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1. Fiskars 175800-1002
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Best Fiskars Scissors Reviewed & Rated

Scissors, however feature-packed or designed, are strikingly mundane and ubiquitous. Walk into an office, the kitchen, the construction site, the garage, or look inside an outdoor enthusiast’s backpack and you’re likely to find one. In spite of their simplistic, humdrum appearance, they are commonplace for several reasons. Aside from the practicality of their design, scissors are a cinch to use, long-lasting and resilient, compact and lightweight, cost-effective, and most importantly, have a knack for accurately, seamlessly, quickly, and effortlessly cutting various materials and objects around the house. In this brief, we’ll be showcasing 10 of the best scissors from the reputable Fiskars brand.

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If you’re ignorant of the features to look out, or don’t have the time and effort to invest in researching and analyzing various Fiskars models on the market to help you narrow down on the best one, we’re here for you. In the next sub-sections, we’ll walk diligently walk you through the factors to take into consideration while shopping before presenting to you our 10 picks. Without much ado, let’s dive right in.

10 Best Fiskars Scissors


1. Fiskars 175800-1002

1. Fiskars 175800-1002
Arguably one of the best options ever made by the customer-trusted and highly reputable Fiskars brand, the Fiskars 175800-1002 are packed to the brim with a litany of nifty features to make cutting effortless and quick. They are an all-around pair that will come in handy in a variety of situations. Aside from sewing, you can use the, in the kitchen, in the garage, on an outdoor expedition, and to decorate the house for an upcoming party. Whatever the use, they’ll hold up firmly even after several years of use.

Thanks to the use of heavy-duty, hardened stainless-steel for the construction of the blades, they can cut virtually through anything that comes its way. The construction material is rugged and tough and coupled with the specially ground edge, the scissors will be able to maintain its sharp cutting edge for months, if not years on end. None of the material we tested them on could put up a decent fight, including several layers of heavy fabric, denim, and leather, among several others. You’ll be cutting several tough and abrasive materials quickly and without putting in too much effort, as would be the case with cheap, off-brand models mushrooming all over the Internet.
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In the same vein, the Fiskars 175800-1002 come with several convenience features to enhance ease of use the most notable being the lightweight and compact design. They weigh a paltry 5 ounces and have dimensions of 1.1 by 4.8 by 10.5 inches. The likelihood of hand strain or fatigue is therefore substantially minimal. The handle, on the other hand, is an ergonomically sculpted softgrip designed to minimize slippage while augmenting control and comfort for prolonged, effortless use. They also work accurately considering the bent handle design.

If your heart is on acquiring beautiful made, sharp, durable, and easy-to-use scissors, the 175800-1002 is an ideal choice. It has all the features you need and more to make for quick and effortless cutting of a wide range of heavy materials around the house.

Boats lasting durability

Stays sharp for long for effortless, quick, and accurate cutting

Easy to use



You can’t separate the blades

2. Fiskars 1541301001

2. Fiskars 1541301001
Being a sister product, you’d expect the Fiskars 1541301001 to have a lot in common with the options we reviewed earlier. However, Fiskars has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity and swiftly responding to changing market dynamics, as these clearly show. Like our first pick though, these scissors are a multipurpose choice that are perfect for cutting through a wide range of materials, both soft and tough, in the office or around the house. They are also tough so you can use them confidently. The user-friendly design, on the other hand, makes them a cinch to use. Plus, they are reasonably priced for such high-performance scissors.

The 1541301001 curve their own path by featuring an all-titanium-enhanced stainless steel construction. Pardon the ear-ripping name of the construction material; it simply implies these are built to last and has the capacity to stand up to loads of wear and tear. Whether you’ll be using them to cut through sticky adhesives or other such materials, the results will invariably be accurate, clean, and efficient. The superior construction quality also qualifies them for use in several settings like the office, the warehouse, the garage, and on the construction site.
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Weighing just 0.16 ounces and measuring 10.6 by 10.6 by 0.9 inches, they are both lightweight and slim, a perfect combination for minimizing hand strain and exhaustion for prolonged use around the house. Because the blades feature a non-stick coating, they cut easily and cleanly through materials and objects with sticky adhesives.

As for standard materials without any sticky adhesives such as paper, cardboard, and tapes, among others, they make short and work of them. The handle is comfortable and fits snugly on the hands while the 8-inch length provides sufficient leverage for cutting effortlessly and quickly through tough materials.

To reiterate, these are a solid choice for use in various settings. They’re comfortable, stay sharp for long, and feature non-stick titanium-enhanced stainless steel blades for cutting seamlessly and exceptional edge retention. You won’t regret this choice.

All-around and dependable performance

Rugged, durable construction


Comfortable, easy-to-use handles

Blades have a non-stick coating


Not very long handles

3. Fiskars 01-004761J

3. Fiskars 01-004761J
Before you resign yourself to using cheap, off-brand products on the market masquerading as scissors, take a look at the Fiskars 01-004761J. In the off-chance that the first two products don’t just cut it for you - pun intended - these are highly likely to do the trick. Fiskars pulls no punches with these to ensure cutting various materials and objects around the house or the office isn’t as time-consuming or hand straining as is often the case with flimsy, humdrum models. The scissors are a perfect choice for use for light- to medium-duty cutting applications in light of their heavy-duty construction, comfortable and user-friendly design, and ease of use.

Whether it’s ripping open an Amazon package, cardboards, cutting various heavy fabrics, or decorating a house, the Fiskars 01-004761J will always be an indispensable acquisition. Continuing the tradition of other high-end options, this model is also carefully and professionally crafted from first-rate materials, a fact that’s responsible for their pro-grade performance. In addition to being less susceptible to tarnish, fading, corrosion, and rust, stainless steel is also rugged and durable and is guaranteed to formidably stand up to heavy-duty, extreme use in various settings.
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Suckers for effortless operation will fall in love with this unit the second they try their hands on it. Featuring an effort and time-saving pivoting system, the scissors demands little effort from you. Consequently, cutting abrasive materials will, and we kid you not, feel like cutting through a piece of cake with a hot knife.

That’s a cliché but considering the cutting prowess of the scissors, it’s never been more accurate. Couple the contoured handles, their softgrip, the professional balancing of the whole unit, and the 8-inch length and you have scissors that are a cinch to use. They boast a commanding presence in the hand and have a smooth feel. The resulting comfort and controllability give the user the confidence to get to work incessantly without worrying about their safety or the possibility of the scissors slipping off.

Overall, the 01-004761J are a solid choice for cutting several materials around the house and the office including cloth, paper, cardboard, and thread, among others. They’re sharp and remain so for years on end.

Professional construction from premium materials for durability

Pro-grade cutting performance

Features effort and time-saving pivoting system

• Comfortable and controllability


A little heavy

4. Fiskars 8 Inch Amplify Mixed Media Shears

4. Fiskars 8 Inch Amplify Mixed Media Shears
Put anything in the path of the heavy-duty Fiskars 8 Inch Amplify Mixed Media Shears and the product will effortlessly and quickly through them without the slightest hesitation. Feature-rich, they tick all the right boxes and pack all the instrumental features seasoned professional and experience DIYers look for in functional and practical scissors. Expectedly, the construction quality is top-notch, and the amplify technology, as the name suggests, multiply little effort on the handles to tremendous cutting power on the blades. They are also versatile. Aside from the usual cardboard and boxes, they'll also go through fabric, canvas, chipboard, threads, and other whatnots with remarkable speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

Look no further than this unit if you want a pair of heavy-duty scissors for cutting multiple layers and all-purpose cutting through tough and dense objects. The versatility of the product and ease of using it means that not even the thickest and heaviest cardstocks or magnets can resist their cutting prowess. And every time, the scissors will amaze you with how cleanly, accurately, and effortlessly they’re able to cut thick, mixed media materials, thanks to the integration of the innovative amplify technology that promptly detects blade separation and forces the blades back together.
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Featuring pro-grade blades crafted from high-quality steel, they will sure withstand heavy, hardy use for several months. The material renowned for exceptional edge retention, meaning that the frequency of sharpening, should the need arise, will be considerably less compared to cheap, run-of-the-mill models on the market. The result is scissors that cut cleanly all the way to the tip.

To add to the product’s durability, the manufacturer thoughtfully provides a heavy-duty protective sheath for safely keeping the blade in between uses. Plus, you get a generous full lifetime warranty with every purchase to cover you against deficiencies in material and craftsmanship, which is indicative of the brand’s confidence in their scissors.

To the above auxiliary features add the softgrip touchpoints, ergonomic thumb, and finger loops that easily conform to the natural contours of the hands, providing utmost comfort and controllability. If you haven’t added these to your cart we honestly don’t know what’s still holding you back.

Quickly and smoothly cuts thick materials

Provides accurate and clean cuts

Comfortable and lightweight design

Compact design for effortless maneuvrability


Awkward shape for finger holes

5. Fiskars 12-94518697WJ

5. Fiskars 12-94518697WJ
The Fiskars 12-94518697WJ are a classic and boast highly visible orange handles for easy and quick identification in the toolbox. They cut paper and fabric with lots of ease and speed, easily rivalling their costlier, premium counterparts on the market. They’re durable, easy to use, and the best part is that they cost a fraction of the asking price of some high-end models in spite of the latter’s middle-of-the-road performance. Keep in mind though that while the scissors are cost-effective and functional, the fact that they’re constructed from a soft material means they can’t hold their edge for as long as some high-end alternatives can. For use around the house though, they more than suffice.

With the 12-94518697WJ in the palm of your hands, you’ll be able to quickly, gracefully, and easily cut anything around the office that needs cutting. Besides the usual applications, they aren’t intimidated by the toughest corrugated cardboards, cupboards, threads, paper, plastic clamshells, and even fabric. Further, the flawless performance of the scissors is wholly attributable to the fact that the scissors feature a non-stick coating for easily cutting through sticky materials without them jamming or gumming.
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Cutting through thick materials such as balsa is as easy as cutting through paper when you’re using the workhorse that is this unit.

The construction of the blades from industrial-grade stainless steel and the fact that they are precision ground means that they’ll stay sharp for months on end, allowing you to give different materials a clean and crisp cut all the way to the tip. The ingenious construction of the scissors' handle aims at making them highly controllable and comfortable.

The handle, for instance, is sculpted, meaning that it fits securely and safely on the hands, leaving no room whatsoever for accidental slippage while cutting. And the 8-inch length and the slim, lightweight design should be ideal for reaching materials in tight or awkward spots.

For the homeowner who needs cost-effective, easy-to-use option for occasional use, these are the right product for you.

Cuts flawlessly, easily, and quickly

Long-lasting construction

Non-stick coating of blades



Dulls with ease

Cheap construction

6. Fiskars 01-004244J

6. Fiskars 01-004244J
Value-conscious homeowners looking for the best bang for their buck will find the Fiskars 01-004244J irresistible. In spite of its modest price, they come with a plethora of features and specs that set them several notches above the vast majority of weak, run-of-the-mill scissors on the market. Like their peers, they are a cinch to use, long-lasting, and work flawlessly and with no hiccups at all, irrespective of the material or object they're cutting through. The icing on the cake though is the cost-effective that greatly endear them to the vast majority of homeowners and even professionals looking for their money’s worth.

This is an ultra-strong, resilient and long-lasting unit that exceeds performance and longevity expectations. The blades boast pro-grade construction from first-rate hardened stainless steel which, coupled by the fact that they’re precision-ground means that they’ll not only stand the test of time but also maintain their sharp cutting edge even as they approach the tail end of their lifespan. Before then though, you’re in for one of the most flawless, clean, and crisp cuts the industry has ever seen. To these add the fact that the blades feature a long-lasting titanium nitride coating for resisting wear and tear, scratches, and corrosion, further adding to the scissors' long life.
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And of course, you get to enjoy peace of mind with the provided lifetime warranty that guarantees out-of-pocket replacement or repair of defective parts and components.

Unlike cheap, off-brand option flooding the market, the 1-004244J are made with user comfort and convenience in mind. Softgrip contoured handles ensure your grip is not only comfortable but also firm, eliminating the likelihood of the scissors inadvertently slipping from your hands while cutting something. Injuries are therefore at a bare minimum with the scissors.

Like all other options, they do not require overselling. They sell themselves considering the impressiveness of their construction, ease of use, affordability, and versatility.

Reasonably priced

Ultra-strong, resilient and long-lasting

Boasts flawless, clean, and crisp cuts

• Rust and corrosion resistant blades

• Generous lifetime warranty

• Softgrip contoured handles for ultimate comfort


Lacks adjustable handles

7. Fiskars 192980-1001

7. Fiskars 192980-1001
The Fiskars 192980-1001 are notably more expensive than the other options we’ve reviewed so far but as the old adage goes, “you get what you pay for”. Compared to their counterparts, they boast a seamless blend of cutting performance and lasting durability. They cut like nobody’s business and offer the user exceptional comfort and control. Also, expectedly, they cut cleanly, precisely, and with minimal effort on the part of the user. They also sport hardy, fastidious construction and come with a generous lifetime warranty to boot.

The legendary cutting performance set them apart from most of their peers. With the scissors, you’ll be able to make short and quick work of the toughest and thickest materials such as denim, silk, and multiple layers of fabric. The speed and effortlessness of such performance are attributable to the incorporation of high-quality blades crafted from commercial-grade forged, stainless steel which further feature a precision-ground edge. Consequently, they’ll stay sharp and offer a balanced feel for much longer than conventional blades. Moving forward, you’ll be cutting different quickly, accurately, and with no effort at all. The days of squeezing too hard on the handles while gnashing your teeth to make a cut through tough or dense materials will be long gone.
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As well as being lightweight, compact, and properly balanced, the 192980-1001 also sport bent handle design that contributes to the overall ease of use by enabling the user to cut various materials with ease and precision. The 8-inch length of the blades provide sufficient leverage for effortless performance while the handles while lacking the softgrips for which they are known, fit securely and firmly on the hands. You can work quickly, smoothly, and accurately decorating the house for a party, ripping open boxes, cutting fabric and other materials and never have to contend with hand fatigue or strain.

These are hands down some of the best scissors on the market. They pack the best features to take the time and hard work from cutting a wide range of materials. And they stay sharp and functional for several years.

Superb construction for durability

Very sharp blades

Comfortable, anti-slip handles

Excellent edge retention



8. Fiskars 1000815

8. Fiskars 1000815
For users looking for a near-perfect option for use around the house on light- to heavy-duty cutting and shearing projects, look no further than the Fiskars 1000815 Universal Scissors. The all-around tool will take care of all your cutting needs and keep your hands and wrists comfortable while doing so. As is the case with virtually all Fiskars options, these models feature a blend of excellent craftsmanship and ease of use for the quick and hassle-free completion of various cutting projects. When you get tired of using your kitchen knife or that dull and crappy piece of metal in the garage, it’s high time you invested in these bad boys.

No matter what you want to cut around the house, these pair of heavy-duty, universal scissors should be your first and only resort for clean, crisp, quick, accurate, and easy cuts. From simple materials such as paper and posters to tougher materials like cardboards, cupboards, synthetic materials, foils, and threads, the performance of the scissors will invariably be exceptional. Its such versatility that appeals most the vast majority of extreme DIYers and homeowners keen on staying on top of things around the house.
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However, versatility won’t count for much if the scissors are made from substandard materials, would it? For an all-around, flawless performance, they feature come with heavy-duty blades crafted from robust and sturdy stainless steel. Coupled with the comparatively pointed design of the blades and their ability to retain a sharp cutting edge for months on end, they cut quickly, cleanly, and effortlessly, all the way up to the tip. The icing on the cake, though, is the customizability of the blade that enables the user to adjust the tension to match the density or toughness of the material being cut.

Ideal for right-handed users of various hand sizes, they have a comfortable grip on the handles that guarantee a safe and secure hold. The handles are also ergonomically design and feature construction from high-end synthetic materials for durability. For the best money can buy, look no further than these scissors.


Amazingly sharp blades

Tension adjustable blades

Comfortable to use


Nothing significant

9. Fiskars 94817797 Micro-Tip

9. Fiskars 94817797 Micro-Tip
If there’s anything you’ve ever wanted to cut but for lack of a more suitable tool have been putting it away, consider going with the Fiskars 94817797. They are a versatile and flexible choice built to cut seamlessly, smoothly, and accurately through a wide range of materials and objects. The blades are tough and stay sharp for longer than those of flimsy, humdrum models on the market and the user-friendly design of the whole unit puts its convenience at par with other high-end models.

The 94817797 have all the trademark features and specs of Fiskars scissors. Each and every nook and cranny of the machine, from the tip of the blades to the extreme end of the handles feature an all-stainless steel construction. To this add the fact that the construction material is precision-ground and corrosion-resistant. The attendant resilience, ruggedness, and durability mean the scissors are an ideal candidate for light- to medium-duty cutting applications around the house. They can withstand loads of wear and tear and even take on extreme abuse for several months before they reach the end of their useful life.
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A second feature you’ll find immensely appealing about the scissors is the convenience of using them. The micro-tip design of the blades and the exceptional edge retention means that the blades cut quickly, seamlessly, and precisely. As a result, it's the best for cutting tight patterns and intricate details on a plethora of fabrics as well as awkward angles or reaching materials in hard-to-reach spots. Aside from these uses, the scissors are also your best bet for mundane cutting tasks such as ripping open a box, package, cutting papers, and even cardboard.

A third and equally paramount feature is the comfort the user-friendly design provides. The handles are comfortable and fit snugly and firmly on the hands with minimal likelihood of hand fatigue or strain. Also, because they’re orange, the scissors are easy to locate in a toolbox or when misplaced. Plus, they're lightweight and compact for effortless maneuvrability and controllability and come with a generous lifetime warranty.

Sharp blades for crisp, accurate cuts

Excellent craftsmanship and edge retention

Comfortable for large hands



Not ideal for cutting thick, tough materials

10. Fiskars 194300-1034 Pointed-tip Kids Scissors

10. Fiskars 194300-1034 Pointed-tip Kids Scissors
For most kids, curiosity won’t allow them to just idly stand by watching you rip open an Amazon package with your scissors. Sooner or later they’ll want in on the cutting action, which is why our last pick, the Fiskars 194300-1034 Pointed-tip Kids Scissors, are specifically designed for them. Considering their target audience, they have a bunch of features to keep the children comfortable safe as they learn to use the scissors for various tasks, including school projects. And of course, they're brightly coloured – just the way kids like them.

Just because they are designed for kids doesn’t mean they compromise on comfort and cutting prowess. While the blades aren’t as sharp as you would expect with adult scissors, the model still provides clean, accurate, and effective cuts. The tips of all the 3 scissors in the package come with either a blunt-tip for superior safety or pointed tips for improved control. The later design also eliminates the likelihood of injury. They're fun and easy to use and will help kids realize their full potential and fully explore their creativity.
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Kids older than 4 years will find them a joy to use considering their lightweight and slim profile. The handles, in addition to being brightly colored, are contoured for a comfortable, non-slip fit. And they are ambidextrous, meaning that they can be used by both left and right-handed users without sacrificing comfort or performance.

The Fiskars 194300-1034 will safely assist kids to learn the art of cutting various objects without putting them in harm's way. Other features that also make them endearing are ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and accurate performance.

Comfortable and easy to use

Cut accurately and cleanly

Comfortable, non-slip handle

Ambidextrous design


Nothing worth mentioning

Criteria for Choosing the Best Fiskars Scissors


In spite of their common ancestry, Fiskars scissors vary significantly in their performance outputs. While they all have no difficulties powering through light materials such as paper and duct tape, others struggled through more abrasive and thick materials like fabric, plastic cable ties, denim, leather, threads, and several more.

For the best results, you may want to train your eyes on heavy-duty, high-performance models that don’t hesitate when cutting through thick and dense materials. Also, they should produce clean, crisp, quick, and accurate results every time. Some models are able to cut seamlessly through sticky materials without getting caught up in the mess.

Construction Quality

Fiskars uses a broad range of material to craft their scissors. Irrespective of the design, the brand uses a single piece of material to ensure a fastidious and long-lasting connection between the handle and the blade, thereby minimizing the likelihood of either part snapping or twisting with the application of excessive force.

Some of the materials Fiskars commonly various blends of stainless steel and other metals. The preference for stainless steel is informed by its lasting durability and ability to keep an edge for several months even years on end, which in turn necessitates less frequent sharpening. Stainless can also take a beating so you won’t have to cringe every time you cut through something tough. In the same vein, ensure the blades have a rust- and corrosion-resistant coating to further add to durability.


This refers to the ease of use. Whether you have arthritis and other joint issues or not, you still want a model you can use for several hours on without experiencing hand fatigue, strain, or developing red blisters all over your hands after just a few minutes of use. Some models have an amplify technology for conveniently multiplying little effort on the handles to tremendous cutting power at the blades.

Also, you may want a model capable of retaining its cutting edge for several years so you can cut effortlessly, accurately, safely, and quickly. Softgrips, on the handles, on the other handle, enhance comfort, controllability, and maneuvrability. Reasonably long blades are more accommodative of various hand sizes thick materials compared to shorter ones.


If you want scissors for use around the house, then you don’t need to invest in an expensive model. It would beat common sense sparing no expense to acquire $50 worth of scissors only to use them to rip open Amazon packages every once a while. This is not to say that you need to compromise as sometimes the price is reflective of quality and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I maintain my Fiskars scissors?

A: Maintaining scissors is rather straightforward. Wiping it clean to remove debris, oiling it before storing it, and keeping it sharp should do the trick.

Q: How often do I sharpen the blades?

A: The frequency depends entirely on the frequency of use and the material from which the blades are constructed. Softer material will require more frequent sharpening than tougher materials, obviously.


All 10 scissors featuring on our list are the best Fiskars have ever made. They guarantee maximum satisfaction and will enable you to work accurately, safely, efficiently, and productively. Similarly, they boast high-end construction, durability, reliability, ease of use, and effectiveness. Provided you stick to your budget and match your choice to its intended use, choosing your next scissors should be a snap.