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1. Stonewell Outdoor 4 Piece Wicker Chat Set
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Best Patio Furniture Sets Reviews & Price Comparison

During the periods that the weather gets increasingly warm and the days become longer, relaxing outside becomes one of the best options. And if you are lucky enough to own a space in the form of a patio which functions as a second outdoor dining room or living room, it is very likely you would be staying there a lot during those warmer periods.

Our Top 3 Picks

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Hence, regardless if you have a little spot where you read the morning newspaper, or you own a massive area with enough grass and space for an appealing outdoor set, it is crucial that you pick the appropriate furniture to completely utilize the available space.

There are numerous styles and materials to choose from. They all come with their advantages and disadvantages just like every piece of product online (great or otherwise). Now, the good news is, we have helped you choose some of the best options as regards to outdoor furniture. All that is left is for you to read and choose the one that works best for you.

10 Best Patio Furniture Sets


3. Goplus 4 PC Set

3. Goplus 4 PC Set
Enjoying the excellent features of this furniture set will not be immediately after delivery since there is a need to assemble the set. We mean, the set includes a double sofa, two single sofas, and table with a tempered glass top which you'll need to order accordingly.

The furniture set has a steel frame which is durable, sturdy, and also rust-resistant. It also has a long lasting PE rattan wicker. The rattan is hand woven and can withstand different weather conditions. Point made, the frame is capable of supporting weights of up to 300 pounds.

To make the cushions more comfortable, they use an excellent sponge padding. For the cushion finish, a polyester fabric material serves as the covers and it has an off-white color.

Performing maintenance on this set is stress-free thanks to removable parts that make it much easier to clean. We mean, the cushion covers are removable so they are easy to wash and so is the tempered glass on the table.
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300-pound weight capacity
It requires assembly
Steel frame
Cushion covers are removable
Black rattan wicker
2 single sofa, 1 double sofa, 1 table
A tempered glass table top
Removable tabletop
2 inches thick cushions


Every customer who is shopping on a budget will love the quality this set brings at such an affordable price. Amongst the cheapest patio furniture sets available, this set is easy to maintain thanks to removable cushion covers.


When you talk about price, this is one patio set which that's budget-friendly to a T. This as compared to ones on this list and others on the market.
  • Very affordable furniture set
  • Easy to understand the assembly instructions
  • Removable tabletop and cushion covers ease the cleaning process
  • Design language is appealing

It does not come with pillows

2. Peach Tree 5 PCs Rattan Wicker Sofa

2. Peach Tree 5 PCs Rattan Wicker Sofa
This furniture set includes two corner sofa, one ottoman, a single sofa, and pillows. It is durable making it an excellent choice for outdoor areas like patios and backyards. Moving on, an iron material is a pick for the frame of the furniture which is resistant to rust and also very sturdy.

The wicker on this set has a rattan finish which is waterproof. The cushion is also fade resistant which makes maintenance easy by rinsing. Combining these two features along with UV-resistance, the set becomes an excellent choice for areas with varying weather conditions.

On this 5-piece set, the cushion comes in a blue color while the pillows are a cream. Point made, the former (cushion) has a sponge padding with a 180G polyester fabric. Its thickness is 3.1" which is the same with the lumber pad, while the armrest measures 3".

While the cushion has great padding which is very comfortable, the ottoman also adds more versatility to this set. And although the side table does not have any interior space for storage, it is still useful for placing drinks, cups, and more. The tempered glass surface is easy to clean and also long-lasting.

On all the pillows, zippers are available so in case there is a need to wash, it makes it much easier. Still, do remember that there is a need for assembly, so it's crucial that you read and consume the instructions properly.

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Iron frame
Cream pillows
5 piece set inclusive of a side table and ottoman
3.1 inches cushion
3 inches armrest
Side table with glass top


Not the cheapest set on the market, but it still comes at a reasonable price which falls well below average. The set also includes an ottoman as well as throw pillows for additional enjoyment and comfort.


The fade resistance feature of this patio furniture set along with its waterproof and UV resistance quality—makes it a great choice outdoor sets.
  • Lightweight and easy to move to different locations
  • Durable iron frame with long-lasting wicker material
  • The cushions provide excellent breathability
  • Price is good
  • The thickness of the cushions may not allow a long rest period

1. Stonewell Outdoor 4 Piece Wicker Chat Set

1. Stonewell Outdoor 4 Piece Wicker Chat Set
Complement your outdoor décor with this lovely patio set which gives both an excellent appearance and relaxation quality.

The set is a 4-piece which has one table, two sofa chairs, and one loveseat. If you are unsure of what the loveseat means, it's simply a sofa with space for two individuals. It is excellent for parents, or lovers. The tempered glass top of the table is great for your wine glass, wine bottle, or arranging fruits.

Moving on, the chairs measure 29.5" in height, 30" in width, and has a depth of 33.5". On the other hand, the table measures 43.3" in width, 19.68" in depth, and 14.96" in height. The chairs and loveseat also have armrests for additional relaxation and comfort.

All cushions on the product have zippers on them. Wherein, the zippers give easy access so the cushions can undergo thorough cleaning when necessary. The set comes in three color options, with each one having an iron frame. The frame is durable and sturdy which are key features of outdoor furniture.

Another great aspect of this product is the availability of set options. While this is a 4-piece set, it also comes in a 3-piece, 5-piece, and a 6-piece set.

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Durable outdoor furniture
Requires assembly
Comes in various color
Iron frame
One table, a loveseat, and two chairs


This patio set has a price which is quite high, though it comes close to the average price on the market. The set is built with a lot of excellent materials so there really isn't a lot to complain about price wise.


This furniture set will be a great addition to any location in your home yard. They are also great for poolside. The armrest also makes it comfortable along with the pillows which are thick for a long rest time without inducing pain in the body.

  • It is a very durable product
  • Removable cushion covers with zip closing
  • Each chair and loveseat have armrests
  • Table with tempered glass top is easy to clean

·       Difficult, time-taking assembly process

4. Suncrown Sectional

4. Suncrown Sectional
One of the key features of outdoor furniture sets is an all-weather design. Wherein, the set is durable and tough while still offering extreme comfort. The manufacturers of this set go an extra step in providing this by coupling it with a waterproof cover that enhances the overall durability. This ensures that the set remains clean, dry, and ready for the use.

That point made, a lot of people usually complain about sliding cushions on most outdoor sets. This set comes with clips to address this issue. The ‘No Slide’ clips attach to the underside of the chairs to hold the cushion in place. Hence, usability is enhanced.

Like all furniture sets, this set also requires assembly of each part. And yes, there is a need for assembly tools to accomplish this task. Luckily, the manufacturer provides an instructions manual, along with an assembly box. The box includes a socket wrench and different sockets.

Maintaining the cushion covers is quite easy since they are all machine washable. Also for that reason, the cushions have zippers which open up for easy removal of the covers. A Velcro on the underside also works along with the clips to keep the cushions in place.

The end result of the amalgamation of these features is that your time relaxing outdoors is always exceptional. And as a matter of fact, the set has its own coffee table where you can place books, drinks, or meals. Lastly, the tempered glass top makes it attractive and is also easy to clean.
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Comes with a waterproof cover
Includes an assembly toolbox
6 piece set inclusive of a table
Table with tempered glass top
Suitable for all-weather conditions
Velcro and clips to prevent the cushions from sliding out of place
Seats up to 6 individuals


With a well-known cushion manufacturer as the designer of this set, coupled with the fact that it is a 6-piece set, the set sells at an average price.


Using zips and Velcro to address one of the most annoying issues with a cushion furniture set, leaves no room for complaints on this set. Relax comfortably without any cushion sliding out of place. Additionally, the assembly toolbox also eliminates any additional expense on tools necessary for setting up the patio set.
  • The set is easy to assemble in very little time
  • Clips make it comfortable to sit on the cushions
  • Zippers on the cushion make it easy to keep it clean at all times
  • The price is budget-friendly
  • Aesthetically appealing furniture set
  • The cushions get flat quickly

5. Best Choice Products 4-Piece Furniture

5. Best Choice Products 4-Piece Furniture
Having furniture on the patio is always a good way to have a good time relaxing outdoors. This is why a lot of people put a lot of effort into getting a durable set with ensured longevity.

Point made, if you are wondering about the durability of this set, know that it uses a steel frame in its design. The frame can support around 300 pounds which is large enough to accommodate most people. Continuing, the body is a mix of black and grey wicker construction. And it also comes with cushions that have a polyester fabric which cleans without stress.

The product is a 4-piece set consisting of one double sofa, two single sofas, and a table. The double sofa gives a sitting area for up to three people at a time which is excellent if you decide to hold a barbeque in your backyard. Alternatively, you might just want to relax in your yard.

The furniture set's build allows for resistance to the elements which means better outdoor durability. This is needed as opposed to indoor furniture where the house acts as a protection.

The wicker construction of the furniture set makes it quite easy to clean. The cushions also have excellent padding which makes them comfortable while sitting. To ensure that these cushions always remain neat, the covers have a removable design. With this, washing is a lot easier.
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It includes a table
Polyester fabric cushion covers
A removable tempered glass table top
Sturdy steel frame
Each sofa has an armrest
Supports up to 300 pounds
4-piece set which does not require too much space
Single sofas to move around
White removable cushion covers


This is one of the more affordable patio sets available for purchase. And although it is a 4-piece set, it still offers durability with its sturdy steel frame. So, your fund is well spent if you opt for this option.


The frame of this set is made from steel which makes it durable and quite sturdy. Wherein, the latter grants support for up to 300 pounds without any problems.
  • Assembly is quite easy with just one person
  • It comes with some assembly tools
  • Armrest makes it comfortable to sit on the sofa
  • Cushion covers are removable for easy cleaning purpose
  • The padding on the cushion is not thick enough

6. Mainstays Alexandra Square 5-Piece Set

6. Mainstays Alexandra Square 5-Piece Set
Unlike most patio sets, this doesn't come in the form of a sofa. It's more or less comprised of standalone seats, which overall are versatile. In-depth, the seats can be used both for outdoor relaxations and as a dining set.

It is a 5-piece set with 4 chairs and a table; in which the arrangement can obviously be set-up to include the chairs around the table. In turn, this is an excellent way to improve family interaction. As an outdoor set, it is also useful in entertaining guests during a get-together or a barbeque.

The cushions on the chairs are reversible with clips to keep them in place. Wherein, the clips are easy to remove so it does not cause any hindrance. The cushion cover is a printed fabric material while polyester is the choice for filling the cushion.

Each chair measures 31.89" in height, 27.17" in length, and 49.21" in width, so individual space is no problem. The chairs give a quality and comfortable sitting experience with proper ventilation. And the slatted backrest uses a faux wood which means it does not require the same form of maintenance as regular wood.

Speaking of the product's build, the frame of the chairs is steel and it also has a powder coating. The results of this are sturdiness and durability, that ensures long-term use on your part. The color of this set is grey which is not only attractive but seamlessly blends in with the environment. Assembly of this set is necessary but by taking it step by step as it appears in the instruction manual, it becomes an easy process.

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Steel frame chairs
Assembly instructions available
Polyester cushion filling material
Faux wood slat back
Cushions are reversible
Clips on cushions are removable
Includes a table
Grey color
Powder coating on the frame


The price of this set is very low/affordable which is why a lot of people consider it a steal at this price. Consider the fact that it also has quality materials like the steel frame and the lumbar pillows are a great surprise.


While price is one of the best aspects of this product, there are a few other parts that we like. The furniture set offers a lot of features like durability, comfort, and aesthetic appeal.
  • It includes lumbar support pillows
  • Clips to hold the cushions in place
  • Assembly is very easy and there are instructions to follow
  • It is very affordable
  • Cushion material may not be as durable as other high-quality cushions on the market

7. Suncrown Sofa Set

7. Suncrown Sofa Set
High-quality outdoor furniture has become an associative description of the Suncrown Company. With products having an average price, they are quickly becoming a household name. This is the second Suncrown product on this list and it is easy to understand why.

The first stand out feature of the set is that it is a 7-piece set. This gives more space for friends and family to gather and also more options when arranging the set. It also includes a coffee table and sofas which are easy to assemble.

Each cushion has a cover with zippers to make it removable, and this helps with cleaning the set as a whole. The covers are also machine washable for ease of maintenance.

The wicker on this set uses a synthetic resin material which is suitable for use in all weather conditions. To further improve the lifespan, there is a protective cover for any period where the set will not be in use. This cover is waterproof so it performs excellently during the rainy season.
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Waterproof cushion cover
7-piece set
Zippers on covers
Synthetic resin wicker
Waterproof protective cover
6 furniture clips
Durable, sturdy design
Wicker is suitable for all weather conditions
Table with sofas


This product is definitely not for a budget shopper. Though it is a great option to consider for those who appreciate its looks and features—whilst at the same time, are willing to spend a little extra.


Once you understand the value of this investment and go ahead to make the purchase, there are lots of benefits to enjoy in the product. Including great customer service, maintaining the product is also easy with covers which are removable and washable.
  • It is a lightweight set which makes it quite portable
  • The inclusive waterproof cover protects from dust, water, and more
  • A ratchet and socket ships with the package
  • Clips to prevent sliding of cushion
  • Assembly takes a bit of time

8. Peach Tree 7 PCs Set

8. Peach Tree 7 PCs Set
This is a 7-piece outdoor patio and it comes in a stylish and modern design which can easily fit with any outdoor or indoor décor. As a result of that, you are not restricted as regards to the placement of the set.

The sofa is produced using PE retain wicker of high-quality for enhanced durability. It also comes alongside a steel frame and this means you do not have to worry about replacement anytime soon.

The material cushions are fade-resistant, and as the name hints, longevity is more or less enhanced. That said, it also comes with breathable cushions that allow for peak comfort and relaxation. The Peach Tree also comes along various flexible options. This is dependent on your available space and preference.
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It comes in high-quality materials
It has a stylish and modern design
Its cushions are fade resistant and it allows for easy cleaning
Its breathable seat cushions provide peak level of relaxation and comfort
It comes with a flexible combination of configuration options


This sofa is not the most expensive on the market, neither is it the lowest you would find. It comes at a price a little above the average prices of sofas.


If you are looking for a sofa which is durable and comes with a flexible combination, then look no further than the Peach Tree 7 PCs Outdoor Patio.
  • Quality materials ensure durability
  • It comes in appealing and bright colors
  • It comes alongside breathable and thick cushions
  • It is fade resistant which helps longevity
  • Some users have complained that assembling the sofa can be quite tedious

9. Modern Outdoor Garden 4 Piece Set

9. Modern Outdoor Garden 4 Piece Set
This is an appealing patio seat set which comes along with a glass top, coffee table, and two chairs. Wherein, overall durability is not an issue. This is due to the use of quality materials like a steel frame, which coupled with the rattan wicker design makes it extremely durable.

Continuing, the seat cushions are made from high-density foam for exceptional bounce, and thus comfort. On the part of maintenance, cleaning and washing the set is easy. All you have to do is remove the cushion covers, and clean them whenever the need arises.

The material used in designing the cushion covers is also water-resistant. You can use it without having to worry about spills or damage to it even if left outdoors. Assembly can be done with ease as well and the patio set even comes with easy instructions and the required hardware. The product only needs minor effort and time to install.

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It features 1 glass top, 1 coffee table, and two chairs
It is constructed using durable rattan wicker
The cushions are comfortable and have a high-density foam construction
Cushion covers come with water-resistant materials
It requires very minimal assembly
The Chair dimensions are - 24W x 26"D x 30"H
Coffer table dimensions - 34"W x 20"D x 16"H


This is a very pricey patio set. If you are working on a budget, then this might not be for you. Nevertheless, if budget is not a limit, this is definitely a set that is worth looking into when making your next purchase.


This patio set comes in a range of features you can benefit from. This consists of water-resistant cushions, durable material, and ease in setting up. Though, this is only possible if you can get past the price.

  • It can be installed with ease
  • It has very great quality for long-term use
  • It comes in a very modern construction that'll look good in any yard
  • The set offers a high level of comfort
  • It is not as large as expected

10. Merax. 6-Piece Set

10. Merax. 6-Piece Set
This is a six piece sofa set which comes alongside a 3-seater sofa, 1 table, 2 stools and 2 armchairs. Additionally, it has a contemporary design that makes it great for poolside, backyards, patios, gardens among others.

Points made, the set comes designed with PE rattan as well as long-lasting powder-coated steel frames for massive durability. Likewise that, the cushions also feature removable covers for easy maintenance. You can remove it with ease anytime you notice a spill or stain and clean it thoroughly.

The cushion fabric is made of polyester and the very soft foam seats allow for additional comfort. This means you can enjoy the cushion at peak comfort always.
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It comes with 2 stools, 2 armchairs, 1 table and 1 3 seater sofa
It is made using steel frames coated with powder
Cushions come with removable covers which allow for easy cleaning
It has a 5mm tempered glass which ensures durability
For extra comfort, its cushion fabric is made of polyester. It also has soft foam seats
Dining table dimensions - 55”L x 31.7”W x 30”H;
3 seater sofa dimensions - 70”W x 26.4”D x 30.5”H;


This patio set comes at a price a bit above the average price. It is not expensive neither is it cheap, so it all depends on your preference.

If you are in search of something beautiful that comes in an ideal size and does not cost you too much to purchase, then look no further than the this option.
  • It comes in a very beautiful design
  • Durability is not an issue with the furniture set
  • The furniture set's cushions are comfortable and soft
  • It can be cleaned with ease
  • The set's size is very ideal for most locations
  • Assembly can be tedious

How to Choose Your Own Patio Furniture Set

The following are some of the features we put into consideration while choosing the best furniture sets. They are also worth having a look at when choosing the set that is ideal for your requirements. They include:


One of the features to consider while choosing a patio furniture is the frame. Reason being that the materials which are used in the construction of the frame have a lot to tell on the comfort and durability of the furniture. Some materials are good at withstanding rain and humidity, while some are only good during the dry season. Where the furniture will be situated also determines the kind of materials needed for the frame. To properly explain this, we will break down the types of material used in constructing a patio furniture set.

  • Aluminum

Aluminum is best used when outdoors. Some of its features such as durability, light weight, resistance to corrosion, are aspects to give a thought. Also, its ability to resist harsh weather conditions is also a plus. Maintenance of aluminum is very mild, as opposed to some other materials.

Still, it may require a mineral oil coating or occasional waxing to protect the surface. For outdoor furniture, aluminum is a very durable option. But it has a disadvantage which is, it could be blown over by heavy wind.

  • Steel

Steel has almost the same properties that aluminum has. But steel requires more maintenance and it’s a bit heavier than aluminum. It is very sensitive to rust, unlike aluminum. Due to this reason, to prevent rust, it is advisable that you have extra paint for any necessary touch up you need to do on the steel.

  • Iron

Iron is the heaviest furniture used outdoors. This is because of its toughness, durability, and heaviness.  And because of its weight, patio furniture which is made of iron cannot be blown away by wind, unlike aluminum.

Additionally, they resist rain as well, in as much as they’re properly maintained. Iron might need painting to prevent rust just like steel. And if properly stored, it holds up well.

  • Wicker

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Wicker furniture is made of rattan. Although this is not applicable to all wicker furniture as some are made of vine and grass, a great percent of wicker-made sets are made of rattan.

Pieces of wicker furniture are flexible and can work well in sunrooms, patios, or porches. Still, to make these kinds of furniture more relaxing and comfortable, a cushion is needed. The cushion can as well add a pop of color to the wicker furniture.

  • Wood

Furniture made out of wood blends well with nature. It requires more maintenance than the others because it is comfortable and also attractive. Moving on, although we have many options of wood, it is important to know that some are more qualified to use in certain climates than others. And to narrow them down, we can say wood choices can either be Cedar or Teak.

Teak is resistant to weather and it’s also strong. The wood type can last for years without the casual oiling, but it can be pricey as well. On the other hand, Cedar is suitable for wet climates. This is because it repels bug infestation and it has the natural ability to adjust to changes in humidity. Unlike teak, Cedar requires only yearly oiling to avoid cracks and other damages. It also smells nice and has a wonderful appeal when used for construction.

  • Plastic

Plastic is cheap, easy to clean, durable and light. It also comes in any color and the material itself is very easy to store because they’re stackable. Point made, its maintenance is also easy; wherein all you need to do is to wipe it with a clean towel.


One of the things that play a role in the durability of furniture is the fabric that covers the cushion. It is ideal that the fabric is durable and can easily resist wear.

The fabric that you use must be washable (easily), waterproof, mildew-resistant and fade-resistant.  For more durability, it should be coated in PVC. Any set with a fabric that isn’t durable, you can’t put them outdoors, which defeats the purpose of a patio furniture set.

Size and Scale

When choosing a patio furniture, make sure to check that the size and scale correlate with your outdoor space. A big open patio may feel rough with only a bistro set, while a large piece can clog a small space. Small furniture should fit in a mall space while a large sofa should be bought for a large space.


Make sure that your patio furniture complements the architecture and the style of your home. This will make your outdoor space look like an extension of the interior design. In other to suit this, patio furniture comes in different styles and colors.


If you don’t have a covered area in your backyard, patio sets that come with umbrellas or other coverings for protection against the sun are what you need to consider. Additionally, the pole and the umbrella can be destroyed by strong wind. So if you live in a windy area, you have to make sure that the umbrellas have wing vents too. If not, you might just want to skip the umbrella altogether.


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If you entertain often, wheel and casters on the patio set give you a nice adaptability in the arrangement of the sets. Wrought iron and steel can be mounted on the wheels which makes it very easy to move the furniture around your courtyard. We looked for this during the selection process and you should too if you want to buy a patio furniture set.


Since wood requires a lot of maintenance, you can go for plastic or aluminum which requires only cleaning or occasionally oiling respectively. Alternatively, go for wood designs if you have time, as it does come with its own advantages as well.


This is also another crucial factor to consider. The price of the patio set should go alongside your budget. Do not go for something that is too expensive except you can afford it. Additionally, your selection should have immense value for money, as an expensive product doesn’t necessarily mean any quality is involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which of the above is suitable for 6 individuals?

The Peach Tree furniture set is ideal as a 6-seater and even more. Also, the fact that it doesn’t compromise on quality with the price can’t be ignored.

Q. How do I personally select a furniture set to use in my patio?


As mentioned in our selection criteria above, it’s a mixture of price, size and shape (how much can it accommodate), durability as a result of the material used, maintenance, advantages and disadvantages of each building material, etc. You should not ignore one for another, and rather take all sides into consideration including your own personal processes to select the best patio furniture set for you.

Q. Can these be classified as outdoor garden sets with tables too?

Yes, though it all depends on the shape of the piece that you choose.