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How to Clean Parquet Flooring Without Damaging It?

Parquet flooring cleaning How to Clean Parquet Flooring Without Damaging It?

If you have ever walked into a hallway or lounge adorned with parquet flooring, you probably know how warm it can make a space feel. Apart from the warmth, this kind of flooring allows you to show off your creativity and sophistication. It is understandable if you walk away feeling that this is the kind of floor you want in your house. As great as this type of floor may look, be warned; in order for it to mention its beauty and glow, you have to be careful when you clean it. If you don’t exercise care, it could easily be damaged. Follow the few tips below and your parquet floor will always be clean without any damage.

Clean regularly


The first tip you need to observe when dealing with a parquet floor is to clean it regularly. This means cleaning the floor almost on a daily basis. Doing this will ensure that dust does not accumulate on the floor to the extent that it will cause friction when you try to remove it. Apart from dust on the floor, not cleaning the floor regularly allows substances to dry on it and become difficult to remove. In instances like this, you have no choice but to end up having to scratch the floor which could easily damage it.

If any food or wet substances spill on the floor, ensure that you clean it immediately. What this means is that you should teach the children to clean any spills on the floor immediately as they happen. If you employ people to help you around the house, also ensure that you train them well on how to clean the floor. For a floor in an area where the risk of liquids spilling on it is high, use a floor mate to cover the floor during meal times.

Select cleaning materials carefully

Parquet floors are extremely delicate. When you clean them, it is important to avoid scratching them. This is the reason why you need to select your cleaning material with care. For the purpose of cleaning, find a soft broom or a vacuum cleaner.

If you are planning to use a detergent on the floor, ensure that it is one recommended by the manufacturer. It’s easy to think that since a particular cleaner works well with your other floors, it will work as well with the parquet flooring. This is simply not the case. So, no matter how dirty the floor is, never use an abrasive cleaner or other rough materials such as steel wool.

Using a vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is one if the safest ways of cleaning a parquet floor without damaging it. When selecting a vacuum cleaner, look for one that has rubber wheels. These types of vacuum cleaners are gentler on the floor than those that have plastic wheels. You want to avoid scratching the floor as the vacuum cleaner moves around or slides to the sides. Never clean your parquet floor using a vacuum cleaner without wheels. A vacuum cleaner can also be used as an initial step for a floor which you are planning to deep clean.

Sweeping with a broom

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If you are going to use a broom, select it with care and ensure that its bristles are soft. When buying the broom, look for those that have specific tissues made particularly for wooden floors. Sweeping with a broom will help you get rid of all the smaller stuff that the vacuum missed. The advantage of this is that you can do it quickly without the need for any electrical power.

Moping with water

You may have already been advised that you should never use a wet mop on your parquet floor. This is advisable if you clean the floor every day and there is no dirt stuck on it. However, there are times when you may need to do more than just sweep the surface; this is when you may need to use a slightly damp mop. This is especially advisable for sealed floors. The main advantage of the mope is that it collects the fine particles of dust, hair, and other tiny stuff on the floor which a broom or vacuum cleaner could easily leave behind. Always ensure that the bulk of the dust or dirt has been removed before using the slightly damp mop.

Before using the mop, wring it thoroughly. Ensure that they area you are cleaning is well ventilated so that the floor can dry as quickly as possible. If you have a fan in the room which you are cleaning, run the fan while cleaning the floor. You may also want to follow up with a clean towel after moping. Whatever, you do, ensure that there are no moist areas left when you leave the space where you are mopping.

Deep clean

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Once in a while, your parquet floor may need a deep clean. To accomplish this, start by following all the steps you would when you do your normal clean. Speak to the supplier of your wooden floor or any business which deals with this kind of stuff to find products that will not only clean the floor but also polish and coat it after cleaning.

When using detergents and water for your deep clean, you will still need to ensure that you use the minimal amount of water possible. Mix the cleaner with water and then soak the mop in the water before removing the excess water. After cleaning, ensure that the floor is totally dry.
Apart from cleaning the floor with care, there are many other tips you can follow to ensure that the floor does not get damaged. For instance, always ensure that you move furniture carefully so that you don’t scratch the floor. Also, protect the high traffic areas with a rug and ensure that there is a mate at the entrance where people can rub their shoes before coming into a room with parquet flooring.