Lawn Care Near Me: Services, Costs & Best Tips

We discuss lawn care services and the cost of lawn care near you. In our guide you will also find up to 4 free contractor quotes.

A well maintained is lawn is a marvel, eye-catching, a scene that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property and increases the value of your property. A healthy lawn is a source of pride to the owner; it improves the view of your surroundings and complements your landscape and other plants on your property.

It is true that lawns enhance the quality of life and nourish the environment. A beautiful and well-maintained lawn is an asset to your family as it provides a perfect place to rest, to play and to enjoy the outdoors.

Lawn Maintenance Benefits

Lawns have plenty of benefits to the homeowner, the environment, and the surrounding neighborhood. Most people notice the cosmetic appeal but fail to realize that the more important befits of having a lawn come with time as it grows.

Here are several benefits of having a lawn on your property:

A healthier environment – natural grass filters the surrounding air by trapping smoke, dirty and any other pollutants from the air. It also keeps the environment clean by trapping smog, carbon dioxide, and ozone. With natural grass, you get a good quality of air as it produces oxygen to the surroundings. For example, a lawn measuring approximately 50 x50 foot can produce enough oxygen for a family of around four people.

A green environment – well-maintained lawns contribute to the communities green environment and make the neighborhood more beautiful and appealing.

Cools the environment – natural grass has a cooling effect and can reduce the temperatures in your surrounding significantly. This is because natural grass lets off water vapor to be able to cool them and in the process, they cool the surrounding environment. It acts as a natural air conditioner for your home and neighborhood which is a welcome relief during the hot season.

Absorbs noise – A healthy thick lawn absorbs noise from the surroundings. The grass ecosystem filters anything in the air leaving you with a clean, quiet environment.

Absorbs rainfall – if you have a healthy lawn, it will absorb rainfall better which is a bonus for the surrounding environment and landscape.

Prevents erosion – when it rains, the topsoil can sometimes get washed away especially by heavy rains or rainstorms. Your lawn will help keep and maintain the topsoil in its position instead of getting washed away. The roots of the grass in your lawn usually extend into the soil to hold and keep it together. In fact, studies show that grassroots are capable of binding the soil better than any other type of plant.

Safe landscape – lawns provide safe areas for sporting activities as they are more flexible and offer a better cushioning effect.

Property value – a well-kept lawn can increase the value of your property significantly, and it can give you an edge in the market. The presence of a lawn provides you extra selling points and can help sell your property faster than a home that lacks a lawn.

Lawn Care – The Basics

Every homeowner aspires to have lush, smooth carpet-like lawn. You want your lawn to be perfectly green, healthy and eye-catching. You also want to get that “wow” factor every time someone appreciates the curb appeal that comes with a beautiful lawn.

However, lawns do not just happen, they are human-made and require and require your input and care to maintain them. As a homeowner, you should be proactive and take steps that will ensure your lawn is healthy, safe and beautiful.

Basic Needs of a Lawn/Grass

Just like any other plant, grass needs maximum care. For grass to survive better, it needs adequate sunlight, sufficient water, the right the amount of fertilizer and healthy soil which will provide enough nutrients to reach the roots. Even though grass can survive well with minimum care, you will need to supplement water and fertilizer if the lawn starts to look unhealthy and stressed.


Most species of grass require at least four to five hours of sunlight in a day to be able to survive. However, some species need less or more light requirements. If your lawn does not get sufficient sunlight, it might start having slowed growth, and the leaves of the grass may begin growing thin and long.

To ensure your lawn is getting enough sunlight, you need to do some tree trimming and pruning around your lawn to allow access to light. You may also consider having your grass mowed to one and half inch higher than the normal height to enable it to survives in a dark environment.


Even though rainfall provides sufficient water for grass to grow and survive, you will need to do supplemental watering to keep your grass consistently green and healthy. Running an irrigation system on a regular schedule can be expensive, and it may not help much with water conservation. Your lawn will show signs that signals that it needs watering. The signs include:

  • Wilting or curled leaves
  • If footprints in the lawn remain visible
  • Grass starts to turn grayish-blue

If you notice any of the above signs in your lawn, you need to plan a supplemental watering and make sure you apply enough water to enable the grass to survive better.


If your lawn lacks sufficient nutrients, it starts to grow slowly, and the leaves of the grass begin to turn yellow gradually and will mostly look dull. To make sure your lawn has enough nutrients you need to feed it with fertilizer regularly. Usually, the regular schedule includes one application in the late spring and the other one in the fall.


Your lawn needs healthy soil for the grass to survive and thrive. To maintain healthy soil, you should avoid using fertilizer in excess, a situation that may lead to rapid growth of grass resulting in thatch build-up. Also, exercise caution when using insecticides and pesticides and only apply them when it’s necessary. This is because the use of pesticides and insecticides will end up killing the essential creatures such as earthworms that highly contribute to the good health of the soil.

You also need to make sure the lawn is aerated in the late spring or sometime in early summer to reduce issues that come up due to soil compaction. Aeration also allows water and nutrients to reach the grassroots reducing chances of thatch build up.

Common Problems Associated With Lawns

You might be mistaken to think that all you need to do with your lawn is just to water and trim it to achieve a lush, beautiful green lawn. Unfortunately, it’s never that easy. You will experience several issues such as lack of enough sunlight, fungi, pests, dead places, dry spots, etc.

Here are some the common problems you are likely to experience with your lawn.

White grubs

If your lawn is looking sparse in some areas, it could be the beetle larvae are feeding on the roots of the grass in your lawn. Your lawn will experience the damage in the fall. The attack leaves some parts of your lawn dead and wilting. The grubs will also attract armadillos, skunks, and gophers and you are likely to spot them in your lawn as they feed on the grubs regularly.

You will need to consult a professional for the best treatment to use if you suspect you have grubs in your lawn. Alternatively, you can apply Imidacloprid around the end of spring or at the beginning of summer to take care of the problem.

Thin and patchy grass

If you are experiencing chronic lawn problems, the most common underlying issue is the soil. You might have to get a professional to do a soil test on your lawn to pinpoint its PH level. They will also try to identify the missing nutrients that your lawn needs. A professional will also recommend the best treatment to help with the problem to restore your lawn back to a healthy tuft.

Fungus disease

Unfortunately, your lawn is not spared when it comes to the awful fungus disease. If you notice dead spots in your lawn that seem to be spreading rapidly, your lawn could be having fungus. You need to consult a professional to ascertain that you that your lawn has been attacked by the fungus disease. In most cases, you will be advised to adjust your watering schedule and fertilization methods. If the adjustment does not clear the fungus problem, then a professional will prescribe the appropriate fungicide to apply but only when all the other methods have failed.

Sod Webworm

You might be experiencing dead spots throughout your lawn. A simple test can show if you have a sod worm infestation. Take a small patch of your lawn and soak with a solution of soapy water. If you see little worms coming on the surface, then you have sod webworms in your lawn.

You might have to aerate your lawn to be able to reduce the amount of thatch build up. You will need to consult a professional to help you with a prescription for the right pesticide to apply to get rid of the worms.

Brown and dry grass

Several reasons could be making your grass dry making your lawn look dull and unhealthy. If some parts of your lawn are drying up and appear dead, the problem could be due to heavily compacted areas. You may need to perform aeration of the lawn annually to avoid this problem. And also, if the drying area has a lot of foot traffic, it would be advisable to install a few stepping stones to reduce the pressure on the area.

Circular shaped dead spots

Your beloved dog may be causing unimaginable damage on your lawn. If you spot dead spots in your lawn and notice that your dog or cat uses the same area as a bathroom, its excrement and urine could be the reason for the drying up. Such areas will be surrounded by green grass particularly dark and lush.

There is no other easier solution other than keeping your dog away to be able to revive that particular area. If you soak the dead spot with a hose, it will eventually recover, and your lawn will get back to its uniform lush green appearance. You should train your dog or cat to use a specific area away from your lawn.


These are common weeds which grow and thrive in areas that are waterlogged. They come about when there is poor drainage, excess unregulated irrigation or in cases where the sprinklers are leaking. You will notice small clusters of grass that appear on your lawn edges and bald spots. To control this weed, you need to do regular mowing, and it will eventually clear off.

These are just a few highlighted cases of problems associated with your lawn. If you experience consistent problems that seem not to be going away with home remedies, you will need to consult a professional to make a diagnosis on your lawn and determine the underlying issues.

Lawn Care Services Cost

Your lawn needs regular maintenance to keep looking fresh and lush. It’s imperative that you water your lawn correctly, fertilize it and keep weeds, insects, and pests away if you want to achieve a healthy, green tuft on your property.

You need to do aerate the soil once in a while to allow healthy growth and a stable root structure. Aerating the soil is crucial for it makes your grass to resist diseases and stay healthy. It reduces the degree of soil compression and as a result, increases its water holding capacity. Aerating also controls thatch build up allowing the roots system to have access to sufficient oxygen and absorb moisture, nutrients, and minerals from the soil better.

A well-kept lawn adds a curb appeal to your property and can add significant value to your home. To keep your lawn looking healthy and luscious, you need to invest in its maintenance. It is possible to take care of your lawn on own if you have time and love gardening. However, if you find the work involving, and you do not have time to spare from a busy schedule, you can hire a professional to take care or your tuft.

Homeowners spend an average of $148.00 on local lawn care and maintenance and services. However, the cost can vary depending on the amount of care and treatments it needs. A professional will do the following:

Assessment: Your lawn needs assessment before any service or treatment. A professional will assess it to determine the kind of service and treatment it needs. They will then come up with a maintenance schedule and then prescribe a treatment plan if your lawn needs it.

Fertilization: after examining your lawn, a professional will determine the amount of fertilizer it needs and schedule for it. They will keep your lawn properly fertilized to maintain healthy, beautiful and green grass.

Weed and insect control: your lawn is susceptible to attack by insects and weeds. To avoid the extreme damage these two can do to your lawn; it’s imperative that they are taken care of and kept away. Depending on the severity of the attack, a professional can opt to use non-organic or organic pesticides to take care of your lawn.

Other services: a professional will carry out any other additional services such as soil aeration, overseeding, irrigation, etc. to ensure your lawn is well-taken care and healthy.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Lawn Services

Several factors influence the cost of lawn services. They include:

Size of the lawn

How big or small is your yard? The size of your lawn will mostly determine the amount of work to be done and treatment to be used. A bigger lawn will require more fertilizer, more work and more time to maintain and service it. Therefore, if you are being charged based on per square footage, you will spend more on a bigger lawn as compared to a smaller one.

The range of services to be offered

The type of care your lawn needs will also influence the amount you spend. For example, if your lawn requires fertilizer, soil aerating and mowing, you will have to pay for all these services individually or as a package.

Expertise and experience

Professionals charge differently depending on years of experience and expertise. If you go for more a more established professional, the rates might be higher, but you will be assured of quality services. Experience comes with years of handling different lawn problems, and such a professional knows the right treatments and tools to use to take care of your lawn.


The cost of maintaining a lawn and its services will depend on location. For example prices for commercial properties are not the same as residential properties. Also, climate plays a critical role in the health of a lawn. A lawn in wet climate does not have the same needs as the one a dry climate, and therefore, their maintenance and cost of service will not be the same.

Lawn Mowing Costs

Lawn mowing is an essential service to your lawn. A lawn should be mowed to an average height of two-four inches to enable it to retain moisture, handle climate stress and control growth of weeds.

Lawn mowing prices vary depending on location, and whether it is a commercial or residential property. Also, lawns in urban areas tend to cost more in maintenance and mowing. Other factors such as frequency of mowing will determine the cost of cutting grass in your lawn. If your lawn is infrequently mowed, the cost of mowing services will be higher than that of a well-maintained lawn.

The size of the lawn plays a big role in pricing. Even though there is a minimum charge, you will be charged based on square footage. The average cost of professional lawn mowing services comes to around $61.00. However, the prices can go as low as $30.00 per visit and $80 on the higher side. If the work involves more than mowing services, some professionals charge an hourly rate of around $65.00 on average.

Some professionals charge a flat rate per visit for ongoing services which will include mowing, clean up, leaf blowing and hedging services. You can also agree on a weekly or monthly lawn mowing together with other services depending on the contractor you use. Monthly prices range from $100.00 to $200.00.

Depending on the needs of your lawn, you will determine how often it should be mowed, for example, if its peak growing season, you can schedule a weekly visit. For an autumn visit, you can budget for other services such as bagging leaves and mulching, while an early spring visit will involve the clearing of winter debris before the lawn is mowed.

A professional may charge a flat rate that includes the extra services or may charge according to the services offered. For example, a professional will charge you $50 to $60 for fertilizer treatment. For pest control services during lawn mowing, you will be charged an average of $250.00 to $300.00.

Benefits of Hiring A Professional To Take Care Of Your Lawn

Saves time – you need approximately two hours a week to mow your lawn. If you do not have enough time on your hands to spare, you might consider looking for lawn mowing services, particularly during summer. You will save yourself a lot of time if you hire someone to mow your lawn and you can carry other activities without worrying about the state of your tuft.

Multiple services – hiring lawn services might save you money in the long run. Even though buying a lawn mower may not be costly, you will need to fuel and service it more often. Lawn service company will also offer many other services such as soil aeration, installation of grass and fertilization which also require equipment to accomplish the work. As a homeowner, you are not be properly equipped to carry out some of these tasks, and therefore, it might be convenient and cost-effective to hire lawn services.

Experience – a professional has been trained and worked on many lawns. They know how to maintain an ideal lawn and identify any problems before they become extensive. With years of experience, they will mow your lawn efficiently and to the right size and height.

Tree Pruning Costs

When considering lawn care, you should not overlook tree care. Overhanging branches and untrimmed trees produce shades which can block the grass from sufficient light. Also, healthy trees play an integral part in the overall appearance of your lawn. Even if your lawn is well taken care of, it will not look appealing if the surrounding trees have been neglected. Also, dying branches can attract insects which may also attack your lawn.

Homeowners spend an average of $292.00 to $638.00 on tree pruning services. The cost will depend on the actual number of trees and their sizes. Tree trimming service will cost an average of $416.00n depending on your location, the size and number of trees.

Lawn Aeration Costs

Lawn aeration allows the grass root system to absorb water, air, and nutrients leading to healthy growth. Some factors will prompt you to do aeration. If your lawn is dry and worn out, or if there is high traffic on a specific spot especially where children or pets use frequently or if you just moved into a newly constructed home.

The best time to do aeration is at spring to give your grass enough time to heal and recover from holes poked. The cost of aerating your lawn will largely depend on its size and the amount of labor that goes into it. Some professionals charge per square foot of your lawn, an average of $0.10 per square foot to $0.35 per square foot. On average, you will spend about $75.00 to $200.00 to aerate your lawn.

Cost of Fertilization Services

The key to keeping your soil healthy for a long time is fertilization. It’s recommended that you apply fertilizer that has nitrogen which could either be controlled-release or fast-release. Most professional will balance both fast and controlled. You can also choose to use either synthetic or organic fertilizer.
Fertilizer is important for your lawn for it contains the essential minerals that are absorbed by the grass and enable it to grow healthy resulting in a high-quality lush lawn. Different types of grass will have different fertilizer requirements with varying levels of nitrogen and other essential minerals.
The cost of fertilizer will range from $0.08 per square to $0.44 per square foot. Professionals charge an average of $12.25 per hour for application of lawn fertilizer.

Cost of Lawn Seeding Services

If your lawn is damaged and does not look healthy, you might have to reseed it to allow growth of grass. Expect to spend an average of $1,302 to seed your lawn. Homeowners spend about $989.00 to $1,615 on seeding. However, a small patch will cost lower as compared to seeding a whole lawn.

Cost of Lawn Weeding Services

Your lawn requires frequent weeding to control weeds and allowing the grass to grow healthy without having to compete for nutrients. Some people enjoy gardening their lawns, but some homeowners may not have time to spare, or they would opt to hire an expert to weed.

Hiring a professional for weed removal services will require them to come on a regular basis. Some professionals opt to use a weed killer to get rid of the weeds permanently. For weed removal services, expect to pay an average of $12 to $40 per hour.

Cost of Leaf Removal Services

In the fall, the environment is full of beautiful colors with leaves changing from green, to red and then gold. However, the sight can be short-lived when the leaves fall on your lawn and can result in a rotting mess if you do not get rid of them.

Leaf removal is essential as it is part of weed control. Some leaves can be the beginning of weed growth in your lawn. Some homeowners opt to do the removal while others hire a professional to do it. You will spend an average of $307.00 for a professional leaf removal services. Most homeowners spend around $208.00 to $325.00 on removal services. The cost will depend on the size of the lawn and whether there are any other additional lawn services to be offered.

Cost of Winterizing Lawn Services

Winterizing your lawn will protect the lawn from getting damaged by the first snowfall. The type of grass you have will be a great determinant of how you winterize your lawn. Warm grasses will go dormant when temperatures drop and will wake during spring. The cool season grasses, on the other hand, require nutrients throughout the year and usually take in more nutrients in the fall to be able to survive.

To professionally winterize your lawn, expect to pay an average of $404.00. The cost will depend on the type of grass you have, the size of the lawn and the type of climate in your region.

Additional Cost Considerations

Discounts – to get better bargains, you can schedule regular visits, for instance; you can organize for weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing. Most lawn companies have discounts for ongoing regular lawn services.

Fertilizer – due to environmental concerns, some neighborhoods and areas have a limit on the type of lawn chemicals and fertilizers to be used. It will be advisable to check with your local community organizations or neighbors to know if there are any restrictions.

The frequency of mowing – to cut down on the cost of mowing and other lawn services, you need to have a regular lawn mowing schedule. If your lawn is not frequently trimmed, it gets more difficult to maintain, and it will impact the overall price of mowing and other services.

Lawn servicesAverage cost
Lawn maintenance and services$148.00
Lawn mowing$61.00
Hourly rate for lawn mowing$65.00
Monthly lawn mowing services$100.00-$200
Tree pruning services$292.00-$638.00
Tree trimming services$498.00
Soil aeration services$0.10-$0.35 per square foot
Pest control services $250.00-$300.00
Application of fertilizer $12.25 per hour
Seeding services $1,302
Weeding services$12.00-$40.00
Professional lead removal$208.00-$325.00
Professional winterizing$404.00

DIY Lawn Maintenance and Care VS Professional Services

If you have enough time to spare and love gardening as a hobby, you can pursue lawn care by yourself and consult where necessary. However, investing in a lawn care services can be worth and time-saving if you have a busy schedule. A lawn needs a lot of work and maintenance if it is to stay healthy and lush. If neglected for just a week, you will be surprised to see how quickly it starts to show signs of damage such as wilting.

If you are up to the challenge and want to excel in taking care of your lawn all by yourself, make sure you follow the following essential tips:

Trimming rule: you should not trim more than ⅓ of your grass or it will be susceptible to stress and may not be able to thrive.

Maintain longer grass blades: grass that has longer blades is known to have deeper roots and can survive periods of drought, diseases, and pests.

Use sharp mower blades: maintain sharp mower blades to enable your grass to recover quickly after trimming.

Apply Fertilizer: as mentioned earlier, fertilizer is good for a healthy lawn. Ensure you apply fertilizer on a regular basis. Consult to make sure you are using the correct one for the type of grass you have.

Make use of pesticides and insecticides: your grass needs protection from pests and disease that can severely damage it if left uncontrolled. You can opt to use organic or synthetic pesticides and insecticides.

Water your lawn: to achieve a lush, healthy and green lawn, you need to water it constantly. Make sure your lawn gets at least one inch of water for it to stay moist especially during the dry season.

How to Hire the Right Professional/Company For Lawn Services

Every homeowner desires to have a beautiful, green and luscious lawn that is free of weed and disease. It is possible to achieve this if you partner with a competent lawn care professional and work as a team. It is understandable that our busy schedules, family, and other important activities can get in the way and you might not be able to give your lawn the attention it needs.

Even though regular fertilization and weed control is essential, a lot still needs to be done. You need to work with someone who will be able to show you the signs to watch out and recommend the best preventive measures.

However, finding a lawn company may not be a problem, getting the right one that will give your lawn undivided attention and care is what matters most to homeowners. Even though the market has a lot of lawn service providers to choose from, you need to be aware that not everyone is as good as they claim.

You need to take your time to find someone reliable whom you can work together harmoniously and cultivate a long-term relationship. Remember that lawn care is not a one day task, it is a continuous process that will require a strong partnership and understanding between you and the lawn care professional.

Here are vital tips that should guide you towards getting the right lawn care service provider.


You can never go wrong with research. A bit of research can help you find out that the quality of services and prices are not the same with every company. Research means finding information from various sources. You can start by asking around from people close to you like neighbors or friends. If their lawns are always looking good and green, you can inquire for details of their lawn professional. Find out more about charges and the procedures they use to take care of the lawns.

Alternatively, you can search the internet for lawn services near you. While at it, look at the ratings and reviews. How are people rating them? Do they have positive reviews? How do they respond to negative reviews? Research more on different companies and pay attention to the kind of service they provide. A professional lawn company should be able to provide you with the basic lawn care services such as mowing, weeding, etc., but it should also provide advanced lawn care services such as disease control, soil testing and many others. Therefore, when doing research, make sure you find out if the lawn service company has the required specialized skills and tools for the job.

Contact interviews

Once you have narrowed down on your search and you have a list of several lawn professional companies you can either do phone interviews or schedule for face to face meetings. Pay attention to the way the lawn company addresses your concerns and answers your questions. Do they sound professional and knowledgeable? Are they courteous? Are they asking you details about your lawn? This will show you they are interested and want to know more about your lawn.

Such small details will reveal important details about the kind of person you will be hiring. As mentioned, lawn care service is a long-term venture, and you need to find a professional whom you can work with comfortably. Good customer care is very vital and if you find it hard to relate to the professional at the initial interview, even working with them in the future might be problematic.

While doing interviews, look out for experience, prices, availability and most importantly, find out the methods they use to take care of lawns. It’s important to work with someone who is environmentally conscious and will not resolve to make use of chemicals unnecessarily.

10 Questions A Lawn Service Professional Before Hiring

There are crucial questions you should ask before you hire. You need to hire someone who has the right qualifications for the job, a professional who meets your expectations and requirements without a doubt.

Here are some essential questions that should guide your decision making when hiring.

1. Ask for references

References can provide you with essential insights into how the company operates and how it relates to its clients. A reliable and reputable company will have no problem giving you contacts of their current or past clients.

A company that is willing to give you references shows that its transparent and probably they have a good number of customers who are willing to put a good word for them due to their excellent services. Follow up with calls and get relevant information that will help you determine if the company is a good choice.

2. Ask about license

You will certainly be safer working with someone who is licensed by your local authority to perform lawn care services. Sometimes homeowners are tempted to go with a cheaper option of a professional who is not licensed. Such a decision can be risky, and you can only blame yourself if you get substandard services especially in cases where the lawn service provider uses toxic chemicals unnecessarily.

3. Ask about insurance

A lawn is certainly on your property, and if someone has to work on it, then they will have to do it at your home. What happens when accidents happen? You will certainly be held liable in such case, and you might end up incurring medical expenses that you had not planned. To avoid such incidences, ask the lawn service provider if their company is licensed and request to see a copy of the insurance certificate.

4. Ask about the costs

This is one of the most important questions to ask. You need to work with someone you can afford and also charges appropriately. To avoid being overcharged, it’s advisable you do a bit of research and get several estimates so that you already have an idea of the average cost of most lawn services.

Find out if they charge per square footage or they have a flat fee. Sometimes prices might be better depending on the frequency with which you want your lawn serviced. If you choose a long-term contract that includes planned schedules you can bargain for discounts.

5. Ask them how about the methods they use for lawn service

You need to find out how the lawn company does its service. What type of fertilizer do they use? Do they do a soil test before they roll out a fertilizer program? How about sprays? Ask how they schedule for pesticides and insecticides. Avoid companies that use these two treatments unnecessarily. All these questions will give you a clue to how they do their service. The answers you get will determine if you are comfortable with the professional’s way of taking care of lawns.

6. How long have you been in the lawn care business?

Sometimes this question may matter and in other circumstances, it might not. You need to work with someone who is knowledgeable and skilled adequately in handling lawn problems. A good number of years of experience comes as a bonus. However, it’s important to watch out for other key pointers that will help you determine if the person is skilled enough to work for you regardless of the number of years they have been in the business.

7. Do they provide a schedule?

You need to find out from the lawn company if they have specific schedules that they follow or you can provide a schedule that works for you. Sometimes a company may have scheduled visits to a particular area on specific days. You need to find out about the specific days they will be coming around so that you organize yourself to be at home or have someone to supervise.

8. What services do you provide?

There are lawn service companies that provide mowing services only. To avoid getting disappointed when you realize your lawn needs more services, its best to look for a professional lawn company that not only does lawn mowing, but can do additional services.

This is because, with time, you will need to occasionally trim your hedges, trim trees, apply fertilizer, soil aeration, and many other services. Therefore, before you hire a lawn service company, find out what services they provide. It’s advisable to work with a lawn company that does it all to ensure your lawn stays healthy always and that you do not have to look for someone else to do the additional services.

9. How do you handle unexpected problems?

Sometimes your lawn might need additional services between the scheduled visits. For example, there might be an outbreak of certain disease or pest that attacked the neighboring lawn including yours, or, the rain may be too much resulting in overgrown grass. Find out how the company handles such situations and how they would charge you for such incidences.

10. What services do you guarantee?

A reliable lawn service professional company will guarantee their services in writing. Most will assure you of good performance and may even refund you if you feel the work was unsatisfactory and they did not manage to give your lawn the kind of look you wanted. A company that is ready to guarantee their services is trustworthy, and they are likely to deliver on your expectations.

Avoid Getting Scammed On Lawn Care Services

While a majority of lawn care professionals are trustworthy and upstanding, there also some service providers whose aim is to defraud unsuspecting homeowners. To protect yourself from such con artists in lawn service industry, you need to do your homework and research on lawn companies before you settle for one.

Avoid door to door people claiming to provide lawn care services. Aside from dangers of inviting strangers to your home, the risk of contaminating your lawn with unknown chemicals is too high to take. It’s wise to take time and look for a lawn company that will give you an elaborate demonstration of the products and methods they use.

Do not sign any document from the people appearing on your doorsteps or agree to anything on a phone interview. Take your take and be keen on details when interviewing a lawn service provider.

Once you have agreed to a schedule and payments with your preferred lawn care company, ensure everything is put down on paper and sign only when you have read through the terms. A written contract protects both of you and acts as a guarantee that everything will be done as stipulated in the agreement. Also, make sure you know the terms of the contract; does it renew every season or do you have to renegotiate the terms again.


Your lawn requires a lot of care, effort and time. If it’s well attended to and given sufficient attention, it can significantly increase the value of your home, create a magnificent view and improve the quality of life for you and the surroundings.

It’s imperative that your lawn receives enough water, fertilizer, and other crucial services like control of pests, insects, and weed to ensure it achieves an optimal growth and stays healthy. You can partner with a professional lawn care provider to ensure that your grass remains trimmed, watered, fertilized and avoid lawn problems such as dry patches and drying out.

Let us know what you think of the information provided in this article.