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1. Wolverine Raider
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Best Safety Boots Reviews & Ratings

Anyone who’s ever worked in a hazardous work setting understands the indispensability of a functional pair of work safety boots. Safety boots come in all types of different designs and varieties which also means they’re ideal for various work environments. Consequently, you need to pick a pair that best suits the type of job you intend to do. Safety boots are not just a compulsory gear; they also perform a wide variety of other functions, the most important of which is protecting your feet from the sharp objects on most work sites. The design of safety boots also aims at augmenting comfortability which in turn significantly increases your productivity. The need to exercise caution when choosing a most suitable pair of safety boots is even more critical because they are differently sized, are made from different materials, and they sport different features.

Unfortunately, you have thousands of pairs of safety boots to choose from, and the process of narrowing down your search to one or two pairs that best meet your needs can be a daunting and time-consuming and laborious process. You have to choose between soft-toe, plain-toe, slip-resistant, insulated, and waterproof safety work boots. Different boots also feature different construction methods ranging from cement construction, stitch-down construction to molded construction. In the next sections, we’ll take a thorough look at the factors you’ll need to take an in-depth look at the features and criteria to take into consideration before purchasing that pair of safety work boots you have in mind.

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10 Best Safety Boots


1. Wolverine Raider

1. Wolverine Raider
It is worth mentioning right off the bat that the most comfortable work boots on the market today are the Wolverine Raider 6" Work Boots. While there are others that come pretty close to challenging their position, none of them gives the feeling that the shoes are just another second layer of skin on the feet, allowing you to, therefore, work comfortably throughout the day while being hardly aware you have them on. Such is the level of comfort that the Wolverine Raider 6” Work Boots offer you, in additional to consistent comfortability and incredible durability, irrespective of your profession.

If you work on a construction site, on the floor of a busy warehouse, or if your job takes you outdoors most of the time or just working one of those situations that necessitate being on your feet for the better part of the day, you probably understand the significance of always wearing a pair of long-lasting, comfortable work boots. Especially if you've attempted to perform your job in a pair of cheap and poorly constructed work boots that you were aware of the entire time and could not wait for your shift to end so you can take them off.

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They feature an ingenious design and superior quality construction and are packed with a bunch of features aimed at giving your feet the best possible protection as you work. To begin with, the pair sports full-grain leather upper, rubber lug outsole, and a Multishox full-cushion footbed. The footbed isn't attached to the shoe so you can remove it easily and wash it once it gets dirty. The Wolverine boots feature a Contour Welt construction to provide your feet with the much-needed support all through the day. If you work in a particularly demanding environment that puts tremendous strain on your feet, it would be prudent to invest in a pair that has removable, comfort-gel footbeds and whose rubber-lug soles are resistant to slippage. The latter feature aims at preventing you from falling when you step on a slippery wet patch or a rolling piece of equipment. These are all features that the Wolverine Raider 6” Work Boots offer you at an surprisingly affordable price.

Irrespective of the length of your shift, the construction aims at keeping you comfortable and safe at the same time. The pair of work boots features a mesh lining all throughout its length for the sole purpose of enhancing breathability. Additionally, the midsole is lightweight to keep the weight within comfortable levels and is similarly long-lasting, so it gives you years of reliable and exceptional service. Constructed primarily from the long-lasting nylon shank and with a weight of just 2.45 pounds, they can be worn by everyone in the house. The boots are available in a steel-toe option and darker brown option.

In conclusion, the Wolverine Raider boots are a high-quality pair of work boots aiming at giving your feet great support all throughout the day. The manufacturers offer this pair of work boots in various styles and colours. Whether you want one in an Oxford, Wellington, or Steel-toe option, they have it. They are equipped with rubber-lug outsoles that do a fantastic job resisting slippage, oil spills, and abrasions so that you have a safe and accident-free day, every day, and all throughout the year. While they're sturdy and durable, they are similarly flexible so they can bend and flex with relative ease thereby allowing them to provide you with support and comfort even on the most challenging days. Because of their ability to retain heat in the cold and stay cool in hot weather, they are perfect for mowing the lawn, welding, construction projects and working in a warehouse.
  • Sturdy construction
  • High-quality reinforcement of foot area
  • Cushioned to absorb shocks and compressions


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2. Timberland PRO Soft-Toe

2. Timberland PRO Soft-Toe
Think of the Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss Soft-Toeboots as a must-have pair of work boots if you spend a considerable amount of time on your feet most of the day and all years round. Working in a particularly hazardous environment makes it all the more important and urgent that you get this pair of work boots – it comes the durability, toughness, comfort and soft toes to give you the confidence you need to perform your tasks without worrying about your feet. There is also a very remote possibility of your feet suffering any soreness or pinching considering that the boots come with a little more room around the toes.

The creative construction makes them ideal working in a wide range of environments. They come with a tough outer sole whose traction grasp significantly reduces the likelihood of skidding and breaking or injuring any part of your body should you step on a wet or slippery surface. Electricians, in particular, will like the fact that the Timberland boots have electrical hazard protection properties and will, therefore, guide against potential electrocutions. To avoid the development or growth of blisters while increasing comfort, you can easily take off the insoles whenever you feel like it.
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And if it's comfort you’re looking for, the boots will never disappoint. The pair of boots come with a leather upper, padded collar and a hardware speed lace all aimed at giving you additional comfort and protection as you gracefully go about performing your job. And if that's not enough, the manufacturers included a thoughtful and convenient contoured sock-liner for the same purpose. Seriously, these work boots are so comfortable that unless your partner insists that you take them off, you might as well go to bed with them without realizing it. They give you the feeling that they are a natural extension of your own logs.

And compared to other boots in the market, the boots has a toe box with sufficient room to accommodate differently sized toes, so your feet are comfortable all day. The design of the laces makes it possible for you to make the boots tighter to a level you feel most comfortable and without risking any binding up. Consequently, it’s possible to tighten the collar of the ankle while leaving the lower region comparatively loose. And since they are not resistant to water, they boast a breathability that’s hugely lacking in most work boots. They look and feel sturdy.

Considering their sturdy and durable construction, they are truly worth investing in. Irrespective of your work conditions and the demands of your job, these pair of work boots will gladly take the beating and not show even the slightest indication of aging. With proper use and care, they’ll definitely last for several years, even in the harshest working conditions. The boots will provide your feet with more than adequate support and protection throughout your shift and will eliminate the possibility of suffering soreness no matter how hard your cement or concrete floor is. One particular aspect we like about these work boots is their anti-odour properties so that even after 14-hours of standing on your feet all day, you’ll still end up with clean and odourless feet.

To summarize, the Timberland PRO Men’s boots are perfect for providing your feet and ankles with exceptional comfort, support and protection all through the day and with surprisingly minimal break-in time. With their roomier toe box, there's practically no chance of your feet developing blisters or suffering soreness even after 14-hours of continually standing on abrasive surfaces like cement or concrete. The toe box has plenty of room to allow air to circulate freely and in the process help your feet breathe. The Goodyear welt construction coupled with the boots' removable sock insert make them the most supportive and comfortable pair of work gloves. Definitely worth investing in.
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Provides you with exceptional insulation
  • Robust all-around build for versatility


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3. Thorogood

3. Thorogood
Nothing is more comforting and reassuring as wearing the right gear while working in a hazardous environment and the Thorogood Men's American boots are specifically designed to guarantee you that. It's actually a joy working any type of job and being on your feet all day when you're feeling comfortable and cozy on the feet. Hurting feet distract you from focusing on your job and can adversely affect your productivity and remuneration at the end of the month. While these setbacks are trivial, they nonetheless have significant repercussions which make it all the more important that you get the boots. Some of the features of the work boots that endear them to a large section of the market are the fact that they’re durable, come with a steel toe, they’re designed for different weather conditions. Consequently, they are ideal for professionals in several fields.

Even though Thorogood does not have the same solid reputation as other more established brands like Timberland and Wolverine, you should nonetheless take comfort in the knowledge that they're just as comfortable and durable. Plus, the Thorogood organization has been in the industry for quite some time now, and have the experience, knowledge, and resources required to compete against the more established brands, as is demonstrated by the Tboots. These work boots are available in several different styles like work style, the Wellington design, among others. The most popular option currently is the American Heritage Wedge Sole Collection manufactured in Wisconsin. Like all other Thorogood products, this pair of work boots is an epitome of quality and durability, meaning that you'll never regret your decision to go with them.
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The boot packs all the features every workman looks for in a pair of work shoe. If you're one of those people who spend tens of hours every day on your feet performing strenuous jobs, you'll be pleased to realize that these pairs of work boots are comfortable and come with oil-tanned leather upper and high-quality stitching. The design of the boots ensures they're both soft and long-lasting and make you feel stable as you perform your craft in whichever industry. Plus, the pair of work boots fits excellently on different foot sizes without slipping off as is the case with most work boots. For purposes of convenience, the Thorogood boots feature a removable lining of cotton on the inside to absorb most of the resulting moisture and odour, leaving them smelling daisy fresh even after wearing them for several hours on end. They are similarly fitted with the trademarked Dual Density Ultimate Shock Absorption insole to give your feet and ankles the additional protection they need against abrasive surfaces like concrete and cement. An added advantage of the design is an exceptional comfort and literally no break-in period.

Like most work boots, the boot doesn’t leave anything to chance in their endeavour to keep you safe and ensure your feet are as comfortable as possible. To this end, they have a cushion-rubber midsole, a cushion-wedge sole and is resistant to slippage and oil so that you don’t lose your balance when you step on oily and slippery substances. The construction of the Thorogood Men’s boots is done with Goodyear Storm Welt, comfort-cushion footbed, and rubber midsole. Coupled with the ingenious engineering of the composite shank, these work boots will provide you with reliable support and stability all through their useful life.

In all, the Thorogood Men’s boots is a professional pair of work boots built by professionals for other professionals. The boots work just as hard as you do and are fitted with skid-resistant outsole to keep you safe. The boots similarly feature a removable inner sole specially fitted with comfort cushion to ensure breathability and absorption of shock, leaving you both comfortable and stable. Though they are not rated for use in wet weather, they are nonetheless sufficiently rugged so you can quickly reinforce them with a water-resistant application. Their construction and design make them ideal for steelworkers, heavy-duty constructors, and warehouse professionals. Definitely, a pair you won't regret owning, ever.
  • Has steel toe cap for extra protection
  • Comes with electrical hazard protection
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Features Goodyear welt construction

A bit narrow in the front part

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4. Caterpillar

4. Caterpillar
When a pair of work boots come with a name like Caterpillar, your immediate expectation would be that the company's boots are long-lasting and high performing, and suitable for a broad range of work environments. Well, you'll be damned because these are the exact qualities that the Caterpillar Men's Second Shift Steel Toe boots bring to the table. These boots feature a very rugged construction and come with an excellent choice of steel toe selection, making them the first and only preference of professionals who spend most of their days on their feet and in hazardous work environments. So sturdy and high quality are the pair of work boots that they efficiently take on even the hardest and harshest pounding while on the warehouse work floor without giving the slightest indication of aging.

A major highlight of the boot is the fact that it's equipped with a Climasphere sock liner whose job is to wick away the moisture that accumulates over the course of the day from standing on your feet or moving about the workplace for long. The most obvious benefit of the feature is that it leaves the insides of your work boots moisture-free and your feet dry and cool for a better part of the day. The Climasphere sock liner additionally helps keep pungent and repellent smells from the insides, no matter how long you spend with the shoes on. The boot similarly boasts of a nylon-mesh lining aiming at increasing comfortability and a rubber sole that keeps you safe by providing resistance to such slippery substances as oil, which would otherwise put you at risk of falling. With a height of 6-inches, the lace-up voots ensures your feet have plenty of support and protection all day long, and all year round.
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The boots feature a classic work-boot style and is meticulously crafted to make it sufficiently versatile and flexible to enable you to stand up to a wide range of projects, both around the house and on the busiest work site. And if you thought the Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot just ran out of impressive features, you'd be very wrong. These pair of work boots are constructed out of the industrial-grade Nubuck leather or pull-up leather, which is renowned for its durability and lightweight characteristics. The high quality of the leather coupled with the exceptional workmanship becomes immediately apparent the first time you hold these boots, giving you the right impression that they are meant to last for several years.

Aside from the pull-up leather, they also features a Goodyear welt construction and offers you iron-clad protection against hazardous electrical malfunctions, making it an ideal choice for welders and electricians alike. And if you are particularly concerned by the quality of construction, take comfort in the knowledge that the boot meets and even exceeds ASTM F2413-11 I/75 C/75 EH standards. The implication here is that the pair of safety boots will keep you safe from open circuits of a maximum of 600V.

As is the case with the rubber sole, the boot also sports meticulously detailed outer soles whose design aims at providing the best possible traction on moist and slippery surfaces. To ensure your feet are always safe from the inevitable impact and compression occasioned by being on your feet for long, the safety boots come with a roomy steel toe featuring the highest standard construction in the safety boots industry. Consequently, they remain to be one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes in the market today, and you don't have to break the bank, literally or otherwise, to get them.

On the downside though, the boot has two major limitations: the break-in period and lack of water resistance. Depending on the size of your feet, you're likely to have difficulties wearing the pair for the first two weeks, which is something we noted and is also echoed by a majority of previous and current owners. And, because they aren't resistant to water, they easily get wet even when exposed to a slight drizzle.

In all, he boot provides you with the much-needed additional protection for those who work particularly challenging and hazardous occupations. The ruggedness and strength of the safety boots make tackling any industrial or domestic task an easy endeavour as they ensure safety and comfortability all day long. They are equipped with a useful Climasphere sock liner to help your feet maintain a conducive temperature in all sorts of weather conditions, whether it's in the summer or winter. A handy inner mesh does a great job detouring moisture from the feet thereby facilitating breathability. And if you work on slippery surfaces, the Caterpillar Men’s boot comes with meticulously detailed slip-resistant soles to keep you secure. These pair of safety work boots come highly recommended.
  • Features Goodyear welt construction
  • Has Climasphere lining for moisture absorption
  • Has two-speed hook lacing
  • Exceptional construction
  • Steel toe is not warm at cold temperatures

5. KEEN Utility

5. KEEN Utility
What immediately strikes you about the Keen Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe boots is their unique design. Rather than going with the traditional, more popular and easy-to-recognize leather upper and boot design, the Keen brand opted for a more hiking shoe design. Which is not to say these pair of versatile and durable work boots does not pack the features and specs present in other top model safety boots. Neither should you interpret the distinct look to mean a dip in quality. The KEEN Utility boots, like all top-tier safety work boots, are designed to give your feet the support and comfort they need to enable you to reach your maximum potential while working those hazardous and demanding industrial or domestic projects.

The design and quality construction ensures they are perfect for exterior work and you have a relatively easy time with the break-in. Within a few days of wearing them, they should fit your feet perfectly, with just enough wiggle room to allow for breathability. The flexible upper will most definitely provide you with exceptional action, meaning that the boots will be more suitable if your job routine involves frequently climbing or bending for the most part of the workday. The comfort also extends to such activities as walking and even running, meaning that utility employees, meter maids, and warehouse professionals will definitely consider them to be Godsend. Those who work on railroad yards will similarly come to appreciate the excellence of the sole traction qualities, which makes them ideal for walking both on oily and slippery surfaces as well as rough terrains.
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The outer soles have an exceptional impact and abrasion absorption capabilities that further increase their versatility so you can use just this one pair to tackle a wide array of projects. They also offer you off-the-charts breathability for keeping your feet dry and cool. They even do an astounding job ensuring your feet are never too hot or too cold throughout the day, irrespective of the prevailing weather conditions.

The Keen brand is highly committed to catering to the needs of professionals working in different industries and working conditions. To better address these requirements, the brand, which was initiated in Portland, Oregon has another state-of-the-art factory in the United States, thereby making it easy to distribute its high-quality footwear to different parts of the world. The company makes a point of gathering high-quality raw materials from various parts of the globe so that the end product is not only durable and high-performing but also represents the different cultures the world over.

If you were wondering how the boots stacks up against more established brands like Timberland and the like, the subsequent features would most likely knock your socks off. The safety boots are fitted with a dual-compound rubber outer sole with very detailed treads to make them resistant to oil and slippage. To make them breathable, they come with the industry-standard mesh upper and Nubuck leather, so you won't have a problem with smelly feet like is the case with cheap and poorly constructed safety boots. The boots also features the brand’s trademarked “Million Step Comfort” midsole and the Keen Dry waterproof membrane aimed at making the boots water resistant you can work comfortably and with a peace of mind on the wettest and moist floor surfaces. With all these features, it’s hardly surprising that the pair of safety work boots not only meet but also exceed the electrical-hazard standards set by ANSI. You have a choice of three colours and with a weight of just 4 pounds for each pair, they are one of the lightest pairs of work boots you can find.

To recap, in spite of their unique design, the boots tick all the right boxes when it comes to safety and durability. Once they are on your feet, you won't have to worry anymore about oils, slips, and abrasions. The pair is additionally waterproof and guarantees you of electrical hazard protection. The combination of leather and textile increases the flexibility and breathability of the boots, which in turn goes a long way in minimizing foot fatigue as your workday progresses. An interesting thing to note about the KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh boots is that while they resemble hiking boots, they can also be used as hiking boots. So you have a versatile pair of boots that you can use both for leisure and to tackle heavy-duty projects in an industrial setting.
  • Has a time-saving lacing system
  • Comes with water-resistant leather upper
  • Equipped with steel toes on both feet
  • Provides electrical hazard protection
  • Lengthy laces

6. Timberland Pro Men’s Pitboss

6. Timberland Pro Men’s Pitboss
If you've ever worn standard 6-inch work boots produced by the Timberland brand, then you must be aware by now that these steel-toe model safety work boots are capable of delivering more than just toe protection. In very simple words, the Timberland Pro Men’s Pitboss 6-Inch Steel Toe boots have time and again set the standards against which all other performance and comfort is measured. Contrary to popular expectations, this pair of work boots are just as comfortable as their soft-toe counterparts and are just as durable. So comfortable that as your workday progresses, chances are high you'll forget you even have them on. They practically feel like a second skin on top of your feet.

The reason for the comfortability and long-lasting characteristics are not a secret at all: the Timberland brand uses high-quality Nubuck leather upper and simultaneously applies the Goodyear welt construction. The result is a superior pair of safety work boots with incredible support and unmatched longevity. With proper care and regular maintenance, the boots are likely to last more than a decade, irrespective of the intensity of the industrial or domestic work you’ll be undertaking. The padding of the top collar increases the levels of comfort while the midsole features a polyurethane construction for the same purpose. The safety work boots come with special fabric linings that are treated against microbial growth so that at the end of a long and demanding shift, the insides of your work boots still get to be daisy-fresh and odourless. And that’s not all. The boots have nylon plates for the efficient diffusion of shock and to enhance flexibility for those occasions when you have to climb tall structures.
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To keep the interior from emitting any unpleasant smells following several hours of use, the manufacturers include open-cell polyurethane footbeds with each pair. The outsoles, on the other hand, feature the brand's trademarked Timberland PRO rubber with tough treads to enhance resistance against abrasions, oil, and moisture. Even with all these features, the safety work boots still get to weigh just 1.6 pounds to enable you to move about the warehouse, on the field, or around just about any other workplace without suffering any significant feet fatigue. Like is the case with a majority of soft-toe versions, the boots Boot is a worthy investment and will provide you with months, if not years of dependable protection.

You'll no longer be daunted by the prospects of standing for long hours on the most abrasive and harshest surfaces, whether you'll be welding with them or cutting down trees deep in the forest or doing electrical work in some of the dampest buildings. They work hard all day, all around the clock to protect your feet while ensuring comfort. These boots have been tested time and again, and each time they meet and exceed the standards set by such international bodies as the ANSI.

The construction is done using tight-grained leather, so they protect your feet both from dirty water and possible electrical hazards. So tough is the leather that it's not practically feasible for even the toughest and sharpest objects to pierce through, especially considering that they come with anti-puncture arch lining. The tonal stitching also improves the appearance aside from making them safe. Capable of withstanding a lot of abuse, this pair of safety work boots comes with a large toe area making it possible for those with wider feet to easily fit.

In conclusion, the Timberland Pro Men’s Pitboss 6” Steel Toeboots feature the highest quality construction in the market, and like its closest competitors, they are built to be comfortable and last for more than a lifetime, meaning that they’re a worthwhile investment. Bring together the flexible soles and Nubuck leather upper, and you have a pair of work boots that'll fit comfortably on your feet and that you'll be wearing every day. Their ingenious construction makes them sufficiently versatile to be used by professionals from different fields that include but not limited to constructors, warehouse professionals, utility technicians, and electricians.
  • Comfortable
  • Durable with Goodyear welt construction
  • Exceptional cushioning
  • A little heavy

7. Under Armour Men’s Stellar Tactical

7. Under Armour Men’s Stellar Tactical
If you work strenuous jobs requiring that you spend most of the time on your feet and are in search of a pair of safety work boots with a minimalist design to support and protect your feet during those long hours, the Under Armour Men’s Stellar Tactical Boots are the right fit for you. They are packed to the brim with useful and convenient features to keep you safe and ensure you’re comfortable all day long, so that your productivity does not suffer, no matter how unconducive your work environment might be. To begin with, the boots come with a quick-drying and water-resistant full-grain leather. The design effectively reduces the likelihood of your feet getting soaked and wet if you work involves dealing with water. Plumbers, for instance, consider the quick-drying and water resistant feature a Godsend, allowing them to access parts of the plumbing system without worrying about wet feet.

Being tactical boots, they have literally no break-in period, no matter how small or large your feet might be. They sport a Durable Water Repellent treatment to repel rain and snow and simultaneously maintain impressive levels of breathability all throughout the day. Your feet will, therefore, be dry all day long, making it possible to perform those activities requiring fine-motor skills as they will most definitely provide you with exceptional grippy traction important for keeping you on your toes as long as it takes.
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They are similarly equipped with the industry standard 900D nylon uppers to give your feet and ankles the additional protection they need while you undertake those rigorous projects. In an attempt to avoid the fatiguing and dangerous consequences of impact and compression, this pair of safety boots has molded EVA midsoles to cushion your feet as you move about hardened and abrasive surfaces like concrete, cement, and other rough terrains. And to guide against the possibility of skidding and falling while walking on uneven ground and if you step on oily and slippery surfaces, the Under Armour Men’s Stellar Tactical Boots come with Reinforced TPU shanks for stability, thereby guarding against such a dangerous possibility.

Additionally, the pair of safety work boots has low profile rubber lug outsoles that are very durable and strong to prevent the possibility of a sharp object piercing through to your feet. The multi-directional lug design of the outsoles also aims at giving you an exceptional grip as the terrain changes from a smooth and slippery finish to a rough surface.

With a weight of just two pounds, theboots is without a doubt one of the lightest and most compact pairs of safety shoes you'll come across in the market today. The lightweight characteristics of these boots reduce the likelihood of suffering from fatigue when you have to cover some 16 miles every day moving to and fro one end of the warehouse to the other. Covering such long distances on a daily basis will inevitably get the shoes dirty from the sweating of the feet. They come with a thoughtful anti-odour technology whose application along the molded Ortholite sockliner does an effective job preventing odour-causing microbes from growing. The implication here is that even after hours of wearing the same pair all day long, your feet will still be fresh and odour-free at the end of your shift. The pair’s polish-able toe area makes it possible for them to remain shiny working, thereby enhancing their elegant look.

If your attempts at achieving optimal performance at the workplace have always been hindered by the hard and abrasive surface you spend most of the day standing or walking on, then the Under Armour Men’s Stellar Tactical Boots is the answer for you. This pair of safety work boots is constructed from industrial grade thermoplastic polyurethane shank to give them astounding foot protection and support capabilities. The additional use of 900D nylon and water resistant leather ensures there are durable and ideal for a wide range of projects both at home and on the work site. The other features that make the Under Armour Men’s Stellar Tactical Boots a perfect fit for you are its Ortholite sockliner, polish-able toe, and the molded midsole. The boots are built to last and are without a doubt worth every penny.
  • High-quality construction with great leather
  • Has cushioned insoles for exceptional slip-resistance
  • Elegant
  • Professional construction
  • A little expensive

8. EVER BOOTS “Tank”

8. EVER BOOTS “Tank”
When it comes to durability, you haven’t tried anything yet until you use the EVER BOOTS “Tank” boots. In the real world, on a handful of safety boots, perhaps less, can truly and honestly use the word “Tank” while actually representing the incredible features a long-lasting footwear need to have. The boots feature a high quality design that allows it to effortlessly exude a lot of style and durability, a fact that ensures it lives up to its name.

They additionally represent cultural diversity having been constructed out of industrial-grade oiled full-grain premium leather sourced from different parts of the world. Available in various sizes of between six and thirteen and a dark brown colour, this pair of safety boots has no break-in period like most safety boots on the market today. The construction material, coupled with the inclusion of a handy back loop and speed hook enables you to wear and take them off with a lot of ease. Neither will you have any difficulties lacing or adjusting them once they're on your feet as they sport high-quality rust-proof metal eyelets, allowing you to do in a matter of seconds.
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The EVER BOOTS brand understands that people work in all sorts of environments, some on very smooth surfaces while the other half on abrasive and tough surfaces made from concrete and hardened cement. Irrespective of the condition of the floor of your workstation, this pair of work boots has you covered at all times. They are equipped with rugged and equally tough rubber soles to enhance torsion control while increasing stability if your work involves standing or walking, or even running on an even terrain for most of the day. Consequently, the pair of safety boots is an ideal choice for utility employees, meter maids, and warehouse professionals. With a sufficiently long shaft measuring about 7-inches from the arch upwards and featuring a tough Goodyear welt construction for easy re-soling, the boots will definitely last for the next several years with a little care and maintenance. Also, the manufacturer provides you with a sufficiently long 90-day coverage from the day of purchase if the outsole separates, falls apart, or rips off from normal wear within this period. No other company manufacturing safety work boots gives such a reassuring and comforting guarantee.

With their experience and expertise in the field, you’re sure the boots will provide you with high-level durability considering the manufacturer’s use of industrial-grade materials and the quality of construction. The application of Goodyear welt construction ensures the boots are tremendously durable and more than strong to keep you safe as you work on floors with different terrains and in various work settings. Because the oiled full-grain leather is lubricated, the final product is durable and easily outlasts other safety shoes. The additional insulation of the leather allows the feet to stay warm in the coldest weather and cool when its hot outside which in turn prolongs the useful life of the boots.

Coupling the high-quality full-grain leather and the double-density super sole welt leads to a durable, high-performing and lightweight product that's surprisingly versatile to be used on a wide range of lightweight to heavy-duty projects both around the house and on the busiest construction site. There is also a soft toe cap that allows for the smooth bending and flexing of the toes so that free movement of the feet is not a problem. The insulation allows you to take on any tough task in any environment and the pair will hold up nicely each time. Such a design also makes them an ideal choice for those intending to work outdoors in below-freezing temperatures and are need of waterproof safety boots capable of enduring snow and ice.

And the boots are not a slob when it comes to comfort either. Despite their rugged construction, these safety work boots fit snugly and perfectly. They have a comfortable removable cushion insole so you can easily customize the comfort in accordance with your needs. Because they run big, it would be prudent to order a smaller size by 0.5-inches to guarantee a perfect fit. As already mentioned, they have a break-in period of just 24 hours and no matter the degree of abuse you expose them; they remain tough and ready for the next day.

In conclusion, while the EVER BOOTS are a lot similar to other safety boots on this list and in the market, such as featuring a full-grain leather construction, they nonetheless have an unparalleled ability of blending incredible durability with high-end hooks for exceptional housing. The result is an easy-to-strap and securely fitting pair of safety boots that you can take with you to practically all work settings and they will work hard all around the clock to protect and support your feet. The pair also comes with cushioned insoles to provide you with the best support while increasing comfortability all throughout the day. They are additionally suitable for use in all kinds of weather and are slip-resistant.
  • Considerably roomier soft toe area
  • Use of full-grain leather with Goodyear welt construction ensures durability
  • Comes with quick lace-up
  • Few colour options

9. Kingshow Men’s 1586

9. Kingshow Men’s 1586
There are safety boots and there are Kingshow Men's 1586 Waterproof Cold Weather Boots and the difference between these two is vast. To begin with, this pair of safety work boots protects your feet from all sorts of weather hazards which would otherwise compromise your performance. When the weather suddenly changes for the worse bringing with it a cold chill, snowstorms, rain and consequently renders the floor of your workplace inhabitable, you'll still get to continue working thanks to the innovative construction of the boots. This pair of safety boots offers you exceptional electrical hazard protection as you toil away in your tough work environment, a fete which is made possible by the incorporation of advanced technology in tactical safety footwear to ensure your safety at all times.

As was the case with the previous product, this option is available in sizes ranging from six up to thirteen and boasts of a seam-sealed construction using top-quality synthetic leather and mesh, making it possible for the boots to fit snugly and firmly in different feet sizes. The attractive and aesthetically-appealing appearance of these boots mean that you can also wear them for leisure purposes, like hanging out with friends or hiking, if you are into that kind of sport. And they will provide you with a dependable and excellent performance each time, irrespective of the environment in which you use them. In cold and below-freezing temperatures, with their insulated cushioning, they will work even harder to ensure your feet have the support necessary to undertake your projects while providing them with the comfort they need, too.
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The boots will remain warm in the coldest weather and still keep your feet cool and dry in the summer. The ruggedness and durability and innovative construction of these boots mean that even with repeated use on the harshest and hardest environment, they won’t give even the slightest indication of wear and tear. Their hardened outsoles will provide you with exceptional traction on smooth surfaces so that the possibility of slipping is kept to a bare minimum. And if you inadvertently step on slippery substances like oil, grease, or water while working, there’s a very remote chance of falling, so remote that it’s safe to say you actually can’t fall. Such a design makes them an ideal choice for people working on a budget but still need a functional pair of safety boots for working in cold and damp outdoor settings.

For a budget pair of safety boots, they come with a bunch of useful features only seen in premium products. The boots, for instance, are constructed from hard-wearing and high-quality synthetic rain-resistant leather. Being waterproof, the boots eliminate the worry of working in chilly and snowy outdoor environments. The cushioning of the insoles, ventilation of the mesh lining and the insulated balmy all work together to make the boots one of the most comfortable boots to work in.

With no break-in period, they fit snugly and comfortably and are furthermore lightweight and compact to allow you to move briskly on different terrains.
Your safety is similarly guaranteed. They keep the feet protected and insulated in the lowest and highest of temperatures and ensure that even the sharpest objects on the construction site won't penetrate all the way through. The extra insulation keeps the feet safe from frostbites, microbial growth and unpleasant odours occasioned by the entry of water inside the boots.

In all, we understand how daunting and time-consuming it must be browsing and perusing through hundreds of reviews trying to decide on a pair of safety boots that ultimately meet your needs. If you're faced with such a predicament, know that the Kingshow Men’s 1586 ticks all the right safety and performance boxes and is a pair worth investing in – it's worth every penny. They have the toughness and rigidity to withstand the demands of most workplaces and are also ideal for those working on rough terrains or handling heavy-duty equipment in a warehouse. Yet, they remain snugly and lightweight to enable you be quick on your feet when the situation demands it. The boots are crafted using a blend of high-quality and hard-wearing materials to make them sufficiently tough, lightweight, and comfortable so you can continue using them for the next several years without needing a replacement. These are the right boots for anyone who is serious about protecting the delicate and most vulnerable parts of their legs.
  • Insulated and has ventilated mesh lining
  • Brief break-in period
  • Ice and snow-resistant leather
  • Soles are a little weaker

10. Timberland Attach

10. Timberland Attach
The insulation of these boots aims at making them an all-around pair of safety work boots to protect your feet from all sorts of harsh and mild weather conditions and working conditions. Unlike all other safety boots on featured on this list, this pair stands out the most for its high-quality construction using at least 400 grams of Thermalite, and with ankle height, they are better placed to keep your feet warm and protected all through the day. One of the greatest selling points of the pair of safety work boots is its lightweight yet compact design, considering that the manufacturers used the popular and innovative Goodyear welt construction method.

The ruggedness and heavy-duty design might give you the impression that they have a considerably long break-in period. Contrary to such expectations, they have a pretty short break-in period, walking around in them for just about 50 or so minutes is enough to get your feet accustomed to them. From then on, the boots will fit easily and comfortably in all feet sizes, provided you get a size that fits you. Combine the comfort insoles and the brand's trademarked 24/7 Comfort Suspension System, and you have a pair of safety work boots comfortable enough to allow for brisk and unrestricted movement on the most rugged and smoothest surfaces.
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It does a fantastic job in ensuring the safety of your feet as well as eliminating the possibility of foot fatigue as it absorbs a large percentage of the ground shock generated by moving on hardened and abrasive surfaces. Consequently, you have a pair of boots that are so comfortable, they'll definitely feel like a natural extension of your feet on the third or fourth wear. The Timberland Men’s Direct Attach Work Boots offers you off-the-charts insulation for keeping your feet warm in the coldest temperatures and cool and dry when it becomes hot. A pair comes with 800 grams of Thermalite, and the design of the uppers allows for them to wrap comfortably around the ankles. Because of their warmth, the boots are ideal for cold outdoor temperatures, even though they perform just as perfectly in hot weather.

They pack all the features and specs necessary for keeping you safe as you do your craft. The boots have steel tips for protecting your toes when you accidentally hit hard objects on the floor while the rubber, oil, and slip-resistant to provide you with exceptional grippy traction important for keeping you on your toes as long as it takes. The Timberland Men’s Direct Attach Work Boots additionally come with full electrical hazard protection, making it an ideal choice for welders and electricians alike.

The manufacturers claim they're waterproof in spite of a few leakage complaints among buyers from different regions. To make the pair fully waterproof though you may need to treat it with a water-resistant material like Snow Seal. After the treatment, you won't have a single problem with water sipping into the boots and you'll be able to wade comfortably through pools of water and other liquids without worrying about your socks becoming wet. But because the boots are made with seam-sealed waterproof leather for beading and shedding water promptly, water shouldn’t be a problem.

While they are from the same organization, the boots are vastly different from its other siblings when it comes to durability and ruggedness. They have incredibly tough leather uppers and non-marking rubber outsoles whose connection through direct inject construction ensures this pair of boots last for the next several years without needing replacement. Plus the boots have a tough and low key appearance with a shade of leather that matches with most colours.

This option is a worthwhile investment that's worth every penny and is particularly suitable if you spend long hours working in cold outdoor environments. The boots are long-lasting, very protective and feel snugly on the feet. Plus they are thoroughly water resistant after giving them the right treatment which means you can comfortably work in a watery environment without worrying about the possibility of water sipping into them.
  • Exceptional protection
  • Offers arch support
  • Electrical hazard protection and water resistant
  • Comes with convenient insulation
  • Very lightweight allowing for free and brisk movement
  • A little heavy

Criteria for Choosing the Best Safety Boots

Construction Quality

For those working strenuous and demanding jobs in hazardous environments requiring them to be on their feet for a better part of their shift, need to wear a pair of high-quality, durable and professionally made shoes. You should never compromise on construction quality as it’s directly related to the safety of your feet. Plus, it would be uneconomical to be replacing your pair of safety boots every two or three months. Proper footwear should last anywhere between one and two years or even longer with proper care and maintenance. Look for a pair constructed from high-quality and industrial-grade materials and pay particular attention to the outsoles, insoles, and midsoles of the boots as they contribute significantly to preventing or rather slowing down the process of wear and tear.



Safety is by far the most critical factor to consider when shopping for a new pair of safety work boots. When your boots feature the highest-quality construction and durability, they’re more than capable of protecting your feet from unexpected hazards on the workplace, which is also why you are considering buying them in the first place. For professionals dealing with electricity, like welders and electricians, investing in a pair of safe working boots is mandatory as chances of accidental electrocution are quite high. A large percentage of safety boots come with electrical hazard protection for this purpose.

The use of top-quality materials in construction similarly protects your feet from injury and shock by absorbing most of it. Also, if you work in a rough terrain or very smooth surfaces, you might want to get a pair with slip-resistant outsoles to enable you to walk or even run safely and freely on different surfaces.


Failure to wear comfortable protective shoes when you spend most of your working hours on your feet increases the disposition of the most vulnerable parts of your feet like toes and ankles to injury. Your toes, ankles, and feet bear your entire body weight while standing, meaning that if you don’t take that pressure off, they could develop into bad shape. To ensure dependable comfort, pick the right size and shape and if possible, with the shortest break-in period so that walking and running is a comfortable affair.

Breathability also goes a long way in determining the comfortability of your safety work boots. Breathable and insulated shoes keep your feet warm or cool depending on the prevailing weather conditions. The proper cushioning of the insoles and footbed together with how large the boots significantly reduce the break-in period.


Q: In what ways is full-grain leather better than regular leather or other materials from which safety boots are constructed?

A: Animal hides are toughest just beneath the hair due to the formation of a tight-grain pattern at that point. Under the hide also happens to be the exact place where manufacturers of safety work boots get full-grain leather. The preference for full-grain leather over other construction materials is informed by the material’s durability, toughness, and resistance to most substances like water and moisture. Consequently, safety work boots made from the full-grain leather share in these qualities.

Q: Which is the best type of safety work boots ideal for a wide range of environments?

A: No particular pair of safety boots can be said to be the absolute best when it comes to protecting your feet while working. With that being said, you still need a pair that sufficiently rugged, durable, and most importantly tough to prevent sharp items on the work site from penetrating through. At the same time, they need to be comfortable to allow you to move briskly and freely especially when undertaking more demanding tasks. Breathability and resistance to water, oil, and slippage are other important factors you need to look out for when shopping for a pair of safety boots. Note that full-grain leather comes with most but all of these properties which would then make it an ideal choice.

Q: Now that I have a pair of comfortable, durable, and high-performing pair of work boots, how do I take care of them properly?

A: Before cleaning your safety boots, you need to be conversant with the material from which they are constructed as such knowledge will go a long way in dictating the most suitable method to use. For most of them though, it’s highly recommended that you only store them in a clean state. Thorough cleaning will necessitate removing the laces and insoles. Use lukewarm water and a dish soap to get rid of stubborn dirt and let them air dry for some 24-hours before using them again. Frequently brushing and polishing the boots prevents against the accumulation of dirt which in turn significantly prolongs the shelf life of the safety boots.


If you’re working in a hazardous work setting where getting hurt is a real possibility, you need a pair of high-performing and water-resistant pair of safety work boots to allow you to complete day-to-day tasks without worrying about the safety of your feet. The safety boots featured on our list tick all the critical boxes when it comes to safety, and give your feet the ultimate protection from different hazards. Whether it’s a smooth surface terrain, rough terrain, extreme temperatures, wet surfaces or sharp objects, these boots have you covered all through your shift. Their design makes them comfortable to enable you to be on your feet for longer without your feet suffering any abrasions or compressions. If you’re looking for high-quality, durable, protective, comfortable and yet affordable pair of safety work boots, our list has got you covered.