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Unfortunately, contrary to our wishes, we do not live in a perfect world. Disasters, accidents and natural calamities happen and leave us with a mess to clear and homes to restore. In the aftermath of a disaster and after the dangerous stage has passed and you are assured that everyone is safe, you need to face the damages left behind. The damages left behind by an emergency incidence can go deeper than you had anticipated. It’s painful, and an emotional phase when disasters happen. But the aftermath effects can be emotionally draining to handle and devastating.

Water damage can appear mild at first, but after a while, the problem can easily become utterly disastrous. The longer water remains in a building, the more likely you are to incur costly water damages. You might not see the effects immediately after water damage, but within 24 hours, the damages will start setting in, and some of your possessions may become irreparable and others unsalvageable. Drywall may end up weakening and the structural integrity of your home especially the structural framing can weaken leaving you with an unstable house. Also, within the first week of water damage, the effects may escalate, and you might notice mold growth, damages on your HVAC, on electrical outlets, etc.

Similarly, when there is as a fire disaster, you will be left with unimaginable havoc in your home. But even worse, is the damage that that is left behind after a fire emergency. It goes beyond what you can actually see. In just a few minutes, a fire a disaster can render you homeless; it can burn through your walls especially in areas that you might not see. Even hours or days after the fire has been put off, the toxic fumes from the fire will leave residue everywhere in your home.

Emergencies such as fire, floods, and storms can leave you overwhelmed, frustrated and possibly disoriented. No matter what type of emergency comes your way, the aftermath will require a lot of work, resources and most importantly, dedication and determination. Flooding leaves you with damaged flooring, walls, structural damages, countless damages to your belongings and a possibility of mold and bacteria growth. Fire, on the other hand, leaves you with smoke damage, water damage and generally, damaged property.

When emergencies and disaster happen, the first step should be to ensure that everyone is safe. Next step is to contact reliable and experienced restoration company. When disaster strikes your home; you need to act fast.

Some people might be tempted to restore their homes in the aftermath of a disaster. But, as we mentioned, no matter how small or mild an emergency appears, the damages might not be that visible to you. In fact, with fire and water damage, there might be very little you can do as a homeowner to salvage the situation. After any type of emergency, the air quality is usually one of the factors you should worry about. You might end up exposing your self to harm by inhaling impurities and toxic fumes without even realizing it.

The work of restoration companies is to ensure quick restoration after an emergency. Whether it’s a storm, fire or flooding, you will need professional assistance to deal with the aftermath. In most cases, after emergencies, damages are usually unavoidable. You may not be able to occupy your home days or even weeks after the disaster strikes. If it was a flooding emergency, water damages could have already set in. Or if it was fire disaster, your home could still be filled with toxic fumes along with other damages.

A restoration company will explain the situation to you, give a detailed report to your insurance company, and come up with a step-by-step plan that will help you get your home back within the shortest duration possible. They will offer to assist you and guide you in every step all the way until your home is safe for you to occupy again.

Types of Restoration Services and Costs

When you are faced with a serious disaster that leaves havoc in your home, you need to act fast. Your home will be exposed to serious damages, and if left unattended for even a day, you might incur serious losses. If you are wondering where to start, you need to keep reading through this guide.

First, when a disaster happens, you should be able to distinguish between man-made disasters and natural disaster. Natural disasters include earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, storms, etc. Manmade disasters, on the other hand, refer to situations like infrastructure failures, hazardous materials spill, house fires, industrial chemical leaks, air pollution and any other type of disaster resulting from technological breakdowns.

Once you are able to distinguish between these two, you will be able to know if the damages and repairs will be taken care of by your insurance. But the first step after a disaster should be to engage the services of a restoration company to assess, survey and help restore your home. They will also help you prevent further damages.

Fire and Smoke Restoration Services

Fire and smoke can cause significant damages not just to home but any of property. It can be devasting to go through a fire disaster incidence in your home. The cause of the fire could be anything including faulty wiring, heavy lighting, kitchen accidents, etc. After the fire extinguisher trucks leave your home, you will be left with water damages, smoke or soot damages, and the fire damages.

When a fire disaster happens, you need restoration services as soon as possible. You should never attempt DIY restoration as you may end up inhaling toxic fumes and carbon monoxide and end up exposing yourself to danger. With proper restoration services, you will get proper documentation that will aid your insurance to cover damages including the secondary damages that occur after the fire.

Fire and smoke restoration cover a wide range of services which include water damage, soot, smoke, structural drying, and the damages resulting from the fire. It will also include repairs and possible reconstruction depending on the condition of the building.

How Much Will It Cost?

When it comes to fire and smoke restoration costs, there is no specific cost. The cause of the fire, whether simple or complex will influence the cost of restoration services. But generally, restoration companies charge anywhere between $3500 to $22500 on fire and smoke restoration services. This cost doesn’t only depend on the extent of the fire, but also on the type of restoration and cleaning required. For example, a small kitchen fire detected promptly and extinguished immediately could fall on the low end of restoration costs.

Water damage, which arises after the fires have been put off, will require immediate restoration services. The hoses and sprinklers from the fire extinguisher trucks leave behind significant water damages that could easily escalate to mold growth. Your house will require dehumidification, structural drying and then finally, deodorization.

Fire and smoke restoration companies can charge you per square foot for water restoration services which range from $2-$4 per square foot. Or charge a flat fee for water damage, which starts from $1000 to $5000 depending on the extent of water damage.

Fire and smoke restoration companies will also deal with smoke damages. This involves the removal of soot and smoke. These two can contaminate your home, walls, carpet, furniture, air ducts, etc. They also leave behind toxic fumes, odors, stains and strong acids. Restoration companies charge an average of $2000 to $6000 on soot and smoke removal.

Odor removal will also be part of fire and smoke restoration services. The contractor will need to do a thorough cleaning to get rid odors after a fire disaster. The cleaning will involve the use of special cleaning agents to break down hazardous compounds. The cleaning process will also involve the use of cleaning equipment to ensure they clean places that are hard to reach with the normal cleaning methods. They will need to use thermal foggers to get rid smoke odors trapped in porous materials in the building. Expect to spend about $1000 to $3000 on odor removal.

Finally, restoration contractors will need to deal with the actual fire damages. This includes the removal of damaged materials and replacements. The restoration will also involve reconstruction of sections of your home that were destroyed by the fire. For a typical kitchen fire, expect to spend around $20000-$6000 or fire damages.

But for extensive damages for an entire home, restoration contractors charge anywhere from $10000 to $30000 or even more depending on the extent of the fire damage in your home.

Flood and Water Restoration Services

Natural calamities and catastrophes can to lead flooding and cause serious water damages. Simple plumbing failures in your home can also lead to flooding like in cases where one of your pipes bursts or a washing machine hose bursts and suddenly floods your home. Water damages should be handled promptly before they escalate to serious problems such as mold growth, electrical damages, and even weak structural frames. The first day after water disaster is quite critical in reducing the extent of water damage and repairs needed afterward.

Water is heavy and when your home floods, water usually soaks fast and deep. Most homeowners tend to think that they can handle water damages through regular cleaning. But the fact is, carpet cleaners and shop wet-vacs are not enough when you are dealing with flooding. In fact, if you delay restoration services, your home will experience extensive deterioration. You might end up with irreparable damages on your carpet, drywall, wood flooring, paneling and many more.

Flooding water usually contains contaminants whether it’s coming from outside or indoors. If you stay in a flooded house, you will be exposing yourself to biological contaminants. In addition, just because your home looks dry, it doesn’t mean it’s free of moisture. As we mentioned, water is heavy, and the gallons of water that flooded into your home will sink deep. Cavities in walls, cracks and crevices, and rooms below the surface such as basements can retain water for months. Thus, within a day or two after a flooding disaster, you might start to notice mold and bacteria growth which is another big problem to deal with amidst the water damage confusion.

A flood and water restoration contractor will do a cleanup, carry out repairs, and restore your home as quickly as possible to stop the moisture issues from escalating. Restoration services will also prevent the growth of mold and mildew by making sure they get rid of excess moisture and use disinfectants.

Most restoration companies will charge you an average cost ranging from $1000 to $4000 on flood and water damage restoration. This includes cleanup and taking care of water damages. A restoration contractor will assess your home to see the extent of water damage. Afterward, the professional will identify the contamination levels left behind as a result of the flooding episode in your home. They will administer treatments based on their findings and assessment to reduce the possibility of long-time effects from the floods.

When your home floods, you may be left with the issue of standing water. This happens when moisture, especially in your basement, doesn’t drain away properly. Standing water can lead to other serious water problems and encourage mold and mildew growth in your home. Restoration services will handle the issue of standing water at an average cost of $2900.

Wind Damage and Storm Restoration Services

When heavy storms and winds hit your home, the damages can be devasting and quite significant. Wind damages can happen when strong winds directly hit your home or indirectly when a strong wind blows debris into your home. No matter your location or region, you are likely to experience different types of storms which are capable of destroying your home. Thunderstorms are usually the most common source of winds. But hurricanes and tornado can easily rip up your roof shingles and cause significant roof damages. A hailstorm, on the other hand, can destroy and break any part of your house it hits.

Any damage resulting from strong wind and storms is not a small issue. Thus, you should never attempt a DIY restoration after a wind and storm damages. This is because, after a wind or storm disaster, your home could be left with serious structural damages especially on the roof. When wind and storm damages happen, you should promptly engage the services of a restoration contractor. They will assess the damages left behind and involve roofing contractor for repairs. Expect to spend anywhere from $2000 to $10000 on wind damages and storm restoration services.

But, it’s always advisable set money aside and prepare for the worst when it comes to wind and storm disasters. To minimize damages from snow, ice, and hail, you should winterize your home. This way, you will prepare your home and have everything ready and in place. This way, you will be safe when the storm comes and even after the storm is gone.

Earthquake Restorations Services

When earthquakes happen, it can be extremely devasting. If they happen in areas where they aren’t common the damages can be massive since the houses are generally not constructed to withstand such a disaster. Unfortunately, no location is safe from earthquakes; they can happen anywhere. When they happen, they cause severe damages to your foundation which is beyond repairs.

If you live in a region or area where earthquakes are likely to happen from time to time, you should consider retrofitting your home to ensure safety. This includes bracketing, bracing and bolting your home to secure its foundation during earthquakes. The cost of earthquake retrofitting ranges from $3000 to $5500 and the average cost is about $4000.

Restoration services descriptionAverage cost
Fire and smoke restoration costsCost range$3500-$22500
Smoke and soot removal$2000-$6000
Odor removal$1000-$3000
Fire damages$1000-$3000
Flood and water damages costsCost range$1000-$4000
Clean-up$4-$8 per square foot
Repair roof and ceiling$800
Basement flooding damage costs$1,500
Repair drywall$250-$500
Leaky and broken bathroom fixtures$3,000
Plumbing (burst pipes)$1,000
Draining water from the foundation$1,200
Draining standing water $2,900
Wind and storm restoration costs Cost range $2000-$10000

What to Expect from A Restoration Company

When a disaster strikes, there is a lot that happens in the aftermath. You will be dealing with significant damages not to mention the disruption in your life. In the midst of the confusion, you are also supposed to deal with your insurance company to ensure that the damages are covered. It can be challenging and overwhelming. But the firsts 24 to 48 hours after a home disaster are usually the critical times towards recovery and minimizing damages.

A restoration company will not only provide quick help, but they will stabilize your home. In addition, a restoration company will help you recover your belongings and your home and restore your life back to normalcy.

A professional company includes trained professionals who come to the site of disaster as first responders after the first stage of an emergency is over and everyone is safe. After the rescue team and emergency services leave, the attention now turns to the aftermath of the disaster. The experts will assess the disaster and the damages in your home and restore most of your possessions and home.

A reliable and competent restoration contractor will make sure they restore your life and your home. They will clean your home and your household items that would otherwise be deemed unfit for use and disposed of due to fire or smoke, or water damages.

Assessment and examination: When you call in professional services, the team of experts will come to your home, assess, evaluate and monitor your home carefully. The professionals will analyze the situation in your home and then, step by step, devise a plan on how they will execute the restoration process. The type of disaster and the damage will guide them on what needs to be done.

If it’s a flooding disaster and water damage, the team of restoration experts will be equipped with devices for reading moisture levels, thermal cameras which enable them to identify wet areas in your home; and, they will use laser measuring devices. Depending on the nature of the disaster, restoration professionals will bring specialized equipment to assess the amount of damage.

After the assessment, the restoration company will separate salvageable and non-salvageable items and categorize them. Once the assessment is over, and they have identified problem areas in your home, damages, and repairs, a restoration company will you a comprehensive report and an accurate quote.

The quote will include estimates for repairs, demolition where necessary, restoration services which may include drying up, removing odors, cleanup, and disposal of irreparable items. The quote will also include rebuild and replacement materials and the requirements for the cleanup. In summary, the quote will have a breakdown of repairs, cleanup services, materials needed, removal plans and the cost of the entire restoration project.

Work with your insurance: During the assessment, your restoration company will use the restoration estimating technology to identify the damages in your home to help with your insurance claim. Through their findings, restoration companies can help resolve your insurance cover and claim faster. Their timely action can identify secondary damages and prove to your insurance that they were as a result of the disaster in your home. In some cases, insurance may refuse to cater damages that come after a certain period after the date of occurrence. Your restoration company can help document the occurrences and the dates to see if your insurance company will adjust their claims.

Removal, cleanup, drying up: Depending on the damages, there will be a removal of material. For example, the restoration team may need to remove wood flooring after a flooding disaster. Other materials might require removal include drywall and insulation. Using specialized equipment, they will proceed with the drying process.

Dehumidifiers, fans, and containment: Once the professionals have cleared the affected areas by removing damaged materials and items, they will work to minimize moisture levels and improve air quality. They will install high powered fans and dehumidifiers to start off the process of drying the home and draw out the excess moisture. In extreme situations, the restoration professionals will use a barrier containment to prevent access to some specific areas and allow a clear way for airflow in those areas.

Mold and asbestos testing and control: After a fire and water damage, due to the excess moisture, you might be faced with the possibility of mold growth. Restoration professionals will reduce the risk of mold and mildew growth by removing excess water. In case the mold is already present, the professionals will use industrial grade cleaners and disinfectants to get rid of the fungus. Also, they will test the air for the presence of asbestos fibers and also determine the quality of air in your home.

Reconstruction and repairs: Restoration companies work with different contractors for repairs and reconstruction in your home. After cleaning, disinfecting and drying, your home will require repairs and reconstruction depending on the extent of the damages. Through their professional interactions, restoration companies often know reliable and affordable contractors for home repairs. But you can choose to have your preferred contractor for the repair work.

Hiring the Right Restoration Company

When you are faced with a disaster, regardless of its type, the damages can be devastating. The situation can be shocking and overwhelming. Your priority at that point is to get your home back as a soon as possible and in a livable condition without smoke or moisture issues. For this reason, you need to get it right when you hire a restoration company to help you get back on your feet and restore your home.

Even though situations can be different, you will never go wrong by hiring the right restoration company after a disaster strikes leaving you with unimaginable damages. A reliable restoration company will do the restoration work quickly and efficiently. In the meantime, you can have ample time to concentrate on your family.

When a disaster strikes, you will have little time to research or ask around for the right restoration company for the job. But, even though you will be faced with time limitations, getting the right restoration company for the job is essential. The people around you can be of great help especially your neighbors, friends or colleagues. Ask for referrals from trusted people. When getting a referral, make sure that you ask all the relevant questions about the company’s performance and their services before you contact the restoration company you are being referred to.

Another reliable way of looking for a restoration company is through the online platforms. Most companies run websites where they list their services and contact information. Search for restoration companies near you and go through their websites.

Do not forget to go through the reviews online about the company you are interested in hiring. What are people saying about their services? How about their rating? Reviews, especially from trusted sites can tell you a lot about a company. So, even in the midst of your crisis, take your time to research, ask for referrals, and read reviews before you choose the restoration company to work for you.

10 Questions to Ask A Restoration Contractor

A restoration company will help you pick up the pieces; they will clean up, repair, preserve and generally protect your home and your belongings after a disaster. But finding the company that will do things just right can be a daunting task during such a difficult time. Everyone will claim to be the best in the restoration field, but, you as the homeowner, you need to take necessary precautions and do your due diligence to find the right company to restore your home and belongings safely and professionally.

In addition to reading through companies’ reviews online, you need to find the essential information from the company before you hire. Let’s look at a few critical questions that you should ask a restoration contractor before hiring.

Are You Licensed and Bonded?

Restoration companies have to be licensed and bonded to work in that particular area. Proper licensing shows that the company has been authorized to carry out restoration services. It also means that the company is registered within your state. It is easier to solve legal issues with a licensed company in case it comes to that. Ask the contractor to show you the license.

What Kind of Certifications Do You Have?

A license is crucial, but its one the minimum requirements. You need to find out from the company if they have additional certifications. This shows that the company is committed and has a record of excellence. They also show that the company has invested its time, money an effort in their profession.

The company could be certified by The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, And Restoration Certification (IICRC) which is renowned for setting standards on restoration services for fire and smoke damages, water, mold, etc. Make sure you find out who in the company is certified. The technicians should be certified as well because, ideally, they will be the ones to work on the site.

Are You Insured?

Restoration is a delicate and sensitive task. The contractors have to work carefully to avoid causing additional damages especially structural ones. But anything can happen, and if it does, you should not be held liable. The company should be licensed to ensure that repairs and damages that may happen during restoration are covered. Also, the company should have a worker’s compensation to ensure that their technicians are covered as well.

How Long Have You Worked in Restoration Field?

Level of experience is essential, and the only way to find out about the company’s level of experience in restoration is through their past clients. Reviews online can reveal a lot about a company’s services. Ask the contractor to give you references and call them up to find out about their experience with the restoration company you are about to hire. Ask them if they were happy or satisfied with the company’s work, how long it took them to complete the project and any other relevant questions that you deem important.

What Tools and Equipment Do You Plan to Use for The Project?

Restoration work requires the use of advanced tools and equipment to help achieve the best results. A company that has invested in new equipment and technology and, up-to-date tools is dedicated to its work and more likely to deliver better results.

How Long Will My Project Take?

Areas affected by water damages should be dried within 2 to 5 days after the disaster. If this is not done, the damages could escalate and become worse. Therefore, the contractor must give you a time limit that will see to the completion of the project and minimize secondary damages.

What Guarantees Do You Have?

When it comes to disasters, it might be hard to give a guarantee on an unpredictable situation. For example, a restoration contractor cannot guarantee you that mold will not grow after a flooding incidence. Nevertheless, a restoration company should have a warranty and a guarantee for their services and materials.

Are Your Technicians Readily Available?

When it comes to restoration services, availability is critical. The technicians should be available even after the normal working hours. When it comes to water or fire damages, anything can happen anytime. The restoration company should have technicians readily available and ready to be on site as soon as possible to contain the situation.

How Much Will the Restoration Services Cost?

Even though the company will only be able to give you the actual quote after assessing the site, a restoration company should provide you an estimate. Let them explain their charges to you, what services they will charge you for and materials and equipment.

Do You Do A Cleanup and Carry Out Repairs?

It’s important for a restoration company to make it clear to you the kind of services they will offer. Find out about the cleanup and repairs. Do they fix damages left behind or hire contractors to do it? How about cleaning? Will they dispose of debris and other material from the site after cleaning up and repairs?

Restoration Scams

During a disaster, it’s easy to get scammed by unscrupulous con artist claiming to offer restoration services. Some people will go out of their way and take advantage of the difficult situation to rip you off. Thus, it’s important to protect yourself from restoration scams and avoid the possibility of getting ripped off.

Get a proper quote: Once the company comes to assess and inspect your home, they should give you a clear estimate of how much the restoration services will cost. You should be having an idea of the cost of the whole project. A company that is not willing to give you a clear quote should be a sign for you not to sign up for their services. In addition, you should at least get two to three quotes from different companies for comparison purposes.

After getting the cost estimate, make sure it’s put down in writing. Before the restoration company gets down to work, you need to have a written cost estimate. Take time and go through the details to make sure you are not being charged exorbitant fees. Some companies charge exorbitantly just because they know insurance will pay them anyway. Also, find out if the company is charging any minimal fees for evaluation and assessment.

Be in communication with your insurance company: Restoration contractors can claim that they will deal with your insurance agent directly to ensure funding to relief the burden and the hassle from you and speed up the process. Some restoration contractors are trustworthy and can make the process less stressful. But, some contractors will make use of this opportunity to charge exorbitant charges. Make sure you are also in communication with your insurance agent.

Be wary of door-to-door restoration services: Some people may come knocking on your door claiming to offer restoration services or have been sent by your local government. A government official should have an ID, and they will not ask for any payment fees. Avoid anyone knocking on your door claiming to be a restoration contractor offering discounted services. A legitimate, qualified and licensed restoration contractor will not be seen on your doorsteps soliciting for business.


When disasters strike, they can leave you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. After the initial emergency rescue and everyone is safe, you need the serves of a reliable and legitimated restoration company to be on your side and help you get back on your feet. Regardless of the disaster, restoration professionals will make your home safe, work quickly to control additional damages, help you with an insurance claim and most importantly, they will try their best to salvage your belongings and your home.

In the aftermath of floods, storms, and fire, it can be quite difficult to make the right decisions regarding the damages without emotionally breaking down; a restoration company will come to the rescue and help get your home back in the best condition possible.

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