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1. Honeywell MN10CESWW MN Series
Test Winner: 1. Honeywell MN10CESWW MN Series

Best Portable Air Conditioners Reviews & Guide

The hallmark of any portable air conditioner is quietness, functionality, practicality, dependability, ease of use, value for money, and of course portability. While they are versatile units that are easy to install, their performance is nonetheless determined by several factors. For your unit to work as advertised, you’ll have to take things like the size, ventilation, humidity and ambient conditions of your house into consideration. Failure to do so will undoubtedly lead to less than an ideal performance where a unit barely manages to get a room below sweltering or the 78-degree Fahrenheit that is taken to be the upper limit of indoor comfort. Also, the jury is still out on the extent of portability of portable air conditioners, seeing as a majority weight between 50 and 80 pounds and come with exhaust hoses that you have to connect to a window kit or venting kit.

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Nevertheless, portable air conditioners are the best alternative to central air conditioning, and their performance far exceeds that of fans and window-mounted ACs. They are particularly indispensable in the heat of the summer when temperatures are soaring, and building regulations or window configurations do not permit you to install window units. If it’s the third time you’re changing shirts from sweating through your shirt and have to change into another, then you have to think twice before getting off the couch because the leather welds to your skin, it’s high time you started looking for a portable air conditioner.

10 Best Portable Air Conditioners


1. Honeywell MN10CESWW MN Series

1. Honeywell MN10CESWW MN Series
Having been the industry for decades during which period they have strived for excellence and committed themselves to the production of high-quality, functional and yet practical products, Honeywell has deservingly earned a reputation for straightforwardness. Their products are, among other things, easy to use, robust, and very long-lasting. And while their products do not speak much in the way of style or compactness, they nonetheless get the job done, and with perfect results. In the next paragraphs, we’ll be reviewing the Honeywell MN10CESWW to reveal why it is the top-selling portable air conditioner on such customer-trusted seller websites such as

For one, it is truly high-performance and efficiently and seamlessly cools down 400-square feet of space within just a couple of minutes, thanks to its 10,000 British Thermal Units rating. The machine also doubles up as a dehumidifier that easily removes extra moisture from your room, and according to the manufacturer, the unit has no problem achieving a performance of up to 79.2 pints per day. Word of caution though: manufacturers tend to give optimistic values based on ideal world scenarios.

The performance is subject to several factors like the size of the room, ventilation, and the prevailing weather conditions in your place of residence so replicating these figures might be a little difficult. In spite of its impressive performance, the air condition is surprisingly quiet and does not produce any discomforting noises, even in the dead quiet of the night.
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The Honeywell MN10CESWW is based on a three-in-one technology to provide you with three functionalities: cooling, dehumidifying, and fanning. It is consequently an economical and versatile unit and is an ideal choice for individuals aiming to kill three birds with one stone. The unit qualifies as a portable air conditioner thanks to its ingenious design that ensures its both lightweight and compact. With a weight of just 49.6 pounds and dimensions of 15.2-inches by 18.1-inches by 29.4-inches, it is relatively easy to move from one room of the house to the next. And in case the weight is on the heavy side for you, it comes equipped with sturdy caster legs to enable you effortlessly wheel it around the house without the need for lifting or carrying it off the ground.

Like the vast majority of portable air conditioners on the market, it has a window venting kit that's compatible with many standard windows. Installing it on other openings is also possible and relatively easy after making slight modifications here and there. Because of the non-permanency of the window vent, you'll be able to uninstall it or relocate it to other windows as the need arises. The ease of installing the window vent and the accompanying exhaust hose, however, depends on several factors, meaning that there is room for customization in accordance with your specific needs.

As mentioned earlier, the Honeywell MN10CESWW is centred on a three-in-one technology which means it is capable of dehumidifying, cooling, and fanning a room, with the rate of the former standing at an impressive 79.2 pints per day. To ensure you live in a clean and conducive environment, you can set the machine to clean and purify the air around the room by using its 3M electrostatic filter. You also get to enjoy a fan-only function when the temperatures become unbearable in the heat of the summer.

For standard portable air conditioners, the water collected from the dehumidification process collects in a bucket or tank through an exhaust hose and which has to be routinely emptied every once a while. The frequency of emptying, of course, goes up in case water is accumulating much faster and this can prove to be a very dull task, particularly when the temperatures outside are sweltering. The situation is complicated even further when there is a leak. Apart from offering you cooling and dehumidifying functionalities, it also comes with an auto-evaporation system that takes the effort from keeping your home cool by preventing any condensate accumulations and thus no need of emptying the water from the tank. The feature consequently saves you considerable time and effort.

The Honeywell MN10CESWW also enhances the comfort of the user by coming with full-function remote control thereby eliminating the need to change or adjust settings on the unit manually. On a similar note, the feather-touch electronic controls on the machine are easy to use, and the control panel and the remote also feature realistic and straightforward designs to improve ease of use. The programmable timer accords you the liberty of pre-setting the different times at which the unit is to automatically switch on and off so that no matter how hot it is, you'll always come home to a cool and conducive house in the evening.

To recap, the Honeywell MN10CESWWis an ideal choice for users looking for a hassle-free operation with easy set-up and minimal maintenance. The produced is optimized for use in rooms that have up to 400-square feet in space. It will be an indispensable tool on those humid, sticky days when you need something to cool, dehumidify and fan your room. Additionally, the product comes with a generous 60-month warranty and boasts of longevity, ease of use, eco-friendly, and very efficient. At its asking price, it is indeed a steal.
  • Easy to install window vents and uninstall
  • Equipped with easy to use feather buttons
  • Operates efficiently
  • It’s relatively quiet
  • Versatile performance with 3-in-1 functionalities: cooling, dehumidifying and fanning

Great cooling performance

  • Relatively short hose
  • The window kit is not compatible with most window types
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2. Frigidaire 12,000 Btu

2. Frigidaire 12,000 Btu
In our tests of different portable air conditioners, while compiling this list, it did not escape our attention that a vast majority of the units out there on the market have serious trade-offs. Some of the areas manufacturers tend to compromise on are cooling performance, ease of use, comfort, and dehumidifying performance.

Consequently, it's easy to come across a product that produces almost deafening noises but with exceptional cooling performance or one that runs inefficiently but does a great job dehumidifying a room. One of the notable exceptions is the Frigidaire Gallery FGPC1244TI. The feature-rich portable air conditioner perfectly balances performance, efficiency, durability, and ease of use. It is such all-roundedness, and its sleek contemporary looks, that earns it high praise and makes it the number one preference among homeowners looking for a practical and functional portable air conditioner.

Worth mentioning right off the bat is the fact that it comes with Wi-Fi capabilities which allows it to connect effortlessly to your home’s Wi-Fi network. After a successful connection, you’ll have no difficulties controlling all the aspects of the unit using your phone and remotely from anywhere with an internet connection. With the Wi-Fi connection, changing or adjusting such things as the temperature, modes, and speed of the fan….
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With an impressive 12,000 British Thermal Units under its belt, it will get your room cool and conducive efficiently and in a fraction of the time it takes other portable air conditioners. While it lacks the highest performance specifications, its performance far exceeds those of other units featured on this least, even though they are some of the very best units suited for domestic and medium-duty commercial use. 12,000 British Thermal Units and an ability to cool a room that's approximately 500-square feet in size mean its performance is more than satisfactory. The Frigidaire Gallery FGPC1244TI is equipped with a 3-speed fan setting and a dehumidifying mode which when coupled with its unique oscillating louvers, allow for the even circulation of cool air throughout the room, leaving behind no hot spots. Consequently, unlike other portable air conditioners, your room will be cooled a lot quicker.

As was mentioned earlier, the Frigidaire Gallery FGPC1244TI creates a perfect balance between performance and efficiency, never sacrificing one for another. It boasts an energy efficiency ratio of 11, which is substantially higher than the industry average of 9.898 and far better than the lowest ever recorded: 8.9 units. Another attractive feature is it’s the safety associated with using it. The portable air conditioner is compliant with both the UL and RoHS with the latter certifying that the product lacks any materials that are harmful to humans like lead and mercury. The UL-compliance, on the other hand, is proof that the unit has passed or even exceeded public safety standards. If you any amount of emphasis on your safety and that of the people around you, you’ll immensely appreciate the importance of these certifications and the fact that it passes them.

If the Frigidaire Gallery FGPC1244TI were to be given a moniker, it would definitely be convenience. The ease of using the portable air conditioner and the fact that it operates with relative quietness makes it one of the most convenient units on offer on the market currently. The product comes with a noise rating of just 53 decibels. To put this in perspective, keep in mind that a typical human conversation is rated at about 60 decibels, which means it is quieter than two people having a casual conversation. Trying to find a quieter model on the market within the price range of this unit will quickly turn out to be a futile attempt.

Other convenience features offered by the product are the 24-hour programmable timer that enables you schedule cooling and dehumidifying, and base wheels to facilitate portability from one room to another. In case there is a power outage in the middle of an operation, the auto-restart feature will ensure it starts operation the second power comes back on, with the pre-set settings. There is also an intelligent sleep mode that memorizes your sleep patterns and adjusts the fan speeds accordingly, enabling you to sleep comfortably throughout the night.

In spite of its innovative design and incredible performance, it comes with its fair share of drawbacks that most pertain to its design. The unit weighs 78 pounds, which doesn't exactly qualify it as portable. Carrying it from one room to another will be a little daunting. To offset the drawback, the machine is equipped with a pair of sturdy wheels making rolling it a much easier option as opposed to carrying it.

Overall, the Frigidaire Gallery FGPC1244TI is a well-rounded portable air conditioner that anyone can use to keep their room cool during the summer. It works efficiently and quietly and has the perfect balance of performance, ease of use, comfort, and dehumidifying performance. Nevertheless, it fails the portability criteria as it is a tad heavy at 78 pounds, which will make carrying it up the stairs a little tiresome. Other than this drawback, it works spectacularly and will keep your room cool within a short duration.
  • All-rounded performance
  • Very portable
  • 3-speed fan setting
  • Easy to use
  • Compliant with both the UL and RoHS
  • Quiet and convenient
  • Very efficient
  • Has sleek and contemporary looks
  • A little heavy at 78 pounds
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3. Honeywell MN10CESBB

3. Honeywell MN10CESBB
The main aspect that separates the Honeywell MN10CESBB 10000 from the rest of the competition is the fact that it perfectly balances power and price. And in spite of featuring one of the most pocket-friendly price tags, it nonetheless performs powerfully, boating an ability to cool off medium-to-large sized rooms within the shortest period, thanks to the fact that it comes with 10,000 British Thermal Units. While the market is filled with several other portable air conditioners with higher British Thermal Units and airflows, they are not ideal for use in a home setting where a typical room ranges from between 15’ by 20’ and 20’ by 20’. The Honeywell MN10CESBB is robust, professionally constructed to the highest industry standards, and is very portable, and with a few design flaws notwithstanding. Now, let’s dive right into it.

It comes with a versatile three-speed fan capable of circulating air at low, medium and high speeds, and accords you the freedom of adjusting the fan speed in accordance to the heat levels in your room. The unit is capable of attaining airflow speeds of up to 174 cubic feet per minute, which, while falling slightly below average for a portable air conditioner of its size, means you'll be able to notice a significant drop in heat levels within the first 30 minutes of switching on the machine. For even greater versatility, it also comes with a dehumidifier mode and irrespective of whether the mode is activated or not, it continues removing moisture.
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With only the cooling mode activated, the portable air conditions does an astounding job removing 68 pints of water on a daily basis, and this rate almost doubles when you enable the dehumidifier mode. The design makes your work easy by featuring an automatic evaporation system that eliminates the need for having a drip pan or water tank that has to be emptied later.

Efficient consumption of electricity is yet another significant consideration when shopping around for a portable air conditioner, and this happens to be one of the areas where it really shines. According to our estimates, it will cost you a paltry $91 to operate the air conditioner, which is very little compared to the operational costs of several larger units on the market. Also, while a typical portable air conditioner will have an energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 9.7, it posts a figure of 9.5, which is less than the average but not as impressive. On a positive note though, the portable air conditioner comes with a UL seal which means that it is compliant with industry standards for health and safety.

The design and engineering guarantees greater control and ease of use, thanks to the provision of a handy remote control and an easy-to-use control panel. As you would expect, the remote has several buttons for turning on the unit, adjusting the speed settings, setting the time and changing the modes, all from the comfort of your chair or bed. Both the remote control and control panel are kept modest and straightforward so that even people who are not technically-inclined don't have difficulties using them.

In their determination to keep things, however, the Honeywell brand left out the sleep mode and restart buttons thereby making it impossible for the AC to keep adjusting the temperature settings in accordance with the heat prevailing heat levels as you sleep. The lack of a restart option also means the unit can't restart on its own after a power outage which means you'll be coming back to an unusually hot house in the summer after spending the whole day in the office.

For the Honeywell MN10CESBB to serve you efficiently, you’ll need to be good at foreseeing and planning. For instance, placing the portable air conditioner close to a window allows for the effortless and seamless removal of excess air and moisture. While this is expected for a majority of portable air conditioners, it comes with a notoriously short vent hose which means you'll have to clear a path for the hose that measures 4.9-feet long, to get to the window. The portable air conditioner comes with a generous 48-month and 12-month long warranties for the compressor and the appliance, respectively. If you're not sure how to set it up, you resort to downloading the user manual from the company's websites or contacting customer service.

To conclude, the Honeywell MN10CESBB has impressive cooling and dehumidifying capabilities and is ideal for rooms or houses ranging between 350 and 400 square feet. The full-function remote is easy to use and enables you to adjust the settings from the comfort of the couch conveniently. With the auto-evaporation feature, you can use it for hours on end without having to worry about emptying a bucket or using a drip pan. For those who want value for money, this portable air conditioner is one of the best bets out there.
  • Exceptional dehumidifying capabilities
  • Very energy efficient
  • Has an automatic evaporation system
  • Has easy to use control panel and remote control
  • Has an impressive energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 9.5
  • Great cooling and dehumidifying capabilities
  • Comes with a brief window vent that compromises adaptability
  • Lacks a sleep mode and restart option
  • Has a short 4.9-foot exhaust hose
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4. Whynter AC-14S

4. Whynter AC-14S
The environmentally-friendly Whynter AC-14S is one our third consideration and a stronger contender for the top position based on several factors. The unit is packed to the brim with several impressive features and comes with a spectacularly high cooling capacity that almost instantly reduces the cools down the warm air in your room. Because it is fitted with a dual hose system, it's going to be difficult finding a unit that matches its efficiency and effectiveness. And the best part, you ask? You won't need to break the bank to have one of these, and once you do, the installation process will last just a couple of minutes and without the need for professional assistance.

Aside from its high-performance, the Whynter AC-14S comes with sleek and contemporary looks that make it reek of the kind of sophistication you’d expect from a high-end portable air conditioner. The unit is a staple of portability with its lightweight and compact design that makes it genuinely portable, allowing you to move it from one room to another rather effortlessly and with minimal effort. In addition to weighing 100 pounds with dimensions of 35.5-inches by 19-inches by 16-inches, it comes with four multi-directional wheels for effortlessly moving it around. Because it’s compact, it fits in almost any room, however crowded, and still leave you with plenty of storage space for other things.
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Concerning performance, it comes is quite versatile; it has four operational modes, each suited for different times of the day or different weather conditions. Other keynote features are the dual-hose venting system and the convenient auto-drain function. As the winter comes to an end, it would be prudent to prepare adequately for the sweltering heat of the winter by investing in a high-performance, durable, and versatile portable air conditioners, and the Whynter AC-14S is worth giving serious consideration. To find out more about the good, the bad, and the ugly of this portable air conditioner, read on.

As the name suggests, it has a cooling capacity of 14,000 British Thermal Units, which makes it possible to quickly and uniformly cool an expansive space. It is optimized for use in spaces that measure up to 500-square feet that have ambient conditions. Consequently, it can be used in several settings that include but not limited to study rooms, workshops, living rooms, and large bedrooms. Despite its high-performance, it efficiently consumers electricity and even if you leave it running all through the day, it won’t rake up your electricity bill.

The portable air conditioner is also an environmentally-friendly choice that makes use refrigerants that are not harmful to the ozone layer. Other than using CFC-free refrigerants, it is also made from high-quality and durable materials and components that do not have even the slightest traces of lead and are similarly RoHS-compliant. For the user keen on protecting the environment, the portable air conditions is an ideal choice.

Furthermore, when water accumulates in the tank of your portable air conditioners, it will most likely cause leaking problems, especially when the unit is not maintained regularly. To circumvent this problem, the manufacturers thoughtfully incorporated a highly efficient auto-drain mechanism for checking against the accumulation of the water. The ingenious design of the machine allows it to draw extra moisture from the air and uses it to produce cool and clean air, thereby making your room less toasty in the heat of the summer. Additionally, it uses a pre-filter to filter the air and an odour-neutralizing carbon filter to keep the air fresh all throughout the day and night. You can easily wash the pre-filter or vacuum or rinse it to keep it clean.

You don’t have to be technically-inclined to properly use the Whynter AC-14S. The installation process is thoroughly simplified and very straightforward. Installing the venting kit can be done by anyone by just following the simple instructions on the user manual; the kit is capable of fitting in any standard window. With a little creativity, and since the user instructions are not set in stone, you can effortlessly modify the venting kit to fit perfectly on other places other than the windows, for instance, the wall or the ceiling.

The kit has everything you need to make a clean and quick installation; one slide bar, two extendable exhaust hoses, and fixtures to ensure the hoses attaches securely and firmly to the slide bar and the portable air conditioner. As it's equipped with two hoses, instead of the industry standard one, the air conditioner exhibits extremely efficient performance and airflow, enabling it to bring down a room’s temperature more quickly and efficiently, which in turn makes it the go-to tool for homeowners.

Adjusting settings is easy since it comes with an easy-to-use control panel. The LCD display, coupled with the modest buttons means adjusting such settings as temperature, modes, and even the speed of the fan can be done effortlessly and quickly. There is 24-hour on/off functionality too so that whether you’re away on business or sleeping, the portable air conditioner gets to maintain a pre-set temperature. And if it gets too hot or cold, you can easily use the full-function remote control to make adjustments without leaving the warmth of your bed or couch.

Overall, this option is a perfect fit for individuals looking for exceptional performance. Aside from being environmentally friendly, the unit offers some efficient performance and comes with distinct features that simply make it stand out. Its dual hose system, 2 filters, and the effectiveness of its dehumidifier mean it is suited for use in a variety of settings. If you want to stay safe and protected in a predominantly hot and humid environment and are apprehensive about breathing in dusty air, the Whynter AC-14S is a suitable unit.
  • High cooling performance
  • Cost-effective
  • Has sleek and contemporary design
  • It’s longer lasting
  • Has a very flexible venting system
  • Equipped with a 3-in-1 design for versatility
  • A little noisy
  • Not suitable for cooling the area advertised

5. LG LP1215GXR

5. LG LP1215GXR
The single-hose design LG LP1215GXR is maximized for light-duty to medium-duty use in rooms measuring between 400 and 500 square feet. The product boasts an incredible 12,000 British Thermal Units in spite of its small stature. It's no surprise then that it can effortlessly cool down an average-sized room within a short period.

While it may be a little rough on the eyes, seeing as it lacks any meaningful modern or sleek designs to write home about, it is nonetheless of the portable air conditioners on this list that is incredibly easy to use. While unpacking, assembling and getting other units to run takes a lot of patience and a great deal of time and effort, the LG LP1215GXR starts to make life easy right from the unpacking stage. Most of the components and parts of the machine are already pre-assembled, and there is very minimal fine-tuning to do, just a few twisting and attaching things such as hoses to where they should be and voila, you're done. If you were to compete against a friend who was unpacking and setting up a portable air conditioner packaged by another brand, it would only be fair to give them a twenty-minute head start.
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While it has very prominent utilitarian looks, it hardly qualifies as ugly. Considering that the vent, for instance, is a little prominent while the buttons on the control panel look like small blocks, it'll be hard to leave a lasting positive impression on aesthetically-inclined individuals. It'll also be hard to sell to persons looking for a product that can blend seamlessly with the internal décor of their house.

In spite of that, you won’t have any difficulties whatsoever using it. If you wanted to lock and release the exhaust hose, open or close the drain, or remove the filter, all the relevant labels are clearly marked. By adding the clear labels, the brand essentially cut the assembly time by 50 percent and saved everyone the trouble of hunting for directions and instructions in the user manuals. Consequently, as far as ease of use is concerned, it gets a thumbs up.

The design and engineering further aims at enhancing easy to use and convenience by including a very intuitive remote control and refreshingly unique programming. As a result, first-time users, novices and enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfers alike can have the best experience with the product. The generously large LED display panel of the unit clearly highlights the current settings, meaning that you don’t have to strain your eyes reading current settings even in bright light. The LG LP1215GXR comes with several unique modes. The Energy Saver mode, for instance, is energy efficient as it only starts the fan cycles in case the temperature shoots up.

There is also the Auto Clean mode for ensuring the heat exchange coils are free of moisture, preparing the machine for storage, and stopping the accumulation of mold. Consequently, with the help of the Clean mode, the unit gets to have a longer shelf-life with minimal mechanical issues. Our favourite feature is the "auto-swing" mode that enables the automatic oscillation of the fan allowing the air to circulate evenly throughout the room. Considering how useful the feature is, we're surprised it is not standard for all portable air conditioners.

With such impressive features, you can imagine the difficulty of trying to fault the LG LP1215GXR. Nevertheless, the unit is a little too louder than most portable air conditioners featuring on this list. The loudness may be problematic if you intend to use it in a particularly small room. While it's not overly loud, it might be difficult for light sleepers to have it in the bedroom, especially because there is a little squeaking every time it enters a cooling mode or when it picks up speed.

For people in search of a high-performance portable air conditioner with an impressive cooling capacity of 12,000 British Thermal Units for use in rooms that are up to 400 square feet in size, it is more than ideal. While it lacks any sleek, modern looks, the unit is nonetheless lightweight and compact enough to be moved with relative ease from one room to another. It comes with a thermostat control, an auto-start option, an energy saver function, and Clean mode all of which together make it a very efficient portable air conditioner. With the 24-hour on/off timer, you can schedule the times when the machine starts cooling your room even when you’re at work. The LG LP1215GXR is without a doubt one of the best portable air conditioners on the market today.
  • Works powerfully and quietly
  • Ideal for use in 400 square feet space
  • Very energy efficient
  • Easy installation
  • 3-in-1 speed controls
  • Blows air but doesn’t do any effective cooling

6. Global Air 10,000 BTU

6. Global Air 10,000 BTU
The high-performance Global Air conditioner is a high-performance portable air conditioner that perfect for use in rooms measuring anywhere near 300 square feet in size. When used properly, the unit can quickly and efficiently and uniformly distribute cool air throughout the room, without leaving any cold spots. You won't have the slightest challenges filling and circulating cold air all throughout hard-to-reach, thanks to the unit's channels that can direct air in four different directions. Coupled with the upward facing vents, it will see to it that the entire room is filled with cold air.

For superior performance, it comes with an adjustable digital thermostat that automatically changes the temperature settings in accordance with exterior weather conditions. Consequently, in the event that the weather becomes a little hot, the feature promptly adjusts the settings and immediately picks up speed to keep you and your loved ones cool even in the hottest of summer days. For the light sleepers, the Global Air comes with two-speed settings, and you can always choose the lowest setting if you're worried about it waking you up at night though the possibility is quite remote considering that it runs smoothly and quietly. Aside from its 10,000 British Thermal Units, the product also has the capability to remove approximately 46.5 pints of moisture on a daily basis, which is quite an impressive fete considering how compact it is.
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The delivery package includes a full-control remote control that removes the hassle out of keeping yourself cool. You no longer have to interrupt your important programs to physically walk to it to make any adjustments. With the help of the remote, adjusting temperature setting, changing speeds and modes can all be done from the comfort of your bed or couch. One of the keynote features of the portable air conditioner is the programmable timer. With the feature, you don’t have to worry about coming home to a very toasty house after spending the whole day at work. The programmable timer allows you to confidently and conveniently schedule times when the unit goes on or off to maintain a pre-set temperature. You are at liberty to set it to initiate cooling and dehumidifying your room one hour before you leave the office for home so you're greeted by a cool and relaxing atmosphere.

The review of the Global Air would not be complete without mentioning the auto evaporation feature. With standard portable air conditioners, you have to attach a water tank or bucket to the exhaust hose to collect condensate water. The drawback of this arrangement of this arrangement is that if the bucket or tank is not emptied on time, the accumulation of water can cause leakages that will quickly stop the machine from operating optimally. To circumvent such tribulations, the auto evaporation feature prevents the accumulation of water by evaporating the water, which in turn means there is no need for a tank or bucket. Consequently, you are at liberty to use the Global Air 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner for hours on end without having to worry about the need to empty a tank or bucket, hence ensuring efficiency and ease of use.

At this point you're obviously wondering the extent of the unit's portability, this being one of the most important considerations when searching for a suitable portable air conditioner. The product comes in a lightweight and compact design and will fit snugly next to the bed or couch without taking up too much of your space. Whether it is carrying it up the stairs or from one room to another as you do your chores, the lightweight Global Air conditioner, with a weight of just 64.3 pounds, poses no risks at all of straining your hands or hurting your back, as is the case with other heavier and bulkier models out there. Of equal importance is the safety issue. Because the product is both UL and CSA-compliant, it poses no health risk whatsoever to the user and the environment, much to the delight of the environmentally-conscious users.

Additional innovative features include the over-cold protection, washable air filters, four different operation modes, and an automatic operation mode. In case you missed, all these are premium features that have, until now, been the preserve of top-of-the-line portable air conditioners.

If you need a pocket-friendly, functional and practical portable air conditioner, don’t look any further than the Global Air. It packs all the premium features in a lightweight and compact package that’s offered at a budget-friendly price. It has four operation modes, an anti-freeze function, auto-evaporation mechanism and evenly circulates cool air to all parts of the room, thanks to its 4-way air direction channels. With 10,000 British Thermal Units and an equally impressive dehumidifying rate of 46.5 pints of moisture on a daily basis, you'll thank yourself for getting the Global Air 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner.
  • Gets a room cooled down quickly and efficiently
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight and compact for greater portability
  • Uses energy efficiently
  • Easy to use
  • A little loud

7. Whynter ARC-14SH

7. Whynter ARC-14SH
Another portable air conditioner from the customer-trusted brand of Whynter is the Whynter ARC-14S. The portable air conditioner offers you an impressive 14,000 British Thermal Units cooling capacity, which makes it one another powerful machine on our list. The superior performance and efficiency of the unit are informed by the fact that it has a dual-hose design. For those in search of a powerful portable air conditioner for cooling or heating their homes, the Whynter ARC-14SH comes very handy with several essential features and at a pocket-friendly price.

While it is a little bulkier and heavier than your typical portable air conditioner, it is nonetheless portable with its casters and is an economical choice for people in need of a one-stop solution for addressing their cooling and heating needs. The unit is quite versatile and is designed to offer you dehumidifying and fanning functionalities, aside from the already mentioned cooling and heating. Enough with the overview of the air conditioner. Now, let us get into the technicalities.
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While it boasts very impressive performance capabilities, it has a weight of 80 pounds and a height of 35.5-inches, which might hinder portability to some extent. To guarantee easy and smooth movement from one location to another, the manufacturers thoughtfully included four multi-directional wheels to prevent against the possibility of you breaking your back, straining your fingers and shoulders while attempting to move it about. The machine is not designed to be carried or lifted, and with a weight of 80 pounds, it is going to be difficult getting it up the stairs. The Whynter ARC-14SH is nonetheless relatively compact with dimensions of 35.5-inches by 19-inches by 16-inches. As a result, you can rest assured it won't take up too much of your space, whether you decide to use it in the bedroom or living room.

To start off, it is designed specifically for delivering exceptional cooling capacity. The product’s 14,000 British Thermal Units are ideal for rooms that are up to 500 square feet in size, according to the manufacturer. Keep in mind that this is an optimistic estimate that might be a little difficult to replicate and will depend largely on factors such as the design of your house and its ambient space conditions. The performance of the unit will be most pronounced when used in bedrooms, server rooms, living rooms, classrooms, and workshops, among other spaces.

The design is founded on an environmentally-friendly technology meaning that it won't pollute the environment. Aside from energy efficiency, the unit is also CFC-free and is made using R-41-A refrigerant and RoHS-compliant components to minimize the release of harmful substances to the ozone layer and to protect users from dangerous substances.

Additionally, it is equipped with a highly efficient auto-drain system for preventing condensate from accumulating in the collection tank. With the auto-drain system, you can use the portable air conditioner for days on end without having to worry about the need to empty a water collection tank that's full of accumulated water. Because the unit dehumidifies extra humidity simultaneously, it is capable of producing clean and cool air from the one it draws from within your room.

The unit also comes with a pre-filter for cleaning the air ensuring you breathe in only clean and fresh air. You can vacuum or rinse the pre-filters to keep it clean so it works optimally. While the Whynter ARC-14SH can cool and dehumidify the room simultaneously, the dehumidifying option, however, can only run independently. The portable air conditioner has several modes; the fan mode helps with the uniform circulation of air throughout the room and comes with a 4-speed setting.

The refreshingly unique and user-friendly interface of the air conditioner makes interacting and adjusting the different settings on the portable air conditioner easy enough so that even the most technically-disadvantaged do so effortlessly. Other than being easy to use, the control panel has a sufficiently bright LCD display for monitoring changes even when the lighting conditions are less than ideal. The thermostat, on the other hand, is also easy to adjust and comes with a temperature spectrum ranging from 61-degrees F to the highest 89-degrees F. Through you the interface, you can make such changes as temperature settings, fan speed, and even modes. Additionally, you have the freedom of activating or deactivating the 24-hour programmable timer to initiate activity at a pre-set time.

What’s more, it perfectly balances portability with a high-cooling capacity to give you and your family members a really powerful system. The 3-in1 design of the machine makes it one of the most economical choices on the market today as you don’t have to buy three different systems to cool, fan, and dehumidify your room. Irrespective of the weather changes, the portable air conditioner will suffice. And because it performs three functions and saves you from getting three separate machines, you get to reduce operational costs and save on storage space and maintenance expenses.

On a negative though, while it is packed to the brim with several impressive features, it’s dehumidification is not as effective as it should be for a product of its class. Secondly, the heating also becomes less effective below 45-degrees F. If you were to depend on the unit exclusively for your heating purposes during the winter, you might want to reconsider based on this drawback.

To summarize, there is no doubt that the Whynter ARC-14SH performs exceptionally in cooling, fanning and dehumidifying a room that’s up to 500 square feet in size. With a cooling capacity of 14,000 British Thermal Units, the results are almost instantaneous. The product of passes the portability and ease of use criteria, which means it is a perfect choice for people looking for a straightforward and hassle-free operation. In many aspects, it is a perfect replacement for a permanent air conditioner, and at its price, it'll be hard to do better.
  • Highly efficient
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Convenient and portable
  • Excellent cooling competence
  • It’s neither lightweight nor compact
  • Performs poorly at dehumidifying and heating rooms
  • A little noisy

8. LG LP0817WSR

8. LG LP0817WSR
If you need a pocket-friendly, versatile, durable and high-performance solution for keeping your room comfortable and cool during the sweltering heat of the summer, one of the best portable air conditioners out there to give serious consideration is the LG LP0817WSR. Just to give you a quick overview before delving into the technical details, the unit is both lightweight and compact (read portable) and is suited for cooling rooms that are up to 200 square feet in size. The machine operates efficiently, quietly, and seamlessly and with its sleek, modern looks, will blend in with the decor of your bedroom, living room, kitchen, office or warehouse. For ease of use, the LG LP0817WSR comes with a full-function remote control to allow you make adjustments to the temperature, speed and mode settings from across the room.

This air conditioner is the epitome of portability. With a weight of 58.42 pounds and dimensions measuring 27.4-inches by 16.9-inches by 12.8-inches, there is no space the unit cannot fit snugly and perfectly in. Its compactness means you’ll be carrying or lifting it from one room to another or relocating it within the room without breaking a sweat or stopping to catch your breath, as is the case with its bulkier and heavier counterparts. Also, because of its small stature, you don’t run the risk of it breaking your delicate fingers or straining them or throwing your back out when lifting it up the stairs. The inclusion of easy-roll casters further simplifies the issue of portability as you can simply push or pull or wheel it around if you don’t want to carry it. Now, that’s the true definition of portability.
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As for performance, it boasts a cooling capacity of 8000 British Thermal Units in addition to 2 fan speeds. While the cooling performance is not as impressive as that of other portable air conditioners featuring on this list, keep in mind that the unit is ideal for use in a 200 square foot space, and even then its performance will be affected by things humidity, ambient conditions, and ventilation. Consequently, as is the case with all portable air conditions, it's safe to say that 8000 BTU is an optimistic value. Couple the 8000 BTU cooling capacity with the airflow volume of 250 Cubic Feet per Minute and becomes easy to understand how the unit can almost instantaneously cool down a 200 square feet house in a matter of minutes even in the heat of the summer.

The LG LP0817WSR is filled to the brim with several convenience features, all aiming at making your work effortlessly and quick. To start off, there is a full-function remote that makes changing the different settings on the unit convenient. With the remote, you can make changes to the speed of the fan by choosing between the lower and higher setting and even change the mode. There is also the 24-hour programmable timer that enables you to schedule the exact time when the machine activates and deactivates. With the feature, there will be no more going home to a toasty and stuffed place.

Another keynote feature is the LED lights that do a spectacular job illuminating the current settings, enabling you to see the readings without straining your eyes, especially when the lighting conditions are not that ideal. There is also a convenient auto-start feature that ensures the unit starts automatically in case it shut down due to a power outage.

The auto-swing air vent technology is yet another major selling point of the LG LP0817WSR. Assuming you'll be using the unit in the recommended 200-square foot space, the feature ensures the efficient and thorough circulation of the cool air throughout the room. So thorough is the circulation that irrespective of where you are in the room, the cool air is guaranteed to reach you with the same effectiveness that it does someone seated next to the unit and without leaving any hotspots, thanks to the inclined air discharge. The auto evaporation feature, on the other hand, allows you to continue using it for as long as you please as it ensures the condensate does not accumulate in any bucket placed outside.

For a peace of mind, the manufacturer provides you with a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase. You can therefore freely and confidently use it with the assurance that in case it malfunctions as a result of the manufacturer’s use of substandard materials or poor construction quality, all the offending parts or components will be repaired or replaced without any extra charges to you. The unit is also built with your safety and that of the environment in mind. The R410A refrigerant, for instance, is eco-friendly to minimize the possibility of harming the environment.

To conclude, the LG LP0817WSR is a fantastic all-rounded portable air conditioner that other than being vigorously aesthetic, is similarly capable of providing you with an impressive performance. It is durable, versatile, and easy to use. It is fitted with an auto-evaporation feature to provide you with a smooth and effective cooling experience and without the hassle of using an emptying bucket. The auto-swing technology ensures air circulates evenly throughout the room without leaving behind any hot spots. The settings are similarly easy to adjust. If you need value for your money and exceptional cooling experience, go for this one.
  • Comes with sleek and contemporary looks
  • Great dehumidification capabilities
  • Spots an oscillating fan for those hot summer days
  • Works very quietly at just 53 decibels
  • Runs efficiently
  • Heavy
  • Doesn’t have a sleep mode


If you need to have control over the climate of your room in the prevailing heat of the summer, the Black & Decker BPACT10WT with Remote Control will be of great assistance. It replaces the toasty temperature with cool, relaxing and comfortable air to allow you relax in front of the TV or the bathtub or have the best time cooking in the kitchen. If you need the best portable air conditioner for cooling, dehumidifying and circulating cool air throughout the room without leaving any hot spots, we’d highly recommend going with this option. It packs several essential features to make staying in your room more comfortable and relaxing. Now, let’s get to the juicy details.

The performance and convenience features set it apart from its closest competitors. For one, it comes with a mind-blowing 10,000 British Thermal Units, enough to immediately cool the temperature of any room within the recommended sizes of between 150 square feet and 250 square feet. The unit combines the dehumidification mode, the quiet operation mode to create vertical motions thereby creating a steady and powerful airflow from within, capable of reaching all corners of the room. Combined, these features ensure there is consistency in the distribution of cool, relaxing air.
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There is also the 24-hour programmable timer that allows you to pre-set a time when the machine self-activates or self-deactivates. The sleep mode ensures efficiency by automatically regulating the fan speeds while you see sleep. When the temperature falls, the machine activates a lower speed setting, and when the temperature rises, even slightly, the portable air conditioner enables a higher speed settings, so your sleep is not interrupted even slightly.

In addition to the 24-hour on/off timer, it is also equipped with a programmable but easy to use and precise electronic controls on the LED display. Controlling and managing the portable air conditioner is even easier with the included full-function remote control that makes it easy to make changes such as temperature and modes right from across the room. For greater convenience, it also comes with an auto-evaporation mechanism that conveniently evaporates all the water dehumidified from the air, which eliminates the need for a water bucket.

Like most portable air conditioners in its price range, it has an air filter for cleaning the air in your room, which helps you stay healthy for longer. The air filter is made from environmentally-friendly materials is easy to wash or rinse under the faucet. The portable air conditioner comes with a window kit that fits comfortably in a majority of standard windows and is easy to install without seeking any professional help. Also, you get an exhaust hose measuring 4 feet and 11-inches in length, enough to leave enough room between the unit and the window. With a weight of roughly 53 pounds and dimensions of 16.5-inches by 11.5-inches by 26-inches, the BLACK+DECKER BPACT10WT is as portable as it gets. If you’re apprehensive about lifting it, you can wheel it around the house, thanks to its robust casters.

If you're working on a budget but need versatility, great performance, and ease of use, one of the best portable air conditioners on the market today would be this one. It allows you to control the climate of your home with little hassle. Despite packing such premium features, it remains very pocket-friendly. When it comes to cooling and dehumidifying your room and ensuring air circulates evenly throughout the room, the BLACK+DECKER BPACT10WT really offers you the best. It is performing with 10,000 British Thermal Units, easy to use, lightweight and compact and comes with rolling caster wheels and ergonomically designed handles for superior mobility. You won’t regret investing your hard-earned cash in the machine.
  • Has a sleep mode for a quiet operation
  • Lightweight and compact for greater portability
  • Has all the premium features
  • Cost-effective
  • The flow direction is non-adjustable
  • Not ideal for large spaces

10. Friedrich PH14B

10. Friedrich PH14B
If you thought you'd met a versatile portable air conditioner, wait till you see what the Friedrich PH14B can do. It is the only unit on the list of best portable air conditions that features a 4-in-1 functionality. Whether you're thinking of cooling the temperature of your room, heating it up during the winter, dehumidifying, or fanning, all you need is one tool: the Friedrich PH14B Heat Pump Portable Air Conditioner. With such surprising versatility and flexibility, there is no point buying different products each dedicated to these functions, seeing as the unit performs them to the highest standards. Aside from being economical, the unit also saves on operational costs and storage space.

The Friedrich PH14B boasts an impressively high cooling capacity of 13,500 British Thermal Units, one of the highest of the products reviewed so far. Considering its high performance, the portable air conditions is recommended for use in medium to large rooms. According to the manufacturer, a 700 square foot room is perfect but according to our observation and based on our vast knowledge of the working of portable air conditioners, it would perform even better if utilized in smaller rooms. And when the cold season comes, the versatility of this air conditioner means you won't have to invest any extra funds in a heater. As already mentioned, the unit can also work as a heater and its performance, standing at 10,700 British Thermal Units, is more than sufficient to keep the cold of the winter at bay day and night. The built-in dehumidifier also does a tremendous job helping you get rid of excess moisture from your room, ensuring it remains conducive to human occupation.
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Being a dual-hose system, it works efficiently and smoothly and will take just a few minutes to get your room in an ideal temperature range. For smaller rooms that are considerably smaller than 700 square feet, the results are almost instant. Unlike a single hose system, the dual hose system cools a room much faster and more efficiently thanks to its closed loop cooling system. The likelihood of water spilling into the house are also minimized or rather non-existent thanks to the fact that the Friedrich PH14B Heat Pump Portable Air Conditioner comes with a convenient automatic shut-off feature that kicks into action when the reservoir gets filled with water. The implication is that you can leave the system running in your absence without worrying about it flooding your home with water.

As you would expect, it is equipped with a handy 24-hour on/off timer enabling you to pre-set the time when the system self-activates and self-deactivates, without you being in the house. The timer makes it possible to wake up to a cool bathroom in the morning if it is set to activate a few hours before your wake up time. There is also a full-function remote control for controlling the different aspects of the Friedrich PH14B Heat Pump Portable Air Conditioner such as temperature settings from across the room. Additionally, the portable air conditioner comes with 3-speed controls for cooling your room and 3 fan-only speeds.

Other than the programmable timer and full-function remote control, the other feature that aims to make your work easy is the self-evaporate mechanism that eliminates the need to manually drain the water that has accumulated in the tank or bucket. Consequently, you can confidently keep the Friedrich PH14B Heat Pump Portable Air Conditioner running for hours on end without having to leave the comfort of your couch or the warmth of the bed in the dead of night to drain a reservoir. As for portability, the portable air conditioner truly lives up to its name. It is both lightweight and compact and can be carried from one room to another relatively effortlessly.

Even though installing the window kit that comes with the Friedrich PH14B is an easy endeavor, it is more suited for use with vertically sliding windows. If you have a vertically sliding window, it should not take you more than half an hour to set it up and get it running efficiently. For individuals with horizontally sliding windows, on the other hand, it will be necessary to make modifications to ensure the kit fits as required. Depending on your type of window, you may have to call for professional assistance or better yet, contact the company through phone or email.

In conclusion, the Friedrich PH14B is a high-performance portable air conditioner offering its users several premium at a budget-friendly price. Its design and engineering make it an ideal choice for cooling, heating, dehumidifying and circulating clean and fresh air to all corners of your room without leaving any hot spots. For users living in areas where the weather fluctuates randomly being cold and hot, the Friedrich PH14B Heat Pump Portable Air Conditioner will prove to be an indispensable companion, whether you'll be in the office or at home. It's quiet and smooth operation means it is one of the best portable air conditions on the market currently.
  • It’s an all-around unit
  • Works powerfully and quietly
  • Exceptional energy efficiency
  • Has a 4-in-1 functionality
  • Boasts of self-evaporative condensate system
  • Not ideal for the size recommended by manufacturer
  • A little noisy
  • Expensive

Criteria for Choosing the Best Portable Air Conditioners


The performance of your portable air conditioner will be significantly influenced by its British Thermal Units rating and the size of the room you intend to use it in. However, there is a direct correlation between the BTU and room size. As a result, it would be a waste of money to buy a unit with a smaller BTU rating for an expansive room as it would also be imprudent to go for a unit with a higher BTU rating to use in a small room. The performance of your preferred unit will also depend on its energy efficiency ratio (EER) and the design of its hose. Compared to single-hose designs, dual-hose design portable air conditioners are capable of cooling a room a lot faster with considerably less energy.


The ease of using a portable air conditioner boils down to the convenience features it packs, and it could mean the difference between running the unit for hours on end without leaving the comfort of the couch and being on your feet most of the time draining condensate from the bucket and manually making changes on the control panel. Convenience features that come pretty standard on most units are the 24-hour programmable timer, caster wheels, as well as a remote control. Top-of-the-line portable air conditioners, however, have such differentiating features as sleep modes for conveniently adjusting the temperature and an auto-restart feature for switching the unit back when the power comes back on after a power outage.



Because all air conditioners use fans that rotate at high speeds depending on the setting you choose, they inherently produce noise and vibrate. While noise might not be a primary concern for individuals working in workshops and garages, it is nonetheless a priority for those who prefer to have a quiet time on the couch watching TV or resting in bed at night.

Consequently, it would be wise to inquire about the decibel level of the unit you intend to purchase and go for one that operates quietly and with less vigorous vibrations. At full operation, the noise might force you to unconsciously turn up the volume of your television or even resort to blasting your music to compensate for the loud noise. If you are a light sleeper, get a more premium model with additional damping and aim at reducing the severity of the noise.

Additional Considerations

Of equal significance may be whether your preferred portable air conditioner is UL-listed and RoHS-compliant so that it’s both safe to use and doesn’t contain any dangerous materials or chemicals, respectively. Units with a hose measuring at least 5 feet are also better if you have limited space to ensure efficient dissemination of the heat generated during the cooling process.

For continuous, uninterrupted use, you might want to consider getting a portable air conditioner with an auto-evaporate system that eliminates the need for having a standby bucket or tank for collecting the condensate. Other than making your work easy, it would also save time and some nerve having to leave your bed or couch now and then to empty it. Also, for units with air filtration capabilities, ensure the air filters are environmentally friendly and easily re-washable under the faucet, which would allow you to quickly and efficiently get rid of the unwanted accumulation of dust and other debris, enabling the unit to provide you with optimal performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much should a suitable portable air conditioner cost?

A: Portable air conditioners are generally a little expensive with a majority going for anywhere between $420 and $1500. Obviously, you’ll have to dig a lot deeper into your pocket to get a premium one. Deciding to go for a unit cheaper than $400 would you’re willing to compromise on several essential features aimed at making your experience a worthwhile one. Cheaper models largely lack the convenience and effectiveness of the units lying on the price range mentioned above. Your budget should also be dictated by your cooling requirements. A portable air conditioner with a higher BTU rating can effectively and efficiently handle a larger room better than one with a smaller rating. Some of the factors that will, however, affect the optimistic estimations given by manufacturers are humidity, ambient conditions, and ventilation.

Q: Are the units costly and loud?

A: All portable air conditioners use a compressor and fans to create the air flow that keeps your room cool and comfortable in spite of the sweltering heat of the summer. Consequently, they are going to produce noise whose intensity will depend on the stage of operation. At full operation, they’re going to be loud and depending on the model, you might be forced to turn up the volume on the radio or television. With regard to costs of operation, the higher the BTU rating, the more expensive it will be to run the unit. As is the case with fridges, cookers and other electronic appliances, the units have an energy efficiency rating on which you can base your purchasing decision.

Q: Any helpful tips on how to care for and maintain my portable air conditioner so it works optimally?

A: Improving the efficiency and performance of your portable air conditioner can considerably extend its lifespan, allowing you to use it for the next several years. To keep the temperature of the room down during the summer, consider leaving your curtains blinds drawn. Also, make sure the window fixture is airtight, and one of the most effective ways of doing so would be with the help of a foam insulation strip. The aim is preventing warm air from entering the house and increasing the unit’s workload. Additionally, keeping the unit very close to the window will mean using a shorter exhaust hose which would, in turn, minimize the radiation of heat back into the house. Lastly, make a point of cleaning the air filter every month to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the unit.


If the regulations of your building or the configurations of your window don’t allow for the installation of a window unit, one of the perfect alternatives out there are portable air conditioners. The units are known for their reliability, quiet and peaceful operation, functionality, ease of use, and portability. Our list of ten of the best portable air conditioners should help you find what you’re looking for and on the off-chance that it doesn’t, it’ll hopefully help you find what you’re looking for.