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Best Lawn Sweepers Reviews & Ratings for 2024

Many people use lawn or leaf sweepers to remove debris including grass clippings, twigs, and fallen leaves from their lawns and paved areas. There are various types of lawn sweepers including two behind, pull behind and push lawn sweepers. Like the name suggests, two behind lawn sweepers are towed behind ATVs or garden tractors and are designed for large areas.

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Push leaf sweepers are quite similar to manual wheeled lawn mowers. However, push lawn mowers are powered by hand. Here are some of the best lawn sweepers on the market.

10 Best Lawn Sweepers


1. Agri-Fab 45-0492

1. Agri-Fab 45-0492
This is an effective lawn sweeper that requires minimal assembly and is quite easy to use. Apart from a few nuts and bolts, you do not require advanced tools to assemble it. It comes with a large capacity hopper that is ideal for large properties.

Its sheer size means that it can pick up large debris including pine cones. It even allows users the option of adding a dethatcher to the machine. Dethatchers help to remove compacted and decaying matter. It can easily be folded up and stored; all you need to do is to take the hopper bag away and keep the lawn sweeper stable against a wall.


Once the hopper is full, you simply use the dump lever to empty it eliminating the need to get out of your tractor seat. In addition, it features an adjustable hitch making it compatible with various types of vehicles.

Brush Height Indicator

One of the most distinct features of this sweeper is its indicator that helps users to know their current brush height. In addition, it comes with a shredding feature that can cut debris into smaller pieces before sweeping them.
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Features and Specifications

Polypropylene brush material
26 cubic feet capacity
11-inch rear tires
Weighing 89 pounds
Bronze bushing

Cost and Value

The price of this option is quite a bargain considering all its premium features and durability.


It is suitable for homeowners looking for a leaf sweeper that can handle residential lawn applications and provide years of use.
  • Can sweep sizable debris including pinecones, empty beer bottles and small branches
  • Foldable for convenient storage
  • Usable on a wide range of surfaces including steep terrain
  • Ergonomic and non-slip handles and adjustment levers
  • User manual does not have detailed pictures
  • Assembly might take a while

2. Ohio Steel 50SWP26

2. Ohio Steel 50SWP26
This sweeper comes with a sizable hopper. In addition, it is easy to unload the contents of the hopper. Simply pull the hopper rope while remaining seated in your vehicle. The hopper can even be collapsed and removed from the sweeper altogether for convenient storage.

Not Susceptible to Clogging

Clogging should not be a big problem when dealing with this sweeper because of its sizable chute. Even wet lawn clippings may have minimal effects on the chute. In addition, this one can easily be attached to a tractor or ride-on mower using an adjustable hitch. With this sweeper, you do not have to worry about getting space rings to ensure vehicle compatibility. All you need to do is to simply choose a suitable hitch position among the three.

Spiraled Sweeping Brushes

It does not come with regular brushes. Instead, it features sturdy, spiral and efficient sweeping brushes. In addition, it features non-slip, positive lock height adjustment, which ensures that you get the right height settings. This lawn sweeper is mainly made out of tough steel to ensure durability.
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Features and Specifications

Heavy-duty steel body
Polypropylene brushes
26 cubic feet capacity
102 pounds
Sealed steel ball bearings on brush axle
Large diameter bristles
Positive lock height adjustment

Cost and Value

Although it is relatively more expensive than other brands on the market, it is well worth the cost considering its durability and excellent features.


This lawn sweeper is suitable for homeowners with large properties looking for professional grade lawn sweepers at affordable rates. It makes yard cleaning simpler than you can imagine.
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Sizable chute that is not susceptible to clogging
  • Collapsible design for easy storage
  • Can sweep sizable objects and debris including pine cones and beer cans
  • Large hopper may tear easily
  • Wheels may get stuck on damp terrain
  • Rubber wheels prone to damage

3. Brinly STS-427LXH

3. Brinly STS-427LXH
This is a two behind lawn sweeper with 42-inch sweeping width. It features six high-velocity sweeping brushes capable of gathering dirt and debris even while turning your ride-on mower or tractor. The leaf sweeper has a 5:1 brush-to-wheel ratio that provides ample coverage.

Height Adjustment

It features a non-slip height adjustment feature that allows you to choose a suitable brushing height without having to move around the lawn. This feature works well even on uneven surfaces.

Spacious Collection Bag

The capacity of this collection bag is 20 cubic feet. In addition, it is made of sturdy, polyweave fabric material to ensure durability. Unloading the collection bag is quite easy thanks to the pull-rope. The patented storage bag of this lawn sweeper is collapsible for easy storage in an upright position.
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Features and Specifications

High velocity brushes with indexed brush height
20 cubic feet capacity
42-inch sweep
Upright storage
5:1 brush-to-ground ratio

Cost and Value

It comes with great features including 5:1 brush to ground ratio and one sweep performance all at an affordable rate.


It is suitable for cleaning grass clippings, pine needles, and old grass after dethatching. It is suitable for homeowners who are tired of raking repeatedly throughout fall.
  • Sturdy, polyweave hopper not prone to tearing
  • Hopper can be unloaded using one hand thanks to the pull rope
  • Can pick up sizable waste including wet lawn clippings, small stones and fir cones
  • Provides great coverage thanks to a 5:1 brush-to-wheel ratio
  • Removing the support bars before storing the sweeper can be quite a hassle
  • Wheels may veer off their location

4. Yardwise - 21-Inch

4.	Yardwise - 21-Inch
This is a great lightweight sweeper that is easy to push and makes leaf picking and picking up of fallen twigs and leaves quite easy. It comes with an adjustable height setting and a 21-inch width. In addition, it comes with a sizable hopper bag that can be removed and folded for convenient storage. This leaf sweeper does not require much storage space.

Fast and Easy to Use

You may like the fact that it can pick up leaves and dead twigs fast, saving you time. In addition, it is extremely easy to use because it is lightweight and easy to handle.

Ease of Assembly

This sweeper comes with an instruction manual that is quite easy to follow. This makes it easy to assemble and use. In addition, its foldable hopper means that you can easily remove and store or hung the hopper in a small space.
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Features and Specifications

Easily picks up leaves and twigs from lawns
26 cubic feet hopper storage
21-inch sweep path
Manual operation
12 lbs

Cost and Value

Considering its excellent operation, incredible performance, quiet operation, and easy storage, this lawn sweeper is good value for money.


This option is fast and will let you enjoy having a beautiful yard with minimal work and less stress. It will save you time, energy and your back.
  • Adjustable height setting for easy use and efficient operation
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Foldable and can be hung for easy storage
  • Easy to assemble
  • Efficiently picks up even the smallest debris

May not work well in windy conditions

5. John Deere STS-42JD

5. John Deere STS-42JD
This is a powerful tow-behind sweeper that effectively collects grass clippings and leaves the first time it goes through. Its 42-inch sweeping path and extra large hamper facilitates the one-pass performance. In addition, the leaf sweeper come with six 11-inch diameter brushes that provide the extra force required to sweep objects off the ground.

Compact Storage and Use

The leaf sweeper comes with foldable hopper than can be removed and stored compactly in a small space. In addition, it’s convenient pull cord makes it easy for you to unload the hopper without leaving your tractor seat. This sweeper works well on both dried and freshly cut grass.

Superior Performance

It is efficient at picking up both large and small lawn debris. In addition, it comes with a single-knob adjustment that allows you to set suitable brush height. The wheels are pneumatically operated to provide superior grip during operation and prevent annoying starting and stopping.
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Features and Specifications

42-inch wide sweeping path
High velocity brushes
Six 11-inch diameter brushes
Durable steel construction

Cost and Value

Although this lawn sweeper is quite pricey, it is made of quality materials and delivers strong performance.


This yard tool is suitable for homeowners looking for a lawn sweeper with one pass performance and one that provides consistent brush to ground contact to prevent skipping.
  • Works with a wide range of riding mowers and lawn tractors
  • Provide great coverage
  • Fast 42-inch sweeping path
  • Sizable hamper for one-pass performance
  • Self-storing design provides convenient and speedy operation
  • Pricey

6. Karcher S650

6. Karcher S650
This is a stylish and functional leaf sweeper. Unlike conventional ones that come with dull designs, this one comes in beautiful designs and vibrant colors. With this leaf sweeper, you can expect to have a fun and beautiful lawn-sweeping task.


Using lawn sweepers for a prolonged period may put a strain on your arms. Therefore, comfort is always a factor to consider when choosing sweepers. The handle of this one is flexible and ergonomic. You have the option of adjusting the handle of the sweeper to your liking to ensure comfortable operation. In addition, the handles are foldable for easy storage.


Moving it around is an easy task thanks to its lightweight construction. In addition, it is faster than other leaf sweepers. Therefore, it provides great flexibility and comfort while in use.
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Features and Specifications

Manual operation
Plastic casing frame
Standalone waste container
Ergonomic push handle
Corrosion resistant sweepers

Cost and Value

This yard tool is well worth the money because it is not just visually appealing but it has long bristles that ensure thorough cleaning even on the edges. In addition, it takes up little space during storage.


This yard tool is suitable for areas that measure 40 meter square or larger. It is recommended for cleaning garages, streets, courtyards, and driveways.
  • Easy to find spare parts
  • Manually operated making it easy to use
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Small coverage

7. Ohio Steel 42SWP22

7. Ohio Steel 42SWP22
This leaf sweeper provides 42-inch sweeping width, which is ideal for large properties. In addition, it comes with detachable and collapsible 22 cubic feet capacity hopper that can collect significant amounts of dirt and debris. Unloading the hopper is quite easy thanks to its pull rope that allows you to unload the hopper without having to get out of your tractor seat.

Not Prone to Clogging

This lawn sweeper comes with a wide chute that is not prone to clogging due to large or wet debris. In addition, the sweeper’s 11-inch polypropylene spiral brushes perform well in a wide range of terrain and surface conditions.

Excellent Performance

The brushes of this lawn sweeper do not put significant stress on its gears. In addition, the 5:1 brush-to-wheel ratio of the lawn sweeper enables fast brush rotations. Itr provides adequate ground contact with just a single pass. You can easily adjust the height of it, which minimizes vibrations so that it remains put regardless of the terrain.
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Sealed ball bearings on the brush axle help to improve stability. In addition, the sweeper’s hitch can be adjusted multiple times to fit your vehicle. Lastly, this lawn sweeper comes with 11-inch semi-pneumatic wheels capable of handling extensive use.

Features and Specifications

Easy to use and handle
Durable steel construction
Weighs 95 lbs
9-inch chute
Semi-pneumatic wheels

Cost and Value

This might just be one of the most affordable lawn sweepers on the market. Despite its affordability, it comes with all the great features of a premium leaf sweeper.


This product is well packaged, easy to assemble and comes with a large hamper capacity. It is suitable for large residential yards as well as moderately sized commercial lawns.
  • Comes with detailed instruction manual
  • Tough semi-pneumatic wheels
  • Sizable chute that is not prone to clogging
  • Non-slip height adjustment
  • Durable spiral brushes
  • Poorly designed tension rods
  • Assembly may take some time

8. Agri-Fab 45-0218

8. Agri-Fab 45-0218
One of the most distinct features of this yard tool is that it is a push lawn sweeper that does not require being attached to a tractor because it is not designed for properties. Weighing only 25 pounds, this is an incredibly light leaf sweeper that will be quite easy to push along your yard thanks to its semi-pneumatic wheels.


Despite its lightweight construction, this leaf sweeper features poly construction and zinc-plated steel frames that make it highly durable. In addition, it comes with a vinyl hopper suitable for small-sized lawns. Moreover, the hopper is removable and replaceable.

Height Adjustment

With a 26-inch cutting width and brush height adjustability, this leaf sweeper is easy to use and a much better option than a simple rake. Its 4.5:1 brush-to-wheel ratio allows you to cover a significant part of your lawn in just one sweep. Its compact design means that you can hang it in your small storage after removing the hopper.
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Features and Specifications

Polypropylene brushes
21 lbs
26-inch sweeping width
Durable poly housing
Detachable hopper bag
Adjustable height settings

Cost and Value

This yard tool is quite affordable considering the fact that it requires minimal maintenance and will serve you for many years.


It is suitable for homeowners with small lawns looking for a light but durable leaf sweeper.
  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Great for small areas and eliminates the need for manual raking
  • Compact design with removable hopper
  • Tough zinc-plated steel frame construction
  • Small hopper capacity
  • Not suitable for uneven terrain

9. Brinly HN-BRIL012

9. Brinly HN-BRIL012
This high performance two behind sweeper is ideal for sweeping grass clippings, thatch, pine needles, and leaves. It features a sturdy poly weave construction that can pickup and hold 20 cubic feet of lawn debris.

High velocity Brushes

The sweeper has six high velocity brushes that rotate continuously to haul various materials even when your mower ride or tractor is moving or turning. In addition, its adjustable brush to ground contact ensures optimal performance and minimizes skipping. An ergonomic pull rope allows you to empty gathered material without having to leave your tractor seat. Once you finish cleaning up your yard, you can collapse the sweeper into an upright position for easy storage.

5:1 Brush to Wheel Ratio

It has an impressive 5:1 brush-to-wheel ratio to maximize brush to ground contact and ensure a cleaner sweep. It is suitable for cleaning various types of unwanted yard materials including grass clippings, pine needles, and leaves. Its non-slip height adjustment feature ensures that it remains in place even when driving it through uneven terrain.
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Features and Specifications

High velocity brushes
Large capacity hamper
5:1 brush-to-wheel ratio
Height adjustment
Upright storage
80 lbs
Polyweave fabric construction

Cost and Value

This is a premium sweeper that provides superior performance and durability. Despite its price tag, it is well worth the money.


It is suitable for people looking for a lawn sweeper with large sweeping width designed to make fewer passes. Hooking this lawn sweeper to a tractor is quite easy even for an inexperienced person.
  • 42-inch sweep and sizable foot hamper minimizes emptying and eliminates the need for making lots of passes over your yard
  • Six high-velocity brushes with height adjustment for optimum pickup of debris
  • Foldable for easy storage in minimal space
  • May be difficult to assemble

10. Ohio Steel 42SWP22

10. Ohio Steel 42SWP22
This professional grade sweeper features a wide sweeping path of 42 inches and a collector capacity of 22 cubic feet. Its sturdy collector bag facilitates easy and convenient yard care. As its name suggests, it comes with 11-inch spiral brushes that sweep more effectively than standard sweepers and puts less stress on gears to ensure durability. To empty the hopper, simply use its pull-on rope without leaving your tractor seat. All you need to do is to simply reverse to your compost area and pull the rope to finish the job.

Excellent Construction

It features sealed ball bearings on its brush axle and five-position hitch adjustment for that custom fit. In addition, its non-slip height adjustment ensures that it does not vibrate out of position during use. The leaf sweeper also comes with a 9-inch chute that is less prone to clogging, especially when sweeping through moist grass clippings that often clump together.

Incredible Performance

This sweeper is suitable for use with various tractor models thanks to its three-position hitch adjustment. In addition, it comes with 11-inch semi-pneumatic wheels that work well in both damp and dry terrain.
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Features and Specifications

42-inch sweeping width
9-inch chute
Sealed ball bearings on brush axle
Collapsible hopper
5-position hitch adjustment
Spiral polypropylene brushes

Cost and Value

Many owners consider this lawn sweeper quite a bargain really, because it features premium materials and is designed to last for longer. Its worth every penny.


This is the recommended sweeper for people looking for an option that can get the job done quickly and efficiently.
  • Optimizes brush to ground contact
  • Wide chute prevents clogging
  • Upright storage saves space
  • Not easy to assemble

Why Should You Buy A Lawn Sweeper?

Minimize Operation Time

Excessive amounts of fallen leaves and other debris can have detrimental effects on the health of the grass on your lawn. Removing the unwanted materials on your lawn by hand or with a rake can take significant amounts of time and effort. Whether you have a small or large property, leaf sweepers are designed to haul unwanted leaves and debris from your lawn and are definitely the more efficient option. You could spend hours cleaning your lawn by hand or finish the entire job in just a few minutes using a lawn sweeper.

Prevents Back and Shoulder Aches

Cleaning your lawn by hand or with a rake involves bending for prolonged periods to gather fallen leaves and debris. On the other hand, you do not need to bend for significant amounts of time to haul debris and other unwanted materials from your lawn. Therefore, leaf sweepers can help prevent back and shoulder pains and other forms of physical stress. In addition, they eliminate the possibility of having blisters caused by picking leaves and debris by hand.

Ideal Alternative for Leaf Blowers

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Lawn sweepers offer various advantages over rakes when it comes to removing debris from your lawn. However, leaf sweepers also have various advantages over leaf blowers. Although both equipment are designed to effectively remove debris from lawns, lawn sweepers do so with much less noise than leaf blowers. Leaf blowers are not just likely to annoy your neighbors, but they can also cause ear damage if you do not have adequate ear protection. The only time using a leaf sweeper can cause significant amounts of noise is when you use a two behind or power lawn sweeper.

Leaf sweepers are designed to store debris in a collection bag instead of simply blowing them away. This is a considerable advantage especially if you intend to use the debris to make compost.

Prevents Dulling of Lawn Mower Blades

Your lawn mower blades are likely to become dull when they hit tough debris such as twigs and acorns. Using a lawn sweeper helps to eliminate this problem by ensuring that your lawn mower only has direct contact with grass blades. Consequently, this means you will have to mow your lawn mower blades less frequently.

Comes in Different Varieties

There are various types of lawn sweepers on the market each with its own distinct features, advantages and disadvantages. This means that you can choose a leaf sweeper that is suitable for your lawn and specific situation. Some lawn sweepers have compact designs for easy storage. The price of lawn sweepers also varies from cheap to expensive depending on your budget.

How to Use a Lawn Sweeper

Improper use of your leaf sweeper can damage it or shorten its lifespan. Although lawn sweepers have varying methods of use, there are major similarities in how they can properly be used.


The first thing to do before using a new lawn sweeper is to read the instruction manual. Proper assembly of your lawn sweeper will ensure efficient operation. If you have a tow-behind lawn sweeper, be sure to attach it to a tractor or mower before use. Avoid getting into the temptation of assembling the leaf sweeper in a hurry. Assembling a lawn sweeper may take a few minutes or even hours. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s directions when assembling your leaf sweeper. Consider seeking help if you do not know how to assemble your lawn sweeper. You may have to pay a small fee for the leaf blower assembly service.

Removal of Large Debris

Lawn sweepers are not the same; some can handle large debris while others can only handle small debris. One of the disadvantages of cleaning large debris is that they can damage the brushes and sweeper wheels of your leaf sweeper. Although most leaf sweepers can handle fallen leaves and grass clippings, it is advisable to pick up large rocks, branches and other big debris before using a leaf sweeper. Consider using a rake if your lawn has significant amounts of vines or moss. Most importantly, be sure to wear sturdy gardening gloves, goggles and other safety gear when cleaning your lawn with a leaf sweeper.

Cleaning Dry Grass

Wait for a few days after the rains before cleaning your lawn with a leaf sweeper. The brushes of some leaf sweepers do not have strong grips for wet and slippery debris. In addition, shorten the grass in your lawn with a lawn mower before cleaning the debris up with a leaf sweeper. Leaf sweepers are more effective on grass blades with uniform height because debris stands out among short grass.

Establish a Regular Cleaning Pattern

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Whether you push or pull your lawn sweeper, be sure to cover your lawn with the same pattern for both mowing and cleaning the lawn. This will ensure that you cover your entire lawn effectively without having to formulate a new pattern. However, this is only recommended if you mow your lawn following straight lines to prevent the wheels from being locked. Move from north to south or east to west. Cover one end to the other to avoid making second passes. However, be sure to overlap the paths to ensure decent coverage. This can be done by turning the

Adjust the Speed and Brush Height

Be sure to adjust your lawn sweeper’s height and speed settings during use. In addition, check underneath the sweeper to ensure that its brushes are in direct contact with the grass. Your brush height should be equal to or an inch lower than your grass height. This will ensure that you haul as much debris as possible with each sweep. In addition, adjust the speed of your leaf sweeper to suit your terrain. Avoid using fast speed on uneven terrain because it could negatively affect the performance of your sweeping brushes.

Empty the Hopper and Repeat

Once the collection bag or hopper of your leaf sweeper is almost full. Avoid waiting until the hopper is full before emptying it. Discard the collected lawn debris in a compost heap or trash can. Empty the hopper more frequently when sweeping wet debris because the wet debris will add weight to the lawn debris, which may tear the hopper.

Sweep Regularly

Sweep your lawn at least once a week instead of waiting for it t accumulate a lot of debris before cleaning. This will improve the overall health of your lawn and ensure efficiency. Cleaning your lawn more frequently will ensure that you do not have to make many passes during cleanup.

Criteria for Evaluation of The best Lawn Sweepers


The frequency of your yard cleaning is determined by the type of lawn sweeper that you use. Therefore, durability is an important factor to consider when shopping for a leaf sweeper. Quality lawn sweepers are durable enough for regular use. Consider choosing lawn sweepers that are made of premium materials. This will save you from spending significant amounts of money on repair. All the lawn sweepers mentioned in this review are highly durable.


Since efficiency is one of the key goals of using a lawn sweeper, it is advisable to choose one that comes with a large collection bag. Lawn sweepers with large capacity collection bags can help you save significant amounts of time emptying them. A leaf sweeper with a large collection bag allows you to work for longer without having to empty it so often. The products in this review have sizable collection bags and hoppers.


Some lawn sweepers come with a wide range of features, but are not necessarily easy to use. Consider choosing leaf sweepers that the features you need so that you will not have a difficult time trying to figure out what the unnecessary buttons or features are for. Quality leaf sweepers should be practical and user-friendly so that users do not spend a lot of time trying to make them productive. The lawn sweepers in this review have passed this qualification.

Sweeper Attachments


Lawn aerators are designed to ensure that fertilizer reaches down to the roots of your grass. It works by punching holes in the surface of your lawn allowing water and nutrients to seep into the soil.

Pull-behind Spreader

This lawn sweeper attachment is designed to spread fertilizer or seeds evenly over your lawn to help maintain its beauty and consistency.

Dump Cart

This leaf sweeper accessory is suitable for people with big yards and gardens. It is designed to carry various yard tools and other items eliminating the need to make many trips.


Q: When Should You Use a Lawn Sweeper?

A: You may not use your leaf sweeper throughout the year. Many people mostly use their lawn sweepers during autumn when trees shed leaves. Another reason why people use their lawn sweepers mainly during autumn is that the leaves that fall during this season are most dry making it easier for the sweeper to clean.

Leaf sweepers can also be useful during light snow days. During such days, homeowners use lawn sweepers to clean their driveways especially if the lawn sweepers work on concrete surfaces. However, it is not advisable to use lawn sweepers to clean when there is excessive snow because they are only effective with a maximum of ½ inch of snow. In addition, lawn sweepers can clean dirty driveways. In fact, they are more effective and less time consuming than brooms.

Q: What is the ideal carrying capacity of a good leaf sweeper?

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A: This is mainly determined by the size of your lawn. Homeowners with larger lawns would benefit from having large collection bags of two-behind and power lawn sweepers. A sizable hopper with a carrying capacity of between 20 to 26 cubic feet will save you time from having to constantly unload your collection bag.

For commercial properties, any collection bag with a carrying capacity of 70 cubic feet or higher would be ideal. On the other hand, compact hoppers are not deal breakers for smaller lawns. A collection bag with minimum carrying capacity of 12 cubic feet should be enough. Be sure to look at the information on each lawn sweeper model to determine the carrying capacity.

Q: Why should I choose a lawn sweeper with a wide sweeping reach?

A: Like the carrying capacity, the sweeping width of a lawn sweeper significantly determines its efficiency. Leaf sweepers with big sweeping widths are generally ideal for dealing with considerable amounts of debris. However, excessive sweeping width can also interfere with maneuverability. Sweeping width of 21 inches is ideal for small lawns while leaf sweepers with 50-inch sweeping width are suitable for large lawns. If you are looking for a commercial-grade leaf sweeper consider choosing one with a sweeping width of about 100 inches.

Q: What is the average cost of one?

A: You can find a good leaf sweeper with limited budget. After all, pricey lawn sweepers may not necessarily be the best options for you. It is impractical for the average homeowner to buy expensive, commercial-grade leaf sweepers. Maneuvering such lawn sweepers may be difficult and storing them can be a hassle. It is important to choose a lawn sweeper that is ideal for your specific situation instead of judging them by their prices alone.

Q: How much am I likely to spend on lawn sweeper repair and maintenance?

A: The durability of a leaf sweeper is determined by various factors. Typically, many homeowners use the lawn sweepers at least once a week. This frequency of use requires a great deal of durability especially if your lawn has hard debris. You may spend a good amount of money on repair and maintenance if your lawn sweeper cannot handle extensive use. To enhance durability and eliminate the need for constant repair, some leaf sweepers are made of sturdy brushes that are made of steel. In addition, they may be made of hard nylon or any other durable material.

Q: What type of debris can be collected with leaf sweepers?

A: Leaf sweepers are designed to collect a wide range of debris but not all of them. Therefore, it is important to consider what debris a leaf sweeper is specifically designed to collect. Although all leaf sweepers can collect light debris such as dry leaves and grass clippings, some can handle heavier debris such as pine needles, acorns, and braches. In addition, some models are specifically designed to collect wet leaves and lawn clippings.