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Greenworks 25022
Test Winner: Greenworks 25022

Best Push Mowers Reviewed and Rared

Keeping your front yard is more of an option than an obligation. However, it is more of a necessary luxury given that it is crucial exterior decoration. However, maintaining it can be a pleasant or a horrid experience, but it often boils down to the equipment you use. If you have lawns that are ½ an acre (about 21,000 square feet), we recommend you get a push lawn mower. For larger yards, we suggest you purchase a riding lawn mower.

Top 3 Picks

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Nevertheless, picking the best unit for you can be a daunting experience give the many flavors and variety of features in the market. Toro has an astounding 24 push lawnmowers, and Husqvarna has 16 mowers. Moreover, there are other companies such as Cub Cadet and Honda with equally great push mowers.

With that in mind, we at Contract Culture decided to ease the process for you with our push mower top picks.

10 Best Push Mowers


Greenworks 25022

Greenworks 25022
We are living in an era where we are aware of the effects our actions have on the environment, and as such we should take measures to reduce our carbon footprint. One way to do this is to invest in an electric push mower as gas-powered options are significant contributors to all emissions. According to the EPA, of the 240 million tons of pollutants produced by non-road sources, lawnmowers account for 40%. Investing in an electric unit will result in reduced emissions, and we recommend the 25022.

Most landscapers and homeowners are wary of shifting from to an electric lawnmower as they worry that they might lose the efficiency and power. However, that is unlikely with the Greenworks 25022 thanks to the 12 amp motor. Moreover, it has a larger cutting width with the 20-inch deck which will make quick work of any project. Another fascinating feature is that it is lightweight, and thus driving/pushing the machine will be a breeze.

The 3-grass clipping management system increases the versatility of the unit as you can mulch, bag, side discharge. Finally, it starts up quickly thanks to the push-button start. Our top features though were how quiet it is, and the height adjustment.

Height Adjustment – Most push mowers have a fixed handle height which is a burden for short people or extremely tall people. The 25022 on the other hand, allows you to adjust the height with the 7-position single lever. You can change it between 1-1/2” up to 3-3/4”.

Quiet and environmentally friendly – Unlike our top pick which is incredibly noisy, the25022 is quiet, and you can use it in areas where silence is paramount. It also lacks emissions and the best for the environment.
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Product Features

12 amp motor
20” steel deck
7-position height adjustment
Weight: 56 pounds

Who is it for?

We recommend this unit for all environmentally-conscious individuals, people who reside in an area where silence is paramount, and for individuals with level lawns.


It is light allowing you to work for more extended periods

The wheels are broad improving the stability

Includes foldable handles to ease storage


It gets bogged down in taller grass

Limiting as you can only mow on a 100ft — radius

Sun Joe MJ401E

Sun Joe MJ401E
Most push mowers are for large lawns, and their cutting decks are built for this. As such, they are difficult to maneuver for people with smaller gardens and want a unit a tool that can get into tight spots without compromising the power. The Sun Joe MJ401E is one such tool, and it can get close to the edges and any tight spots as it has a 14” cutting deck. Moreover, it is light at 29 pounds and thus easy to maneuver.

Another fascinating feature of this unit is the 12 amp motor. This is an excellent addition at this price point as such a powerful motor is only found on pricier units. There is also the convenience of an electric unit though you have to deal with the power cord. The Sun Joe MJ401E also happens to be rather quiet compared to the gas counterparts but a tad loud for an electric unit. However, that is to be expected for a 12 amp motor.

As for the clipping management, the unit features a 10-gallon hardtop bag that you can detach for conventional disposal. Our top features though were the ease of setup and the handle.

Handle –
The handle of the Sun Joe features three position height adjustment, is padded, and you can fold it for more straightforward storage and transportation.

Setup – Conventional lawn mowers are cumbersome to assemble. However, the MJ401E setup is a breeze. It will take less than 5 minutes for full assembly seeing as most of the parts come pre-assembled.
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Product Features
14” cutting deck
12 amp motor
3-position height adjustment
10-gallon carrying capacity.
Weight: 29lbs
Cutting heights: 0.8” to 2.4”

Who is it for?
The Sun Joe MJ401E is for people on a budget as it is a fraction of the price of most units on this list. Moreover, it is intended for individuals with smaller lawns.

It is sleek

It is affordable

It is easy to maneuver seeing as it is lightweight

Silent operation


The appliance isn’t durable, and you should be extremely careful when using it, and you have to contend with the power cord

Ego LM2002 56-Volt Mower

Ego LM2002 56-Volt Mower
If Tesla were to get into the Lawn Mower business, the Ego LM2002 is what they would make. This is a remarkable battery powered unit with all the perks of an electric mower but without the drawbacks of a cord.

First, the unit is compact, with a foldable handle for better storage. It weighs 56 pounds, and though it is heavier than most electric counterparts, it still happens to be lighter compared to gas units. With a 20-inch cutting deck, it makes short work of any lawn.

The cut in normal conditions is exceptional, and also fantastic in thicker turf. It can’t compare to some gas-powered units, but the results are remarkable. You can adjust the cutting height between 1.2” and 3.5”, which is somewhat a drawback for people who desire lawns 4”+ lawns. Our best features though were the battery and height adjustment.

Height Adjustment – Most traditional lawn mowers require you to adjust the height on each wheel independently, and it can result in uneven cuts. However, the LM2002 includes a lever that allows you to change the height of all wheels for better consistency.

Battery – The Ego LM2002 battery is designed to do more than power the unit. Seeing as it is a bit bulky, it is positioned forward to reduce wheel hop and results in a consistent cut. Moreover, it provides 45 minutes runtime without fade.
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Product Features

Runtime: 45 minutes
Charge time: 30 minutes
Weight: 56 pounds
20” cutting width
Cutting height: 1.2” to 3.5-inches
Power: 56-volt battery
Clipping discharge: rear bag, side discharge, mulch

Who is it for?

If you are looking for the fairway look/appearance, then the LM2002 is the unit for you. Also, it is terrific for environmentalists.

It is quiet as the motor puts out about 70 decibels of sound

It has a long runtime at 45 minutes

Cuts remarkably well even on low battery

The battery can store power for longer periods


The LM2002 is pricey and retails with only one battery; moreover, you cannot get cuts above 3.5”

Fiskars Staysharp Max 18-inch

Fiskars Staysharp Max 18-inch
The Fiskars Staysharp is a momentum reel mower and doesn’t need any gas or battery to power the unit. It is designed to use your momentum to power through any turf. First, it has an 18” cutting width and thus can get into tight spots with ease. Moreover, unlike other reel mowers that have the blade between the wheels, the Fiskars Staysharp repositioned the blade in front of the wheels extending the width and allowing you to get up to the edges of the bed.

There is ever the concern about power, but the new steel blades double the power of the unit, and you can ease your way through any grass. The handles too are sturdy and ergonomically designed with multiple grip positions. You can even adjust the height for comfort.

Another enthralling feature is that it allows you to adjust the height between 1 and 4 inches for better turf management. Maintenance too is a breeze as all that’s needed is to lubricate the moving parts and storage to happens to be simple enough as the handle can stand upright. Our best features though were the scissors actions and benefits to your budget.

Scissors Cutting Action – Most rotary mowers cut the grass through tearing action which leads to stress, disease, and moisture loss. The Fiskars Staysharp cuts with a scissors-like action which is healthier for your lawns.

Benefits to your budget – The upfront payment is a bit high for a reel mower, but it is cheaper in the long run as you aren’t purchasing gas, oil, filters, spark plugs, etc.
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Product Features

Steel blades
Weight: 52 pounds
Cutting width: 18-inch
Cutting height: 1 to 4 inches
Heavy duty grass catcher

Who is it for?

We recommend this unit for people with small, relatively flat lawns which are maintained.

Eco-friendly as it doesn’t pollute

Maintenance is simple enough

Quiet and you can mow early in the morning without bothering your neighbors

Can handle tall grass


Though it is a staysharp unit, you still have to sharpen the blades and be careful of rocks

Remington RM110 Trail Blazer

Remington RM110 Trail Blazer
A 2-in-1 machine the Remington RM110 will mulch and side discharge the clippings. However, tall cuttings are a thing of the past thanks to the supercut system. First, this unit includes a 21” rust resistant deck that is durable and will withstand any abuse. The 21” size ensures you make short work of any yard, and the 132cc engine provides enough power to cut even the most robust grass. Couple this with the tight turning radius and mowing will be a simple enough task.

One fascinating feature of this tool was the ease of setup. The mower retails almost fully assembled, and there is minimal assembly. The wheels too are worth noting as they are designed to handle jagged terrain without compromising the cut quality. Our top features though were the supercut system and the ergonomics.

Ergonomics – First, this unit is 62 pounds and is almost as lightweight as some electric units on this guide. At 62 pounds, mowing will be a breeze, and it also happens to be easier to store and transport. Furthermore, the handle adjusts to various positions, so tall people don’t slouch, and short people aren’t limited. Finally, the handle is padded so it absorbs the vibration and they are foldable for storage.

Supercut system – This serves to prevent clumps from forming when mulching. It achieves this by lifting and circulating the grass in the deck eliminating all clumps for a more pleasant mulch.
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Product Features

Weight: 62 pounds
2-year warranty
21” cutting deck
132cc overhead valve engine
Dual lever height adjuster

Who is it for?

Given the power, we recommend the Remington RM110 for people with small yards about ¼ of an acre.


It is affordable

The cut quality is superb

It includes a blade control that increases safety as it will engage and disengage the blade as required


It lacks a rear bag, and the oil fill area isn’t easily accessible as you have to flip the unit over and requires a long sprout funnel to fill the oil

Craftsman 37430

Craftsman 37430
If you are searching for a push mower that can power through tough grass and get in and out of tight areas with ease, we recommend you get the Craftsman 37430. This is a 21” unit that will make quick work of any turf. Furthermore, it happens to be a 3-in-1 unit, and you can manage clippings one of three ways; through discharge where you can rake it afterward, mulching, or bagging. We especially loved bagging as it includes a dust filter for asthmatic people.

You will also appreciate the ease of setup. The unit is preassembled, and all you have to do is extend the handles, add a couple of bolts, guide the pull starter, and you are ready to go. Of course, you have to add the gas and the oil. Nevertheless, what stood out for us was the wheels and powerful engine.

Wheels – The 7” front wheels of the 37430 allow you to get in and out of tight spots with ease. They also result in a tight turning radius easing the mowing process. The 11” rear wheels, on the other hand, increase stability, especially on uneven terrain.

Power – Truly looks can be deceiving as is the case with the 37430. The 140cc Briggs and Stratton engine puts out an overwhelming 5 pounds of torque per foot, which is enough to power through the harshest grass. Moreover, it will slice with finesse resulting in a velvet finish without the need for repeated passes.
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Product Features

21” cutting width
Steel cutting deck
Cutting height: Between 1-1/4 and 3-3/4 inches
Weight: 65 pounds
2-years warranty

Who is it for?

We recommend the Craftsman 37430 for people in the hunt for a placeholder lawnmower. It isn’t unusual for people to report major malfunctions after a few months of use.

It is an affordable unit

It is versatile as a three in one unit

Features dual levers for 6-position height adjustment

Assembly is a walk in the park

Starts effortlessly


The dipstick is in a difficult to reach area; it is located under the blower housing behind the muffler and thus unscrewing it is rather demanding

Troy Bilt TB130 XP

Troy Bilt TB130 XP
The Troy Bilt TB130 is a thing of beauty with the inside outshining the outside. It features the traditional cherry red painting resulting in a sleek appearance. The handle is padded for comfort against the jolting and is adjustable to three positions to maximize comfort. Moreover, it is foldable for better storage. However, it is on the inside where this machine knocks the ball out of the park (more on this later).

You will appreciate the 7-inch front and 11-inch rear wheels as they allow you to maneuver tougher terrains. Moreover, you can adjust the height to 6 different positions between 1.25” and 3.75”. Another interesting feature is the washout port that allows you to clean the deck without having to turn the unit over. And speaking of the deck, the Troy Bilt features a 21” rust resistant deck that makes quick work of larger lawns.

It also happens to be a 3-in-1 unit as it can bag the clippings, side discharge, or mulch them. Moreover, the piece of equipment starts easily thanks to the auto-choke. Our top features though were the tri-cut system and the engine.

Engine – The TB130 uses a Honda GCV160 engine which is better than the Briggs and Stratton. First, it is an overhead camshaft engine and thus more efficient than the overhead valve engine. It also happens to be well-built and durable with an easily accessible dipstick oil check, and a wide mouth for better oil refilling. Finally, it packs enough power at 163cc for most half-acre yards.

Tricut system – This system makes the unit industrious. The Tricut system includes a rake bumper that lifts the grass and a better blade that produces finer mulch reducing clumping.
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Product Features

Engine Manufacturer: Honda
Engine size: 160
Deck size: 21”
Weight: 21”
Warranty: 3-years

Who is it for?

We recommend this push mower for people with uneven/bumpy terrain as the wheels are designed to handle jagged yards.

You get more than you paid for

It is durable and robust

The setup is easy, and it starts on the first pull

It is simpler to store as the handles fold down


The washout port isn’t effectual, and you still have to flip the unit for better cleaning

The bag is a tad small

Sun Joe ION16LM

Sun Joe ION16LM
Another terrific pick, the Sun Joe, is designed to be easy to use and for regularly maintained yards. First, this is a battery powered unit, and thus you don’t have to concern yourself with a power cord. Moreover, it increases your mobility as you aren’t tethered to an outlet. The battery has a 40-minute runtime which is enough for yards less than ½ an acre, and an astounding 30 minute charge time.

You will also appreciate the ergonomics as the mower is maneuverable and great for working on hilly terrains. At 33 pounds, the Sun Joe ION16LM is among the lightest mowers we have reviewed which is vital for a push-propelled unit. Moreover, it has a contoured grip for comfort and a more pleasant experience. Furthermore, it is designed to handle jagged terrains thanks to the rear wheels, and you can adjust the cutting height between 1.18” and 3.15”.

Brushless motor – One feature that piqued our interest was the brushless motor as it adjusts the power depending on the thickness of the grass you are cutting. This results in a longer motor life as you aren’t straining the unit.

Safety key –
To keep the curious young ones safe, theION16LM features a safety key next to the battery. The mower cannot start if the safety key isn’t inserted. It also lets you leave the battery in the mower without damaging/draining it.
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Product Features

Runtime: 40 minutes
Charge time: 30 minutes
16” cutting width
Cutting height: 1.18” to 3.15”
Weight: 33 pounds

Who is it for?

Given that this isn’t a mighty unit, we recommend it for people with regularly maintained lawns below ¼ of an acre.

It features a quick charge battery taking only 30 minutes

The small cutting width (16-inches) allows it to get into tight spots

The all-terrain wheels allow it to traverse any topography


The runtime is limited seeing as premium units have a runtime of about an hour; moreover, it bogs down in thick turf and hops in rough terrain. Also, it cannot side discharge or mulch the clippings

Earthwise 60420

Earthwise 60420
At 53 pounds, the Earthwise 60420 is bulky for an electric unit. However, it does improve the durability of the tool, but it does little to reduce the effort required in pushing it. First, it is a 3-in-1 mower, and you can mulch, side discharge, or bag your clippings. However, we don’t recommend bagging as you would be adding an extra 20 pounds to an already heavy tool.

The unit features a 20-inch deck and is powerful enough to power through tough grass. Moreover, the cutting height is adjustable to 7 different positions for better results. The handle to is adjustable allowing you to get the ideal height. For safety purposes, the unit can only work once you have inserted the safety key which protects curious kids and the batteries should you leave them in the tool. Our top features though were the batteries and the ease of height adjustment.

Cutting deck tuning –
You can set the cutting deck to seven different positions. However, unlike other mowers that depend on dual levers, the 60420 has a single bar on the right that adjusts the front and back, while the bar on the right changes the front.

Batteries – The Earthwise 60420 use two batteries, with a combined runtime of 1 hr. This is enough to cover half an acre. Moreover, it includes an LED indicator to notify you when it is switching from one battery to the next.
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Product Features

Includes two batteries
Dual 40-volt lithium-ion batteries.
Height: 1.5 to 4-inches
Runtime: 55 minutes to 1 hour
53 pounds
20-inch deck

Who is it for?

We recommend this unit for people with large lawns as it can run for an hour before needing a recharge. Moreover, it is ideal for environmentalists.

The housing is metallic and thus durable

It is quiet compared to other 40 volt mowers

It includes two batteries increasing the runtime

It is one of the few units with blowbacks and actually works


The frame in front is bent forward, making it difficult to push through thick grass

Black and Decker MM2000

Black and Decker MM2000
Black and Decker is a dominant name in the tools market, thanks to their wide range of premium machines. The MM2000 is no exception and is a market leader when it comes to electric lawnmowers. At 49 pounds, the unit is lightweight, and you can use it for more extended periods. Moreover, it is almost ready out of the box as all that is needed is to install the handle and you are set. Also, the handles are padded for comfort, and the height is adjustable.

Another remarkable feature of this unit is the rustproof ABS polymer 20-inch cutting deck. This can take a beating without any signs of wear or tear. Therefore, you don’t have to concern yourself with the unit sustaining any significant damage.

Finally, this is a 3 in 1 push mower as it can side discharge, mulch, or bag clippings thanks to the 13-gallon bag. Nevertheless, our top features were the height adjustment and Edgemax tech.

Edgemax – The Edgemax tech enables one to get close to the edges and mow along landscape borders with precision. This results in an even cut and results in a perfectly manicured look.

Height adjustment – You can adjust the cutting height to seven positions between 1.5 and 4-inches. However, unlike other mowers where you have to alter two levers, the MM2000 uses one bar for consistency.
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Product Features

13 Amp motor
Weight: 49 pounds
Cutting height: 1.5 to 4-inches
20” deck
13-gallon collection bag

Who is it for?

The MM2000 is for homeowners with small to mid-sized lawns. Moreover, it is best for gardens that maintained often.

The MM2000 is lightweight and thus easy to work with

The handle length is adjustable, and the handles are foldable for storage and portability

It also includes a carrying handle

It is a silent unit

It is a premium lawn mower at a not so premium price


Premium quality wheels

Selection Criteria


As with most products, you get what you are paying for. For a superior product, you have to be willing to pay more. However, some gems are equally as good as the first-rate lawn mowers and are affordable, but these are the exception rather than the rule.


First, the size of your garden will influence the mower that is ideal for you. If your lawn is bigger than ½ acre, we recommend a riding lawn mower as a push mower is for smaller gardens. Moreover, traditional push lawn mowers are designed areas not more than 1/3 of an acre, and only pick self-propelled push mowers for lawns between 1/3 and ½ of an acre. Moreover, the slopes and obstacles too will determine the type of mower that is best for you.

Type of Lawn Mower

When shopping for push mowers, there are three types of mowers you can expect; gas push mowers, electric units, and reel lawnmowers.

Gas Push Mowers – These are often the popular option for ½ acre yards as they are affordable and mobile seeing as you aren’t tethered to an outlet. However, you have to be ready for some physical activity as they are bulky (thanks to the fuel tank). Most feature a pull start, but some incorporate an electric start eliminating the need for a pull cord. Ensure you use the appropriate fuel for better performance and longer life.

Electric Push Mowers – Though they are not yet at the level of gas-powered units, electric push mowers have made strides to reduce the gap, and they are the best option for environmentally conscious people. Now they can compare to some gas mowers, and even self-propelled mowers, owing to rear wheel drive on some electric mowers.

However, they are limited if they use batteries. You can get two or more batteries that you can interchange, but this is not possible if your mower features an inbuilt battery. Conversely, corded machines don’t have a runtime, but you have to contend with being tethered to an outlet.

Reel Mowers – Also known as manual mowers, they are perfect for small yards and don’t want to rely on power cords

Grass clippings

Another feature to consider is how the unit will handle the grass clippings. If your yard is overgrown or your grass is coarse, we recommend you get a machine with side discharge. However, if your yard is somewhat okay, not overrun, or you want to control weed growth, we recommend a mower with a bagging system. They reduce the work involved with raking, and also the spread of weeds. Finally, you can pick a mulching mower that cut the clippings to smaller sizes after which then are dropped and as mulch.

Push Mowers FAQ

Can the electric option be cleaned?

The short answer is yes. And you can use any of the methods used to clean most lawn mowers. However, you have to be cautious not to allow water to get to the electric motor lest you damage it. Also, ensure the batteries (for cordless mowers) are not in the unit before you clean.

We recommend you wipe and remove grass from the unit instead of using water as it reduces the risk. Finally, don’t attempt to oil the mower but instead get an electrician.

How do I maintain it?

Lawnmowers are built to last albeit with the appropriate maintenance. For a gasoline push mower, we recommend you check oil levels every 5-hours or so, and change it after 50 hours of use. Ensure you replace the air-cleaner cartridge every season, and clean the cooling system every 100 hours. Finally, inspect the spark-arrester, and replace the spark plug every season.

Maintaining electric options is effortless as all that’s needed is to clean the blade and the mower deck. Also, check the ventilation system, and ensure the slots are clean. Inspect the fasteners and ensure they are tight, and ensure the wheels are rotating smoothly.


Unlike self-propelled lawn options, you are the one driving the unit. This can be a bad or good thing depending on how you look at it. Nonetheless, it provides a decent workout.

Getting the appropriate unit can be challenging, but there is a push mower for everyone in the guide above. The Sun Joe MJ401E is perfect for people with tiny lawns, while the Troy Bilt TB130XP is for ½ acre lawns. The latter can also be used on rugged terrain, and the former is for even yards. We have also included products for environmentalists.

Nonetheless, push mowers are for lawns ½ an acre or less as they are physically demanding. Remember to stick to your budget and to follow our guide for the best push mower. Finally, thank you for coming this far and leave a comment below if there is something we missed.