot of excellent features. That's despite the quality heatwave technology it has, which is very effective when cleaning.


The Express clean mode is one that will interest a lot of users when using it. This mode allows the carpet to dry within an hour after cleaning. So, it is great for those areas that need to be covered at all times. The pretreating feature also improves the cleaning effectiveness.
  • There is an antibacterial formula with the cleaner
  • Offers a dry and wet cleaning option
  • A pretreating feature for better cleaning techniques
  • Heatwave technology improves the deep cleaning feature
  • It is not lightweight

9. HOOVER F5914901NC

9. HOOVER F5914901NC
The Clean Surge feature of the cleaner allows users to apply a little more detergent or cleaning formula to areas of the carpet with a lot of stains. On a carpet, areas which usually retain a lot of stains are the hallways, entry points, and so on. These places need a more detailed cleaning for best results and so, having the clean surge feature makes this process a lot easier.

The device uses a dual tank system that allows the separation of the clean water from the dirty water in the cleaner. These tanks are also very easy to refill and replace so there is little time wasted fiddling with the device while cleaning. Since it uses water for cleaning, it also features a heated cleaning process (obviously) to ensure that the carpet takes a shorter time to dry after cleaning.

Having different ways to use the cleaner is one of its most endearing features, by which the 3-speed brush control is available for flexibility. The off position of the cleaner also allows it to wipe off any spill on the floor surface. It additionally has a low position for cleaning surfaces which, by the way, can be damaged by too much force. The last position is the high setting which also doubles as the normal cleaning mode of the device.
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Heated cleaning
Spin Scrub 360 brushes
Clean surge control
3-speed brush control
Dual tanks


This cleaner falls within the lower price range while still giving homeowners the quality they desire.


The SpinScrub 360 brushes is a feature unique to products from this manufacturer. Essentially, this cleaning process ensures that the brush covers every part of the carpet in a 360-degree angle, wherein, it deep cleans.
  • It has a great suction quality
  • Assembly of the product is easy
  • It comes at a fairly affordable price
  • It comes with dual tanks which ensure longer cleaning
  • The cleaner gets really hot while in operation

10. PureClean XL

10. PureClean XL
The use of this cleaner ensures you don’t have to utilize any harsh chemical in the cleaning of various surfaces in the home. This is also a good way to be sure of floor surfaces lasting a longer period. It features a water tank with a 1.5-liter capacity. In the tank, you'll find a boiler which heats the water to produce steam that the cleaner releases continuously for up to 45 minutes.

The device comes with 18 accessories which are usable for cleaning floor surfaces both on the interior as well as the exterior of the home. The accessories available include extension wands, triangle brush, scrub pad, funnel, mop head, squeegee, measuring cup, steam jet nozzle, nylon utility brush, microfiber mop pads, and the rolling steam cleaner. The parts are easy to change when necessary to cater for different cleaning chores.

With a 16-foot long power cord, using this cleaner is easy and maneuvering is also easy. In addition to the power cord, there is a nozzle which adds to the distance which the cleaner can cover. The rolling tires on the cleaner and the handle likewise make it easy to move around.
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Power cord measuring 16-feet
5-year warranty
Collection of 18 accessories
1.5-liter water capacity
Suitable for different surfaces
Outdoor and indoor cleaner
Easy storage with cord wrap
Portable cleaner with handle and wheels
Does not use harsh chemicals


For a price which is a lot lower than average, this cleaner offers a lot of excellent qualities that users will like. Also with a 5-year warranty, you can get repairs and replacement on any damage to the machine as long as you use it correctly.


This is one of the few options which really works wonders when using it on grills, vehicles, ovens, and other surfaces. Having all the necessary cleaning accessories also plays an important part in the effectiveness of the cleaner.
  • Comes with washable additional pads for cleaning
  • Less than 10 minutes to heat the water to produce steam
  • Kills germs without having to utilize harsh chemicals
  • It comes with an extraordinary 5-years warranty
  • Lack of water level window

Criteria for Selection

The purpose of the steam cleaner is often the most important deciding factor for the type which you select. But in most cases, there is a lot more to consider than just the purpose. Below, we have listed some of the various aspects which play a huge part in how you purchase the best steam cleaner for your needs.


While the price is a very important factor, it will vary depending on the type of cleaner you select. Some cleaners are available in the same size but the prices may be significantly different depending on the features available. Since you will be using the cleaner for the home, there are lots of excellent quality cleaners which come at a very affordable price. For people with a lot of kids and pets around the home, a cleaner with a higher price and better quality will be the better option since it will be used a lot more often.

Ease of Use

The ease of use of a steam cleaner will have a different definition depending on the user preference. Some users consider a lightweight steam cleaner to be much easier to work with since it allows them to move about more freely. Other users don’t mind the much larger cleaners since they often have more power with a better deep cleaning feature.

Attachments & Accessories

There are lots of attachments which is necessary for a cleaner to be used both for outdoor and indoor cleaning purposes. When buying a cleaner from most of the popular brands, there are lots of attachments which are included in the package to meet the cleaning needs of the home. Other brands may decide to sell the attachments separately to reduce the cost of the cleaner.

Some cleaners come with up to 18 attachments and these are useful for a wide range of cleaning purposes. You should consider the different floor types in the home before deciding on the cleaner (or accessories) to purchase.

Water Tank Size

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Since the cleaner will be producing steam, it will also need water to form this steam. This is where the size of the cleaner plays a vital role as this is the determining factor of the size of the water tank. It is easy to correctly conclude that with a larger tank, it reduces the number of refills before you complete the cleaning. The only downside of having a bigger tank is a longer duration of cleaning. Considering that with a smaller tank you will be heating more often, you have an almost similar outcome.

Pressure & Temperature

These two factors go hand-in-hand in how effective the steam cleaner functions. The cleaner has to be able to produce the same temperature and pressure at a consistent level to be effective. The higher the temperature and pressure the cleaner can produce, the better it kills germs and also provides a much deeper cleaning function.

Size and Weight

Considering that steam cleaners are available in different designs to meet various needs from commercial to residential use, they come in various weight, shapes, and sizes. You need to consider the weight since you will be pushing and pulling the cleaner along as you clean the home. Storage of the cleaner also plays a part since you cannot leave it lying around in the hallway.

What you need to remember is the fact that a heavy cleaner will discourage you from using it and you have limited storage space within the home for the cleaner.

Noise Levels

For anyone who has owned a vacuum cleaner as well as a steam cleaner, they will tell you how silent the steam cleaner operates. But like all electronic devices, there are a few which are louder than others. The simple way to identify a steam cleaner which will be quiet is to look for the decibel rating on each product. Reading reviews about the product by other buyers can also give an insight.

Combination Model Cleaners

These are cleaners which feature a handheld cleaner with the main steam cleaner. These are more efficient when it comes to cleaning tight spaces in the home where the main cleaner will have difficulties fitting into.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does carpet steam cleaning work?

Yes, a steam cleaner definitely works! It uses a dry steam to deep clean any carpet it comes across. And if that be stains or dirt, it’ll remove them all whilst also sanitizing the entire area it cleans.

What to use in a steam cleaner?

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Usually, a steam cleaner only needs water and detergent. Though, there will be two tanks where one one will contain used water, while the other will have clean water.

How does a steam cleaner work?

The operation is rather simple. Any steam cleaner will heat up the water in its chamber, and then release it through the nozzle. Most of the time, the vapour only contains about 5% water, so as to properly deep clean the carpet. Further, because the water heater, or might we say dry vapour, reaches temperature as high as 360°F, it kills allergens, mold, fungus, and bacteria.