Outdoor Gazebo Cost & Building Contractor Quotes

In our outdoor gazebo cost guide, we included detailed information regarding the cost of building an outdoor gazebo and the cost of hiring a contractor.

The beauty of owning a home is the fact that you get to have a backyard. It not only draws you to spend your time outdoors, but it also offers you an opportunity to enhance your outdoor space aesthetically. Most homeowners usually go out of their way to make sure that their outdoor space is attractive enough for them and their family members to enjoy their outdoor activities and hobbies. That’s why you will find most people installing pools, decks, fire pits, barbecue areas and many other structures in their backyard.

There are various ways to make your backyard functional and at the same time aesthetically appealing. Flower gardens create a beautiful vision for your home. Trees bring about the green aspect and refreshing cooling atmosphere. A pea gravel walkway creates a sophisticated traditional look for your home. A pool is simply refreshing. But, while all these landscape features make your outdoor space look great, there is one iconic structure that not only adds sparkle to your backyard space, but it also brings about both style and functionality. This structure is a gazebo.

There is something incredibly beautiful about gazebos. They are elegant, something close to picture perfect, like an iconic piece of art, standing beautifully right in your backyard. They have a relaxing feel that draws you to them. They create a pleasant spot for you and your loved ones to sit and take in the fresh air around your home. But a gazebo will not just stand beautifully in your yard; it will offer you a practical space for you to spend quality time with your family and friends. It’s a perfect gathering spot in your yard.

A gazebo is a freestanding outdoor structure, build with a roof and built-in seating area. They are generally shaped in hexagonal or octagonal shape. They have a domed roof, one that is sloping upward. The roof is usually supported by around eight symmetrical posts.

The structure can be installed with screens over the panels, curtains or drapes, or, latticework to create a sense of privacy and keep bugs out. They become a focal point of your yard or garden once installed and beautifully transform landscaping. They can accommodate a small gathering of about 5 to 15 people.

Sometimes a gazebo can be built without walls, such that it will only have supporting posts. But, installing walls enhances privacy, and enables you to build attached benches and add screens. One thing that makes gazebos stand out from other outdoor structures is the fact that they not only attract attention but they also offer privacy. With walls and a screen system, a gazebo can be the perfect place to spend time with your loved ones and chat the night away as you enjoy the fresh air, moonlight and a night ambiance.

Benefits of Having a Gazebo

If you are among the lucky homeowners who own abundant space in their backyard and you are looking for something beautiful to enhance and occupy your space, a gazebo should be on top of your list. Outdoor gazebos are rapidly becoming popular as standard outdoor structures among homeowners for good reasons. They not only create an amazingly attractive spot in your garden, but gazebos also have a lot of benefits for you as a homeowner.

Let’s look at the benefits of having gazebos and the reasons why you should consider installing them in your garden or yard.

Ideal for Use Throughout the Year

Gazebos offer an ideal sheltered area outdoors. Sometimes when the weather is harsh, cold or too hot, we might end up admiring our backyards from our windows. A gazebo gives you a great place to wander out and enjoy the little joys the outdoors has to offer. If you have a beautiful garden or a spacious yard, adding a gazebo will offer you the ultimate comfort all throughout the year. This is because a gazebo offers you protection and cover from rain and sun.

During summer the outdoors become the comfortable place to enjoy the beautiful weather. But, the UV can stop you from having a great time while out there. Similarly, during the rainy season or winter, spending time outdoors can be extremely tricky. But no one wants to stay stuck indoors throughout the day. Nothing is refreshing and relaxing than spending a bit of your time in your backyard and enjoying the fresh feeling of wandering out.

A gazebo offers you a comfortable place to sit and enjoy your outdoor space. It offers you protection from the sun, wind, and rain. You get to enjoy your time in your outdoor space regardless of the weather or the time of the year. A gazebo lifts off any limitations that may restrict you from spending time in your yard or garden. It offers a generous cover for you and your loved ones and protects you from the weather elements.

Some gazebos are built with a protective wall and covered with screens which offer an enclosed outdoor space. In short, a gazebo is like an indoor living space outside, which allows you to maximize your outdoors regardless of the weather or the time of year. Its an inviting space right in your backyard always beckoning you outdoors throughout the year. If you are entertaining several guests, you do not have to worry when the skies suddenly turn dark with signs of rain. You can comfortable go on with your party or gathering irrespective of weather changes.

They Are Aesthetically Appealing

Gazebos are incredibly beautiful. When installed in your yard or garden, they automatically become the focal point of your landscaping and elegantly transform the look of your entire outdoor space. Whether you install a traditional gazebo that gives your home a back in time look, with balusters and railings or the stylish modern gazebo that makes your home look sophisticated, a gazebo will effortless enhance your entire home.

A gazebo gives you limitless architectural designs that will leave your home with a “wow” factor. More so, it gives you endless decorative options that do just about anything to make your gazebo stand out beautifully in your garden. You can deck it with flowers, stunning lighting fixtures stylish and colorful sheers, and paint the gazebo posts with a color that best brings out your landscaping. In fact, if you go down your memory lane, it’s possible that you have watched a movie that featured a scene with a couple romantically holding hands standing in a spectacularly beautiful gazebo ready for their nuptials.

Gazebos create a resort-kind-of a look especially if you install it near a pool. In fact, most families take family photos under a gazebo and create beautiful memories of their home. You can be assured that your gazebo will look fantastic in your yard regardless of where you choose to install. Having a gazebo in your outdoor space is like having a striking piece of art that draws everyone’s attention to it.

It’s Functional and Practical

The designs of a gazebo can make it diverse for lots of functional activities. Your gazebo can be the ideal dining spot for you and your loved ones. You can comfortably have family gatherings and dine in your outdoor space regardless of the weather. You can host dinner parties in your gazebo and have fun outdoors with your guests. In fact, you can do more than dine inside a gazebo; you can use it as an outdoor kitchen. Or, even better, you can use a gazebo to shelter or protect your fireplace, and you and your family or guests can enjoy the warmth in the confines of your gazebo.

If you have a hot tub, a gazebo can be the perfect structure to shelter or enclose the area and create a spa-like environment. Gazebos are stunningly beautiful and more than often they have been used as a wedding venue by couples when exchanging vows or as a reception area. Families also take pictures in their gazebos as it offers the perfect background.

A gazebo also creates a perfect place for intimate conversations with your loved one while enjoying the serene atmosphere of your home. If you want to carry out peaceful activities such as yoga, or exercise, you do so in your gazebo.

Since a gazebo can be built as open space or an enclosed one with walls, it offers you with a possibility of diverse activities. Nothing can limit you from having a good time outdoor if you have a gazebo in your yard. It’s a functional and practical structure that will stand out beautifully right in your backyard or garden.

It’s Inviting

A gazebo gives an ideal spot to entertain, and a have a good time outdoors. With a gazebo, you will never have to worry about the perfect place to host your family, friends or neighbors when they come visiting. In fact, gazebos in some way help boost your social activities. If you have a fantastic and comfortable place to entertain, you will always have a reason to invite your friends and family to your home. You will not need to rely on natural conditions to provide you with the suitable weather for hosting an activity.

If you have a gazebo, it will create an inviting feel, and you can have your visitors come over to your home regardless of the weather conditions. A gazebo creates a special environment that allows you and your loved ones to relax and enjoy the comfort of the outdoor space. It makes outdoor activities such as barbecues, outdoor dining, parties and many other social events achievable and fun.

Add Value to Your Home

Outdoor structures may not directly add to the square footage of your home, but they offer a functional space like an extended indoor space. Adding a gazebo in your home diversifies your outdoor space. A gazebo not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home, but it is also functional. It acts as an indoor room which gives you the possibility of carrying out endless activities.

Furthermore, any additions to your home that make your home stand out from the rest of the homes or makes it uniquely attractive will give you an edge when putting your home in the market for sale. In fact, according to Think Glink, 51 percent of home buyers they surveyed said that addition of outdoor living space in a home is one of the most attractive qualities that would make them get interested in buying a home.

Installing a gazebo will directly have an impact on your home’s value. Its visually appealing and when a potential buyer steps into your home, it will probably be the first thing that draws their attention. It can be a selling point when you are trying to convince a potential buyer to buy your home. A potential buyer will visualize the gazebo as an outdoor room with the possibility of endless outdoor activities and how useful it will be for them once they buy the home. The additional living space in your yard will be valuable square footage to your potential buyers while at the same time, a valuable selling point for you as the home seller.

Offers A Sense of Privacy

A gazebo is a perfect place to escape to when you want to spend some private time in the outdoors. A gazebo can be partially enclosed or fully enclosed. If you are looking for an ideal spot where you can relax in the comfort of your privacy, then an enclosed gazebo is the structure to install. For instance, people who love yoga or reading books, they can do so in the privacy of their gazebos. Or maybe if you want to spend some quiet and quality time with your spouse, you can do relax outdoors, in your gazebo without worrying about distractions from your neighborhood.

A Perfect Play Area

If you have children, you wouldn’t want to restrict their playtime indoors. You want to give them the freedom to play outdoors, but at the same time, you want them to hang out in a safe environment. If you know that your children are in a safe place outdoor, you can carry out your chores without worrying about their safety.

A gazebo is a perfect place in the outdoors to set up a play area for your children. You can equip the area with coloring books, puzzles, building blocks, children book, and toys. These are the kind of activities that restrict children indoors. But if you have a gazebo, you can take advantage of the enclosed space to set up a play area and allow your children to get outside and enjoy their childhood. More so, your children can play comfortably with sufficient protection from weather elements.

The above are just a few of the benefits you will gain by having a gazebo. A gazebo will basically give you a reason to utilize your outdoor space. It is the perfect place to sit in solitude, enjoy your peace and unwind after a long week of a busy schedule. Having a quiet place in the outdoors is the ultimate definition of comfort. A quiet place right in your backyard gives you a rare chance to enjoy the moment, connect and simply do nothing but relax. In fact, in the past, the English gazebos were used as a place to enjoy the afternoon tea and connect with friends and family.

In this modern times, residential space is decreasing in size as demand for property goes higher. As such, it is actually becoming increasingly difficult to get a private place outdoors to relax and get some solitude. A gazebo right in your backyard is the ideal hideaway place, that is not only comfy but comes with added privacy.

Cost of Building an Outdoor Gazebo

A gazebo provides you with an ideal sheltered area in your outdoor space and also acts as a landscaping element in your home. The cost of building an outdoor gazebo varies depending on factors such as the type of a gazebo you plan to build, materials, location, size among others. We will discuss the factors comprehensively in this guide, so keep on reading.

Generally, the average cost of building a gazebo comes to about $6500. Most homeowners spend anywhere between $3480 to $9460 on the installation of an outdoor gazebo. In the market, there are pre-build gazebo structures or kits which will you cost about$ 1500 to $7500. There is an option of custom built gazebo structure which comes at an average cost of about $5000 to $1000. You can consider installing a residential pavilion which will cost you anywhere from$8500 to $20000.

Types of Gazebos, Materials and Their Costs

Gazebos come in different types and can be built with different materials. The type of materials you choose will greatly determine the cost of an outdoor gazebo. Let’s look at the different materials that can be used to build a gazebo and their costs.

Wooden Gazebos

Just as the name suggests, wooden gazebos are sheltered outdoor structures made of wood. Wood is the common material in building outdoor gazebos. Most people go for tropical hardwoods which are extremely durable and require minimal maintenance. The type of wood you choose to use when building a wooden gazebo will influence the cost of material.

For wooden gazebos, expect to spend anywhere between $4000 to $8000. The most common types of wood material used to build gazebos include:

Type of woodPros Cons Average cost
Pine cedarPine as wood material for gazebos is one the affordable building material.
Its available in many options.
However, pine as gazebo building material is not as durable and requires a lot of maintenance.
Red cedar Red cedar is one the most durable wood material suitable for outdoor structures. It adds a unique aroma.Requires lots of maintenance which include regular staining to protect it from weather elements and insect activity.$600-$8000
BambooBamboo is considered as an environmentally friendly wood option. It's relatively inexpensive.It is susceptible to a structural problem as it tends to shrink and crack.$4,000

Wooden gazebos are visually appealing and add a curb appeal to your garden or backyard. Wood adds a sense of sophistication and offers lots you a lot of decorative options. However, a wooden gazebo will require significant maintenance especially if you choose to go for the low-priced wood options.

Metal Gazebos (Aluminum, Wrought Iron, Steel)

Metal gazebos are sturdy and prominent. Gazebos made of metal material are durable and can accommodate a sizeable number of people. Metal gazebos costs generally range from $3000 to $9000. The cost of installing a metal varies depending on the type of metal material you use. Here the different metal options for building gazebos, their pros and cons, and, costs.

Type of metal Pros Conscost
Aluminum Aluminum gazebos come at a low cost, and they are durable. Aluminum is a lightweight material which makes its installation pretty easy.Aluminum offers you fewer style options and it susceptible damage due to harsh weather elements. $2000-$3000
Wrought ironIt's a low-cost option that will give you're a sense of traditional style. It’s also sturdy and durable.It has fewer modern styles. It may not offer enough protection from external elements.$3000-$4000
Steel Steel is a heavy material that is extremely durable and structurally sound. It can be used to build larger gazebos, especially in public areas. It requires low maintenance.High-costs. Its also offers minimal protection from elements.$5000-$9000

Brick Gazebos

Brick is also another material used in building gazebos. Its durable and it retains heat well during the cold seasons. A brick gazebo will cost you anywhere between $2000 to$3700 on materials. However, if you live in areas that frequently experience earthquakes, a brick gazebo is not the ideal choice.

Vinyl Gazebos

Vinyl Gazebos are rapidly gaining popularity as a gazebo building material due to their traditional appeal and prominent styles. Another reason why vinyl is quite popular it’s because it’s quite versatile. It can be built to mimic different styles such as wood, metal or brick. Vinyl gazebos will cost you anywhere between $4000 to $8000.

If you are looking to get the natural charm of a wooden gazebo, you can use a vinyl material for your gazebo, which will come with easy installation and even much better, easy maintenance. With vinyl gazebos you will never have to worry about staining, sealing or treating them to protect them from insect and environmental elements. In addition, vinyl gazebos are available in pre-made kits which are relatively easy to assemble.

The problem with vinyl gazebos is that once something goes wrong, there might be no solution or easy way to fix it. Also, vinyl material is susceptible to mold growth, and if you live in areas with a humid climate, you will need to clean it regularly. It’s also a bit expensive compared to other materials.

Custom or Kit Assembly

If you are planning to put up a gazebo in your backyard, you have the option of not choosing to buy materials for a custom build gazebo, but instead purchasing a pre-fabricated gazebo kit that has everything needed and ready for installation. In fact, some home improvement stores have gazebo kits that are fully assembled ready for installation. You do not need to cut lumber, or measure anything.

Everything is already cut, measured and ready for installation. You might need to pay for shipping costs. For a gazebo kit, expect to spend about $80 to $150 on shipping costs. Shipping costs for an assembled gazebo range from $140 to$250.

Type of kitCost per unitInstallation and assembling costs
Gazebo kit$1550-$4500$300-$900
Assembled gazebo$2500-$7500$200-$650

The above materials are only a representation of the type of material the gazebo structure is made of. When it comes to other aspects of the gazebo such as roofing and flooring, we could be looking at different materials altogether, or in some cases, the same materials.

This choice mainly depends on your requirements and what you prefer.

Materials for The Floor and Their Cost

A gazebo is built with a solid floor to make your stay inside as comfortable as possible. Gazebo flooring options will depend on your requirements and budget, but there are several options available. Let’s look at the various gazebo flooring options, pros, and cons and their average costs.

Type of floor materialPros ConsAverage cost
Composite decking Requires low maintenance and particularly works blends well with vinyl gazebos.Lacks variety in color options and has fewer styles. If exposed to moisture it might end up swelling. $600
Brick Requires low maintenance. It's naturally visually appealing.It’s an expensive flooring option. Installing can be involved as you will need to level the yard first.$2000-$4200
Patio PaversThey require low maintenance once installed. If you have a patio connecting to the gazebo or nearby, patio pavers flooring will match perfectly with the existing patio.Just like brick flooring, the installation of patio pavers will require you to level your first before installing the flooring. Patio pavers are an expensive flooring option.$2000-$4500
Stamped concreteRequires low maintenance and its quite attractive. Like patio pavers, stamped concrete can match with your patio if it’s close to the gazebo. It’s quite an expensive flooring option. The installation will require yard leveling first. $3500-$6000

Gazebo Roofing Materials and Installation Cost

A gazebo is built with a roof to offer protection from external elements. The roof takes a significant percentage of the total cost of building a gazebo and labor. Outdoor gazebos have different roofing options and styles. A custom-built roof for your gazebo can range from $1000 to $3500 depending on the roofing material you choose. You also have an option of buying a roofing kit from home improvement store which usually cost around $600-$1000.

Gazebo roofing style will depend on your preferences. Some people would prefer to match the gazebo roof shingles with the type of shingle they have in their main house to create a uniform appearance. You can choose to construct a single roof or a double roof for your gazebo. A double roof will come at a high cost, and it’s more likely to add about$2000 more on your roofing costs over a single roof.

But, generally, gazebos require about 100 square feet or a square of roofing material.

Below are different roofing shingles you can use when building a gazebo and the estimated costs per square.

Type of roofing shingle Average cost
Asphalt shingles$85-$120 per square
Wood Shakes$300-350 per square
Composite shingles$110-$120 per square
Metal Roofs$330-$350 per square
Tiles$110-$118 per square
Slate$1200-$2000 per square

Cost of Open Vs. Screened Gazebo

A gazebo can be partially or fully enclosed. An open gazebo has roof structure and may have half a wall or a fence rail installed around the pillars. A gazebo can also be built with a full wall. Open gazebos are relatively cheap to install and will cost way less than a screened gazebo. This is because an open gazebo will require fewer materials to put up. Often, open gazebos will cost you about $3000 to $5500 to build.

A screened gazebo also referred to as a walled gazebo is built with screened windows or glass to enclose it and provide a sense of privacy. This type of a gazebo will roughly cost you about $5000 to $12000 to build. But a screened gazebo will offer you protection from external elements such weather conditions like rain and also prevent bugs and insects from getting inside.

Costs Based On the Shape of a Gazebo

The shape of a gazebo will influence its cost. Even though gazebos are defined as round structures, this shape comes with a bit of variation. You may require a unique custom shape which will come at a higher cost.

ShapeDescription Average costs
Hexagonal Slightly angular, then the standard round gazebos and usually make beautiful designs$3000-$8000
Fully roundThese are the most popular types of gazebos. Mostly they are open, without screens or walls but only have supporting columns and a roof.$1500-$7000
Octagonal Also common like the round gazebos. They are easy to screen or install a glass as a way of enclosing them while at the same time maintain the almost round shape.$4000-$8000
Dodecahedron-12 sidedThese type of gazebos are designed with 12 sides. Generally, they are expensive to build. They cost almost thrice the cost of a standard round gazebo.$8000-$10000
Rectangular /squareThese ones may not be classified as gazebo but serve the same purpose as a gazebo. You may choose to have flooring or not. Technically, they are pretty inexpensive to build.$2000-$6000
Oval Oval gazebos mostly have an open shape like round gazebos.$1500-$6000
Walled gazebosWalled gazebos are usually custom made with about six to eight sides. All the sides are built with walls and windows. Walled gazebos can be insulated to make them fit for use throughout the year. However, walled gazebos require a lot of materials, and they usually cost more than open gazebos. $5000-$12000

Cost by Size

The size of a gazebo will influence the overall cost of building or installing one. Of course, a larger gazebo will cost you more to build since it will require more materials and labor. You can go for standard sizes or custom build a gazebo that will fit into your space and meet your requirements.

The table below shows you the prices of the standard sizes for a gazebo and their cost.

Size - feetAverage cost
8 x 8$1300-$5500
10x 10$2400-$7000
10x12 $2900-$3500

Gazebo Construction Plans

Gazebo construction plans are available and will cost you around $15 to $45 to have the standard kit sizes. But if you are planning to build a custom gazebo, then you will require a custom plan which means you will need an architect for the plan. An architect will charge about 10% to 20% of your project total cost. Or, you can opt to hire a drafter who will draw up the gazebo designs and plans for you.

They charge about $100 to $140 per hour for the service.

Labor Costs

When building a gazebo, labor costs usually take up a significant percentage of the overall cost of the installation process. If for example, you are building a 9-foot wooden gazebo, with partial walls screens and a double roof, the cost of material will average between $1500 to $3500. The cost of labor will come to an average of $7500. If you hire a carpenter, they will charge you $70 to $80 per hour. You will also require an electrician for wiring and install electrical outlets and lighting. Electricians usually charge $65 to $85 per hour.

If you choose to DIY, you can save about $1500 to $3000 on labor charges. To make work manageable for, you can go for the DIY gazebo kits which generally cost about $1500 to $2500. But, you need to be aware that DIY gazebo project is not recommended. Before you start building a gazebo, you need a professional evaluation of the site to determine if it can hold the structure. The construction of a gazebo has no room for errors as a small mistake can lead to a structurally unsound structure which is risky.

Site Preparation Costs and Landscaping

You will need to prepare the site before installing the gazebo. Site preparation ensures that the land is clear and that the site is level to ensure a structurally solid and sound construction. Site preparation will cost you around $1500 to $4500. If you are putting up a larger and a complex gazebo, you might need to hire a construction manager at a cost. If this is the case, expect your budget to go up by $3500 to even $55000 depending on the complexity of the construction project. If you need landscaping services to finish up space after the gazebo is put up, and, ensure that your gazebo blends with the existing landscape, you should expect to spend about $1500 to $5000 on the final landscaping.


Construction of an additional structure in your outdoor space will require you to obtain necessary permits. Expect to spend about $50 to $450 on permit fees.

Other Extra Features

Extra features Costs
Seating – built-in benches$20-$130 per bench
Grill Gazebo$13,500
Surrounding deck$4500-$1000
Gazebo patio or deck$2000-$5000
Outdoor lighting$4,000
Hot tub$3,800
Electrical outlets and wiring$200-$600
An outdoor kitchen or a bar$4000-$20000
Installing an outdoor TV $1000-$2500


Gazebos offer a great outdoor space where you can spend quality time with your family and friends. They are incredibly beautiful structures that increase the curb appeal of your outdoor space and ultimately increase the value of your home. They are also functional, build with a shelter to offer protection from external elements. Others are built with screens, and functioning doors ensure maximum privacy and protection. Even better, you can have built-in benches to ensure comfort, and other features such as grills, hot tubs, outdoor TV, an outdoor kitchen, a bar, etc.

Gazebos are available in different shapes which include hexagon, octagon, fully rounded among others. They can be built in any location in your yard and effortless blend in with the rest of landscaping. Having a gazebo ensures that you utilize your outdoor space regardless of the weather conditions. It’s a perfect spot for a family gathering or the ideal place for relaxing and unwinding after a busy week.

Let us know what you think of the information provided in this article.