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1. SensorPush Wireless Thermometer / Hygrometer
Test Winner: 1. SensorPush Wireless Thermometer / Hygrometer

Best Hygrometers Reviews & Comparison 2024

For people with breathing-related complications, expensive treasures like fine wines, cigars, and musical instruments, maintaining optimal temperature and humidity levels is not optional. Left to their own devices, these variables can easily cause irreparable damages to the said items and considerably worsen your health. Consequently, it is crucial that you invest in a practical and functional hygrometer that best suits what you want to do.

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The market is full to the brim with various types and sizes of hygrometer, which incidentally informs our assertion that no particular hygrometer is the absolute best. Concentrate on finding one that best matches your unique situation. Deciding on the most suitable one is, however, easier said than done. And it’s at this point that we enter the scene: to help you pick out your knight in shining armour from a sea filled a few equally good choices worth considering.

10 Best Hygrometers


1. SensorPush Wireless Thermometer / Hygrometer

1. SensorPush Wireless Thermometer / Hygrometer
Monitoring temperature and humidity changes within your home or office do not have to cost you an arm and a leg, as the SensorPush Wireless Thermometer/Hygrometer proves. For just a few bucks, you can get yourself on the best budget-friendly hygrometers on the market. It might lack the bells and whistles of pricier high-end models, but it does get the job done, with impressive accuracy to boot. A great feature the hygrometer has is Bluetooth connectivity that allows for easy and hassle-free monitoring of humidity and temperature measures provided your phone is within a range of 325 feet.

Like insinuated above, the SensorPush is most likely the best affordable hygrometer that allows for real-time data monitoring as it conveniently syncs with your mobile device. As long there are no structures, objects or conditions obstructing the connection between your device and your Bluetooth-enabled phone, you should pretty much be on top of things. With a 325-foot range, you'll be able to effectively monitor the weather conditions as the day progresses so that should the need arise, you can take necessary precautionary measures to keep yourself comfortable, safe and healthy.
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In case you’re travelling away from home, to vacation or to attend to business matters, you have the option of purchasing a Wi-Fi gateway device to always keep you on the loop on temperature and humidity changes. However, the gateway is pricey and lacks the lightweight and compact physical attributes of the hygrometer measuring unit. It might, therefore, be an inconvenience bringing it along with you.

Aside from its compatibility with a Wi-Fi gateway and Bluetooth connectivity, it also packs several other signature features that make it a convenient alternative. The hygrometer takes temperature and humidity readings every 60 seconds, meaning that the slightest and most abrupt change in these readings won't escape your attention. To this add its ability to keep data for up to 20 days. After extended stays at the office or away from the state, you can always come back and retrieve the data for analysis and to help you plan the week ahead. Like most hygrometers, you have the option of downloading the brand's app, in which you can store as much data as you want with no restrictions at all.

Its versatility is yet another reason to choose it over its competitors. The design of the hygrometer allows for the monitoring of an infinite number of sensors. This pairs nicely with the fact that the device is capable of accommodating multiple users to monitor the sensors. Setup is quick and effortless. And the package comes with a powerful CR2477 coin cell battery to provide several months of continuous runtime. And that’s on top of the fact that it provides the user with very reliable and accurate readings all through the course of its useful life. Because of the reliable accuracy, there will be no need to frequently calibrate it, as is the case with cheap, off-brand models out there.

Monitoring changes in weather and temperature has never easier as it is with this hygrometer. The hygrometer features a modest and easy-to-use design and comes with a pocket-friendly price tag, in spite of the awesomeness of its features. Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to keep track of changes in weather conditions provided you're within a range of 325 feet. Remote monitoring is also possible, but the Wi-Fi gateway is an expensive investment. For use around the house though, the hygrometer more than suffices and is an excellent choice for the price conscious user.
  • Comes with a budget-friendly price tag
  • The setup procedure is relatively straightforward and quick
  • Incredibly functional and has an app with a very gentle learning curve
  • Capable of storing up to 20 days of data
  • Very accurate and reliable
  • Has a lightweight and compact design
  • Expensive if you include the Wi-Fi gateway
  • Limited Bluetooth range

2. ThermoPro TP50

2. ThermoPro TP50
The ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer is a state-of-the-art, high performance and easy to use hygrometer that helps you monitor temperature and humidity changes accurately and with ease. The hygrometer deserves the first spot has falls short in light of a few drawbacks we’ll look into shortly. Still, it continues to outsell all other hydrometers on the market and has a surprisingly modest price considering how popular it is with homeowners. It’s also very easy to use. Unlike our first pick, the ThermoPro TP50 is capable of displaying temperature and humidity settings in Celsius and Fahrenheit formats.

The hygrometer also monitors the quality of air in the room and displays this using a Dry, Wet, or Comfort nomenclature in addition to storing the highest and lowest temperatures recorded in the past. To wrap up the review of the instrumental features it packs, keep in mind that it boasts a small and portable design that together with a magnetic backing, lets you set it up at any place within your house.
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Monitoring temperature and humidity changes to help you gauge the cleanliness and freshness of the atmosphere has never been easier. It comes with a sufficiently large LED display with easy to see and comprehensible symbols and numbers. Even where the lighting conditions are less than ideal, you won’t have to strain to see the temperature and humidity readings. By taking all the relevant variables and factors that affect the humidity and temperature in a room into account, including conditions of wetness and dryness, the hygrometer presents you with the most accurate and optimal levels. Based on the data, you can then proceed to tweak the different settings on the central air conditioning or portable fan or by either closing or opening the windows to achieve the established optimal conditions.

As was the case with our first pick, the ThermoPro TP50 also features a small and lightweight design that's extremely portable. It has dimensions of 3.1 inches by 0.8 inches by 2.6 inches, and the weight comes to just 2.72 ounces. In light of these dimensions, you can set it up anywhere within the house or even bring it with you to your next outdoor expedition like camping. To this add the table top design that provides for quick and easy installation in an upright and easy-to-read angle. Couple that with the magnetic backing and you have yourself a machine you can easily and quickly attach to the refrigerator or any other metal surfaces around the house.

As mentioned before, it has a simple and easy to interpret humidity level indicator. The indicator has an icon that cycles between Dry, Comfort and Wet, depending on the prevailing weather conditions. A Dry indicator means the humidity is below 30 percent. Comfort indicates that humidity ranges between a high of 60 percent and a low of 30 percent while the temperature lies somewhere between 68 and 79 Fahrenheit.

Toggling between the Celsius and Fahrenheit is as simple as pressing the button at the back of the hygrometer. It keeps both high and low records for temperature and humidity, meaning that you can compare these changes over time to get a clearer picture of how the weather is changing and how this may affect your schedule. Another factor that makes it tick with the mainstream of users out there is its accuracy. The accuracy for humidity is an impressive 2~3%RH while that for temperatures lies between 58°F to 158°F (-50°C ~ 70°C). The high accuracy of the hydrometer means the user will always have the correct readings, all through the day, all year around.

The simplicity, ease of use, practicality, and durability of the ThermoPro TP50 are not questionable. It is an ideal choice for homeowners and users in need of an affordable way of accurately monitoring changes in temperature and humidity, allowing to align their day's schedule accordingly. It's additionally portable and affordable and will provide you with a hassle-free and reliable way of monitoring and maintaining optimal temperature and humidity levels in your home.
  • Installation is both quick and effortless
  • Using the hygrometer is a cinch
  • Comes with a small and high portable design
  • Easy to read and understand icons
  • Cost-effective pricing
  • Lack of backlight compromises use in dimly lit situations

3. AcuRite 00613A1 Indoor Humidity Monitor

3. AcuRite 00613A1 Indoor Humidity Monitor
Another contender for the top position is the AcuRite 00613A1 Indoor Humidity Monitor, an all-time favourite of homeowners who just need a practical, accurate and functional hygrometer. The hygrometer has a deceivingly affordable price tag a simplistic, humdrum physical attributes that most people would easily construe as being indicative of low-quality performance. Instead, the AcuRite 00613A1 offers an off-the-charts performance, seeing as it comes with a wide assortment of performance and convenience features that aim to take the effort and time away from monitoring temperature and humidity all throughout the day, all year long.

One such feature is the ability to record the highest and lowest temperatures in a day. Others include a clear, easily readable digital readout, a magnetic backing that coupled with the fold-out stand provide for easy and quick installation anywhere in the house. The budget-friendly price tag more than compensates for the lack of the requisite AA battery and the fact that it does not have a backlight.
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While the AcuRite 00613A1 lacks military-grade accuracy, it still provides the user with some of the most near-accurate results compared to the vast majority of hygrometers on the market. With regards to humidity, the unit offers an accuracy within 3 percent. Factor this accuracy allowance into the readings the machine outputs, and you should be able to gauge the level of humidity within the house accurately. If, on the other hand, you don't have the luxury of taking a guess, it would be prudent to pour money on a more accurate, high-end hygrometer.

You won't have hiccups trying to use it. It comes with a very modest design with easily tuneable or customizable settings to enable you effectively and efficiently control the temperature and humidity settings of your house. The large 2.4 inch by 3.1 inch LCD display eliminates the need to strain your eyes whenever you're taking a reading. Plus, the readings are sufficiently large. However, if you're planning on using it in places where the lighting conditions are less ideal, remember to carry a source of light as the unit lacks a backlight.

The ease of taking humidity readings also applies to temperature. As was mentioned in the introductory paragraph, the hydrometer records the highest and lowest levels of temperature and humidity all through the day and stores this information. The feature makes it possible to track humidity and temperature changes over the last couple hours and compare these values against one another.

The design does not restrict installation to a specific area of the house. Considering that it has a fold-out stand, it will sit properly on any flat surface anywhere within the house. Also, it comes with magnetic backing through with it attaches safely and securely to any magnetic surface. The implication of this is that you can even have it working on the wall. Couple this with its lightweight and small design and you have yourself a hydrometer you can even use on your desk, slip comfortably into your pants or even your backpack if you're planning on venturing outdoors. Given its fastidious construction, it can easily withstand outdoor use without any significant wear and tear or drop in performance.

Additional features include a generous 12-month warranty and an ability to toggle readings from Celsius to Fahrenheit and verse versa easily. Also, instead of two batteries, the AcuRite 00613A1 uses just one AA battery. Considering that it does not have a backlight, it's an energy efficient option that will occasionally, not frequently, require a battery change.

In all, the AcuRite 00613A1 is a perfect choice for users in need of a relatively accurate and affordable hydrometer to help them monitor temperature and humidity as the day progresses. The LCD display is large, the readings are clear, bold, and easy to read. The fold-out design and magnetic backing let you install it pretty much anywhere you want around the house. For users with a keen eye for reliability and reasonable accuracy and value for money, don’t let the low price tag of this humidity monitor deceive you.
  • Features a sleek and modern-looking appearance
  • Accurately monitors both temperature and humidity all round the clock
  • Vastly outsells other hygrometers on
  • The user guide is simple and very comprehensive
  • There is room for improving accuracy
  • Lacks backlight

4. Extech 445715 Big Digit

4. Extech 445715 Big Digit
Another top consideration for homeowners and professionals in search of a practical and functional hygrometer is the Extench 445715 Big Digit Hygro-Thermometer. It is an all-around machine that works perfectly in just about any setting, be it the factory, warehouse, office setting, and even at home. It lets you keep track of not only the changes in temperature and humidity but also the highest and lowest changes in these measurements all through the day to enable you to make comparisons with previous records.

The dual LCD display gives large, visible, and easy to reach digits, thereby preventing the user from straining if they sit a little farther from the Extech 445715. The large LCD display gives both temperature and humidity readings simultaneously and in the case of the former, switching between Fahrenheit and Celsius is quite a breeze. Now, let’s look at the hygro-thermometer in more detail.
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Obviously, you can tell the Extech 445715 monitors both humidity and temperature just by looking at its large, dual LCD display. It does more than just displaying these two values. It also stores the highest and lowest temperature, and humidity levels reached over the course of the day – 24 hours. The temperature has a range of between 14° and 140°, and the level of accuracy stands at 1.8°F. The highest and lowest ranges for humidity, on the other hand, are 10 and 99 percent RH while the accuracy is 6 percent RH. For temperature, there is a handy button that provides for the quick and effortless switching between Fahrenheit and Celsius readings. It doesn't self-calibrate, and you will, therefore, have to use the optional calibration salt bottles to do this occasionally.

The professional and thoughtful design makes it possible for you to install it in different locations around the house, office, factory, or warehouse. Like most other hygrometers on this list and the market, it aims to make installation easy and quick by providing the user with a handy mounting bracket as Plan B in case the built-in stand does not cut it for you. If you have a flat surface, the built-in stand more than suffices. If on the other hand, you want it on the wall, at a height and angle you find most comfortable to read the digits, then use the mounting bracket. Irrespective of your choice, the installation methods guarantee you a clear and unobstructed view of the temperature and humidity levels at any given time.

It might sound a little complex given the simplicity of hygrometers but calibrating it does not take much time. There is a rear calibration adjustment pot that enables you to get the task done with quickly and with lots of ease. To properly calibrate humidity and verify that it’s accurate, you’re going to need to use the optional 33 percent of 75 percent calibration salt bottles or better yet a humidity chamber. Whichever you’ll find more convenient.

It comes with a large LCD screen display that easily and comfortably accommodates the 1-inch digit readings for temperature and humidity. The dual display that simultaneously gives the two readouts means you don’t have to switch between the two every time you want to check the levels. The simple interface also comes with additional buttons for checking the highest and lowest temperature and humidity levels, for resetting them, and for switching between Fahrenheit and Celsius units. Patently, using it does not take much effort. Even the senior members of the society will have a great time using the hygro-thermometer.

The Extech 445715 is clearly a must-have for employees dealing with wet paints and other coatings, wood, delicate food and even those in libraries. Failure to keep optimum levels of humidity and temperature could result in significant loses for the company. To help with that, the hygro-meter features a large display and a few other buttons for toggling between Fahrenheit and Celsius readouts, resetting the Max and Min temperature and humidity readings, a low battery indicator, and a built-in stand and mounting bracket for easy installation. It provides you pretty much everything you need to make your life easier and stress-free. Plus, it’s compact and lightweight, very affordable and has a 12-month warranty.
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Very affordable
  • Provides stable and accurate readings
  • Comes with a large LCD display for effortless readability
  • Installs easily in multiple locations around the house
  • Sensor wire probe is only 18-inch
  • No remote monitoring

5. Caliber 4R Digital/Analog Hygrometer by Western Humidor

5. Caliber 4R Digital/Analog Hygrometer by Western Humidor
The fact that the Caliber 4R Gold Digital/Analog Hygrometer has rave reviews on customer-trusted websites is the go-to hygrometer for companies in the cigar industry and beyond is very indicative of its performance. In addition to its industrial applications, the hygrometer is similarly ideal for domestic use to help homeowners accurately monitor how temperature and humidity changes during the day. The hygrometer comes with several signature features that set it apart from other hygrometers on the market, the most prominent of which is the military-grade accuracy of its measurements.

To the exceptional performance add impressive durability, incredible ease of use and the convenience of using it. Every aspect of its construction and design speaks volumes about Western Humidor’s commitment and dedication to the production of high-quality, high-performance, practical and accurate hygrometers. Without much ado then, let’s delve in a detailed review of the Caliber 4R.
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It comes with a host of performance and convenience features that aim to take the effort and time away from accurately keeping track of changes in temperature and humidity. The first of these features is the pinpoint accuracy. Unlike the vast majority of hygrometers whose accuracies hover between 3 and 4 percent, this model can maintain an accuracy of +/- 1%. Less than a handful of hygrometers can replicate that and most off-brand, run-of-the-mill models don't even come close to challenging that level of accuracy. The meaning of this is that it belongs in a small and enviable group of very accurate digital hygrometers for commercial and domestic use. It’s therefore surprising that the hygrometer does not come with a premium price tag.

With such accuracy comes several advantages. With this hygrometer at your disposal, monitoring the levels of humidity and temperature will be much easier, which in turn means you'll always have optimal levels at home or in the company warehouse all through the day. The days of humidity reaching levels that encourage the growth of mold in your home or irritating your nasal cavity, or causing your lips to crack, skin allergies and breathing difficulties are long gone.

Moving forward, you'll be in a position to take counter-measures such as opening the windows of tweaking the settings on the central air conditioner to achieve the most comfortable and relaxing temperature and humidity levels. Neither will you have to wake up in the middle of the night to change your shirt for the third or fourth time after it's been drenched in sweat.

For efficient and optimal performance, the Caliber 4R comes out of the box ready to monitor temperature and humidity changes. You don’t have to go any extra lengths to calibrate it yourself the first time. With time though, you'll need to recalibrate it, and the design allows for this so that it provides you with optimal, accurate and most dependable readings. Even after several years of consistent, everyday use, the accuracy level of the hygrometer will always remain within the +/- 1 percent range.

As is the case with other hygrometers on the list, you have the total discretion of choosing the part of the house on which to install it. It comes with a strong and long-lasting magnetic mount that makes it possible to install it on a variety of surfaces around the house. You could, for instance, install it on the refrigerator where it's easily accessible by all members of the family or on the bedside table if you don't want to go to the trouble of having to leave your bed at night. Its lightweight and compact design mean you can bring it with you next time you travel out of town as it easily fits into the pockets of your pants, a backpack, and even suitcase.

If you're looking for a hygrometer to use in a multiple of settings, including the humidor and within the house, look no further than the Caliber 4R. It brings together an analog and digital display for a sleek and modern-looking design. To this add the high +/- 1 percent accuracy for temperature and humidity measurements and the ease with which it is to calibrate the hygrometer. It has a three-day storage capacity for the extremes of temperature and humidity and comes with a lightweight and small profile with a magnetic mount for effortless and quick installation on different surfaces.

However, it does not have a backlight to provide for easy use at night or in conditions where lights are dim. Also, it does not offer remote monitoring. However, you can easily overlook these when you consider that it is one of the most accurate and easy to use hygrometers on the market. It comes highly recommended.
  • Easy on the pockets
  • Has near-military grade accuracy
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Fits with lots of ease in all humidors
  • Has magnetic backing for easy installation on metal surfaces
  • Easy to re-calibrate
  • No remote monitoring

6. Ambient Weather WS-10-C

6. Ambient Weather WS-10-C
We will inevitably run out of space attempting to extol the outstanding features and specs of the Ambient Weather WS-10-C 8-Channel Thermo-Hygrometer, but the long and short of it is that it is one of the best thermos-hygrometers on the market currently. It comes with a large LCD display that comfortably accommodates all the different temperature and humidity readouts from all its 8 sensors. And because the screen is large and backlight, the digits are large and easy to read, and the screen is in no way cluttered, as is the case with cheap, off-brand models on the market. Similarly, the fact that the LCD display is backlit means you can read the already visible and large readouts without straining your eyes in case you're working in an environment where the lighting conditions are less than ideal.

Another advantage to going with this 8-Channel thermo-hygrometer is the fact that it comes with up to 8 remote thermometer-hygrometer sensors. Because it is capable of reading and updating all the eight sensors in real time, you'll always be receiving the most accurate and recent temperature and humidity updates all through the day. The compatibility with up to eight sensors means you can passively and simultaneously keep track of the temperature and humidity is the living room, the attic, the basement, the wine cellar, and even outdoors.
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Should the temperature and humidity levels either exceed or fall below your pre-set values, the consoles immediately notifies you through a notification sound, which is never too loud as to distract you nor too low as to go unheard. Like most digital hygrometers, it monitors both temperature and humidity and displays both readings on the LCD screen. In addition to displaying the lowest and highest temperature levels, the design of the hygrometer also provides for effortless, quick and manual resetting.

The ability to accommodate up to 8 sensors means you will be able to monitor the temperature and humidity of different rooms within the house if you have a big one. You are not restricted to one or two sensors as is the case with some hygrometers. Consequently, in addition to being affordable, the hygrometer is also one of the most economical choices out there for users who want great value for their money.

The package, however, comes with just three, so if you need more you'll have to purchase these separately. Also, because it transmits the temperature and humidity measurements remotely and wirelessly, it has a range of up to 100 feet in most cases. Outside this range, the sensors won't be able to function. It's important to keep that in mind before committing your money.

All good things have a few flaws here and there, and the Ambient Weather WS-10-C \is no exception. Its biggest downside is that it does not come with an app to provide for passive and remote monitoring of the temperature and humidity conditions around the house. Also, you can’t compare the recorded extremes of humidity and temperature to those of previous days as the main console does not allow for storing such data. Still, it is by far one of the best choices out there for those who need to track changes in conditions in different parts of the house and get alerts when the changes either exceed or fall below pre-set values.

When it comes to hygrometers, trust Ambient Weather to come up with some of the most accurate, functional and practical ones. Clearly, this option is no different. It is lightweight and compact and therefore very portable. The LCD display is both large and easy to read both in the light and dim conditions because of its backlight. It’s greatest forte, though, aside from being easy to use, is its relatively pocket-friendly price target. For the best and most accurate performance, trust the Ambient Weather WS-10-C Wireles 8-Channel Thermo-Hygrometer always to make the cut.
  • Works smoothly and efficiently both indoors and outdoors
  • Supports up to 8 sensors simultaneously
  • Sends notifications when pre-set values are exceeded
  • Large, easy-to-read display with data from all sensors
  • Lacks remote monitoring capabilities
  • Doesn’t store past measurements
  • Limited Bluetooth range

7. Meade Instruments TM005X-M Wireless

7. Meade Instruments TM005X-M Wireless
Meade Instruments TM005X-M is yet another hygrometer that deservingly belongs to a small group of practical and functional hygrometers you can find on the market. It's as versatile as it is lightweight and compact. You can easily monitor temperature and humidity measurements in multiple settings around the house. The main unit allows you to sync up to three sensors and they all come with large LCD screens for displaying the measurements in an easy-to-see and clear to read format.

As the review clearly indicates, it is no different from other hygrometers out there except for the fact it’s a flagship product from Meade. The implication is that it offers the user the best in terms of construction quality, performance, ease of use, and comes with the rugged construction to provide for trouble-free use in several environments.
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In general, hygrometers are meant for use primarily in cellars and closets, at least that's the case if it comes with just one remote sensor. However, in the case of this option, you'll be able to monitor temperature and humidity changes in up to four different locations, passively and simultaneously. The hygrometer is, therefore, a solid choice for homeowners living in a house with several rooms or those who'd like to monitor conditions in more one spot around the house. Aside from the main unit, there are also three remote sensors that make the fete possible. And they all transmit data to the main unit through Bluetooth as long as all the components are not outside the 100 feet radius.

One major highlight is that its incredible versatility. As we mentioned in the introductory paragraph, the design and construction of the hygrometer do not limit you to cellars or closets. You can use the machine both in an indoor and outdoor setting. In fact, it works exceptionally well even when you use it in high humidity locations around the home, including but not limited to swimming pools, tubs, spas and even ponds.

Countryside homeowners will like the fact that it can accurately monitor and report on the highest and lowest humidity and temperature conditions in water content in gardens and yards. This is in additional to the usual monitoring in indoor settings. In the latter case, you can tell you when the conditions improve or worsen to allow you take precautionary measures to keep your living space conducive and comfortable to be in.

The Meade Instruments TM005X-M comes with a large, dual LCD display. It has simple-to-understand icons, and the readouts are large and easy to read from across the room without straining your eyes or having to move closer to it. The Jumbo LCD display only gives temperature and humidity readings and is therefore not cluttered in any way. Making out what is what is very easy and simple. You can decide to toggle between only temperature and humidity digits or display both simultaneously.

All the data appearing on the screen are from the three sensors you connect to it, even though it just comes with one and you have to purchase the other two separately. It similarly stores the highest and lowest temperature and humidity recorded during the day, which you can then compare to those from previous days.

In addition to letting you easily toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit units, it is also easy to use in several other aspects. Installing it takes just a fraction of your time and so easy you can confidently delegate the task to your ten-year-old daughter. Similarly, it is lightweight and compact and will install quickly and with ease of multiple surfaces around the house. It's also portable enough for both indoor and outdoor use.

The unit has its fair share of downsides. One, users complain that its accuracy suffers when you take it outdoors where humidity levels fall below 20 percent. Also, they are not water-resistant, and in case they are rained on, it might significantly affect their performance moving forward. Aside from these drawbacks, the hygrometer works like a charm in monitoring temperature and humidity both indoors and outdoors.

If you want value for your money, the Meade Instruments TM005X-M comes highly recommended. It has all the flair to make monitoring temperature and humidity a joyous and pain-free endeavour. Plus, it’s versatile, durably constructed and very easy on the pockets. You won’t regret purchasing the hygrometer anytime in the near future.
  • The large display allows for easy reading of readouts
  • Accommodates up to three extra sensors
  • Cost-effective
  • Reliable performance
  • Lightweight and compact design for easy and straightforward installation
  • Ideal for indoor use
  • Not as accurate as high-end models

8. Thermor Bios with Thermometer

8. Thermor Bios with Thermometer
The Thermor Bios has a design, host of features and specs that limit it explicitly to indoor use. Whether you're looking for something to continuously monitor temperatures in the basement of your house or the baby's room, the cellar or the attic, it should be your to-go hygrometer. It offers the user all the instrumental features that have, until now, been a preserve of top-end models, at a fraction of the price, of course. While it lacks the dead-on accuracy of military-grade hygrometers, it nonetheless comes very close. It is, therefore, a solid choice for homeowners and professionals in need of a hygrometer with near perfect accuracy for indoor use.

The functioning of the Thermor Bios is no different from other hygrometers on this list. It continuously monitors the temperature and humidity in the room within which it is placed to help the user stay on top of things. For instance, it is very important that temperature and humidity do not fluctuate very widely in some parts of the house or the results could be disastrous. For instance, you always want consistent conditions in the wine cellars, if you have one, and the baby’s room, again, if you’re blessed with one. Should the conditions change drastically and unexpected, you’ll be able to take measures to rectify the situation in good time.
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Using it, as you can correctly guess, is a cinch. The digital, dual display LCD screen is very modest and free of unnecessary clutter that would otherwise hinder your ability to clearly see the measurements without straining. You can clearly see the readout from a distance and from multiple angles without experiencing any blurriness. That's more than you can say for the vast majority of cheap, off-brand hygrometers on the market. It comes with a wide temperature range, the lowest being -58°F and the highest standing at 158°F. In case you're not conversant with either of the temperature measurement units, you can quickly toggle from one to another with little effort. You can easily reach the switch at the right-hand side behind the display without even having to turn the hygrometer around.

The same goes for installation and portability. Installing it is a breeze, just as is the case with using it. The hygrometer is capable of standing on its own if you place it on a flat surface. However, it does not have any magnetic backing or brackets for mounting it on the wall. In light of its small and lightweight physical attributes, you can easily move it from one room to another or slip it into your pants or suitcase if you intend to travel out of town. Changing the batteries when they run out takes a matter of seconds. Also, because of its wide ranges, it won’t have any hiccups showing the most extreme changes in humidity and humidity. And it’s also a very accurate unit.

The Thermor Bios is a truly wonderful hygrometer whose design and engineering aims to provide you with the best possible temperature and humidity monitoring. It provides you with around-the-clock monitoring of different rooms to ensure the conditions are just right. It's also easy to use and install and works like a charm. For the best performance at an affordable cost, don't hesitate to go with this hygrometer.
  • The backlight provides for easy reading at night
  • Comes with dual powering options
  • Provides accurate readings
  • User-friendly design
  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective
  • Sensors are not waterproof

9. AcuRite 01083 Pro

9. AcuRite 01083 Pro
W3e're pleased to introduce you to one of the most accurate hygrometers in the market: the AcuRite 01083 Pro Accuracy Indoor monitor. You can calibrate the hygrometer all by yourself to ensure dead-on accuracy when monitoring the levels of humidity and temperature in the house. And like most other hygrometers on this list and on the market, the hygrometer is a breeze to install, thanks to its thoughtful and professional design. Plus, in spite of all its top-end features, using it is a cinch, and it happens to be very pocket-friendly.

We’ll start by expounding on the accuracy of the AcuRite 01083. Unlike other hygrometers, this model offers the user an accuracy of +/- 2° Fahrenheit for temperature and +/- 2° RH in the case of humidity readings. This is the closest it can get to military-grade levels of accuracy. Moving forward, you won’t have to use any of the unreliable and traditional ways of telling the levels of humidity and temperature.
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Essentially, the hygrometer takes the effort, time and most important guesswork away from monitoring temperature and humidity all through the day. Based on the data it displays, you can then take corrective measures to either increase or reduce the levels by doing things like opening the windows or closing them tightly shut or tweaking settings on the central air conditioner. You’ll no longer have to take chances with your health or that of your babies.

With time, and depending on the frequency of use, the AcuRite 01083 will need recalibration to enhance the accuracy of its readings. As we mentioned earlier, you really don't want to take chances with some things, your health and that of your family is one of them. Consequently, the package comes with a comprehensive instruction manual to make an otherwise easy procedure even easier for those who don't consider themselves savvy enough. The result is very accurate and timely temperature and humidity readings all through the day and night.

It is specifically meant for indoor use. It comes with humidity sensors capable of measuring a wide range of indoor humidity between 1% and 99% RH. The hygrometer then displays the results on a large LCD display in bold digits that are easy to read from a distance and from various angles. The screen has a colour-coded bar with blue, green and red colours that indicate low, optimal, and high levels of humidity, respectively.

Being the lightweight and small profiled hygrometer that it is, it comes with several mounting options. First, it is capable of standing upright when put on a flat surface, such as a table top. Secondly, it comes with a wall mount to make wall installation possible. The feature essentially means you can mount the AcuRite 01083 in literally any place around the house. The same goes for magnetic backing: it also for quick and convenient mounting in just about any room within the house.

Additional features include the ease of toggling between Celsius and Fahrenheit units and the ability to record the highest and lowest humidity and temperature levels throughout the day. It updates this data every ten seconds so that the user is always in the loop on changes in the conditions to allow them adequate time to initiate corrective measures.

It lets you keep track of changes in temperature and humidity throughout the day. Consequently, keeping your living space comfortable, relaxed and healthy becomes very easy. It doesn’t come with all the frustration, effort and waste of time typical of using manual and traditional methods. The hygrometer has a dual, digital screen that passively and simultaneously displays the temperature and humidity measurements all through the day with near military-grade accuracy. The LCD display is easy to read. Additional reasons as to why you should get the AcuRite 01083 include its use of use, compactness, easy installation process and a generous 12-month warranty. And at its price, it’s quite a steal.
  • Passively and simultaneously measures temperature and humidity
  • Display highest and lowest measurements
  • Design allows for manual calibration
  • Comes with a budget-friendly price tag
  • Mounts in multiple locations around the house
  • Large digital and easy to read display
  • Lacks remote monitoring feature
  • Does not store previous readings

10. Caliber IV Digital by Western Humidor

10. Caliber IV Digital by Western Humidor
The hygrometer has very striking similarities with its smaller brother, the Caliber 4R we reviewed earlier. The most conspicuous difference is in with regard to display type: while the model has a digital one, the Caliber 4R features a combination of analog and digital display, which is also partly responsible for its modern, sleek looking appearance.

Like the Calibre 4R, the Caliber IV has a dead-on accuracy rating of +/-1 percent RH. The implication is that it can tell, with enviable precision the exact temperature and humidity levels with minimal errors. It, therefore, allows you to organize your life accordingly to keep your living space at optimal temperature and humidity level, thereby avoiding preventable health complications for people with different health conditions. You can easily re-calibrate it to get the most accurate measurements, which incidentally also makes it an ideal choice for use in the wine cellar and humidor. The re-calibration procedure is quite straightforward and simple, and it's very critical to getting the most accurate readings.
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You’ll love the fact that it is both lightweight and compact with regards to design. Hence, installing it on different surfaces including but not limited to the wall and flat surfaces is quite the effortless endeavour. The magnetic backing means all metallic surfaces are potential mounting surfaces. You could choose the refrigerator since everyone in the house has to use at some point during the day, making it a more central and easily accessible location.

In addition to measuring temperature and humidity levels passively and simultaneously, the hygrometer also records the highest and lowest temperatures reached during the day, storing that data for the next three days. It also provides you with the averages to help you track temperature and humidity patterns as the month or year progresses, meaning that there will be no surfaces in the coming days unless the conditions were to change drastically.

As for drawbacks, this hygrometer has very few. First and most notable is the lack of remote monitoring. In case you leave town for a few days, you won’t be able to keep track of how temperature and humidity levels are changing. If the levels exceed your pre-set levels, you won’t receive any notifications. However, considerable the budget-friendly of the unit and remarkable accuracy, the lack of remote monitoring is hardly a pressing concern or a deal breaker, in our opinion.
  • One of the most cost-effective units on the market
  • Provides the user with very accurate readings
  • Compact design allows for easy fitting in all humidors
  • Has magnetic backing for easy installation
  • Factory calibrated
  • Easy to re-calibrate
  • Does not provide for remote monitoring

Criteria for Choosing the Best Hygrometers

Before venting out or starting to scour the Internet in a desperate search for the best or most suitable hygrometer, it’s important to take several factors into consideration. In addition to cutting down the time and effort you’d otherwise expend on the endeavour, it also ensures you get one that’s most relevant to your scope of application. Some of the crucial factors to keep in mind include ease of use, pricing, performance – including accuracy, and battery life, among others. The idea is to narrow down your scope, eliminating unsuitable matches until you end up with one that best meets your requirements.

The scope of Application/Use

The most critical consideration in your search for a hygrometer is the intended use. Different people buy hygrometers for different purposes, and it’s this difference in intended use that informs the different model sizes and accuracies. For domestic and light-duty to medium-duty commercial use, any mid-sized hygrometer should do the trick. Users running high-end commercial establishments or those with private wine cellars and cigar humidors appreciate the need for investing in military-grade and dead-on accurate hygrometers. Consequently, they will not settle for anything less than the highest quality hygrometers capable of simultaneously monitoring temperature and humidity changes all through the day and keeping the highest and lowest records for several days for purposes of analysis and forecast.

Since this piece is intended to guide homeowners in choosing a most suitable hygrometer, we’ll insist that you consider whether you need monitoring in several rooms and whether you’ll need remote monitoring. In the same vein, it would be prudent to go for a hygrometer with remote monitoring if you occasionally travel out of town but don’t want to leave anything to chance.

Measurements and Accuracy

Contemporary hygrometers also provide the option for simultaneously monitoring the levels of temperature in addition to humidity. With regard to measurements, consider the range you want to work with. High-end models make it possible for the user to monitor humidity from a range of 0% to a high of 100%. While this is obviously impressive, it may be beyond the scope needed for domestic use. A range of between 20 and 90% is more sufficient for everyday use around the house. The same goes for temperature monitoring. The vast majority of modern hygrometers are capable of working within a range of between 32ºF and 122 ºF, the equivalent of 0ºC to 50ºF. As for accuracy, something with up to ±4% RH should be sufficient. For commercial applications, try and limit that to ±1% RH.

Ease of Use

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Like all other handheld machines, the manufacturers of hygrometers tend to ensure they are both practical and easy to use, at least for the most part. To this end, the machines come with a wide assortment of convenience features that aim to take away the time, effort, and guesswork away from monitoring temperature and humidity. As a result, it is not surprising that most hygrometers have large LCD displays to make the data easy to see and read from across the room and from multiple angles. High-end models even have a backlight to illuminate the readout in dimly lit environments properly. Consequently, you still get to use the hygrometer thermometers all throughout the day and night.

A second convenience feature is the ability of hygrometers to store the highest and lowest temperature and humidity data recorded over a 24-hour period. In addition to providing all round the clock monitoring, the data saving option also makes it possible for the user to compare data over several days, which can help predict conditions over the next few days, thereby eliminating any surprises. Thirdly, if the machine comes with several sensors, you’ll be able to monitor multiple rooms simultaneously, helping you know the rooms that are hottest or most damp. To these features add the ease of installation. A hygrometer should be easy to mount on different surfaces. Those with foldout stands can go on any flat surface while the ones with magnetic backings mount easily and quickly on metal surfaces.


Yet another important consideration is how pricey or pocket-friendly a hygrometer is. As a rule, high-end models with all the bells and whistles command a higher price compared to their off-brand, run-of-the-mill counterparts. However, before committing your hard-earned money, consider whether the unit has the most basic features and accuracy that will make your work easy and painless. Those with remote monitoring might be expensive, but in the long-run, they’ll make your work much easier. In the same breathe, its pointless pouring lots of cash on an expensive model when you only need something practical and functional for occasional use around the house. The decision boils down to personal preferences, anyway.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I calibrate my hygrometer?

A: The need to calibrate or re-calibrate a hygrometer is an important one. Even though there are varieties out there that come already calibrated, doing it yourself leaves no room for errors in measurement as it ensures accuracy at all times. Also, after some considerable use, the measurements tend to drift. Luckily, the process is quite simple. All you have to do is purchase a calibration kit – one that’s recommended by the brand – and just follow the instructions contained therein to get the most accurate results.

Q: Why use a hygrometer?

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A: Hygrometers come with manifold uses. For others, they are best for ensuring their living space is comfortable, liveable and mold-free. For others, they are for ensuring their wine cellars and humidor maintain consistency in levels of humidity and temperature to prevent any damage to their products. For others, on the hand, they are for keeping allergies and other breathing-related health complications at bay.


The aim of this entry, from the very beginning, has been to arm you with the right information to enable you to make the right decision as far as buying the best or most suitable goes. A functional and practical hygrometer will prove very handy when you have to maintain the right humidity and temperature in a room so that you maintain the best of health and extend the lifespan of your cigars and wines. While all the hygrometers on our list are deserving of their respective positions, it’s our opinion that those with remote monitoring capabilities and controllable through downloaded apps on a smart device give real value for money. You don’t need this feature if you just want something for normal, everyday use around the house, though. Irrespective of your choice, make sure it comes with the requisite accuracy, reliability, functionality, and ease of use that removes guesswork, effort and time away from the monitoring temperature and humidity levels in your home.