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1. Mkono Macrame Plant Hanger
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Best Wall Planters Reviewed & Rated by Our Team

When you reside in a little apartment that provides little in regards to nature, houseplants become a crucial part of the system. This is where wall planters come in. A wall planter is a small container or pot that is meant for plant growth. It prevents plants from occupying space and also adds some appeal to the home. Additionally, you’ll naturally feel it bring you a bit closer to nature, all in the comfort of your home you.

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Still, before selecting any wall planter, there are a variety of ways that they can be used. You can place them on your walls, hang them on ceilings, and even assign them to a spot on your desk.

So, for any of those, we have rounded 10 of the best on the market today and highlighted where they excel. Do read on to learn more.

10 Best Wall Planters


1. Mkono Macrame Plant Hanger

1. Mkono Macrame Plant Hanger
If you are looking to bring nature into your living area, this unit would do just that. It helps in purifying the house while adding a bit of style.

You'll find the simple design eye-catching when it's applied to your balcony garden or your office space. The planter is made of a strong and durable cotton material that is ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. This means you would not be replacing it anytime soon. It goes well with a square or round flower to decorate the home.

It can hang from a hook in the ceiling or you hang it against a wall. The hanger will fit varieties of pots up to 10 inches in diameter.
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Tough materials used
Has a versatile design and can be used to hold stationeries
Ideal for varying flower of different sizes


If you want something affordable, then this item is the best way to go. It is a budget-friendly option which does not compromise on quality. In other words, the build is quality is high and the aesthetic appeal, though simple, is still good to look at.


The Mkono hanger is simple yet versatile in application. It is a great option for those looking to get more in tune with nature right from the home. It is also versatile and this makes it a great choice for any individual.

Very strong and durable for good lifespan

Its simple looks are attractive

The price is perfect for the quality you get

Ideal to help purify indoor air


The simple and plain design isn't for everyone

2. Umbra Trigg Vase

2. Umbra Trigg Vase
These wall planters made by Umbra are wire frame and made from ceramics that ensure you'll be able to fit the item perfectly in any part of your home. You can choose between two distinct sizes which can be hung anywhere. If you are looking for something that adds a bit of appeal to your home, then this is definitely a great choice. It is small and made from light material. In turn, you'll be able to hang it on narrow walls, just beside doorways. So space would never be a constraint. It is also suitable for bathrooms.

If you want to use it in a large wall space, you can use more than one Trigg unit. This will help complement other wall decorations like your picture frames. Further, using Trigg helps you add color to your living room. Indoor plants like faux succulents, faux sedums, air plants, mini cactus and many other man-made flowers and plants are suitable with this planter.

Trigg sometimes comes in Concrete resin vessel, shaped in a wire frame. They can be arranged in many compositions and used anywhere you desire. This planter can be fixed with ease and even those who have never fixed a wall planter before will have no difficulty setting this up. It comes with instructions that you can easily follow.
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Fascinating new geometric design
Unique wall decoration that is suitable for all rooms
Small, light, and can hang easily
Concomitant use of material


This item comes at an average price. If you do not want something too expensive but which still offers great quality, then this is the ideal choice for you.


The Trigg hanging vase is a cheap yet effective way to add color and life to your home. This product is suitable for people who value nature and love the presence of artificial plants right inside the home.

The product is really beautiful as it adds color and life to the room

The aesthetic design is great

Setting it up is very easy

It occupies just a little space at home


It is smaller than expected

3. Love-KANKEI Vase

3. Love-KANKEI  Vase
This is a double purpose planter. You can attach it to any of your walls or you can opt for a desk. After which, you can use the wall vase to hold anything from stationeries to greenery, so it's actually versatile enough for any storage issue that might occur.

If the planter is to be hung off a wall, it will seemingly float in front of you since the screws that hold it are concealed behind the vase. This will, in turn, give a cleaner appeal that can be applied anywhere you wish.

Running your hands along the planter, you'll find it made of copper wire and hence strong. It is designed such way that when turned upside down, it will stand on a desk. This easily carries any of your plants such as a mini cactus. It comes with simple instruction that makes the hanging easy.
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Comes in modern geometric planters
Suitable for wall and desk
Useful planter container(s)
Stress-free installation


This appealing planter also comes at an average price. You won’t be spending too much if you would love this product to be a part of your home.


The Love-KANKEI vase is a cheap way to beautify your home and office desk. Easy to install and grerat on the eye.

It is great for anywhere in the home

Free replacement or refund if not satisfied with the product

Ideal for storing office items and home supplies

It is small and comes with a classy design


We'd love it if it was a little bit bigger

4. YXMYH Macrame

4. YXMYH Macrame
This is a great option that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It finds application in the deck, patio kitchen, living room, and more. You can combine it with square or round pots, which are suitable for pet owners whose pet like destroying the plants.

Moving on, you have a range of sizes and shapes that you can from (multiple if you prefer). Each one is made of high-quality cotton material. It is strong and durable and not prone to deformation and corrosion. This saves you from replacements/maintenance in the long run. The macrame hanging plants can likewise help save shelf space. It is also a great way to display your vase, books, and decorations.
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Clever way to save space at home
Can be hung from the ceiling and perfect on the wall as well
Size is comfortable to work with
Aesthetic appeal makes it perfect for any room


This option is a little below the average price. It is a budget-friendly item and a great choice for individuals working on a budget but still wanting the benefits of a great wall planter.


It's a fine mixture of price and top-notch quality down to the materials used in constructing it. The macrame plant hanger will surely give your home a beautiful makeover. It is recommended if you love to bring in some nature into the house.

It is very strong and last longer

You can hang it in a variety of ways

Comes in different shapes and sizes

Suitable for hotels, parties, and various occasions


Small size is a problem again in this case

5. Purzest Vase Holder

5. Purzest Vase Holder
This decorative flower plant comes in various designs. So finding the perfect design(s) is very easy.

It is made of materials that although are gorgeous, still retain their durability against the elements and any other items/presence. Also, it is simple and elegant in design and easy to hang with simple instructions to guide you.
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The design is simple and classy
Suitable and perfect for indoor plants like faux sedums, faux succulents, mini cactus, air plants, and many other natural plants
Does not come with plants
Gorgeous designs to choose from


This Ceramic planter comes priced above average. This is not a bad deal considering it comes in three pieces. Nonetheless, if you are not willing to spend a little extra on a planter, then this might not be a great choice for you.


If you have bare walls, this decorative flower plant will be a great addition. It will give your home the kind of feel perfect for it.

Easy to hang, no special skill required

The design is beautiful and simple

The price is moderate

It is durable


The white color of the vase does not add anything to the wall decor

6. Mkono Pot

6. Mkono Pot
The Mkono planter is made of ceramic with a simple design that can be used for many purposes. You can easily hang it and give your environment a professional touch.

The unit is black and comes with a flat base. This allows it to easily sit along the wall, table or any flat surface. It also allows it to fit into every kind of home setting, so you're pretty safe in terms of flexibility. It can be used alongside every kind of artificial plat like flowers, herbs or cacti.

It can also be used both indoors and outdoors. Essentially, if you do not plan on using it in your home, you can use it in parties, offices, or during weddings. It comes alongside a hole beneath it which allows for the drainage of excess water (overwatering).
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Made of ceramic with a simple and high-quality design
Suitable for all forms of artificial plants
Fits both indoor and outdoor usage
Features a hole in the bottom that allows it to drain excess water


If you are working on a tight budget, then this would be a great option for you. Essentially, you get all of the quality, excluding the tall price.


The pot has a great price and the aesthetic appeal is exceptional too. Wherein the later makes it suitable for all who would love to bring nature indoors. If you fall into this category, this is definitely a planter to check out.

It can be easily hung

It is made with durable materials

Price is attractive

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


The opening could have been bigger


These pot containers are beautiful and colorful which, simply put, will spice up your garden. If you have dull walls and sheds you would love to brighten up, the hanging flower pot is ideal for you. It is suitable for the front porch, deck, patio, and balcony.

The container has holes just by the side to allow for air to get to the plant, as well as give way to excess water. It also easily supports a host of your plants so regardless of what plant is your favorite, it's still will fit right into the planter. No matter what, you'll have to get used to its little size which has the advantage of being portable.
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Suitable for all types of plants, herbs, flowers, fruits vegetables, potted plants, silk flowers, dried flowers etc
Perfect for outdoor and indoor, railing, balcony, windows etc
Customers will enjoy a full year warranty with ample customer support


This option is priced higher than average in comparison to other planters. If you don’t mind spending a little extra to enjoy all of the features this product offers, then it is definitely worth having a look at during your next purchase.


If you are in search of an affordable way to add value to your home, then the CEDAR HOME planter is the way to go. It will fit any part of your room perfectly.


Cheap, whilst still having great quality

Customer service is great

It is ideal for anywhere in the home

It occupies very little space


None from us for now

8. My Swanky Home Ceramic Pocket

8. My Swanky Home Ceramic Pocket
This wall pocket planter on just your first glance should be eye-catching. It both very useful bringing in more appeal while staying versatile in terms of application. You can easily put your flowers, papers, or pen into it. Though, if you're considering the installation, it's fast and simple and therefore you can only use it on your walls.

The planter also comes in various sizes and colors that gives a pleasant feel to the room. So regardless of what color you find appealing, or which size is perfect for the kind of presence you're looking for, you should find a preference here. Finally, there is a difference in style/design seeing as the planter is made by hand.
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The unit comes in three vases, all in different sizes and dimensions
Comes with hooks in the back thus, able to hang on keyholes
The product is handcrafted which essentially makes it a classic


This is the most expensive option on the list. If you are not bothered about splashing a bit of cash in the purchase, then this is the ideal choice for you. But if you are working with a budget, it is best you go for other options in this list.


If you are searching for a simple and elegant option this just might be it though the price can't be considered very attractive.

It is available in various sizes and colors

Can be used as a holding for a variety of things

That simplicity is eye-catching

Durable materials are used


Gum, in one or two copies, was a little weak

9. Worth Garden SELF WATERING

9. Worth Garden SELF WATERING
The modular wall planter unit is suitable for small garden space and any area of the house. With two or more combination of the modular wall garden pots, you can create a vertical garden suitable for any space.

It is made of propene polymer, known for being light and durable. The former helps with the installation regardless if it's for the wall, balcony, railing or fence.

These self-watering planters can keep themselves fresh and watered for days. You will not have to water it frequently. The design translates to water flowing from the topmost row to the next one. This creates a seamless flow of water that will touch all of your plants.
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A unique water dripping system that eliminates the need to water it regularly
Propene polymer ensures better longevity and resistance to wear and tear
It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use


It comes with all the features to make a lasting impression with us. So, regardless of the amount you are planning on spending on a wall planter, this particular is just around the average range in terms of price. It would make a great choice if your budget is not so high.


All in all, the garden wall pocket is suitable for small space and homes with small yards, a passage of an office floor, schools etc. It brings a unique innovation into the field of wall hanging plant pots.

The design is simple and efficient for plant watering

The wall planter is made of a high-quality material(s) for durability

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use

Lightweight and hence portable

It is perfect for small places


The irrigation system could be improved

10. Vencer Modern Ceramic (4 Pack)

10. Vencer Modern Ceramic (4 Pack)
This is a high-quality flowerpot made of ceramics that come in 4 groups, all hanging on top of each other. It is a new design ornament applicable for home and gardens that can help grow various forms of artificial plants. The Vencer Modern Ceramic comes equipped with a hole in the bottom to allow water to drip through the soil. This will prevent erosion and allow the plant to stay healthy.

On the ropes, all planters can be adjusted. With this, as the plants grow and increase in height, you can lose the knot and adjust the rope by moving the pots up or down. This allows you to use the planter for longer periods of time before considering a replacement.
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Has a set of 4 suspended flowerpots made of ceramic
Flowerpots come with a tight rope for a firm application
Each unit has a hole in the bottom of each pot
A complete replacement or refund if you are not satisfied with the product


This planter is another averagely priced option. You don’t have to worry about spending too much if you purchase this piece. And that's with all its great features intact.


This flower pot is ideal for home, schools, gardens, and small yards. It is suitable to bring nature into the home and ideal for ornaments as well. Likewise, the price is budget-friendly and the aesthetic appeal is very much intact.


A classy and elegant design

A simple and convenient irrigation system

It is a very thoughtful gift for friends and family

It is suitable for plants and other ornaments


There is no complaint as at the time of compiling this review

Type of Wall Planters

Wall planters come in different styles and materials. For the materials, there are some that are made from ceramic, contemporary metals, terrarium planters, plastic as well as terracotta pots. They’re beautifully painted. The  majority of the mentioned pots are used for plants which need soil for growth. But for aquatic plants, a terrarium would be perfect.


If it’s the terracotta pot you’ll like to choose, the first thing you need to do is to screw to the wall a holder that is bowl-shaped. This ensures support so that the pot can be placed in it. Using these pots directly on the wall if you’re using a white wall is not too good.

Reason being that they leave stains on the wall that you might not notice straight away. The result is unnecessary clean-ups which you can avoid with this tip.


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A painted ceramic wall planter that has an “urn shape” is the ideal choice for a vibrant and cultural feel. It appears as a half pot when it’s screwed into the wall.


For lovers of traditional pots, ring holders that are steel are used to secure them to the wall. After then, it is filled with flowers of their choice. For a modern look, wall planters like the terrarium glass, metal containers that are round and plain and your stainless-steel pots are the best choices. They can be used for planting herbs. With these wall planters, your interior decoration would be posh.

Wall Planters Installation Procedures

Examine the Nail Size that Your Planter Requires

For a heavy planter, use anchor screws with extra grip. On the wall, put the expansive anchor and a plastic insert and then drill it into the wall. Using screws with heavy-duty will hold the pot weight and prevent sinking. For terrarium glass, hardwall hooks are used because they can support a weight of about 20 pounds. When hung from the hard wall hooks, terrarium wall planters look gorgeous.

Choose the Spot

Just before the planter is screwed into the wall, mark the exact spot that you want to fix the planter into the wall. This should help you avoid errors and thus, fixes.

Fix the Plant into the Wall Planter

Firstly, put some gravel into the pot. This helps to absorb the water when it’s excess. Afterward, add soil. Put the plant root into the pot and add more soil. Terrarium glass filled with water is used for aquatic plants. The roots of the plant are placed in the water.

Screw the Wall Planter into the Wall

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You need assistance here. Someone can help you to hold the wall planter in the marked spot and then you screw the pot into the drilled sleeve. For terrarium planters, use the previously fixed hard wall hook to hang it.

Watering Your Wall Planters

Below are watering tips that can help you to keep your houseplants healthy and alive.

  • Make sure that the plant’s soil is equally moist
  • Don’t water frequently but when you do water your plants, do it thoroughly and make sure the soil is evenly soaked
  • Using a watering can with a long sprout, water the middle of the wall planter
  • Water the plant according to its specificity. Don’t treat the plants the same way since needs for water will obviously differ
  • Unfiltered water should be used for aquatic plants because its mineral content is high. To avoid shocking your hydrophyte root, a warm water is required (room temperature)

Criteria for Selection

The following are a few things to consider before choosing a wall planter. They include:

Plant Size/Type

The type of plant that will be in the wall planter should be put into consideration when selecting one. The plants should be moderately big so as to make them hang properly on the wall. Also, size helps with the appeal, so it’s good to pick something big as well. Nevertheless, just because we’re encouraging you to pick plants that are big doesn’t mean you should go overboard.

This is because it may be heavy to stay on the wall if you pick something that’s too big for the planter. So for your choice, go for small annuals or succulents. Just make sure they’re fairly small.

Enough Sunlight

Before you hang the planters, ensure that the spot on the wall receives enough sunlight depending on your plant type. The sunlight required by plants vary. It’s best that you find the perfect position for long-term survival of your plant. It’s not going to flatter any room if the plant dies from lack of energy.

What Are You Going to Use it For?

Before purchasing a planter, consider if the pot will fit into the marked spot for it. Think of the color and even material. Also, note its uses. Would it be for a terrestrial plant or an aquatic plant? Don’t just rush into the market to buy what looks good, as your needs or wants and eventual satisfaction comes first before anything else. You can sketch out your needs (areas above apply) and shop according to them.


Know your home aesthetic and personal style before purchasing a planter. Choose a planter that fits into the style of your home and make sure that your decorations at home (both interior and exterior) compliment your planter. Doing the opposite of this will definitely not look good.

Wall Planter Material

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Planters are made with different materials. This ranges from wood to cement, terracotta, and even glass. Your wall planter usage determines the type of material you should get. Regardless, you can, of course, go with different materials if they agree with your both your budget and want. You should just know that there isn’t necessarily a limit on how many you can get, in as much as they’re properly arranged.

Your Budget

Ordinarily, wall planters look small and you might associate budget-friendly prices with them. That’s not the case with all of them, so it’s up to you to navigate between the different products and their prices that you’ll find online and then pick one that suits your budget.

Keep on the lookout for planters where there’s a discount if you buy multiple copies too, as you get to be much more flexible with the application of the planters without having to dish out a lot of cash. Still, try to likewise avoid planters with poor prices (cost doesn’t equal quality) if you ever see them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to hang a planter?

A planter can easily be hung through an attachment (or two) that’ll secure it to the wall. Since there are different planters and different designs, there are installation instructions coupled with most if not all options. You can just follow them since they’re straightforward and very easy.

How to water my plants?

Luckily, your planter will be designed for over-watering. Otherwise, you’ll have to measure your plant’s water intake to avoid killing it.

Which plants to put in a planter?

There are different plants that you can put in it. Devil’s ivy, common ivy, jade plant, Chlorophytum comosum, and Viper’s bowstring hemp are just some that you can plant in one.